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  1. Sheer Force Tauros (can get on USUM)
  2. Mold Breaker Throh
  3. Mold Breaker Sawk
  4. Hustle Rufflet
  5. Pickpocket Impidimp
  6. -------
  7. Healer Chansey (can get on USUM)
  8. Inner Focus Kangaskhan (can get on USUM)
  9. Dry Skin Jynx (can get on USUM)
  10. Sap Sipper Miltank (can get on USUM)
  11. Leaf Guard Petilil (can get on USUM)
  12. Weak Armor Vullaby (can get on USUM)
  13. Symbiosis Flabébé (can get on USUM)
  14. Sweet Veil Bounsweet (can get on USUM)
  15. Magic Bounce Hatenna
  16. Aroma Veil Milcery
  17. ------
  18. Analytic Magnemite (USUM)
  19. Aftermath Voltorb (USUM)
  20. Analytic Staryu (USUM)
  21. Light Metal Beldum (USUM)
  22. Heavy Metal Bronzor
  23. Clear Body Klink
  24. No Guard Golett (USUM)
  25. Sturdy Carbink (USUM)
  26. Cursed Body Sinistea
  27. Defiant Falinks
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