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Joseph & Gina PT1

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Apr 8th, 2017
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  1. Gina
  2. You're really cute and I like your gold chain!
  4. I'm gina! :) I'm also from the area and I like your style. I kinda have a thing for the thug look if you know what I mean.
  6. I understand too,I hate judgmental people too,they,re so mean and black hearted,I'm all about the sweet and nice guys. Hit me up when you can,I like to get to know you ;)
  8. Joseph
  9. Hey I am up now if ya wanna message me
  10. Imma go for my morning walk but I will be back to talk to ya when ya message again, Gina also that's a nice name
  12. Gina
  13. Hey it's me. I just got your message. Tell me a little bit about yourself?
  15. Joseph
  16. Well, I just turned 26 years old 2 days ago and had quite a few bad experiences with women one from crappy craigslist and the other was an ex of mine which I don't like anymore due to problems with her taking money back in 2015 up to mid 2016 literally trying to lure me into prostitution alot and it was awful but yeah other than that I am a hip hop lover as well and alot of other things I love going for walks and all that usually in the morning and I love also to shop when come cheque day and whatnot
  18. Gina
  19. I'm sorry about your bad experiences sweetie. May I ask what happened on Craigslist? Also,what is check day?
  21. Joseph
  22. I had this shitty experience on CL with this Maria girl I forget the girl's last name but she was this "nice woman" that in the end turned out to be not so nice she likes bigger guys and all that but she wanted to "dirty talk" and I knew that would lead to something awful in the next day and sure enough she called me a child for standing up to her on there while she was actually quite the mean ass towards me she sends me nudes to lure me into getting bitched at because I wanted a bit of fun. so all over that just to get called a child. damn
  24. Also check day is when people get their pensions or whatever they are called paychecks I don't know anyway people are everywhere on those types of days
  25. Also that chick lived around my area of sydney too and damn it was a harsh time and all that
  27. Gina
  28. She was awful mean. I mean I do dirty talk because that's what I do first when I talk to guys but I don't do it to be a bitchy person. It's her loss.
  30. Joseph
  31. I don't have a job currently but I do get checks every month so that I will have money for the month and I wouldn't have to bother anyone in my fam for money. also yeah it's her loss and she asked for my ass and all that I don't wanna show I rather just send me nudes and that woman doesn't mind a small package but yeah not all bigger men have huge packages anyway. I guess afterwards she didn't like me at all because of that trash
  33. Gina
  34. Must have been the case sweetie. That's good you get your own money,It shows you're capable. Also I like smaller cocks cause the big ones hurt a little bit.
  36. Joseph
  37. Oh well that is good after all, whenever I wanted to meet up with her though she didn't wanna because of BS reasons and shit, but yeah it's good to have money on ya for when ya need it it's the truth though
  39. Gina
  40. It is good. She probably was bullshitting you babe. I have a legitimate excuse cause my father is dying in the hospital and I have to be on standby just incase something happens this week.
  42. Gina
  43. Because I'm not trying to be dumb but..I do play with myself to calm myself. It really does get my mind off things. My doctor recommended it to me too.
  45. Joseph
  46. I can't send too much of myself maybe my cock and my big belly but my ass is a no because I can't reach there to take a pic lol
  47. Do what ya do if it gets that off your mind maybe we can meet whenever you feel alot better that would be good
  49. Gina
  50. Lol I wouldn't do that to ass is the one I'll be sending ;)
  52. Joseph
  53. can I see your pussy too while we're at it would love to see your hotness
  55. Gina
  56. Sure! Give me a min sweetie.
  58. Joseph
  59. thanks boo
  61. Gina
  62. (Sends pussy pic) I hope you like what you see. Id really wanna know what you do with it.
  64. Joseph
  65. I would lick that pussy good stick my tounge inside there and also fuck that hot pussy good with my small cock
  67. Gina
  68. Mmmm that sounds soo good! I bet you'd fuck me in my ass too.
  70. Joseph
  71. No doubt I would sexy, do you have any gangsta outfits ya wear? that would turn me on in an instant oh baby
  73. Gina
  74. Not yet but I will soon sweetie. Trust me ;) I wanna see that cock of yours.
  76. Joseph
  77. One sec and I'll send you a pic babe
  78. Here ya go babe there is my cock
  80. Gina
  81. Omg I love it! I just wanna lick the head and suck it hard. Mmmmm can you pull back the skin so I can see all the head babe?
  83. Joseph
  84. Gotta take another pic one sec babe
  85. There ya go babe, I know you want that (sends another penis pic)
  87. Gina
  88. Mmmm that dick is a treat. I hope you enjoy this!
  90. Joseph
  91. That pic is sexy babe mmm here is an extra for ya (sends pic of himself)
  93. Gina
  94. Oh yes!! Your smile is fucking hot. I bet that body is hot too ;) I wanna see that too.
  96. Joseph
  97. I don't usually like sending pics of my body but yeah I'll try to give a pic of my upper and my joggers I am wearing
  99. Gina
  100. That's fine baby
  102. Joseph
  103. Look at this big sexy man you know that big man body is me now to get the Joggers pic
  104. 3 Pics of my Joggers just for you boo
  106. Gina
  107. Mmmm a beautiful big body it is! Now for the finale. You see this ass? It's all yours and I want you to jerk it as hard as you can and I want to see a pic of your cum slathered all over your cocks head.
  109. Joseph
  110. Nice sexy ass though I have jacked off earlier so I'll send that pic later send me some gangsta outfits babe maybe more pussy if you want but yeah I'll send the cum pic later promise boo
  112. Gina
  113. I just came babe. For you.
  115. Joseph
  116. mmm I like it babe I'd lick that sweet pussy of yours and more
  118. Gina
  119. I'm glad you like it ;) i can't wait to see your delicious cum.
  121. Joseph
  122. I know babe I'm sending that later, you'll get that no worries. what more do you have for me though?
  123. Wish I could meet you though but for real though
  125. Gina
  126. Sorry my phones camera doesn't want to work with me right now :/ I own a shitty iPhone. But yeah I wish I could right now,but my dad is having heart problems and he's gonna die soon. I hope you understand.
  128. Joseph
  129. I understand babe. I hope we can meet when you feel better afterwards I can make you feel better for sure
  131. Gina
  132. That's so sweet of you. I have to take a nap and rest for a bit sweetie. Send me some surprises while I'm asleep ok?
  134. Joseph
  135. Maybe I will I just may be a little busy with other things and in 2 days probably smoke up some weed oh yeah
  137. Gina
  138. Love that Kush :* well whenever you're done being busy remember to email me! I'll talk to you later sweetie!
  140. Joseph
  141. Alright babe later! loves ya even if ya don't know me ;)
  143. Gina
  144. Much love! ;)
  146. Joseph
  147. Dats my gangsta girl rest up boo
  148. Be Back Later on going out for a nice walk
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