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Harvard Dogecoin Mining

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Feb 14th, 2014
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  1. Subject: [Hptc-users-list] Policy statement on crypto currency mining and personal for profit campaigns.
  2. Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 13:22:06 -0500
  3. From: FAS Research Computing Users Group <>
  4. Reply-To:
  5. To: <>
  7. Dear all,
  9. I really hate having to send notes like this to our community -
  10. especially one as smart, gifted and talented as you all are, but
  11. anyway here goes...
  14. Yesterday we were alerted to an unfortunate situation by one of our
  15. community members using the Odyssey cluster who spotted an anomaly
  16. with a set of compute nodes.
  18. Long story short, a "dogecoin" (bitcoin derivative) mining operation
  19. had been set up on the Odyssey cluster consuming significant resources
  20. in order to participate in a mining contest.
  22. I do want to also quickly state that Research Computing does not
  23. inspect, examine or look at algorithms and codes that are executing on
  24. the cluster, we respect your science and assume we are all good
  25. citizens. However, in the course of business, or as happened
  26. yesterday, if we are alerted to unexpected behavior we always
  27. investigate the cause of any issue.
  29. So, to put this simply:
  31. Odyssey and Research Computing resources can not be used for any
  32. personal or private gain or any non research related activity.
  34. Accordingly, any participation in "Klondike" style digital mining
  35. operations or contests for profit requiring Harvard owned assets to
  36. examine digital currency key strength and length are strictly
  37. prohibited for fairly obvious reasons. In fact, any activities using
  38. our shared resources for any non scientific purpose that results or
  39. does not actually result in personal gain are also clearly and
  40. explicitly denied.
  42. As a result, and as guidance and as warning to you all, I do need to
  43. say that the individual involved in this particular operation no
  44. longer has access to any and all research computing facilities on a
  45. fully permanent basis.
  47. Don't let this happen to you.
  49. Best,
  51. j.
  53. --
  54. dr. james cuff, assistant dean for research computing, harvard
  55. university | division of science | thirty eight oxford street,
  56. cambridge. ma. 02138 | +1 617 384 7647 |
  57. _______________________________________________
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