#Operation Discovery.

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  1. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  3. #Operation Discovery.
  4. For those of you willing to get your voices heard.
  6. By now you should know that we shall not stand firm, if we do not share our thoughts with one another.
  7. And that, is our backbone - Information.
  9. While we're taking care of publicizing the information we already know, we're always open to ideas and new intel from you. But what fuels intel is - Evidence.
  11. We need information and we need evidence to back them up.
  12. Think there's something you sighted at the premises but not sure if people will believe you?
  14. Take a picture.
  15. Record the scene with your camcorder.
  17. Think you noticed something no one else has seen at the premises before? It can be ANYTHING. Starting from a minor bully to large-scale corruption.
  18. Take a picture of it.
  20. Think your friend knows something you don't?
  21. Think you know something you NEED others to know?
  22. Dig a little deeper. See what you can find.
  24. But then what?
  25. Well, that's where we, ExploS3C, come into play.
  27. Your job:
  29. 1.) Get information.
  30. 2.) Cross check. See if information is from a reliable source.
  31. 3.) Get evidence (Can be photos, videos, emails, sms, scanned copies, sheets, handouts, flyers, chat logs, print screens, digital proof, anything that can be of some help)
  33. If you'd like to send us your recorded sound clips, you are more than welcome.
  34. You can talk in a different tone, in a different voice, with a different accent.
  35. But make sure you get the information across to us.
  36. If you're willing to do that:
  38.  - Upload your .wav / .mp3 files to a file hosting site like
  39.  - Contact us and send us the download link of your file.
  41. As for anonymity, that's for us to take care of.
  42. Our responsibility would be to make sure NO names are taken and NO identities are leaked.
  43. You can even dedicate a sound clip to the administration.
  44. We here, at ExploS3C, will disguise your voice. You don't have to be scared about them finding out who you are.
  46. 4.) Let us know you have something of interest.
  47. Shoot us an email: OR
  48. Contact us on: OR
  49. Contact us on: OR
  50. Contact us on:
  51. 5.) Then, we compile whatever we get. See what can be done. And then start publicizing.
  54. We cannot move on until and unless the majority is informed.
  55. Once people are fed knowledge, and are confident to move forward, all as one, we will establish things, no one has ever dreamed of, together.
  57. This will take time.
  58. But if we all cooperate, we'll be there in no time.
  62. They have pushed you far.
  63. Now, if you don't start pushing back, it'll be too late for anyone to act towards them.
  65. So, what're you waiting for?
  67. #Operation Discovery.
  68. Initiated.
  70. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  72. Join the discussion:
  74. Twitter - #OpDisco
  75. Facebook - Nisux Zundergo
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