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Feb 28th, 2019
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  3. This guide will focus on the "meta" for tridolon hunting, (aka what people ask for in recruit chat) and is aimed at both players that know nothing about a tridolon hunt and have never done one and players that are stuck doing 4x3 (four tridolon per night) because of a lack of knowledge rather than a lack of gear. Feel free to skip around if you’re already familiar with eidolon hunting.
  5. The guide will be divided into 3 main sections:
  9. 3. STRATEGY
  16. 1.1 ARSENAL
  18. Archwing:
  19. • Itzal for the mobility Extra mod capacity will give you more starting energy, meaning less pizzas used. That’s all the 2 forma are for, you don’t need them.
  21. Frames:
  22. • Chroma: max strength/duration Use toxin Chroma for extra reload speed.
  23. • Harrow: ~95% duration, max efficiency and some strength
  24. • Trinity: 150% strength and max efficiency/duration and an umbral build for 5 extra seconds on bless If you have an infinite supply of pizzas you can swap fleeting with augur message or natural talent.
  25. • Volt: max efficiency/duration Natural talent because you’ll want to stack 6 shields at some points in the fight. Use a dark energy color to make your shield easier on the eyes.
  27. Weapons:
  28. • Rubico prime, Lanka, secondary of your choice and self damage Cerata Only Chroma needs these. If you don’t have a Rubico riven use the lanka, if you have a lanka riven, replace vigilante armaments for it. Stats to look for on a riven for the Rubico prime or Lanka: crit damage, multishot, crit chance, heat/electric, harmless negative
  29. • Any weapon that can kill lures will do for Trinity
  31. Gear wheel:
  32. • Energy restores (bind these to a key)
  33. • Ciphers (press “Y” to instahack lures)
  34. • Archwing launcher
  35. • Optional: Ancient healer specters for the 90% dmg reduction and status immunity for both warframes and operators.
  37. Pet/companion:
  38. • If you’re gonna bring one, use the Adarza kavat.
  39. • Make sure to unequip fetch/vacuum to let your team grab Unairu wisps.
  41. Auras:
  42. • 3 corrosive projections with up to 2 coaction drifts.
  43. • If you use 3 CD you’ll completely strip the eidolon’s armor, making him not as weak to radiation damage anymore.
  44. • Last aura is up to the Chroma player usually, I use enemy radar.
  46. 1.2 OPERATOR:
  48. AMP:
  49. • x27 for more consistent damage thanks to the multihits when shooting up an eidolon’s leg, x77 to pop the limbs easier and cuck Chroma.
  50. • The prism doesn't matter since you should never shoot it, only shoot the scaffold.
  51. • For the naming convention refer to this image (x23 is good, but x27 is a straight upgrade)
  53. Focus:
  54. • Unbound Zenurik way bounds to stay in void mode longer (for void strike)/ be able to spam more void blasts (for Unairu wisps) and be able to taterdash longer and more often.
  55. • Unbound enduring tides from Vazarin to not get one-shot on operator mode.
  56. • Unbound mind sprint from Naramon for better void dash.
  57. • Maxed void strike (VS) and Madurai way bounds (no need to unbind these, avoid leveling up void radiance) If you're not playing Chroma
  58. • Maxed Unairu wisp and basilisk gaze (no need to unbind) if you’re playing Chroma
  60. Eventually you'll want to unbind all way bounds and level up other stuff on your focus tree, these are just the ones I feel are necessary to do 4x3s and up. Just make sure to avoid leveling up stuff that'll detriment you like void radiance.
  62. 1.3 Arcanes:
  63. • Virtuos shadow on your amp.
  64. • Magus Vigor on your operator.
  65. • Optional: Frame arcanes (I use momentum and acceleration on Chroma and 2 sets of nullifiers on everyone else), Magus melt to cuck Chroma on the limbs (makes your amp to radiation damage while shooting through volt shield), Magus repair to heal everyone while you charge void strike,
  66. Virtuos fury if you don’t have shadow, easier to use and synergizes well with the 2 scaffold because of the guaranteed impact proc. Shadow is still way better when used properly.
  71. This section addresses the bare minimum tricaps (all 3 eidolon captures) you need in order to get the gear required to stop leeching and get into 3x3s (3 tridolon per night) squads guilt free. Skip it if you already have the gear needed. And yes, fastest way to get started in eidolon hunting is to leech your first captures.
  73. "Successfully capturing the Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst in a single night yields a total of 2 Riven Transmuters, 2 Radiant Eidolon Shards, 3 Brilliant Eidolon Shards, 9 Eidolon Shards, 17 Flawless Sentient Cores, 15 Exceptional Sentient Cores and a large amount of Intact Sentient Cores." -wiki
  75. Each tricap nets you 27900 Quills standing (not including intact cores), 9 eidolon shards (crafting resource and you need 10 to reach rank 3 with the quills) and 155000 focus. Sometimes the game sleeks out and gives you an extra brilliant shard, but this won’t be included in the math because I don't know what causes it. Note that you need to have a school unlocked to be able to convert shards into focus for that school.
  77. To max void strike you'll need 10 triaps + 5137 focus from any source.
  78. After 5 tricaps your void strike will only need 2 levels to be maxed.
  80. To max Unairu wisp you only need 4 tricaps and 4 solo Teralyst caps. You’ll probably need to jump into the Hydrolyst and Gantulyst left knee in order to spawn wisps without basilisk gaze, but it’ll only take you 3 more tricaps to max basilisk gaze
  82. This amount can go down depending on sleek, but you'll never need more as long you or your squad don't fuck up. If you don't have Madurai/Unairu unlocked add 50k focus that must be gained from a lens (Adaro/ESO) to your total. Note that all the focus needed can be obtained from Adaro/ESO focus farming.
  84. To get a 123 amp, which is enough to do 5x3, you'll need 141000 Quills standing if you pick each amp component as a rank up reward, which only amounts to 5 tricaps if you do the minimum amount of effort to pick up intact cores. You can also slowly get standing by prowling then killing vombs with Ivara while going out to the plains at night and bother none, but it's faster to just leech the Hydrolyst bounty or ask for someone to carry you. If you want an amp earlier, go for the 111 (only 9k standing), the raplak prism works well enough in casual groups. You can also get a Fortuna only x77 amp which is on par with the x27, but that's another standing wall on its own.
  86. You can still be useful in a casual tridolon hunt without an amp if you gather and charge lures while playing Oberon with this build to heal the lures and your team (phoenix renewal works on lures), make your team immune to the magnetic procs with your 2 (mark where you’ll put it) and buff your teams radiation damage, which the eidolons are weak to, with the 1 augment. So, don't feel bad to just pop on the bounty and do that. You'll also be learning where the lures spawn which will be useful for playing Trinity in a premade squad, just make sure to have someone on your team that's able to take down the shields relatively quickly. Bring a Lanka to help with the limbs of course (use base damage mods since you’re not chroma) and a Sarpa to strip armor with this build Hit the eidolons with the Sarpa charged shot 6 times to minimize their armor, this amount doesn’t change if your team is running corrosive projection, but don’t bother if you see 3 CP as that’s already 90% armor strip. Never fully strip the eidolon armor in order to keep the bonus to radiation damage on alloy armor. For more information on the Sarpa armor strip watch this video
  88. If you’re gonna leech on the Hydrolyst capture bounty with the method above, you should check their profile for how many Hydrolyst captures they have. If you don't see any double digits, leave and requeue. You should be able to get at least 1 tricap per night and 3 at most by doing this. Another way of leeching is sneaking into a 3x3 or 4x3 group that’s recruiting last minute, if they let you in it’s their fault for not checking your profile, but please read the strategy section of this guide to not be as useless. If you don't want to test your luck with pubs then you'll just have to ask for someone to carry you or slowly and painfully grind vombs with Ivara/get the Fortuna amp and farm focus on ESO/Adaro. Once you get 5 tricaps, you can build your 123 amp and level up enough of void strike to start tickling the shields or max Unairu wisp to double your own and your teams damage, you can already join 3x3s and be useful at this point, once you get 10, you're ready to start carrying 3x3s with the previous meta amp and maxed VS/UW with gaze. And after like 20 of those you may be allowed into 4x3 lobbies to get the ~200 hydrocaps people in recruit chat ask to join a 5x3.
  90. TL; DR Leech 5 hydrocaps, build the 123 amp, half max void strike/max Unairu wisp and start doing 3x3s, after 5 more hydrocaps (only 3 of you go with Unairu) max void strike/Unairu wisp and basilisk gaze and you'll carry on 3x3s.
  93. 3. STRATEGY
  95. This is where the actual guide starts. Some of this stuff may be hard to understand through text, I recommend searching "warframe 5x3" or "warframe 6x3" on youtube and sort by date to find what works on the current patch and have a better understanding of how to do this stuff, skip to the second Teralyst fight on those videos since the first one will probably have the squad packing x100 void strike.
  101. After the eidolon dies with the necessary amount of lures attached to it (2 for Teralyst, 3 for the other 2), the capture animation will start after the *ding* audio cue, the position of the lures doesn't matter after this point, the eidolon is already captured and the loot will drop from the first lure that attached to it no matter what, and because lures teleport to your location like rescue targets, you're able to teleport the loot across the map. Note that they can't teleport to you if you're in the air, you need to touch the ground.
  103. 3.2 FAST CHARGE
  105. To do a fast charge you have 1 person (ideally host/Chroma) load in, mark where the Teralyst spawned, blink towards the fast charge lure, kill it and hack it, all this while the rest of the squad waits outside of the gate. As soon as the lure icon appears, the rest of the team should dash forward in the general area in front of the Cetus gate, that'll make the vombs spawn in the spots marked on the map. Once you find 3 vombs, the lure holder should charge it while the rest of the team moves on to the Teralyst, I recommend getting off your archwing to charge the lure so that it doesn't fly away. You'll know the lure is charged because it's icon will turn blue, as soon as it is fly towards the Teralyst. You can also attempt the method explained in this video and proceed with the other method if it doesn’t work out. Don’t waste time looking for the vombs in the fast charge camp, if they spawned they should be in your line of sight or close enough to the lure for it to start hitting them.
  107. Now with the lure charged and everyone at the Teralyst, Chroma should spawn Unairu wisps (you can do so while the eidolons are invulnerable), get his fury buff and be ready to shoot while Volt places his shield (close to where the wisps spawn, aiming up) and then go into void mode to charge void strike, grab a wisp and try to proc virtuos shadow by dashing to the Teralyst head (or into the ground if you manage to catch him spawning) along with the Harrow and Trinity. As soon as the shield is vulnerable, all three Madurai users should shoot it and Chroma should pop the first limb as soon as it's possible. After that the Madurai users can easily proc virtuos shadow by dashing into the ground when the Teralyst head dips for the beginning and end of an energy spike. If this is the first set of the night and you and your team charged void strike before nighttime, you can coordinate so that only 1 person shoot's the shield to make better use of the void strike charges and have an easier time, but this only applies to the first set of eidolons, after that the three Madurai users should be shooting the shields at the same time. From this point on the guide will focus on each role. You should still read them all to have a better grasp of what's going on in the fight.
  109. 3.3 MADURAI USER
  111. After the Teralyst is done, go to the shrine and summon the Gantulyst, quickly dash to the shore he's facing, dash into the ground to proc Virtuos shadow (the hitbox's fucked) grab a wisp and shoot through a Volt shield. Unlike the Teralyst, the big guys are vulnerable while they're spawning from the lake. After the limb is popped the eidolon will teleport to the shore where the wisps spawned and tumble wherever Chroma steered him to. if you're in an elevated surface, you can proc Virtuos shadow like you did with the Teralyst, if not, you'll have to attempt to proc it by dashing up into his head, this might take some practice to do properly, if you don't get it on your second try then just shoot without Virtuos shadow.
  115. 3.4 CHROMA
  117. Before and after a limb is popped, you have to spawn wisps for your team by spamming void blast on the eidolons, on the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst you'll want to position yourself on their left knee (your right side) to spawn wisps since that's the one they fall on, if you see grey 0s around his crotch or knee, then wisps are spawning under his crotch. You'll want to avoid the energy spike waves because they drain the energy pool that you need to use void blast either by going into void mode to dodge each wave individually and use void blast in between or use an ancient healer specter and spam void blast through the energy spike thanks to the status immunity and 90% damage reduction on a ~15m aura they grant to both warframe and operators, this'll also help the Madurai users since it prevents the knockdowns the vombs usually deal.
  119. Note that the eidolons will tumble to the right if you pop a left side limb and vice versa, use this to keep the eidolons on the same 2 spots so that it's easier for you to shoot them and Volt casts a minimum number of shields.
  121. After all the limbs are popped, the eidolon will start his healing phase and summon vombalysts, pop their shells to charge the lures that trin will bring, you’ll need 3 charged lures before capturing the Teralyst, this can take a while depending on how many lures trin decides to bring to the healing phase, ideally she holds the first 2 lures that she grabs on the Teralyst and waits on the shrine (where you sacrifice shards on the middle of the lake) charging VS with the other 5, but if she comes back to the Teralyst with all 7 lures you're just gonna have to wait and pray that you don't end up with 1 fully charged lure and 7 lures with 2 charges each.
  123. Once the lures are charged and the Teralyst is vulnerable, shoot him through the Volt shield stack, then, if you're holding the loot lure (first lure that attaches to the eidolon AKA the fast charge lure for the Teralyst), get in your Itzal and blink all the way to the shrine as fast as you can (you can open advanced map by holding "M" and place a waypoint on the shrine with right click to make this easier), if done properly, the loot lure will teleport towards you and drop the loot on the shrine, for this to happen you have to touch the ground on the shrine. Remember to let your team know that you'll be teleporting/not teleporting the loot to shrine beforehand and don't even try it if you’re too laggy.
  125. There's a pretty big window to do this so you should always be taking advantage of it, if you're too laggy to do it yourself, give the loot lure to someone that can do it (you can mark it as an ally). If the lure decides to fly away from the shrine before dropping the loot for some reason, you should pull the loot it drops back down to the shrine with your Itzal's 3 so that your teammates don't have to leave void mode to grab it.
  127. After that, you reapply your buff, summon the next eidolon and take them down. Note that unlike the Teralyst, both the Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst aren't invulnerable as they're spawning from the lake and their hitboxes are closer to the shore than it seems, so as soon as they spawn, void dash to the shore they're facing and start spawning wisps. Be ready to shoot as soon as they're vulnerable, if you pop the first limb while they're spawning, they're gonna teleport to where the wisps are spawning. Apart from all that, they're the same deal as the Teralyst but taller, healthier and with 2 extra synovias. You’ll want to finish Gantulyst with 4 charged lures and 3 for Hydrolyst. Note that you should avoid steering all eidolons into a lake since they'll sometimes dip into it and respawn somewhere else. Also don't forget to refresh your vex armor buff before it goes down, use pizzas.
  129. 3.5 TRINITY
  131. After the first Teralyst limb is popped you can fuck off and start collecting your lures, because after a lure is attached to an eidolon, he'll only regen 50% of his shields after energy spike, so your damage isn't really needed for now. You can stay to help with the fight for longer if you're fast at collecting lures. The only lure spawns you'll need to memorize are the ones marked here in the all in one map Note that only 8 lures can be spawned at the same time (exactly how many you need for the tricap), so if you aren't finding your last lure, it may be because it spawned near where the other guys are fighting the Teralyst.
  133. You want to avoid going back to the Teralyst with all 7 lures that you need to collect because there's a big chance that you'll have to pointlessly wait to get the 2 lures charged you need when you have 7 lures fighting over charges, this is why I recommended grabbing your first 2 lures and going back to the Teralyst to put them on "hold position", your teammates should grab them both with "follow" since you'll need one of them to prevent Gantulyst from running away (they can give them back later at the shrine). Once you do that, you get 5 more lures and then go to shrine and charge VS if the loot is gonna be teleported to it, or charge near the Teralyst making sure not to cuck the 2 lures you left there of their charges if it's not. Note that lures will eventually respawn in their camp even if you already grabbed them, so you can add the fast charge lure to your lure gathering route.
  135. Follow the general Madurai user steps and try to keep bless up as much as you can. Be careful with the Gantulyst's sky beam attack, it'll be telegraphed with an orange smoke on the ground when it's coming, this attack is the biggest threat to your lures during the whole fight, make sure that bless is up while it's going on and keep an eye on your lures HP. On the Hydrolyst phase you'll want to keep bless up once he summons the swamp ground and when the healing phase starts, for your teammates more than the lures. Only wait for a revive if you have good VS stacks, bless up and there’s no sky beams from Gantulyst, if not revive yourself instantly, lures can die.
  137. After Gantulyst is captured, you should void dash to the shrine to teleport the loot to it (if you're holding the loot lure), after Hydrolyst is captured, you should void dash/blink to the Cetus gate to teleport the loot there, don't get to close to the gate when teleporting the lures to it or else they'll sleek out of bounds. Remember to stay close enough to the eidolons so that your lures are actually attached to them, if your lures are too far away when the eidolon is vulnerable again you might get a kill instead of a capture.
  139. 3.6 VOLT
  141. Follow the general Madurai user steps, put your shields right under the eidolons while aiming up for the 2 scaffold to shoot through the leg and and have the projectile hit multiple times and/or slightly away from where the wisps will be spawning, aiming upwards for the 7 scaffold to be able to take down the shield and the synovia with one shot easier. Stack 6 shields while aiming generally at the eidolon's head on every heal phase for Chroma to shoot through. After doing this for the Teralyst, you should fly towards the lake and wait in void mode for Chroma to cap the Teralyst (*ding* audio cue) and start precasting shields on the 4 possible spawn locations of the Gantulyst/Hydrolyst ( only do this if the loot will be teleported to shrine of course, and try to only leave void mode to cast the shields and cast them looking forward. You can also do this for Hydrolyst while Gantulyst is in the capture animation and you’re waiting on the lure to drop the loot. You and your team should always be shooting the amps through a volt shield.
  143. 3.7 HARROW
  145. Follow general Madurai user steps and use your 4 to deny the magnetic procs of energy spike after a limb is popped. Press 4 when he’s lifting his head up to scream and as he’s standing up from the healing phase for the crit buff.
  147. The energy spike’s magnetic waves last for ~4 seconds and if his limb gets popped as soon as he’s vulnerable, the next energy spike will be ~13 seconds after the first one is done. That’s why you want ~95% duration, to deny the energy spike’s magnetic procs completely, be able to recast covenant again for the next one and have enough room to fuck up.
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