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Jan 29th, 2017
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  1. "Weird Tale"
  2. The story I am about to relate, while constructed on a patchwork of fiction, is nevertheless symbolic of certain phenomena based in reality. Furthermore, I predict that, when the words here graven have been amplified, they will begin their transformation into truth.
  4. "Wired Tale"
  5. Every event serves to emphasize the existence of one’s own personal reality, and as individuals separate from all others, we desire a place to belong.
  6. However, that, too, is but an egotistical concept. In order for there to be mutual understanding, it is necessary to recognize here and now that, like the brain synapses, we are all—in a logical yet chaotic manner—connected.
  8. lain is lain. lain is lain.
  9. Each is separate—yet they are one.
  10. By connecting, humanity gains first awareness of its function as a seed.
  11. By connecting, a human no longer remains a mere endpoint, a ‘terminus,’ but becomes a junction to another point, having won the right to serialize itself.
  12. The ability to connect is the ability to continue—they are one and the same.
  13. This not only applies to the connection of axial coordinates but temporal coordinates as well. Therefore, at the time when a conscious, intentional connection is made, surely the dead will rise from their intended place, appearing at the time coordinate of the connection’s origin.
  14. In that moment, the realization shall dawn that the time in which we inhabit our physical bodies is but the starting point of connection, and the very meaning of possessing a physical body at all will be questioned.
  15. You must not fear this tale.
  16. What you must fear—is lain.
  18. Recognize that you are connected.
  19. Serialize thyself.
  21. – Chiaki Konaka
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