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/r/technology filtered words list formatted for easy copying

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  1. I encourage everyone to double check these and if anyone has any more to please contact me on Reddit. (https://pay.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=creq)
  3. Around 8 months ago was when the mods of /r/technology enacted filterer that automatically removes posts that contain certain words. It's updated every so often. This bad news. /r/technology has become heavily censored and the mods have no intention of fixing it or even telling anyone this is going on.
  5. Make sure to copy the list down and share it with others when they're wonder why all their posts are getting removed.
  7. * NSA
  8. * Comcast
  9. * Anonymous
  10. * Time Warner
  11. * CISPA
  12. * SOPA
  13. * TPP
  14. * Swartz
  15. * FCC
  16. * Flappy
  17. * net neutrality
  18. * Bitcoin
  19. * GHCQ
  20. * Snowden
  21. * spying
  22. * Clapper
  23. * Congress
  24. * Obama
  25. * Feinstein
  26. * Wyden
  27. * anti-piracy
  28. * FBI
  29. * CIA
  30. * DEA
  31. * Condoleezza
  32. * EFF
  33. * ACLU
  34. * National Security Agency
  36. The only ones that will get removed are the ones people only say "bad" things about or are organizations that say bad things about other filtered words in the list... This means you can search for filtered words that sound like they kind of meet those criteria that have not yet been discovered. You can easily do this by searching /r/technology for the word you suspected they would censor then sort by newest first. If it's filtered the word should suddenly stop show up around a certain time. Usually it's around around September 2013 but the list is updated from time to time so you'll just have to look for a clear cut off.
  38. /u/mister_geaux could not have put it any better:
  40. "If r/technology posted this list with the sub rules and were above-board about it, I would disagree with their choice of censorship but I'd accept it under the theory of "their sub, their rules." But enacting a large-scale censorship agenda opaquely is absolutely horrible management and should be severely punished.
  42. Subs that do things like this are essentially being disingenuous with their posted rules and should absolutely not be allowed on the default list. If I have a tech-related topic, how on earth am I supposed to know if the mods consider it "too popular" or "too soapboxy" or whatever the hell their criteria when drawing up this list was?
  44. If a moderator team will not allow discussions of SOPA or the NSA on a tech site (even though these are easily two of the most critical tech issues in the past 10 years), then it needs to say that up front so people aren't wasting their time."
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