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  2. Hi to all...
  3. Already I'm really sorry to see even disgusted with not being able to come this year.
  4. Friday I was invited to the KAMIKAZE 4 in tchéquie, before accepting I had calculated well if it was doable to do both. I was already planning a flight late on Saturday night at 18:20 and also all buses and trains leaving the nearest station to barely 6 km, so accessible also via taxi in case I don't find a Driver.
  5. So I played on purpose on Saturday morning from 4:30 to 7:00 so I can ask myself a little after the live and be fresh to leave.
  6. A friend who came from France came to take us the day before to climb to the party had to take me directly to the airport.
  7. I asked him many times if it was doable for her because I know how the moments where he's having to move, she assured me several times not to worry, and since one day she had assured me to bring me back At the train station after a night and in time.
  8. So I made him relatively trust, even if i kept as a backup option my plan b under the elbow.
  9. I wake up to the 12:30 and I see her in a little annoyed mode... I ask her if it goes and she goes on a paranoid delirium and I ask her if it's always ok to take me, she Responds to me that not, that she is not in state, that she has anim on her so no way to go out in front of the cops.
  10. Finally, I'm taking my availabilities and I'm going to find a driver to take me to the train station, I had two options including a train at 14:55 and a bus to 16:12.
  11. I find one who was leaving to look for races for the bar and on the other hand to find the girl who had broken by closing my live and my business in her case.
  12. For almost an hour we go around the party to look for her and no way, missing.
  13. We end up finding it but it's already too much for the train but remains a chance to be able to catch the bus.
  14. We offer him to drive his crate but she doesn't want to.
  15. For the bus it's dead too.
  16. We end up calling a buddy from Prague to make him go back in exchange for him to run 100 euros.
  17. We're going with my girlfriend towards the entrance of the party so that he can capture us.
  18. A quarter hour later, fill in the bad karma, he sends us a message to tell us that by is he slammed the door of his crate with the keys inside.
  19. He decides to blow a glass of his case in the emergency but here's even with that, it was too just to fill up at 17:20 Max at the airport.
  20. It is there with a big disgust that I will write to the orga to announce that I will not be able to come.
  21. I've been playing for 23 years and I'm never magnifying an evening or a party apart from my fault. I used to chain from Friday to Saturday even crossing the whole Europe. And even sick or disabled with an eye or an arm or leg in the plaster, I play.
  22. Ask those who know me.
  23. I only have one word and when I commit, I hold on to it.
  24. I really tried everything to be present. I don't get tired, no prod to be able to be among you. But here's a bad contest of circumstances...
  25. My main mistake and for bringing my live to the car and not to the fdm truck as it was before I played and as I do all the time.
  26. I don't know how to make me forgive and especially prove to you the truth of the facts and the sincerity of the efforts deployed and my deep disgust.
  27. RAVE OFF
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