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Any% Glitchless Ruleset

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  1. Rules by Df6780 and Cyrus_Lotuski
  2. Route by Df6780 and Cyrus_Lotuski
  4. Ruleset for Any% Glitchless:
  6. Timing start when you select the start option in the file screen
  7. *you may Immediately exit the game upon file creation to change options before starting*
  9. Allowed:
  11. Recoil Flip(only on Enemies)
  12. Long Jumping
  13. Gainer
  14. Damage Boosting (Goron bomb boost only works with enemies)
  15. Saving and resetting (if it does anything)
  16. Skipping pirate fights
  17. Deathwarp
  18. Fast Boss Strats
  19. Moon's Tear Skip
  20. Dungeons out of Order
  21. Doorframe backflip in Deku palace
  22. Avoiding Cutscenes (Ex: Pirate's Fortress Hive cutscene)
  23. Quick turnaround
  24. Inverse camera angle
  25. Big Octo Skip(No c-up)
  26. Spamming Lens for infinite magic
  27. Early STT Boss key
  28. Skipping GBT Gekko
  29. Precise jumps, jumpslashes, and jumpslash recoils
  30. Jumpslash Landing Cancelling (Spinning the circle pad after a jumpslash)
  31. Precise aiming
  32. Slashing your sword to avoid falling off edges
  33. Skipping mask cutscenes by putting it on in a different form
  34. Roll invincibiliy
  35. Mountain village early
  36. Stunlocking
  38. Banned:
  40. Skipping cutscenes by pause buffering or pulling out ocarina
  41. Out of bounds
  42. Bottle Dupe
  43. Bottle Adventure
  44. Any item on B except normal circumstances (like epona, archery or Honey and darling)
  45. Clipping through ice
  46. ISG
  47. Enter a grave without captains hat
  48. Ikana valley without Garo Mask
  49. TSC Clip
  50. Ledge Clip
  51. Fess/Hess/Dess/Zess
  52. Super swim
  53. Stealing Fishing rod
  54. Flying Zora
  55. Restricted Items
  56. Jumpslash Cancel -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFCFmIHta7c
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