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  1. burgn vs gangsterbro: gc vs unknown
  3. t2:
  4. blind matchup, assuming bluff/flip. merchant+ring only play, prevents both tsuk+akp while baiting noc/meta for a future jar play
  6. t4:
  7. uncertain whether opp has akp, hand seems more conservative, ring'd mimic opp followedup with noc on merchant. banished 3 from deck, assuming flip-heavy gc build, probably 1 mimic, 2-3 mof, 1 jar left with low aggressors in deck.
  8. opp sets 1 s/t:
  9. -if topped, could be ring/tt/goats
  10. -if held, could be goats/coth
  11. goats is possible in both scenarios, which infers ter, which makes sense since he threw noc on a set that was across a set when i didn't have spells in grave (inferring 2nd way to answer flips)
  12. factors known:
  13. -opp is low on flips left
  14. -opp hand is conservative
  15. -likely set to be goats, if so infers meta which makes the early noc sensible
  16. i set serpent because it's broken vs the predicted meta play, and since opp is low on flips, if he summons an aggressor serpent can soak up an attack.
  17. set dust behind it because bom is horrible vs breaker rn, would make my opponent misread (both on my serpent being a flip, and my dust being protective [which makes the bom in my hand deadly]), counters coth, and if opp leaves my serpent a topped akp is well supported.
  19. t6:
  20. opp doesn't have akp, doesn't set behind ter, hand is probably all monsters/dead spells
  21. i set mof+bom here:
  22. -if opp tops akp, i can counter with bom followedup with ter
  23. -if opps tsuks (predicted play), he'll try to take with ter, i chain bom, he atacks over mof w/ tsuk i get back bom (to further setup jar), then i attack over ter w/ serpent next turn.
  24. accomplishes: 1) makes my opp use tsuk for summon, 2) force an answer to mitigate for mof, 3)lowers monster count in hand for jar, 4) puts light in my grave. if successful, faceup serpent makes the opp not want to set a flip across it nor is chaos live.
  25. predicting tsuk over serpent where i don't need to worry about noc nor would i take damage while being up on the summon next turn to summon jar with bom/meta behind it.
  27. t8:
  28. serpent play baits out mof, pass.
  30. t10:
  31. opp clogs zone, last card could be bait/flip.
  32. i set serpent + bom, opp knows i have serpent and would be expecting it, meaning he probbaly won't take my serpent.
  33. if so, next turn i can meta for his set monster, summon akp over ter, use bom on ter and attack over it (whenever play is applicable). if he takes serpent with ter, then i can set mimic without worrying for tsuk to reset his ter, following turn i can bom ter in sp, get back serpent, flip mimic, summon serpent, attack over both ter + token, then meta over serpent to take opps set while keeping mimic on field for possible akp+tsuk possibilities.
  35. t12:
  36. opp tops charity discards tsuk/tt, meaning he probably has a 2nd tsuk. draws into noc, banishes my serpent.
  37. no further plays to be made, waiting game to draw something to deal with my opps board. utilize goat lock to buy time.
  39. t14:
  40. opps set can be dust/mst/bptrap, set saku to avoid akp possibility.
  42. t16:
  43. top goat, recognizes that goat->meta->bom play is my best way of dealin with opps field. sets it and wait for an opportunity.
  45. t18:
  46. opp sets, worried about bom ter->mof->heavy. doesn't set saku because if opp had akp he'd summon it earlier and if he don't have akp then he either won't be likely to top it or he won't play into torrential. held saku for opp to commit more cards.
  48. t20:
  49. sets saku, pass
  51. t22:
  52. opps at hand limit, hard to read his sets now.
  53. i recognize that i need to commit another card on field, set meta since i have my own heavy and if i go for a play i want to release as much s/t from my zones as possible, beside, my play to break through his board involves goat+meta so that's 2 assured zones once i make my push.
  55. t24:
  56. can afford to wait one more turn, sets mf and intends to push next turn.
  58. t26:
  59. goats used, meta for opps set, stopped by bom.
  60. i set mjar next to ter with coth set:
  61. -expected opp to think im tryin to bait ter to draw attention away from my known ter.
  62. -if he takes jar, then i can bom his ter, flip my ter->take his set monster, then summon akp with coth behind it.
  63. -if he takes ter, then i do a slightly diffrent play but now i have a great chance of discarding powerful cards from my opps hand while drawing into my own powerful cards (also have both revivals for akp now in grave).
  65. t28:
  66. opp discards sangan in ep, set is either serpent/flip.
  67. i bom my opps ter, i set pre+bom in preparation for jar. i do not summon breaker/set mimic because:
  68. -it clogs my zones, i want to resolve jar then attack over ter (which would likely bait a bp trap), that opens my zones, i followup with coth for akp to clear ter while havin an open zone for whatever i draw into.
  69. jar resolves, i drew bls. proceed with plan previously said, attack with jar over ter, doesn't bait anything (opp probably wants me to open his zones), i followup with coth->akp expecting to bait 2dust or akp being destroyed by 2 sakus/ring. this is done so i can gain info, use pot, followup with bls in m2, or if he destroys my jar then i end with resolved akp+bls with bom as protection and good chance of drawing 2nd dust/mst off pot/akp.
  70. jar + akp attacks go through, i draw into mst, can't set it nor summon bls, forced to pass.
  71. known:
  72. -no bp traps
  73. -no ring
  75. t30:
  76. opp sets a card next to what isn't bptrap/ring/dust. could finally be a bptrap/ring/dust. expecting middle to be dead goats.
  77. i use pot then pre, intention is to force opps newest set while playin around saku to clear ter. if he has saku, he'll clear akp and if he got dust he'll prevent pre. then i can attack with mjar over ter confidently and followup with set mof with mst to prevent revivals.
  78. akp forces bom, shows no dust/bp traps. jar connects, i then set both spells in my hand.
  80. t31:
  81. opp used pre, i thought about waiting to use mst since opp used both bom and i got saku for a 2nd akp from hand. but with the opp runnin such a high amount of flips and not seeing dust yet, i considered opp maining 3rd bom a possibility and just avoided the situation with confidence that my opps middle isn't coth (even if it is, i have saku with 2nd dust left in deck).
  83. t32:
  84. opp doesn't take piercing damage, lol. opp grabs meta off mof. i set dust and pass.
  86. t33:
  87. opp takes akp with ter tries to attack over jar. i saw opp had 3 cards left in deck and decided on this:
  88. if i saku ter, i can summon tsuk next turn to deck out my opponent.
  89. i hold dust for any sets my opponent commits this turn, since ik his middle isn't ring, which is his only way of preventing this win-con.
  90. i hit the ring.
  92. t34:
  93. he cannot stop jar's effect, i win via deckout.
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