The Pictorial Assault Discussion

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  1. [6:12 PM] [NB] Riqaz: The "Pictorial Assault" document was recently brought to my attention.
  2. I was a bit miffed when I heard that Mesmer -- a past ally of NB with which we recently mutually broke relations -- was head of this conflict. When I heard RTDF was involved, I was absolutely baffled.
  3. Noble Blade does not turn down conflict or war as per tradition. But we shall not take this libel laying down. Never once have we refused, disparaged, or shown contempt towards clans for being "smaller." Never have we "belittled or ignored" them.
  4. And so we see this as a petty excuse for conflict with no grounds or meaning.
  5. Again, it shall not be denied, as it never is. But to see this involvement from our "allies" is absolutely unforgettable. If this document stands as it is, I don't see the fragile relationship between RTDF and NB lasting any longer. Do keep in mind PIF is also keenly aware of your involvement -- and their placement on this list of targets.
  6. I do hope you realize what you're doing.
  7. ~Riqaz
  8. [6:12 PM] [NB] Riqaz:
  10. [6:12 PM] [NB] Riqaz:
  12. [6:12 PM] [NB] Riqaz: @RTDF
  13. [6:15 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: ^ I second this. Unless there is a way for you to avoid targeting us, there may be potential conflict afterwards. Feel free to participate in this as you wish, but don't expect us to have the viewpoint we had of you before this was shared.
  14. [6:19 PM] StormFlares ! Major: Alright. I hear your concerns. I’m not completely informed about all this Pictorial stuff, but I’m sure there would be a way of avoiding combat with NB, and it that’s possibly then myself personally would be happy to avoid you.
  15. [6:21 PM] [NB] Riqaz: I do not care if you involve yourselves -- as a group -- in this conflict or not. The fact that you --as a group -- stand behind and support this "coalition" and what they declare is what drives me to say anything at all. And what will ultimately drive us apart as allies.
  16. [6:24 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: This group doesn't even seem to have a clear mission at all. I even inquired with Ohriginal and he seems to be dodgy. It makes me personally believe it's one big status train behind the scenes of groups that otherwise may not have done anything on a level of actual diplomats. I denied affiliating with them as I was given little to no important info either in DMs or publicly, so I hope you guys know what you're getting into...
  17. [6:26 PM] StormFlares ! Major: Do you think there’s an act of malice involved?
  18. [6:28 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: It could be literally anything as nothing truthful has been confirmed or denied by Ohriginal himself. It just seems like people smelled blood and ran towards it for no reason.
  19. Again, do what you like. We can't force you out of this, but sometimes certain things aren't all as they're cracked up to be.
  20. [6:31 PM] Lametta: Ohriginal's testimony:
  22. [6:44 PM] Siyenide_Queen: @Riqaz @[PIF/NB] natsuflux I did not know who the targets were until today
  23. [6:44 PM] Siyenide_Queen: @[NB] Riqaz
  24. [6:45 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I Immediately told  natsuflux, and Have stated to the invasion I will not fight allies, nor do I understand why NB and PIF are in the target list
  25. [6:47 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Riqaz you misjudge us, and I never thought our relationship was fragile!
  26. [6:51 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I feel you have both come on very strongly, slightly disappointed.  That you think we would put one invasion over groups we have allied with.
  27. [6:51 PM] Siyenide_Queen: As I stated that list came out a few hours ago.
  28. [7:01 PM] Siyenide_Queen:
  30. [7:03 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Sure, but personally it's hard for me not to judge the whole of the situation here. Do you even know why you joined this? What it's for? What the goal is? Or is it the same old "yeah we accept raids and defenses and aren't afraid of anyone" ordeal? You don't need to form a fake pact to make those statements aware to the audience.
  31. Hell, they even invited me to join. Once I saw how boring it sounded (aka like every other coalition formed these days), I ignored him. It's meaningless. Why waste your time?
  32. Anyways, it's nice to know you won't target either NB or PIF specifically, but again, what is the purpose?
  33. [7:04 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Mesmer and RTDF were allies until we no longer did guns, we have a perfectly decent relationship.
  34. [7:04 PM] Siyenide_Queen: If that how you see us
  35. "yeah we accept raids and defenses and aren't afraid of anyone" ordeal? You don't need to form a fake pact to make those statements aware to the audience
  36. [7:04 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I am disappointed
  37. [7:05 PM] Siyenide_Queen: yet again
  38. [7:05 PM] Siyenide_Queen: There are ways to ask why we joined without making presumptions
  39. [7:06 PM] Siyenide_Queen: The purpose was for fun, for the experience,
  40. [7:06 PM] Siyenide_Queen: So are you unallying?
  41. [7:06 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux:
  43. [7:07 PM] Siyenide_Queen: thats  hype and you know it
  44. [7:08 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Should we join nothing? We participated in CLA knowing we wouldnt win, we do things for fun and activity, and something different
  45. [7:10 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: I don't make assumptions, only speculate where appropriate.
  46. And no, I did ask you up there if you knew what your purpose there was.
  47. I'm not trying to make it seem like I dislike you or RTDF, but something like this could be handled in a much better way without pulling random strings to spread a message that can easily be read on a screen.
  48. Playing for fun isn't a bad thing either, never said it was. If they made it clear instead of being dodgy, then cool, awesome, and I hope everyone has a good time, but when you dodge and make it seem like something suspicious (referencing dms I've had and read with the mesmer leader), it makes people like myself question.
  49. You can go ahead and ask him yourself what the purpose is. He may seem hostile at this time, but do what you want. I hope whatever positive goal that is made up last minute by the organizers works out ig.
  50. [7:11 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I have not dodged anything
  51. [7:11 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Mesmer leader.
  52. [7:12 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Your conversations with mesmer are not with me
  53. [7:12 PM] Siyenide_Queen: You used the word you
  54. [7:12 PM] Siyenide_Queen: but when you dodge and make it seem like
  55. [7:12 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: (referencing dms I've had and read with the mesmer leader)
  56. [7:13 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: You can go ahead and inquire with him, but again, much like our lives on this earth, they're meaningless unless we make something of them.
  57. [7:13 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I thought it was to fight large groups
  58. [7:14 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I handled this by telling you
  59. [7:14 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Seems that was not enough
  60. [7:17 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: 2. Remind the Clan World what we are truly capable of accomplishing
  61. 3. Show Clans what we can achieve when we don't hide behind a base and reject wars.
  62. And I appreciate you telling us, even though through come investigation, that list may not even be real, which makes it worse that they made and released it being so.
  63. Again, we have spots to make clans known for how they operate. Hell, some of those clans on the raiding side shouldn't even be there. Green Gods? I feel bad for whoever is beating that dead horse.
  64. If they made their mission or goal clear to us instead of having none or hiding it, it would be a lot easier to talk, but they didn't and they refuse. What is someone like me to do, just accept that from them?
  65. [7:17 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Not sure what random strings I pulled either
  66. [7:18 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: This isn't solely about you or RTDF, it's the bigger picture.
  67. [7:18 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Would you have had any diplomatic relations with any of the clans taking part in this otherwise? Do you even know them on a personal level other than a name and some faces?
  68. [7:19 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Do they even know what they're fighting for?
  69. (She pasted here a list of the clans on the hit list, she deleted when I had to clarify)
  70. [7:23 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Taking part as in the raiding side...
  71. [7:24 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Do you even know who your temporary allies are?
  72. [7:25 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I know some, to be honest, as there were no details about it or what it was about, I was keeping and open mind, and only reading announcements.
  73. [7:26 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Now that may not be your way, and you may think I am stupid, that is your perogative.
  74. [7:30 PM] Siyenide_Queen: I guess thats the end of the conversatiion then?
  75. [7:32 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: Possibly, for now. And I don't think you're stupid. There are smarter choices and things to get involved in than this. Do as you wish.
  76. [7:33 PM] Siyenide_Queen: You do sound very arrogant tbh
  77. [7:34 PM] Siyenide_Queen: You obviousy by your clever wording think I am stupid
  78. [7:37 PM] [PIF/NB] natsuflux: No, I just said I didn't. I apologize if I made you think that way, but that wasn't my intention.
  79. [7:41 PM] [NB] Riqaz: I have quite a few thoughts regarding the above conversation but will wait until I'm off work and have time to properly formulate them.
  80. [7:59 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Since we have pulled out, I would rather not argue about something which is over.
  81. [8:00 PM] Siyenide_Queen: However, even I can see some point you may wish to discuss
  82. [8:38 PM] [NB] Riqaz: Not argue, no. Only wanted clarify and discuss a bit.
  83. [9:09 PM] Lametta: hi
  84. [9:11 PM] Lametta: Why cross blades if we're on the same page? We wanted to know what was going on but since things have been cleared up the remaining banter simply created more un-needed stress.
  85. [9:15 PM] Lametta: NB does not need to bring up the subject any longer so keep it at a low. The only question that was answered is how our allies would respond to attacking us and it clearly shows she is unwilling to attack an ally so I graciously must apologize for us taking anything further. I also must apologize for what seemed to be belittling in a heinous tone. While I appreciate what NB was trying to surface, allies should not be treated as though they are in court - they are those we are bonded with. All matters are taken seriously but to the lengths we go to is what considers us formal versus arrogant.
  86. [9:15 PM] Lametta: With that said, my final apology on behalf of NB and my great thanks to your loyal viewpoints. :grin:
  87. [9:30 PM] Siyenide_Queen: Thank you Lametta, appreciated.
  89. Hit list:
  90. Copy in case that one is deleted:
  92. My other viewpoints:
  93. [6:51 PM] natsu (busy): @everyone I'm unsure what use this is to inform you all, but we've been placed on some sort of hit list for no reason. The only statements Ohriginal (Mesmer leader) seemed to say was that it was formed to show the clan world what every clan participating is capable of, and of course, that they don't reject and hide away from wars. Here is the list, which to my surprise, may not even be final:
  94. I'm not sure how to feel about this as RTDF seems to be participating on their side, and for whatever reason, Noble Blade was added as a target. I've spent a good part of my day digging into this, and their accusations of belittling and ignoring by PIF seems empty when Ohriginal won't even give me a list of the clans participating. Whatever happened before me is old business, who cares? Without a list, who can we amend to if that's what it takes? Whatever.
  95. Google Docs
  96. The Pictorial Assualt
  97. The Pictorial Assault “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” Introduction||: Dear Clanners of Robloxia, For a decade, super clans have refused and disparaged more diminutive clans for engaging in enormous events and even attempting to declare war. Led by Mesmer, a mass...
  98. [6:51 PM] natsu (busy): Anyhow, they don't seem to have a motive. They all hopped on the dreaded "clout train" that sucks many into corruption and ultimately poisoning the experience for those wanting to actually enjoy their time clanning. We were probably added because of the argument I had with Kringinal, but something that petty? Shameful.
  99. Regardless, I continue to do everything in my power to make this experience here at least as clean and overly toxic free for you all. We can have fun without biting at each others throats, becoming KDR and win loss hypebeasts (am I hip for the lingo yet? lol), and subjecting ourselves to something as meaningless as them. I will keep you all updated on what happens further. If you have any questions, concerns, or whatever else, feel free to DM me.
  100. [6:54 PM] natsu (busy): PS: They attempted to involve us as well in the raids, but I ignored them. Seemed like every other format everyone else uses. Boring.
  102. [7:43 PM] natsu (busy): Update: After a long conversation, RTDF is removing themselves from TPA.
  104. [9:40 AM] natsu (busy): @everyone | Good morning everyone. I wanted to make a follow-up to the event that happened yesterday regarding TPA.
  105. Many people on this platform decide to make larger groups or coalitions to achieve some greater collective goal that they may not have been able to do just on their own. This goal is clear to all parties involved at the start and they use it as a foundation during the actions they take to achieve it. Sometimes said goal can actually be malicious...sometimes nothing is made at all...and I've experienced both.
  106. Back when I first started clanning, I was offered to join quite a few coalitions. There was one I did join with a group I was never able to start, but without that commonality of everyone involved other than we knew each other well, there really wasn't a place for said gathering. It had no other greater meaning. It ultimately failed when the clans attached never succeeded or had shut down for good.
  107. Another instance, the "leader" of ART (very old clan) 2kmore offered to supply my other clan with some help, boosting it into the clan world, but I had to join some coalition he made for stuff like that. It sounded great in text, but something about it bugged me. It was so random and in the end I'm sure I would have been taken advantaged of (we haven't been friends for over a year after numerous counts of harassment).
  108. [9:40 AM] natsu (busy): Repeating again, I was invited to this TPA and then turned into a target otherwise. It just makes me feel sour to the whole thing. There STILL isn't a goal that all those random clans can use to fortify their existence there, and I decided that we have no place in something like that right when it was offered to this current day.
  109. I'm not trying to say that coalitions never work. They can if more effort and thought are put into them, just like many other things on and off screen. We may end up in one in the future, or depending on things, I could even make my own, but without that goal I've been mentioning, it's a waste of time. I still haven't decided if I want them to raid us. I've gone over the pros and cons, but in the event I announce they will be, I expect you all to be there.
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