Tildes 2020 Census: Change

Sep 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. We need more diversity of opinion. More different interests, in short, more different people.
  2. Nothing yet.
  3. Maybe allow another round of invites so the community can grow and get some new blood in.
  4. I wish there was less focus on politics. I added a filter to ubo to block any title with the word trump and that t me pretty close.
  5. I have little feedback for this.
  6. More transparency for the moderation system and a more decentralized power system. As much as I like deimos as a person I don't think having a singular person with all the power is healthy for a site shooting for the ideals of Tildes. I'd like to explore some form of democratic system, but really I'd just like raise the issue before the site expands and a larger moderation/administration team is too far entrenched into the site to remove.
  7. Expand the userbase
  8. Maybe having more users, but I don't want Tildes to turn into Reddit
  9. ?
  10. Stricter moderation for filtering out low effort posts, apart from scheduled topics
  11. Increased funding, more rapid feature development, slightly faster/steadier growth rate, additional moderators
  12. Please, for the love of all things technical, add RSS for the front page!
  13. Nothing.
  14. Get rid of the invite only feature for making accounts
  15. Nothing
  16. I’d like to see an increase in the non-tech, non-political articles. The current amount of content in those two realms is great, but I’d like to see more posts from other areas.
  17. Federate
  18. Maybe grow the community a bit more
  19. 300 mil investment if I had it
  20. Nothing major, at this time
  22. A way to see top comments and or exemplaried comments in case I didn’t read a certain thread.
  23. Not too much! I like that it's simple and homey... to be honest I don't engage with the site other than clicking on links. But thanks for everything you do to make it work.
  24. Nothing
  25. Recruit more users with interests and backgrounds in natural resources and agriculture.
  26. Automatic theme select based on my tablet’s `prefer light`/`dark`.
  27. Active attempts to improve above - unlikely/unnecessary due to demographic of site.
  28. I kinda dislike that tags are really only used for either marking a post as sub par, or top tier. Joke, malice, off topic, noise, none of those are good things. At least not in the current Tildes community. And then there's exemplary. Can't help but wonder what a system with more inbetweens would look like.
  29. More reputable and long form article sharing.
  30. Survey side-note. I am virulently anti-google; could not do the Sapply sub-survey, as it relies on multiple Google libs and APIs, which I block.
  31. I think it just needs more users, the rest is fine
  32. Make the default comment text box larger
  33. More users, more diversity.
  34. I'm not really sure, especially since I haven't used many of the features, especially relating to groups, I don't think I could suggest anything of value. But I appreciate all the effort that goes into the site, and I'm glad this site exists!
  35. Make it more popular outside of the US
  36. Not a whole lot. It's great as is. Would be nice to have some more artsy folks around, but I could see how that would be a tough crowd to draw into the long form discussion dynamic.
  37. make an app
  38. accessibility--inviting more people
  39. Be able to signup
  40. More color schemes?
  41. Notmuch
  42. A little bit more active. Not much.
  43. A little bit of fluffy content, a la r/eyebleach or something
  44. I would like if the website was a progressive web app.
  45. Increase the userbase without decreasing the quality of content and conversation. AKA a catch-22
  46. See previous point.
  47. remove the vote numbers, the thing that shows 9 new comments, iirc it was introduced because logs were kept anyways so might as well use it for useful feature but i dont think its useful
  48. I would add an option to have thumbnails on posts.
  49. I don't know - Tildes is awesome.
  50. I can't figure out how to comment on mobile.
  51. pretty good as is
  52. Ban all Americans for 24 hours whenever they post some obscure local political news about some place, and paint it as some earth shatteringly momentous occurrence. (Only half joking).
  53. - not a thing. I think my negatives are going to even out over the time with an organically growing more diverse userbase. One can't rush those things.
  54. Wish there was more content
  55. encourage more interaction, but not necessarily more interactors
  56. I'd like it to have ads and be open. Non-shitty ads based on some data about user estimated age, gender, and general location are fine. No more need for invitations.
  57. nothing because I like the way that tildes is not trying to grow too quickly. I think building up a steady momentum is the right way of increasing the amount of good quality content
  58. Desperately needs an API/native mobile app - browsers and web wrapper apps can only go so far.
  59. Nothing. : )
  60. I'd like a mobile app. The mobile website is fine, but it's not touch oriented.
  61. Make it federated, but Deimos won't do that. It's not that big of a deal.
  62. Broader, more culturally diverse user base. Dispute resolution process for unproductive discussions that don’t devolve intro flamebait.
  63. 1. Ban Europeans. 2. Introduce a mobile app
  64. i would like tildes to accept that it has an important role to play in promoting social justice issues, even if just raising awareness about the issues (this is an important role!).
  65. More people!
  66. Make comments linear, instead of threaded. Linear comments make it easier to cover multiple lines of conversation and get caught up on threads! I'd also love a ~religion or ~spirituality; I think Tildes is just the place where people could come and have nice non judgemental conversations about it
  67. more emoticons :) :-/ :D :-P 8-) they are so tonally useful and flavourful the kids can use emojis if they like, I don't mind ?” ?¨ ?„ ?ž although those are visually denser
  68. Block list
  69. Some of the groups could use more posts, e.g. ~arts and ~hobbies.
  70. Adding more content for my specific fields of interest.
  71. Needs a few more people, just not as many as Reddit (then you'd have to sell out and get help to support it, which results in it getting sold to China and then you have to quietly censor it as they say...)
  72. Larger and more diverse population of members.
  73. Slightly increase the number of communities.
  74. I'd like to see the community grow in size a little bit, I think we could do with some more users. Although it maybe doesn't make too much sense now, it also would've been nice to have access to an unencrypted version, so that I could read Tildes on some old devices that don't have TLS 1.2+ support. Also, although not really much of a change, I'd love to see a simple API eventually as the site grows bigger - although I understand the site will always be the preferred way to access, a native client would be much appreciated for Android at least, so it would fit into the interface better and enable things like notifications.
  75. nothing really
  76. I'm pretty sure that the site is still invite only? I feel like that might stop a lot of people from joining which I guess is what you guys want. I'd open it up for anyone to join.
  77. Enough with the ultra literalism. come into conversations not with your guns blazing (generally, sometimes it's hard if it's something close to us).
  78. Id like to see more content that has less to do with politics or technology.
  79. I'd make invites easier to distribute appropriately. Other than that, the obvious wishes like a larger userbase.
  80. UI is starting to get a bit busy
  81. Nothing
  82. Advertise the site more to build the community size :)
  83. Nothing
  84. nothing
  85. Nothing as I trust Deimos more than myself to run the site.
  86. Add embedded images and video
  87. More popularity with proportional moderation.
  88. Nothing comes to mind.
  89. Nothing.
  90. Be more experimental.
  91. Find a way to more opinion and content from subject matter experts (a la askhistorians).
  92. I just noticed the docs about philosophy all the way at the bottom of the site. I think that should be at the top, so people can understand what it actually is, and how it's beyond than a "reddit clone".
  93. I think it is good as-is.
  94. Find some way to increase the size and diversity of the user-base (and when I say diversity I mean both more diverse identities as well as more diverse interests) Add an option for polls Add an option for 'silent posting' (i.e. posting without bumping the topic to the topic of the activity sort)
  95. needs more variety esp. in non-techie parts
  96. Would be nice to have more non-STEM types around. discussion is often focused on STEM or STEM-oriented solutions to problems.
  97. Quick article share options, title autofill. Mobile PWA and/or API. Explicit accomodations and groups of Women and BIPOC? Abolition of groups and make tags powerful enough to create their own groups???
  98. Nothing, diversity would be nice but seems a tough bit to crack
  99. More people.
  100. I think I'd go back and permanently hide votes. I think it was a better way to have discussions.
  101. I'd open some crypto wallets so I could donate that way lol
  102. Replace the comment tree threading system with a more consequential sorting feature where commenters and readers can classify comments as belonging to genres. Discussions could be represented in ways which represent divergent cross-talk and variable effort contributions.
  103. it's pretty cool, as is.
  104. Try to grow the site more while maintaining the great community.
  105. Give me an account, lol
  106. More diversity of voices and topics. It's very tech-heavy, and even though I'm in tech, it would be nice to see other stuff.
  107. I desperately need a block user function
  108. I'd still like a much, much greater focus on the humanities and/or social sciences; specifically morality, be it political theory or introspective. Not because I dislike STEM (I'm a computer science major), but because programming is a fairly, ehm, narrow area of focus within the wider world. Much more broadly applicable as far as personal growth is concerned are discussions about sociology/socioeconomics, education, identity, trauma, oppression, and the like. I guess it's nice to talk about programming, but that's much more of a "here and now" issue. The longform discussion format that Tildes uses lends itself to complex discussions about social justice, experiences, and self-growth.
  109. too many tankies
  110. I’d like to see more work on the trust system so that tildes can scale, and also more active work on scaling it.
  111. Honestly I love it as is. My only issue comes with being a lurker by nature and hesitant to post myself.
  112. More non-tech/id pol stuff. Stricter implementation of a be nice rule.
  113. Implement the frontend in Typescript and Vue.
  114. Add profile details to a user account that show their moderator permissions.
  115. Implement trust system
  116. More art posts and maybe allowing image posts / thumbnails to share visual projects.
  117. It's fine as it is really
  118. I’m not sure I’d change much at all.
  119. Remove vote counts
  120. Not a thing. I haven't even tried to block the users who were annoying me!
  121. Nothing at present. I trust the site's userbase and leadership so far and am happy with the direction we're headed.
  122. I would invite more people.
  123. Perhaps add a mobile app in the future... beyond that, not much.
  124. more people
  125. We need more people!
  126. More participants
  127. Comments voting system.
  128. Implement organizational continuity plan, add public list of moderators/admins/wiki contributors. Missing a field for random comments so here's one: it will be interesting to see how the bible scholars subreddit migration turns out.
  129. I haven't really ever seen a good implementation beyond forums, but the view of the conversations aren't great.
  130. Not much... encourage people to post more, maybe?
  131. Fully fund it for years to come.
  132. More users
  133. Maybe make it into an old-style forum instead of comment trees.
  134. Somehow find a few thousand people who would like and use this site. This would ideally allow us to have way more groups and subgroups, probably 2-5x more. That would probably allow us to have Tildes be in a few more languages, which would be nice. Figure out how the whole trust system is gonna work and apply that too. Pick out a bunch of issues in the gitlab and a few of my own, most notably: Adding the watch feature to posts and comments so you can see replies and edits to them (issue) Expanding the ignore feature to comments/threads, probably as a step above malice which requires you to tell the person being ignored why (my own, although people have suggested an "argumentative" label and quite a few pretty similar ideas.)
  135. Not a thing, really.
  136. I would try to directly "import" communities from other sites, giving them a group of their own.
  137. Finish the designs talked about in the docs.
  138. Bit too western centric but that is understandable, Tech skewed topics but less than last year so we're branching out
  139. Eh
  140. Add user tags
  141. More casual discussions would be cool. Maybe some way to "save" a search so you can come back to the same query later like a customized feed.
  142. Maybe make the "label" system more integral to interacting with a post? I feel like almost no one uses it and it could be because no one really knows about it.
  143. nada
  144. Key missing feature is of course the possibility to monetize your posts :P j/k. I have no real issues with how things work currently.
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