Tora and Ely get big

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  1. Aetora Ba'jir led the little Seeker int oa room, her long black tail wrapped tightly around the woman's arm as she practically drug her inside. "Li'l ki'en, ya been eyein me like yer lookin fer a bi' a fun. Is 'at true?" She asked in a low voice, smirking as she lead the woman over to the bedside.
  2. Elysia Nook was quite fine with this, grinning as the larger miqo led her into the room and towards the bed. "Well, I do like fun. And I definitely like you..." Elysia was considerably smaller than the average miqo'te, but also seemed an expert in making adorable faces.
  3. Aetora Ba'jir purred at the flirty kitten, flicking her tail and yanking the woman's arm forcefully towards the bed in an attempt to get her to lie down. The keeper slid her skirt up her leg and smirked. "So li'l ki'en, which a us is gonna be drinkin?" She pulled a vial at random from a tight band, clueless as to what it did, but smirking all the same.
  4. Elysia Nook is easily tugged over on the bed, quite light and apparently not very strong. She simply giggles, as she gets on the bed. She shakes her head as Aetora holds up the vial. "I don't know, depends whats in it. I'm immune to a few kinds of potions..."
  5. Aetora Ba'jir shrugs carelessly. "Guess I'm gonna be eh tas'e tes'er." SHe said with a smirk, flicking of the top and downing the vial, quickly following it up with another before leaning in to place her lips against the smaller Miqo's purring softly as her long tail sqished back and forth behind her in long, flowing motions.
  6. Elysia Nook shrugs again, watching Aetora down the vial. "Well, if you say so." She is surprised a moment later as Aetora leans down and kisses her, her own tail swishing as well. She giggles again, pressing her lips gladly, quite liking Aetora already.
  7. Aetora Ba'jir perssed her slender body against Elysia as if wordlessly instructing her to lie down. Her purring grew louder and her breath caught as the first potion took effect. a burning heat ran through her chest before it started growing... and growing and growing. She struggled to breath and quickly stripped off her top, exposing her fresh DDs as they finished expanding. She rubbed them up against the smaller cat's own chest, the perky nipples hardened to stiff peaks already from the sensation.
  8. Elysia Nook begins to lean back as she's prompted, but pauses as Aetora undergoes the effects of the potion. The smaller miqo stares with wide eyes and mouth as Aetora's breasts grow, and the woman rapidly frees them. The girl gasps as Aetora resumes pressing agaisnt her, laying back as the large orbs press against her own, not particularly remarkable, chest. Ely looks surprised, but also a little greedy, as she tries to look below Aetora's face for a moment longer, but then resumes locking eyes with
  9. Elysia Nook: her as they kiss.
  10. Aetora Ba'jir gives the Seekers bottome lip a nibble, tugging at it with a fang and pulling away, before releasing and letting it snap back. She smirks down at Elysia, straddling the kitten and lockin gher in place between her cushiony thighs. "Yer lookin a li'l hungry 'ere ki'en." SHe purrs, cupping her sensitive new breasts as they swell another cup size, causing the Keeper to shudder and looking like they might pop if they got any bigger on her tiny frame.
  11. Elysia Nook murmurs softly into the kiss, and grins up at Aetora as she finally releases it.  Her eyebrows raise as the miqo climbs atop her, and cups her somehow still growing breasts. Aetora would definitely notice this stealing the kitten's attention, eyes locked on those gorgeous breasts. "Hu- hungry?" Ely asks breathlessly, totally fixated on Aetora's chest. Ely clearly likes a good pair of tits. Or maybe kittens just love cream. Either way, she has the girl's attention.
  12. Aetora Ba'jir smirked sliding forward to engulf the smaller kitten's head in her pillowy bust, smothering her in the massive mounds as she chuckled. "If ya wan'em, go for i'. Feels like 'ere gonna pop at 'is ra'e if no'in 'appens." SHe purred louder as she drug her massive tits down Elysia's face to look her in the eyes again.
  13. Elysia Nook makes a muffled sound of surprise as her head is practically buried in warm flesh. As her eyes are uncovered, she looks back up at Aetora, a little shocked but certainly not unhappy. She tries mumbling something to Aetora, but is totally muffled still.
  14. Aetora Ba'jir uncovers the girl so that she could speak, taking a seat on th ebed to rest her back as her massive chest felt like it would snap her in two if she tried to support it much longer. "Whazzat ki'en? Ya tryna say sum'in?"
  15. Elysia Nook giggles as Aetora speaks and sits back, sitting up a bit. "Oh, I was just wondering what you were thinking about doing... As in... should I start getting rid of these clothes?"
  16. Aetora Ba'jir smirks, as she suddenly seems to grow a little bit larger, not even noticing it in her position. "I ain one a complain bou' a show." She smirked, still growing at a slow steady rate. Her eye would grow wide as she realized the changes and a chuckle would come from her. "So 'at's wha' 'at one does." She beckoned towards her chest, which seemed to expand slightly with her, growing heavier still, but more easily supported by her larger frame. "Yer lookin like ya wanna tas'e li'l ki'en."
  17. Elysia Nook tilts her head slightly, looking a little puzzled. Aetora is getting... bigger? Ely seems to not have seen a potion that did this before. The increasingly taller miqo gets the girl's attention back with her statement, the kitten suddenly blushing in response. "A t- taste? I mean... They do look... I could... well..."
  18. Aetora Ba'jir cups the little cat's head with a clawed hand and pulls her against her chest, sighing. "Ki'en if ya don star' scukin, I'm gonna pop, now qui' bein a bashful li'l tease an gimme some releif." Her breasts were swollen and burning, nipples sticking out sharply, only growing harder against the cold air as it ran over the tender buds.
  19. (Aetora Ba'jir)
  20. Elysia Nook gasps as Aetora grabs her head and pulls her close, the blushing and stammering kitten totally shocked by now. "I- uh- ok." Ely is not going to argue with this, especially with how turned on she's getting at the attitude of the increasingly larger cat mom. She wraps her small lips around the tip of the closer breast, taking the nipple into her mouth and rolling her tongue around for a few moments, before sucking softly, experimentally.
  21. (Elysia Nook) oh my!
  22. (Elysia Nook) yes please :D
  23. Aetora Ba'jir let out a deep sigh and a loud purr as her nipple was stimulated. The much larger cat leans back, pulling Elysia closed against her chest, each breast larger than the kitten's head as she feels a wonderful warmth and pressure rising to her tender bud as the cat's tongue rolls across it. "Keep 'at up ki'en, an ya migh ge' a treat." She whispers, craning her neck down to speak into Elysia's ear and let her heated breath brush softly over the fur.
  24. You sneer at Elysia Nook.
  25. Elysia Nook moans softly as Aetora pulls her closer, her tongue continuing to tease the nipple. She begins to suck more firmly on the tip of the breast, her tail swishing as Aetora speaks into her ear, which flicks as the warm air flows against it.
  26. Aetora Ba'jir lets out a moan as warm, sweet milk begins erupting from the swollen teat, filling the little kittens mouth as she pulls her in closer, nearly engulfing the little woman in the soft flesh of her breast as she let out a low, growling moan. Her free hand would move behind the Seeker's head, brushing through her hair with massive clawed fingers and gently scratching her behind the ears.
  27. You gently pat Elysia Nook.
  28. (Aetora Ba'jir)
  29. Elysia Nook murmurs happily as she coaxes the thick milk into her mouth, hungrily drinking it down, but nearly gurgling as Aetora pulls her in tight, her mouth forced wide and filled with more of the breast. The hand behind her head keeps her in place, and even forces her to purr as Aetora begins scratching behind her ears. The girl doesn't resist, instead trying to handle milk essentially being sent straight into her throat. She couldn't resist if she wanted to anyways, as Aetora was significantly
  30. Elysia Nook: larger and stronger than her cute little friend by now.
  31. (Elysia Nook) oh my
  32. (Elysia Nook) thats perfection
  33. Aetora Ba'jir continued to purr as a seemingly endless steam poured into Elysia's throat. SHe drug a clawed finger down the length of her coat, slicing through it with ease and tearing it off, using the free hand to keep the kitten pinned against her enormous chest as she looked down and took in the sight.
  34. Elysia Nook blinks rapidly up at Aetora, looking a little concerned as she's practically force fed milk. She's still enjoying it, and she's hungry for plenty more. But with the size of just one of these breasts, she's not sure she can handle it all. At the same time, she's somewhat annoyed as Aetora slices through her coat and pulls it away, the helpless kitten not willing to complain just yet.
  35. Aetora Ba'jir smirked at the displeased look Elysia gave her, breathing through her as each jet of sweet cream sent tingles through her body. "Eh view's yer pay fer eh meal." She purrs, letting out a quiet mewl as another steam squirted from her aching chest. It felt positively wonderful, and she was curious just how much the little kitten could drink.
  36. Elysia Nook shrugs up at Aetora as the woman holds her tightly in place, still greedily drinking every bit of milk she can. The kitten loved the cream. And Aetora hopefully loved her view. There was certainly more to go.
  37. Aetora Ba'jir used her free hand to drag the other breat towards her little kitten, a sulty grin on her face. "'ere's two if 'at's no' nuff fer eh hungry li'l kit." She purred, placing the nipple right necxt to her other and taleaning back further on the bed.
  38. Elysia Nook is pulled with Aetora as she leans back, barely able to keep up with the milk flowing into the back of her mouth by now. Her eyes widen again as Aetora places the other nipple against her strained lips, pretty sure she couldn't take more than one, at least the way Aetora was forcing several inches of breast into her mouth as well. Not that she had a problem with this, she actually was quite aroused by it.
  39. Aetora Ba'jir loosened her grip on the little Seeker's head, giving her the chance to readjust herself and seeing if she would take the other teat, which had a bead of cream already forming and dripping down onto her skirt. "Come now ki'en, ya don' wanna was'e a free meal." She purred, stroking her hands through Elysia's ivory locks.
  40. Aetora Ba'jir 's tail poked at the little cat's cervix, flicking across it before worming it's way in and curving into a hook. Before Elysia would realize what was going on, her tiny body would be lifted by the tail alone, straining against her walls and tugging at her insides with the force of her meager weight as it helder her on with the hook, suspending her from just above her navel, horizontally over the smirking Tora. "'At's eh plan, bu' I'll give ya a choice on bein s'reched or skewered." She -
  41. Aetora Ba'jir gave the little cat a wink and curved the tail inside her, making a visible outwards imprint as it bulged her belly for just a moment before going back to focus on keeping her suspended.
  42. Elysia Nook squeals as Aetora lifts her, squirming helplessly as the tail stretches her, moaning and gasping helplessly over her. "Ah! So... good..." Ely gasps out, squealing again as the tail curves, bulging her briefly before leaving her merely suspended. The kitten pants and squirms as she's held like this, clearly not going to be lasting more than a few moments, at most a handful of minutes. "Gah! Whichever!" She says, looking totally overwhelmed.
  43. Aetora Ba'jir smirks and runs and hand through the little cat's hair. Her tail would double over and begin to form an coil in the woman's womb, stretching it out and making room for more tail to be fed in. In well under a minute, the Tiny Seeker would apper pregnant from just the knot behind her cervix. Tora twitched, struggling to fit in any more, before letting the mass in Elysia's womb rest, and patting her on her bulging stomach. "Yer makin me jealous 'ere ki'en." She purred.
  44. Elysia Nook squeals excitedly as the tail coils, and slowly bulges her tight stomach, the writhing tail seeming yo be rapidly overwhelming her. This is almost immediately confirmed, the kitten crying out desperately just as Aetora purrs, her tight walls clasping on the tail and washing it in her honey as she cums from the constant tail fucking and heavy stretching. The kitten quivers and pants heavily as she orgasms on the tail, twitching as she's left suspended over the larger miqo.
  45. Aetora Ba'jir lowers the quivering kitten just enough to let their lips meet, still plenty of her massive tail left to go as it only grows thicker. She begins another coil outside of Elysia's womb, the long, thick length pressing against her walls and sliding across them slowly as more and more continues to snake it's way in. Tora parts from the kiss and gives the kitten a motherly smile. "Ya alrigh' 'ere ki'en? ya ain' e'en 'alfway ta 'eh base." She taunted the cat in a soothing tone, cupping her cheek -
  46. Aetora Ba'jir with a large, clawed hand. "Er are ya already wan'in a nap?"
  47. Elysia Nook doesn't seem able to form a coherent word at this point, squirming helplessly, and entirely unable to stop moaning. More and more tail sinks into her tight body, slowly bulging her more and more, and depending on how long Aetora continued doing so, would plainly start building the poor kitten towards a second orgasm. or rather, the very lucky kitten. It would be up to Aetora to decide whether to try and fit her whole tail into her cute friend, or just stuff her into herself now.
  48. Aetora Ba'jir flicked her tail inside the woman, looking for some sort of response aside from just her moaning. She would slowly straighten out the muscular length to prop the kitten upright on it, lifting her into the air and driving the coils mass deeper against her insides as she began to slowly twirl it, still feeding in more and adding to her bulging stomach. The Keeper would reach down and give the tiny woman's clit a flick, watching with an amused look on her face as she lounged.
  49. Elysia Nook lets out an utterly lusty moan as the tail straightens, and begins twirling, slowly bulging the kitten more and more. The flick forces a moan again, and the girl desperately blurts out "more... put more in..." as the larger miqo continues to slowly fill her with tail.
  50. Aetora Ba'jir 's lips curl into a sly smile as she continues giving the kitten more of what she asked for. woon finding herself unable to fit anymore. The Keeper furrows her brow and concentrates before corkscrewing the coiled length deeper, running it across her inner walls in al directions as more fills the Seeker's womb in a rapid jolt, and the coil begind pressing outwards, and expanding inside her. Tora's breathing was heavy as such maneuvers clearly took a lot of effort, but she was not one to -
  51. Aetora Ba'jir disappoint. She began bouncing the keeper on her tail, doubling the appendage over inside the woman to feed in more as a core to the expanding coil, keeping it locked in place. She placed a palm against the girl's plumped belly and gave it a firm push, straining her walls even further against the writhing mass as she smirked up at her new toy, clearly impressed by how much she could take and still form words. "'ow ya farin now, ki'en?"
  52. Elysia Nook moans desperately as Aetora distends her belly outwards, fitting all the tail into her. From this point on, Ely is unable to form a coherent word, and it seems likely a thought either. The kitten starts squealing and squirming instinctively as she's bloated and now, bounced on the tail. As the hand rises to give her a push, the mindless kitten responds to the question with squeals and moans. She doesn't last more than another minute or two like this, before she cries out once more, her body
  53. Elysia Nook: spasming as she cums on the endless coils of tail, her juices soaking the furry appendage more than ever, her own tail and ears twitching all the while. She continues to quiver for a few more moments, moaning and gasping, before finally beginning to come down from this second orgasm, looking utterly exhausted as she clutches at her heavily swollen belly, her whole body soaked in sweat.
  54. Aetora Ba'jir curls the remaining tail again, suspending the kitten horizontally and giving her a quick spin, not bothering to feed in more as her toy seemed nearly broken by this point. She drug a clawed finger lightly from the girls lips down, over her collarbone, across her nipple and gave her ample chest a squeeze. she would tilt her forward and give her another kiss before lowering Elysia, still stuffed with the tail. She gave the girl a soothing smile and scratched her ears. "Shh, li'l ki'en" She -
  55. Aetora Ba'jir tugged on the Seeker's womb again, dragging her to rest on the pillowy bosom and lifting a nipple to her mouth to see is she could even close the gaping hole. "Ya still 'ungry? Er do ya wanna res?"
  56. Elysia Nook seems only capable of responding instinctively, moaning helplessly as she's moved around and purring as she's petted. Her open mouth just rests against the nipple, instinctively clasping after a moment, and sucking, a mindless look of pleasure on the kittens face. She seems to have broken her toy after all, and it sure does look tired.
  57. Aetora Ba'jir let's her rest and suckle the rest of the milk from her teat, purring softly and petting as she slowly churns the girls insides. "Yer a fun li'l toy. 'Haps I should ge' more potions ta 'ave fun wi' ya again." She whispered, reaching down to give the girls tail a light, playful tug as she enjoyed her seconds.
  58. Elysia Nook squeals at the tail pull, which combined with the large tail still churning her, seems to be quite pleasurable. The broken kitty keeps suckling instinctively, even once she's drained Aetora. Looks like all that's left to do is put her kitten down for a nap...
  59. Aetora Ba'jir smiled and gave the tail one last, mugh harder pull, lifting up the Seeker and letting her hang upside down by the knotted tail inside her as it churned, bringing her back up to the Keeper's face and away from her bust. She cups the girls face in her hand, letting her thumb enter the girl's mouth. "Seems ta me yer ready fer yer nap li'l ki'en. Stay still fer momma." SHe gave her tail a wiggle, and had it not been so lorge and knotted so deep and thick inside the Seeker, it would have been ripped straight out of her in a sopping wet lum.p-
  60. Aetora Ba'jir But Elysia remained hanging with a fat belly as Tora curled herself to position her dripping lips upwards, dangling Elysia over them as she cradled the woman's face for one last kiss, letting her tongue slip in deeply.
  61. Elysia Nook squeals exhaustedly as Aetora dangles her, likely to cum a third time if Aetora holds her here for a few more minutes. Luckily for the overwhelmed kitten, she's soon being kissed, her mouth now filled with Aetora's tongue, and positioned to enter her lewd mommy. The petite kitten shouldn't be as hard as most would be to force inside, although she'd obviously still leave quite the lewd bulge.
  62. Aetora Ba'jir holds her into the sloppy kiss, nibbling and suckin gon her tongue as she gently bounced the hanging kitten. her hand roughly groped those little breasts as she tried to see is she could break the little cat anymore, or if this was as much as she would see. She lowered Elysia just enough to reach the nape of her neck, Sinking her fangs in as gently as she could manage, wanting to get a taste of the kitten before she vanished. Her sandy tongue would run over the pairs of holes, sending a loud purr -
  63. Aetora Ba'jir righing throughout her body as she lifted the cat up once more. "Now be a good ki'en an go in easy, kay?" She whispered, slowly lowering the petite, bulging girl, headfirst towards her dripping lips.
  64. Elysia Nook the groping and bouncing leads to the kitten suddenly crying out one last time just as Aetora was biting in, her tight walls clenching yet again as she orgasms a third time. Her quivering and twitching dont last long this time, the girl totally limp by now, so utterly exhausted it's a wonder she isn't passing out. The girl moans weakly as Aetora laps at the trickle of blood and pumps her tail, until finally, she's lifted headfirst towards the miqo's pussy, well readied.
  65. Aetora Ba'jir opens her legs wide, lowering the limply hanging kitten inside, steering her using her tail and using it to twist and turn her tiny body to fit better. She lets out a soft moan as the girls shoulders enter her, shuddering slightly and causing her tail do do the same. Finally, she gets to the girl's massively bulging belly, wondering if that will fit with the potion. She takes a few moments to rest and calm her panting breath, letting the little seeker hang on her vibrating tail, half inside.
  66. (Aetora Ba'jir) that's a lotta tail
  67. Elysia Nook moans cluelessly as her head disappears inside, followed by her shoulders and the upper part of her torso. The bulged kitten remains entirely limp and broken, as Aetora prepares to force the bulged kitty all the way.
  68. (Elysia Nook) fuck thats hot :p
  69. Aetora Ba'jir takes a deep breath, pressing her tail deeper into the kitten as she tries to force the bulging stomach inside her, rolling her hips to try and ease it in. She moans loudly as she feels it stretching her usually constricting entrance. Finally, the keeper does a womb shattering downward thrust with her tail, plunging Elysia inside. Tora cries out and gasps loudly, spasming as she swallows the Seeker into her nethers, her slender legs following with no resistance at all. Her tail curls and-
  70. Aetora Ba'jir pushes the little kitten as deep as she would go, quivering all the way down to the base of her tail as she watches the large lump in her belly travel up until she feels it and shudders. Tora continues pushing, screaming and panting as she forces the little cat into her womb, tail still buried deep inside. Her body spasms and her hips buck as she cums, spraying the bed with her honey and drenching it before finally calming down, heaving for breath.
  71. Elysia Nook is too exhausted to even squirm as she's pressed heavily, forced right into Aetora's womb, pushed in firmly by the tail still curled up inside her. The girl does not realize at all that Aetora is orgasming as she's forced in, utterly soaked in more than just sweat by the time she's curled into a ball and packed into Aetora's womb, bloating lumpily the much larger miqo's belly. Ely lasts a matter of moments like this before falling asleep, still full of tail, totally relaxed and happy.
  72. Aetora Ba'jir finally settled down, feeling up her emptied tits before resting her hands on her round, lumpy belly, feeling like a mother again for the first time in a very, very long time. "Goodnigh' li'l ki'en, ge' a good res, an momma'll do eh same."
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