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  1. [*] Article I
  2. The Greek government will buy two (2) Tiger Class Battlecruisers, four (4) V-W Class Destroyers, and four (4) E-class Submarines from the United Kingdom, at a reasonable price. 
  3. [*] Article 2
  4. To outfit the Greek army with modern weaponry, the Greek government will purchase British made Lee-Enfield rifles and British made eighteen (18) pounder field artillery, at a discounted price.
  5. [*] Article 3
  6. The United Kingdom will send military advisors to help the Greek army and navy with modernisation, and incorporating the lessons of the Great War.
  7. [*] Article 4
  8. The United Kingdom shall provide the Kingdom of Greece with a [sizeable] loan, for the development of schools and infrastructure.
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