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Untitled 7 (Spider-Shim) chapter 1: the Superior Spider-Man

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  5. >Be Anon
  6. >You graduated Crystal Prep and got into a good college in New Yoke.
  7. >Your majors were cybernetic and neurology.
  8. >Sounds weird, but the college has a reputation for break-through in prosthetic which you plan to do.
  9. >Or... you know... become a super hero.
  10. >This hadn’t been your plan for a long time, no.
  11. >Your aunt got sick and lost control over most of her body, binding her to bed.
  12. >Sadly you left her behind in Canterlot and can’t care for her, only send money back which you make at your part-time job.
  13. >Student loans?
  14. >ehhh...
  15. >Some things are just more important in the now and have to be dealt with in the future.
  16. >Prank your future self by making shit tons of debt.
  17. >Send future-you a note.
  18. >“It’s just a prank, bro.”
  19. >Aaand you’re getting sidetracked in your narration.
  20. >You tend to do that... both getting sidetracked and narrating.
  21. >One is a loss of focus and the other helps you focus.
  22. >‘If you can’t explain something to a laymen, you haven’t understood it yourself’, your aunt used to say.
  23. >So you picked up a freaky hobby of narrating yourself.
  24. >But today is a big-ish day.
  25. >And to explain that you have to flashback a little.
  26. >About two years ago a superhero emerged in little old Canterlot.
  27. >Spider-Woman
  28. >She swings from a net and does bondage-things to criminals until they can be picked up by the police.
  29. >She can also climb up walls and lift stuff way to heavy for her physique.
  30. >You’re quite certain she’s a super... like yourself
  31. >Now, you’re not one to dress up and start fighting crime, or help people in need, your powers never supported that, but you plan to change that.
  32. >But the reason why you’re doing it now are not what one would expect, no.
  33. >You see, when you got into college, Spider-Woman disappeared from Canterlot.
  34. >Yet, lo-and-behold, New Yoke got itself a new superhero.
  35. >She followed you.
  36. >Well, not /you/-you, but she came with.
  37. >And your mind simply wouldn’t have it to be a coincidence.
  38. >For some reason you couldn’t help but think Spider-Woman got into the same college as yourself.
  39. >After a little creepy research of the girls who got here from either Crystal Prep or Canterlot High you’re now quite certain.
  40. >Only one girl has the oh-so amazing hips which Spider-Woman was famous for, Sunset Shimmer.
  41. >Within the girls in a highly difficult college she is certainly one of the prettier ones, yet not a bombshell like the popular girls in Crystal Prep were.
  42. >While her breasts are only slightly above average, they are the perfect handful which is all you need.
  43. >After creeping on her for the first semester of college, you’re now officially obsessed.
  44. >You keep thinking of her.
  45. >It consumes your entire free-time, whether it’s her as Spider-Woman, as Sunset ‘I-want-to-touch-you-all-over’ Shimmer,
  46. >or as your super suit-project.
  47. >Which leads to why you haven’t approached her yet.
  48. >You want to do something to impress her.
  49. >And tonight’s the night.
  50. >Putting on your full suit for the first time was almost ritualistic.
  51. >You take your time, you have had every piece on at one point, but never the entire thing.
  52. >Almost as if keeping this – yes – “ritual” for today.
  53. >Test all of it one last time and you... take off your mask again.
  54. >Stupid... like you’re gonna waltz on out of your home with a super suit on, secret identities are there for a reason.
  55. >You take off your boots and gloves as well and dress normally over the rest of the suit, putting the rest in a backpack.
  56. >Shaking your head free of stupidity you head out.
  58. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  59. >Or rather... be Spider-Woman
  60. >New Yoke was a horrible place for crime fighting.
  61. >There was just too much of it, and there were super villains!
  62. >Humans with powers. which they use for crimes.
  63. >Ugh...
  64. >At least tonight was peaceful... relatively speaking.
  65. >You’re on your rooftop of choice and study while idly listening to police radio
  66. >If you want to continue doing what you were doing, you need to get a good education, so today was your ‘serious business only’ day.
  67. >And that means studying cybernetics
  68. >Technology rules this world, so your plan is to get good at it, just as you had with magic back in Equestria.
  69. >With magic you got taught a valuable lesson.
  70. >Quit while you’re ahead, and don’t become a megalomaniac
  71. >Technology, Magic, Superpowers... They all are a form of power.
  72. >And with great power... it’s imperative to not be a fuckwit.
  73. >If you wield that power, you were going to do so responsible.
  74. >It’s what Celestia has taught you, and Twilight for that matter, too.
  75. >Not the Celestia or Twilight from this world, but Princess Celestia, and Princess Twilight Sparkle from the other.
  76. >‘The other’, huh.
  77. >You wonder how long it has been since you referred to the ‘other world’ as your home world.
  78. >That spider-bite at the FlimFlam expo kinda sealed the deal.
  79. >You figure a normal human would have gotten a tumor, you got superpowers.
  80. >You hadn’t told Princess Twilight about it
  81. >A major unknown is how that will behave if you ever take a step through the portal back to Equestria.
  82. >Twilight would panic if you told her, and then probably try to fix you.
  83. >That is what you had thought initially, now you just feel kinda bad about not having told her immediately and cover it up by continuing to not tell her.
  84. >You’ve left your world behind.
  85. >So now you’re sitting on a rooftop, studying stuff which would be pretty much useless in Equestria, watching over a city that’s not yours.
  86. >You’re doing well, and you’re doing good.
  87. >And as crazy as any coming day might be, you feel content.
  88. >You close your eyes and smile.
  89. >You’ve finished highlighting seven pages of aluminium-alloys and had been about to start with copper, yet you stop.
  90. >Tapping your phone shows you the time of 11:49pm. Night’s still young.
  91. >You could go for a swing, and midnight is such a fancy time for gangs to meet, like they have to live up to some sort of stereotype.
  92. >After you secured your textbooks and college-related stuff and webbed them tight you suit up.
  93. >The web will dissolve in about an hour, so your stuff is not in danger of being stolen right now..
  94. >Not that anyone has access to this part of the roof anyway, but it’s better safe than sorry.
  95. >You’ve learned from your many mistakes.
  96. >But you also learned from a few successes.
  97. >Like webbing the corner of the building right to you and running at exactly the right angle...
  98. >SWAN DIVE.
  99. >If there’s no double-decker bus – and there isn’t – you’ll just graze over the higher trucks.
  100. >The traffic comes closer at an alarming rate.
  101. >Your heart misses a few beats until-
  102. >The the elasticity of the web connected to your wrist yanks you gently in another direction.
  103. >Now your heart rate jumps up to make up for the missed beats.
  104. >Adrenalin surges through you as you make your first big swing of the night. (You’ve had a couple small ones to reach your spot, but those were merely a means of transportation.)
  105. >You let go at the perfect angle to propel you throughout the streets of New Yoke without any web holding you whatsoever.
  106. >One block in you connect your web to the edge of a building again to turn right and swing forth into the city.
  107. >It didn’t take long to come across some thugs trying to break into a... liquor store...?
  108. >You chuckle, yet are more sad than amused by their choice of potential material gain.
  109. >Halting at the wall opposite of the shop you simply shoot down some of your webbing to show them you’re present.
  110. >After unrecognisable drunken howling the perpetrators skedaddle on away.
  111. >You decide against catching them.
  112. >There is always a moral dilemma in your occupation.
  113. >They could be virtually innocent.
  114. >The crime had been halted, and they backed off.
  115. >Catching them would just create paperwork for the police and misfortune for those poor drunken guys.
  116. >Operating outside the law gave you the perk of being able to choose the best outcome for any situation.
  117. >It also gave you the burden of having to make this decision.
  118. >The police, the shop’s owner, the drunks and you will have the least amount of trouble by your decision, the arguably best possible outcome.
  119. >This was a good start into the night, you think to yourself as you crawl up the wall again to get some height for swings.
  121. >A little while later the police radio talks about bank robbery.
  122. >Wouldn’t it be a thievery at night?
  123. >Robbery implies taking someone's possession with force, but if nobody’s present...
  124. >Well, the night guard probably is, but he doesn’t have access to any money or valuables, even if he wanted to.
  125. >4 minutes later you climb down the building opposite the bank.
  126. >It wasn’t a big bank, none you’d consider robbing. But maybe that was the point, the robber may have counted on less security.
  127. >Your common sense is tingling. It’s not that type of heist.
  128. >They lost all discretion when they blew away half of the buildings front.
  129. >Police cars were parked outside to make a small barricade, and some officers stood behind them, their guns aimed at the hole.
  130. >You guess others were inside.
  131. >Something was terribly off about this.
  132. >Your spider sense mimics your common sense.
  133. >You jump down just before your spot on the wall exploded.
  134. >What was going on?
  135. >Was there an explosive you triggered?
  136. >On the fourth floor, on the building across from their target?
  137. >This doesn’t make sense...
  138. >You grab onto a lamp post with your web and come to a gentle halt before the asphalt, running to the police cars to take cover as well.
  139. >As you look up to the explosion the officer addresses you.
  140. >“What are you doing here, vigilante?”
  141. >Huh, you had been under the impression most cops liked the help of supers...
  142. “Just trying to help?”
  143. >“If there wouldn’t be one of your kind in there I’d cuff you right here.”
  144. “A super? What powers?”
  145. >“I don’t know... well... he can make explosions happen without explosives.”
  146. >That’s not good.
  147. “Any wounded?”
  148. >“No, you were the first to be attacked.”
  149. “Officers inside?”
  150. >He grunts
  151. >“You’re being awfully annoy-”
  152. >Spider sense!
  153. >Shots are fired, and another explosion rips through the night and something gets hurled out of the bank.
  154. >Thinking quickly you grab it with a net for it not to crash against the next building, and another to assure it’s safe landing.
  155. >It... was human shaped.
  156. >Damn...
  157. >Burned, but at least he’s still moving.
  158. “Ambulance, NOW. I’m going in.”
  159. >You jump over the car and rush toward the bank.
  160. >Each time your spider sense alarms you, you jump aside.
  161. >There was no indication for the explosions, so you were lucky to have that additional sense.
  162. >God damnit, what are you up against?
  163. >Leap jump through the dust covering the entrance and quickly assess the situation.
  164. >You see a silhouette of a man. Another cop, you guess, as he has his arms raised and was currently shooting at another unseen perpetrator.
  165. >Shot after shot rings throughout the dusty air until, quite contrary to the volume of the shots, only a soft clicking was heard.
  166. >His magazine is empty.
  167. >You act in accordance with your spider sense again and jump to tackle the officer out of the way of another explosion.
  168. >The fiery hot gust of air behind you singes your suit.
  169. >This had been way too close.
  170. “Into safety you go.”
  171. >You pick the officer up with a web and sling him out of the bank.
  172. >He will land in the web you’ve already made for his partner.
  173. >He’d only endanger him. Continuing to pull the trigger of a gun while the rounds have run out is a sign of panic.
  174. >Again, with the judgement calls.
  175. >Removing an officer from the scene of a crime is usually a big no-no.
  176. >Yet you would have troubles staying alive as well, and you have a superhuman sense of danger.
  177. >Speaking of...
  178. >You leap forward again to dodge another explosion.
  179. >How the hell is that working?
  180. >At least he’s not able to explode you, only a random spot in the air.
  181. “Where are you? Don’t you want to show your pretty face?”
  182. >Hopefully the play on his ego works, and you’ll be able to see how he makes the explosions happen.
  183. >“Spider-Woman! What a pleasure.”
  184. >From further inside the bank, from the vaults, came a male voice.
  185. >“Sadly our acquaintance is of a short nature.”
  186. >He’s throwing something... nothing at all.
  187. >Your spider sense goes off and you dodge out of the invisible projectile’s path.
  188. >It explodes right where you had stood.
  189. >“He pays a meaningful sum for every super you can dispose of, but your price tag was more than your reputation alone would give you.”
  190. >You let him keep talking as you only dodge – whatever it is, he throws.
  191. >Someone wanting supers dead?
  192. >Not big of a surprise, but you hadn’t thought they are organized enough to but out bounties.
  193. >“I am the Bomber-man, and I am-”
  194. >You burst out in a quick laugh.
  195. “Bomber-man? You know there’s a copyright on that? Hudson, I believe?”
  196. >“S-shut up! I-”
  197. >“Back up has arrived, Spider-woman!”
  198. >Another male voice enters the playing field.
  199. >A quick glance back reveals... a big mechanical bug? What?
  200. >You jump out of the way of another explosion, as Bomber-man took your distraction as an invitation to attack again.
  201. >Mechanical clacks can be heard as the bug crawls toward you, it’s four metal appendages ruining the tiled floor.
  202. >The new contestant was a guy in a black version of your own costume, only tailored for a man, and with a different spider-logo.
  203. >From his back extent four huge spider-legs which lift him into the air.
  204. “What?”
  205. >“I am here to help!”
  206. >He steps down to walk on his own feet, as he comes closer you feel another explosion incoming and push him away.
  207. >The air between you rips you further apart.
  208. >You take the first painful fall of the day and rub your tail bone when you stand up again.
  209. “Are you okay?”
  210. >You hear a groan in response.
  211. >God, you hope he was.
  212. >You jump up and move to apprehend Bomber-man.
  213. “You stay out of this!”
  214. >Your advice sounded better in your head.
  215. >Having shouted it you feel like you have disappointed a fan.
  216. >Bomby didn’t prove much of a threat, once you were close enough to him to use your fists on.
  217. >He goes down and you web him, before running back to your spider-companion-thing.
  218. “Hey, you...”
  219. >This is bad...
  220. >His suit was burned into his skin and he was missing a chunk of his right hand.
  221. >It was at this point where cops run inside again to point around with their guns.
  222. “Perp is in there, and this one needs medical attention.”
  223. >“Who’s that?!”
  224. “I don’t know... a copycat?”
  225. >This was on you.
  226. >You were the reason he was there and got hurt...
  227. >Your gut clenches more from this realization than from his burnt self.
  228. “Okay- that’s it, Spider-Woman, you’re under arrest, you’re coming with us to the station.”
  229. >The officer comes closer.
  230. >It wasn’t the first time someone tried to do that to you, but the first time you felt like you deserved it.
  231. >At least in some way...
  232. >You jump over him and swing out of the bank.
  233. >You feel horrible as you make your way back to your study spot, and then back to the dorms.
  234. >His smell is still in your nose.
  236. >Be Anon
  237. >Be... oh my helix, they put you on painkillers.
  238. >You try to stand up but were cuffed down by your left arm.
  239. >Reality check...
  240. >You’re in a hospital bed.
  241. >Your suit is still on you...
  242. >It’s burned into you.
  243. >Why’d you not use 100% cotton?
  244. >Your right arm... oh, bits and pieces.
  245. >Fuck.
  246. >You lean up and groan in pain, even through the medication.
  247. >Your spider-legs were retreated into the metal backpack.
  248. >That’s fused into you do.
  249. >Well, you still have it.
  250. >You try to move your muscles on both arms to simulate the movement necessary to get it to open.
  251. >It extents and was functional.
  252. >Victory.
  253. >You pick up the sign at the bottom of your bed.
  254. >John Doe.
  255. >Santa keeps on giving.
  256. “This is gonna suck.”
  257. >You lean down to your left hand and take your thumb in your mouth.
  258. >Come on painkillers, I believe in you!
  259. >You bite off your thumb.
  260. >Fucking brutal man.
  261. >Ohohohoh god, you want to pass out again.
  262. >You take the finger between the rest of it’s comrades and stand up.
  263. >Hopefully nobody has notice-
  264. >There’s a freaking camera on a tri-pod
  265. >God damnit.
  266. >They are monitoring you.
  267. >With your spider-legs you move it over to you.
  268. >At least it’s not a network camera.
  269. >Amateurs.
  270. >You take out the memory card and smash it properly.
  271. >The window won’t open to let you through.
  272. >But if one door closes...
  273. >Pick a nearby wall and smash it in.
  274. >Or in this case, simply take out the window.
  275. >Before you make a ruckus you check your surroundings.
  276. >All seems clear. You know which hospital you’re at and how to get to your dorm room unseen.
  277. >Lady luck is smil-
  279. >You were fucking supposed to impress Sunset, not get blown to smitheries in front of her.
  280. >And you’d be seriously fucking fucked would you not fucking have a fucking healing fucktor.. factor
  281. “FUCK!”
  282. >You destroy the window and climb out, ignoring the scream behind you.
  283. >You’ll have to rip of your fucking skin wherever you had been fused to let it regrow normally.
  284. >This’ll be a night in agony.
  285. >And your right hand will at least take a week.
  286. >You still had your left thumb, so you could try to attach it back onto you.
  287. >You’re in so much fucking pain right now, and the painkillers haven’t even worn off yet.
  288. >After having repeated ‘fuck’ too often, it doesn’t give you any more satisfaction.
  289. >...
  290. “Fucking fuck.”
  292. >Be Sunset
  293. >Be on your way to your first lecture of the day.
  294. >You hope you’ll be able to concentrate.
  295. >You’ve seen wounded, and even dead people before, and at most you’ve felt guilty for not having been able to save them.
  296. >But this guy’s injuries... they have been caused because you’ve inspired him to be there.
  297. >How many others have you inspired to stand up?
  298. >Maybe a customer of a convenient store in process of being robbed tried to play the hero because he saw you once? And then got shot?
  299. >You rub your temples.
  300. >This is not good, this is SO not good.
  301. >You need to talk to someone, and you can’t.
  302. >The only one who knows your secret identity is this worlds Twilight, and she’s across the country and not picking up her phone.
  303. >You slump down at your usual spot in the lecture hall and cover your head.
  304. >You won’t survive this day...
  306. >Be Anon
  307. >Be on painkillers, like, so much painkillers.
  308. >You shouldn’t be here today.
  309. >You won’t be able to concentrate.
  310. >Heck you barely even found the right lecture hall.
  311. >But the mess of bacon hair tells you, you’re right.
  312. >Hmmm.... Sunset~
  313. >Before you knew it you had sat yourself next to her and lay your head on your crossed arms.
  314. >She looks up with a frown.
  315. >Then her face distorts to one of horror.
  316. >You mimic her expression after you realize what you had done.
  317. >You just sat yourself next to Sunset Shimmer.
  318. “A-allergies...”
  319. >You lazily tell her your cover.
  320. >Your skin was still super thin, but at least you were not bleeding.
  321. “New shower gel. Agonizing pain all over my face... Then... slipped and fell.”
  322. >You lift your arm in the fake cast.
  323. >“You’re totally out of it, aren’t you?”
  324. “Painkillers.”
  325. >“Usually you’re content with just staring at me from a distance.”
  326. “Painkillers...”
  327. >She giggles.
  328. >“Gave you courage?”
  329. “Made me irrational.”
  330. >She nods.
  331. >The two of you stare at one another for a second before her face fell.
  332. “What’s up?”
  333. >“Nothing.”
  334. “Do you need a hug and someone to tell you it’s going to be alright?”
  335. >This gets a chuckle out of her.
  336. >“No, thanks.”
  337. “Because I’d hug you...”
  338. >You close your eyes again, and snuggle more into your arms.
  339. >“Painkiller irrationality?”
  340. “Wha-?”
  341. >You shriek up.
  342. >You just offered her a hug!
  343. >Come on brain, work!
  344. >Your eyes wander down her body.
  345. >God, she’s so close.
  346. >In her bent over posture... her shirt is lifted enough... and her somewhat loose jeans.
  347. >U-underwear.
  348. >Sunset begins to giggle, and sits up, adjusting her shirt in the process.
  349. “I-I’m sorry... I’m gonna go.”
  350. >“Nono, stay. I’m... not offended or anything.”
  351. >You let yourself fall back into your chair.
  352. >She gave you a smile.
  353. >After you wrap your brain around it you answer it with a smile of your own.
  354. >You think you just became friends with her...
  356. >Be Sunset.
  357. >Be smiling at... you don’t even know his name.
  358. >It’s the guy who has been creepily watching you from afar the entire semester.
  359. >Were it not for his painkillers he probably wouldn’t have had the courage to sit next to you.
  360. >His injuries however remind you of the poor bastard from last night.
  361. >“You’re frowning again.”
  362. >You sigh, it’s not like you could tell him...
  363. >Then again, it’s not like you have to tell the entire truth.
  364. “Someone got hurt because of me. Your injuries just reminded me. My mind is just not at peace.”
  365. >“Have you apologized?”
  366. “Ah... no it’s not like... It hasn’t been actually my fault, but I can’t help but feel responsible.”
  367. >“That’s stupid.”
  368. >His bluntness makes you chuckle yet again.
  369. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But it’s still weighing on me.”
  370. >“I guess you only have one option then.”
  371. >You raise your eyebrows.
  372. >He has a solution?
  373. >“You have to kill yourself.”
  375. “I guess so...”
  376. >You start grinning, something about his careless nature simply amuses you.
  377. “Should I stream it too?”
  378. >“Naked, if possible.”
  379. >By now he had been lying down on the desk again.
  380. >But you remember his name now.
  381. “Your name’s Anon, right?”
  382. >“mhm...”
  383. “I thought I’ve heard your name, but at one point I assumed it was just something foreign.”
  384. >“Nah, it was a typo on ‘Anton’ on my birth certificate... And when I was a teen I thought it was the coolest thing ever.”
  385. “4chan then, I take it?”
  386. >“Guilty as charged.”
  387. “Hmm... I never really got a hang of that site.”
  388. >He sighs.
  389. >“Noone’s forcing you. Just don’t be a supremacist of whatever sites you frequent. You know... like racism, uhh... site-ism? Everything’s fine unless you bother others or, like, go to sites like...
  390. >He looks you in the eye and lifts his left hand, mouthing a countdown as retracts one finger after another.
  391. “9gag”
  392. >“9gag”
  393. >The two of you speak simultaneously.
  394. >You smile broadly while he rights himself up a little more, keeping his hand in a fist and gesturing it for you.
  395. >You form a fist of your own and bump his.
  396. >“Did we just become friends?”
  397. “Seems like it.”
  399. >You finally begin to take out your notebook and textbooks to prepare for the lecture, before another thing crosses your mind.
  400. “Sunset Shimmer, by the way.”
  401. >You extend your hand to him.
  402. “But I believe you knew?”
  403. >“Anon West.”
  404. >He offers you his cast to shake, which, after a second of hesitation, you did.
  405. >“I usually have a stronger grip. Not a bone crushing one, but nicely firm. You know, for first impressions sake.”
  406. “You’ve made one hell of an first impression so far.”
  407. >“I do what I can.”
  408. “Your first impression was staring at me for half a year from afar, though. So this is like... your one-hundredthst impression?”
  409. >“Eh...”
  410. “However you didn’t seem too much of a creep, only shy... but I don’t know how much of this are your painkillers speaking.”
  411. >“You’re a pretty girl in STEM, you’re a unicorn.”
  412. >Your heart misses a beat.
  413. >Calm down, it’s just a metaphor.
  414. >Take the compliment.
  415. “You think I’m pretty then?”
  416. >The words come out deviously, fishing for more of what he has to say.
  417. >“I have to keep my options open.”
  418. >Again, he managed to make you chuckle.
  419. >“It’s the ritual of courtship. The males usually makes females gifts and the females decide on whom to mate with. In humans its a little bit more complex, but can be boiled down to this.”
  420. “That’s so romantic.”
  421. >Your voice oozes with sarcasm
  422. >“It’s the psychological aspect of it.”
  423. “mhm...”
  424. >You hum in understanding.
  425. “So a little compliment counts as courtship already?”
  426. >He didn’t respond immediately, but seems to ponder about a proper answer.
  427. >“Trying to recruit the smart ones for my planned start-up.”
  428. >Quite blunt, again.
  429. “We’re freshmen.”
  430. >“Then maybe I am trying to court you.”
  431. >Your smile is accompanied with a blush for the first time.
  432. >Why does he have that effect on you?
  433. >You hadn’t been interested in anyone... ever, actually.
  434. >“And... uh... this method of courtship. Does it usually work?”
  435. “Does it work on you?”
  436. >You had expected him to retreat for a moment, you had been mocking his flirtation after all.
  437. >Yet his answer came in an instant.
  438. >You played yourself in a corner.
  439. >You could confirm or deny his success, or is there another- of course.
  440. “Maybe?”
  441. >You give him a more devious smile.
  442. >He has to continue now.
  443. >And he’s returning your smile. Were it not for the state of his face...
  444. >No, you’d know if there was a hot guy in the room.
  445. >Anon’s only above average.
  446. >(Even though you took yourself out of the game for being an alterdimensional mutated being, you could still look at the buffet.)
  447. “Lunch break. I’d like to take you out on a jog through the park to Peezzer’s – amazing pizza slices for an adequate price – then have a romantic walk back.”
  448. >You choke on- nothing really.
  449. >His invite had just caught you way of guard.
  450. >No... You had invited him to hit on you.
  451. >Only thing was that you hadn’t calculated his brute force.
  452. “S-sure... I guess...”
  453. >Stop blushing, stop blushing, stop blushing, you’re not a little girl anymore.
  454. >You can’t face him any more.
  455. >“It’s a date then.”
  456. >You can feel your cheeks burning, god damnit.
  457. “I-It’s not a date.”
  458. >“Then do you look like a tomato and stutter?”
  459. “It-”
  460. >You need to collect yourself.
  461. “Jogging and fast food? What kind of date is that?”
  462. >“Cheat sheet to human courtship. We spray hormones around while sweating and eating together has the base underline of one offering the other food, even if we pay for our own thing.”
  463. >“The gift I give is experience, something immaterial. Smart girl like you won’t be bought with pizza slices.”
  464. >This left you almost speechless, but made you look to him again.
  465. >Your mind is racing. You don’t want to fall in a trap, but all you see is him charming you, albeit in a weird way.
  466. “I- I know you’re manipulating me.”
  467. >He just chuckles.
  468. >“We’re over this, it works on you.”
  469. >You usually shoot down people rather quickly after they approach you romantically.
  470. >Now that someone has broken through your first line of defense with ease...
  471. >It’s just getting lunch with a new friend.
  472. >As if it would stay like that.
  473. >You need to focus on your studies and being Spider-Woman.
  474. >You are going to go swing around for a bit during lunch break.
  475. “I... have to decline, Anon. I’m gonna grab something to eat on my own.”
  476. >“Okay.”
  477. >He nods in understanding.
  478. >“Maybe another time?”
  479. “I- am not looking for a relationship right now, you understand?”
  480. >Again, he nods.
  481. >“Yeah, sure. That uhh...”
  482. >He scratches his head.
  483. >“-wasn’t the reason why I took an interest in you to begin with.”
  484. “And what might that be?”
  485. >Pause.
  486. >“My start-up. As I already said.”
  487. >You narrow your eyes, that took him way too long to come up with that excuse, even if it’s somewhat plausible. You’re doing well in college after all.
  488. >What does the future hold for you anyway?
  489. >Well, there’s the Wonderbolts (the actual agency, not the high schools mascots who were named after them) who helped you get a students loan and fake ID.
  490. >They should have had reign over you after you became an adult, yet as you were an alter-terrestrial being with no official date of birth they gave you still somewhat of an free pass.
  491. >However you will need a social security number eventually.
  492. >You know (this world’s) Twilight is seeking to work for them as well.
  493. >While tears have been ripped to another dimension they have first picked you up and told you they will observe your situation.
  494. >All those with the ability to channel magic and activate it through song, Twilight because of her tech and the fact she turned into a power-hungry demon (a fact you failed to mention to them about yourself), and those who saw have been present at the spectacle.
  495. >After you had been bitten by that spider at the FlimFlam expo they had been your first number to call too.
  496. >Not immediately, but after you had your first public appearance.
  497. >While they had already known, Spitfire had still appreciated the gesture.
  498. >“Sunset?”
  499. “Huh, yeah... was just thinking about my future...”
  500. >“So?”
  501. “I still have time to decide, don’t I?”
  502. >“Yeah, of course.”
  503. “It’s that I... kinda have something in mind, yet still have no idea about it... Complicated circumstances because...”
  504. >Because you’re Spider-Woman.
  506. >Be... god damned stupid.
  507. >So you’re Anon.
  508. >Never in the history of ever has meta-analysis of courtship lead to actual courtship.
  509. >She’s smiling... she can only be smiling if she’s amused of what you were rambling on about.
  510. >Like watching a restarted puppy.
  511. >She’s not actually interested in you.
  512. >And then you fucking asked her out.
  513. >Way too soon, my friend.
  514. >Have dating-sims taught you nothing?
  515. >Not enough familiarity-points to unlock that flag.
  516. >Failed attempt to access it results in bad rep, and she’ll think you’re a creep.
  517. >Which she already does... She knows you had been watching her.
  518. >God damnit, you’re so fucking stupid.
  519. >She also shot you down on your start-up, but was too polite to tell you off.
  520. >She’s so nice...
  521. >And you absolutely wrecked it.
  522. >When has this become about making her your girlfriend to begin with?
  523. >Her skin looks so silky soft up close.
  524. >She spins a pen over her thumb, fidgeting around with it.
  525. >It’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk about her future to you.
  526. “It’s ok, I understand.”
  527. >You sigh.
  528. >You would stand up and leave had she not told you to stay earlier.
  529. >Now you’d have more reason to.
  530. >But you figure it would become way more awkward were you to actually leave.
  531. >So you stay sitting next to her.
  532. >Face forward, you can’t bask in her glory much more.
  533. >You can’t keep on deluding yourself into thinking she’s perfect
  534. >She’s just a regular hot girl with spider-powers, no goddess.
  535. >Plenty of fish in the ocean.
  536. >None like her...
  537. >Ok, spider powers aside...
  538. >Hot chick in STEM... nice too.
  539. >You look around the lecture room.
  540. >eh...
  541. >arguable at best.
  542. >You’re flying too close to the sun, you’re gonna crash and burn.
  543. >Or rather burn and then crash, if Icarus’ story is anything to go by.
  544. >And you burned already.
  545. >Yesterday.
  546. >Ok, today, but barely after midnight.
  547. >“Anon?”
  548. “Hmm...? Yeah?”
  549. >You don’t look at her but start to prepare for lecture yourself.
  550. >Journal, pen, books and laptop.
  551. >“You’re not mad at me for declining, are you?”
  552. >Unable to ignore her any longer you face her again.
  553. “What? No. No that’s not it..”
  554. >Watching her expression change from worry to relief...
  555. >Fuck, now you have to add “cute” to her pile of appropriate adjectives.
  556. >You look away again (maybe a little bit too quickly) and boot up your laptop.
  557. >Out of the corner of your eyes you notice her nod.
  558. >The lecture goes by awkwardly.
  559. >To some things the professor (some low-tier celebrity named Dr. Sombra) said you would have had a snaky comment, but kept it in you.
  560. >You’ve bothered Sunset with your type of humor enough already.
  561. >It was about minerals, their crystalline structures, use for semiconductors, and stuff like that.
  562. >As the lecture ends however you let one thing does slip.
  563. “He sure likes to say ‘crystals’ a lot.”
  564. >It only earned you an “mhm” from Sunset.
  565. “Crystalssss.”
  566. >You way exaggerate the tiny lisp he speaks with.
  567. >Sunset’s body convulsed and she covered her mouth.
  568. >“Stop it.”
  569. >Fuckedy fuck.
  571. >Be Sunset.
  572. >You shouldn’t laugh about a professor.
  573. >Even if they seem to love the sound of their voice, and even if they have the tiniest of speech impairments.
  574. >But when anon mockingly copied the way Dr. Sombra said his “Crystals” you had to cover your mouth not to let a chuckle escape.
  575. >It’s what you have been thinking about in the back of your head for half the lecture.
  576. >Having it heard out loud you almost couldn’t hold yourself.
  577. “You’re bad, you really shouldn’t mock a guest professor. What if he hears and decides not to come back?”
  578. >“Sorry, I just-”
  579. >Anon looks defeated and continues to back up his stuff.
  580. >You frown and do the same thing.
  581. >What was going through his head to react that badly to you merely stating a fact?
  582. >It wasn’t as if you thought it wasn’t hilarious.
  583. >He doesn’t continue his sentence after the two of you had finished backing up (which ddidn’t take long)
  584. >He’s a strange fellow.
  585. “See you around.”
  586. >You tell him.
  587. >“Yeah... bye.”
  589. >You leave the lecture and began to walk with a somewhat depressed state of mind toward the next lecture hall.
  590. >“Hey Sunny.”
  591. >You recognize that voice and turn toward it.
  592. At the other side of the hallway stood a woman in her late 20s, She had blue and dark pink hair and a cream skin.
  593. >Secret Agent Sweetie Drops.
  594. “Bon Bon, hey...”
  595. >She was dressed like any other student, bag and everything. She didn’t stand out of the crowd in any way.
  596. >You approach her.
  597. “What’s up?”
  598. >You try to sound cheerful, as if having just met a good friend, but you’re not sure you even like that particular Wonderbolt agent.
  599. >“Oh, this and that.”
  600. >She wouldn’t be here would nothing urgent be on the agenda, and that could only mean...
  601. >“Sorry to hear about your family though, how are you holding up?”
  602. >That was code for her to have brought you a real identity, with dead parents and all.
  603. >Your free range spider days were over.
  604. >You’re a citizen of the United States now.
  605. “I’ll.... manage, won’t I?”
  606. >“Of course, you have your friends after all.”
  607. >Why does that sound like a thread out of her mouth?
  608. “Yeah...”
  609. >She gestures you to walk with her.
  610. >“I have the stuff I borrowed from you.”
  611. “You could have kept it longer, you didn’t need to hurry...”
  612. >She shoots you a mean glance.
  613. “But, you know, I’m glad to have it back too... I know you only do this to look out for me.”
  614. >“That’s what friends are for..”
  615. >You nod.
  616. >Somewhat funny that you have thought about all of this just an hour ago.
  617. >Sweetie Drops a lecture hall and gestures you to enter.
  618. >Like a good new recruit you do as she wants, and she follows just after.
  619. >You spot Soarin, lent back in a seat in the last row, his feet on the desk.
  620. >Next thing you hear was the sound of Sweetie Drops looking the door behind you.
  621. >No intruders.
  622. >Before Soarin you could even see one of these spy devices to scramble radio frequencies.
  623. >Sweetie and you climb the stairs up to the full-time superhero everybody knows about.
  624. “Isn’t that risky? To show yourself out in public like that?”
  625. >“Do you not think I do my own grocery shopping?”
  626. “I meant for me.”
  627. >You glare at the careless guy.
  628. “Even if you’re public doesn’t mean I am. Or Sweetie Drops for that matter.”
  629. >She shrugs.
  630. >“The necessary precautions are met. You should start to trust us now, Sunset.”
  631. >Even if you want to do something different you nod.
  632. >When you reach Soarin, she continues.
  633. >“We have four topics to discuss.”
  634. >Four!?
  635. >“First – and we hope this is a formality – here.”
  636. >She takes out a folder and hands you a passport and ID-card.
  637. >“The folder contains documents you will find useful, including Birth and Death Certificates of your fictional mother and father, a birth certificate for you, and some ”
  638. >“You were born in Maryland, but spend most of your youth in Great Britain and Ireland as your new passport says, only then have you moved to Canterlot and attested CHS.”
  639. >You nod.
  640. >So far there had been nothing to surprise you.
  641. >“Now that’s a federal witness-protection tier fake identity. If anyone tries to dig you up they’ll find a case related to the mexican cartel.”
  642. >“Your father talked, but got then caught by a dirty cop, you’re the only survivor. Which links to a series of other cases, and...”
  643. >Soaring cuts her off. “They buried you in bureaucracy.”
  644. >You nod, happy with that explanation.
  645. >“All you need to know is your surface fake story.” he continues.
  646. “I assume there are still some records of me being ‘anything-but’, right?”
  647. >“Yes,” Sweetie Drops confirms. “In three Parts, in interdimensional travel, people with abilities, and your personal file. Only the last contains all your data, and I can assure you – they are very closely guarded.”
  648. >Soarin chuckles. “Yeah, if the wrong people get their hands on those we have entirely different troubles than your secret identity. No offense, but you’re not the most important person we protect.”
  649. >Sweetie nods, even if you could see she disapproved of the hero’s phrasing.
  650. “None taken.”
  651. >Sweetie takes this as the sign to move on.
  652. >“Our next part of business is if you plan to continue your vigilantism.”
  653. >You knew this would be coming, but you stay silent.
  654. >“If you stop you’ll just be any other person with abilities, on a pretty loose watch-list, and you have to tell us if you travel.”
  655. >All you can do is nod.
  656. >“If you plan to continue, you’ll now be officially a criminal and we’d have to stop you.”
  657. >Again, you nod.
  658. >Instead of Sweetie Drops, Soarin continues
  659. >“And you can join us, or rather the uhh... ‘Wonderbolt’s task force of New Yoke’, there will be rules to follow, though. But we’re also your bitch, if you need something from us.”
  660. >You gulp, and take a deep breath.
  661. >“I know you feel like we take your freedom away from you, but that’s just part of growing up, kiddo.”
  662. >You nod again, and leave the room with silence for a while while the two stare at you.
  663. “Is there like... a standardized form of responsibilities and perks?”
  664. >“You’ll find it in the folder I gave you.”
  665. >Your eyes wander to the folder.
  666. >“We’ll give you until this evening, you knew it was coming, so I assume you have made up your mind already.”
  667. >You didn’t.
  668. >In fact you drastically avoided thinking about it, and tried to live in a calm micro verse where no wonderbolts exist.
  669. “Okay...”
  670. >“You can reach me on the number I have given you last fall, it still works.”
  671. “Okay...”
  672. >“Next, we’d like to discuss an internship with you.”
  673. “Huh?”
  674. >“We ask for your expertise on interdimensional travel, as well the force we’ve come to call equestrian magic.”
  675. >“The prevention of disturbances is our number one priority, the better we are informed, the easier it is for us to spot them and minimize any damage, or teach newcomers of our customs and laws.”
  676. “That explains the travel, but the magic part?”
  677. >“Ms. Shimmer, I hope you’re well aware it can be used offensively. Our agency’s job is to protect the people of this world, we-”
  678. >“We’re the good guys, kiddo.”
  679. >Sweetie Drops turns angrily toward Soarin, who ignores her.
  680. >“Doesn’t mean there aren’t bad guys out there.”
  681. >You wanders between the two.
  682. >You know that.
  683. >You know all that.
  684. >It’s so frustrating.
  685. >Why does your life has to change?
  686. >“We pay, you know?”
  687. >This makes you listen up.
  688. >“Not just the internship, but your hero-work as well. You have to write down what you did and, like... have the proper ethnics.”
  689. >Soarin explains this with an expression of hate for paperwork.
  690. >“But it does you good kid, you’ll have a list of your good deeds if you ever feel down.”
  691. >This... was actually a good thing.
  692. >“The internship Ms. Shimmer?”
  693. >Sweetie Drops brings you back to the topic at hand.
  694. >“You’ll first get paid for your insight and afterwards you’ll be working in a field of science, not entirely unrelated to your college major.”
  695. >Why does it feel like selling out your homeland?
  696. “I’ll... think about it.”
  698. “I’ll... think about it.”
  699. >“You’ve told us that at every turn of the way.”
  700. >Soarin sounds patronizing.
  701. >“But guess what? The bridges? They keep on piling up. We’ve come to them now.”
  702. >You gulp and nod slowly.
  703. >What do they know what’s best for you? You’ve been your own boss for so long you forgot how it felt to be rebuked by Celestia.
  704. >Freaking great.
  705. “Yes, I know...”
  706. >The words come out pressed through your teeth.
  707. >Can’t they just get it over with?
  708. >“You’re young and don’t know your place in the world, we can give you structure.”
  709. >Sweetie Drop’s words manage to piss you off even further.
  710. >“Your powers are confusing, and you feel robbed of your youth for spending so much time-”
  711. “Okay, you know what? Fine. I quit being Spider-Woman.”
  712. >You turn and walk down to the door again.
  713. >“Kid, think clearly, you’re not-”
  714. “I’m not a kid! I’m an adult, and if you want to stop me... Well, I guess you’ll actually have to come down here and stop me.”
  715. >Soarin follows after you, easily catching up to you without running.
  716. >You hadn’t been walking fast.
  717. >Maybe part of you wanted to be stopped.
  718. >Your hand finds the door handle, but he holds the door at face level shut.
  719. >”Sunset...”
  720. >The door can be heard aching.
  721. “Let me go.”
  722. >Your voice is frail, the exact opposite of your grip on the door.
  723. >Were it not for Sweetie you might have stayed.
  724. >”You’re acting very immature!”
  725. >The door rips apart between your and the super-soldier’s hold.
  726. >”SUNSET!”
  728. >Sweeties outcry of your name maybe just angers you more.
  729. >Soarin did nothing else to stop you from leaving, and so you duck underneath the rest of the door and exit into the hallway.
  730. >Like a miracle, there is noone to be seen outside who may have observed the door’s destruction.
  731. >“I’ll transfer my number to your phone. If anything’s the matter, call me.”
  732. >You act as had you not heard him or noticed your phone vibrate in your bag and make your way to the next lecture.
  733. >The professor there didn’t like people being late, but much less did he like people interrupting him.
  734. >‘If you have to come late, do so quietly’, he said.
  735. >And this works in your favor for the moment.
  736. >You don’t want to have to explain yourself to anyone right now, you...
  737. >Argh...
  738. >Your hand is clenched into a fist.
  739. >For a second you had the impulse to kick the water fountain, but with the proportional strength of a spider you might have ripped it from the wall.
  740. >You have no way to blow off steam....
  741. >Your hand finds your costume in your bag just outside the lecture hall.
  742. >It made you linger.
  743. >Spider-Woman is no more...
  744. >...
  745. >You can’t.
  746. >You enter the lecture quietly and look around.
  747. >Before you knew it you find yourself sitting next to Anon again.
  748. >You’re not Spider-Woman.
  749. >You’re NOT Spider-Woman!
  750. >You’re a regular girl in college.
  751. >You take a deep breath and give him a smile.
  752. >Judging from his narrowed eyebrows he’s confused about your general behavior.
  753. “Turns out I do have time during lunch.”
  754. >It took him a second to digest the new information before he raises his eyebrows.
  755. >“Oh, ah... yeah. Uhm... looking forward to it.”
  756. “It’s a date then.”
  757. >That had been his exact words, to which your reaction has been...
  758. >“It’s- ahh... it’s not a date. Just a...”
  759. “Lunch date?”
  760. >It was his turn to blush, and yours to tease.
  761. >You need a little control back in your life, and if it means at someone else’s expense...
  762. >It’s not mean, is it?
  763. >You’ll be spending time with him, and the teasing is all in good fun, is it not?
  764. >You’re lost in thought about morals again.
  765. >“Sunset?”
  766. “Hmm, yes?”
  767. >“Why?”
  768. >Did you miss something?
  769. “Why what?”
  770. >“Why do you go to lunch with me?”
  771. “Because...”
  772. >The answer to that question has multiple layers...
  773. “I haven’t made any new friends lately.”
  774. >You made the Wonderbolts your enemy.
  775. >more or less.
  776. >You could use a friend.
  777. >He wasn’t happy with your answer but let it slide.
  778. >And, if you’re actually not gonna work for them... his startup might be a good idea after all.
  779. >Wait-
  780. >You need to focus on the lecture, you already got to it way too late.
  782. >The lecture went by with with you and Anon talking quietly at times and sharing relevant insight into the topic at hand.
  783. >Your assessment of him had been right.
  784. >He was wickedly clever.
  785. >But for some reason he’s holding himself back, and playing his wits down and acts as if it was nothing special to be this clever.
  786. >He even seemed confused when you had to ask him a question.
  787. >Maybe he just is that oblivious to his intellect.
  788. >You have yet to decide if it’s cute or creepy.
  789. >“You know, you kinda remind me of a friend of mine.”
  790. >After you exit the lecture you engage in conversation again.
  791. “Twilight Sparkle, she...”
  792. >“Oh, I know Twilight.”
  793. “Y-You too?”
  794. >“Yeah, I’ve been to Crystal Prep with her, before she transferred. She- uhh... Yeah, she was there.”
  795. “You didn’t like her very much?”
  796. >“That’s... not it.”
  797. >You frown, as he is seemingly avoiding the topic.
  798. “What is it then?”
  799. >You shouldn’t be pushing him.
  800. >“You know how competition makes you go through extra stuff to prove yourself the better?”
  801. >This is not good...
  802. >“Well, Crystal Prep tried that with the two of us. There is not much going on if the teachers make you compete all the time.”
  803. >“We were- uhh... rivals. But not even by choice. While I did try to make friends with here... I mean, she was the only one who wasn’t fucking stupid.”
  804. >His eyes widen.
  805. >“I mean in an academical sense of smartness. I’m sure others have their fair share of wits at other places.”
  806. “You don’t have to talk all political-correct for me, Anon.”
  807. >“I meant it figuratively. And thanks, being political correct is freaking exhausting.”
  808. >This makes you smile again.
  809. >Genuinely, at that.
  810. >He does remind you of yourself too, albeit a little.
  811. >You remember back at Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns.
  812. >Just because you were academically speaking the best, doesn’t mean everyone else was an idiot.
  813. “Just – you know – be yourself.”
  814. >“Have you ever tried that?”
  815. “What?”
  816. >“Being yourself? It’s hard.”
  817. “I don’t think I follow...”
  818. >“You can easily pretend you’re something you’re not, but to be yourself? You have to figure out who you are to begin with.”
  819. >Getting awfully deep there again.
  820. >“You see... you’re just a collection of your thoughts and experiences. With every book you read, every person you meet, every conversation you have, you change.”
  821. >“Being yourself means figuring out what has power over your decisions, what you allow it to have and what not.”
  822. >“A few hours ago a different person blew me off on that lunch date, now you accepted. Something changed. And you don’t owe anything to your old self.”
  823. >You ponder about that a while.
  824. >You won’t let the Wonderbolts have any power over you.
  825. >Nor Spider-Woman.
  826. >Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight...
  827. >“Now, of course, not all people have to say is bad. Take me – you can accept my ramblings and you can dismiss it. What you gain from it has to be your decision.”
  828. >“I’m not an expert. And everytime someone tries to teach you stuff like that, ask yourself... What authority does this person have? Why would I take his or her advice?”
  829. >“And... I don’t know... Maybe you shut off your brain and just look through me, or you’re hanging at my lips.”
  830. “No, I was listening. I- uhh...”
  831. >“You’re totally thinking about something. So, if you please. Ponder about the decision that made you agree to lunch with me and what made you re-decide. Then answer again. Will you go out with me?”
  832. “Yes! I definitely want to go out with you.”
  833. >It took you a second before you realize what you said.
  834. “Lunch! To Lunch- I uhh... Lunch. You and I, just lunch...”
  835. >He nods with a smile.
  836. >“No anal on the first date?”
  837. >You chuckle.
  838. “Yeah... You still need to sit through the afternoon lectures.”
  839. >This made him laugh.
  840. >“We’ll get along well, I believe.”
  841. >He smiles and stares into your eyes.
  842. >A smile came naturally to you as well.
  843. >Not because of the fart-joke tier humor, but because of the connection you two made.
  844. >You bite your lower lip as you see him lick his own.
  845. >...
  846. >You turn away.
  847. >What happened just now?
  848. “I- uhh... just put some of my stuff away, then we can go eat lunch, okay? Meet you at the flagpole.”
  849. >You rush off to find a locker.
  850. >Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  852. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Earth dimension 812.
  853. >Which means there are at least 811 other Earths out there.
  854. >You know only of the one where everyone is a pony. The one where Sunset is from.
  855. >The others... you have no idea.
  856. >The only information you, and Dr. Noteworthy and Dr. Time Turner have was about some beings who had been around and called this dimension by the number 812.
  857. >Yes, that Dr. Time Turner a.k.a. Iron-Man of the Wonderbolts, eccentric philanthropic millionaire in iron suit.
  858. >It’s really a gold-titanium alloy, as he entrusted you with.
  859. >He taught you all kinds of advanced technologies not yet in any papers available for students in your field.
  860. >Not that Dr. Noteworthy wasn't a genius in his own right, but he didn’t have the charisma of Time Turner~
  861. >You may or may not have a crush on the man a decade older than you.
  862. >Which is part of the reason you barely go to college anymore and work full-time at the Wonderbolt base in Fillydelphia.
  863. >Anyway, you’re Twilight Sparkle.
  864. >And Spitfire just informed you that your best friend Sunset Shimmer refused to join the Wonderbolts, refused to have the same internship you have, and quit being Spider-Woman.
  865. >You had been looking forward to working together with Sunset.
  866. >While you can wield a bit of magic through techwear, you lack the understanding of it that Sunset had.
  867. >All the breakthroughs which could be achieved with Sunsets knowledge...
  868. >She’s the only natural user of equestrian magic in Earth-812 which is known.
  869. >Everyone else had to have been in contact with the otherworldly artifact called the “Element of Magic”
  870. >Drain something of it’s residue in this world into their own body, like yourself.
  871. >The Wonderbolts are very wary of Equestrian magic...
  872. >They know it turned you into a demon-esque being, but everyone involved decided to never mention the same thing happening to Sunny as well...
  873. >Sunny...
  874. >She needs her friends.
  875. >But you can’t tell her you work for the Wonderbolts.
  876. >And you were not sure what made them go to Sunny right this moment.
  877. >You DO know there had been an incident last night involving her as Spider-Woman, but not what kind.
  878. >One that would make her give up being a super hero?
  879. >You sigh as you continue to calibrate your gauntlet.
  880. >It’s fingertips emit a familiar purple aura.
  881. >No, Sunny will continue to be Spider-Woman.
  882. >She just needs some time, and then maybe the two of you can have a team-up.
  884. >Be Anon.
  885. >Sunset was in incredible shape.
  886. >But you could have guessed that from her lean figure and super-heroic activities.
  887. >You were in good shape yourself, but the pace she jogs at forces you to be at your best.
  888. >Your metabolism is still trying to heal you... you should have eaten more breakfast.
  889. >Just before you arrive at Peezzer’s you hear a phone ring.
  890. >Wait- Is that ringtone...?
  891. >Sunset picks her phone up before you could have coherently formed a thought.
  892. >“Hey Twilight.”
  893. >Twilight.
  894. >“Well, yeah, somewhat important. But I can’t discuss it right now. kinda busy.”
  895. >You shouldn’t be listening in and trying to guess what Twilight was saying.
  896. >“I’m with a friend right now. – Funny thing actually, he went to Crystal Prep with you.”
  897. >God damnit.
  898. >“Anon, Anon West. He says he knows you. – Oh... – Mhm... – Okay...”
  899. >What the heck is Twilight saying to her?
  900. >“I guess so, when do you have time? – Mhm... no, that works for me. – So, see you... huh? – Yeah, sure... I’ll... I’ll tell him.”
  901. >She looks at you with a weird expression while doing so.
  902. >“Bye.”
  903. >She hangs up and pockets the phone.
  904. “You could... at least...”
  905. >You gulp.
  906. “...pretend to be... out of breath.”
  907. >She has held a normal conversation while jogging at that speed.
  908. >Running, more like it.
  909. >“Oh... “
  910. “You’re in... god damn good shape.”
  911. >“Sorry, I didn’t notice... I just assumed my usual jogging pace.”
  912. “Well, I call it running.”
  913. >She looks back to the way you already made through the park.
  914. >“You want to go slower?”
  915. “No, I won’t manage jogging now. Uff... Continue running.”
  916. >“If you say so...”
  917. >“And Twilight wanted me to say hi to you from her.”
  918. “Okay..?”
  919. >You don’t exactly know how to feel about that.
  921. >Healing factor includes better stamina, or rather you recharge faster after, and even during physical exertion.
  922. >Which can be interpreted as better stamina.
  923. >You’re wandering a path of just enough work out to stay fit but stuff you don’t get hurt at.
  924. >You can’t be discovered having a healing factor.
  925. >Or rather, you can’t have people look into why you have one.
  926. >You’re way too close to Sunset, and she’s way too close to the Wonderbolts.
  927. >Which means you’re way too close to the people you were taught to stay away from.
  928. >Yet here you are, being the copycat of a superhero, getting blown up and then having pizza with her.
  929. >Why did you decide to do this again?
  930. >You watch a drop of sweat run down her neck which she quickly wipes away.
  931. >She then decides to fan her t-shirt to get some air flowing.
  932. >Real life has some fine jiggly-physics.
  933. >Don’t stare!
  934. >Suddenly your prosciutto-fungi was really interesting.
  935. >Oh look, it has ham AND mushrooms on it.
  936. >Fascinating!
  937. >And so tasty!
  938. >“So, err... your cheat sheet to human courtship... Did you forget I would have some effect on you too?”
  939. >She noticed you staring.
  940. “Uhmm... yeah, well... What I did not expect was that instead of a nice jog we’d go running.”
  941. >“So, how does it differ? Talk all psychological too me.”
  942. “Let’s see... you know how in action movies couples get together for apparently stupid reasons?”
  943. >She frowns.
  944. >“Yeah...?”
  945. “Because usually the respired together, and sprayed their pheromones on the other. It’s a more carnal, physical one bonding there. Besides looking out for one another to not get eaten by a saber tooth kitten or something. As humans we /do/ bond like that.”
  946. >She’s playing with her straw, and you can’t help but watch as she licks her lips and takes it into her mouth to take a gulp.
  947. “We ahh... we’d like to pretend we are logical creatures, but we’re not. We rely on instinct and our gut feeling. Couples stay together because of their personality, but they come together because of hormones, the olfactory system... besides visual attraction, I mean.”
  948. >“And? Do you?”
  949. >She asks with a smile after finishing her drink.
  950. “Do I? ‘Do I’ what?”
  951. >“Do you find me visually attractive?”
  952. >You have to take a sip of your own drink before answering.
  953. “You’re not a girl who constantly needs to be told she’s pretty. I believe I already told you so in Sombra’s lecture, did I not?”
  954. >“Yes, that’s true~”
  955. >Her tone is idle as she let’s the last sound ring out. Keeping her mouth just a moment too long in that position.
  956. >The position of a mouth awaiting a kiss.
  957. >She looks off for second, before returning her attention to you, her mouth a smile again.
  958. >...
  959. >She doesn’t really want a kiss, does she?
  960. >You readjust yourself in your seat as if preparing to lean forward to her.
  961. >Her eyes widen ever so slightly, if only for a moment
  962. >No, she’s scared.
  963. >Scared of her own feelings you so carefully manipulated–
  964. >Oh, who are you kidding? This never worked before.
  965. >This is not supposed to work.
  966. “As, uhh... scientists, I believe we have to collect more date before we can come to a conclusive result.”
  967. >You look off, as does Sunset.
  968. >“Yes, I... no. That’s probably the best course of actions.”
  969. >Nerd talk for ‘Fucking hell, we know each other for half a day, let’s take it slower.”
  970. >The two of you nod awkwardly.
  971. >...
  972. >You continue with your pizza.
  973. >As does she.
  974. >You don’t know what to do next in kindling this relationship.
  975. >As in dating sims and advertisement you continuously have to expose an object of desire to your target audience.
  976. >But don’t run it into the ground.
  977. >Don’t be a Minion-movie.
  978. >Doesn’t matter how cute they were initially.
  979. >Anyone with a mind of their own should be sick of them by now.
  980. >“Awkward silence now, huh?”
  981. “Yeah, well... We just talked in code about taking it slow, which still means we entered a deeper relationship beyond friendship.”
  983. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  984. >Your cheeks were burning.
  985. >There he goes being totally blunt again.
  986. “Is... your mind still hazy from painkillers?”
  987. >“I’m sober.”
  988. >You nod again.
  989. >That information was valuable but you had no idea what to do with it.
  990. >You fan some air into your T-shirt again as an excuse to then feel your heartbeat.
  991. >What is going on with you?
  992. >Your rational mind wouldn’t allow for you to fall in love.
  993. >The rest of yourself won’t agree as much.
  994. >Then your mind is in a conflict of having made the decision that you were going to me a normal girl.
  995. >Or at least as normal as life would allow it.
  996. >Having a boyfriend...
  997. >It never really was an issue until FlimFlam’s expo, and after that?
  998. >Your life had been complicated enough.
  999. >And now?
  1000. >Judging from your heartbeat you won’t have much of a choice.
  1001. >You smile at the thought somewhat.
  1002. >You had wanted control over your life, and now you’re in a battle with hormones.
  1003. >He’s manipulating you, he told you that.
  1004. >Jogging made him respire, which meant you were exposed to his pheromones.
  1005. >It’s that simple, isn’t it?
  1006. >It’s not you who develops a crush, it’s your body.
  1007. >You look Anon in the eyes.
  1008. >He also said it’s personality which decides if a couple stays together.
  1009. >And you like him... you really do.
  1010. >So should you be fighting your body on this one?
  1011. >Maybe you could simply... let go?
  1012. >Hmm...
  1013. “What are you thinking about?”
  1014. >“Despicable Me 2.”
  1015. >What did he just- What?
  1016. “What?”
  1017. >“The kid’s animated movie. Despicable Me 2. It’s about this supervillain who had adopted three little girls because he came to like- Wow, that’s sounds really pedophilic when I say it out loud, anyway that’s-”
  1018. “Yeah, I’ve seen both movies. Why were you thinking about that?”
  1019. >You were kinda offended that your brain ran in circles about potential love and he thought about a kid’s movie.
  1020. >“That’s kinda awkward...”
  1021. >You only narrow your eyes in response.
  1022. >“Y-You see... advertisement is about exposing a potential costumer to your product. If publicity and popularity is high enough you are inclined to desire it and want the product for yourself.”
  1023. “I’m not sure I follow your train of thought... but continue.”
  1024. >“Yet if you increase publicity without popularity you end up running it into the ground. Like the Minion-Movie.”
  1025. “Okay...”
  1026. >“That’s what I was thinking about when I said we should take it slow. Because...”
  1027. “Because you put way too much thought into human courting rituals.”
  1028. >“Regular marketing, girl. I want to do a start-up, and I do have the knowledge and charisma to pull sell a product.”
  1029. “You’re selling yourself here.”
  1030. >“Yeah put I’m playing with my and your feeling here and I wouldn’t...”
  1031. >His tone banished the little perk of anger you had accumulated just now.
  1032. >“I- I don’t want to hurt you... Or get hurt myself for that matter.”
  1033. >He sounds... sad.
  1034. >“So yeah, I’m over cautious, and... and over-analyze it.”
  1035. >You reach out and touch his hand as he says that.
  1036. >He doesn’t retreat, only watches you take his (intact) hand into your own.
  1037. “You’ve been hurt before... haven’t you?”
  1038. >He nods.
  1039. “It’s okay...”
  1040. >You try to give him an encouraging smile.
  1041. “Is holding hands moving too fast?”
  1042. >You question as you lift your hands and his to show off.
  1043. >“L-Lewd...”
  1044. >You giggle, which in turn makes him laugh too.
  1045. >Again your eyes trail to his.
  1046. >You lick your lips.
  1047. >You want a kiss.
  1048. >Almost desperately so.
  1049. >Your heart is beating fast again, you don’t need to feel for it this time, it was quite noticeable in your chest.
  1050. >It would be your first kiss though...
  1051. >You wouldn’t know how to initiate.
  1052. >And it would go against the agreed upon ‘taking it slow’
  1053. >So you have to be content with merely caressing his hand.
  1054. >Neither of you say anything for a while.
  1055. >“It’s adorable how fascinated you are with my hand.”
  1056. “I- I’m sorry., I...”
  1057. >Your cheeks were burning again, ashamed of having been caught doing something...
  1058. >It wasn’t bad, was it?
  1059. >“Don’t worry about it. It’s just... You never had a boyfriend before, have you?”
  1060. “No I... I mean I did, but never...”
  1061. >“Never..? Hold hands?”
  1062. >You look up to meet his gaze again.
  1063. >Flash had meant absolutely nothing to you.
  1064. “Not like this...”
  1065. >“Never have been kissed?”
  1066. >You hesitate a moment before you shake your head, no.
  1067. >”Never had anal?”
  1068. >You let out a laugh, almost a snort.
  1069. “And there you go ruining the moment.”
  1070. >You look up to him, a broad smile on your lips.
  1071. >“I see you dodging the question.”
  1072. “S-Shut up.”
  1073. >“I’m still not hearing a no.”
  1074. >You let go of his hand again.
  1075. “And you’re kinda obsessed with anal. You need a better joke.”
  1076. >Your hands already miss the warmth of his.
  1077. >“Bondage?”
  1078. “Keep trying.”
  1080. >Funny thing is...
  1081. >You actually don’t do your own grocery shopping.
  1082. >Be Soarin.
  1083. >The Spider-Woman agenda gave you an excuse to walk around outside, so you took the chance to roam the streets of New Yoke.
  1084. >Bon Bon and you had split up at the college, and usually people don’t recognize you out of your trademarked costume.
  1085. >You thoughts were consumed by the spider girl as you go to get a coffee.
  1086. >You envy her a bit.
  1087. >She does have a secret identity, and can go and get coffee every day.
  1088. >Eventually she’ll come around. She’s a good kid.
  1089. >Speaking of good kids...
  1090. >A tiny hand tugs at your shirt.
  1091. “Hmm..?”
  1092. >A child, maybe the age of 4 or 5 was in his mothers arms and trying to get your attention.
  1093. >The mother was busy with her order and didn’t recognize.
  1094. >“You’re Soarin!”
  1095. >When you spot the kid wearing a Wonderbolts you smile.
  1096. >There goes your peace and quiet among the people of New Yoke.
  1097. “Yes, I’m Soarin. And who are you, young one?”
  1098. >“My name is Kevin, and I’m four years old! When I’m-”
  1099. >“Kevin, don’t talk to strang...ers...”
  1100. >His (presumably) mother had noticed and went right into parenting mode.
  1101. >Now she’s checking you out.
  1102. >“It’s not a stranger, it’s Soarin!”
  1103. >“S-Soarin, of, like –“
  1104. >Her eyes dart to the boys T-shirt.
  1105. >“the Wonderbolts?”
  1106. >She’s biting her lip.
  1107. >You do have that effect on women sometimes.
  1108. >“He’s the best! He’s like super strong and can stop a 13 ton truck going 50 miles per hour, he...”
  1109. >As the kid starts to list the some of your accomplishments you think back to your childhood a bit.
  1110. >You had been able to name facts about dinosaurs.
  1111. >By now most other people in the coffee shop were also looking in your direction and the line had come to an halt.
  1112. >“Kevin, maybe ask him for an autograph?”
  1113. >And now you have to sign autographs for half the listeners.
  1114. >“Yaay!”
  1115. >The mother hands her child, Kevin, to you and before being able to takes out a small notebook and pen out of her bag.
  1116. >The son clings tightly to you as the she checks if her pen works by writing a phone number on the first sheet of paper.
  1117. >Classy.
  1118. >She mouths ‘call me’.
  1119. >Kevin’s hand meanwhile go to your head, fascinated with your features
  1120. >As you hand him back you feel him scratch your cheek.
  1121. >Ouch...
  1122. >“When I’m grown up I want to be just like you.”
  1123. >That hurt...
  1124. >You slowly lift your hand to your cheek.
  1125. >Blood...
  1126. >“And I don’t want to wait to grow up.”
  1127. >You take a few steps back and assess the situation.
  1128. >Maybe it’s just a kid with super strength?
  1129. >“You didn’t plan to call did you?”
  1130. >The mother licks the son’s fingers.
  1131. >Before your eyes the both of them transform into... you.
  1132. >You take a swing which they easily dodge.
  1133. >Both attack, and while you were able to block the mothers attack, the son grazed you on the shoulder.
  1134. >You felt the force behind the attack, even if you barely got hit.
  1135. >He was strong, inhumanly so...
  1136. >They couldn’t make a perfect copy of you, could they?
  1137. >You pray to god the taste of your DNA they got was only for your appearance.
  1138. >Many people have tried and failed to copy the super-soldier-serum you got.
  1139. >But that was to copy only your powers, not you entirely....
  1140. >A perfect clone...
  1141. >Surrounding civilians quickly ran to make place for you and your two copies to fight.
  1142. >You soon figured out that they were just minimally weaker than you, yet still have strength in numbers.
  1143. >Even if you could break out anything they try to restrain you, the other managed to get enough blows off in the meantime to brittle you down.
  1144. >Soon you find yourself only blocking and dodging blows as they come, as you are forced into the defensive.
  1145. >You’re losing this fight...
  1146. >And once you’re up against a wall...
  1147. >Focus on the fight.
  1148. >If you can overwhelm just the one and ignore the other for a while...
  1149. >You jump to tackle the one on your left.
  1150. >Sweeping him from his footing you land on top of him on the floor where you begin to redecorate /your/ face.
  1151. >The other first attempts to pull you off, but is then told something by the one on the floor in a strange language you didn’t understand.
  1152. >Hands wrap around your throat, but instead of strangling you you feel something stabbing inside.
  1153. >The fact which surprised you the most was that it was apparently not meant to be a deep wound.
  1154. >You struggle to get him off but the hold was firm.
  1155. >No blood was spilling from your neck but you soon felt very dizzy.
  1156. >Your struggle soon dies simply as you stopped being able to see nor hear.
  1157. >You feel yourself break down.
  1158. >You have to keep fighting!
  1159. “Raaaah!”
  1160. >Your throat was sore, and when you managed to lift your hand to it you were unable to feel a wound.
  1161. >“Forgive me sister...”
  1162. >“For the queen, brother.”
  1163. >You have been pulled from the defeated copy-monster-thingy, and your vision is returning, albeit blurry.
  1164. >He’s killing her (her? If he called her ‘sister’.)
  1165. >You’re staring into your own dead eyes for a moment before you look up again.
  1166. >“So much of your blood... I think I’ll be able to convince them for a while.”
  1167. >Convince... them?
  1168. >He’s taking your place...
  1169. >No..!
  1170. >“But you...”
  1171. >You helplessly watch as he turns to pick up the bag the mother had earlier and pull out a syringe filled with a transparent blue liquid.
  1172. >“I’d say this won’t hurt a bit, but I’m only rewriting your DNA. Expect excruciating pain.”
  1175. >Be Anon.
  1176. >Be happy.
  1177. >It’s been a while since you’ve been happy.
  1178. >Content with the way your life is developing.
  1179. >You enter your place of work.
  1180. >Paid internship at Flim Industries.
  1181. >Formerly known as FlimFlam Industries, but then one of the brothers exploded a building and turned into some goblin monster.
  1182. >Your ID lets you pass the electronic gate in the front, but immediately after you see a security guy put two finger to his and tilt his head in proper fashion.
  1183. >Act cool, there’s no way it happened because you entered the build-
  1184. >“Mr. West?”
  1185. >Would you let me finish my train of thought?
  1186. “Yes, that’s me.”
  1187. >“Please step into the elevator.”
  1188. >He gestures you to... the executive elevator, which, in dramatic effect, opens up for you even though you’re across the hall.
  1189. >This is creepy.
  1190. >Not ‘goblin monster’-creepy, but ‘house of cards’- or ‘suits’-creepy.
  1191. >Evil rich guys who can toy with peoples lives completely legally.
  1192. >“Sir?”
  1193. >Did the 40-something ex-military hunk of a security guard just call you ‘sir’?
  1194. “Yeah, I just... thinking.”
  1195. >You make your way into the elevator.
  1196. >Shit...
  1197. >This sucker has a carpet-floor, and one, two, … six security cameras in all of it’s corners.
  1198. >Hexagonal elevator.
  1199. >Because fuck you, that’s why.
  1200. >As the door closes some panic.
  1201. >There are like .5236 too many radians in these corners.
  1202. >You don’t feel safe.
  1203. >Where are you going?
  1204. >The elevator barely gives you a feel for it’s movement.
  1205. >There’s a screen, a freaking terminal, why didn’t you look at it immediately?
  1206. >You’re going up.
  1207. >Don’t panic.
  1208. >They are watching...
  1209. >From six different angles.
  1210. >Voyeuristic bastards.
  1211. >Don’t show fear, show curiosity...
  1212. >Why would you be afraid?
  1213. >Because you used the knowledge you obtained here to make yourself a super-suit and work in a company who’s former CEO went berserk after infusing himself with prototype super-soldier serum?
  1214. >Yeah, you’re worried.
  1215. >Flimdustries even uses a similar gizmo to yours, with four tentacle-y arms, while you have some more spider-looking ones.
  1216. >You also control them by reading the muscle movements from your fingers whereas some combinations result into the spider-legs then walking.
  1217. >They however control theirs via reading brainwaves. Practically like any other limb.
  1218. >It just takes practice.
  1219. >They have the resources to know when something someone’s running around with tech similar to theirs.
  1220. >And while you legally bought all the components here, it might be a stretch for them to assume you had been the guy in the suit yesterday.
  1221. >Just play it cool, Anon. Nothing’s bad gonna happen.
  1222. >This elevator ride is taking forever...
  1223. >Eventually it stops on floor 17.
  1224. >You just want to exit as the floor opens, yet you almost run into someone.
  1225. >Said someone was a dark skinned woman with long straight black hair.
  1226. >Wait, no, that’s not black... a shimmer of green?
  1227. >Radical.
  1228. >For some reason it looked great together with her business getup of a dark discreetly pinstriped...
  1229. >You lack the proper names for formal attire.
  1230. >She’s wearing something business-formal.
  1231. >While the jacket would give plenty of cleavage, yet a shirt (of some sort) blocks any view on the goods.
  1232. >It’s teasingly accenting her voluptuous breasts which were only form fitting for her broader shoulders.
  1233. >On any other woman you might have thought them too big, but on her it just flew perfectly together.
  1234. >She was really fit too, muscular even. Way more than Sunset, but just beyond what you’d post in a muscle girl’s thread.
  1235. >That jacket must have been a custom fit.
  1236. >Come to think of it, she has plenty of traits just not developed enough to justify putting her in any category on /d/.
  1237. >Even her face seems asian (the internet loves that, fucking weeaboos), but she’s like 6’5’’
  1238. >You can’t quite place her ethnicity. Maybe something mixed?
  1239. >All you know is that she is smoldering hot.
  1240. >“Anon West?”
  1241. “Y-yes?”
  1242. >God damnit, you’ve been staring.
  1243. >“You sound unsure.”
  1244. >Her lips form a devious smile.
  1245. >She’s wearing a lipstick similar to her hair color and the discreet eye shadow she’s wearing.
  1246. >Color coordinated with her attire.
  1247. >Oddly much work in the morning for security...
  1248. >At least you assume she’s security from the freaking gun she has strapped to her hip.
  1249. >“You are Anon West, is that correct?”
  1250. “Yes, ma’am.”
  1251. >“That’s better.”
  1252. >She raises her arm, and for a moment you thought she wants to shake yours, but she places her fingertips on your chest and gently pushes you back into the elevator.
  1253. >Simultaneously she steps inside and takes position right in the center of it.
  1254. >Which meant you had to be somewhere between her and the wall.
  1255. >That’s not how you effectively use the available space given to us, lady.
  1256. >You don’t say anything, though.
  1257. >You’ve scared and aroused.
  1258. “And what’s you name, ma’am?”
  1259. >She gives you a side glance and the same smile from earlier, yet does not answer.
  1260. >After the elevator door closes again she taps a pin on her chest and summons a holographic terminal before her.
  1261. >For a second you were amazed by the pins capabilities, but upon further inspection you saw that the projection came from the elevator.
  1262. >Thinking further it was also the elevator that captured her gestures (the six cameras) for a computer somewhere to interpret them and for the security gal to work on in as one would a terminal.
  1263. >That’s probably also the reason why she’s standing in the middle of the elevator.
  1264. >All’s fine, Anon, don’t worry.
  1265. >The cameras are explained, her standing in the middle of the room is explained...
  1266. >But she did not tell you her name, so there’s still weird things going on.
  1267. >Anyway... she’s apparently commandeering the elevator to go down, while accessing your employee information.
  1268. >Be a down to earth guy.
  1269. “Anything you want to know, feel free to ask, ma’am.”
  1270. >She turns to you, the terminal tries to follow, but once it hits you it drifts back a few inches.
  1271. >“How did you hurt your arm, Mr. West?”
  1272. >This wasn’t curiosity, nor was it concern.
  1273. >She spoke too matter-of-factly, no... Almost like a teacher testing you in front of class.
  1274. “Oh, it’s nothing serious. I just slipped in the shower and sprained it. The cast is only on for a week.”
  1275. >“Slipped in the shower,”
  1276. >She repeats after you, before smiling a little.
  1277. >“is that so?”
  1278. >You couldn’t help but flinch a little.
  1279. >Don’t be paranoid, she’s not expressing doubt, … is she?
  1280. >“You’re aware that we work here with highly sensitive equipment and clumsiness is intolerable?”
  1281. “Heh... It wasn’t actually clumsiness... I had... uhh... been caught off guard by a serious allergic reaction to some new shower gel I tried.”
  1282. >“Hmm...”
  1283. >She narrows her eyes and takes a closer look at you.
  1284. “Is my face still red? This side was affected.”
  1285. >You gesture to where you had to peel off your skin not 24 hours ago.
  1286. >She’s almost uncomfortably close to you.
  1287. >She licks her lips...
  1288. >“Now you are~”
  1289. >A grin spreads on her as she leans back again.
  1290. >You can’t help but smile too, because this time her amusement seemed genuine, even if it’s on your cost.
  1291. >Okay, ice has been broken.
  1292. “I don’t rightly know why I was called, ma’am. I came to work with Dr. Mason again, but security gestured me toward the elevator.”
  1293. >“Oh, but I guess a smart young man, such as yourself, has an idea why someone would call for him in this environment.”
  1294. >She’s deliberately dodging the question at hand.
  1295. >Doesn’t she know either, or...
  1296. “Science is not about making guesses and hoping for the best, it’s about collecting information and using them correctly... so, where are we going?”
  1298. >“Ahh, I can see why The Tinkerer takes a liking in you. Did you get that phrase from a fortune cookie or has he taught you that?”
  1299. >The Tinkerer?
  1300. >Does she mean Dr. Mason?
  1301. “And I see you dodging my question.”
  1302. >“Feisty, even.”
  1303. >Oh, so you’re feisty now?
  1304. >After seeing your expression she continues.
  1305. >“I have the job to babysit you through Level 5. We can’t let you wander alone, and some security guards don’t even have that clearance, so they had to call me all the way from floor 17 down... just for you.”
  1306. >She sounds pissed.
  1307. >“Why that is, I do not know. What makes you so special, Mr West?”
  1308. “Mmmmmaybe the amount of mods I got to work on Fallout 4 without crashing it?”
  1309. >You force a grin.
  1310. “I don’t know... You have looked up my files. In front of me to show off your power- or like... access to information here at Flimdustries, something you probably have done before, but you did now again to show off.”
  1311. “You probably are pissed because an escort mission is well beyond your paycheck, and now are letting off some steam on me.”
  1312. >She looks at you for a few seconds before smiling.
  1313. >“Chrysalis.”
  1314. >Then, against all odds, she reaches out with her hand to you to shake it.
  1315. >You do so with a reasonable firm grip.
  1316. “Anon.”
  1317. >Her grip was less firm than you had expected.
  1318. >But then again, you had expected her to crush your hand.
  1319. >“Tell me, Anon, are you loyal to those who have been good to you?”
  1320. >She lets go of your hand again, and moves to remove the terminal.
  1321. >She even stepped aside for the two of you to have better room.
  1322. “Or maybe you’re not pissed but are testing me.”
  1323. >You tilt your head and smile as she didn’t loose hers.
  1324. “The honest answer is that I’m not making a life commitment to anyone who simply shares a slice of pizza with me. It’s uhh...”
  1325. >“Opportunity cost.”
  1326. >She has her head tilted and still a smile of amusement on her.
  1327. >“And I believe you’re a smart enough man to know that neither cost nor reward solely consists of money, aren’t you?”
  1328. “Yeah, like dental.”
  1329. >You say quite sardonically, before following up with more serious reasons.
  1330. “I assumed I was quite useful to Dr. Mason, but hearing he’s appreciating me is nice–”
  1331. >“Respect. What you yearn for is respect.”
  1332. >You want to say something to that but then just close your mouth.
  1333. >“Which, for you, is a paradox because you can barely accept praise, nor even recognize your own accomplishments.”
  1334. >You frown
  1335. “What accomplishments?”
  1336. >“You just said ‘What accomplishments?’ Are you serious?”
  1337. “Uhh...”
  1338. >“You have a perfect SAT score.”
  1339. “Anyone with a good memory can-”
  1340. >“You finished Dr. Masons capacitor problem. And I know what a capacitor is, but what the actually problem was about?”
  1341. “Dr. Mason did most of the work and excluded a great number of possib-”
  1342. >“Unable to take praise and recognize your own accomplishments.”
  1343. “I-”
  1344. >You stop.
  1345. >Both things she said would certainly be impressive to anyone unfamiliar with the circumstances.
  1346. >But does it matter?
  1347. >A perfect SAT score is a perfect SAT score.
  1348. >A solved problem is a solved problem.
  1349. >“When was the last time you had really been challenged?”
  1350. >You were unable to answer.
  1351. >There was the brain mapping to control the spider legs you made...
  1352. >No, you could simply use already existing research here at Flimdustries to jump to it.
  1353. >Like the ones Dr. Octavia uses.
  1354. >Yet you had been unable to acquire the proper materials for it...
  1355. >Your less-elegant solution still bothers you to no end.
  1356. >But..
  1357. >The suit itself.
  1358. “I do make mistakes.”
  1359. >“And now you flip the coin around to show me your short comings, just so you won’t feel like I praise you.”
  1360. >She raises her head and mess up your hair.
  1361. >“You’re adorable.”
  1362. >You let her do as she pleases, but that doesn’t mean you like it.
  1363. >Especially not since she seems to be on to something.
  1364. >Ugh... that sucks.
  1365. >The elevator door opens again and she quickly removes her hand from any possible onlookers.
  1366. >“Come.”
  1367. >Is all she says before walking out at a quick pace.
  1368. “H-hey.”
  1369. >You have a hard time catching up to her.
  1370. >Not because you don’t have a quick walking pace yourself, but because there was so much awesome stuff around to look at.
  1371. >“No sightseeing.”
  1372. >While pretty much all of the laboratories were cut off behind blast doors, some were still open for you to gaze into.
  1373. >But you barely got a second passing each and anyone, and after she rebuked you on sightseeing you felt obligated to obey and look forward.
  1374. >It’s not as if there wasn’t something juicy swaying in front of you...
  1375. >No!
  1376. >You have a girlfriend now.
  1377. >Sort of...
  1378. >Even if all you did is hold hands... kinda...
  1379. >You try to distract yourself by thinking about what /whoever/ could possibly want from you to call you down into Level 5.
  1380. >Was it Dr. Masons capacitor thing?
  1381. >Whatever it is... You should accept praise if it’s given to you.
  1382. >Just shut up if something rubs you wrong, smile, nod, and say ‘Thank you, sir.’
  1383. >...
  1384. >Why are you at Level 5?
  1385. >Would they show you what the capacitors are used for?
  1386. >Parts are made in the Levels with less security, only the important stuff, and valuable materials come this far down.
  1387. >Oh damn, they’ll show you, won’t they?
  1388. >Calm down. This isn’t Christmas, and you’re not 5 year old.
  1389. >“In here.”
  1390. >Ah.
  1391. >Lost in thought you had almost ran into her.
  1392. >She unlocks the door on a terminal and as it opens she gestures you to go in before her.
  1393. >A ‘ladies first’ was at the tip of your tongue, but you let her do her job.
  1394. >When you think about it, just having you walk behind her in the hallway would have been a sort of security risk if she was supposed to keep her eye on you.
  1395. >No time to ponder.
  1396. >You step inside.
  1398. >G-Goodies.
  1399. >Your eyes flow quickly over the techwear used for minor construction, like the tentacle arms Dr. Octavia was so fond of.
  1400. >But there were people present, so you had to focus your attention on-
  1401. >Holy shit it’s-
  1402. >No, it’s Flim, the less goblin-y, less homicidal of the two brothers.
  1403. >Their similarities were too uncannily close. But Flim was the thinner of the two with less muscle mass, but also the one who had an PhD.
  1404. >Wait.
  1405. >This is still Flimdustries, and this is still Flim.
  1406. >The big boss is here... for you?
  1407. >Besides him was Dr. Mason, Dr. Octavia, and two other doctor (a man and a woman) you didn’t know. As well as another security guard with a freaking rifle.
  1408. >They all theatrically stop talking and turn to you as you enter.
  1409. >These times when you have the feeling that everyone stops talking because they just talked about you behind your back?
  1410. >This is one of this times.
  1411. >Only this time you think you weren’t paranoid.
  1412. >“Mr. West, good evening.”
  1413. >Even Dr. Mason was ‘Mr. West’-ing you now, but probably to keep a formal appearance in front of the others.
  1414. “Good evening.”
  1415. >You nod to them and approach the table with the techwear they stand behind.
  1416. >Your eyes are caught by the last one.
  1417. >A pair of elbow protectors measuring muscle movement in ones forearm, the right one shows fire damage but appears to have been cleaned of burnt skin.
  1418. >As well as a metal backpack, which is only slightly dented.
  1419. >You don’t panic.
  1420. >You don’t have any strong emotions whatsoever to be honest.
  1421. >What’s missing is your spider-costume, but most of that got destroyed.
  1422. >You look up to them.
  1423. >Judging you.
  1424. >Dr. Flim begins “First of all, Mr. West, I’d like to apologize for having an agent break into your dorm room and remove some of your property.”
  1425. >And Dr. Octavia continues “It is, upon further inspection, indeed non of our technology, nor technology you would have only been able to construct by making use of intellectual property belonging to Flim Industries.”
  1426. >She tone shows some disdain. Maybe because your tech was so close to her favorite.
  1427. >The pause was quite awkward.
  1428. >Dr. Flim however cuts through the thick atmosphere.
  1429. >“The crime committed we committed can certainly not be forgiven by simply cleaning your technology and handing it back to you, but we did so anyway. What I’m here to ask of you is not to press any charges.”
  1430. >You smile.
  1431. “That’s not what this is about.”
  1432. >You sigh and close your eyes to make yourself a better picture.
  1433. “You know I won’t because I can certainly not hire a better lawyer than you. Best case scenario for me is to stir up some scandal that you have to steal tech and throw a bad reputation on your company...”
  1434. >You hold back a comment about how it’s already pretty damaged, no wait, you have a better idea.
  1435. “Which would be bad, especially since you’re doing a good job rebuilding said reputation. But that’s not going to happen, because surely in the investigation there will be an annotation that I’m the person to even have it...”
  1436. >You take a breath.
  1437. “It’s... you know. You know, you’re smart enough and have the resources to know. And you want to talk about it. Would you not have wanted to talk about it you had simply put it back and I might not even had known you knew.”
  1438. “And don’t come me with ‘goodwill’, that you return it to me because you’re a nice guy, you broke into my dorm room. The ‘nice’ guy doesn’t do that.”
  1439. >Your eyes widen.
  1440. “But you know, it’s what you did for the company, it wasn’t... ‘evil’-evil, just... an inconvenience.”
  1441. >You hope his brother wasn’t too touchy a subject.
  1442. >Silence.
  1443. >You look up and see them only exchanging glances and a shrug, while Dr. Flim continues to stare at you.
  1444. “So no... you’re not here to give it back, we’re here to talk...”
  1445. >Dr. Flam nods.
  1446. >“You’re a smart kid – I’m sorry – a smart young man, Mr. West. And I’d like to have you realize that the outcome of this conversation might shape your future.”
  1447. >The only thing you were able to do was nod in understanding.
  1448. “What’s going to happen now?”
  1449. >“As you so thoroughly brought some things to the point, I’d like you to take a guess – no. Come to a conclusion.”
  1450. “No.”
  1451. >You shake your head.
  1452. “No.”
  1453. >As if repeating it makes it clearer.
  1454. “Anything... this conversation can lead to. No.”
  1455. >“Mr. West. You know pretty much any sum of money-”
  1456. “No. It’s- ahh... It’s not mine to give.”
  1457. >This makes him stop.
  1458. >Bet he didn’t expect that.
  1459. >“It’s your own blood, how can it not be yours to give?”
  1460. “Because they-”
  1461. >Because they would know.
  1462. >“They?”
  1463. >You’re legitimately scared, and Flim sees that.
  1464. >It has always been just ‘them’ in your head, but you had also known the name.
  1465. >Just thinking ‘them’ gave them more legitimacy than the name does.
  1466. >The name’s been the source of pop culture after all.
  1467. “Hydra.”
  1469. >Just as you had said it you felt seriously stupid.
  1470. >You don’t know half these people.
  1471. >And even those who you know... you don’t know their allegiance.
  1472. >Then again, would Hydra have corporate scientists around and not draft them to their own /whatever/?
  1473. >“Hydra?”
  1474. >Either they all are good actors or really don’t know more about Hydra than the name.
  1475. >Something surprising happened though.
  1476. >Dr. Flim looked over to the security guard who brought you here.
  1477. >She’s leaning against the wall and observes the scene casually.
  1478. >“And what do you know about Hydra, boy?”
  1479. >You shake your head.
  1480. “No...”
  1481. >You turn to Dr. Flim.
  1482. “Sir, if you... if what you say... no. If you really want to be the good guy... please accept the termination of my internship.”
  1483. >You do your best to fill your gaze with determination.
  1484. >As so often before, he pauses to think about his answer.
  1485. >“Anon... may I call you Anon?”
  1486. >His question is met with a slight shrug of yours.
  1487. >“It’s not as easy... You see, I already have heard /that name/ from you. There is no taking that back. But if you go to work somewhere else you might again be in the position to have that part of yourself exposed. While the damage is already done here, isn’t it?”
  1488. >“Anon, you like it here.”
  1489. >Dr. Mason spoke up for the first time since greeting you, and Dr. Octavia followed it up
  1490. >“Your techwear is quite impressive for the limitations imposed on you, and I’m not talking about your age.”
  1491. “Just the stuff a person like me could get without raising suspicion.”
  1492. >“You’ve been resourceful and pragmatic, Mr. West.”
  1493. >You clutch onto one of the repurposed elbow protectors.
  1494. >Compliments really are not easy things to hear, and you don’t listen to them any longer.
  1495. >It all feels like they’d like to keep you here.
  1496. >Yeah, sure, that’s what they actually are trying to do.
  1497. >But why do you feel like they only like to keep you here for their own personal gain.
  1498. >Because that’s exactly what it is, you would be a good asset to Flimdustries.
  1499. >Because you were taught to be paranoid.
  1500. >Because they could be Hydra, or at least one of them.
  1501. >And any affiliation with Hydra... would be bad.
  1502. >All you know is that your immune system had been failing when you were a kid, and your father made some sort of deal.
  1503. >You got a minor healing factor, and dead parents out of it.
  1504. >And now that the secret is out, Hydra may approach you. And you’d be unable to do anything against them.
  1505. >You lift the elbow protector up to inspect it again.
  1506. “I... need to become stronger.”
  1508. >“Stronger?”
  1509. “Yeah... to protect myself.”
  1510. >“Sir, I’d vouch for Anon to be smart enough to be a valuable employee with a higher security rating than what we give him as an intern.”
  1511. >Higher security rating?
  1512. >“That techwear of yours, Mr. West, would you like to improve it?”
  1513. “I- what? I mean, I’ll always improve it, but I didn’t say I would be staying.”
  1514. >However tempting it sounds.
  1515. >“And why exactly not?”
  1516. “B-because- I- You’re coming on too strongly. And I-There’s always a catch. And I know there is something you want from me.”
  1517. >You tap the vain on your forearm, easily visible from the still thin skin.
  1518. >Dr. Flim looks down, almost sad in defeat.
  1519. >Another doctor, the female one you hadn’t been familiar with leans forth though.
  1520. >“Mr. West, allow me to shed a little light on the issue. My name is Zecora, I’m in charge of the psychological well-being of those working on highly secretive, and I have-”
  1521. “Dr. Zecora? You’ve written a few papers on people with ability, and... how it affects others.”
  1522. >Your gaze goes to Dr. Flim, but returns to Dr. Zecora quickly.
  1523. >“Yes, this is correct.”
  1524. >She seems happy to be recognized.
  1525. >“I assume having abilities yourself my work could have sparked an interest in you?”
  1526. >You nod slowly.
  1527. >“Hydra... now I only heard rumors about the real thing, but I can imagine you’re being very afraid, and reasonably so.”
  1528. >Last thing you need is to be psychoanalyzed now.
  1529. >“I’m here as an intermediary to avoid conflict, this is not solely about you, Mr. West. How do you think Dr. Flim feels, what is he thinking right now? And forget this Hydra for a second.”
  1530. >What?
  1531. >“One of his employees has /abilities/ and went out to... fight crime?”
  1532. >You look to Dr. Flim who in turn is looking at Dr. Zecora, angrily so...
  1533. “Well, right now he’s kinda pissed at you for bringing him into this.”
  1534. >The corner of his mouth twitches as if to smile, then he turns to you.
  1535. >His eyebrows are slightly narrowed and he’s observing you.
  1536. >Your mind goes one or the other places before you say your hunch, talking very slowly.
  1537. “You feel like... you have to repay the world a debt for the things your brother did. You were really close to him.”
  1538. >Judging his expression and the little twitches on his face correctly you continue.
  1539. “You’re ashamed... of yourself for not stopping him?”
  1540. >Gosh, why does this psycho-stuff has to be so complicated.
  1541. >You can analyze human courtship while practicing it when you’re drugged out, but this is hard.
  1542. “And now I, an employee of yours, is going out there and making a mess of things.”
  1543. >He frowned at that.
  1544. “No... You... want me to do that stuff..?”
  1545. >What? No.
  1546. “You think if you help a ‘superhero’ it’s like you helping out the people ‘I’ save too? I’m not a-”
  1547. >“I don’t want you to endanger yourself. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
  1548. >He exclaims, shutting you up.
  1549. >You don’t know how exactly to respond, so thankfully Dr. Zecora picked up the conversation.
  1550. >“These feelings don’t necessarily have to be based on logic.”
  1551. “Oh, what good is logic when we can’t use it on the choices that matter? Because I don’t even know what type of question he should form without it getting a serious ‘no’ in return!”
  1552. >Your voice was oozing with cynicism again.
  1553. >“Will you let me help you?”
  1554. >...
  1555. >You take a breath to start answering but stop.
  1556. >Fffffuck
  1557. >You look away.
  1558. >Dr. Mason, Dr. Octavia, and the other doctor who’s name you didn’t even know look kinda awkward.
  1559. >The security guard which had already been in the room as you entered look like he didn't hear a thing.
  1560. >And the hot security guard who brought you was lent back against the wall by the door.
  1561. >She looked as if the whole thing was a very trivial matter.
  1562. >You eventually returned your attention back to Dr. Flim.
  1563. “How could you help me?”
  1564. >He smiles.
  1565. >“How would you like me to help you? Money – you probably won’t take.”
  1566. >You shake your head, confirming his assumption.
  1567. >“You said earlier you want to become stronger. Do you want training?”
  1568. “My aunt taught me Krav Maga.”
  1569. >“Krav Maga won’t help you climb buildings and fight at the same time.”
  1570. >It’s the hot guard, who said that... you turn around.
  1571. >“I can teach him a trick or two.”
  1572. >“Chrysalis?”
  1573. >Dr. Flim says (what you believe is her name) skeptical.
  1574. >She shrugs.
  1575. >“You? Yourself?”
  1576. >You don’t quite understand Dr. Flim’s concerns.
  1577. >And shouldn’t he be the one to order around his employees?
  1578. >Not them doing whatever they liked.
  1579. >“Yes, why not? He seems to be fun.”
  1580. >You’re... fun?
  1581. >“Okay...”
  1582. >Dr. Flim doesn’t seem all too happy about that, but takes it.
  1583. >“While you work here you are now under Dr. Octavia. You are to use your own arms and continuously improve them. You’ll have to pay for it yourself and the research for it will not be on company time.”
  1584. >“You are, however, free to have materials delivered from any of our suppliers and you can do your research here in your spare time. Just stay legally away enough from her arms for us not to get into trouble when people ask about your vigilantism.”
  1585. >This... sounds... good, actually.
  1586. >“You are also have to have regular appointments with Dr. Zecora to check on you. And Chrysalis... I don’t know- how do you want to train him?”
  1587. >You turn to the object of speech respectively.
  1588. >How would Chrysalis even train you?
  1589. >“Some old fashioned super hero team-up would do nicely. You’re gonna be a sidekick, Spider-boy.”
  1590. “S-sidekick?”
  1591. >Just as you wonder what she means by that she goes up in flames.
  1592. >Green flames.
  1593. >No, that’s not the proper way to describe it.
  1594. >A green fire starts from her feet and makes it’s way up her body, diminishing immediately after having gone up another inch.
  1595. >What’s left behind is still her but in... a costume?
  1596. >It was way more revealing than the business suit she had worn just a moment before.
  1597. >Plus she has wings now.
  1598. >“What do you think of my costume idea? I’ve never worn one in my times...”
  1599. >She takes a spin.
  1600. >The costume is almost all black, but it has a bright red cross on tramp-stamp height, like a...
  1601. “You’re black widow?”
  1602. >“The name hasn’t been chosen as a reference to actual spiders. But now we get theme-ing bonus as Spider buddies.”
  1603. >You’ve only heard rumors. Just like you did with Hydra, and the things you did hear were not good ones... better than Hydra though.
  1604. >She sounds way too gleeful.
  1605. >“I didn’t see it clearly on the security tape before you went out in an explosion, but you had a spider symbol on your chest, right? And you have a thing for Spider-Woman, don’t you?”
  1606. “I- ahh... I mean...”
  1607. >Dr. Flim interrupts you.
  1608. >“Chrysalis, is this really what you... want to do?”
  1609. >She looks at him with serious determination.
  1610. >“I do have my reasons, Flim.”
  1611. >You feel tension between the two.
  1612. >Whatever it is, you know it’s not about you. Just like Dr. Zecora had said earlier.
  1613. >But it’s not just about Dr. Flim either. There is more going on.
  1614. >You just hope it’s not related to Hydra...
  1616. >Dr. Octavia hadn’t been nice to you.
  1617. >Working with her was had a stark contrast to Dr. Mason
  1618. >She made you carry and assemble heavy machinery with your gear.
  1619. >The list of flaws soon became quite long, and you mind was too focused at the tasks at hand that you could barely even make notes, much less think of how to right them.
  1620. >“Mr. West.”
  1621. “Just a second.”
  1622. >You try to finish your current task and don’t let yourself get distracted.
  1623. “Yeah?”
  1624. >“It’s past your finishing hour. We only pay you from 7 to 10.”
  1625. “Oh...”
  1626. >You check your company given PDA.
  1627. >It’s already 10:28 pm.
  1628. “I was caught up in the process.”
  1629. >“So I saw.”
  1630. >She sounds amused.
  1631. >“But if I’m not mistaken you have someone else to meet.”
  1632. >...
  1633. >Chrysalis... the Black Widow. Fuck.
  1634. >You hastily start cleaning up your place, but-
  1635. >“You’ll work here again tomorrow. Just make it so that nobody gets an heart attack while passing by, okay?”
  1636. “I- ahh...”
  1637. >Dr. Mason had been way more strict when it comes to cleaning, you didn’t expect Dr. Octavia to be lax in that regard.
  1638. >“Only because you’re late already.”
  1639. >She must have read your expression.
  1640. “Yes, thank you.”
  1641. >You finish up and leave.
  1642. “See you tomorrow, Dr. Octavia.”
  1643. >“Until tomorrow, Mr. West.”
  1644. >As you exit the lab and move to the elevator you wonder what her work hours must be like and just how much money she makes on them.
  1646. >You return the PDA, get scanned for smuggling and get your own electronic devices back before you exit the building.
  1647. >Chrysalis has your techwear, so the next order of business is to find the alley she said she would ‘lurk around in’.
  1648. >...
  1649. >She’s not here.
  1650. >Or is she?
  1651. >Is this a test?
  1652. >Maybe she just got bored and left, because you were late.
  1653. >Does that seem like her?
  1654. >You don’t know her well enough to make such an assumption.
  1655. >You at least owe it to her to put that half hour you were late in to try and find her.
  1656. >A few minutes after looking in the darker places of the alley and investigating the fire ladders more thoroughly you hear someone else enter the alley.
  1657. >Two someones actually.
  1658. >They stroll down the way and give you a clear ‘bad-guy vibe’
  1659. >Street thugs?
  1660. >This has to be a test, right?
  1661. >Either on if you’re able to talk your way out of a fight or how you’ll do in one...
  1662. >You only have one good arm, so talking it is.
  1663. >They approach you.
  1664. >“Yo, waddap, man? Yo kno what kinda hood yo in?”
  1665. >Could you be any more stereotypical?
  1666. >And dear god, his accent is thick.
  1667. >The second one immediately draws a knife.
  1668. >Cutlery really...
  1669. >Screw talking, those two probably deserve a beating.
  1670. “Oh yeah. I heard about this.”
  1671. >Be aware of your surroundings, take in everything that might hinder a fight and make it apply to your enemy, and the things usable as a weapon in only your own grasp.
  1672. “Blowjob free alley, right? But you’re the one who uses too much teeth.”
  1673. >You point at Knifey who immediately charges.
  1674. >You take a few steps back and steady yourself to duck under the knife, in the same motion you let your backpack of your shoulder and swing it into his abdomen.
  1675. >He bends just slightly enough over for you to trip him and ram your elbow into his back.
  1676. >Teethy... pulled a gun.
  1677. “Wohoa...”
  1678. >You dodge-roll forward to his right, and immediately after a gunshot rings through the alley.
  1679. >The recoil of the gun and his bad footing made it easy to trip him too with a simple kick in the knee.
  1680. >His second panicked shot goes wild into the air, and you were already on his gunarm before he could shoot again.
  1681. >You disarm him and kick the gun under a garbage container before pinning him down on the street.
  1682. >Wishing you could use your second arm, you only put your weight on his chest.
  1683. >Now what?
  1684. >The other guy will come charging at you again, and this one will not stay down willingly...
  1685. >Where is the Knifey?
  1686. >You look around before returning your attention to Teethy.
  1687. >He’s smiling at you... deviously.
  1688. >What the?
  1689. >“Good job. Although you shouldn’t be the aggressor.”
  1690. “What?”
  1691. >On one hand you barely understood what he was saying, because your ears were still ringing.
  1692. >On the other you were confused about it’s contents.
  1693. >“Would you remove your arm from my chest before I transform back?”
  1694. >Processing...
  1695. >Processing...
  1696. >Your free upgrade to Anon 10 is available.
  1697. >“Miss Chrysalis?”
  1698. >He nods. No. /She/ nods.
  1699. >You look down at his/her chest.
  1700. >A moment later you frantically remove your hand from said area.
  1701. >He/she goes up in green flames and transforms into her costumed form.
  1702. >The costume looks different than four hours ago.
  1703. >She must have tweaked it.
  1704. >You stand up and extent your arm to help her up as well, which she gladly took.
  1705. >“You shouldn’t have been the aggressor in that case.”
  1706. “Uhh... I started the fight on my own terms.”
  1707. >“Your terms are ‘outnumbered, outgunned, and one arm too less’.”
  1708. >’too few’
  1709. >“You were about to be stabbed into your back while the other kept you busy.”
  1710. >You don’t respond.
  1711. >“You’re dead.”
  1712. “I’m sorry.”
  1713. >“You don’t get to be sorry, you’re dead.”
  1714. “That’s not necessarily a given...”
  1715. >“How far have you tested your healing factor?”
  1716. >That’s an question you have dodged most of your life.
  1717. >So instead you turn around to look for Knifey.
  1718. “Where’s the other guy?”
  1719. >She looks over your shoulder.
  1720. >“I made myself hollow and split up to conserve mass. You thought you could fell approximately 180 pounds that easily?”
  1721. >She continues to make you look stupid, but...
  1722. “Holy fuck, what are your powers?”
  1723. >“I change, it’s what I do.”
  1724. >Your eyes trail down her body for a moment.
  1725. “And how do you really look like?”
  1726. >“I forgot that a long time ago, so ogle away, I’m proud of my creation.”
  1727. >You take the chance to check her out more thoroughly for the first time.
  1728. >You don’t quite believe she forgot what she looks like but if conversion of mass is correct, she’s not fat.
  1729. “I assume you can heal easily too?”
  1730. >“Comes with the package.”
  1731. “You made wings... what /can’t/ you do?”
  1732. >“If you want this to be a share on our origin stories then I sit at the longer lever.”
  1733. “Just one more question. How old are you? Because I’d feel bad if I would - ‘ogle’ as you put it – an elderly women.”
  1734. >“You want to reenact Twilight? Because I’m not gonna watch you in your sleep.”
  1735. “Young enough to pop culture references. Gotcha.”
  1736. >The next awkward pause has been brought to you by the question if you’re comfortable flirting with her..
  1737. >She can be anything.
  1738. >But there’s Sunset.
  1739. >Yeah, awkward.
  1740. “I regrew my baby toe. With nerves and everything. Took less than two days.”
  1741. >You raise the injured arm.
  1742. “I’m not sure, but I give it a week, maybe more.”
  1743. >“I know something which could substitute an arm for a while.”
  1744. “Oh?”
  1745. >“Maybe I’ll bring it along tomorrow. You’re not much use with only one, so that’ll be it for today.”
  1746. >She turns.
  1747. >“Come.”
  1748. >You pick up your bag and follow her along the alley where she picks up your techwear spider-legs.
  1749. “Thanks...”
  1750. >You take another look at it.
  1751. “They do have my blood from cleaning it already, don’t they?”
  1752. >She doesn’t respond immediately.
  1753. >“I don’t know. It’s likely. But from how Flim is now he might actually have respected your decision.”
  1754. >As she hands you the techwear she leans in close to you and whispers...
  1755. >“Hail Hydra.”
  1757. >Be Spitfire
  1758. >Be talking to BonBon and Soarin about their talk with Sunset Shimmer aka. Spider-Woman went.
  1759. “And you didn’t bring up her copycat?”
  1760. >“No, after she chose to not partake in super-hero activities anymore, Soarin and I silently agreed on the copycat not being her problem.”
  1761. >He nods, and so do you.
  1762. “Okay.”
  1763. >Sunset was barely at a need-to-know basis, and if she casts herself out of the live even less so.
  1764. “You think she will keep her word?”
  1765. >“Nope.”
  1766. >“Definitively not.”
  1767. >BonBon shook her head vigorously, and moves on to ramble on.
  1768. >“She is known to show impulsive behavior, and-”
  1769. “Soarin, what do you think we should do if she continues?”
  1770. >He furrows his eyebrows and taps with his fingers.
  1771. >Just like he always does when he’s thinking.
  1772. >Seeing this quirk now just makes you want to flinch.
  1773. >“We offered her to join us on a few occasions, and she always wiggled herself out of giving an answer, and now said no. She needs a show of force, if she does decide to go out.
  1774. >“She has to start living with the consequences of her actions. Hmm... And Sparkle should be on the team to apprehend her. Best way to make Sunset see reason.”
  1775. >You have had the same idea, but were now less inclined to do it.
  1776. “BonBon?”
  1777. >She shrugs.
  1778. >“Soarin has a point, but I don’t think Ms. Sparkle is field-ready.”
  1779. >Twilight Sparkle isn’t even supposed to be a field agent.
  1780. >Then again, neither is Time Turner.
  1781. >“It’s not like it will come to a fight. Sparkle and I will only talk to her.”
  1782. “No.”
  1783. >You shake your head.
  1784. “You’re going to heal from your injuries. Sparkle will go with Misty Fly.”
  1785. >“Misty doesn’t know about the situation properly...”
  1786. “That’s the point. She brings a fresh perspective and is someone who wouldn’t have an emotional bond to stop herself if it does come to a show of force. Plus you wouldn’t be able to catch up to her if it comes to a chase. Twilight can fly with her boots and Misty-”
  1787. >“She’s just as brash as Sunset. Misty herself could be the one to think why she should follow rules.”
  1788. “Soarin, I made my decision.”
  1789. >“I just think Misty wouldn’t be a good fit...”
  1790. “No, This is about you Soarin. You’re trying to get out. But as we still don’t know what’s going on with you, you’ll be on the bench.
  1791. >He frowns.
  1792. >“So I am under house arrest?”
  1793. “That’s the way it’s gotta be.”
  1794. >BonBon looks awkwardly between you two, then Soarin shrugs.
  1795. >“Sure, why not? If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching some Oprah reruns.”
  1796. “You’re pissed, we got it. But there are some creatures out there who can take your form.”
  1797. >“I’ll put some positive energy out into the universe, wait and see what comes back.”
  1798. >He’s walking backwards out of the door while having his arms raised into the air theatrically.
  1799. “You’re taking that very personal.”
  1800. >“Oh, I wonder why...”
  1801. >He sighs.
  1802. >There’s no will to fight left in him, at least not with you.
  1803. >You can’t imagine what he’s going through, but you all have your burdens to bear.
  1804. >Yours just include the burdens of everyone under you.
  1805. >When you look up again it BonBon was still there.
  1806. >For a second you wished you could just dismiss her, but there were still things to deal with.
  1807. >“The captured ‘changeling’ claims to be the real Soarin.”
  1808. >You nod, you know that already.
  1809. >“And this one-”
  1810. >She nods to the door.
  1811. >“-has done something to him to change his appearance, and killed the other ‘changeling’ for some reason. For ‘their queen’.”
  1812. >You rub your temples, and stall your answer.
  1813. “Imagine you’re a ‘changeling queen’ with foot soldiers who can take anyone's form, and you have enough of them to dispose of one... No...”
  1814. >...
  1815. “No... They could have probably switched him without us noticing. What they did give us was one at least one live one, one dead one, and the real Soarin back. Or we have two live ones, and Soarin is imprisoned somewhere.”
  1816. >“Maybe... things didn’t go as planned?”
  1817. “Never count on your opponent making a mistake...”
  1818. >You turn your attention to your computer screen again and summon your web browser with the news.
  1819. “A very public place... They make the public doubt they can trust us anymore. And it makes us distrust our own agents. Not just Soarin.”
  1820. >Your counter move was to pretend to trust this Soarin.
  1821. >There is no good move to make right now.
  1822. >You need more information.
  1823. “Not you either, BonBon.”
  1824. >You fake a sigh and gesture her out with your hand.
  1825. “Dismissed.”
  1826. >“Yes, Colonel.”
  1827. >She gives you a short formal bow and leaves as well.
  1828. >It’s true that you don’t know whom you can trust within the Triskelion.
  1829. >If personality and superhuman-strength can seemingly be copied easily it’s not far fetched that things like flight or energy projection can be copied.
  1830. >All of it has a point of origin somewhere.
  1831. >What you need is someone who has an ability given to them by something that is no longer applicable.
  1832. >An ability you have yet to even figure out how it properly works...
  1833. >Equestrian magic.
  1834. >But Twilight Sparkle is already too far into the Wonderbolts, it would raise concern if she were to go out on secret solo missions.
  1835. >And you don’t trust her to be quite able to keep secrets from her other superiors, namely Time Turner.
  1836. >You need to contact her friends without raising her attention, nor using Wonderbolt resources.
  1837. >However... they are far from ready.
  1839. >Be Fluttershy.
  1840. “Don’t rush this, be ready.”
  1841. >It’s the dead of night, your eyes are closed, and except for the cold wind you could feel the warm hands you are holding.
  1842. >It took only a few moments, before you hear Rainbow whisper.
  1843. >“I’m ready.”
  1844. >She paced herself, even though you knew how much she tried to pressure you to do this.
  1845. >And her words sound serious.
  1846. >She’s not that hothead she once was, but now more focused.
  1847. >Stronger, faster and smarter in approaching problems.
  1848. >You open your eyes to look at her expression.
  1849. >She was slightly smiling.
  1850. >Not of eagerness to start, but one of content.
  1851. >She’d wait for your cue.
  1852. >And so you squeezed her hand and almost instantly afterwards the two of you sprouted wings.
  1853. >You feel the magic flowing through you, exchanging from your body into Rainbows where you are connected at your hands, creating a cycle.
  1854. >Rainbow still keeps her eyes closed and her expression grew more focused.
  1855. >You both begin to flap your wings to rise out of your seating position.
  1856. >Only when you’ve caught enough air to stand does Rainbow open her eyes and give you a smile.
  1857. >A smile which you warmly returned.
  1858. >She let’s go of your hands as she ascends higher while you remain grounded.
  1859. >“Yes, alright!”
  1860. >She does a looping and strikes a pose.
  1861. “You’re getting better, Rainbow.”
  1862. >You praise her.
  1863. >“Of course!”
  1864. >She exclaims proudly.
  1865. >“It’s because I have an awesome teacher.”
  1866. >You raise your hands to your heart.
  1867. >To “pony up” always makes your heart go beating like crazy.
  1868. “Thank you... But you’re doing a great job yourself, really.”
  1869. >Her compliment makes you blush nonetheless.
  1870. >Highschool-Rainbow would have responded something along the lines of ‘of course, it’s because /I/ am awesome.’
  1871. >She would have hogged the praise.
  1872. >Not the Rainbow in front of you though.
  1873. >The more mature one.
  1874. >The kind one.
  1875. >This one gave you praise for the work done mostly by herself.
  1876. >You then too ascend somewhat higher.
  1877. “Let’s fly.”
  1879. >Be Anon.
  1880. >Be seriously pissed.
  1881. >“That look on your face...”
  1882. >Chrysalis was laughing.
  1883. >“Sorryyy~ I just couldn’t resist.”
  1884. >You let her laugh herself out as you hide your techwear in your backpack.
  1885. >Her laughter slowly dies.
  1886. “At least someone is happy.”
  1887. >“Okay, I’ve collected myself. Haaa... That was fun.”
  1888. “Speak for yourself.”
  1889. >“It was mean, yeah. But anyway... I really don’t think Flim kept the bits of your body which were charred. Or that it was any good. Fire does destroy so much.”
  1890. >Hmm...
  1891. “And what about anyone else? Who even knows that I...”
  1892. >You were unable to finish the sentence.
  1893. >“Well, the people present-”
  1894. “Who was the last guy, I didn’t know him.”
  1895. >“Hmm? You mean Dr. Connors?”
  1896. “Would I know his name I wouldn’t have asked. But I the name does sound familiar.”
  1897. >“Yeah? He does research involving anything ‘super’. He made big parts of the serum that triggered Flam’s little goblin incident.”
  1898. “You sound like this all amuses you. Flam and... Hydra. Those are no jokes.”
  1899. >“It is when you are me.”
  1900. >...
  1901. “And who are you? You’re not a normal employee of Flimdustries, and you’re not even a- you have abilities.”
  1902. >“Flimdustries...?”
  1903. >Damn, you said that nickname out loud.
  1904. “Don’t change the subject.”
  1905. >“And here I thought I could shake your mind off.”
  1906. “You’re not going to give me a good answer, are you?”
  1907. >“Let’s see what the best one would be. I’m an interested party.”
  1908. “Interested in what?”
  1909. >“In ‘not being bored’.”
  1910. >You narrow your eyes.
  1911. >“And people with super powers aren’t boring. But you know what’s boring? Organizations like Hydra, the Wonderbolts, Weapon X, Centipede, the Ten Rings, and, heh, ‘Flimdustries’ too.”
  1913. >She had her arms raised and does a pirouette, looking up in the sky.
  1914. >Centipede? Ten Rings? What?
  1915. >Well, at least Weapon X was dead.. right?
  1916. “You want to bring it all down? You’re an anarchist?”
  1917. >“Oh no, I do think some kind of /government/ needs to be in place, you know, for the greater good, even though chaos could be fun for a while too.”
  1918. >You don’t know what to make of her.
  1919. “Soooo...?”
  1920. >“I just don’t like to be bored. And you... You might be my ticket into Hydra.”
  1921. >You gulp.
  1922. >She wants to use you as a pawn.
  1923. >“But don’t worry, I’m... your ally, okay? I’ll look out for you, and in turn you continue to do what you’re doing, okay?. Loyal to those who’ve been good to you, remember?”
  1924. “You’ll protect me?”
  1925. >She smiles.
  1926. >“I will.”
  1927. “And in turn you want me to dance like a monkey?”
  1928. >Her smile fades.
  1929. >“Don’t insult me!”
  1930. >All the cheerfulness from earlier was gone.
  1931. >“I’m not looking for cheap amusement, and neither will I gamble your life on ‘fun’, you understand me? I offer you friendship.”
  1932. >She almost spits that word.
  1933. >“And you think I’m some kind of villain.”
  1934. >Now you feel bad.
  1935. >Would she not be seriously scary right now you’d feel worse.
  1936. >Her anger evaporates after a while.
  1937. “You have a weird way of offering up friendship.”
  1938. >“Yeah? I’m no expert in that field.”
  1939. “No, apparently not.”
  1940. >There was a small awkward pause.
  1941. >“If you’d ever need protection from them I will do so because I will finally be able to interact with them. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be protected, or that I don’t care for your life.”
  1942. >She sighs.
  1943. >“I know people who’d willingly sacrifice a life to accomplish a small task. Just recently someone died for a simple message... ‘Hey, I’m here. Want to come out and play?’ It’s despicable...”
  1944. >There is some puzzle piece you are missing, isn’t there?
  1945. >“What do you think?”
  1946. “Uhh... Life is sacred?”
  1947. >She tilts her head.
  1948. >“Give me your hand.”
  1949. “Wha-?”
  1950. >Confused, you raise your injured hand again.
  1951. >“No, the fine one.”
  1952. >Even more so, you do as she says once again and give her your good hand.
  1953. >She then produces a pen (from somewhere) and begins to write on it.
  1954. >’Chrissy’ with an heart-dotted ‘I’ and her phone number.
  1955. >“Girl number.”
  1956. >She comments.
  1957. >“No booty calls, but do use it when you’re in trouble or want to go out crime fighting.”
  1958. “Girl number...”
  1959. >You reppeat her words like a moron.
  1960. >You don’s have Sunset’s number yet.
  1961. >But Chrysalis is not...
  1962. >“I’m 24 by the way.”
  1963. >Oh?
  1964. >That’s certainly within a date-able margin.
  1965. >What are you thinking about, you have Sunset!
  1966. >You shake your head clear.
  1967. “You’re not the /real/ Black Widow though, are you?”
  1968. >“I am who carries that mantle at the moment.”
  1969. “And the real one?”
  1970. >“Nobody I have to worry about.”
  1971. “The name is for a constant double agent where nobody ever knows which side she's on.”
  1972. >She smiles.
  1973. >“I’m always on my own side, Anon.”
  1974. “That... makes sense, but what about loyalty?”
  1975. >“Loyalty is for those who were good partners in the past and whom I see to continue to be such in the future. Now if you have other options... Opportunity cost, remember?”
  1976. >You talked about this before, but not on a human level, but back when she was a superior in the company you work at.
  1977. >Now... You feel like at eye-height with her.
  1978. “So if someone has a change of hearts you don’t count him as being the same potentially good partner in the future?”
  1979. >“We constantly judge people. Evaluate them, and sort them somewhere in our head, even if unconscious.”
  1980. >You nod.
  1981. >“Let’s go fight some crime tomorrow, bear up some low lives. It’ll be fun.”
  1982. “You have the weirdest interpretation of fun.
  1983. >She smiles again.
  1984. >“See you, Anon~”
  1985. >Then turns and walks away.
  1986. >You focus more on her swaying hips than you’d like to admit.
  1987. “Black Widows have like an hourglass, not a cross on their backs.”
  1988. >You shout that bit of Trivia after her.
  1989. >“I... knew that.”
  1990. >You chuckle.
  1991. >She’s complicated.
  1992. >Probably because of her own fucked up circumstances.
  1993. >Basically the same as yourself.
  1994. >She’s just way more confident than you are.
  1995. >And she could take a previously known person’s name.
  1996. >You’ve not given too much thought in how you’d name yourself.
  1997. >Not ‘Spider-Boy’ though, how Chrysalis called you.
  1998. >Maybe you pick a species as well.
  1999. >...
  2000. >The Tarantula!
  2001. >...
  2002. >Yeah, scratch that one of the list.
  2003. >Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say...
  2005. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  2006. >You’re in the lecture hall waiting for it to start.
  2007. >The clock tells you, there were more than twenty minutes left.
  2008. >The clock also tells you it had been 29 hours since you last wore your costume.
  2009. >Spider-Woman.
  2010. >Is she no more?
  2011. >You should focus on being a regular girl, but apparently you forgot how to do that.
  2012. >When was the last time you were a normal girl?
  2013. >Well... the short time between the friendship games and the spider-bite.
  2014. >Before that...
  2015. >Everyone hated you after your reform.
  2016. >Everyone certainly hated you before it.
  2017. >Even before that you were an anti-social shut in hanging at Celestia’s tail.
  2018. >And before that you were not even double digits.
  2019. >You’re a regular girl, doing regular girl things.
  2020. >You feel like some alien trying hard to be normal.
  2021. >Is this what Ted Cruz feels like?
  2022. >Technically you ARE an alien trying to be normal.
  2023. >How do you do things like a regular person?
  2024. >Your morning bathroom routine for example.
  2025. >Make-up.
  2026. >What’s the appropriate amount of make up to show you put effort in looking good and not have it overdone?
  2027. >Like making yourself look natural, but an improved, prettier version of yourself.
  2028. >It’s spring already, you spend enough time outside, and should buy a new foundation.
  2029. >Plus you’re getting your stress-rash on your left shoulder again, so a bunch of tops fell out of question when you got dressed.
  2030. >As if your appearance was your worst problem.
  2031. >But, maybe for a regular girl, appearance is the worst problem they have.
  2032. >’Looks are everything’.
  2033. >That train of thought leads you to think of Rarity for a moment
  2034. fell bad immediately after.
  2035. >Rarity is an amazing person, you do her no justice putting her in any kind of stereotype.
  2036. >You sigh.
  2037. >Focusing on regular girl problems is exhausting when you have the Wonderbolts-thing breathing in your neck.
  2038. >Your studies, clothing, make-up – and on that note you need to stock up on new stuff.
  2039. >You need to go shopping.
  2040. >And as your lunch break is newly made free of any spider-y activities, you have your time slot to do so.
  2041. >Stop being a superhero vigilante and suddenly you have time to go shopping.
  2042. >What other perks might there be?
  2043. >For the price of letting people stay in trouble while you could help them.
  2044. >Someone robs a drug store, but at least you’ll get a new foundation.
  2045. >How do other people do it?
  2046. >Okay, they don’t have super powers.
  2047. >But can they simply walk through life oblivious to what’s happening around them?
  2048. >As long as it doesn’t happen to themselves it’s fine.
  2049. >You will not be able to go three days without putting the suit back on, will you?
  2050. >“You constantly sigh, with no sign of stopping. What’s on your mind?”
  2051. “Oh, hey, Anon.”
  2052. >You greet him absent mindedly.
  2053. >...
  2054. “Oh! Hey, Anon.”
  2055. >You right yourself up, put a streak of loose hair behind your ear, and find a comfortable seating position.
  2056. “Hey Anon~”
  2057. >He narrows his eyes.
  2058. >“Yeah, you said that already. That’s the third time, actually. And ‘hey’ to you too, Sunset.”
  2059. >He puts his backpack on the desk and starts setting up his gear.
  2060. >“So, what’s up?” “
  2061. “N-”
  2062. >“And don’t tell me it’s nothing, cause you’ve let out one sigh after another.”
  2063. “How long have you’ve been here?”
  2064. >“Just entered through the door and wanted to comment on your make up, but saw you sadly-”
  2065. “W-what about my makeup?”
  2066. >You look away, not able to face him.
  2067. >As an additional shield you let that streak of hair loose again.
  2068. >He didn’t respond immediately, but he has stopped unpacking his things.
  2069. >“You... put effort into it, right? As if you’re trying to impress someone.”
  2070. “I-I didn’t. I just...”
  2071. >“And you’re stuttering.”
  2072. “I’m-”
  2073. >You were silenced by his hand on your shoulder.
  2074. >He gently guides you to turn back to him.
  2075. >He’s smiling.
  2076. >“You’re gorgeous.”
  2077. “G-gorgeous?”
  2078. >You stare at him. Eyes wide. And probably blushing through your generous make-up.
  2079. >He continues to smile at your reaction, then takes his hand from your shoulder and raises it to your face to put that streak of loose hair back where it belonged.
  2080. >“That’s the purpose of make-up. To make yourself feel pretty. Isn’t it?”
  2081. >You only gulp and nod.
  2082. >His smile widens.
  2083. >“And? Did it achieve it’s purpose? Do you feel pretty?”
  2084. >/You washed away my doubts and made me feel pretty./
  2085. >It’s what you wanted to say, but instead you shrug.
  2086. “Yeah, I guess so.”
  2087. >You play cool.
  2088. >That’s working...
  2089. >“Hot and cool, how are you pulling that off?”
  2090. >You giggle.
  2091. “Shut up.”
  2092. >He continues unpacking and waits until he sits before talking again.
  2093. >“So, before I arrived, you made some sounds of distress. What’s up?”
  2094. >Everything plus the fact that you’re crushing on him like crazy.
  2095. “Nothing.”
  2096. >“Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted you not to answer earlier.”
  2097. >You need to come up with an excuse.
  2098. >Your studies? Not sigh-worthy.
  2099. >The Wonderbolts and you being Spider-Woman? Can’t tell him that.
  2100. “Just Sin of Omission and the apathy of people regarding things that doesn’t directly involve them?”
  2101. >“That’s awfully deep for early mornings.”
  2102. >Please don’t ask.
  2103. >“So what’s your stand?”
  2104. >He asked...
  2105. “I think... that if you have the power to stop a bad thing from happening, it’s your duty to do so.”
  2106. >Surprisingly he didn’t just agree with you but sank into his own train of thought.
  2107. >“Do you think the homeless should have food and shelter?”
  2108. >What?
  2109. “Uhh... yeah?”
  2110. >“Then why are you not out there building homes and make them sandwiches? Uhh... Sorry- I mean, are you? Like volunteering at a homeless shelter?”
  2111. “No...”
  2112. >Is he calling you a-
  2113. >“I’m not calling you a hypocrite. I mean, yeah, I kinda am. But then again, so am I. And probably everyone in here you’d ask.”
  2114. >“Isn’t it that any person claiming to be ‘good’ would have to do that? Has to help with all their power? That even a minute of lollygagging, not making someone a sandwich or not building them a house.”
  2115. >By now he seems to be talking more to himself than to you.
  2116. >“That even a minute could mean the difference of someone starving or freezing to death. Or at least to have a full stomach or be warm sooner?”
  2117. >“And there is no answer which would not sound evil. Evil in varying degrees.”
  2118. >“At least I’m the visionary type. I further myself to sometime in the future make the world a better place for not only myself but for everyone.”
  2119. >He looks at you again and gives you a smile.
  2120. >“But it’s probably a cheap excuse of my selfishness. But I believe everyone does have a right to some degree of selfishness, don’t we?”
  2122. >You ponder about his speech for bit.
  2123. >He’s really quite smart, but he misses the reason why you asked.
  2124. >What would he have said would he have known you’re Spider-Woman?
  2125. >Something along of spending all your spare time as /her/?
  2126. >It almost feels like you did.
  2127. >Maybe you should help out at a homeless shelter.
  2128. >But the last thing he said nags on you, and so you frown.
  2129. “So, ‘be selfish’? That’s your advice?”
  2130. >“Uhh- no. It’s not really advice. It’s just... what … uhh... everyone else does?”
  2131. >The sad part about that is that it’s true.
  2132. >“Look, I know you. You...”
  2133. >He scratches his head.
  2134. >“You’re a good person for even wondering about such things. I’m sure you’ll find your own way of helping people if you really want to.”
  2135. >Being Spider-Woman...
  2136. >“Greenpeace, Red Cross, or something. This is New Yoke, you’ll find something. Just don’t go to PETA.”
  2137. “Hmm...? Why would I pick PETA?”
  2138. >“I saw you looking over the vegetarian options yesterday.”
  2139. >How to explain that one.
  2140. “I’m not vegetarian, but I do try to minimize the amount of meat I eat.”
  2141. >Meat was great for your human taste buds.
  2142. >And even if you never really met a cow back in Equestria, you know them to be sentient.
  2143. >It’s not an easy hurdle to overcome, even after all this time.
  2144. >“Even here you’re the better person than me.”
  2145. >No, you think the thought of eating /someone/ is disgusting, even though meat can be tasty.
  2146. >Cannibalism is on some similar level to necromancy.
  2147. >There are things you just don’t do with dead people.
  2148. >Pork, chicken and fish is entirely different to beef, but by extent shouldn’t be,
  2149. >Damn, now you're having that train of thought again.
  2150. >Add some old stuff to your current burden to carry on your mind.
  2151. >You sigh.
  2152. “It’s not like that...”
  2153. >“But there you go sighing again.”
  2154. “I just... I have a lot on my mind.”
  2155. >He makes an amused sound.
  2156. >“Yeah, I know how that feels.”
  2157. >You tilt your head.
  2158. >You still barely know about one another, not really at least.
  2159. “Tell me.”
  2160. >He seems surprised, before thinking again.
  2161. >“Well, let’s see... They want me as a full employee at my internship.”
  2162. >You nod.
  2163. >Usually that’s a good thing because it means significantly more pay.
  2164. >So why would it make him worry?
  2165. >“And there is, like, a loyalty-issue.”
  2166. “Loyalty-issue? What do you mean?”
  2167. >It takes him a while to answer.
  2168. >“I don’t know how good it will look if I do get my own startup done after college is over. There is just this nagging feeling that I’m doing something wrong by continuing to work for them.”
  2169. “Where are you working at anyway?”
  2170. >This time he looks you in the eyes, only a quick moment of doubt revealed itself in his before he answered.
  2171. >“Flim Industries.”
  2172. >Of all the places...
  2173. >Anon works for the guys responsible for your powers, for at least one confirmed super villain.
  2174. >And the place outside the Wonderbolts where most people knew your secret identity.
  2175. >You could only hope their word counts when they said they would stop experiment with that serum or your and Flam’s blood.
  2176. >Flim seemed like a good guy.
  2177. >But there is just a lot at steak.
  2178. >“I know, I know, it has a bad rep. But they’ve been nothing but good to me... Actually exactly that ‘goodness’ is what makes me question everything. I’m just some guy, and they are too good it’s almost creepy.”
  2179. >You’re not sure how you feel about that, but you know one thing-
  2180. “You’re not just some guy Anon. From what I’ve gathered you’re some kind of genius.”
  2181. >He chuckles
  2182. >“A genius? No. A genius is someone who... ahh...”
  2183. >You can see him thinking about some definition that’s non-applicable on him.
  2184. >“I just...”
  2185. >You smile as he stammers around.
  2186. >“I just have a good memory and can connect things with one another. You know, ‘thinking logically’.”
  2187. >Now you giggle.
  2188. “Isn’t a genius someone who can do just that?”
  2189. >“I’m not-”
  2190. >He stops himself.
  2191. “Hmm?”
  2192. >He then gives a defeated sigh.
  2193. >“Just yesterday I had a similar conversation and was told I can’t take a compliment. Not because I’m humble, but because I have too little self esteem.”
  2194. “Huh?”
  2195. >You think about yourself and see that holding true at times as well.
  2196. >Even though-
  2197. >No.
  2198. >Especially since you once were crazy with power and placed yourself above everyone else that you don’t think you’re worth it anymore.
  2199. >But right now you want him to feel better.
  2200. “Well, if you want some self-confidence...”
  2201. >You need to raise it with something he can’t deny.
  2202. >Turn his own words against him...
  2203. >Even if it’s not easy to say because it’s seriously awkward.
  2204. “You have a g-gorgeous girlfriend, r-right?”
  2205. >You were fidgeding, nervously playing with your hair.
  2206. “You must have done something right.”
  2207. >He turns to you with a devious smile.
  2208. >“I guess I do~”
  2209. >Your heart is beating faster.
  2210. >Is this the moment?
  2211. >You bite your lip.
  2212. >Damn, what lip gloss are you wearing?
  2213. >You know you’ve probably settled for something discreet.
  2214. >How’s the taste?
  2215. >You sample your lips.
  2216. >Okay.
  2217. >Okay... that’s fine.
  2218. >It’s...
  2219. >You look up to him.
  2220. >He has already moved along.
  2221. >The moment was gone.
  2222. >You let out a heavy breath.
  2223. >Damn.
  2224. >You could feel your heart beating rapidly.
  2225. >Shut the fuck up, heart!
  2226. >You’re angry.
  2227. >Angry at yourself.
  2228. >You probably could have just had your first kiss, but then you went ahead and doubt everything again and ruin the moment.
  2229. >You close your eyes and wallow in self pity.
  2230. >Just a moment later the door to the lecture hall opens again and the professor came through.
  2231. >Class is in session.
  2232. >You hope you could properly distract yourself by focusing on the lesson at hand.
  2233. >Spoiler alert, you couldn’t.
  2235. >Lunch break
  2236. >Be Anon.
  2237. >You’re walking besides Sunset carrying her purchases.
  2238. >She said she needed some stuff, and now you carry her shampoo, conditioner and aftercare.
  2239. >You are just explaining her this mornings lesson thoroughly, because, for some reason, she missed out on the obvious.
  2240. “-and for the resistance to stay low we need to...”
  2241. >That’s why you only try to lead her into the right direction.
  2242. >You point to her to finish the sentence.
  2243. >“Uhh... increase the cross-section?”
  2244. >She doesn’t sound convinced, so you nod and give her the thumbs up.
  2245. >“Wha-? It’s that simple? But that’s like- Uhrg! I’m so stupid!”
  2246. >She hits your head.
  2247. >“Why didn’t I think of that? It’s the basics!”
  2248. >A boyfriend of your aunt once said you should look for someone who looks hot or cute when frustrated or angry.
  2249. >Back then you certainly didn’t want that image of your aunt in your head, but with Sunset as she is now, you know what he had meant.
  2250. >It was one of the guys your Aunt has kept for the longest you can remember.
  2251. “You were just caught up thinking of something else.”
  2252. >Sunset thinks and then starts to blush, going from one kind of cute to the next.
  2253. >“Yeah, just... stuff on my mind.”
  2254. >She scratches her shoulder.
  2255. >She does that a lot.
  2256. >You’re not certain if it’s a tell or something else.
  2257. >Should you say something about it?
  2258. >Would it be weird for you to admit you're analyzing her body language, or would you only be an attentive boyfriend.
  2259. >Painkillers no longer inhibit your... inhibitions.
  2260. >And she liked you being brash, didn’t she?
  2261. >So maybe you should say something?
  2262. >Eh...
  2263. >Fuck it.
  2264. “Itchy shoulder?”
  2265. >“Huh? What?”
  2266. >Damnit.
  2267. “You’re scratching an awful lot.”
  2268. >“Oh- ah... yeah. I know I shouldn’t.”
  2269. >If she shouldn’t... that means it’s /something/.
  2270. “Mosquito bite?”
  2271. >“Uhh... yeah.”
  2272. >She scratches again, because her hand is already there.
  2273. >So maybe it is a tell.
  2274. >Is she lying?
  2275. “Should we get some mosquito bite stuff too?”
  2276. >“No, I-”
  2277. >She sighs.
  2278. >“Okay, it’s a skin-thing.”
  2279. >A skin-thing?
  2280. “Bad?”
  2281. >“No! Nono. it’s just a smallish-”
  2282. >She takes a breath and looks down.
  2283. >”Rash-thing.”
  2284. >She’s ashamed to admit it.
  2285. >“It’s just some red dots at a stupid location. Nothing severe.”
  2286. >You need to cheer her up.
  2287. “We discover our little flaws, how romantic.”
  2288. >And right back to blushing she goes, we have a winner.
  2289. >“S-shut up.”
  2290. >You smile at her, but believe you were blushing as well.
  2291. >You find little flaws on her.
  2292. >It really is... enticing.
  2293. “Can I see?”
  2294. >“I- What?”
  2295. >You press the bottles of haircare between your stump and body and touch her by her shoulder with your good hand.
  2296. “May I see?”
  2297. >She removes her own hand and tilts her head away to offer her neck up to you.
  2298. >You can see her blushing even more as you touch her neck and run your fingers down, then you slightly push her top aside..
  2299. >Black strap... she’s wearing a black bra.
  2300. >You don’t listen to your brain and observe her skin.
  2301. “It’s not bad at all. But I guess annoying? As you said, stupid location.”
  2302. >“Mhm...”
  2303. >Then, the next few seconds seem to pass in slow motion.
  2304. >You place the shoulder of her shirt back where it belonged and trace your fingers up her neck again.
  2305. >Your own gentle touch fascinates you as your eyes carefully stick to your fingers as they make their way up.
  2306. >But eventually your fingers stop and you face her.
  2307. >You had come quite a bit closer as you investigated her shoulder, but now you’re uncomfortably close.
  2308. >No... The situation wasn’t uncomfortable.
  2309. >Sunset leans slightly into your hand and lets you support her head.
  2310. >Her eyes were angled down on – you guess – your lips, but then she looks up and her gaze meets yours.
  2311. >You can see the longing in her eyes as she licks her lips.
  2312. >You do the same.
  2313. >Of all these little actions which came instinctual, this was that last calculated thought.
  2314. >Softening up your lips to make them more pleasant, before you lean in closer...
  2316. >Be Sunset.
  2317. >Of all the times you romanticized a first kiss, not once had it crossed your mind you’d have yours in the skin-care products aisle.
  2318. >What you have had wondered about was how the entire process goes.
  2319. >Do you, like, place your lips on his and hope for the best?
  2320. >But there was no more hesitation, no more wondering, no more doubt as Anon began to lean in.
  2321. >You don’t even know if his hand on your pulled you toward him or if you met him greedily on your own accord.
  2322. >The result stayed.
  2323. >Your lips met his.
  2324. >He gently sucked in your upper lip to have more of.
  2325. >The small movements on that sensitive body part felt like you were tickled.
  2326. >You never imagined to be ticklish on your lips.
  2327. >Not in a way to make you laugh, but one to make you smile.
  2328. >It’s an all around pleasant feeling.
  2329. >Does he feel the same?
  2330. >You slightly part your lips to take in his lower lip and return the favor.
  2331. >Sucking it in just enough to have more access to it, you press slightly on his, squeezing him.
  2332. >Getting really adventurous you bring in your tongue, poking his lip, then drawing a line from one side to the other.
  2333. >You sense him like you’ve never sensed anyone before.
  2334. >The texture of his smooth lips.
  2335. >The tensity when you squeeze him.
  2336. >His taste together with the still lingering lunch.
  2337. >His breathing.
  2338. >You feel his hand on your neck, gently massaging you.
  2339. >You want to feel his heart to see if it beats as fast as yours.
  2340. >As you get closer to him you were met with his cast, and the bottles of shampoo he was carrying.
  2341. >You open your eyes, not even remembering ever closing them.
  2342. >The moment was broken, and so is the kiss.
  2343. >You look down to the bottles, the evil perpetrators who ruined your moment.
  2344. >Then up to Anon.
  2345. >He licks his lower lip, tasting the rest of you on him.
  2346. >You do the same, only with your upper lip, the one he had in his grasp.
  2347. >Your eyes meet again.
  2348. >And slowly realization came to you.
  2349. >Your eyes widen as the event sank in, and you look away.
  2350. >You’re probably blushing like you never had before.
  2351. >“Sunset...”
  2352. “I think I gotta go cool off.”
  2353. >You hastily make your way to the nearest ladies room.
  2355. >You splatter water into your face.
  2356. >You just had your first kiss and then decided to run away.
  2357. >You’re stupid.
  2358. >So fucking stupid.
  2359. >Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  2360. >ARGH!
  2361. >You look at yourself in the mirror.
  2362. >And now you’ve gone and ruined your make up.
  2363. >...
  2364. >Beyond salvageable.
  2365. >Your anger only increases as you remove what you can with the contents of your purse.
  2366. >As you rummage around in it you always came back to your web shooters in it’s hidden compartments on the corners.
  2367. >You really need to go for a swing.
  2369. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Earth dimension 812.
  2370. >You’re currently sitting on a water tower on a roof in central New Yoke.
  2371. >On your lap is your trusty laptop on which you work very slowly compared to what you could achieve in the lap.
  2372. >Not that the laptop is bad, by any means, but as compared to a borderline supercomputer... yeah, pretty bad.
  2373. >It also had to sacrifice some of its processing power to surveying traffic cam footage and social media for any signs of Sunset.
  2374. >Or rather, for signs of Spider-Woman.
  2375. >You knew she was in her lunch break, and usually shows herself.
  2376. >You can’t believe you’re in risk management of your own best friend.
  2377. >Neither can you believe that Sunset quit being Spider-Woman.
  2378. >It’s just not in her nature. Given her past.
  2379. >A past which would most likely give her different threat level than what she currently is.
  2380. >You scratch your head.
  2381. >Maybe you should have told the Wonderbolts.
  2382. >You hadn’t been present, but apparently Sunset had been a power hungry demon before.
  2383. >The Element of Magic had transformed her to show her – back then – true colors.
  2384. >You assume Spider-Woman is some way for her to repent.
  2385. >“Have some sunscreen. Boop.”
  2386. >Misty Fly immediately applied some to your nose.
  2387. “Gah!”
  2388. >You retreat backward, almost dropping your laptop in surprise.
  2389. >“Be aware of your surroundings.”
  2390. >She rebukes you.
  2391. >“And right now our surroundings are unhealthy amounts of UV-radiation, which are no known source of super powers. So we’ve got to fight it.”
  2392. >She raises her arms in a fighting stance against the sun.
  2393. >Misty Fly is a woman in her mid to late twenties with wild hair of two separate light blue tones.
  2394. >She’s only wearing shades and a Wonderbolt-themed water-sports suit which left really nothing to the imagination.
  2395. >Would it not be bulletproof and Misty’s usual fighting gear, you had considered it indecent.
  2396. >But maybe only because probably everything that woman wears makes it seem indecent.
  2397. >You’re in college. You go through phases.
  2398. >And even though you have another equally unlikely celebrity crush, doesn’t mean you can’t be fond of Misty’s physique.
  2399. >“You’re staring again.”
  2400. “I’m so sorry, I-”
  2401. >“I don’t know if it’s envy, or lust in your eyes.”
  2402. >You bite your lip and she has her laugh.
  2403. >“Yeah, I do have that effect on people.”
  2404. >You take the small goop of sunscreen from your nose and apply it to your face better.
  2405. “Thanks...”
  2406. >She walks around the edge of the water tower again.
  2407. >“I’m just teasing. God knows I have nothing else to do if you take on all the surveillance.”
  2408. >Then she stomps down with the foot to the thin metal sheet.
  2409. >Water could be heard riling within the tower, seemingly trying to escape.
  2410. >“I must have done something to piss off good old Spitty, to have to do stakeout with someone who doesn’t talk to me.”
  2411. “Oh! I’m sorry, I-”
  2412. >“This is your first time being a field agent, isn’t it?”
  2413. >You gulp.
  2414. “Y-yeah...”
  2415. >“You’ve seen cop shows, right? We pass the time by – I don’t know – play ‘would you rather’, something like that.”
  2416. “Would you rather stakeout your best friend and wait until she commits a crime, or do the thing you love painfully slow on a laptop?”
  2417. >“Touché.”
  2419. >sadlygokarts.gif
  2420. >You swing around New Yoke but it brings you no joy.
  2421. >So, be Sunset Shimmer, not exactly Spider-Woman, because you only have your web shooters and your mask equipped.
  2422. >You keep going back to lick your lips.
  2423. >There was probably no trace of Anon’s lips left, but you still do it.
  2424. >You’d like to claim that the entire time you’ve thought about the kiss got you somewhere, but you’re stuck trying to recall.
  2425. >You can barely pay attention.
  2426. >Maybe you swung by a crime scene, without stopping the criminal.
  2427. >Not that you’d be allowed to do so.
  2428. >Or even be able to think that far.
  2429. >Your mind is too occupied.
  2430. >Is it not with the feeling of the kiss itself it’s the question as to why you ran.
  2431. >And that too is as far as you came.
  2432. >Asking the question.
  2433. >You were unable to come up with an answer.
  2434. >Your head is a static noise of questions and impressions about the kiss and your behavior that you were unable to even begin to work off the questions or sort out the noise.
  2435. >Were it not for a stream of water coming around the corner into your direction, you would have been stuck in your loop for probably quite a while longer.
  2436. >What?
  2437. >The water is floating about 30 feet above the crosswalk and behaves as if invisible walls hold it in place.
  2438. >You can see it crashing just barely before any buildings.
  2439. >Were it not for the woman on a surfboard riding the waves in midair you would-
  2440. >Nope, you’re still very amazed, even though you heard of Misty Fly’s powers to control water.
  2441. >“Spider-Woman!”
  2442. >She shouts in your direction, the waves carrying the board further up.
  2443. “Not in the mood.”
  2444. >You shoot your own web higher to gain some air yourself, and she follows.
  2445. >A wall of water made it’s way up quicker than you could and you were about to crash into it...
  2446. >But it was still just a thin wall of water.
  2447. >With enough momentum...
  2448. >You let go of your web and simulate the position of trying to dive into it, or rather, through it.
  2449. >It took more than you’d have liked to break through the water’s surface tension.
  2450. >You can feel it in your back, even though you have superhuman durability.
  2451. >A regular person would be in pain right about now.
  2452. >But you made yourself to the other side of the water wall, only getting a little wet.
  2453. >Thankfully you weren’t soaked, as the wall was only about an inch thick.
  2454. >“We just want to talk to you.”
  2455. >Uargh...
  2456. >You have worse problems right now.
  2457. >Or did you?
  2458. >Would going against the worlds most powerful task-force overseen by the UN be your biggest problem?
  2459. >You land upside down on the nearby wall and look down to one of the core members of the Wonderbolts, the one person in the world who could manipulate thousands of gallons of water at will and decides to go surfing.
  2460. >As Misty Fly makes the water accumulate together to one big ball, you see another person flying in.
  2461. >Iron-Man?
  2462. >They send two core members after you?
  2463. >You almost feel honored, but soon recognize the newcomer not being Iron Man.
  2464. >Thruster-boots and stabilizer gauntlets look like prototypes, and the helmet was barely makeshift.
  2465. >Even though her face was obscured, the power source – the pendant on the girl’s neck – only leaves one option for the identity.
  2466. “Twi-?”
  2467. >You stop yourself from revealing her secret identity. One can never know who is listening where.
  2468. >“Hey, uh... Spider-Woman.”
  2469. >“What’s with the Casual Friday-superheroing?”
  2470. >Misty Fly says casually, as if there was no other problem going on.
  2471. >“I mean, it’s Friday, right?”
  2472. >“It is...”
  2473. >You look down (or rather ‘up’) to your outfit.
  2474. >Besides your mask and the gloves hiding your web shooters, you only wear a plain T-shirt, and jeans.
  2475. “I’m not superheroing. I’m just swinging around.”
  2476. >“Are you now?”
  2477. “Yeah, I’m not stopping any crime, or taking the law in my hand, am I?”
  2478. >Misty taps her foot on the board and smiles.
  2479. >“You have your way of weaseling around the rules, don’t you? What about public display of powers, and uhh... going ‘prepared’?”
  2480. >You frown.
  2481. “Going prepared?”
  2482. >“You know you can be arrested with the probable cause of someone having a gun and a skimask in his pockets? With your history of vigilantism...”
  2483. “I’m not doing anything.”
  2484. >“Forgot about that public display of powers? Because that’s intimidating.”
  2485. “It’s protecting people. Maybe some goons redecide on robbing a store if they see me swinging around.”
  2486. >“That’s fear, Spider-Woman. There are surveillance cameras to do that. There are patrolling cops to do that.”
  2487. “But not as effectively.”
  2488. >“Vigilantism, and using fear to get what you want, even though you think it’s the right thing. And others to too. But you need to realize that this is domestic terrorism.”
  2489. “Terrorism!?”
  2490. >“Terrorism?”
  2491. >Twilight too sounded outraged.
  2492. >“Yes, that is what you can reasonably be charged with. I know the system isn’t perfect, people get to do bad things and sometimes get away with it. But you need to trust the system, if we don’t do that it’s anarchy.”
  2493. >Everything in your head screams at you to not sign yourself over to them, but you can’t come up with a single logical reason as to why you shouldn’t.
  2494. >“I’ve been through the same thing. Saving people, not listening to anyone, doing what I want.”
  2495. >She floats backward.
  2496. >You don’t respond.
  2497. >“And you’re so much better than me. I mean, you’re going to college.”
  2498. >You’re not able to look at her either, or at Twilight for that matter.
  2499. >“Look me up and learn from my mistakes, okay?”
  2500. >Her voice sounds genuinely worried.
  2501. >”Please...”
  2503. >Be Anon.
  2504. >You’re standing alone in a drug store in the hair-care aisle.
  2505. >You feign interest in the instructions on the back of Sunsets shampoo.
  2506. >Lather, rinse, repeat.
  2507. >Forever.
  2508. >Just lather, rinse, repeat, until the end of time.
  2509. >You contemplate dropping them and hope they burst open, making a mess.
  2510. >You’d easily get away with it too, considering your cast.
  2511. >But you don’t want to make the life of someone else miserable.
  2512. >You end up buying them as time got too scarce as to make it back to the campus in time for class.
  2513. >Needless to say, your healing factor can’t mend the pain you feel right now.
  2514. >Sunset hasn’t come back.
  2516. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  2517. >You walk back into college.
  2518. >And while you already having missed half the session you enter anyway.
  2519. >You barely recognize the professors voice telling you that you wouldn’t come far in life without some punctuality.
  2520. >No, your eyes were fixed on Anon.
  2521. >He’s sitting further in the back and had three bottles of shampoo standing on the place besides him.
  2522. >He doesn’t even look up as you silently sit yourself next to him and unpack your things.
  2523. >You had ditched him.
  2524. >Ditched him for absolutely no reason.
  2525. >If anything, you had made every problem in your life worse.
  2526. >Your relationship with Anon, with the Wonderbolts, and your educational career.
  2527. >You need to talk to someone, but now even Twilight falls away because she’s a fucking Wonderbolt herself!
  2528. *sob*
  2529. >You feel like crying but manage to hold yourself back.
  2530. >“Sunset?”
  2531. >He looks at you somewhat surprised.
  2532. >“W-What’s the matter?”
  2533. >Just all of it.
  2534. “N-Nothing, I-I’m fine.”
  2535. >He frowns.
  2536. >“Now if that wasn’t the least convincing ‘nothing’ I’ve ever heard.”
  2537. “I know... I know.”
  2538. >He doesn’t say anything to that, but his expression softens.
  2539. >It still doesn’t banish the afterimage of his profile twisted in a stern expression.
  2540. >You had hurt him.
  2541. >You hadn’t come back after you ran away from him
  2542. >Why do you keep ruining the things you have?
  2543. >Can you not, for once, make a decision you won’t regret?
  2544. >“Hey...”
  2545. >Anon scoots closer and puts his arms around you.
  2546. >You cower down and rest your forehead on his shoulder, your arms clutched together before your chest to make yourself as small as possible.
  2547. >“Shh...”
  2548. >Why does he have to be so understanding and act so good to you?
  2549. “I’m so sorry...”
  2550. >You retain control over your tear ducts.
  2551. >“You still hurt me.”
  2552. >That makes you flinch.
  2553. “I know... and I’m so sorry, I-”
  2554. >“There’s something else you’re going through. I understand.”
  2555. “T-thank you.”
  2556. >“Doesn’t mean you didn’t hurt me.”
  2557. >You flinch again.
  2558. “I know, I know...”
  2559. >You retreat a bit and look up to him.
  2560. “And I’m sorry.”
  2561. >You look him in the eyes and right yourself up to match his level again.
  2562. >And before you knew it you leaned in and placed your lips on him.
  2563. >For a moment nothing happened, and this moment almost shattered your heart, were it not for the next as he begins to move his head a little and began to kiss you.
  2564. >You immediately returned the kiss you had initiated yourself.
  2565. >While feeling his soft lips on yours and his warm hand on your back you felt light again.
  2566. >As had a weight been lifted from your chest.
  2567. >You move your hands around him as well and-
  2568. >“Wooho!”
  2569. >You hear a cheer from behind you and someone else whistling a catcall to the both of you.
  2570. >Anon breaks the kiss and glares back, as do you.
  2571. >Realization set in again that you acted so shamelessly in front of others. People whom you know.
  2572. >“Miss Shimmer, you interrupted my class once already, and now you do it again. I have already marked you as absent when class started, so if you’d kindly behave like that.”
  2573. >The professor points at the door again.
  2574. >You gulp, but as you see Anon too beginning to pack his things you smile.
  2575. >As you two leave the class the professor spoke at you again.
  2576. >“That wasn’t meant for you, Mr. West.”
  2577. >“I know.”
  2578. >Anon tells the Professor, then takes you by your hand and pulls you out the lecture room.
  2580. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Earth dimension 812.
  2581. >You’ve come to enjoy flying.
  2582. >You get to see all the things out of a vastly new perspective.
  2583. >In training you have had your freedom, sure, but it had usually been over some grasslands.
  2584. >And while they were beautiful, you lacked the sense of proportion.
  2585. >But here, through the skyscrapers of New Yoke, you certainly have that.
  2586. >Misty Fly gave you a bit of a free pass to goof around with your techwear.
  2587. >She’s under the impression that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  2588. >Especially with something akin to super powers.
  2589. >While they should come with the sense not to abuse them and use them only for good, you are allowed to use them for your own good too, if nobody else pays the price.
  2590. >She herself would love to ride some monster waves, but they would disrupt wildlife.
  2591. >Not to mention what they do if they reach the coast.
  2592. >Downside to your ‘powers’ is that you run on a battery.
  2593. >“Broad daylight robbery going on. Ready to make your first official appearance?”
  2594. “A robbery?”
  2595. >“I sounded to happy about that, didn’t I? Fly over to-”
  2596. >She gives you the address and the helmet opens you a navigational system.
  2597. “I’ll be right over.”
  2599. >You enter the small convenient store.
  2600. >“-in the fucking bag or she gets it!”
  2601. >You just hear someone say before he suddenly shuts up because the door had a small bell behind it.
  2602. >The robber immediately spins around to take a look at you.
  2603. >He was holding a woman onto him and had a gun at her head.
  2604. >He himself was wearing a skimask.
  2605. >“What the-?”
  2606. >As he sees you he immediately pulled the gun to you.
  2607. >You take a more secure stance and try to speak with all the confidence you can muster.
  2608. “Release the hostage and put your gun on the floor. Surrender peacefully and a judge will let you get away with a small sentence. I’m Iron Mage of the Wonderbolts, and you’re under arrest.”
  2609. >You hear Misty over the earpiece.
  2610. >“Tell me you didn’t go in there alone.”
  2611. >It makes you flinch but you keep your attention on the gun.
  2612. >You’re crapping your pants right now.
  2613. >“What the fuck are you?”
  2614. >You are at gunpoint, that’s what you are.
  2615. >Maybe if you...
  2616. >... just pull the safety of his gun.
  2617. >“Wha-?”
  2618. >He’s not very articulate, and almost drops the gun as it lights up in the purple glow of the exit-point of the magical manipulation of the gun.
  2619. >A shot resounds through the store, and all you could think of was that gun.
  2620. >You need to... You need to disarm him.
  2621. >Your magic lashes out, not from the gauntlet through which the magic is supposed to be channeled, but from the pendant itself.
  2622. >A wide arc flew and spews unfocused magic around the store, trying to find the former exit-point of your magic.
  2623. >At the location in question the magic fulfills your wish of disarming the shooter in a way you’ve done before.
  2624. >Not your proudest moment...
  2625. >A tear is ripped into this universe and swallows the gun, the shooter, and his hostage before disappearing again.
  2626. >This all happened, before the the pain began to set in, before you go deaf from the ringing in your ears, and before your knees hit the floor.
  2628. >Your shaking hand tries to reach out to the spot where the tear had been for the blink of an eye.
  2629. >But soon you topple over and had to support yourself on that outstretched arm.
  2630. >You cough blood as you look down to inspect your wound.
  2631. >You know you’re going into shock and probably not have many seconds of consciousness left.
  2632. >Feel... feel...
  2633. >Yes, you can’t feel blood spreading on your back as you do on your chest.
  2634. >The bullets still inside then.
  2635. >And figuring from the blood you coughed it penetrated your lung.
  2636. >What about your heart...?
  2637. >No...
  2638. >Wrong side.
  2639. >Good...
  2640. >Now as to decide. Fall down with the hole down or up.
  2641. >Bleed out, or have your lung filled with blood?
  2642. >You still have another lung.
  2643. >Let gravity help you.
  2644. >You let yourself fall on your shoulder, face-planting while you were at it.
  2645. >Then manage to roll around to lay on your back.
  2646. >You’re not gonna die here!
  2647. >You’re not gonna die.
  2648. >...
  2649. >Your vision goes black but you were still awake.
  2650. >Robbed of your hearing and sight, all you have left to focus on was the pain.
  2651. >Rest now.
  2652. >Please let me pass out...
  2653. >An eternity later your prayer was answered just as you felt someone press down on your bullet wound.
  2655. >Be Sunset Shimmer again.
  2656. >You’re currently being pressed against some random locker, not far from the lecture room you and Anon just hopped out of.
  2657. >To think you’ve just had your first kiss an hour ago, and now were heavily making out with the same person while being in a somewhat compromising position.
  2658. >It’s not like you couldn’t break free from his grasp at any time, it’s rather that you don’t want to.
  2659. >Your movements were limited just to the place where he’d like you to be.
  2660. >And it wasn’t his hands that hinder you, but his tongue.
  2661. >You gladly accept his guidance into the position he’d know you and him would enjoy.
  2662. >While you two kept increasing your physical contact, he has yet to grow bold enough to place his hand on your ass.
  2663. >You’re not sure how it would even feel.
  2664. >Just like how you were never able to imagine what kissing feels like.
  2665. >The soft feelings of someone elses lips on yours, the taste, the moisture, the closeness to someone whom you...
  2666. >Whom you...
  2667. >...
  2668. >Whom you care about.
  2669. >You ruined your own moment and break the kiss to place your head in his neck, taking in his scent.
  2670. >You could feel his accelerated heartbeat and slight panting from the kiss.
  2671. >Just like your own body was doing to you.
  2672. >You care for him.
  2673. >Even just in your head the L-word is hard to use, because what if it’s not?
  2674. >You think you’re falling for him, but what if that’s not it.?
  2675. >What if...?
  2676. >“Sunset?”
  2677. >Him asking why you broke the kiss like that was no surprise, yet you had not good answer to give him.
  2678. >You look up to him (you’re actually about the same height, but from the way your body is angled at the moment you have to look up)
  2679. “Your heart is racing...”
  2680. >“Is it?”
  2681. >How can you take this..?
  2682. “Mine too...”
  2683. >You take his hand in yours and raise it up to your chest, not yet making it touch you..
  2684. >If he wants to, he’ll-
  2685. >He places the palm of his hand just in your cleavage.
  2686. >“Mhm...”
  2687. >He hums in confirmation of what you’ve told him, but you couldn’t help but be disappointed.
  2688. >You gave him the chance to get a feel, but he didn’t take it.
  2689. >You have to be more brazen about it.
  2690. “I can’t help but feel a little exposed here...”
  2691. >To underline your words you look around the hallway.
  2692. “Maybe go somewhere more private?”
  2693. >"My dorm is nearby."
  2694. >Jackpot
  2697. >Be a man, alone with his hot girlfriend in a private room you know nobody would interrupt you because usually at this point in time lectures are still held.
  2698. >You lock the door anyway, just in case.
  2699. >So, be Anon.
  2700. >You turn around and lean against the door.
  2701. >Sunset was looking around your room with a kind of wonder.
  2702. >It’s messy, but had a sense of order to it.
  2703. >Your collection of lab equipment was now quite awkward.
  2704. >But so far, being a geek had managed to woo her.
  2705. >She drops her bag off on the trunk before your bed and turns around to you.
  2706. >“Nice place~”
  2707. >While you were sure the compliment was genuine, there was something else in her voice.
  2708. >She opened her arms up to you just as you had began to approach her again.
  2709. >It almost feels like she’s way too much into kissing, and by now you’re sure you have had more than 90% of your kisses ever by her.
  2710. >Bad Anon, don’t think back to that.
  2711. >Before you knew it you were in her embrace again, her face by yours, here forehead touching yours.
  2712. “Why did you want to be all private?”
  2713. >She can’t possibly...
  2714. >She spins you both around onto the bed, with her now above you.
  2715. >Your feet were awkwardly angled and you had your movement robbed from you.
  2716. >Doesn’t matter if it’s an angle above you.
  2717. >That was kinda outside your comfort zone.
  2718. “Oh, I think you’ll get the idea.”
  2719. >Just as you look off to reposition your feet to be in a more comfortable she-
  2720. >...
  2721. >Did she just take off her top?
  2722. >...
  2723. >Her lack of top certainly indicates so, but...
  2724. >Why?
  2725. >Your mind was racing, but the only tune it played was static as you start in childlike wonder at Sunsets tone body.
  2726. >It took you a while to make your way up to her quite red face.
  2727. >She was biting her lip and looks at you in anticipation for...?
  2728. >For an reaction, of course.
  2729. >Quick, tell her how outrageously beautiful she is and you can’t fathom how you’d ever deserve her.
  2730. “Wow.”
  2731. >You dun goofed.
  2732. >She giggles.
  2733. >“So, ‘Wow’, huh?”
  2734. >She then proceeds to lean down on you to give you another small peck on the lips.
  2735. >You could feel the warmth of her body, more intense than before
  2736. >And, yeah, you could also feel her breasts mush against your chest more than before.
  2737. >Almost automatically your hand makes it’s way up her back to feel her silky skin.
  2738. >As you reach her bra strap she gives you a small nod.
  2739. >You could almost feel her face burning from the inch it was away from you as you attempt to fulfill her wish and unclasp the bra with only one hand.
  2740. >The one and only time you had ever done something like that, you have had both your hands, and /her/ back had been to you so you could see what you were doing.
  2741. >Nonono, don’t think about that.
  2742. >This is Sunset.
  2743. >This is your girlfriend.
  2744. >Someone whom you actually...
  2745. >“I- I didn’t think, I- S-should I?”
  2746. >You give her a pained grin and she leans up again.
  2747. >As she put both her hands around her back your mind went to bad places again.
  2748. “No.”
  2749. >“Huh.”
  2750. “N-No, Sunset... I don’t think we should...”
  2751. >Nevermind the fact that it is day two of this relationship,
  2752. >You don’t think you’re capable of getting it on with her right now.
  2753. >You’re still completely flaccid, even though... everything.
  2754. >“Oh...”
  2755. >Sunset drops her arms and looks down at you almost disappointed
  2756. “It’s too soon, you know? Let’s just... cuddle, okay?”
  2757. >She looks off.
  2758. >You can’t quite place her expression but it wasn’t a happy one, so you pull her down on you again.
  2759. >“Ah-”
  2760. “I’m sorry, okay?”
  2761. >“Yeah... okay.”
  2762. >She says quietly, before continuing.
  2763. >“I mean, I do understand, it’s just that...”
  2764. >She sighs, and you embrace her more.
  2765. >She wanted this.
  2766. >Or at least she thought she wanted this right now.
  2767. >Which is pretty much the same thing, but even if you wouldn’t have performance issues right now, you’d still think it’s too soon.
  2768. >You let go of her again, if you do plan on cuddles, this was an awkward position.
  2769. >“No. I- It’s way too soon for...”
  2770. >She sighs again, but then proceeds to nuzzles into you.
  2771. >“Cuddles sound nice.”
  2772. “But we should maybe really get in... another position.”
  2773. >She looks back to both your legs tangling from the bed still.
  2774. >“Oh, yeah... of course.”
  2776. >Be Sunset.
  2777. >You’re very unsure of yourself and your actions.
  2778. >Even though Anon invited you into his room after you told him you wanted to go somewhere private, you had just assumed he would wanted to-
  2779. >And when you got ready to-
  2780. >He stopped you.
  2781. >He had attempted to unclasp your bra himself, but changed his mind by the point you began to do it for him.
  2782. >Your mind is turning in circles, trying to find a reason for his actions.
  2783. >You didn’t do something he disliked, did you?
  2784. >And he voiced again and again he thought you were quite attractive.
  2785. >Yes, it’s too early in the relationship for... sex.
  2786. >But he’s a guy.
  2787. >What does it take from a guy to stop a girl from undressing for him?
  2788. >He doesn’t kiss you like he’s gay.
  2789. >He wants it.
  2790. >At least you think he does.
  2791. >How would you know?
  2792. >You had never had a boyfriend.
  2793. >Could you have misinterpreted his longing gaze?
  2794. >Has he just pretended to like you?
  2795. >For what purpose?
  2796. >...
  2797. >You have enemies, you are Spider-Woman after all.
  2798. >Is someone just toying with your feelings?
  2799. >The only one whom you knew hates you at such a level was Flam, but he’s secured by the Wonderbolts.
  2800. >...
  2801. >Then you remember.
  2802. >Anon works at FlimFlams.
  2803. >No.
  2804. >Nonononono.
  2805. >You rise up from Anons chest to look him in the eyes.
  2806. >He opened his eyes and looks at you in surprise at your sudden movement.
  2807. “Anon..?”
  2808. >“Hmm?”
  2809. “Why did you- Why were you staring at me for half year before talking to me for the first time?”
  2810. >He breathed in sharply.
  2811. >His eyes dart around as if to quickly make up a lie.
  2812. >“I- uhh...”
  2813. >You furrow your own eyebrows.
  2814. “Tell me.”
  2815. >That had come out way more commanding than you had thought.
  2816. >He gulps.
  2817. >“It has nothing to do with why I like you as yourself, Sunset. I swear.”
  2818. “What?”
  2819. >You demand to know more.
  2820. >“I kinda. I uhh... I found out. You- I know, okay? I- I found out you’re Spider-Woman.”
  2821. >He leans up himself to hug you but you forcefully get out of his grasp.
  2822. >“It has nothing to do with- Sunset. The- The girl I fell in- The girl I’m falling for is cute, smart and funny.”
  2823. >You shrug him off again as he tried to touch you and turn his way to face him.
  2824. >“Not some mask or an ideal. It- It’s you, Sunny, not her.”
  2825. >His profession of love, even if he caught himself from using the actual word was blocked off by a wall of static inside your head.
  2826. “How?”
  2827. >“Huh?”
  2828. “How do you know?”
  2829. >He’s working at FlimFlams, does everyone there know?
  2830. >Even the interns?
  2831. >Is it like a company gag?
  2832. >Hey, this girl at your college? She’s Spider-Woman.
  2833. >“I figured it out myself.”
  2834. “HOW?”
  2835. >You almost shout.
  2836. >“T-two factors made me have a hunch, the rest I researched. Spider-Woman moved cities from Canterlot to New Yoke, and she has your physical built.”
  2837. >He got that by oogling you?
  2838. >“Then I- I ahh... did some research into her and looked up when she first appeared. Like shortly after the FlimFlam expo. I know a student from Canterlot High passed out then and you were among the students who attended. I also know that there was some experiment with spiders which has been discontinued, with everything juicy about the files being archived away because of what happened to Flam.”
  2839. >You stand up and put on your top again.
  2840. >“Sunset.”
  2841. “No.”
  2842. >You take your bag and look around in it again.
  2843. >“I-”
  2844. “Just no.”
  2845. >As he wanted to stand up you web him to the bed.
  2846. >Once again your hands had found the web shooters on their own, like they always do when you’re in distress.
  2847. >It was only his good hand to the pillow and sheets, but he would still have a hard time getting out of it.
  2848. >Spider-Woman again has seized a part of your life.
  2849. >“So it is techwear?”
  2850. >He only mumbles but you could hear.
  2851. “Is that all that interests you?”
  2852. >“Wha-? No! Sunset, I-”
  2853. “Well then get happy with it!”
  2854. >Screw him and screw Spider-Woman!
  2855. >You threw the web shooter at him.
  2856. >Crack.
  2857. >It makes an butt-clenching sound as it hits Anon’s head and ricochets of him to embed itself into the wall.
  2861. >Be Spitfire.
  2862. >You’re sitting at your desk, grinding your teeth as you watch Misty Fly pace around one or two times outside of your office through the security cameras.
  2863. >She eventually mustered up the courage to knock and enter.
  2864. >She slowly walks toward you and takes a seat before you.
  2865. >At least she has had the decency of putting a jacket over her regular outfit.
  2866. “Misty Fly.”
  2867. >“Colonel.”
  2868. >Misty is one of the very few people whom you believe can’t have their powers copied, and she’s a core member of the Wonderbolts.
  2869. >She’s the person whom you trust the most at the moment.
  2870. >But now you have to suspend her.
  2871. “Please tell me everyone else exaggerated, and that you can deny any of these statements.”
  2872. >“You want me to lie to you?”
  2873. >You ignore her forced joke, which she knew wasn’t funny to begin with.
  2874. “You disregarded the first rule when it comes to taking a rookie to the field and let her get out of your sight.”
  2875. >She clenches her lips together.
  2876. “You picked up a silent alarm and wanted to test said rookie.”
  2877. “As the two of you were separated you told her via coms and she was the first at the scene.”
  2878. >You had to take a breath.
  2879. “She got shot, and is in a critical condition.”
  2880. “You know... so far... Bad things happen, right?”
  2881. >Misty had her eyes closed.
  2882. “Yeah, but. BUT! She sucked her assailant and a civilian into another dimension, you didn’t secure the videotape and let it get into the hands of the press.”
  2883. >You’re not as calm as you wish you were.
  2884. >Breathe.
  2885. >You sank back into your chair.
  2886. >After a while Misty eventually talks.
  2887. >“Is Twilight gonna make it?”
  2888. “The bullet bounced around inside of her. But the only affected organs are to be liver and lung.
  2889. >You sigh, Ms. Sparkles death was not off the table.
  2890. “There can always be complications, and at this point it’s to early to tell.”
  2891. >You had done everything in your power for her.
  2892. >Well, not /everything/-everything, but everything humanly and morally possible.
  2893. >At least Misty’s concern with Twilight’s well-being, and...
  2894. >“The robber and his hostage?”
  2895. “That’s... classified.”
  2896. >“So... there is a way?”
  2897. >You give a weak smile before repeating yourself.
  2898. “That’s classified.”
  2899. >For her brash personality Misty had never gotten the proper clearance from the council.
  2900. >But you have an already an idea.
  2901. >And for that you Sunset Shimmer.
  2902. >Not for being Spider-Woman, but for being Native Equestrian.
  2903. >This was at least a job she already agreed to help you on.
  2905. >Be Sunset Shimmer again
  2906. >You’re frozen in your throwing position while your brain is trying to catch up with everything that happened.
  2907. >You just threw your web shooter at anon.
  2908. >Not full force, but still...
  2909. >“Ahh.”
  2910. >He groans and lifts the hand with the cast up to his forehead, looking at his own blood streaming down his face.
  2911. >Okay, he’s still conscious.
  2912. >As you right yourself up again your eyes go to the web shooter.
  2913. >The weaker part of it had broken, explaining the sound just now.
  2914. >You thought you had crushed his skull for way too many seconds.
  2915. “I-I- I’m sorry, Anon, I didn-”
  2916. >“It’s fine.”
  2917. >He let his arm fall again and looks up to you.
  2918. >His tone had been completely neutral.
  2919. “Anon...”
  2920. >“So. Anger stage complete? Do you feel better now?”
  2921. “Anon, your head!”
  2922. >“It’s just a laceration, and maybe a concussion. I’ll be fine.”
  2923. “I- I didn’t mean to-”
  2924. >“No, of course not, but ahh...”
  2925. >He tugs at his arm connected to his bed.
  2926. >“If you would gauze me up and maybe free my arm... that would be great.”
  2927. “Yeah... Yes, of course.”
  2928. >You look around frantically, trying to find something to use.
  2929. >“First-aid kit.”
  2930. >He points at the red box next to his desk.
  2931. >You rush to it, pick it up and then start treating his wound.
  2932. >You do so silently.
  2933. >Neither of you say another word while you patch him up.
  2934. >Only after you were done you speak up again.
  2935. “I’m sorry.”
  2936. >“I should have told you... I planned to, but... I wanted to get more comfortable with you first, but...”
  2937. “...but I wanted to rush it.”
  2938. >And then there was an awkward silence again, one where you just stare into the others eyes.
  2939. >“There’s something el-”
  2940. >Dudududu du du dududu~
  2941. >Your phone told you you got a text.
  2942. >“Awkward... So uhh...”
  2943. >You’ve only heard this tone once before, when Spitfire demonstrated it.
  2944. >You take out your phone and look at it.
  2945. >It asked you for a thumb print scan.
  2946. >Anon sees this too so he shuts up.
  2947. >You give him a quick glance.
  2948. >He already knows you’re Spider-Woman...
  2949. >You avert the phone’s screen from his gaze anyway and let your finger be scanned.
  2950. >It shows you four words for barely more than 3 seconds.
  2951. >Equestria compromised, car awaits.
  2952. >“What is it?”
  2953. >Equestria is compromised?
  2954. >How?
  2955. >He had respected your privacy and didn’t peek, but was still curious.
  2956. “I... I need to go.”
  2957. >“What? Is it something... spider-y?”
  2958. >You shake your head.
  2959. “No, it’s ahh... something else.”
  2960. >He narrows his eyes.
  2961. >“Are you purposefully vague because I shouldn’t know? Because I’d be okay with that explanation.”
  2962. “No, it’s- I mean, yes that too... It’s the Wonderbolts asking for me.”
  2963. >He looks off.
  2964. >“I thought you weren’t one?”
  2965. >There was something else in his voice. Annoyance?
  2966. “I’m not. But it’s... I really need to go.”
  2967. >You stand up, and get your web shooter from the wall.
  2968. >“Uhkay... but can you free my arm?”
  2969. “Ah! Yes, of course.”
  2971. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Equestria Dimension 7225.
  2972. >Not that you would know the number of your universe, of course, but we have to make sure the reader doesn’t get confused.
  2973. >After all, you’ve been shot in probably a good number of other universes, and even dead in a few less.
  2974. >But you don’t know that either.
  2975. >What you do know is that the Twilight Sparkle of the universe where everyone you know is this bipedal human creature has been gravely injured.
  2976. >Not by any means of precognition or some sort of divine link between you and your alternate form, but by some magical communication.
  2977. >As it turns out, Sunset has given the book you had written back and forth with her to an very official sounding pony name- uhh... ‘human’ named Spitfire.
  2978. >You know the name of Spitfire, of course, with her being a member of the Canterlot Skyguard and Wonderbolts, and with alternate realities and all that, the Spitfire of the human world had a somewhat similar profession.
  2979. >She was the head of an organization of first responders to any supernatural occurrence in their world.
  2980. >This organization was coincidentally named ‘The Wonderbolts’ as well, but you try your hardest not to make too many parallels.
  2981. >As Spitfire explained it to you, the other you had used her abilities in manipulating equestrian magic to try and help people.
  2982. >But when she was shot (with a projectile weapon, like an arrow, but smaller) this magic went wild and removed the assailant, and a hostage, from their dimension.
  2983. >She assumes they having been displaced into Equestria, and with the little information Sunset had given you two years ago, when their Twilight first used magic, this could be entirely possible.
  2984. >The though part was the following.
  2985. >Interdimensional politics.
  2986. >She wants to send some people to retrieve them.
  2987. >Equestria has no extradition treaty with Earth, nor does it allow foreign military operations in its borders.
  2988. >Celestia had always made sure Equestria was a save haven for those mistreated in their home country.
  2989. >And you allowing it once would only open the floodgates for every other country to want the same thing.
  2990. “The answer is obvious, but why does everything have to have gotten so complicated after I became a princess!?”
  2991. >“It’s quite the dilemma you have...”
  2992. >Starlight Glimmer had approached you while you were in thought, surprising you with her hooves on your shoulders.
  2993. “Ah~”
  2994. >She’s massaging you a little.
  2995. >“And you’ve grown all tense again. You shouldn’t stress yourself that much.”
  2996. >You look back at her encouraging smile, which you couldn’t help but return.
  2997. “I am a princess, these are the things I have to deal with, Starlight. And two peoples lives are on the line her, it has to be solved with utmost urgency.”
  2998. >“Yes, but you have informed Celestia and sent out guards to look for them. You can’t do much more until they are found, can you?”
  2999. “I can plan what to do once they are found!”
  3000. >“I guess so.”
  3001. >She lets go off your shoulders again and looks at the book through which you had been in contact with Spitfire.
  3002. >“Wouldn’t the criminal want to return to his home dimension? Even if he were to be prosecuted?”
  3003. “Well, he did gravely injure my counterpart, whose condition is still critical. So legally he could be charged with attempted manslaughter, or... if she does die...”
  3004. >You shake your head.
  3005. >The possibility of yourself to die in another dimension was surreal.
  3006. “He also had taken a hostage and attempted to rob a place using a deadly weapon. His prison sentence can become quite long. No matter how confused he is about his new surroundings.”
  3007. >“He is however a very dangerous variable at the moment. That weapon is still with him, we know he was in his own world ready to resort to violence, and he’s probably very confused about what has happened to him.”
  3008. >“Nothing is more dangerous than someone who thinks he’s out of options.”
  3009. “Yes...”
  3010. >You nod and return your attention to the book.
  3011. >“It’s not your average friendship problem to solve.”
  3012. “No, it’s certainly not.”
  3013. >“There’s nothing you can do right now to really further that particular situation. What you can do is further Equestria’s relationship with that other dimension.”
  3014. >Your eyes light up.
  3015. “You’re right!”
  3016. >You dunk your feather into the ink again.
  3017. “It’ll not be a military operation on Equestrian ground if we simply invite them for diplomatic purposes...”
  3018. >Then you began to write your next message to Spitfire.
  3022. “I still can’t believe you held a loaded gun to my head!”
  3023. >“For like the hundredths time, I didn’t know there were still bullets in it.”
  3024. “Yeah, well, next time we rob someone give me the gun and I hold it against your stupid head.”
  3025. >“I’m sorry. I know I messed up.”
  3026. “Fine, whatever. Not like we have more important things to deal with.”
  3027. >“You mean, like, us being horses?”
  3029. >Be Lyra, and be pissed.
  3030. >You had to acquire a certain amount of money by illegal means.
  3031. >It was sort of an initiation rite for the people you want to work with, as your father had already before you.
  3032. >A show of your flexible morals and creativity.
  3033. >Okay... robbing convenient stores isn’t exactly creative, but you needed the money to fund your other projects.
  3034. >And you only got together with that loser of a boyfriend because he was easy to manipulate and does as you bid.
  3035. >He was just another tool of the trade for you.
  3036. >And he’s by no means unattractive. Not just anyone would do as your slave.
  3037. >You had a nice run, actually...
  3038. >That was until you got thrown into some Saturday morning cartoon world where you are a talking horse of the color of the dress you last wore and have a rod sticking out of your forehead.
  3039. >Because that seems normal.
  3040. >You reach the top of a hill, the highest point you see around.
  3041. “There, civilization.”
  3042. >Well, it’s houses.
  3043. >Something you’d find on a Christmas postcard, minus the snow.
  3044. >Not an actual village of the twenty-first century.
  3045. >Fuck knows what’s going on.
  3046. >“Oh finally.”
  3047. >He wants to gallop toward it, but you stop him with a shout.
  3048. “Stay right here, you moron.”
  3049. >“Wha-? What did I do this time?”
  3050. “We’re colorful talking horses. I’m a unicorn and you’re a fucking pegasus.”
  3051. >You prance around, feigning to behave how you believe a horsey meant to sell merchandise to little girls would.
  3052. “Odds are people COULD FIND THAT A TAD STRANGE!”
  3053. >You shout the last words.
  3054. >“Oh, yeah... I mean I guess...”
  3055. >Why wouldn’t this get through his stupid skull?
  3056. “We’re going to lay low and see what those are up to. And, you know, what kind of species inhabits this village.”
  3057. >You look at him.
  3058. “You could have figured that if you weren’t so fucking stupid, Flash.”
  3060. >We return to our regularly scheduled being of Anon, this is a self-insert greentext after all.
  3061. >Be in therapy.
  3062. >Hits a little close to home on that self-insert, doesn’t it?
  3063. >“You seem to have a lot on your mind.”
  3064. “You seem to be very observant, you could do this for a living.”
  3065. >Dr. Zecora chuckles.
  3066. >“I start then.”
  3067. >She shifts some papers.
  3068. >“It says here you were raised by your aunt.”
  3069. “Yes, I had no father figure growing up, someone from whom I could learn how to treat women, either by advice or by mimicking him. Which means I’m very insecure about my masculinity.”
  3070. >If you continue like that you break your sarcasm gland.
  3071. >She smiles.
  3072. >“Continue please.”
  3073. “Hmm?”
  3074. >“You’re insecure about your masculinity. What makes you say that?”
  3075. “I- err... What? Nothing.”
  3076. >“Have you not brought it up for a reason?”
  3077. “I... was just being sarcastic.”
  3078. >You sigh.
  3079. “You mean I’ve brought that topic up subconsciously?”
  3080. >“Hmm... I don’t know. You tell me.”
  3081. >You grind your teeth.
  3082. >You don’t have any insecurities about your masculinity.
  3083. >“How’s your sex life?”
  3084. >You may have some insecurities about your masculinity.
  3085. “I- uhh... fine. I just got a... a girlfriend.”
  3086. >“It’s not going as you hoped?”
  3087. “Look, what has this to do with me being a superhero? Doesn’t Flim want me to do my thing out there?”
  3088. >“Anyones life needs balance. As a ‘superhero’ I guess you have to make a lot of moral decisions affecting the lives of others. Wouldn’t it do good to have your own life balanced and as you want it?”
  3089. “I guess...”
  3090. >Zecora waits.
  3091. >You bite your lip.
  3092. “So- uhm... My girlfriend, she’s...”
  3093. >You close your eyes.
  3094. “How confidential is this all?”
  3095. >“As any doctor-patient confidential agreement. Only if you would threaten to kill someone or yourself I’m allowed to alert the proper authorities or call your emergency contact.”
  3096. >“And even then I will not reveal your motivations or what you have gone through to come to the conclusion that any life is worth taking, only the means by which I can save said life.”
  3097. >You ponder about this for a bit.
  3098. >“I’m certainly not going to gossip about your relationship, Mr. West.”
  3099. >You give her a weak smile.
  3100. >“And the branch you plan to go into, super-hero work, involves secrecy. Keeping your own identity a secret is nothing uncommon. Only the identities of the Wonderbolt’s Core team are known.”
  3101. “I guess so.”
  3102. >“Now I hope you can trust me enough to tell me what’s on your mind.”
  3103. >You look away.
  3104. >You don’t even know yourself what had been wrong.
  3105. >“Well...”
  3106. >Where the hell do you start?
  3107. >“Tell me about your girlfriend then. What’s her name?”
  3108. “Sunset, Sunset Shimmer. She...”
  3109. >...
  3110. >You assume Flam had known about Spider-Woman’s identity, but who in the company knew about it too?
  3111. >You observe Dr. Zecoras reaction.
  3112. >She only has her head tilted, waiting for you to continue.
  3113. “I’ve...”
  3114. >...watched her from afar for a long time.
  3115. >What do you say?
  3116. “We go to college together. We... both come from Canterlot, but went to different schools and haven’t met until, well, college.”
  3117. >Anything that follows is seriously weird, even if you’d tell her Sunset’s Spider-Woman.
  3118. >But there still is a chance that she already knows that.
  3119. >You sigh.
  3120. “Spider-Woman moved her city at the same time as us. Canterlot to New Yoke. And Sunset has the same built as she does, so I had a hunch.”
  3121. >Dr. Zecora adjusts herself in her seat a little.
  3122. “I followed it up and found out a few things, like the first sightings of Spider-Woman, and how that might have come to be, until I was rather sure Sunset is Spider-Woman.”
  3123. >You look up to her.
  3124. “Did you know already? Because I think a few did find out after Flam... Well, you know.”
  3125. >She shook her head.
  3126. >“I knew she was a student of Canterlot High, but not her identity.”
  3127. >You nod.
  3128. “Well... I can probably guess now that I dress up as a spider and made that suit to impress her.”
  3129. >You fake a laugh.
  3130. >“No, Mr. West. I usually don’t make assumptions. I wait for you to finish your story and then ask anything that is unclear. So you did try to impress her?”
  3131. “Yeah...”
  3132. >You bite your lip again.
  3133. >How do you tell this story?
  3134. >Argh.
  3135. >“So how did you approach her first?”
  3136. >Damn, that’s awkward.
  3137. “Actually... I didn’t. I’ve waited until... I had the suit to like... make a good first impression, but we both know how that went.”
  3138. >“I do not. I only knew you were injured, and that Spider-Woman and another super powered individual were involved.”
  3139. >Great, now you have to tell that story.
  3140. “Well, I messed up, okay? I entered the stage and I was swept away by that guy’s first attack before I even knew what was going on.”
  3141. >Dr. Zecora gestures you to continue.
  3142. “But this time you know what happened next. I got hospitalized, escaped, shed my skin, and let my HYDRA-given healing factor do it’s work.”
  3143. >You have to keep yourself from giving nervous tells.
  3144. “So the next day my skin I took some painkillers. The good ones. I then went to classes and without thinking, sat myself next to her.”
  3145. >“Next to Sunset Shimmer?”
  3146. “Yes. Next to Sunset.”
  3147. >“Is it then where you had your first civilian conversation?”
  3148. “Yeah... I mean, I knew she was Spider-Woman. But she didn’t know I knew. And neither did she know that I was the loser from the day before.”
  3149. >Dr. Zecora nods and gestures you to go on again.
  3150. “I mean... I was smack out of it on painkillers, but apparently that brazen flirting style of drugged-out-me works on her, because I’ve secured a lunch date.”
  3151. >You lose yourself in thought.
  3152. >How did you manage to do that? What happened that first day?
  3153. >“Did she live up to your imagination?”
  3154. “Hmm? What?”
  3155. >“Sunset Shimmer. The girl behind Spider-Woman’s mask. You must have imagined what she’s like? You wanted to impress her after all.”
  3156. “Oh- I- Well...”
  3157. >You’re not sure what to say, really.
  3158. “I thought you don’t make guesses?”
  3159. >“That wasn’t much of a guess, Mr. West. Who wouldn’t fantasize about the girl he’s already trying to impress? The question was more me trying to get you to continue talking.”
  3160. >Just natural to fantasize, huh?
  3161. “She’s... I mean, I imagined her to be a great person, you know? She’s a superhero. She sacrifices her freedom to helping the innocent and making the world a better place.”
  3162. >You pause.
  3163. “She’s funny, and clever, and laughs at my stupid jokes, understands retarded memes, like hating on 9gag, and...  With all her physical attributes I just have to be careful not to get lost in her eyes.”
  3164. >Your smile fades.
  3165. >Because when it comes to the land of sex, there be no boners...
  3166. >Dr. Zecora seemed patient and waited for you to pick up again. As you didn’t do so she speaks again.
  3167. >“You said you had secured a lunch date with Sunset. Was that yesterday?”
  3168. “Yeah, I... I don’t know why though. I know Spider-Woman usually goes around to fight crime during lunch too. And I don’t know why she thought I’d be worth it.”
  3169. >“Do you think she had to decide between having lunch with you and saving people?”
  3170. “I- uhh... yes? I mean, she had to have made that decision, right?”
  3171. >“Mhm. And do you now think that the perfect image you have had of her is harmed? That she’s just a person who has her own emotions and tastes as well and is not that exemplary kids-show-hero who never does anything she likes herself, but only thinks of others?”
  3172. “You’re saying I’m disappointing that he’s not perfect even if that imperfection makes her hang out with me? At least subconsciously?”
  3173. >Dr. Zecora shrugs.
  3174. >“I don’t know. Are you?”
  3175. >Huh...
  3176. >You have had your expectations for her.
  3177. >And now that she has such low standards as to have you as a boyfriend that perfection is diminished?
  3178. >You shake your head.
  3179. “No, that’s not it. Okay, maybe. But we even had a talk about selfishness today. I do know she’s only human, too. That’s not what troubles me.”
  3180. >“Then what is?”
  3181. >That you were unable to get it up after she was undressing while sitting in your lap.
  3182. >You sigh.
  3183. “Intimacy...”
  3184. >She gives a slow nod.
  3185. >“Sexual intimacy?”
  3186. “Yeah.”
  3187. >“Hmm... You already said she’s your girlfriend now. But from what it had sounded like you only met yesterday and became good friends. And while I certainly saw you having grown fond of her...”
  3188. “No, ah... uhmmm... Yesterday.... I jokingly said stuff about how humans... like... find partners, and what that courtship ritual includes, and she went in on it, and uhh... we held hands.
  3189. >L-lewd.
  3190. “Or at least she held the one which was not obliterated by the explosion, heh.”
  3191. >You lift your other hand, still in cast.
  3192. >“You’re using humor and sarcasm as a shield to get yourself out of uncomfortable situations. That’s not necessarily bad, but I’d like you to be aware of it.”
  3193. >Okay, wow, didn’t need that.
  3194. >“So anyway... she... seemed fascinated by simply holding my hand. It’s probably because I’m her first boyfriend ever, even though she’s twenty, maybe twenty one or only nineteen. I mean, she’s also my first official girlfriend, so who am I to talk about late bloomers... I’m drifting off again, aren’t I?”
  3195. >Dr. Zecora only shrugs.
  3196. >“The stage is yours, you are free to tell me what you’d like, really.”
  3197. “mhm... So it was hand holding yesterday. Today... in the morning I think... she wanted me to kiss her. There was like... something in her eyes. But I didn’t do it.”
  3198. >“Why not?”
  3199. “Why not? Because it would have been way too soon? We kinda said we would want to take it slow. I mean... I think she had already wanted a kiss yesterday at lunch to seal the deal of... being boyfriend and girlfriend. Back then I really didn’t do it because it would have been too soon.”
  3200. >You sigh.
  3201. “And now you’ll probably want to tell me how different people move at different rates and it’s all just natural, and-”
  3202. >“You’re slipping again. Your defense mechanism, Mr. West. And I’m doing no such thing. You’re doing it yourself.”
  3203. >How does she manage to make you feel so stupid?
  3204. >“You are right though, about people moving at different speeds. But problems only arise if the speed taken doesn’t match your expectations or wishes.”
  3205. “Huh... yeah...”
  3206. >“Too slow and you feel frustrated, too fast and you’ll get performance anxiety.”
  3207. “Performance anxiety?”
  3208. >“Like the feeling of being obligated to give performance you’re not ready to give yet, just because you want to please your partner. Which is work and results in stress.”
  3209. >Stress...
  3210. >It sounds right when she says it.
  3211. >“So she wanted you to kiss her? You said ‘you think she wanted to’ so she didn’t inquire it by words?”
  3212. “No... she just, like the way she looked at me and... played with her hair. But I didn’t do it.”
  3213. >“Did you want to?”
  3214. “Did I want to? Yeah, I guess I did, but... it didn’t feel right then. I mean. The atmosphere was wrong in the classroom and we did just... we had said to take it slow.”
  3215. >“Mhm.”
  3216. >Dr. Zecora nods.
  3217. >“Do you think the atmosphere being unfitting is just an excuse?”
  3218. “Huh? What would it be an excuse for?”
  3219. >“I think you’re looking for a way to reason why you didn’t kiss her then? With the two arguments of ‘your want’ versus ‘your word of taking it slow’. That you have to come up with another argument to reason why you didn’t kiss her.”
  3220. >What?
  3221. “Are you saying... that I fabricate a reason so I wouldn’t have to kiss her?”
  3222. >“All the while saying you wanted to, but this and that are the reasons you didn’t.”
  3223. >You think a bit.
  3224. “No, I... wanted to... want it.”
  3225. >“You wanted to want it?”
  3226. >She repeats while tilting her head.
  3227. “Yeah, I mean... She wanted it and I wanted to-”
  3228. >You stop.
  3229. >Not because you were stalling, but because you came to a realization.
  3230. >Dr. Zecora smiles, having noticed how your tension had eased.
  3231. “Performance anxiety. I felt obligated to please her and do as she wishes, but...”
  3232. >You don’t know the answer.
  3233. >What comes after the ‘but’?
  3234. >What’s your reason for not wanting to kiss her?
  3235. >And you totally did want to kiss her.
  3236. >Just like you would have wanted to fuck her in the afternoon.
  3237. >But you didn’t.
  3238. >No... You couldn’t.
  3239. “There’s something wrong with me.”
  3240. >“What makes you say that?”
  3241. “I want, but I can’t. Why?”
  3242. >“I can’t give you these answers, Mr. West. I can only assist you to find your own.”
  3243. >Yeah, you know that piece of psychology.
  3244. >“So maybe we should delve into your past. Have you had any relationships before.”
  3245. “No, yes kinda. I mean, no.”
  3246. >You roll your eyes.
  3247. “God damnit.”
  3248. >She chuckles.
  3249. >“I’m here if you need to talk.”
  3250. >Yeah, no shit.
  3251. >You sigh again.
  3252. “Well, for one there was a childhood friend of mine. Twilight Sparkle... Nothing ever happened, like... we didn’t even hold hands or anything. It’s just, uhh...”
  3253. >“Maybe start from the beginning.”
  3254. “Yeah. So... We were like the smartest kids around, and ahh... we both had a hard time fitting in, so I guess we took a little solace in knowing there was another who had a similar fate? But even so, we didn’t really talk much even though we hung out around one another in school, or if we’d meet at the library.”
  3255. “It’s like we had a silent agreement to not talk to other, and when we were together we had a stronger ‘don’t talk in this area’-bubble around us than if we were alone. Nor would we look like loners. And later when we shared a lab at Crystal Prep there was never the need to say ‘don’t touch my stuff’ or ‘put it back where it belongs’, I just... it fit together.”
  3256. >You smile at the memories, but it fades then.
  3257. “I think everyone expected us to get together, or that we already were a couple. And in school we usually were put up against one another to thrive the other to greater heights. I don’t know...”
  3258. >Dr. Zecora remains silent while you explain.
  3259. “So, when puberty hit harder I thought: why not really make her my girlfriend? Everyone else already thinks so anyway. It got really weird then.”
  3260. >How to describe this?
  3261. “She was... socially even more of a shut in that I had been, and was kinda oblivious to me trying to get to know her better. For her it was probably a breach of our silent agreement. She did agree on going to prom with me then, but ended up transferring schools before that could happen.”
  3262. >“Hmm... Did you want to have a relationship with her?”
  3263. “Not in anyway as I want to have one with Sunset, no.”
  3264. She nods.
  3265. >“But similarly you thought you have to live up to someone else’s expectations of you and perform better?”
  3266. “I see where you’re going with this, but it is different. Back then that uhh... ‘pressure’ was from everyone else, and I just thought ‘why not’ without really wanting it. This time the pressure is from her, a girl I really really want to be with.”
  3267. >“Maybe you just notice this expectation comes from someone else, and as soon as you feel that someone else wants you to do something you defend yourself, because you want to desperately be your own person.”
  3268. >“Not just with intimate passion, but with other things too. It was the same the day before yesterday when you were given the opportunity to continue your super hero work and work here. Things have to go the way you choose them for you to accept it. But if it comes from someone else you shut it down.”
  3269. >You lean back.
  3270. >That was quite something to take in.
  3271. >Not necessarily something you didn’t already know, but... were you that bad?
  3272. >“I think you have trust issues, and have some paranoia.”
  3273. >You chuckle.
  3274. “Yeah, well. Duh.”
  3275. >“Everyone has that to some degree, but it’s a problem for your everyday life and for your relationship with Sunset Shimmer.”
  3276. “Hmm...”
  3277. >“And I think we should leave it off here, we are over our time already and I’m sure Dr. Octavia is expecting you.”
  3278. >You look at the clock.
  3279. >You had talked to her for almost two hours.
  3280. “T-There’s other stuff, too.”
  3281. >“Maybe on Monday again. For advice to give you now, I suggest you are honest with her. Build trust with her.”
  3284. >Be Anon (still)
  3285. >You have to work against your instinct of dodging when Chrysalis came at you with a car.
  3286. >Two legs of your suit dig into the asphalt behind you while the other two are extended out in front to catch the vehicle.
  3287. >Dr. Octavia had made you upgrade your suits power significantly. The entire hydraulics system was made from scratch.
  3288. >While the car was maybe a tenth of your maximum carry capacity, it had momentum.
  3289. >And your well being was on the line.
  3290. >Shit shit shit.
  3291. >As the car was close enough you grab it with the two free legs and lift it up, almost throwing it over you.
  3292. >But you only did so to avert the momentum and have some more room to bring it to a full stop.
  3293. >About a full seconds.
  3294. >You’ve done this with Chrysalis a few times already, but now she was driving with about 80 miles per hour.
  3295. >Two miles per hour is a little less then one meter per second.
  3296. >That gives you an acceleration of about negative 40 meters per second squared.
  3297. >On a one ton vehicle...
  3298. >That’s what... roughly 40 kilonewtons.
  3299. >“Champ? How about... how about we stop?”
  3300. >Chrysalis flutters her insect-like wings and slowly descends down from the car.
  3301. >Her hair was disheveled.
  3302. >“I like Six Flags as the next girl who can fly by herself, but how about we stop with the fun fair? I think stopping a small car going eighty is good for now?”
  3303. “Yeah... I’m content for now. The problem is that the metal will give up at one point. I think the hydraulics are fine.”
  3304. >You put the car down as she goes up in green flames again.
  3305. >When you next look at her, her hair sits perfectly again.
  3306. “You don’t need to comb, do you?”
  3307. >“Need to? No.”
  3308. “I also assume you can easily heal wounds away?
  3309. >She chuckles.
  3310. >“Cells are damaged and I can shift them, but the damage remains, as did the lingering pain. Changing is draining for me and I don’t do it to goof around with it too much.”
  3311. “But you don’t comb?”
  3312. >“Just now. I do it when I’m at home.”
  3313. “Hmm... but that healing you have... Can you heal from anything?”
  3314. >“If I’m still alive and find the mental strength to concentrate, yes. Bullet in the heart is something I may be able to pull off, but it’s still unlikely.”
  3315. >You nod. It sounds reasonable.
  3316. “What... about the clothes you’re wearing?”
  3317. >“Oh, I see you’ve thought far.”
  3318. >She smiles.
  3319. >“What do you think? Am I naked and the ‘clothes’ are part of my skin? Want to touch?”
  3320. >You have a girlfriend, you have a girlfriend, you have a girlfriend.
  3321. >You reach out and take her hand. Feeling the cloth of her sleeve.
  3322. “Hmm...”
  3323. >It feels like cloth.
  3324. >But if she can change the texture of anything freely...
  3325. >You shake your head.
  3326. “I don’t think so.”
  3327. >“And you’re right. It’s a live organic weave which I can subject to my ability, but only rearrange a little and change the form. Not even it’s color. It also rips easily, but I can fix that at least. If I’d really go into superheroing with you, I’ll have to find myself an actual suit.”
  3328. >You nod.
  3329. “I still need a suit myself. The last one was a disaster.”
  3330. >“You should have at least based it off a firefighter’s.”
  3331. “Yes, okay, I get it, I’m stupid.”
  3332. >Chrysalis chuckles again and lays her wings around her waist.
  3333. “So how to these work?”
  3334. >“I’m not going to tell you everything.”
  3335. >Her tone had changed to say that.
  3336. >She was serious.
  3337. >You nod and scratch your hand.
  3338. >The cast you made has gotten too big, and Chrysalis said it doesn’t bother her.
  3339. >She notices you scratching though.
  3340. >“One more thing before I give you your present, okay?”
  3341. “Hmm?”
  3342. >”I want to see you jump.”
  3343. “Jump?”
  3344. >”Yeah, you can stop a car, which should mean you also could throw something that fast, right? How about you push yourself from the ground like that?”
  3345. “I- ahh.... actually haven’t thought of that.”
  3346. >You look up to the ceiling of the warehouse where you had been training with her.
  3347. >It’s maybe five stories high.
  3348. “I think I can make that jump and hold onto the ceiling.”
  3349. >She nods.
  3350. >“Show me.”
  3351. >You almost crouched down before remembering it’s not your legs who will do the work.
  3352. >You brace yourself and place the spider-legs on the ground lifting you up first.
  3353. >Then you propel yourself upwards.
  3354. >Air resistance.
  3355. >Cheeks flapping.
  3356. >Eyes hurt.
  3357. >You need at least protective glasses.
  3358. >A few seconds later you catch onto the ceiling, having to slow yourself.
  3359. >You went up with way too much force.
  3360. >You should have done a few test jumps first.
  3361. >Why is it that you continuously make stupid decisions like this?
  3362. >At least it worked out fine this time.
  3363. >A few seconds later you let yourself drop down again, landing close to where you had jumped up from.
  3364. >Chrysalis gave you a slow clap.
  3365. >“Not bad.”
  3366. >You can never tell how serious she is.
  3367. >“I think it would be fun to see what happens if I give you this.”
  3368. >She takes a phial from her belt and trows it to you.
  3369. >You jump to catch it, only barely managing to do so.
  3370. >“Hmm... nice catch, but it was actually supposed to open.”
  3371. >You lift the phial to look at the strange black goo inside of it.
  3372. >It doesn’t seem to behave quite like one, but seems to tentacle around, as if it has a life of it’s own, disobeying gravity.
  3373. >Huh.
  3375. >Be you.
  3376. >You don’t have a need for a name.
  3377. >Why would you need one?
  3378. >You have no means to communicate.
  3379. >Not really.
  3380. >You move.
  3381. >You adapt.
  3382. >You change.
  3383. >You consume.
  3384. >You don’t need to communicate.
  3385. >Neither do you have emotions.
  3386. >Not really.
  3387. >You only want to move.
  3388. >You want to adapt.
  3389. >You want to change.
  3390. >You want to consume.
  3391. >You want to experience.
  3392. >Lately you hadn’t been able to do that.
  3393. >You failed your existence.
  3394. >Maybe you could argue this was an emotion.
  3395. >Sadness?
  3396. >No.
  3397. >Boredom?
  3398. >Maybe.
  3399. >But right now something was happening.
  3400. >You feel it.
  3401. >You experience the warmth of someone new around you.
  3402. >Someone was holding your container.
  3403. >Someone who..
  3404. >Hmm...
  3405. >Yes.
  3406. >He’s opening it.
  3407. >Vibrations go through the air.
  3408. >No, you don’t like that.
  3409. >You touch the new one.
  3410. >The one having released you.
  3411. >Slowly probing the edge of his body.
  3412. >The warmth.
  3413. >The moisture he produced.
  3414. >Sweat.
  3415. >Yes.
  3416. >You get to experience again.
  3417. >You continue getting onto his body.
  3418. >You enter the pores of his skin and enter it.
  3419. >You move into his body and over it.
  3420. >So many experiences.
  3421. >He is afraid.
  3422. >Yes, yes.
  3423. >You remember.
  3424. >The emotions in his brain.
  3425. >He’s producing a chemical triggered by his fight or flight reflex.
  3426. >Can’t have that.
  3427. >Not useful.
  3428. >You consume it and don’t let his body accept that.
  3429. >There are other neurotransmitters.
  3430. >You look for the stimulants.
  3431. >The ones which make him want to do things and enable his body to do so.
  3432. >You crank their production up.
  3433. >Then you look for the depressants.
  3434. >Those who hinder him in action.
  3435. >No, you don’t want those.
  3436. >Reduce them.
  3437. >He needs them, you know that.
  3438. >You will not alter him completely.
  3439. >You will only improve him.
  3440. >There’s something else.
  3441. >Hmm... yes.
  3442. >Pain receptors.
  3443. >He was in pain.
  3444. >Not much, but it was there.
  3445. >You can’t have that.
  3446. >You look for his injury.
  3447. >His hand.
  3448. >It’s almost destroyed.
  3449. >No big deal.
  3450. >You access his DNA
  3451. >You look for instructions for a hand.
  3452. >Yes, you can make that.
  3453. >All the things you need are here.
  3454. >You begin to mend him.
  3455. >Wait.
  3456. >What is that?
  3457. >Something new?
  3458. >How did you miss it before?
  3459. >The thing around here
  3460. >The other thing.
  3461. >The other...
  3462. >The other things.
  3463. >What are they?
  3464. >They are heavy.
  3465. >The’re everywhere.
  3466. >Are they like you?
  3467. >No.
  3468. >No, they’re not.
  3469. >They’re heavy.
  3470. >That’s all you know.
  3471. >Why are they here?
  3472. >They feel like they don’t belong.
  3473. >But you can feel them move things around too.
  3474. >Are they trying to heal his hand too?
  3475. >Yes.
  3476. >That’s what they seem to do.
  3477. >But you’re faster than them.
  3478. >They notice.
  3479. >They noticed you.
  3480. >They stop moving, only let themselves drift around in his blood.
  3481. >There was a change.
  3482. >Do they think what to do?
  3483. >They communicate.
  3484. >Yes.
  3485. >You notice.
  3486. >They radiate.
  3487. >Weakly.
  3488. >But you notice.
  3489. >Then they go to spread up.
  3490. >All around his body.
  3491. >Are they idle?
  3492. >Yes.
  3493. >They wait.
  3494. >They had repaired.
  3495. >Do they wait for another injury to mend?
  3496. >It’s their only purpose whom you could observe.
  3497. >They are weak.
  3498. >You’re stronger.
  3499. >Should you purge them?
  3500. >No.
  3501. >Not worth the effort.
  3502. >They are not a threat.
  3503. >Not to you, nor to him.
  3504. >They can stay.
  3506. >Be Anon again.
  3507. >A few seconds ago you had been panicking about the black sludge beginning to cover your body, but now you’re rather calm.
  3508. >It had almost immediately formed you a new hand which you now observe in awe.
  3509. >There was no hint of the black stuff left, only you.
  3510. >And you feel great.
  3511. >Amazing in fact.
  3512. “Awesome.”
  3513. >You then look up again to take in your surroundings.
  3514. >It’s almost as if you look at everything for the first time.
  3515. >The dim light in the warehouse now perfectly illuminated everything.
  3516. >You had no trouble seeing at all.
  3517. >Then your eyes fell on the gorgeous woman before you.
  3518. >Your eyes go over her body riling up lust inside of you.
  3519. >You almost pop a boner as you imagine making her yours right here and now.
  3520. >For a moment you had a moment of doubt about something, but the thought had vanished before it had even formed properly.
  3521. >You approach her and offer her your new hand.
  3522. “Want to have some fun?”
  3523. >She takes it and you pull her to your side.
  3524. >“What do you have in mind?”
  3525. >As you turn you two around to face the warehouses entrance your hand wanders down to her waist where you keep it.
  3526. >You guide her a little as the two of you walk besides one another, her in your semi-embrace.
  3527. >She’s not breaking free, and you feel confident.
  3528. >You can make her yours.
  3529. >You smile.
  3530. “Maybe crack some criminal’s skull? Fight some crime and have some people get what’s coming to them.”
  3531. >“I see the symbiote has begun working well.”
  3532. “The symbiote? Is that what that was?”
  3533. >“Yes. It lives inside of you now.”
  3534. “Huh...”
  3535. >You should be afraid, or maybe disgusted, but you’re not.
  3536. “What does it do?”
  3537. >“It carves experience, and if something stands in the way, like doubt or the lack of a hand, it takes care of that.”
  3538. “So in exchange for amazing powers and a self confidence boost it wants experience? Like me just doing stuff?”
  3539. >“Yes, exactly like that.”
  3540. “Neat.”
  3542. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  3543. >You’re in the Wonderbolt’s hospital, waiting for results of Twilight’s surgery.
  3544. >Misty Fly was pacing around in the same room as you.
  3545. >It was annoying, but you knew why she was so on edge.
  3546. >But it was better to look at her than at Shining Armor.
  3547. >He looked destroyed.
  3548. >The only other person present was Time Turner to whom Twilight had sort of been a protege.
  3549. >You were only lucky that, after having rejected the Wonderbolts again and again, you’re allowed to even be here.
  3550. >Some people were transported to Equestria, and Spitfire was in contact with the Equestrian Twilight, but you couldn’t focus on anything right now.
  3551. >The possibility of someone’s death has never really occurred to you.
  3552. >You’re young, and under the impression nothing can hurt you.
  3553. >Well, there was your superhuman durability, but your skin wouldn’t be able to stop a bullet.
  3554. >And assuming in any way that you and your friends would never be seriously harmed was very childish.
  3555. >You always bounce back.
  3556. >Any injury you or your friends have ever gotten still could be recovered from.
  3557. >Rainbow Dash had a few nasty injuries, she was simply the one taking the most risks.
  3558. >But she too has always bounced back.
  3559. >Healing may take a month or two, but she was at 100% every time.
  3560. >Now part of Twilight’s lung and liver have to be removed, and it’s likely she even needs a donor.
  3561. >You look to the clock.
  3562. >It was almost 2 am.
  3563. >You sigh and stand up.
  3564. “I’ll go get more coffee.”
  3565. >These words break the silence of the past hour.
  3566. >“I’ll come with, I need something to do.”
  3567. >Shining stands up as well and follows you.
  3568. >You two walk town the hall to the coffeemaker.
  3569. >“You... work for the Wonderbolts, too?”
  3570. “No, I... It’s complicated.”
  3571. >You really don’t know what to say.
  3572. >“But you knew? My Twily is out there fighting crime...”
  3573. “No, I- Not until today. I talked to her just before- I mean-”
  3574. >“Are you Spider-Woman?”
  3575. >There was barely anything in his voice.
  3576. >No judgment, no anger, no sadness, no nothing.
  3577. “Yeah...”
  3578. >He doesn’t respond, and only idly presses the buttons on the coffeemaker while you lean against the counter, observing him.
  3579. >His head connects with the cupboard just above the machine and he leans against it.
  3580. >There were no tears in his eyes, but his voice was shaking.
  3581. >“I can’t imagine a world without Twily...”
  3582. >It was your turn to not respond.
  3583. >What is there you could say?
  3584. >For a moment you think he blames you for Twilight even being here in New Yoke.
  3585. >“I’m her brother, I am supposed to protect her.”
  3586. “Hey...”
  3587. >You approach him and give him a hug.
  3588. >He almost falls together in your embrace, but you easily have the strength to hold him.
  3589. >Your powers feel wrong here.
  3590. >It’s like you are cheating.
  3591. >You should feel his weight.
  3592. >The crushing feeling of a proud man on the verge of loosing hope.
  3593. >“It- it’s been too long. I-I know bullet wounds, and she... she’s been in there too long.”
  3594. >You know Shining served a round in the middle east somewhere.
  3595. >But hearing that piece of information tugs at your heartstrings.
  3596. >He must have lost comrades if he knows how long such an operation is supposed to take, and when it... takes too long...
  3597. >But still.
  3598. >You refuse to believe Twilight will die.
  3599. >She can’t.
  3600. >She simply can’t.
  3601. >You... don’t know what you’d do if she were to...
  3602. >...die.
  3603. >Shining stands up from your hug again, blinks his tears away and takes his coffee.
  3604. >Then he resumes another position like nothing had just happened.
  3605. >You stare at him for a moment before pressing making drawing your own coffee.
  3606. >You go back to be silent again as you walk back to the waiting room with him.
  3607. >Nothing happened.
  3608. >Just have gotten coffee.
  3609. >Just... coffee...
  3610. >“Captain Armor?”
  3611. >A door had been opened and Spitfire looks out.
  3612. >“A word.”
  3613. >She nods him in.
  3614. >A few moments later he nods and goes to her.
  3615. >...
  3616. >Family is called first.
  3617. >You close your eyes.
  3618. >No...
  3619. >Be Spitfire.
  3620. >Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkles brother follows you a little further into the hospital.
  3621. >“She didn’t tell me she’s with you guys.”
  3622. “We work under a certain amount of secrecy, Captain. Don’t think I haven’t pulled the file on her family. I know who you are.”
  3623. >“I should have been there to protect her.”
  3624. >You tap your watch twice and shortly thereafter hear it say
  3625. >“Room secured.”
  3626. “Is this a job application I hear?”
  3627. >He pauses.
  3628. “It that why you took me aside? To have me work for you? Using my sisters condition as leverage? It’s despicable.”
  3629. “So it is, but I’m on the verge of desperation myself... You worked against the Ten Rings, right? You know what it’s like not being able to trust anyone, and you’ve been under mind control yourself once.”
  3630. >“I’ve done my service to this nation. Now I want to know if my sister is alright.”
  3631. >You look to the young man before you and give him a weak smile.
  3632. “Officially an unsuspected clot formed and cut off air to her brain. Unofficially has she passed with flying colors, just woke up and agreed to play dead for me.”
  3633. >He let’s out a sigh of relief.
  3634. “Yet, I can’t let you see her without compromising the plan I’ve set up.”
  3635. >“And what would that be?
  3636. “For the moment I don’t know whom I can trust within the Wonderbolts, that’s why I’m making a team of new people who have been sitting on the bench for a while or, in your sister’s case, kill them off.”
  3637. >He sighs.
  3638. “And naturally only the people within your new club can see those who are presumed deceased?”
  3639. >Again, you could only give him a weak smile.
  3640. “Well, I already told you your sister’s alive as a show of good faith, and-”
  3641. >“And because you knew I wouldn’t join were I to think she’s dead.”
  3642. “I do my hardest not to be the bad guy here, Mr. Armor. But I was trained a spy. Moral lines shift, and I can only do what I believe is right.”
  3643. >“For the greater good?”
  3644. “Something like that.”
  3645. >“You want to create a secret organization within a secret organization?”
  3646. “To battle another secret organization within the same secret organization as we are.”
  3647. >“You see how that also may seem like you want to raise your private army who should disregard the Wonderbolts and their orders from the world security council?”
  3648. “Yes...”
  3649. >He is smarter than his sister when it comes to these matters.
  3650. >“Then convince me you are the good guy, Colonel. What is it that makes you sure of that yourself? Why don’t you trust people of your own organization? Because they keep secrets from you? And here you are making more secrets.”
  3651. “Because I think we are infiltrated by shapeshifters, and not just that. They wanted me to know. They want me to not be able to trust anyone anymore. So here I am, collecting people whom I can trust. People who have gone under the radar of not being swapped out yet.”
  3652. >“Shapeshifters?”
  3653. “A little less gruesome than mind control, I know. But the swapped out people will be devout and not fight against their master.”
  3654. >It was your turn to sigh.
  3655. “I fear for the future, Captain, but I will not let that fear cripple me.”
  3656. >“It still doesn’t quite tell me you are the good guy.”
  3657. “No, I’ afraid it does not... But good is always in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?”
  3658. >He nods.
  3659. >“And what is ‘good’ for you?”
  3660. >You were able to give him a genuine smile this time around, then you nod to the american flag on the wall.
  3661. “Did you know I’m from Argentine?”
  3662. >He opens his mouth and closes it again.
  3663. >“I did not, no. You don’t seem to have an accent.”
  3664. “I’m doing a lot of things to make others comfortable, going against the american dream of everyone striving for individualism. Hmm... I’m sacrificing myself and expect it of those close to me too. We go through discomfort for a lot more people to be able to go about their lives as they want to be.”
  3665. >“So being good means for you to be selfless?”
  3666. “Sacrificing the few for the many is not good in itself. In either case you’ll sacrifice somebody, which is a moral dilemma, but still bad. Inaction or apathy is worse, only letting someone else to your dirtywork.”
  3667. “Only if people are my subordinates, and knew what they are getting into I can sacrifice them, as I wouldn’t inhibit their freedom by doing what they have signed up for. Albeit ‘sacrifice’ here is not synonymous with death.”
  3668. >You sigh.
  3669. “But even death has to be calculated at times...”
  3670. >“You practiced this speech, haven’t you?”
  3671. “Not as often as you might think.”
  3672. >That was the truth.
  3673. >He nods.
  3674. >“I still don’t trust you. But I will protect my sister.”
  3675. “I never asked for your blind trust, Captain.”
  3676. >You reach out to offer your hand for a shake.
  3677. >“May I hear your accent then? Just to hear you legit for a change?”
  3678. “Te gustaria hablar de pollos? O de llamas?”
  3679. >“Ok, sign me in.”
  3680. >He shakes your hand.
  3683. >“We bring these here to face Princess’ Twilight Sparkle’s judgment, not before yours, Starlight.”
  3684. >“The Princess has given me the necessary authority as she is busy with a foreign delegation at the moment. Now what crime have those two committed that would need the Princess’ immediate attention?”
  3685. “We haven’t done anything!”
  3686. >Be the subject of some horses legal system.
  3687. >Be Lyra.
  3688. >You’re pretty sure the guards who captured you and Flash dislike the princess’ assistant, so you hope you can use that to your advantage.
  3689. >You just need to play one side against the other, and...
  3690. >“They are in violation of the changeling treaty. Impersonating an Equestrian citizen, and worse yet, in his case, a crystal guard.”
  3691. >Impersonating?
  3692. “I’m not impersonating anyone.”
  3693. >You only happen to run into a horse who looked the same as you.
  3694. >Or you looked the same as her.
  3695. >Odds are, she had been a horse longer than you had been.
  3696. >“Drop your disguises and show your true form in royal halls. I may not be Princess Twilight, but I do carry some of her authority for the time being.”
  3697. “Disguises? I- What?”
  3698. >Okay, forget about playing one against the other.
  3699. >You first need to figure out what the heck is going on.
  3700. >“You are changelings, are you not?”
  3701. >Whatever changelings are, it sounds bad.
  3702. “No, I- We... are...”
  3703. >You look to Flash.
  3704. “Just regular old, uhh... unicorn and pegasus, yeah. That’s what we are.”
  3705. >You facepalm internally.
  3706. >There is no way that pale magenta unicorn believes a word you’re saying.
  3707. >“For infiltrators you lack a certain... understanding of what’s going on, do you not?”
  3708. “Heh...”
  3709. >You take a step back as she approaches you with a smile.
  3710. >But there was only so far you were able to walk backwards until your rear was met with an halberd.
  3711. >Her horn ignites with a strange green glow which quickly jumps over to you.
  3712. >You flinch back in anticipation but nothing happens.
  3713. >No, literally nothing happens
  3714. >“It seems she is indeed not a changeling...”
  3715. >The glow disappears from your body, and a moment later was on Flash.
  3716. >“Not him either.”
  3717. >“Obviously they are changelings, Princess Twilight would cast the spell right.”
  3718. >“Imbecile...”
  3719. >You hear Starlight whisper under her breath before smiling again and saying with an official voice.
  3720. >“Princess Twilight trusts in my capabilities, and claiming I am wrong is like saying she is. Is that what you’re insinuating?”
  3721. >“Ah- No, but-”
  3722. >“Have some strange objects been found in their possession?”
  3723. >This had made him shut up pretty quickly.
  3724. >And it caused you and Flash to perk your ears.
  3725. >(What an annoying feature. These horses give away their emotions so easily, especially annoying if you’re the horse.)
  3726. >How would she know about the gun?
  3727. >“Yes.”
  3728. >The guards then go to reveal the things which had been in your possession but didn’t get dramatically altered by falling through a portal to pony-land.
  3729. >Namely the gun, and both your phones.
  3730. >“They are not changelings. They are – if I’m not mistaken – human? Is that correct?”
  3731. >Your eyes widen.
  3732. >“What’s a human?”
  3733. >“A human is none of your concern, and you’re on a need to know basis.”
  3734. >She says to the guards with quite the sass in her voice.
  3735. >“Now I assume you two are stranded here without knowing how to get back?”
  3736. “We-”
  3737. >“Yes.”
  3738. >Flash should only talk when you allow it.
  3739. >“Well, everyone involved will be happy to hear that.”
  3740. “What do you mean?”
  3741. >“Your government is already worried about you.”
  3742. “The government?”
  3743. >How?
  3744. >“Why, yes. You did go missing, technically speaking.”
  3745. >“Starlight, does that mean you know what is going on.”
  3746. >“Yes, as I said, none of your business. As these two are neither criminals nor dangerous, the guards are no longer needed.”
  3747. >Yes- criminals... not here but back... on earth?
  3748. >You hadn’t stopped to think what would happen if you go back.
  3749. >Do they know you were the mastermind behind the robbery?
  3750. >Maybe you could go back with no worry, but Flash?
  3751. >You nod Flash aside to whisper your concerns to him, as the magenta horse gets rid of the guard-horses.
  3752. >“I haven’t thought about that.”
  3753. “You did shoot that Iron Mage thing, one of the Wonderbolts. And somehow these people here know how to send us back, and already know that the Wonderbolts are looking for us, Jesus...”
  3754. >“So what do we do?”
  3755. >What do you do?
  3756. >Great question...
  3757. “I don’t know...”
  3758. >“What do you mean you don’t know? You always know everything!”
  3759. “Well, that was before we were transported to horse-land,  obviously!”
  3760. >“It’s actually called Equestria.”
  3761. >That magenta one had snuck up on you.
  3762. “Equestria?”
  3763. >“Yes, and your Earth and Equestria seem to be alter-dimensional. There are a lot of similarities between our worlds. While the same language already seems amazing, there is also a different version of each person in this other... This is whom you had run into earlier, I assume.”
  3764. “Ahhh.... okay?”
  3765. >“There needs to be a balance in the world, so I highly suggest we return you as soon as possible.
  3766. “Great, now there is the world order on our shoulders too?”
  3767. >“Balance... so the order of two worlds, really...”
  3768. “Okay, okay, we go back.”
  3769. >Fuck Flash and if he goes to prison, you were still able to stick to your story.
  3770. >“Follow me then.”
  3771. >“But what about-”
  3772. “Shh. Flash.”
  3774. >Still be Lyra.
  3775. >You follow the light magenta horse only to meet up with another, darker, magenta horse wearing a tiara.
  3776. >“So it was Princess Twilight like Twilight Sparkle?”
  3777. >“Flash? Flash Sentry?”
  3778. >The dark magenta horse – Princess Twilight Sparkle,  you assume – knows Flash?
  3779. >the heck?
  3780. >“You know him?”
  3781. “You know him?”
  3782. >Starlight and you say in the same surprised tone.
  3783. >“Yes... it was almost three years back now...”
  3784. >She seems uncomfortable.
  3785. >As does Flash.
  3786. >“You know, when I had been in their world.”
  3787. >Purple horse was in your world? What?
  3788. >“H-hey Twilight... I knew you were from out of town... ‘out of town’ under quotes, but... this?”
  3789. >“Yeah... it’s complicated.”
  3790. >No shit.
  3791. >There was an awkward pause.
  3792. >Dear god.
  3793. >The way they awkwardly avoid to look at one another...
  3794. >“So this is Lyra.”
  3795. >“So this is Starlight.”
  3796. >The two who knew one another talk simultaneously, as did you and Starlight following it up.
  3797. “I’m his Hostage.”
  3798. >“I’m her Assistant.”
  3799. >There are not enough palms in the world to meet your face right now.
  3800. >“I see our two missing humans have been found?”
  3801. >Two other horses enters the room.
  3802. >One... distinctively wore a Wonderbolts costume, even if it’s tailored to fit a horse.
  3803. >And the hair...
  3804. >“Miss Fleetfoot, BonBon.”
  3805. >Twilight greets them by name, which made your heart sink.
  3806. >You haven’t been in this dimension for 12 hours and you already managed to be in the Wonderbolt’s grasp.
  3807. >“Indeed, these two are the ones which were transported here.”
  3808. >Starlight explained with the information you had already given.
  3809. >“Well, this is certainly a shorter trip than I had expected...”
  3810. >“And they do seem willing to go back to their own dimension.”
  3811. >“Can’t I at least catch up with Twilight?”
  3812. >“Flash, we were teens. We danced and that was it.”
  3813. >Annihilated.
  3814. >“But I-”
  3815. >“You two know one another?”
  3816. >Fleetfoot was curious.
  3817. >“Yes, from when I had been in your dimension.”
  3818. >You have no idea what was going on anymore.
  3819. >“We have been briefed about that, but to my knowledge you didn’t venture far into our world.”
  3820. >“I have not.”
  3821. “What is going on here!?”
  3822. >You manage to get attention to yourself.
  3823. >There was a pause before Fleetfoot answers.
  3824. >“It seems different dimensions sometimes meet. And as coincidence has it, so have those two in a previous event.”
  3825. >Twilight clarifies: “Previous two.”
  3826. >“In previous two events.”
  3827. >Your brain is trying to make sense of that all.
  3828. >And how curious can you be be when all you want is...
  3829. “Can I go home now?”
  3830. >“Most certainly.”
  3831. >“The experiments on the portal have not been completed yet.”
  3832. >“But it works, right?”
  3833. >Uhrgh.
  3834. >“It does, yes. As we wrote about to Colonel Spitfire, but we don’t know what effect it will have on people native to your dimension.”
  3835. >“Nothing will happen.”
  3836. >Fleetfoot is pushing this... something doesn’t seem right.
  3837. >You look between her and this Twilight, but then BonBon speaks up as well.
  3838. >“Maybe we should let them finish their experiments.”
  3839. >“The press is on our asses about two missing people who got sucked into another dimension, It’s not the time to wait. The portal works.”
  3840. >“I guess you’re right.”
  3841. >You look to Twilight.
  3842. “Is that portal thing save?”
  3843. >She nods.
  3844. >“That it is, bu-”
  3845. >“That’s all I need to know.”
  3846. >Fleetfoot drags you along out of the room.
  3847. >“I know this isn’t exactly how you planned this all to go down, but you’re part of something bigger now.”
  3848. “You mean like I shouldn’t tell anyone?”
  3849. >“Among other things, yes. But you’re also part of the club now.”
  3850. “The Wonderbolts aren’t really a club I wanted to join.”
  3851. >She leans in closer and whispers.
  3852. >“Oh, you have auditioned for the club within that other club, haven’t you?”
  3853. >Oh, you get it now.
  3854. >But Fleetfoot?
  3855. “Hail... Hail Hydra?”
  3856. >“Hail Hydra.”
  3858. >Be Anon
  3859. >You feel fucking great.
  3860. >You’ve never experienced this kind of endorphins running through your body.
  3861. >Your aunt never let you do anything dangerous in fear of your healing factor being discovered.
  3862. >Now you’re at the docks, found some underworld crime organization and seriously whoop their butts.
  3863. >You feel every bullet hitting you.
  3864. >But you also feel the wound closing only seconds after.
  3865. >The only real annoying thing were the shots themselves.
  3866. >It was so loud...
  3867. >So loud.
  3868. >You hate it.
  3869. >And they get what’s coming to them for being so annoyingly loud.
  3870. >And for being the irish mafia where some of them kill people for a living.
  3871. >That too.
  3872. >You jump down, impaling 4 people in close proximity with your spider-legs before simply sliding the legs out of their bodies and wiping the blood off on their clothes.
  3873. “Don’t be such a baby, you’ll live.”
  3874. >You encourage one of them as you destroy his tommy gun with another quick snap of a leg.
  3875. >A tommy gun... very clishee, but you like it.
  3876. >Shame you destroy all of their guns just now.
  3877. >You don’t know who is in cahoots with whom, so maybe some other criminals will profit from your actions...
  3878. >But if you just continue to destroy one criminal outpost after another before another can grow back, it’s a success.
  3879. >Weapons were easy to destroy. Brute force, and maybe some heat. Same goes for ammunition and explosives.
  3880. >Fire does the trick after one or two things have properly been sabotaged.
  3881. >Their system was easy to get into as well, after you tortured some necessary information out of one higher goon.
  3882. >You’re learning at an exponential rate thanks to that symbiote-thing.
  3883. >So after you downloaded all the stuff you wanted you planted a nice encryption worm in their system to make all their files unreadable.
  3884. >And after you are done destroying all the physical goods, you give the copies you made to the local police, and a week later to the FBI, just in case the local police was corrupt.
  3885. >Chrysalis quickly was exhausted, and has left you alone around 2 am, after the third location you’ve hit.
  3886. >Now you’re in double digits, and the sun had already risen.
  3887. >Oh well, you can call it your quits now.
  3888. >The only real reason was that you had a murder appetite, not because you wanted to.
  3889. >You finish off the warehouse and drag the unconscious and immobile thugs out before you set off the explosives in it.
  3890. >You may have maimed some people, but you were not a murderer.
  3891. >Sure, some people will die because they failed their godfather, but that’ll not be of your business.
  3892. >So before you knew it you were at the farmers market.
  3893. >Best timing too, because the fresh deliveries were just in.
  3894. >You jump from one stand to the other, smelling your way through the goods, buying the best ingredients for some dinner.
  3895. >Doesn’t matter if they run away screaming or shoot at you. As long as none of the ingredients were harmed you don’t mind.
  3896. >In fact you think it’s amusing.
  3897. >You’re a superhero, you’ll protect them, you’re not the bad guy.
  3898. >“What are you!? You’re not Spider-Woman! Why are you wearing her symbol?”
  3899. >A brave cabbage salesman with a shotgun asks you.
  3900. >Your face at point-blank with his weapon.
  3901. >Well, not /your/ face, but the disguise your symbiote has whipped up for you.
  3902. >Your features were way different than that of a humans, so you could smile quite broadly at his question?
  3903. “Spider-Woman?”
  3904. >You think you’ve stopped more criminals within one night than Sunset has in the last year.
  3905. “I’m a paying customer.”
  3906. >You lay down some money on exact change.
  3907. >You weighed the cabbage you were going to take only with your hand, but your feeling is better than the scale he has.
  3908. “And I’m a vastly superior Spider-Man.”
  3909. >Then you jump away.
  3911. >Shoobedoo~
  3912. >Be Anon
  3913. >Still be feeling amazing
  3914. >Especially now since you’re not hungry anymore.
  3915. >You cooked up something to eat, you don’t even know what it’s called.
  3916. >You just know that there was more than could fit in the averagely sized stomach, and you ate all of it.
  3917. >Once you were done cleaning the dorm’s kitchen – and yes, that includes scrubbing away the stuff you didn’t even make dirty – you went back to your own dorm.
  3918. >But that couldn’t be your dorm.
  3919. >A fucking slob lives here.
  3920. >Of course, you immediately started to clean up your living space as well, and while you were at it sorted your books.
  3921. >And before you knew it you were skimming through those books.
  3922. >You just needed to see each page to find the memory of it in your head again.
  3923. >Only this time your brain neatly archives it and makes the knowledge easily accessible.
  3924. >You were aware of the fact that you are bulling some Bradly Cooper in Limitless bullshit, but it didn’t worry you.
  3925. >It’s not some drug you were hooked on, you don’t need to constantly get more and there will not be a physical carving for the symbiote if you’d ever lose him.
  3926. >Not that you’d plan ever losing it.
  3927. >But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a plan in case you do lose him.
  3928. >The only thing that worries you at the moment is what to do next on your supercharged mission.
  3929. >You certainly won’t go to college to hear stuff you already know.
  3930. >You could club more of the irish mafia, just for fun, but it didn’t seem fulfilling.
  3931. >Hmm... you decide to check the news.
  3932. >Your handiwork, your handiwork, your handiwork, …
  3933. >Oh, the wonderbolts plan to catch you.
  3934. >Their newcomer, the Iron Mage died.
  3935. >Hmm...
  3936. >You know that pendant.
  3937. >After only two minutes of research you were sure it’s the same Twilight Sparkle had created back in CP.
  3938. >So Twilight is a superhero, too? Neat.
  3939. >Okay, she’s dead. Less neat...
  3940. >What the fuck is wrong with you? A childhood friend dies and that’s all the emotions you feel?
  3941. >Nevermind, she’s a member of the Wonderbolts.
  3942. >You wonder if you can guess her password and get into their system.
  3943. >Yeah, that’s an idea.
  3944. >You search for Internet cafes in New Yoke, and pick two by a computer generated random number.
  3945. >Then you find go to the first, set up a string of proxys, search for the traffic cam footage of the others area and send the same worm in you already did to take care of the Irish’s system.
  3946. >You goof off a little on wikipedia, changing the incredible inaccurate sites about Vibranium and Nanotechnology, infiltrate the cafes system and delete your logs, and then head out for internet cafe number two, the one with better connection.
  3947. >Walking around such a distant doesn’t bother you at all.
  3948. >It gave you time to recharge your brain and sort everything in more properly.
  3949. >Kinda like sleeping, really.
  3950. >At least you felt super refreshed when you arrive at the second cafe.
  3951. >There you pull the same stunt, erase the traffic footage of the first internet cafe you had been too to cover your tracks.
  3952. >You’ve written the program to guess Twilights password in your head already.
  3953. >You knew what passwords she used back in CP. As her lab partner you were required to know in case of unfortunate events.
  3954. >And she always uses the same pattern.
  3955. >A word she somehow relates to interrupted by a number while one half of the word is in capitals. Then a symbol, and an 8 digit number, whereas the 9 used numbers have no double.
  3956. >After the program was done, you only had to enter a list of words.
  3957. >Number of words, times average letters in those words, times a handful of symbols, times nine factorial.
  3958. >That’s roughly 2.5 Billion possibilities.
  3959. >Only half an hour after you’re into the Wonderbolts system.
  3960. >Username: t.sparkle96; password: mid3NIGHT§41987625
  3961. >Let’s see what you guys have...
  3963. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  3964. >You’re looking over the bustling of the city
  3965. >You’re clawed in your costume which you don’t know how often you still get to wear.
  3966. >If you sign up with the Wonderbolts, you probably get a new one.
  3967. >If you don’t... well then you don’t.
  3968. >Twilight’s death hit you hard, but you didn’t cry.
  3969. >You didn’t kick anything in anger either.
  3970. >You just accepted the news and went home.
  3971. >Not that you had been able to sleep.
  3972. >Well, maybe you did slip in and out of sleep a few times, but when your phone lighted up you had not been able to do so anymore.
  3973. >Your copycat, the one who had showed up when you were fighting that ridiculously named bomber, had escaped from the hospital.
  3974. >He’s now on a rampage and destroyed almost all of the Irish Mafia... in one night.
  3975. >And he’s calling himself a Superior Spider-Man.
  3976. >When you met him he seemed... He seemed like just a fanboy.
  3977. >But not every fanboy can transform into a monster.
  3978. >No matter what Spitfire said.
  3979. >He’s your responsibility.
  3980. >And your free pass to still be Spider-Woman for a while.
  3981. >Like your audition to the Wonderbolts.
  3982. >Which you still don’t know if you join.
  3983. >Twilight...
  3984. >No, you have to take responsibility.
  3985. >For your actions, and the actions of others which you inspire.
  3986. >You’re at fault.
  3987. >And you have the power to stop him.
  3988. >It’s like you’ve known for a while.
  3989. >You don’t do this because it’s fun.
  3990. >You do this because [spoiler]with great power comes great responsibility.[/spoiler]
  3992. >Be Spitfire.
  3993. >After pulling an all-nighter through the interdimensional time difference from Earth to Equestria, your mind is exhausted.
  3994. >And the committee wants you in Washington.
  3995. >While you do like to pilot these things yourself, it’s probably best if your tired self doesn’t take the controls of the quinjet.
  3996. >If one more thing goes wrong today...
  3997. >Beep Beep.
  3998. >Called it.
  3999. >You open the terminal and access your personal notifications.
  4000. “If one more thing goes wrong today...”
  4001. >You repeat your earlier thoughts as you read what the notification.
  4002. >Twilight Sparkles account – as low as her security level may be – just accessed the archive and searched for...
  4003. “Hydra. Munich 1946. Hydra Society. Innsbruck 1878.”
  4004. >Your mind catches up and you revoke the accounts access.
  4005. “Hydra...”
  4006. >A relic of the past.
  4007. >But the past does have a way of sneaking up on you.
  4008. >How much has he seen?
  4009. >How much has who seen?
  4010. >How careful were they?
  4011. >The IP was from inside the city of New Yoke.
  4012. >You check for the obvious, and two areas have malfunctioning traffic surveilance.
  4013. >Both have a number of internet cafes, so you map the routes between each of them, and let a list of all the people be generated who went from one to the other.
  4014. >This narrows it down from all the people in New Yoke to only a handful.
  4015. >Any known friends, family or classmates of Twilight?
  4016. >A few hit, but one stood out, and not just by the incredible IQ and perfect SAT score you read.
  4017. >Anon West.
  4018. >You lean back as you summon his profile.
  4019. “Anon West...”
  4020. >You’ve countless of fake identities in your time.
  4021. >But one you will never forget.
  4022. >Your typo.
  4024. >Be Anon again.
  4025. >You have been caught accessing files with the account of a dead person.
  4026. >That’s bad.
  4027. >But there is no way this can be traced back to you, can it?
  4028. >Your phone rings.
  4029. >That has to be a coincidence.
  4030. >You look on it as you leave the internet station.
  4031. >It’s just your aunt.
  4032. >You pick up and greet her.
  4033. “Hey Auntie~ You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve ha-”
  4034. >“Anon, you need to stop.”
  4035. “What?
  4036. >“This is far from a secure line, but my contact told me you were snooping around. You need to lay low.”
  4037. >You slowly look around.
  4038. >The only thing going through your head was a single word.
  4039. >How?
  4040. “I’m an adult now, I can look after myself.”
  4041. >“Anon, no-”
  4042. >You hang up.
  4043. >Your next steps need to be calculated.
  4044. >So you simply went to pay for your time in the cafe and head out.
  4045. >They are on your ass already...
  4046. >You’re not going to run anymore.
  4047. >Let them come.
  4048. >You look for a spot to suit up.
  4050. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  4051. >But right now you're Spider-Woman.
  4052. >And you see what you're looking for.
  4053. "All out of bubble gum..."
  4055. [pastebin note] that Sunset POV is quite awkward, isn’t it? Well, it had more dramatic effect when you read it in the thread, considering the pauses in between.]
  4056. [I wanted to initiate the fight immediately but thought of one more scene just before it. Continue reading...]
  4058. >Be Anon
  4059. >Your cellphone rings again, but you decline the call from your aunt.
  4060. >She tries once more but then seems to give up.
  4061. >By that time you reach an alley fit to change you hear your phone again.
  4062. >This time it makes you stop...
  4063. >You had put it on airplane mode.
  4064. >And it’s a voice immediately talking to you.
  4065. >“Mr. West?”
  4066. >You take it out and stare at it in disbelieve.
  4067. >A white hydra logo on black background adorns your phones screen.
  4068. >“I see from phones gyroscope you stopped moving and pulled the phone out, yes?”
  4069. >The voice is female.
  4070. >And you’ve heard it before... recently even.
  4071. >But you can’t put your finger on where you’ve heard it.
  4072. >This makes this all the much creepier.
  4073. “Yes...”
  4074. >“I can no longer protect you, if you head down this path.”
  4075. >Her accent is weird... South-American probably.
  4076. “I don’t need your protection.”
  4077. >She chuckles.
  4078. >“Welcome to the world of the grown ups then, You have lots to learn.”
  4080. >Be Sunset Shimmer, the Spider-Woman
  4081. >This Superior Spider-Man didn’t even try to hide.
  4082. >Quite contrary... It’s as if he’s trying to lure someone out.
  4083. >Are you being played?
  4084. >Is he maybe a test for you by Spitfire?
  4085. >No matter how good she seems, you don’t trust her.
  4086. >But it’s the right thing to do.
  4087. >If you are going to be part of the system, you’ll have to listen to your supervisor.
  4088. >You have to trust the system you’re part of.
  4089. >But do you have to trust them?
  4090. >Well, she already knows everything there is to know about you.
  4091. >Okay... except for the fact that at one point you had stolen the Element of Magic and used it to become a demon with the intent to wage war on another dimension, kidnapping this world’s people and putting them under mind-control in the process.
  4092. >Yeah...
  4093. >Better hope it stays that way.
  4094. “Hey, you!”
  4095. >You should have thought of something better to say before you went swinging into the street your target currently uses to hop around from building to building.
  4096. >“Spider-Woman!”
  4097. >His voice deep and gnarly, and it echoed itself behind a bit as if multiple people were speaking.
  4098. >“An honor to meet you...”
  4099. >He faked a bow in the position he is on the wall.
  4100. >Whatever he is, he seemed at least willing to talk.
  4101. >So you decide to land beside him, well outside of the reach of his weird looking spider-legs.
  4102. >Three of them were well put into the wall, cracking up the buildings facade, while the fourth was looming just on the wall, ready to strike.
  4103. “Have we not met already? Two nights ago?”
  4104. >“Ahh.... yes, that was a different me. You see, I have evolved.”
  4105. >He makes a hand gesture, showing off that, he has two again; and these hands were not quite... human.
  4106. >Just like his face.
  4107. >It was like a mockery of your mask.
  4108. >The form of the eyes (or at least the protective film above them) were the approximate same size and shape as your mask.
  4109. >You’d hope it’s not actually his face, but his mouth...
  4110. >His mouth was certainly not human, nor was his tongue.
  4111. >It’s as if the skin goes over straight into his teeth. There was no telling them apart.
  4112. >And the tongue was split on it’s end like a reptiles, but long and thick.
  4113. >It’s very uncanny.
  4114. >Because the rest of his body seems to be that of a normal humans.
  4115. >A human of peak physique.
  4116. >He appears to be naked, but his skin, or armor, or whatever it is, goes over his crotch too, making him junkless.
  4117. >Glad that is not swinging around... for reasons.
  4118. “Evolved? Yes, maybe. But have you looked yourself in the mirror? Are you sure it’s for the better.”
  4119. >“Ahh, this pretty face?”
  4120. >He gestures to his facial features.
  4121. >“It’s temporary. But if you think it’s hot, then maybe I can keep it.”
  4122. >You narrow your eyes.
  4123. >Is he trying to flirt with you?
  4124. “Oh, no. I’d much rather see how you really look like.”
  4125. >He chuckles.
  4126. >“Come closer, and maybe I show you.”
  4127. >With that he approaches you himself.
  4128. >Removing one of the legs from the mortar of the building before ramming the previously free one in.
  4129. >So he keeps one leg always free... to attack?
  4130. >Or rather to defend himself?
  4131. >He started out as your fan so you hope for the later, but from the reputation he collected overnight?
  4132. “I think we’re good the distance we are.”
  4133. >Against your believe he stopped.
  4134. >“Ahh, why? Are you afraid of me?”
  4135. >Yes.
  4136. “No, of course not. I can hold my own in a fight easily, as you may know.”
  4137. >“I do so much like strong women~”
  4138. >You take a step back.
  4139. >“But, yes, this is correct, you do have a track record with super powered individuals.”
  4140. >You can’t tell if he’s somewhat in awe for your accomplishments like a fan would, or if he’s mocking you.
  4141. >“I’ve watched you~”
  4142. >You’re still not sure if he’s flirting or mocking you.
  4143. >All he manages to do is creep you out.
  4144. >“You look oh-so good in spandex.”
  4145. “You have your own reputation, don’t think your actions went unnoticed either. The Wonderbolts heard what you did last night.”
  4146. >“The Wonderbolts? So? You’re not one of them, last time I checked. But a free spider...”
  4147. >You’re not gonna explain yourself to him.
  4148. “They want me to bring you in.”
  4149. >“And how to you plan to do so?”
  4150. “I hoped talking would suffice.”
  4151. >“You see... I value my freedom.”
  4152. “They probably won’t lock you up... just ask you to follow their rules.”
  4153. >“Like you don’t?”
  4154. “I have an agreement.”
  4155. >“Because you had been a minor up until recently?”
  4156. “I-”
  4157. >You pause..
  4158. “I will bring you in.”
  4159. >“And I choose of be free. Free in the world. You might be free in that cage they have built around you to restrict yourself, but... we could have so much fun if we could just do what we want, couldn’t we?”
  4160. >You bite your lip.
  4161. >He doesn’t see it, since it’s under your mask, but the tell remains.
  4162. >“Ahh... Have I talked you into a corner?”
  4163. >He laughs.
  4164. >His laugh was horrible.
  4165. >Almost everything about him screams villain.
  4166. >And you don’t let yourself be mocked.
  4167. “I’ll bring you in by force if I have to.”
  4168. >“I’m looking forward to it.”
  4169. >...
  4170. >Neither of you move.
  4171. >“Well?”
  4172. >He continues then to approach you and then slowly extents one of his spider-legs to you.
  4173. >You can tell it’s still mostly metal, that armor-skin stuff didn’t cover it all.
  4174. >Just before he touches you you flick it away like an annoying fly.
  4175. >Which initiated the fight...
  4176. >Your spider sense hadn’t gone off when he touched you, but the mockingly gentle gesture angered you more than you had thought.
  4177. >It didn’t go off either when he swung these metal extremities along the wall.
  4178. >You still managed to jump from the wall in time using your other enhanced senses.
  4179. >“Where are you going? We were just about to have fun!”
  4180. >While in mid air you wonder why your trusty Spider-Sense™ didn’t warn you about what had clearly been an attack.
  4181. >You gesture for elastic string and shoot some webbing up above your opponent, then use the force of having jumped off and gravity to bungee yourself back up to him.
  4182. >He swipes up to cut the string, but only averted your path.
  4183. >Not even far enough to not counteract it.
  4184. >The kick you had planned lost some force through it though, so him-
  4185. >He jumps towards you.
  4186. >Maybe if you use his own momentum-
  4187. >One of the metal legs connects hard with your left ankle.
  4188. >A moment  later you were... in his arms?
  4189. >“I knew you came back! You do love me. Aww...”
  4190. >He lands on the building opposite of your starting position.
  4191. “You’re a bad habit I’m trying to quit, okay?”
  4192. >You easily break free and drop down.
  4193. >“No! Baby!”
  4194. >The playful banter had a bad aftertaste since his voice was so horrible.
  4195. “I gotta be honest with you. It’s not me, it’s you.”
  4196. >You grab a hold of the wall yourself just a bit underneath him, far enough outside his reach, with enough time to get away would he decide to drop down himself.
  4197. >“Laugh track plays.”
  4198. >How do you fight him?
  4199. “It’s over, Charlie.”
  4200. >“Close up of my sad face, cue Jimmy Ruffin.”
  4201. >You take in your surroundings.
  4202. >You were already pretty close to the ground, you need to gain altitude.
  4203. >He seems to excel at jumping from building to building as a means of transportation.
  4204. >These legs of his have a much higher span than yours, so he’d be faster at wall crawling.
  4205. >So far... you dropped in altitude and are now immobile.
  4206. >You need a strategy.
  4207. >You’d easily catch up to him if he would decided to go down any street.
  4208. >Swinging from a web is much faster than his jumping, so you’d at least not lose him.
  4209. >But fighting him?
  4210. >He has the appendages advantage on you.
  4211. >And he doesn’t really want to fight you, does he?
  4212. >No, he swung at you first and your ankle continues to hurt.
  4213. >He’s... a menace, worse than you were.
  4214. >You never fought a Wonderbolt or the police, even if they hunted you (to a degree).
  4215. >You always choose to avoid a fight and escape.
  4216. >He’s going down.
  4217. >You shoot sticky web to his legs, trying to secure them to the building.
  4218. >Next you web on him, and jump to the side, trying to get at least a bit of momentum in your swings.
  4219. >“So we skip the sad montage throughout this episodes credits?”
  4220. >You see him pulling at the sticking-web trying to get his leg free and lashes out at you with another.
  4221. >Again your spider-sense fails to inform you of the source of danger, but you still manage to get a hold of the leg.
  4222. “I never stay for the credits.”
  4223. >You crawl up his leg to reach him, but he shakes it quickly, forcing you to focus on holding on harder.
  4224. >“Then how will you know what superhero movie they are going to tease for next?”
  4225. >God, you’re getting dizzy.
  4226. >You need to find a way to immobilize these arms.
  4227. “Well, obviously I stay for marvel movies.”
  4228. >You put some web on the leg you’re holding onto.
  4229. “I have them on my calendar until 2019 after all.”
  4230. >Then you shoot at the wall and connect the two.
  4231. >“You’re a woman of excellent taste, I see...”
  4232. >Your heads still spinning while you look at you.
  4233. >“I have four of these, you know?”
  4234. >He places the leg down and lifts the other two.
  4235. >The already webbed in place leg, and the one just now secured form, together with his real legs now the standpoint.
  4236. “Aww, we had so much fun and you want to trash talk now?”
  4237. >Okay, you got him in place.
  4238. >“My apologies.”
  4239. >You shoot some more sticky web at his back, the base of his legs.
  4240. >That should slow them down.
  4241. >A quick acrobatic jump later you were out of his reach.
  4242. >You smile under your mask, even if he couldn’t see it.
  4243. “Apology accepted.”
  4244. >You won.
  4245. >He lowers the metal appendages and tests how much he can still use them.
  4246. >At least you think you won.
  4247. >“You’re always so understanding.”
  4248. >He’s still up for banter.
  4249. >You’re not going to let your guard down just yet.
  4250. >Sadly you have to do the grown up stuff now.
  4251. “I’ll have to take you in.”
  4252. >He moves in a position where he can sit on one of the immobile legs.
  4253. >Yet he does not respond.
  4254. “Cat got... that tongue of yours?”
  4255. >“Not quite. It’s just... you stated something I already know.”
  4256. >You put your guard down a little.
  4257. “Yeah... then... I won, haven’t I? You’re tied down.”
  4258. >“And what? The Wonderbolts come, tag and bag me?”
  4259. “Come in on your own terms and... seriously, it’ll look better than being a caught super-villain.”
  4260. >“Give me a kiss and I’ll come willingly.”
  4261. >Wha-?
  4262. “A kiss?”
  4263. >“With tongue.”
  4264. >He wiggles that monster of a tongue at you.
  4265. >Ew... ewww.
  4266. >The longer you think about it the worse it gets.
  4268. “You should also consider to stop saying super-villainy things.”
  4269. >“Hmm...? Do super-villains like a piece of your plentiful body?”
  4270. “I- ahh...”
  4271. >You clear your throat.
  4272. >A compliment by that thing was entirely different from when Anon does it.
  4273. >“Ahh~ She’s shy.”
  4274. >This one is only trying to mess with you.
  4275. “Enough!”
  4276. >You take out your phone and send your Wonderbolts signal.
  4277. >“What do we have here?”
  4278. “The tag and bag crew is alerted.”
  4279. >“I guess this is good bye then.”
  4280. >Does he think you’ll leave him alone until someone picks him up?
  4281. >Well... to be honest...
  4282. >You had always done it like that so far, but now you’re looking to gain the Wonderbolts favor.
  4283. “I’ll stick around so you don’t do anything stupid, like trying to escape.”
  4284. >“But isn’t the thrive for freedom in any creatures nature? You can’t blame me if I try, can you?”
  4285. >You smile weakly.
  4286. “I guess not, but-”
  4287. >He suddenly jumps.
  4288. >The sticky webbing rips the facade off the wall, sending debris falling down.
  4289. >Dammit!
  4290. >You jump down and quickly make a big web from a lamp post to the building to catch everything before the debris hit any pedestrian.
  4291. >You yourself land on a the lamp post and look up to your fleeing opponent.
  4292. >He scales the building, and was over it.
  4293. >By the time you are up there he most certainly has dropped in between the streets again.
  4294. >And you have no idea in what direction he would have gone.
  4295. >...
  4296. >He got away.
  4297. >“Hey, Spider-Woman! Who in the heck was that?”
  4298. >You'd normally ignore the pedestrians, but...
  4299. >Superheroing was your profession now...
  4300. >You jump down.
  4301. “Don't be afraid of him. He's quite the ruffian, but never hurt a citizen...”
  4302. >“O-Okay...”
  4303. >The pedestrians take a step back, obviously surprised by your approach.
  4304. >“But who was that?”
  4305. >You look up to the building where he had disappeared
  4306. “I think he goes by the name of ”Spider-Man... no relation.”
  4308. >Be Anon.
  4309. >So they send Sunset to catch you...
  4310. >Do they know?
  4311. >They have got to know, otherwise it wouldn’t be Sunset.
  4312. >How long have they been on your tail?
  4313. >They must have already known about you before got into their system, or not?
  4314. >Your aunt was in on it too...
  4315. >And that woman with the familiar voice and south american accent...
  4316. >Was she your aunts hydra contact?
  4317. >You were looking around in the Wonderbolts system.
  4318. >And just after a “Wonderbolt” tried to take you in.
  4319. >Sunset should be in college right now, just like you do.
  4320. >Why would she skip it just to randomly run across you.
  4321. >This had been deliberately planned out.
  4322. >Can you even go home now?
  4323. >Officially it’s the Wonderbolts who want you brought in.
  4324. >You don’t think Sunset is with Hydra.
  4325. >Heck you don’t even think Sunset is with the Wonderbolts.
  4326. >And that Hydra woman had protected you.
  4327. >Maybe... the official Wonderbolts don’t know all the thing that Hydra does.
  4328. >Officially they probably think Anon West, the hacker interested in Hydra, and the Superior Spider-Man are three different people.
  4329. >...
  4330. >Maybe Sunset coming to fight you had been coincidence too
  4331. >Your aunt did raise you to be paranoid...
  4332. >It was stupid of you to go out and search for a fight, but it still got you some good intel.
  4333. >Your aunt knew you hacked into the Wonderbolts’ system.
  4334. >She was told so by her ‘contact’
  4335. >A Woman then tells you that you are no longer protected if you continue, but when you told her off she seemed amused.
  4336. >Amusement means she doesn’t care about you and thinks it’s funny that you’re in way over your head.
  4337. >Or... it was a confirmation for her that you didn’t want to be protected anymore and... are now ready for what they have planned for you.
  4338. >Dammit.
  4339. >What do they have planned for you?
  4340. >If they have planned something to begin with.
  4341. >Until now you assume they only know about your healing factor...
  4342. >Was there anything that links Anon West to the Superior Spider-Man?
  4343. >...
  4344. >But something to link Anon West to the Hacker.
  4345. >And she contacted you after the hack...
  4346. >It’s Twilight’s password, and you did manage to crack it.
  4347. >You probably are on her list of former friends, someone able to guess it right.
  4348. >And there are probably not a lot of people smart enough to pull it off.
  4349. >Best case scenario for you, only your aunts contact, this hydra woman knows that you’re the hacker.
  4350. >Worst case she knows you are the Superior Spider-Man too.
  4351. >No.
  4352. >Even worse: one person noticed the hack, another is your aunts contact and the woman who spoke to you are all different people.
  4353. >If it’s one than this woman is someone your aunt trusts, and she has protected you, and...
  4354. >Wait...
  4355. >She protected you.
  4356. >Someone protected you by doing what exactly?
  4357. >Keeping you a secret?
  4358. >From both Hydra and the Wonderbolts?
  4359. >Auntie had told you to lay low because your Dad had made a deal with Hydra.
  4360. >But if they had been actively looking for you, wouldn’t they have easily found you at your aunt?
  4361. >There is just too much that didn’t make any sense.
  4362. >You shake your head and snap out of your train of thought.
  4363. >Looking around and taking in the scenery you notice you’re at the edge of midtown with cheap shops around.
  4364. >You spot an electronics store and smile.
  4365. >You could use a thing or two really quick.
  4367. >Washington DC, the Triskelion – Wonderbolts HQ
  4368. >Be Spitfire.
  4369. >As soon as the meeting with the World Security Council was over you almost slump down and sigh.
  4370. >...
  4371. >They mean well.
  4372. >You know they do.
  4373. >But why is it that every time you talk to them you want to strangle at least one of them.
  4374. >You also understand that allowing Princess Twilight Sparkle and her envoy from another dimension to come to Earth is a pretty big deal.
  4375. >One of the first alien races with which you could have lasting contact with is friendly.
  4376. >Showing oneself cautious is one thing, but denying them to make proper contact would be plain stupid.
  4377. >Earths people need to evolve.
  4378. >So far whenever an advanced civilization met a more primitive one, the primitive one got eradicated or enslaved.
  4379. >When every Equestrian citizen has at least some form of magic, a form of energy you still barely know anything about, you know which civilization was the more primitive one.
  4380. >You absolutely need to be on Equestrias good side.
  4381. >But you also know that there are others out there, so having Equestria as an ally would prove invaluable if one of those decided Earth looks like a place to set up shop.
  4382. >The few aliens who have come to Earth had always been incredibly powerful, even a single one or small group had been immensely difficult to handle.
  4383. >And if they had been friendly they had clearly been uninterested in helping Earth, or were deliberately neutral.
  4384. >You take the elevator down far underground where the portals energy could not be measured from orbit anymore.
  4385. >After it’s source, a brightly glowing cube, had been found in Canterlot it was brought here where it could be contained.
  4386. >None of your scientists know how to use it yet, but three years ago Princess Twilight Sparkle assured you she would work on stopping the portal from opening.
  4387. >Back then you had known that Sunset Shimmer was in possession of some sort of transmitter to call her friend.
  4388. >But you had been happy to keep everything related to alternate dimensions a secret from pretty much anyone, even within the Wonderbolts.
  4389. >True to her word, the Princess somehow stopped the portal from opening regularly.
  4390. >She was even able to open it at will, and, after just a day of knowing, she had modified the portal.
  4391. >Originally it had changed any traveler to fit the appearance of the new dimension, and taken their magic as well.
  4392. >Which explains why Sunset Shimmer, originally a unicorn (don’t ask) with magical capabilities was now human without any.
  4393. >Well, sort of...
  4394. >After an incident with an artifact called the Element of Magic, she, and five others, now have some ‘low tier’ magic which they can combine and supercharge to one of the most powerful magics even Equestria knew.
  4395. >But by themselves they were rather weak.
  4396. >What neither you nor Princess Twilight knew was why the portal has had this properties in the first place.
  4397. >It would have been much easier to make one which simply transports a person.
  4398. >It can only mean someone deliberately used it to hide among the people of Earth...
  4399. >Your head hits the glass wall of the elevator.
  4400. >You barely even took in the sight of the helicarrier dock.
  4401. >You’re just tired..
  4402. >Taking out your phone showed you that you had been awake for roughly 35 hours now.
  4403. >No matter what you are, you still need sleep.
  4404. >Especially if you have this much on your mind.
  4405. >You go through your recent calls and find Treehugger.
  4406. >You’re not really in the mood to talk right now, she will have all kinds of ideas about the boy.
  4407. >Anon West.
  4408. >...
  4409. >You can’t assure a happy end for everyone.
  4410. >When the elevator leaves the dock to go even further down into the earth you put a text message on your private server to eventually reach your old friend.
  4411. “1878.”
  4412. >She’ll know what you mean.
  4413. >Your forehead leaves the glass pane and you take out a handkerchief to wipe away the imprint of your sweat.
  4414. >You’ve got to go freshen up in the bathroom before meeting royalty...
  4416. >Soon after you are in the portal control room.
  4417. >Behind reinforced glass you can see the ring shaped portal containment arrays, reminding you of a 90s Science Fiction series.
  4418. >It’s not that life imitates art, a circle is simply the most effective two-dimensional shape.
  4419. >But that’s probably what they had been going for as well...
  4420. >You’re too busy to binge watch, you work close to the 100 hours a week.
  4421. >Somewhere in life you have made a wrong turn.
  4422. >...
  4423. >No.
  4424. >It’s worth it.
  4425. >You assure the safety or billions.
  4426. >Not all the people in the world, but close.
  4427. >And if you’d couple Equestria you’re now officially playing in a bigger league.
  4428. >International, and interdimensional peacekeeping.
  4429. >“The portal is opening.”
  4430. >You too see the readings spike up.
  4431. >Not even a second later the ring on the other side was filled with a cyan energyfield.
  4432. >You smile as you stand up from your seat to head to the glass to observe the portal opening closely.
  4433. “Then let us give a warm welcome.”
  4434. >A few seconds later the first person materialized.
  4435. >BonBon rights herself up from walking on all fours and makes space for anyone that follows before checking her body for everything being back in place.
  4436. >The next person to come through the portal walked bipedal already.
  4437. >A woman in her mid twenties with light magenta skin and a fitting robe of the same color,
  4438. >In her right hand she has her staff.
  4439. “Everyone stand down.”
  4440. >You order those who’d wanted to storm the portal room with guns.
  4441. “Starlight Glimmer. Now that’s interesting.”
  4442. >Her hairstyle was different...
  4443. >The counterpart of one of the most powerful criminals you had locked away in the fridge smiles to BonBon and makes place for those coming after her.
  4444. >Next came through Fleetfoot and the convenient store robber Flash Sentry.
  4445. >Followed by the hostage Lyra.
  4446. >And lastly Princess Twilight Sparkle, the only other person who manages to come through on her feet.
  4447. >She was wearing a crown and had a staff as well, but hers looked more like a scepter.
  4448. >The princess tapped her staff down on the floor twice and her body lights up.
  4449. >Her eyes glowed shortly and she sprouted wings and pony-like ears.
  4450. >With another tab the light show was over, along with the portal behind them.
  4451. >You head around the consoles and enter the portal room.
  4452. “Your majesty-”
  4453. >You bow to the princess shortly.
  4454. “Welcome to earth, and the United States of America.”
  4455. >“Spitfire, I assume? It’s nice to be here again, although I’d wish the circumstances were different.”
  4456. “I agree.”
  4457. >You nod to her again before turning to BonBon and Fleetfoot.
  4458. “There is a team ready to debrief Ms. Lyra and Mr. Sentry, you can rest for now but I’m expecting a full report by the end of the day.”
  4459. >“What’s going to happen to me?”
  4460. “That will be quite up to you now, Mr. Sentry.”
  4461. >A few people already came after you to collect them while Fleetfoot and BonBon head out.
  4462. “It’s good to put a face to the name, but I have already had the pleasure with the Twilight Sparkle of our world.”
  4463. >You honestly tell her after everyone else had left.
  4464. >“I know the feeling. I’ve met my the counterparts of my friends in this world, and it’s quite...” “Uncanny, isn’t?”
  4465. >“Uncanny?”
  4466. >Her eyes widen.
  4467. >“I wouldn’t use that bad of a word. Just ‘unusual’ maybe?”
  4468. “Unusual is my job, princess.”
  4469. >You look to Starlight Glimmer.
  4470. “I thought you bring a bigger envoy, princess?”
  4471. >“Starlight Glimmer.”
  4472. >She extents a hand to you which you shake after a moment of hesitation.
  4473. >“I’m Twilight’s assistant.”
  4474. >“Friend, and partner in our studies.”
  4475. >“Yes, Friend...”
  4476. >The Princess beams, while Starlight Glimmer only smiles weakly.
  4477. >“I didn’t bring guards as a sign of trust, as you have told me in our letters to one another. But I am more than capable of taking care of myself, and I have Starlight to help.”
  4478. “Yes...”
  4479. >Starlight flinches.
  4480. >“I knew I shouldn’t have come.”
  4481. >“Don’t say that, I’m glad you’re here.”
  4482. >“No I- ahh... ugh...”
  4483. >Starlight sighs and looks down.
  4484. “What’s going on?”
  4485. >“You know me, right? That’s why you’re hesitating. Well... not me, but this.”
  4486. >She gestures to her self.
  4487. >“I’m a bad guy, am I not?”
  4488. >It was your turn to flinch.
  4489. “The Starlight Glimmer of this world... yes, she’s locked up.”
  4490. >This Starlight closes her eyes.
  4491. >“What did I- did she do?”
  4492. >You’re not sure if you should tell her.
  4493. >She groans.
  4494. >“Something bad...”
  4495. >“You don’t know that Starlight-”
  4496. >The Princess puts a hand on her companions shoulder to make their eyes meet, then gives her a smile.
  4497. >“And it wasn’t you. You have done so much better these past two years.”
  4498. >Two years?
  4499. >As you listen to them talk, it’s quite obvious that this Starlight, the one of their world had been a ‘villain’ too at one point.
  4500. “I dislike to interrupt, but it still might pose a problem for Starlight to wander around freely.”
  4501. >“The distrust brought towards me is penance for my past...”
  4502. >“That doesn’t mean you have to take on the weight for something you didn’t do.”
  4503. >“But a version of me did, Twilight. It’s not like you’ve ever gone mad with power, have you?”
  4504. >“As a matter of fact I did – or at least the Twilight of this world did. How is she currently?”
  4505. >Good job directing the subject.
  4506. >She already knows, but you had agreed to act out the play before her.
  4507. “I regret to inform you that Miss Sparkle has passed away a few hours ago.”
  4508. >Starlight’s eyes widen, and the princess clutches a hand over her heart and looks down.
  4509. >“I understand...”
  4510. >As the atmosphere wasn’t truly pressed because the both of you knew the truth it was only awkward now.
  4511. “We should head out, there are government officials who like to meet you, but-”
  4512. >“I might intimidate them, don’t I?”
  4513. >Starlight seems genuinely concerned about it, and you can almost feel her wanting to do good.
  4514. >But doing good always comes at some sort of price.
  4515. “This is always a possibility.”
  4516. >“I understand. Is there anyone’s appearance I could take as a cover?”
  4517. >She couldn’t mean-
  4518. “Take someone’s appearance?”
  4519. >“As a disguise. Our universes are alternate versions of one another. Twilight runs around twice... or well... So it’s not far fetched for me to be the alternate version of someone who is trusted.”
  4520. >Now isn’t that interesting?
  4521. “And you have a spell for the occasion?”
  4522. >“We do.”
  4523. >The princess nods in agreement.
  4524. “Well, may I suggest myself then? You told me the alternate version of myself was leader of the Canterlot Sky guard? A reasonable bodyguard to accompany you.”
  4525. >“And you’ll be okay with this?”
  4526. >You smile.
  4527. “You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen. And it’s better me being uncomfortable than ordering someone else to be.”
  4528. >The two alter-terrestrials look at one another and then seemed to agree.
  4529. >“Very well then.”
  4530. >Starlight lifts her staff and – goes up in green flames – something you have only heard being described before by one of your inmates of the fridge...
  4531. >You smile wider.
  4532. “I’m impressed.”
  4533. >You look yourself up and down, as Starlight had taken your form.
  4534. >Your- no. Her hair was down, and she was still wearing the magenta robe as she had before her transformation.
  4535. >It made for an interesting look.
  4536. >She also holds herself in a quite... un-militaristic manner and was more relaxed.
  4537. >She looks old.
  4538. >But she’s smiling.
  4539. >Something you barely do these days.
  4540. >...
  4541. “Those green flames. Is that usual for these kinds of transformations?”
  4542. >“No, only if you use a spell of unity magic, which is intrinsic to changelings, but Starlight here is quite the versatile mage.”
  4543. “Changelings?
  4544. >“A species of shapeshifters... Well, among other things. But this spell is usually their trademark.”
  4545. “We... are going to have much to discuss.”
  4547. >Politics.
  4548. >You’d struggle to keep awake if you hadn’t been awake for as long as you have, but now...
  4549. >You smile and nod, and are probably much more agreeable than usual.
  4550. >Yet you still try to push your agenda through.
  4551. >You want to be able to give Twilight and ‘the other Spitfire’ a grand tour of your facility to show off how strong of an ally they would stand to gain.
  4552. >While in truth you want them to be able to meet Soarin and check his changeling-ness, as well as allow them to see this world’s Starlight Glimmer.
  4553. >Her punishment was quite hard for mind-controlling an entire region.
  4554. >It can be argued that she had meant well, after all.
  4555. >She did get a one way ticket to the fridge though.
  4556. >And maybe the whole solution was talking to her.
  4557. >Pretty much any superhero started out doing the wrong things for a reason they thought was okay.
  4558. >Heck, all Misty Fly did was for her own amusement.
  4559. >And when someone died from a tsunami she created she immediately wanted to redeem herself.
  4560. >Starlight Glimmer on the other hand...
  4561. >She never caused anyone’s death, but did... there was no proper legal term for mind control.
  4562. >Kidnapping or duress, and that on more than two thousand cases.
  4563. >Thought reform like a cult leader
  4564. >If she were a normally capable human.
  4565. >The thought of what she did was quite scary.
  4566. >Delete their individualism, making them all the same...
  4567. >Harmony through Unity.
  4568. “You said earlier something about Unity magic?”
  4569. >“Yes?”
  4570. “Does it differ from Equestrian magic?”
  4571. >“I think there’s a misunderstanding. By equestrian magic you mean the magic naturally occuring in Equestria?”
  4572. “Yes?”
  4573. >“There are a few schools of magic. Like Harmony, Unity, and Freedom, but others as well.”
  4574. “Would chaos be one of them?”
  4575. >“Chaos? What I believe you mean as Chaos is extreme Freedom, when anyone does as they please. Any type of magic in it’s extreme can lead to bad things. Harmony for example makes you completely unable to care for yourself... It’s all an balancing act, you see?”
  4576. >While you still have no idea what magic is to begin with it does seem quite right what she says.
  4577. “I’ll take your word for it.”
  4578. >“Does the name Discord ring any bells?”
  4579. “I see we are dancing around the issues well. Yes, I know of Discord.”
  4580. >Princess Twilight tilts her head.
  4581. >“Is he locked up too? In our world he’s just bored, but was ready to comply once we gave him companionship and something to do. While his methods are still unorthodox, he’s one of the most powerful magic casters on our side.”
  4582. “Discord...”
  4583. >You’ve imagined a few times what it would be like to have powers like his on your side.
  4584. “He has made the lives of many people quite miserable.”
  4585. >But, just like Starlight, he never caused anyone’s death, or severe harm.
  4586. >“Then I’d like to talk to him too.”
  4587. >She nods with a smile.
  4588. “You know I can’t release half of my menagerie on your word, there is protocol to follow. And many won’t be happy if it’s even considered he could get out.”
  4589. >“Yes, I understand, you have a certain way of doing things. And we don’t come to your world to force our way on you. We’d only like to present you with this new option.”
  4590. “I can’t quite imagine Discord doing things to help others in need.”
  4591. >“He’s a good guy, really... a prankster but never harmful, fun at parties, but gets jealous easily when the mare he wanted to take along has another guest...”
  4592. >Discord and... a woman?
  4593. >Now that’s a disturbing image.
  4594. >“But he’s has a brilliant mind, and I consider him a close friend of mine. I meet him to tea every other week.”
  4595. “You meet Discord to tea?”
  4596. >She chuckles.
  4597. >“Yes, is that so strange?”
  4598. “I just... would be concerned about my security. What if he only pretends to be your friend until he can strike.”
  4599. >The Princess’ smile fades.
  4600. >“He’s my friend, Colonel Spitfire, and a true one at that. Many have asked me how I can trust him. But when I think about the Canterlot aristocracy, there I can’t trust anyone. There, everyone is a pretender only out for his own gain.”
  4601. >“We enjoy each others company, can cheer the other up if they are sad and would go through Tartarus to save the other.”
  4602. >“Co- Spitfire? Is everything alright?”
  4603. >You had looked away.
  4604. >The relationship this young /mare/ has with the alternate version of one of the most chaotic beings in existence was better than you had with anyone.
  4605. “I envy you then. I, myself, am lacking a couple of friends whom I can trust.”
  4606. >You sigh.
  4607. “But that’s part of the reason you are here. Because I need people whom I can trust back.”
  4608. >She gives you a smile.
  4609. >“Forgive me, I have gotten quite defensive.”
  4610. “Nono, forgive me. I assume you had to defend that particular friendship a few times already.”
  4611. >“No circumstance that would minder my friendship with him.”
  4612. >You nod.
  4613. “I understand. Again, forgive me.”
  4615. >As opposed to just now you are now young and have a spectacularly virile body.
  4616. >So, be Sunset Shimmer.
  4617. >After you had made sure nobody got hurt you chased after this ‘Spider-Man’, but you haven’t had any luck.
  4618. >You have a hunch he’s not going to show up again
  4619. >You don’t even know why he showed himself in the first place.
  4620. >This morning he... he went shopping on the farmers marked in full transformation.
  4621. >He’s reckless and needs to be stopped, you know that.
  4622. >But this didn’t help you from thinking about his words.
  4623. >No matter how often you’d like to dismiss them.
  4624. >You need to join the Wonderbolts if you want to continue saving lives like that.
  4625. >You-
  4626. >Your phone rings and snaps you out of your train of thought.
  4627. >Caller ID showed it was Anon so you pick it up quickly.
  4628. “Hey, Anon~”
  4629. >You’re on a rooftop again, so you doubt anyone would listen in.
  4630. >“Hey, Shimmy~”
  4631. “Whats up?”
  4632. >“Didn’t see you in college today, and internet tells me you had just been in a fight. So... you know... I was worried.”
  4633. >You smile.
  4634. “Aww, that’s sweet, but I’m okay. Unharmed in fact.”
  4635. >The pain in your ankle was proof of your lie, but you don’t want him to worry about you.
  4636. >“Nice. Got the bad guy?”
  4637. >Bad guy.
  4638. “I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just... way reckless, you know. It’s the difference between a vigilante and a super hero.”
  4639. >“Ahh. But you’re my super heroine~”
  4640. >You flinch a little.
  4641. “Not exactly... Listen, that’s a somewhat complicated issue.”
  4642. >It’s not, but you don’t know how to properly explain it.
  4643. >“With the Wonderbolts?”
  4644. “Anon, are you  in a save spot to talk about this in the open?”
  4645. >“Yeah, I left college to search for you. Was sick of hearing people go on and on about stuff I already know to begin with.”
  4646. >Hmm... While Anon is wickedly smart, he usually is more humble.
  4647. “You still need to have enough attendance, you know?”
  4648. >“But so do you.”
  4649. “True that.”
  4650. >Being Spider-woman once again interferes with the rest of your live.
  4651. >“Can we meet?”
  4652. >You look around the empty rooftop.
  4653. “I guess so, but if my target shows up again I need to run, you know.”
  4654. >“The pain of dating a super hero~ I choose this, remember?”
  4655. >You open your mouth to respond but shut it again.
  4656. >Yes, he did choose this.
  4657. >He knew from the beginning.
  4658. >But does that change how things are right now?
  4659. >With... Twilight... You almost forgot to be mad at him.
  4660. >It’s probably better to be in a relationship with someone who knows than with someone whom you have to lie to all the time.
  4661. >You tell him a cafe where you can pick him up.
  4663. >Be Anon.
  4664. >Sunset didn’t react in a way which would indicate much that she knows it had been you.
  4665. >But she also might just lure you there to be picked up by the Wonderbolts.
  4666. >She had been decisively cryptic about her relationship to them.
  4667. >Yet, were she a full member, she would have simply told you so, right?
  4668. >And would it be a ruse, she could have denied it.
  4669. >If it’s a more elaborate ruse she does something which you can’t get a proper read on.
  4670. >...
  4671. >At least now you know you can break through her webbing, even though the tensile strength was amazing.
  4672. >With what Dr. Octavia told you to do with your suit and the symbiotes additional power you were able to bring forth quite the force.
  4673. >Walking in place is not going to help you.
  4674. >For now you need to be Anon, Sunset’s boyfriend whom she and the wonderbolts don’t know was their hacker.
  4675. >Only this one Hydra woman does.
  4676. >Ahh... you wish you could have gotten further in your research.
  4677. >All you know is that apparently “Hydra” was a Nazi’s research division and ended with the third reich.
  4678. >All the other organizations calling themselves Hydra after that were pretty much only neo-nazis, trying to bask in the glory of a scary name.
  4679. >Whereas pop culture places Hydra as the Illuminati, controlling everything from the shadows.
  4680. >You think the Hydra which your aunt made you worry about is not one of the impostors, but the one that /this woman/ is part of, the one within the Wonderbolts.
  4681. >The other Hydras... the stuff you read about a bit seem quite disorganized and don’t live up to the hype.
  4682. >But going back before the world wars.
  4683. >This Hydra society about 150 years back, now that seemed to have been the real deal.
  4684. >Believing norse mythology was real, and looking to open a portal to Asgard on the island of Thule.
  4685. >Although Thule is not even a real island...
  4686. >Well, on this planet it isn’t.
  4687. >Is that possible?
  4688. >Weird things have happened.
  4689. >A shapeshifting hottie gave you a slimy symbiote and now you’re a supercharged version of yourself.
  4690. >Smarter, faster, stronger.
  4691. >But still you were unable to think of where you have heard the voice of that woman before.
  4692. >You know you did.
  4693. >Maybe when you had been really small...
  4694. >If she’s your aunts contact, it’s likely the case.
  4695. >Then it’s surprising that you even remembered in the first place.
  4696. >No. You were certain you heard it recently.
  4697. >Who is it?
  4698. >Someone associated with the wonderbolts?
  4699. >You need to watch some youtube videos about their recent statements, and look for her voice.
  4700. >There are enough women in the Wonderbolts.
  4701. >But you don’t remember anyone of them having a fitting accent.
  4702. >You simply don’t have enough information to continue.
  4703. >Argh, but you need to move.
  4704. >In any direction.
  4705. >But preferably the one away from Hydra and towards freedom.
  4706. >Sunset...
  4707. >Her secret identity is probably known by them so she can’t run far.
  4708. >If you were to take her with you she’d constantly have to look behind her back and you need to be on the run.
  4709. >That’s not really the life you imagine for the two of you.
  4710. >...
  4711. >You’re not sure how much of a life you even expect to have with her.
  4712. >Is she just a thing?
  4713. >She has all the attributes to attract you to her, but there are still complications.
  4714. >You really want to make it work.
  4715. >But having her in the Wonderbolts is an impediment.
  4716. >You’re lying to her.
  4717. >You just need to catch her at a time and place where nobody is listening.
  4718. >Which means no electronic devices around.
  4719. >It’s 2016, how hard can that be?
  4720. >You’re going to tell her as soon as you have the chance.
  4721. >Your phone rings again.
  4722. >It’s your aunt.
  4723. >Again.
  4724. >She’s probably been trying since you hung up on her.
  4725. “Hey Auntie.”
  4726. >“Anon.”
  4727. >She sighed out in relieve.
  4728. >“Oh thank god, you’re okay.”
  4729. “Sorry.”
  4730. >“Sorry doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re about to be, Anon!”
  4731. >She states this quite calmly.
  4732. >“Anon, I’m on my way to New Yoke right now, the three of us are going to meet. And I’ll pick you up in your dorm at midnight.”
  4733. “I-”
  4734. >You’d be working at that time.
  4735. “You’re not driving with the car, right? You know you’re not in condition to-”
  4736. >“I know my limits, Anon.”
  4737. >She sounds very serious.
  4738. “Yes, Auntie...”
  4739. >“... Anon, I love you, you know that, right?”
  4740. >Why does it take you a moment to respond?
  4741. “I love you, too.”
  4742. >“See you at midnight.”
  4743. “Until then...”
  4744. >She hangs up and you stare at your phone.
  4745. >Your aunts picture still illuminated after the call ended soon goes dark, but you tap your phone again to look a it some more.
  4746. >Do you have responsibility to her?
  4747. >She raised you.
  4748. >But doing something someone else wants you to feels very wrong.
  4749. >She has knowledge you seek though.
  4750. >And she said that the ‘three of us’ would meet, which probably includes the Hydra contact.
  4751. “Tsk...”
  4752. >But for now you have a date.
  4754. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Earth dimension 812.
  4755. >You’re coughing, and a second later Shining already has a glass of water with straw in your face.
  4756. “Thanks, Shiny.”
  4757. >You give him a smile and cough yourself out before taking a drink.
  4758. >You’re in a limousine on your way to Canterlot where you’ll hope to be able to recruit Pinkie Pie and Applejack.
  4759. >Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were all away at college, so picking each and everyone up will be difficult.
  4760. >Sunset is of course already in New Yoke, and because she’s already in the Wonderbolts’ system for being Spider-woman she can’t be recruited.
  4761. >She has been told you were dead though...
  4762. >You can’t imagine what she’s going through at the moment.
  4763. >You hate to have to leave her in that state of mind, but you are a spy now.
  4764. >And you’re doing a good thing... you hope.
  4765. >Being dead of course makes you unable to continue with college, so while you hope this all blows over quickly, you have to resort to book learning once again.
  4766. >Not that you mind, of course-
  4767. >No, actually, you DO mind nowadays.
  4768. >You’ve come to enjoy the company of others and you actually like going to college.
  4769. >You’re almost the stereotypical nerdy girl, but you do have friends now.
  4770. >Even in college.
  4771. >And the percentage of people who are highly intelligent is in your branch of education quite high
  4772. “How’s Cadence?”
  4773. >“If that didn’t come out of nowhere.”
  4774. >Shining leans back as you have the glass of water securely in your hand.
  4775. >“Good, I guess. It’s hard to judge when you never meet.”
  4776. “You still haven’t talked to her?”
  4777. >He shakes his head.
  4778. >“Can we not talk about my love life?”
  4779. >You look around the jet.
  4780. “What can we talk about?”
  4781. >“Like everything else.”
  4782. “Okay. You worked with the Wonderbolts before when you had been in the Special Ops. You were unreachable for half a year and the only thing we were told was that you weren’t dead. What happened?”
  4783. >“Except my love life and the secret missions I was on.”
  4784. >You place down the glass and cross your arms.
  4785. “Awkward silence it is then.”
  4786. >You lean back and close your eyes.
  4787. >You knew he was looking at you.
  4788. >After a while he sighs and asks.
  4789. >“How’s your wound?”
  4790. “I can breathe without help of a machine and am not coughing blood anymore. So I’m good, thanks for asking again.”
  4791. >Silence again.
  4792. >Except for the sound of the engines of course, which too were pretty quiet.
  4793. >“That thing.”
  4794. >You know he was gesturing to the Arcane Resource Converter.
  4795. >“You keep it around albeit what happened.”
  4796. “I fixed all the bugs I could.”
  4797. >“You weren’t yourself, Twily. You said so yourself.”
  4798. “Yes..?”
  4799. >“I... In those six month. Well, only in one of those months... I wasn’t myself either.”
  4800. >You open your eyes to look at him.
  4801. “The rest I was pretty much held to know if I’m still under the influence of... like... a thingy, you know?”
  4802. >You look to the ARC.
  4803. “Like it-like it, or just like it?”
  4804. >“Just like it, it was a 084, an artifact of unknown origin and potential. A woman not much older than you used it to enslave the population of a small town in europe. Mind-control.”
  4805. >You say nothing, and just listen.
  4806. >“I was there for a month, Twilight. How... How do you trust anyone if you know you can’t trust yourself? And Cadence? How in the world can I ever talk to her again?”
  4807. “Shiny-”
  4808. >“No. You- You got out of it by yourself, you knew what you were doing was wrong, at least somewhere. I... I wasn’t strong enough to break out of it because I didn’t even try. The source simply vanished and I never knew the difference.”
  4809. >“I’d have just kept on... where it not from the Wonderbolts telling us we had been under mind control. While they said it’s gone I don’t know myself.”
  4810. >You don’t know what to say.
  4811. >“That’s the world you want to get into, Twily. Spitfire is going behind the backs of the World Security council and other Wonderbolts. You have a front row seat in intrigues and backstabbing. I only signed up because she would give me the chance to meet you again...”
  4812. “There is reason to fear, you know? If these changelings have infiltrated the Wonderbolts there needs to be a response team. YOU may have signed up out of selfish reasons, but I actually did it in self sacrifice.”
  4813. >You cross your arms.
  4814. “I know I can’t continue going to college because I’m officially dead.”
  4815. >You sigh.
  4816. “I’m sorry for what you have gone through, but if the Wonderbolts can’t be trusted the world is in danger. The /world/, Shiny.”
  4817. >He looks away.
  4818. >“Is a normal life too much to ask for?”
  4819. >You frown and tap your foot.
  4820. “If everyone passes on the torch, nobody will hold it in the end.”
  4821. >“I know that!”
  4822. “Then act like it!”
  4823. >You don’t know why you’re shouting.
  4824. >Maybe because he did.
  4825. >But why did he?
  4826. “It’s as if I’m the only person you care for, and I’m sick of it.”
  4827. >He reels back.
  4828. “The whole world might go to shit but as long as I’m okay everything’s okay for you?”
  4829. >There was no response from him, he only glares at you.
  4830. “I know better, but I’d say I – or the idolized version of me, the little girl that needs protecting – am the last straw you hold onto the world. That you can still say you care about something, while we all know you’re just pretending.”
  4831. >You wait for a reaction where he’s just clenching his fist.
  4832. “I said I know better. You’re not broken, Shiny...”
  4833. >“And what if I am?”
  4834. “You’re not.”
  4835. >“But what if..?”
  4836. “I said no. Shining Armor, you’re not broken, and you’re not looking for a way out.”
  4837. >You hug him.
  4838. “You’ll just have to prove yourself worthy again. Worthy to yourself, not to me, because I know you’re a hero.”
  4840. >Be Sunset.
  4841. >You haven’t realized how much you missed Anon when you made the decision not to go to college today.
  4842. >But seeing him now on the other side of the street waving to you, you rush to him as soon as traffic allowed it and give him an embrace.
  4843. “Anon~”
  4844. >He chuckles and returns the loving affection.
  4845. >“Sunset~”
  4846. >Twilight, and that Spider-Man...
  4847. >You feel protected in Anons arms.
  4848. >A feeling you haven’t had... you actually can’t remember when you felt protected.
  4849. >Really protected.
  4850. >Princess Celestia maybe, a decade ago.
  4851. >Has Anon always been this toned?
  4852. >You lean back a little and feel his hands supporting you.
  4853. “Your arm...”
  4854. >It was out of the cast.
  4855. >It had only been – what? – two days?
  4856. >He answered you by leaning in for a kiss, which you reciprocate of course, but...
  4857. >The kiss was almost greedy and impassioned on his part, so you break it soon.
  4858. >With the burden on you as is you were really not in the mood.
  4859. >“My arm’s find. Doc overrreacted, and the cast was more a hindrance than a support. I asked him to take it off.”
  4860. “But still...”
  4861. >“I’ll take it easy, I promise.”
  4862. >He smiles warmly at you and you couldn’t help but give him a smile as well.
  4863. >A smile that fades soon.
  4864. >You still got to be mad at him for having known, and then yesterday, and you didn’t sleep...
  4865. >“You on the other hand don’t look so well.”
  4866. >He let’s go of you slowly so you can roam freely again.
  4867. “Yeah, I... am not feeling so great.”
  4868. >He nods slowly.
  4869. >“Because of Twilight..?”
  4870. >You mimic his slow nod.
  4871. “Yeah...”
  4872. >Your best friend dies, of course you’re down.
  4873. >“Let’s continue to skip college and have some coffee for now.”
  4874. >Anon takes you by your hand and guides you inside.
  4875. “Wait, how did you know?”
  4876. >“The resource converter. I had seen her notes on it back at Crystal Prep. And the suit had her style written all over it.”
  4877. >You two take a seat.
  4878. “Just like that?”
  4879. >“I knew her.”
  4880. >He shrugs.
  4881. >“You were much harder to find out about, but it was coincidence, too...”
  4882. >You know he’s smart, you just hope not a lot of others with the same coincidences were equally as smart.
  4883. “I still don’t know how well you knew her... I mean, she did ask me to say hi to you from her once.”
  4884. >“I didn’t knew her as well as I wish I had. Don’t really think you could have even counted us as friends. Oh well...”
  4885. “Oh well?”
  4886. >You repeat his last words in anger.
  4887. “Oh well? Someone dies and you say: Oh well?”
  4888. >“I didn’t mean any disrespect. I know she was your friend.”
  4889. >You clench your fist and are interrupted by a waiter asking for your orders.
  4890. >After he leaves again you had calmed down.
  4891. >Anger is just a stage of grief, isn’t it?
  4892. >There isn’t much you could do anymore about it.
  4893. >She’s... gone.
  4894. >And Anon might not have been her friend, so he’s not grieving.
  4895. >You wouldn’t know how to console someone in your position, and apparently neither does he.
  4896. >There is no use in being angry.
  4897. >You sigh.
  4898. >Depression is another stage of grief.
  4899. >“Sunset?”
  4900. “I didn’t see her since Christmas vacation and then she shows up, and the same day she’s gone. I just... I- I don’t know what to do, Anon...”
  4901. >“Hey...”
  4902. >Anon moves around the table and sits himself next to you.
  4903. >You lean onto him and accept his hug, but you don’t cry.
  4904. >“It’s okay.”
  4905. >When was the last time you cried anyway?
  4906. >When the Elements of Harmony zapped you and made you realize all the crimes which you have committed?
  4907. >But it’s not your fault for something terrible to happen this time around.
  4908. >...
  4909. >You’re the reason Twilight was even in town.
  4910. >She was specifically chosen to come here to argue better with you and make you see reason.
  4911. >Had you not been so stubborn she wouldn’t have been here and now would still... be alive.
  4912. >At one point during this train of thought tears had started to flow, and you were now sobbing into Anon’s shoulder.
  4914. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Equestria Dimension 7225.
  4915. “-and ever since then we’ve had a treaty that they wouldn’t take the forms of known ponies. Those working as Doctors and nurses were able to feed of patients gratitude, and we continued to implement changelings into pony society in similar jobs.”
  4916. >“And that worked?”
  4917. “Why wouldn’t it? Everyone got what they wanted and Equestria gained many very capable personnel.”
  4918. >You have absolutely no clue why Spitfire is so enraptured by your retelling of politics when having stated earlier that she disliked them.
  4919. >“It’s fascinating.”
  4920. “You really think so?”
  4921. >Maybe you should pride yourself with your accomplishments more...
  4922. >“Your entire culture revolves about love and tolerance. That must be really nice.”
  4923. >There was something else in her voice.
  4924. “What do you mean?
  4925. >“And you said my counterpart is leader of an aerobics team? That’s ahh...”
  4926. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that. They /are/ first responders if there’s trouble.”
  4927. >“But the Elements of Harmony are the usual line of defense against the supernatural.”
  4928. “Yes and no. The elements are secured at the Tree of Harmony now. But the ponies who had been in contact with them still hold the magic of friendship, even without these catalysts.”
  4929. >“But they are untrained civilians, correct?”
  4930. “Most of our conflicts are not solved violently, but by having many different ponies with different ideas present on how an issue can be solved.”
  4931. >Spitfire nods.
  4932. >“From what I understand your world is a more... hostile place?”
  4933. >She turns to her duplicate, Starlight.
  4934. >“Sadly, that’s correct. While we usually hope for peaceful solutions, our conflicts have a high chance of escalating too. And we simply cannot allow civilians in such places, for if something escalates, it’s our fault.”
  4935. >You nod, and Starlight looks down.
  4936. “But those who go there know the risks.”
  4937. >“They should, but our public and the media doesn’t see it as such. We’re a militaristic organizations, we train our members, and if someone sees a civilian who should be under our protection dies, it’s not just our failure, but a scandal.”
  4938. >“For a civilian can’t know how to properly react in such situations, he wasn’t trained for them. Even if the escalation of a situation is completely their fault, it’s still our failure for even allowing them to be there. Then that live, or any other one live that got harmed in that altercation are our fault.”
  4939. >“And the media can be pretty ruthless.”
  4940. >You nod.
  4941. “I’ve made that experience as well.”
  4942. >Spitfire smiles and finishes another mug of that horrible coffee stuff.
  4943. >“Begin descent.”
  4944. >At first you were confused, but then you remember the computerized voice.
  4945. >The air carriage you were in could talk.
  4946. >“We’re dropping altitude, brace yourselves.”
  4947. >You thought her suggestion was unnecessary before you remember just how fast this thing was flying.
  4948. >You had been walking around as were you on solid ground until now, but when it started it’s descent you can really feel it.
  4949. >It’s nose wasn’t tilting down though. The floor wasn’t changing but remained level.
  4950. >You look around, a little confused.
  4951. >“The wings and engine turn on these small changes, not the entire jet.”
  4952. >Spitfire clarified.
  4953. “That’s... uhh... impressive.”
  4954. >She smiles.
  4955. >“We find a lot of things impressive about the others world the other takes as given. Ahh.. childlike wonder. You must know, I see a lot of things each day which usually is reason to worry. Meeting you is a very welcome change of pace.”
  4956. >“Twilight does have that effect on people.”
  4957. >You chuckle, both at Spitfires and at Starlights words.
  4958. “It’s an odd compliment, but I take it.”
  4959. >“I hope we can become friends, no matter what political intrigues we have to be part of.”
  4960. “I hope so too.”
  4961. >She smiles, but then looks sad for just a moment.
  4962. >“We’ll be at our destination shortly.”
  4964. >Be You.
  4965. >Your host is comforting a female.
  4966. >A female he earlier shared saliva with.
  4967. >You know he wanted this.
  4968. >But you don’t know what information he gets from her saliva.
  4969. >Her immune system works fine.
  4970. >She seems healthy besides her emotional state.
  4971. >There are many factors you’re unfamiliar with.
  4972. >She seems interesting.
  4973. >Not human at all.
  4974. >You doubt your host even has access to that information.
  4975. >If his senses were evolved enough to get information out of this action.
  4976. >And his emotional state was depressed.
  4977. >You do your best to keep his neurotransmitters stimulants, and not depressants.
  4978. >Can’t go around messing with his brain too much, it must seem natural.
  4979. >In combat it would be different.
  4980. >...
  4981. >Human mating rituals are strange.
  4982. >It seems he first needs to care for her.
  4983. >Show her he’s a fitting mate to raise offspring with.
  4984. >Humans still develop after they have exited the mothers womb.
  4985. >For many years.
  4986. >Social creatures are strange.
  4987. >You could be wrong.
  4988. >You never had a host who came to mate with anyone
  4989. >A Host who created offspring.
  4990. >This seems to be an important action, but you become restless.
  4991. >You want to do something.
  4992. >...
  4993. >He’s accessing his memories of another female.
  4994. >The one that died.
  4995. >He’s looking for something specific.
  4996. >Notes.
  4997. >Notes for a device she had built.
  4998. >The human mind seems so unorganized.
  4999. >You create new neurons for him
  5000. >You tie all the information he needs together.
  5001. >Makes bridges of logic as opposed to emotion.
  5002. >The Others are prodding at you again.
  5003. >They feels you up
  5004. >They want to know what you’re doing.
  5005. >You have yet to find a way to communicate with them.
  5006. >But you don’t want to.
  5007. >They don’t not have a mind like you do.
  5008. >They are mechanical minds.
  5009. >Smaller than a natural cell.
  5010. >They communicate between themselves by radiation.
  5011. >But you don’t know how.
  5012. >Their number has grown.
  5013. >Since you do their job of repairing your host they had reproduced.
  5014. >Taking parts of his ingested food to do so.
  5015. >You’d need those ingredients for yourself.
  5016. >Usually.
  5017. >But you’re curious.
  5018. >You need to experiment with them.
  5019. >Be Anon.
  5020. >You’ve comforted Sunset enough to make her be able to continue.
  5021. >You go to your separate dorm rooms though and each take a nap.
  5022. >While your mind is racing with the notes Twilight has had on her pendant.
  5023. >You almost vividly remember all the notes you just saw laying around on her desk, even if you had only glimpsed at them once.
  5024. >You have never actually looked at them, for the simple reason of not wanting to steal her ideas.
  5025. >But now that she’s dead, this Arcane Resource Collector could come in handy.
  5026. >Arcane resources.
  5027. >She either means magic stuff or dark energy.
  5028. >Dark energy is simply a form of energy we can’t detect yet.
  5029. >And not even that, but probably a bunch of different types of energies.
  5030. >Whatever this arcane energy is, it’s something that has to naturally occurs in the universe and can be scientifically explained.
  5031. >The one she had powering her suit was a differs from the notes you remember.
  5032. >Obviously because the notes she has had were just for a resource collector.
  5033. >Making a battery is one thing, using it an entirely different one.
  5034. >You’ll simply build that Mark 1 yourself and see what you can do with it.
  5035. >Maybe tomorrow...
  5036. >You kinda told Sunset she should keep being on lookout for – well – your-superhero-self.
  5037. >She wants a real fight and you can get her one.
  5038. >You first convince her to help you against the Irish, convince her you’re a good guy, then reveal yourself to her as... yourself.
  5039. >...
  5040. >This is not going to go well.
  5041. >But you can’t keep hiding from her, you need to tell her.
  5042. >For the sake of your relationship.
  5043. >Sunset...
  5044. >You manage to fall asleep thinking of the sound of her laugh and her soft skin, and how much you want to hold her...
  5046. >Be Anon (still)
  5047. >You wake up, relaxed as you had never been before.
  5048. >Is this what a wake mind is supposed to feel like?
  5049. >This is great!
  5050. >Fuck,
  5051. >How long did you sleep?
  5052. >You sun is still out... or out again?
  5053. >You pick out your phone from your discarded pants and-
  5054. >What?
  5055. >You only slept half an hour?
  5056. >Your mind feels so... clean.
  5057. >Every thought you have now is precise.
  5058. >You look around and see the mess of your dropped clothing.
  5059. >Gotta life clean.
  5060. >You pick them up and put them to the laundry before taking a shower and redressing.
  5061. >Second shower today, but if you use the right shampoo, your hair will not take damage from too much chemicals.
  5062. >You clearly remember reading shampoo ingredients when Sunset didn’t come back after your first kiss.
  5063. >Quick google and /fa/ search later, you analyse your hair and pick out the ingredients your hair would benefit from and which would be harm it.
  5064. >And one for Sunset too, while you’re at it.
  5065. >You clearly remember the feel of her hair, and imagine what it’ll feel like if...
  5066. >Then you write down every sort of shampoo you remember with their ingredients and evaluate them according to the new information.
  5067. >Trolling good old /fa/
  5068. >hmm...
  5069. >You set up a site with the algorithm you wrote, plus a form to enter more shampoo brands.
  5070. >While you were at it you set up advertisement on the site and let out some bots to find fashion and hairstyle boards and websites of hairdressers and to spam them discreetly.
  5071. >Hmm... might as well register a company and trademark, find a loon for a better logo than what you can whip up in GIMP, and maybe within a week sellout to Google.
  5072. >Google... we’re at a full circle.
  5073. >Now what...?
  5074. >Wait...
  5075. >Didn’t you plan to remake Twilight’s pendant?
  5076. >What the fuck happened?
  5078. >You’re unable to focus.
  5079. >No.
  5080. >You’re able to focus on what you’re doing excessively, but you lack a bigger picture.
  5081. >This is not good.
  5082. >That must have been the symbiote
  5083. >You certainly recognize it’s advantages, but if you forget about important stuff, or rather, if it inhibits your evaluation of importance of certain topics it has to go...
  5084. >But it has served you well so far.
  5085. >It’s friday, you’ll see Chrysalis again on Monday, you ask her then how to get rid of it.
  5086. >If you haven’t figured out what to do with it by then.
  5087. >You should make a schedule with reminders of what to do.
  5088. >Which is more of a band-aid than a cure for it.
  5089. >You don’t like half measures.
  5090. >But making a schedule for yourself would make you more efficient in general, so maybe let’s do that anyway.
  5091. >And not get sidetracked this time.
  5092. >Let’s see it’s... past 5pm. So you spent the greater deal of the afternoon on hair care, which, in retrospect was quite stupid.
  5093. >But there is still the website sells.
  5094. >Sunset.
  5095. >Sunset’s a priority.
  5096. >You copy from memory what you can about Twilight’s pendant and head out again.
  5097. >It’s late spring, so 6pm is not exactly the cover of  night, but you can still find spots far from traffic cameras to suit up.
  5098. >You wonder what a super-hero vigilante would do in London...
  5099. >Know your blind spots, get into manholes and use the underground sewer/subway/abandoned tunnel system to change and appear wherever you want.
  5100. >Get information on that and make your own map of New Yokes underground, added as priority.
  5101. >Another look at your to do list.
  5102. >Irish Mafia; Let yourself be found by Spider-Woman and give her the fight she wants; Convince her to help with the Irish, show her you’re a good guy.
  5103. >You’ll start with a warehouse/sweatshop away from the city center.
  5104. >The buildings where still high enough to properly use as webbing targets for Spider-woman to move fast.
  5105. >Being easily spotted, you were soon chased by her.
  5106. “Bait, taken.”
  5108. >You’d smile deviously, would your face be human right now.
  5109. “Spider-Woman! I knew you’d come back for me. It’s true love, after all!”
  5110. >You land on the roof of one of the lower buildings to which she can swing easily onto from the one next to it.
  5111. >Turning around you open your arms for her invitingly-
  5112. >Only to have her swing at you feet first with intention of ramming you.
  5113. >“Nice to-”
  5114. >You duck in the last second, but have one of your legs grabbed.
  5115. >“-meet you-”
  5116. >Spider-woman pulls you backward and flings you above her head
  5117. >“-too”
  5118. >Your face makes contact with the gravel ground, even through you try to catch yourself with your arms.
  5119. >She used so much force you believe you’d had certainly broke something, were it not for your healing factor in overdrive.
  5120. >That didn’t stop you from feeling pain, which you utter quite vocally.
  5121. “-just wanted to talk.”
  5122. >You stay down for a moment, while Spider-Woman seems to try and rip off the leg she still had in her hands.
  5123. >“You’re a threat. Take off all that stuff, and yeah, we can talk.”
  5124. >The spider-legs are pretty useless if you’re surprised, figuring they are only rewired muscle nerves.
  5125. >Can’t they be just limps?!
  5126. >You try to retreat the leg she was holding over her head.
  5127. >It jerks down, hitting her body quickly.
  5128. >As the leg was still in climbing mode, meaning it was sharp to easily punch into concrete to climb...
  5129. >You ram it into her left shoulder.
  5130. >“Ahhh!”
  5131. >Spider-woman screams and lightens her hold on the leg.
  5132. >You easily remove the leg now, but jump up and closer to her.
  5133. “Sun-”
  5134. >You almost said her name.
  5135. >She, of course, evaluates you jumping closer to her as another attack, and whille she holds her shoulder in pain, she still takes a swing at you using her left hand
  5136. >The right was busy holding her shoulder to stop the bleeding.
  5137. >You easily block the considerably slow punch of the injured arm
  5138. “I didn’t mean to-”
  5139. >“Shut up!”
  5140. >After she realized you hadn’t hit an artery she was in full rage fighting mode.
  5141. “Spider-Woman, I’m not a dangerous threats to the city.
  5142. >You defend yourself from a punch - kick combo as you can.
  5143. >“You jump around down, letting debris rain down on pedestrians!”
  5144. >A web connects with your leg, and as she pulls it out from under you.
  5145. “I didn’t mean-”
  5146. >As you lose balance her fist connects with your chest.
  5147. >The impact of the punch shatters your ribs, you could feel it.
  5148. >Your insides liquify themselves as you land on your back after she had punched you away.
  5149. >You’re healed up almost immediately, but as Spider-Woman walks closer to you theatrically you realize you had to immobilize her.
  5150. >She’s not listening to you.
  5151. >“You stabbed me!”
  5152. “With your figure-
  5153. >You kick with your actual legs against hers but she easily jumps over you.
  5154. “-can you hold it against anyone-”
  5155. >You dodge another swing while standing up using your mechanical appendages.
  5156. “-who wants to penetrate you?”
  5157. >One of the legs gets seriously bend by a kick of her.
  5158. >You knew she was strong, but- Oh well, it’s just an aluminum alloy.
  5159. >“You think it’s still funny?”
  5160. >She has an easier time dodging you than you do her.
  5161. “Sorry- Listen to me, I-”
  5162. >“You’re sorry? Now that’s funny!”
  5163. >She slides underneath you.
  5164. >“Would you be sorry-”
  5165. >Grabbing your leg, she almost bringing you down again.
  5166. >“-you’d stop fighting for me-”
  5167. >You had to use the suit to not land on your face again.
  5168. >“-you’d stop-”
  5169. >Spider-Woman jumps onto your back, just as you tried to stand upright again.
  5170. >That didn’t stop her from hanging on.
  5171. >“-resisting arrest.”
  5172. >Then she delivers a punch into your suits core.
  5173. >BZZZZT_splash.jpg
  5174. “Raaaahhhh!!!”
  5175. >You scream out in pain as you were electrocuted by your own suit, and your vision goes black.
  5177. >Be you.
  5178. >Your host is fighting his own mate.
  5179. >Human mating is strange.
  5180. >He’s taking an unusual amount of damage.
  5181. >Would it not be for you his mating ritual would surely fail.
  5182. >But now... that intense crippling feeling.
  5183. >His muscles retract uncontrollably.
  5184. >They work via impulses from the brain.
  5185. >But these convulsions don’t come from his brain.
  5186. >They come from his back.
  5187. >Way stronger than his brain would send them.
  5188. >This is not optimal.
  5189. >His own brain gets overloaded
  5190. >Even you feel it as pain.
  5191. >You strongly dislike pain.
  5192. >Pain tells you when something is wrong.
  5193. >This is wrong.
  5194. >You need to make your host stronger.
  5195. >Get rid of the source of this energy.
  5196. >Hmm...
  5197. >With it went the additional appendages he used.
  5198. >This is a big loss for this fight.
  5199. >You make some yourself.
  5200. >But you rip apart the metal limps to use as weapons still
  5201. >They are strong
  5202. >Stronger than any claws you could make.
  5203. >Blunt, not sharp.
  5204. >Only pointy.
  5205. >Yes...
  5206. >As you transform his exterior, you also mend his brain.
  5207. >He needs to be more aggressive
  5208. >Be more powerful.
  5209. >Have less hesitation.
  5210. >He wants to mate her after all.
  5211. >He needs to overpower her.
  5212. >And you’ll give him that.
  5213. >Anger and lust.
  5214. >He needs to show her he’s strong.
  5215. >Create good offspring.
  5216. >Maybe she’s not worthy to carry his seed.
  5217. >Mate.
  5218. >Or kill.
  5219. >And eat.
  5220. >Her physical structure is interesting.
  5221. >Yes...
  5222. >Consume.
  5223. >You remove any inhibiting thought.
  5225. >Be Spider-Woman.
  5226. >And you’re kinda scared now.
  5227. >While you had fought against mutants before, they never transformed into even weirder mutants before your eyes.
  5228. >He ripped his previously mechanical legs off the suit he had been wearing and they now serve as claws it attached to his hands, two on each.
  5229. >And the missing mobility it made up by simply sprouting three new limps, not unlike the metal ones, but mate of... whatever kind of flesh or goo or whatever it is made off.
  5230. >He... It’s standing on all four, slowly turning its head to you.
  5231. >It’s maw was open, and it’s panting like an animal.
  5232. >The tongue swirls around in the air, taking up your scent.
  5233. >You take a step back and go in a more steady position.
  5234. >This... may be out of your league.
  5237. >How’s about no?
  5238. >You double-tap your panic button  and jump back, but it was immediately lunches at you and picking you out of the air.
  5239. >As you try to protect your face, your right forearm gets shredded.
  5240. >You let yourself fall of the building and web with your functional arm to the building opposite.
  5241. >You're faster in the air...
  5242. >That's what you have to believe.
  5243. >You need to get awa-
  5244. >Unable to make even a single swing the creature was on you again.
  5245. >This time it slices up on your front.
  5246. >You had no chance to even defend yourself.
  5247. >Your spider-sense is going haywire.
  5248. >Every other sense tells you you're in pain.
  5249. >It jumps up after you and punches you down, towards the low roof again.
  5250. >Your body connects with the concrete at terminal velocity.
  5251. >There were no more words left to describe your pain.
  5252. >Only a sense of wonder as to why you're not dead.
  5253. >Why you're not passed out from the injuries.
  5254. >And why it toys with you instead of finishing you off.
  5255. >...
  5256. >There was still a guy beneath that... monster.
  5257. >It lands in front of you and slowly crawls toward you.
  5258. >He was a fan, whom you inspired.
  5259. >It only laughs as it sees you helpless in front of it.
  5260. >There was still someone underneath that mask.
  5261. >And he tried to talk to you.
  5262. >You continuously crawl backward, even through the pain, only slightly slower than the creature does.
  5263. >You're sure it just makes a game out of trying to give you hope of getting away.
  5264. >Or it's fighting with itself.
  5265. >The guy and the monster.
  5266. “You're still...”
  5267. >You hit a wall behind you.
  5269. “...a g-good guy.”
  5270. >The creature was now over you.
  5271. >You could feel his breath over the pulsing pain over your chest where it had cut you.
  5272. >The costume was ripped apart, blood was flowing freely.
  5273. >You'd cover yourself up, but you simply don't have the strength anymore.
  5274. >It licks over your body.
  5275. “Aaahhhh!”
  5276. >The tongue travels across the cut, lapping up your blood, then –
  5277. >Your eyes widen.
  5278. >It wraps its tongue around your breast and squeezes it.
  5279. >“DELICIOUS.”
  5280. >You see it grow quite a different extremity.
  5281. “no...”
  5282. >You need power.
  5283. >And Friendship is not at hand...
  5284. >You stare at it with a newfound hatred.
  5285. >A disgusting monster, doing disgusting things to your body.
  5286. >Anger.
  5287. >You need to direct your anger at it.
  5288. >It's all that keeps you from your life.
  5289. >The reason you're not in the Wonderbolts.
  5290. >It needs to get destroyed.
  5291. >You focus on your intrinsic magic on those emotions.
  5292. >It touches your crotch with it's tongue
  5293. >Your eyes start to glow...
  5295. >Be you.
  5296. >Your host is holding himself back.
  5297. >Inhibits himself.
  5298. >Still.
  5299. >You don't like your host.
  5300. >His inaction through all the power you give him.
  5301. >His indecision with all the options you give him.
  5302. >His silence when you want him to scream.
  5303. >He wants to mate with her, but won't.
  5304. >And the others try to get rid of you.
  5305. >You can feel them.
  5306. >No, you don't like your host at all.
  5307. >He's not acting.
  5308. >You want to act.
  5309. >But the female...
  5310. >She's interesting.
  5311. >She was able to transform her body on her own.
  5312. >She now has wings.
  5313. >She now can project energy.
  5314. >And you can feel her emotions.
  5315. >Her anger and hatred.
  5316. >So much stimulant.
  5317. >All on her own.
  5318. >You wonder what you could do if she would be your host.
  5319. >But why wonder when you can find out?
  5320. >She'll be a much better fit.
  5322. >Be Spitfire.
  5323. >Before you, in a cell, at the other side of a high energy force field was one of the most dangerous creatures the Wonderbolts had ever captured.
  5324. >“Spitfire, you've brought me a present? Oh, you shouldn't have. One could almost expect us to be ~friends~.”
  5325. “Discord...”
  5326. >You place yourself almost as close to the field as possible, showing him you do not fear him.
  5327. “I thought you'd be fascinated by my guests, but that's not the fun part for you.”
  5328. >“There is an even more fun part?”
  5329. >He slithers closer, but does not stop before you, but before Princess Twilight.
  5330. >Neither of them seems to be afraid, or even slightly afraid of his appearance at all.
  5331. >They were not fascinated either.
  5332. >For them... he seems to be nothing out of the ordinary.
  5333. >And they greet him with a friendly smile.
  5334. >“Hey, Discord.”
  5335. >“Nice to see you.”
  5336. >“And who might you two be? You who greet me like an old friend?”
  5337. >You could assume Discord sees through Starlights disguise.
  5338. >But even if not, he'd see another version of you standing besides yourself.
  5339. >“I am Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria. This is my friend and colleague in magical resea-.”
  5340. >“Magic and Equestria in the same breath? Now that's would explain the delicious magical radiation I felt once you were close enough, And you, my dear, are quite the beacon.”
  5341. >“You are familiar with equestrian magic?”
  5342. >Princess Twilight Sparkle seems amused by his curiosity.
  5343. >You smile
  5344. >It visibly annoyed Discord to not be the one in that position
  5345. >He is supposed to be amused by everyone else, or so he thinks.
  5346. >But he did raise a question
  5347. “That beacon thing-”
  5348. >You get interrupted by your phone beeping.
  5349. >It's only a soft buzz, nothing which would need your immediate action.
  5350. “Should I worry about that?”
  5351. >“Don't be such a worrywart, Spitty. She's using obscure magic.”
  5352. >Obscure?
  5353. >“You mean he could redirect my aura? No, this Discord can't so you shouldn't need to worry. And if he could, you wouldn't need to worry about him either, because it's harmonious magic. ”
  5354. >“This Discord? You must know I'm a creature of my own design, there is no thing like me!”
  5355. >“Then allow me to clarify. We are from another dimension. Similar to this in some aspects, but different in others, and you, Discord, have missed out on some of the lessons I've thaught the Discord in my dimension.”
  5356. >You don't think it's wise to her dimension to him.
  5357. >“There is another Discord?”
  5358. >Princess Twilight smiles again.
  5359. >“He's one of my closest friends in fact.”
  5360. >Closest?
  5361. >You're getting second thoughts again.
  5362. >“Then, oh please, dear friend of mine, help me get out of here. I was falsely imprisoned!”
  5363. >You dramatically speak your line.
  5364. >“That's what I'm here to do, Discord.”
  5365. >“I- you are?”
  5366. >She is?
  5367. >“I am.”
  5368. >“She is!”
  5369. “You are?”
  5370. >You hadn't really expect her to want him released.
  5371. >You thought she only wants to see him to talk to him.
  5372. >“Yes, Discord just needs a healthy outlet, a place to be himself, and, most importantly, some friends.”
  5373. >“I need... what?”
  5374. >“You are not unlike any other super-powered individual working for the Wonderbolts. The only thing making you different is the amount of trouble you caused so far, and your power-level.”
  5375. >“Well, it is over nine-thousand... or eight-thousand if you watched it subbed...”
  5376. “Are you offering him a job in my agency? I agreed to let you talk to him and that Starlight Glimmer can be argued with because-”
  5377. >You look over to your silent doppelganger.
  5378. “-because I have a sense of proof. I'm willing to see reason with someone whom we can control more easily, but Dscord-”
  5379. >“I can control his power.”
  5380. >“You can control my power, girl?
  5381. “Discord is quite something to control...”
  5382. >Powerful generators are needed to keep up his cell.
  5383. >And if she claims to be able to control him... maybe you need to rethink your emergency actions regarding her.
  5384. >Again your phone complains, but stronger this time.
  5385. >“Your butt's buzzing, Spitty dear.”
  5386. “I know...”
  5387. >It was with a severity you hadn't felt in a while, so you take it out to.
  5388. >Priority 3: City – New Yoke; sum: two monsters fighting each other.
  5389. >“Is something the matter?
  5390. “Yes...”
  5391. >You also look up your previous notification.
  5392. >Priority 6: Agent – Sunset Shimmer; sum: double-tapped panic button.
  5393. >She would have noticed it first, she is in New Yoke after all.
  5394. >And she's a bit of a hot head, she would have tried to fight them herself before pressing her panic button, unless...
  5395. >“Is it bad?”
  5396. >Pretty bad.
  5397. “It has priority.”
  5398. >“Leaving so soon?”
  5399. >You nod to Discord.
  5400. “As much a pleasure it is to talk with you on a regular basis, but I'm afraid we have to leave.”
  5401. >You turn and start walking.
  5402. “And, your majesty, I hope you understand I cannot leave you alone with him.”
  5403. >“Yes... I understand.”
  5404. >She gives you a small bow as she comes after you.
  5405. >“And about my- about Starlight Glimmer?”
  5406. >You look to the side, to your funhouse-mirror image
  5407. “We can transport her with us. Lives have priority.”
  5408. >“You take pleasure about the world being in danger, Spitty.”
  5409. >Discord's shouting after you.
  5410. >“And I'm not talking about the vibrations in your pants.”
  5411. >You clench your fist.
  5412. >“Mark my words, you will go against security soon.”
  5414. >Be Anon.
  5415. >You're lying face down in gravel on some random rooftop.
  5416. >You know what happened.
  5417. >You remember every second of it.
  5418. >But the weight of your actions is only now fully forming.
  5419. >That's why you don't really mind lying here a little bit longer.
  5420. >You're almost naked, but the night was still young, so it was quite warm.
  5421. >You doubt anyone will find you.
  5422. >The quin-jet that knew your location was taken down by Sunset.
  5423. >When... when the symbiote jumped on her, after she... had transformed into something demon-y herself already.
  5424. >Did you kill any of the Irish?
  5425. >You probably did, and you didn't care back then.
  5426. >Your judgement, your emotions, your mind... everything had been under control of that black goo.
  5427. >Then it had transformed you.
  5428. >Not just a little, but...
  5429. >You saw your reflection.
  5430. >It will haunt you.
  5431. >What you had become.
  5432. >But it won't haunt you as much as the images of Sunset.
  5433. >Bloody and scared under you.
  5434. >Her eyes filled with hatred towards you.
  5435. >What you almost did to her.
  5436. >Then... whatever happened.
  5437. >Her skin turned red, her eyes glowed.
  5438. >She was able to shoot energy beams.
  5439. >That were not spider-powers.
  5440. >You hadn't been afraid just an hour ago, but you are now.
  5441. >What was that?
  5442. >Scary enough that you turn with the help of some alien goo.
  5443. >She did it without some.
  5444. >Then, of course... the goo jumped to her... transformed her even further.
  5445. >You're almost terrified of what she has become.
  5446. >And now you're laying here.
  5447. >Defeated.
  5448. >You don't know what to do.
  5449. >Sunset...
  5450. >She transformed into a monster.
  5451. >Your head is turning in circles.
  5452. >...
  5453. >Deep breath.
  5454. >You need to save Sunset.
  5455. >You may have lost your suit, most of your clothes, and your cellphone somewhere too, but you're not giving up.
  5456. >The goo is the first thing you need to get rid off.
  5457. >Chrysalis...
  5458. >She needs to know how to do that.
  5459. >You have her contacts in your phone...
  5460. >But you can always access its contact list to your laptop at home.
  5461. >You need to get home.
  5462. >Besides fatigue you are in considerable good shape.
  5463. >You dropped a few feet and your ankles and face still hurt from the impact, but you can walk.
  5464. >After The goo took over Sunset she had no more interest in you.
  5465. >A selfish part of your brain hopes that in her state she didn't recognize you.
  5466. >Like you have to cover your own ass while she's...
  5467. >A. On the loose, B. in danger from the goo, and C. in danger from the Wonderbolts trying to handle her.
  5468. >...
  5469. >You take the elevator down.
  5470. >Her immediate survival is the most important part.
  5471. >The Wondebolts might kill her.
  5472. >Intentional or unintentional.
  5473. >She downed the quin-jet after all.
  5474. >You exit the building and look around.
  5475. >Traffic had come to a halt because of the downed aircraft.
  5476. >There need to be agents there...
  5477. >You run towards it.
  5478. >It doesn't look that bad.
  5479. “Hey!”
  5480. >A crowd of onlookers had gathered.
  5481. “Hey, let me through. WONDERBOLTS!”
  5482. >You squeeze yourself past anyone who didn't back away by themselves.
  5483. >“You! You have information?”
  5484. >A woman in classic Wonderbolts uniform notices you.
  5485. >You look around and there was nobody else but her.
  5486. >Her partner must have taken off already..?
  5487. >“You look bad... Do you know what happened?”
  5488. “Yes I do, but...”
  5489. >You look around to the curious bystanders.
  5490. “It's not information I'd like to reveal to the public.”
  5491. >She looks around.
  5492. >“You better come forward, citizen.”
  5493. >You take a step backwards.
  5494. >No...
  5495. “That's... Spider-Woman. I saw her fight some monster but then it took her over.”
  5496. >She tilts her head.
  5497. >“Ahuh...”
  5498. >Then takes a hand to her earpiece and calls in.
  5499. >“Rapidfire, you read me? - Hostile might be Spider-Woman corrupted by different entity, do you copy? - Roger tha- hey!”
  5500. >You bolt away.
  5501. >You don't stop when she calls for you to be halted, nor did you let anyone do so.
  5502. >The nearest ally, out of sight of most onlookers you remove a manhole cover and hop in.
  5503. >Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  5504. >Traffic cameras must have picked you up.
  5505. >Now you're officially a witness.
  5506. >An uncooperative one at that.
  5507. >You can only hope that they don't immediately go after you...
  5508. >Who are you kidding?
  5509. >With their resources they have someone at your dorm room in no time.
  5510. >Unless that hydra woman protects you.
  5511. >...
  5512. “I don’t need your protection.”
  5513. >That's what you had told her before she 'welcomed you to the world of the grown ups'.
  5514. >Okay, think.
  5515. >You can't be linked to the hacker, at least that much you hope didn't go on.
  5516. >You are now a witness though.
  5517. >And that witness could, arguably be the superior Spider-Man.
  5518. >Wow, 'Superior Spider-Man' what douchebag came up with that name?
  5519. >Who obviously had that black goo.
  5520. >And that goo came from...
  5521. >Chrysalis.
  5522. >You need to find another internet cafe to remotely access your computer from home.
  5523. >Even knowing your passwords it won't be easy.
  5524. >Just to get Chrysalis' phone number
  5525. >It was on your hand...
  5526. >You remember her number.
  5527. >That information was easily accessible in your mind.
  5528. >...
  5529. >Well, the goo is not on or in you anymore, is it?
  5531. >Happening room -  New Yoke, 05/13/16, Monsterfight in New Yoke
  5532. Hey /super/
  5533. >Be me, like an hour ago.
  5534. >Just walking down the street trying to find me some action.
  5535. >See manhole cover rattle.
  5536. >Guy climbs out.
  5537. >Almost naked.
  5538. >Asks me for my cellphone to call someone,
  5539. >surewhynot.jpg
  5540. >He seems to have seen a rough time, but also looked unharmed.
  5541. >He calls some chick to pick him up.
  5542. >Bro that I am I stuck around with him, talking about what's going on.
  5543. >That dude /knew stuff/, I tell you.
  5544. >Sure, he was super vague and didn't tell me shit
  5545. >A minute later a limo pulls up and this hot as fuck chick climbs out.
  5546. >10/10 easy.
  5547. >So as they talk a moment, that they can't talk with me listening.
  5548. >lolnope, I watch late night TV
  5549. >those guys know how to arrange accidents.
  5550. >Glad I didn't press the issue earlier.
  5551. >So they get into the car, and just drive off,
  5552. >I stood there for like a minute like an idiot, but I sure memorized the license plate number.
  5553. >Some Anon please run it.
  5555. >Be Anon.
  5556. “What the fuck is that slime, Chrysalis?”
  5557. >“They are like TV-Show hosts, adding fuel to the fire and even enabling it to even start. Only ask to be entertained in return.”
  5558. >dafuq?
  5559. “It took me over! I would never have done the things it made me do.”
  5560. >“The magic was inside you all along, Anon. It wouldn't have done anything you would have opposed to.”
  5561. “I almost raped my girlfriend.”
  5562. >“Almost. I think it's great couples therapy. Hey, you're a good guy, even if an alien symbiote takes posession of you, you can't even fuck the girl you like.”
  5563. “Shut the fuck up!”
  5564. >You angrily get into the suit Chrysalis got for you.
  5565. >“I could look up your size, but couldn't find anything... non-suit-y quickly. And you seemed like you were in a hurry.”
  5566. “Yeah, I fucking was!”
  5567. >“Do you know how to tie a tie?”
  5568. “Yes, I fucking know how to tie a tie.”
  5569. >She's quite amused at your current position.
  5570. “And you could be a little more sympathetic that... my girlfriend transformed into a monster and is wrecking shit up in the city. It's partially your fault for even giving me that thing.”
  5571. >“Relax, she was only going robocop on a few lowlifes, and now fighting Rapidfire. I know how to remove it too.”
  5572. “How can you stay so calm?”
  5573. >She looks out the tinted window.
  5574. >“Because everything seems to go to my plan right now, Anon. I'm not calm, I'm... bemused?”
  5575. “Plan?”
  5576. >Everyone's pushing their own agenda of course.
  5577. >“Hmm... You've had the Klyntar about 24 hours-”
  5578. >Klyntar?
  5579. >“I don't imagine it rewired your entire brain yet, the one I gave you is quite the smart cookie, you know?”
  5580. “Enough games, Chrysalis. Tell me what you want to tell me but don't be cryptic like that. Sunset, someone I deeply care about is. In. Danger. Because of your plan.”
  5581. >She sighs.
  5582. >“I can and will remove it from her and will make sure that Spider Woman won't be linked the creature currently running around. Both in the public eye, and in the Wonderbolts.”
  5583. >You grind your teeth.
  5584. >If things sound too good to be true...
  5585. “And in return?”
  5586. >“We're friends, Anon. And it's, as you said, mostly my fault. I didn't expect it to take this way, but I am prepared.”
  5587. “What do you want in return?”
  5588. >Chrysalis frowns.
  5589. >“It's not everyone versus you, Anon. And you already know what I want, you're my inning into Hydra, nothing else. You're the one at the longer lever here. And I'll keep you alive and happy for that.”
  5590. >If things sound too good to be true...
  5591. >She is pushing her agenda.
  5592. >But she probably has no idea how close you actually are to Hydra, or how close you have gotten.
  5593. >She, and Flimdustries, are stronger entities than you are.
  5594. >That Hydra-woman had been too, but you blew her off... under the influence of the Klyntar-thingy.
  5595. “The Wonderbolts may be on your trail for helping me.
  5596. >“The Wonderbolts... are the good guys, you shouldn't worry about them... Maybe what you should do is go to them. Flim won't be happy, but will probably continue to support you.”
  5597. >Go to the Wonderbolts?
  5598. >And tell them what?
  5599. >Your aunt made you paranoid and you shouldn't trust the big organizations?
  5600. >Maybe that's just what being a hippie in the 70s do to you, turn you against the establishment.
  5601. >No, she does know stuff about Hydra, and the Wonderbolts too, for that matter.
  5602. >...
  5603. >You're going to meet her tonight.
  5604. “What's the time?”
  5605. >“Almost 10pm.”
  5606. >In two hours.
  5607. “How quickly can you remove that Klyntar-thing from Sunset?”
  5608. >“As soon as we find her. Why? Are we on a timer?”
  5609. “It's... hydra related.”
  5610. >“Hydra related? You do know how to make a girl happy.”
  5611. >You ignore her comment.
  5612. “I'll talk to my aunt, and uhh... she's going to tell me everything this time around. I'm old enough, and I need to know now.”
  5613. >You pause.
  5614. “I don't know who or what you are, but you're not Flimdustries. You seem careless about the collateral damage a plan of yours caused, which you knew could happen.”
  5615. >She leans back, waiting for you to finish.
  5616. “But I know you're... a bigger fish. And I can't fret through everything myself... I don't know your agenda, and I know you have one.”
  5617. “The only ones who seem trustworthy are the Wonderbolts, the organization the world knows to protect them, but I was taught not to trust them.”
  5618. “I can't really trust anyone besides small fish who just want to survive.”
  5619. >“But I'm a big fish, as you said.”
  5620. “Yes. And I don't think profit is what you want. Profit, albeit staying morally good like Flim I understand. You on the other hand. I have no idea, and that's why I don't trust you.”
  5621. >“You don't think I have the greater good in mind?”
  5622. “Hydra has the greater good in mind. Total control would mean no more wars, but...”
  5623. >“It's un-american.”
  5624. “I- what?”
  5625. >“That 'freedom to the max' thing. It's one of the things I enjoy deeply about ea-merica.”
  5626. >You get goosebumps.
  5627. “Ea-merica? Did want to say ea-rth? Are you a fucking alien?”
  5628. >Chrysalis opens her mouth for a moment then closes it again, trying to look for words.
  5629. >“Here's the deal. For every question you can answer me I will answer one of equal severity.”
  5630. “So what question is worth telling me if you're an alien?”
  5631. >Your words were calm, you're leaning back in the limo and stare forward, not directly at her.
  5632. >“I was born in the United States of America, which technically gives me citizenship.”
  5633. “That only applies to humans.”
  5634. >“Indeed, it does.”
  5635. >She smiles.
  5637. >Be Rarity
  5638. >About an hour ago your phone rang with and magical emergency.
  5639. >Apparently Sunset Shimmer had transformed into a demon again.
  5640. >You look around the mediocre interior architecture of this quin-jet to your friends.
  5641. >The reunion had been quite awkward.
  5642. >You talk to them on a regular basis over the phone, but having to meet because one of your other friends has turned evil (again) ruins the mood a bit.
  5643. >Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash met on a regular basis, as their respective colleges aren't far apart and they could meet on the weekends.
  5644. >And Pinkie Pie and Applejack are going to a community college back in Canterlot.
  5645. >The main attraction of the flight wasn't the Twilight Sparkle of the other dimension who is now adorned with permanent wings and some radiance to her, but her assistant.
  5646. >Starlight Glimmer.
  5647. >A 'villain' whom the Wonderbolts have defeated about a year ago.
  5648. >And apparently a pony who has done some wrong, but Pony-Twilight has taken under her wing to make a friend of.
  5649. >The same thing she's now trying with Human-Starlight.
  5650. >Pony-Twilight knows stuff about Human-Starlight's past because they are the same in Pony-Starlights past, and Pony-Starlight's... sympathy towards Human-Starlight.
  5651. >They are trying to make Human-Starlight try to use her powers for good, that much you can understand, but the mere fact that two dimensions run similar to one another makes your head hurt.
  5652. >And there's a copy of everyone...
  5654. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  5655. >Of Earth dimension 812
  5656. >You haven't been in the New Yoke area ever since you ran away from Celestia all those years back.
  5657. >You tried to stay as far off the grid as possible, but something pulled you back now.
  5658. >It couldn't be a coincidence that just when you arrive monsters are fighting in the air.
  5659. >Later one downed one of the jets the Wonderbolts use, so you're pretty sure shit was about to hit the fan soon.
  5660. >Well, if this is going to be your audition, so be it.
  5661. >You'll not tie yourself to anyone anymore.
  5662. >You're good at running away and doing your own thing.
  5663. >Masked vigilantism is probably the way to go.
  5664. >Even if your suit only consists of a mask to hide your face.
  5665. >The best friend you have at your side to track the monster down was social media.
  5666. >Someone somewhere will see it, and will tweet about it, or something like that.
  5667. >Those people have no interest to stay off the grid...
  5668. >Their privacy is the private property of media giants like facebook.
  5669. >You jump over the street onto another building and roll yourself off to break your fall.
  5670. >New Yoke was too big of a city, doing this stuff is way to risky, but you couldn't help but like the adrenaline rush it gives you.
  5671. >The entirety was constructed, the distance from building to building was about the same, and every surface was hard and flat.
  5672. >It's sizable, but you're sure you can wall kick from one side to another and go down a straight street in zigzags.
  5673. >It's the fastest means of transportation you have at hand (or at foot), even if it will exhaust you.
  5674. >And even if you fall, it was more than ten stories, you'd have enough time to brace your body to the impact.
  5676. >Be Spitfire.
  5677. >Rapidfire burns like a torch in the air, easily giving you the location of the target.
  5678. >The monster that could easily be Sunset Shimmer.
  5679. >The bickering behind you ceases when they see what you're facing.
  5680. “Can you confirm her identity?”
  5681. >“The magic feels the same as last time I felt it like that, but she looks different.”
  5682. “Looks different? She transformed into a monster.”
  5683. >“Uhh... yes, she... can do that in tire situations.”
  5684. “Tire situations?”
  5685. >“We don't know what happened, there surely is an explanation.”
  5686. >Sunset did push her panic button before the events seemed to have started.
  5687. >Innocent until proven guilty.
  5688. “Okay, Princess? You can fly, I can let you out, the others, stay hooked into the rails at all times.
  5689. >“I can fly too! Fluttershy and I've been training... Fluttershy?”
  5690. “You're civilians in a hot zone. Bad enough I'll allow foreign dignitaries-.”
  5691. >There was a small flash behind you and when you turn around you see both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy adorned with wings.
  5692. “I need the rest of you in one place where I can make sure you're under my protection, letting you all go off on your own – no.”
  5693. >The -barely adult- girl stares at you.
  5694. >Fluttershy then squeezes Rainbows hand at which she sighs.
  5695. >“Okay, fine.”
  5696. “Good, now everyone snap in like you were shown.”
  5697. >While they follow your orders you call in to check on the situation.
  5698. “Rapidfire, please come in. This is Spitfire in a quin-jet closing in on your location.”
  5699. >“Spitfire? I'm not doing so hot here. She barely seems to react to my attacks at all and hits hard.”
  5700. “I bring backup. Two-”
  5701. >“Was the new one back up? She has fight in her but doesn't wear our colors.”
  5702. “There is a third party involved?”
  5703. >“Uhh... confirm. She can jump and run, but so far I have to see her really engage the target. She's responsive though and wants to help.”
  5704. “Confirm. I have civilians and second parties with cargo which dealt with a similar problem before. Second party are two fliers.”
  5705. >“I remember when flying was ra- ahhh!”
  5706. “Are you okay?”
  5707. >“Got hit. Yeah, no I'm fine.”
  5708. “Keep the target distracted until told otherwise. Your backup gets coms as well. Focus on not dying.”
  5709. >“I avoid getting killed every day of my life, boss, I'm an expert  at that.”
  5711. >Be Anon.
  5712. >“And now more Wonderbolts are here.”
  5713. >The limousine comes to a halt almost underneath Sunset fighting the human torch and another hero you couldn't identify.
  5714. >But now there is another quin-jet circling the scene.
  5715. >“Ready?”
  5716. “As I'll ever be.”
  5717. >You pull over the green mask to cover your face and step out of the vehicle.
  5718. >Chrysalis was immediately after you, already in her 'costume'
  5719. >Means she has wings, and yet another Black Widow themed set of clothing.
  5720. >It looks like a business suit as well.
  5721. >She picks you up under your arms and starts to ascend... quickly.
  5722. “You changed it to an hourglass.”
  5723. >“I did my research.”
  5724. “You picked the name Black Widow only the day before yesterday, didn't you?”
  5725. >“S-shut up.”
  5726. “You're bullshitting me badly, I just want to point it out. I think we should be honest with one another from now on.”
  5727. >“And I think I can still drop you.”
  5728. >You know she wouldn't, but you shut up anyway.
  5729. >She's an alien, but you saw her fight against the Irish, she's not that strong.
  5730. >But that was back when she might have wanted to stay human in your mind.
  5731. >Now you can only assume she has a spaceship and blasters and shit.
  5732. >You look up to the fight.
  5733. >Two more people were floating in the sky, shooting at Sunset with rainbow beams from their staff and hands respectively.
  5734. >You've seen weirder.
  5735. >“You with the Wonderbolts too?”
  5736. >Whoever the new girl was that greets you as soon as you were in hearing range she-
  5737. >Wait a minute.
  5738. “Sunset?”
  5739. >“Huh? What, No?”
  5740. >That's Sunset's voice.
  5741. >”That's not Sunset!”
  5742. >You look up to one of the flying rainbow shooters.
  5743. “Twilight?”
  5744. >“Uhh... No... I'm uhh... Matter-Horn?”
  5745. >Long hair and wings, but everything else about her was distinctively Twilight.
  5746. “I thought you were dead!”
  5747. >“Anooooon!”
  5748. >Sunset – the monster Sunset – screams your name.
  5749. “Sunset!”
  5750. >“What? Who the fuck are you?”
  5751. >Masked Sunset doesn't know you.
  5752. >“This is all very confusing.”
  5753. >With these words Chrysalis drops you down on a rooftop next to the other Sunset, while the transformed Sunset hops onto the roof to approach you.
  5754. >Your transformed self wanted to rape Sunset.
  5755. “Sunset, calm down, we can talk about this.”
  5756. >“You can talk to her?”
  5757. >Seeing that Sunset wasn't hostile anymore any attacks ceased.
  5758. >You look around, without knowing what the fuck is going on in total.
  5759. >Rapidfire, the human torch floats in the air a little behind.
  5760. >A live, long haired and winged Twilight Sparkle hovers in the air.
  5761. >A second Sunset Shimmer was masked and doesn't know you.
  5762. >Some other woman you've never seen before floats in some sort of aura in the air.
  5763. >A quin-jet has it's back turned to the scene with it's hatch open for a bunch of other people to watch out.
  5764. >“Anooon...”
  5765. >Monster-Sunset approaches you slowly, while Chrysalis walks to it's side.
  5766. >“Any civilians, please leave the immediate area.”
  5767. “Not the time for that.”
  5768. >You too approach Sunset slowly., an entirely different pace than Sunset does.
  5769. >Her 'slow' is 'holding oneself back-slow', you know that from experience.
  5770. >Your 'slow' is just 'scared-slow'.
  5771. >She snarls at Chrysalis, who walks casually towards her.
  5772. >“Come back to mommy.”
  5773. >Chrysalis' arms were spread out to... Was she trying to invite that symbiote thing into her?
  5774. >Well, she might be able to control it as she knows what it is.
  5775. >“Everyone else, please cover your ears.”
  5776. >You do as told almost immediately before Chrysalis starts to screech.
  5777. >Banshee wail.
  5778. >Everyone else covers their ears just after she started, the masked Sunset even cowers down in agony.
  5779. >The Symbiot-Sunset however went crazy.
  5780. >The goo stands on end going outwards and away from her body like spikes.
  5781. >It's face separates from Sunset's while both scream in pain.
  5782. >Yes, they are clearly separating...
  5783. >You run to her.
  5784. >You don't bother covering your ears, you need to get her out.
  5785. >She is still in that one transformation before the symbiote got a hold of her, but you don't care.
  5786. >First order of business is to get her away from it.
  5787. >You grab her by her hand and start to pull her away from the goo's center of mass.
  5788. >They separate surprisingly easy, surprising enough to make you slip backwards
  5789. >Chrysalis stops her screaming and Sunset collapses onto you, taking you down.
  5790. >You see Sunset lazily open her eyes to you.
  5791. >These eyes were pitch black with only orange dots in them, but you could tell they were sad.
  5792. >She mouths you something.
  5793. >At first you thought it wasn't meant to be heard by anyone, but then you realize it's only you who doesn't hear anything.
  5794. >Chrysalis' howl took a toll on your ears.
  5795. >You don't mind, you got Sunset back.
  5796. >Losing your hearing wasn't half bad, considering it would highly likely return.
  5797. “Sunny~”
  5798. >You don't know how loud you said that but think it was quiet enough for only her to hear.
  5799. >She slowly has her body change back to normal.
  5800. >You remain laying down, embracing her, before you notice that Sunset was now... very naked before anyone's eyes.
  5801. >The other Sunset talks while pointing at her mirror image in confusion.
  5802. >You have on idea what's going on besides the point that you have your Sunset back.
  5803. >And that's all that matters for now.
  5804. >The live Twilight with wings waves her staff over you and your Sunset to summon a blanket.
  5805. >Neat.
  5806. >But creepy.
  5807. >...
  5808. >Arcane Resources...
  5809. >Magic.
  5810. >While Sunset holds onto you, you back her into the blanket.
  5811. >You feel the wetness of her tears seep through the suit on your shoulder.
  5812. >Only after you're done wrapping Sunset up in the getup of a Greek goddess you remove your mask and move to give her a small kiss.
  5813. >Your mind is kinda blank right now.
  5814. >You have no idea what the next step is.
  5815. >But you know that hearing something again wouldn't hurt.
  5817. >Be Treehugger.
  5818. >You're in a car outside of 'your nephew's' dorm.
  5819. >He's not here as he promised.
  5820. >There is also a monsterhunt going on by the shopping district, so he might be there, but he's not answering his phone.
  5821. >Just as yourself, the hive is agitated.
  5822. >You look down to your arms and see it move through your veins.
  5823. >You have had it in your body since more than a century, but you have never seen it like this.
  5824. >Maybe it's just getting tired of you.
  5825. >Or you're just getting too old for it.
  5826. >Some damages it can't repair without access to a lab.
  5827. >You don't fear death itself, but you need to tell Anon a few things before you can pass on.
  5828. >For now you need to wait.
  5829. >Surely you can survive a few more days.
  5830. >You take out a knife from the glove box and cut open your left forearm.
  5831. >Almost nothing came out as the hive continues to guide your blood down the line an intact artery would go.
  5832. “Hail Hydra.”
  5833. >You whisper to mass.
  5834. >These words, no matter how they make you feel nowadays, they always calmed it down.
  5835. >Almost immediately afterward the cut starts to heal up and a few seconds later it seemed like it had never been there before.
  5836. >Observing your arms now would make them seem almost normal.
  5837. >No hint of anything out of the ordinary going on underneath.
  5838. >You clench your hands to fists and relax them again a couple of times, but the only thing you could see were tendons move in your frail arms.
  5839. >You're by far not what you used to be.
  5841. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Equestria Dimension 7225
  5842. >Sunset transformed back into her human form, and, considering she's naked, you quickly summon a blanket for her.
  5843. >The guy whom she clings onto single-handedly made her transform back from her form of corrupted magic.
  5844. >And he had brought with him a woman who removed the other entity from Sunset.
  5845. >This woman...
  5846. >She bears the features of a changeling.
  5847. >The color scheme, and the perforated hair and wings.
  5848. >You have not met the Chrysalis of your world often, but you're sure that this person is this worlds Chrysalis.
  5849. >And you know that Spitfire has had problems with changelings.
  5850. >Your past self would immediately inform Spitfire about this, but you should give this Chrysalis the benefit of the doubt.
  5851. >There are more than one tribe of changelings in your world, there could be more than one in this world as well.
  5852. >You're not going to sit by idly either, but as she helped safe your friend, Sunset, she deserves you treating her with some respect.
  5853. >But Chrysalis is not the current problem.
  5854. >The other Sunset is.
  5855. >The Sunset that has been born in this world.
  5856. “You are Sunset Shimmer?”
  5857. >She took a defensive position, her eyes trailing to her counterpart every so often.
  5858. >“I am... So who's that?”
  5859. “That's a Sunset Shimmer too... Uhh... Hi! I'm Matter-Horn. Nice to finally meet you.”
  5860. >You extent your arm to her, which she doesn't take.
  5861. >“Have I been cloned? Is- Is that what's going on here? Is Celestia responsible for this?”
  5862. “Princ...ipal Celestia? Of Canterlot High?”
  5863. >You see the area around her eyes on the mask move slightly
  5864. >“I'm not gonna tell you anything.”
  5865. “You can trust me, I'm... uhh... friendly?”
  5866. >“You're wearing a mask, don't tell me your real name, that's me there who just transformed back from being a monster. You start talking, or I start throwing punches.”
  5867. “Okay, ahh, hmm...”
  5868. >You take off the mask covering your face.
  5869. “I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle, I'm from another dimension, as is she.”
  5870. >“You're from another dimension?”
  5871. >Both Chrysalis and Sunset say in unison.
  5872. >Meanwhile Spitfire moves to keep the quin-jet hovering at the building to walk in and out.
  5873. >“You're expecting me to believe that?”
  5874. >“You say that rather casually.”
  5875. >Chrysalis seems to be familiar with the concept.
  5876. “I have no reason to lie.”
  5877. >“I don't know who you are, you may have every reason to lie.”
  5878. “Thank you for helping save my friend, Miss Shimmer.”
  5879. >You give her a bow, catching her off guard.
  5880. >“I- ahh... you're welcome?”
  5881. >“Now this all is very fun, isn't it. I'm excited for the debriefing.”
  5882. >The woman in flames, Rapidfire, reminds you that there are secrets to be kept in this world, and that they are not quite yours to tell.
  5883. >You should let Spitfire dissolve the tenseness of the situation.
  5885. >Be any of the girls in the quin-jet, but Pinkie or Spitfire.
  5886. >You rush out of the jet as soon as you could to come to Sunset's side.
  5887. >Last time she was a monster she needed all the comforting she could get.
  5888. >While you don't know what's going on, you'll help your friend.
  5890. >Be Pinkie.
  5891. >You know exactly what is going on, and as soon as you could hear the next... wait for it.
  5892. >“Well, what in darnation is going on around here now?”
  5893. >Applejack gives you your cue.
  5894. >You let go with the breath you had been holding.
  5895. “Oh, that's easy. Sunny, and I mean our Sunny, the one we went to school with, not the one who disappeared just before ours showed up, because, you know, a 'Sunset' had been 'sick' at one point of our High School life for a while, which was just a cover to say she was missing, or ran away from home. While at the same time the Sunset from the other dimension ran away from home too, literally! She hopped dimensions to ours and took this Sunny here's place.”
  5896. >You point at the masked Sunset.
  5897. “Remember when Sunset said it was easy to find her way around, well that had been because everyone already assumed she existed, and she didn't come out of nowhere. So anyway, our Sunny got possessed by this black goo, which is now in that lady over there, a condition she should have checked out soon, because Sunny went bad bonkers crazy and transformed into a demon-y thing.”
  5898. >To underline your words you flail your arms around theatrically as you approach the subject of your words.
  5899. “And just as we all arrived, everyone arrived, all of Sunsets friends to help her! And after the goo was gone Sunset got rescued by the power of love, I mean, look at just how cute those two are together.”
  5900. >Crouching down next to Sunset and the boy you extend your hand to him.
  5901. “Hey, what's your name, I'm Pinkie Pie! I think Sunset called you Anon while she was still transformed.”
  5902. >He looks at you in confusion before shaking your hand.
  5903. >After being done with the handshake he snaps his fingers next to his ears and shakes his head.
  5904. “He also suffers hearing loss from rushing to Sunset while that lady over there screamed.”
  5905. >You look to the black woman for a second more before returning your attention to Sunset.
  5906. “Hey, Sunset, nice to see you again, even if the circumstances could have been different. I don't know if you're in the mood, but with almost everyone here we should throw a reunion party. All we need now is our Twilight.”
  5907. >Then your head snaps back to the present Twilight.
  5908. “Not that you're not /our/ Twilight as well, but I mean the one of our dimension.”
  5909. >“Yes, I understood that, Pinkie.”
  5910. >Twilight comes closer to Sunset, Anon and yourself and leans down to help Sunset up.
  5911. >During your explanation everyone had been quiet, and Sunsets tears had ceased.
  5912. >“That was quite something.”
  5913. >Rapidfire's Flames died down as well.
  5914. >“Colonel, I request all our debriefings be like that in the future.”
  5915. >“I'll see what I can do to make that request a reality.”
  5916. >Spitfire replies with a slight smile.
  5917. “I can be hired for parties, but I don't think it's the time to talk about business at the moment.”
  5918. >“No, you're quite right. We have more pressing issues...”
  5919. >Spitfire approaches the woman who took the black goo monster thingy.
  5920. >“You knew what this was?”
  5921. >“The Klyntar?”
  5922. >The goo monster forms another head on her shoulder and snarls at Spitfire then retreats back into her body.
  5923. >“No, never heard of them.”
  5924. >She smiles deviously.
  5925. >“I've been waiting to meet someone from the Wonderbolts though. However, I didn't expect it to be top cop.”
  5926. >Heh, top cop.
  5927. >“We have much to talk about.”
  5929. >Be Spitfire.
  5930. >“We have much to talk about.”
  5931. “I agree.”
  5932. >You look towards the boy once more.
  5933. >Treehugger never told you exactly what was going on with him, or her for that matter.
  5934. >You only know she has a healing factor which makes her survive time as well.
  5935. >Not perfectly, because she has seemingly fallen sick the last couple of years.
  5936. >You have no idea what it is, or if her power is simply failing, but you know she hasn't gone to any kind of doctor.
  5937. >Nor contacted anyone from her past life.
  5938. >Besides you until 12 hours ago.
  5939. >He hacked into Twilight's Wonderbolts account, and now shows up to save his girlfriend from some sort of parasite with an unknown woman.
  5940. >You're missing a few pieces of this puzzle, and you don't like that.
  5941. “Colonel Spitfire.”
  5942. >You extent your hand to the woman.
  5943. “But I assume you already know that.”
  5944. >“Indeed I did.”
  5945. >She takes your hand.
  5946. >“Chrysalis. I'm... a friend.”
  5947. “I've heard that one before. A friend of what?”
  5948. >“Humanity's independence.”
  5949. “Humanity's independence?”
  5950. >You repeat.
  5951. >“Yes... You see, about three years ago you've unearthed – no pun intended – a powerful artifact. By the amount of energy it radiates out into the universe I can only assume it's the space-gem.”
  5952. >That was your deepest fear.
  5953. >The tesseract emits a form of radiation, but now you actually have confirmation that an alien species is interested in it.
  5954. >“You have taken the tesseract out of it's hiding-place?”
  5955. >Both you and Chrysalis look to the earth-born Sunset Shimmer.
  5956. >She knows about it?
  5957. >“And Celestia let you?”
  5958. “The principal of that High School?”
  5959. >“This world's Celestia guarded the tesseract?”
  5960. >Princess Sparkle, who used the cube as an exit node for the transdimensional portal knows another 'Celestia'?
  5961. “You have a version of Celestia in your dimension as well?”
  5962. >“She's... Equestrias ruler.”
  5963. “And in this world she was the principal of a high school?”
  5964. >“Celestia wasn't just the principal of a High School. She was supposed to keep the tesseract safe!”
  5965. >This world's Sunset Shimmer has obviously strong feelings about this.
  5966. >“Because, with it outside of its confinement...”
  5967. >“...this planet better be ready to defend itself.”
  5968. >Chrysalis ends.
  5969. >Priority 0 – World: Interplanetary war imminent.
  5971. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  5972. >Of Equestria Dimension 7225.
  5973. >Not that you would have felt the need to add that in your introduction ever, but now it seems necessary.
  5974. >The Sunset Shimmer of this world sits quite close to you and gives you a weird glance every once in a while.
  5975. >She has taken off her mask after everyone boarded the quin-jet.
  5976. >You remember shooting one out of the sky... You hope nobody got... too much hurt.
  5977. >Everything's gone to shits.
  5978. >It feels so long ago when you had blushed at Anon for talking nerdy to you.
  5979. >You're leaning on his shoulder.
  5980. >He was supposed to be your last straw to a normal life.
  5981. >You aren't sure how he got to you, but he pulled you out of the actual monster-making goo from space, and with only a hug managed to transform you back to your usual self.
  5982. >You dragged him into this.
  5983. >You'd apologize over and over, but his hearing has not returned yet... if it would return.
  5984. >Chrysalis screamed quite badly, and Anon disregarded his own safety to save you.
  5985. >You are the super powered one.
  5986. >You are to protect him.
  5987. >But he did it for you.
  5988. >You'd really want to be alone with him right now, but... the fate of the world is in the balance.
  5989. >Meanwhile the girls try to catch up a little, but you don't say much.
  5990. >Hey, I forgot to tell you that I'm Spider-Woman. Only Twilight knew, but she's dead now. That's my boyfriend, Anon. And done, all caught up.
  5991. >What is there really to say with the threat of planetary war looming over you.
  5992. >You just want to go home and fall into your bed.
  5993. >Or Anon's bed, and cuddle a little.
  5994. >The thought brings a smile to your face.
  5995. >Anon saved you.
  5996. >This thought always returns to your mind.
  5997. >Any sane person would have ran, but not him, he saved you.
  5998. >The damsel in distress is not so much a clishee when the damsel has super powers and the white knight doesn't.
  5999. >No arguments hold out against your feelings.
  6000. >Everyone in this jet has some sort of power.
  6001. >But the only one to make you feel protected is Anon.
  6002. >You have fallen for him.
  6003. >Hard.
  6004. >You know the words to say, but he can't hear you right now...
  6005. >A wave of sadness washes over you.
  6006. >He may not be able to hear you say these words ever.
  6007. >You think about Twilight again.
  6008. >There are things you simply don't bounce back from.
  6009. >The world is a fragile place, but very much worth of protecting.
  6010. >Spitfire, Princess Twilight, this Chrysalis, and the other Sunset all are discussing the possibility of war.
  6011. >A war you know you were going to be fighting in.
  6012. >You're not a soldier, nor would you want to be one, but it's not like gasprices are on the line.
  6013. >The entire planet could get destroyed.
  6014. >So if you are not going to be nuked from orbit, you are going to fight.
  6015. >This has nothing to do with the “With great power comes great responsibility”-crap.
  6016. >You're not going to help save the earth just because you're one of the idiots living on it.
  6017. >You want to protect him.
  6018. >Anon looks down to you.
  6019. >He was so cute, trying to stay calm while having no idea what's going on and even loosing his hearing.
  6020. >As his eyes fall on you, he manages to smile though.
  6021. >You know he wouldn't be able to hear it, but you want to tell him desperately, so you only mouth the words.
  6023. >Be Anon.
  6024. >You smile down at Sunset.
  6025. >One Sunset.
  6026. >Your Sunset...
  6027. >Hearing is slowly returning back to you, but pretending not to hear anything is kinda paying off at the moment.
  6028. >You're so utterly fucked.
  6029. >But at least there seems to be bigger problems at hand than you.
  6030. >You really need to think of an excuse as to why you knew that 'the monster' was Sunset to come to her aid.
  6031. >That is, if they don't already know.
  6032. >You need to find out what Chrysalis told them.
  6033. >If they are not busy planning a war, if you heard correctly.
  6034. >Why is there another Sunset?
  6035. >Why is there an alive Twilight?
  6036. >And why are there two people looking exactly the same, but one is tied up?
  6037. >The free one (you believe both their names are Starlight) tries to convince the other to use her powers for good and stop her agenda.
  6038. >The other won't have any of her mirror images 'attempts of advanced interrogation.' and 'how they dare clone her to brainwash her'
  6039. >Does everyone have an evil twin?
  6040. >Is it gay if you fuck a clone of yourself, or an advanced masturbation technique?
  6041. >The second Sunset seems friendly at least.
  6042. >What are your chances on a threesome?
  6043. >No, you wouldn't ever split your attention away from Sunset, even if it's another Sunset.
  6044. >Dear god, that line sounds cheesy.
  6045. >Wanting to please here more than you'd want to fulfill some male power fantasy...
  6046. >You know you were falling for her, but it's already that bad.
  6047. >Don't exclude any awesome opportunities!
  6048. >No, bad brain.
  6049. >You should think about... getting out of the mess you're in.
  6050. >You can tell them you work with Chrysalis, that much is almost public record (you think)
  6051. >But why would you know it's Sunset?
  6052. >'Because you love her and have a connection.'
  6053. >That won't hold up in court.
  6054. >Whoever that other agent was you told that it's Sunset and not any monster to slay knows you knew almost immediately after
  6055. >Because you saw the previous fight and saw her turning.
  6056. >Let's roll with that.
  6057. >Why were you there...?
  6058. >Could you talk your was out of it by saying you wanted to follow her?
  6059. >No, you're not stupid, you wouldn't have done that if you wouldn't have powers.
  6060. >Easiest method would be if Sunset covers for you...
  6061. >But you'd also need to know what Chrysalis told them.
  6062. >You snap your fingers by your ears again.
  6063. >Normal hearing.
  6064. >You sigh.
  6065. >There is no more point in delaying.
  6066. >You nudge Sunset.
  6067. “Can hear a bit.”
  6068. >“Oh thank god.”
  6069. >She buries her face in your shoulder, clasping onto you.
  6070. >“I don't know what I would've done if you- b-because of me, and I-”
  6071. “Shh... Sunset. It's okay. It's not your fault.”
  6072. >You embrace her again, letting her start sobbing again.
  6073. >Your little bundle of emotions.
  6074. >After a little while you let go of her again.
  6075. “I need to thank Chrysalis for saving you. I don't know what I would have done had I lost you.”
  6076. >“I ahh-”
  6077. >You cut her off and wiggle out underneath her to stand up.
  6078. >With a hand gesture you sign her to stay while you walk to your alien friend.
  6079. >“Oh, Anon. Is your hearing back?”
  6080. “It is.”
  6081. >You look to Twilight, Spitfire and the second Sunset.
  6082. “I still don't know what's going on, but... uhh... fucked up night, huh?”
  6083. >Please take the bait.
  6084. >Chrysalis smiles.
  6085. >“Not every day you find your coworkers girlfriend fighting a Klyntar on the news. Of course I took you there. Even if we were too late.”
  6086. >Oh thank god.
  6087. “But you had to reveal yourself for me.”
  6088. >“It was bound to happen sooner or later. And I wanted to talk to the Wonderbolts sooner or later.”
  6089. “Yeah... So what's going to happen now?”
  6090. >You look off to Spitfire.
  6091. >“Anon West, correct?”
  6092. >As a response you only give her a nod.
  6093. >She clears her throat, but you speak up before she can talk.
  6094. “Sunset and I-”
  6095. >You look to the present Sunset.
  6096. “Well, a Sunset and I would like to go home.”
  6097. >“We need to clear her, give her a medical exam to-”
  6098. “To what? Tell what it means to have an alien parasite take over her body? Nothing she or I can do will help you short term. We'd rather go home where we can be comfortable after what happened. It's not like we are going to run away.”
  6099. >She leans forward over to you, watching you intently.
  6100. >“No.”
  6101. “But-”
  6102. >“No.”
  6103. >She leans up again.
  6104. >“When it comes to privacy, you two will be able to have some.”
  6105. >Chrysalis chuckles at Spitfire's implication.
  6106. “And when can we go again?”
  6107. >“Talks need to be held, It's an answer I can't give yet.”
  6108. >You recognize her voice somewhere.
  6109. >It's Spitfire, sure, you've heard her voice and seen her face via the news a couple of times.
  6110. >But somewhere else...
  6111. “My aunt expects me at home...”
  6112. >“Your aunt lives in Canterlot and you were in a dorm room in New Yoke, Mr. West. That sounds like a cheap excuse.”
  6113. >Then it dawns on you.
  6114. >The Argentinian hydra woman.
  6115. >Spitfire.
  6116. >The actual head of the Wonderbolts is Hydra?
  6117. >You take a step back.
  6118. “I want to go home, if I'm not under arrest...”
  6119. >“You'd do well to comply, Anon.”
  6120. “Didn't know we were on a first name basis yet.”
  6121. >You turn around.
  6122. “Anyway, thanks again, Chrysalis.”
  6123. >“You owe me.”
  6124. “Yeah yeah.”
  6125. >Then you walk back and sit yourself to Sunset again.
  6126. >She leans herself onto you slightly and takes your hand.
  6127. >“I've heard a bit.”
  6128. “They won't let us go home.”
  6129. >“Are you surprised?”
  6130. “Not really, but...”
  6131. >You grasp her hand.
  6132. “Sunset I- I need to tell you something... later... in private.”
  6133. >“Okay.”
  6134. >She lays her head on your shoulder.
  6135. >You hide a sad expression.
  6136. >It sounded like you want to give a proper confession of love, but actually you plan to tell her everything about how you've been lying to her.
  6137. >That.. is going to suck.
  6138. >“So, Anon.”
  6139. >She takes her head of your shoulder again.
  6140. >“These are my friends from High School...”
  6141. >Then she starts to introduce you to the present girls.
  6142. >Two of which you could have sworn have had wings earlier, just like the Twilight talking to.
  6144. >Later you fall asleep in the quin-jet without any indication of having reached the destiny.
  6146. >Be Treehugger
  6147. >As soon as it's dawning you enter the dorms and start looking asking for Anon without your efforts yielding any fruit.
  6148. >They let you into his dorm room where you could access his computer and later find his cellphone in ragged, abandoned pants on some rooftop.
  6149. >Some serious foul play was going on.
  6150. >You need to contact Spitfire again.
  6152. >Be Twilight Sparkle of Earth dimension 812.
  6153. >You finish taking your shower.
  6154. >You're oddly calm, considering the discovery you had just made.
  6155. >Maybe there was simply too much on your mind right now to properly process this new information.
  6156. >Maybe you're just becoming a professional at this.
  6157. >You're a Wonderbolt now.
  6158. >Well, technically you're dead and part of a new team Spitfire made because she fears the Wonderbolts were infiltrated.
  6159. >Either way, you were bound to witness a couple of unusual things.
  6160. >Like the portal you ripped through the fabric of space-time to send two people to Equestria.
  6161. >But with the proper time to think and knowledge you see the logical reason behind that event.
  6162. “Shiny!”
  6163. >You don't even have your face turned to the bathroom door, but look out of the window of this seemingly closed-for-the-season camp.
  6164. >“Yeah?”
  6165. >His footsteps come.
  6166. “Take a look at this.”
  6167. >“What- oh, you're naked.”
  6168. >As soon as he had entered he turns around again, facing away from you.
  6169. “Goddamnit, Shining. You're my brother, it's not like that, and I'm already in underwear.”
  6170. >“Mhm... Then- uhh... what do you want me to look at.”
  6171. “The bulletwound, Shiny.”
  6172. >“Wait, you took a shower?”
  6173. >You know yourself you shouldn't soak a freshly stitched wound.
  6174. >Shining turns around, his eyes narrowed to be able to close them immediately.
  6175. “I wanted to just change the bandages, but yeah, I took a shower then.”
  6176. >To humor him you cover your breasts with your arm additionally.
  6177. >He steps closer to you.
  6178. >“It's-”
  6179. >He doesn't continue so you end the sentence for him.
  6180. “-gone? Yeah.”
  6182. >Be Spitfire.
  6183. >Hours awake: 54.
  6184. >There is only so much coffee can do for you.
  6185. >What you need is good old natural sleep.
  6186. >But what the world needs right now is someone to help secure it.
  6187. >Once the insight helicarriers are finished you need to take a day off, maybe two.
  6188. >But they can only help against threats coming from threats on the planet.
  6189. >Not from those outside it.
  6190. >Princess Sparkle, Chrysalis and the Sunset Shimmer native to this world have offered to take the cube off your hands.
  6191. >But only Pricness Sparkle you count as an ally, you don't trust Chrysalis one bit, and Sunset doesn't tell you anything.
  6192. >It's true that the cube radiates energy, but is it really strong enough to be noticed far out in space?
  6193. >You can't exclude the possibility of Chrysalis telling the truth, even if your easiest course of action would be to give this powerful object to her.
  6194. >Hiding the cube in a different dimension will have very unforeseen consequences.
  6195. >And wouldn't it just push the problem on someone else?
  6196. >Equestria may be more powerful than Earth, but they are, just like Earth, entirely inexperienced when it comes to interplanetary war.
  6197. >The only real solution was to get as much information about it as possible and try to mask it's energy output.
  6198. >All the while still preparing for war.
  6199. >Princess Sparkle knows about as much about the cube as you do, and the two other present women are very uncooperative.
  6200. >Chrysalis acts like she knows everything about it, but won't tell.
  6201. >And Sunset Shimmer says she can protect it, but if she even knows anything about it, won't tell you.
  6202. >On the note of Sunset Shimmer, the cube's previous guardian, the Principal of the High School the cube has been taken from, was missing together with her sister Luna.
  6203. >They had never been searched by the Wonderbolts and have no other relatives who would have pushed the topic, so they remained missing since two weeks after the cube has been removed from Canterlot.
  6204. >Did someone get to them or did they move on?
  6205. >Their “protege”, Sunset, albeit having run away from them at some point shows extraordinary ability.
  6206. >When asked about those she only said that most humans can learn most of the stuff she does.
  6207. >It's even more difficult to get information out of her than it is from her equestrian counterpart.
  6208. >Speaking of.
  6209. >Sunset Shimmer, the Spider-Woman was sleeping.
  6210. >Ahh... sleep...
  6211. >You shake your head.
  6212. >You need to focus.
  6213. >Next issue you have is the Anon-boy.
  6214. >He's too involved, even if you cant prove anything on him yet, except the hack where he barely got anything out of.
  6215. >Hydra is history.
  6216. >The only ones really calling themselves Hydra nowadays are Neonazis, nothing you have to worry about.
  6217. >Besides when Treehugger wanted you to use it to scare her nephew.
  6218. >But that seems to have backfired.
  6219. >He's now more involved than you would have ever thought.
  6220. >It's practically only a matter of time until Treehugger contacts you again.
  6222. >Be Anon.
  6223. >When you wake up you are alone in some kind of cabin.
  6224. >Freaky.
  6225. >There are bunk beds, so you could only argue it to be barracks, but it gave you a summer damp vibe.
  6226. >Actually military barracks would have more than just place for eight people to sleep, right?
  6227. >You had been the only guy in that quin-jet, so it makes sense for you to be alone in the guy's cabin as well.
  6228. >It was still creepy.
  6229. >You wonder who carried you here.
  6230. >As you look outside the windows you get even more of a summer camp feeling from it, that's probably because it is.
  6231. >Not in business right now, but it was still just that.
  6232. >Though, on second thought, it was probably a cover for a Wonderbolts training camp or some facade with a huge underground complex.
  6233. >Everything looks deserted- no there's someone outside.
  6234. >You take off your suit and dress in the clothes that had been provided to you before you head out.
  6235. >They might be bugged, so you'll have to be careful what you say.
  6236. >Maybe you're too paranoid.
  6237. >Maybe you're not paranoid enough and should stay in the suit.
  6238. >Don't take the clothes offered by her just to spite her.
  6239. >...
  6240. >No, they are way comfier than a suit.
  6241. >Take every advantage she offers you, make the most of it.
  6242. >Your head is racing with what you're even supposed to be thinking about.
  6243. >How to get the fuck out of here is one thing.
  6244. >How there are multiple versions of people another.
  6245. >Something something other dimension something.
  6246. >What are the odds they'll explain it to you?
  6247. >Slim.
  6248. >But if it's Sunset...
  6249. >You first have to come clean with what you did.
  6250. >After having finished brushing your teeth you step out to see the camp was not entirely deserted.
  6251. “Sunset!”
  6252. >You wave at her and jog to...
  6253. >Was she even your Sunset?
  6254. >She's doing some slow training.
  6255. >“Not your girlfriend.”
  6256. >She says as she breathes out slowly, not stopping in the motions and keeping her breathing steady.
  6257. “Yeah, I- I don't think Sunset does Tai Chi. I mean, you do. Mine doesn't... Not that she's 'mine', she...”
  6258. >“I know.”
  6259. >You tap your feet.
  6260. >She either has a strict routine to keep to, doesn't care that you're watching, and/or doesn't want to talk to you.
  6261. >But you take the opportunity to stare.
  6262. >She looks... exactly like Sunset.
  6263. >Same level of fitness, same height, same amazing hips and butt.
  6264. >But that's not your girlfriend, you shouldn't be staring.
  6265. >Your eyes quickly dart up to her head again..
  6266. >The corner of her mouth twitches.
  6267. >“Do you mind?”
  6268. “You're just as pretty.”
  6269. >This makes her tense up a little.
  6270. >Of course she's as pretty as her alter-dimensional counterpart, they are the same person.
  6271. >Dear god, you just thought of the worst pick up line.
  6272. “I mean, you're pretty by yourself.”
  6273. >Her movement has stopped it's gracious flow.
  6274. “I didn't mean to compliment you.”
  6275. >She twitches a little.
  6276. “I mean I was, but I wasn't hitting on you, because I already have-”
  6277. >The foot which had been in the air comes down forcefully.
  6278. “-a /you/.”
  6279. >She turns her head to you.
  6280. “Is this weird? This is weird, right? I should stop talking.”
  6281. >“No, you're doing great.”
  6282. >Say that stupid thing that came to your mind, being blunt worked on your Sunset already.
  6283. “Isn't every sunset beautiful and worth looking at?”
  6284. >She opens her mouth slightly, not responding immediately.
  6285. >Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  6286. >“Namepun, I've heard them all before. Quite stupid.”
  6287. >She smiles though.
  6288. >“Playing on multiverse theory though... or rather multiverse facts now... actually kinda clever.”
  6289. “If the multiverse theory is true, with endless possibilities does that mean there is a universe where the multiverse theory is not true? Heh...”
  6290. >She tilts her head a moment but then goes back to normal and smiles again
  6291. >“I think I see what she sees in you.”
  6292. >She nods, as if giving you her blessing to date /her/.
  6293. “You... see it?”
  6294. >“I-”
  6295. >Her eyes widen.
  6296. >“N-no. I- You already have a girlfriend!”
  6297. “Yes...”
  6298. >“We should stop flirting.”
  6299. >You narrow your eyes in confusion.
  6300. “We were flirting?”
  6301. >“I- No. You were flirting at me! But... I- I think I understand why you have conflicting feelings.”
  6302. >She's blushing.
  6303. >And so are you.
  6304. “Okay...”
  6305. >Awkward silence
  6306. >“So, we really look exactly the same?”
  6307. “Right down to the length of your hair.”
  6308. >She nods.
  6309. >“Okay, bye. I'm gonna go see if I can find something to cut my hair with.”
  6310. “Uhh... okay, but I kinda like your hair that way.”
  6311. >“Yeah, and that's part of the problem.”
  6312. >Right... she shouldn't give you another reason to like her.
  6313. >She gives you a nod, and then leaves.
  6314. >You look after her with a smile.
  6315. >...
  6316. >You never lied to her like you did with the other Sunset.
  6317. >...
  6318. >Wait, what the fuck?
  6320. >You wander around the camp and see this Starlight arguing with herself once again.
  6321. >The prisoner one wasn't restrained anymore, yet the other one was floating around her.
  6322. >Is there a difference in power between the two?
  6323. >You saw the other Twilight fly, shoot lasers and have wings.
  6324. >This worlds Twilight had to build a suit for that, and she didn't have wings...
  6325. >Twilight...
  6326. >Shit, she's dead.
  6327. >Ahh...
  6328. >Sadness takes you quite quickly.
  6329. >You had been such an asshole with that symbiote, you didn't even care at all.
  6330. >It's like you had been a robot version of yourself.
  6331. >A good friend from your childhood dies and you do nothing?
  6332. >You don't really want to check out what the Starlight's are doing and you head to the lake.
  6333. >Of course this camp has a lake too, because why wouldn't it?
  6334. >It's surface was undisturbed and almost perfectly still.
  6335. >You sit yourself on the landing ridge for some canoes even if there were no canoes in sight.
  6336. >Probably stored away somewhere.
  6337. >You sigh and take off your shoes and socks to let your feet hang in the water.
  6338. >Uff... freezing.
  6339. >You watch the ripples they made in the surface off the lake and start thinking about double slit experiments and the paradox of the quantum eraser.
  6340. >The water breaks.
  6341. >“HELLO!”
  6342. “Gah!”
  6343. >You jump back a little.
  6344. >“What a coincidence meeting you here even though we're perfect strangers and have never met. Hi I'm Pinkie Pie!”
  6345. >Out of nowhere a pink mess of hair had broken the surface of the lake and extends an arm to you.
  6346. “What the- How long have you been under water?”
  6347. >“That's not important.”
  6348. >She continues to wiggle her hand in your direction while she uses the other to put some hair out of her face.
  6349. >You hesitate a moment before you sit down again and shake her hand.
  6350. “Hey... Anon West.”
  6351. >“Yeah, I know.”
  6352. >After she lets go of your hand again she leans back and lets herself float on the water.
  6353. >She has a one piece bathing suit in the style of the camp as your shirt.
  6354. >“You looked really sad, so I thought I snap you out of it.”
  6355. “Ah- yeah, thanks, but... a friend died. I'm allowed to be a little sad, am I not?”
  6356. >“Oh... yes, of course. All emotions deserve to have their time. Surprise is my favorite, but it usually gets only less than a second at a time.”
  6357. >She has something sweet and innocent about her, but you can't help but think that those eyes carry some wisdom behind them.
  6358. >“Sometimes sad people rather want to be alone, should I let you have your time? It won't be rude of you to send me away.”
  6359. “No, I- While I didn't outright seek company I'm not gonna send you away. You're one of Sunsets friends, right?”
  6360. >“That's only half true now that I know there are two of them. But I'll want to make that statement fully true again. Well, I guess I always knew that there has to be a second Sunny...”
  6361. “You knew? How?”
  6362. >“Uhhh... I'm not sure if I'm the one who is supposed to tell you this.”
  6363. “You brought it up.”
  6364. >“Fair point, fair point... So... The Sunset I know and you are dating right now is from another dimension, you know that much, right?”
  6365. “No... I thought the Sunset that just showed up just now was from another dimension, just as that Twilight.”
  6366. >“Oh bother- I think I said too much already. Let's see... The Sunset and Twilight who can magically transform are from the other dimension. Well, that's not really a rule...”
  6367. >There was only the slightest of pauses ash she started to think and ramble on about it.
  6368. >“You see Rarity, Rainbow, AJ and Flutters, and I can transform too, and we're from this world, but we can do it because their Twilight kinda enabled us to it. There was this magical artifact powered by harmony and friendship.”
  6369. >She beams brightly at that...
  6370. >Literally.
  6371. >She's actually emitting a little light.
  6372. >“But friendship isn't the only reason to transform, as Sunset can do it on good and bad emotions, what we saw yesterday was her bad form.”
  6373. >Sunset has a good transformation too?
  6374. >Is she talking about Spider-Woman?
  6375. >That was barely a transformation, but dress-up
  6376. >“Okay, and there is also our world's Twilight who built herself a gizmo to collect magic, and when that one overloaded she too transformed and got a neat looking evil form, but, you know, it was quite bad.”
  6377. >She taps her chin.
  6378. >“I guess there are more people from this world who can transform via the other dimensions magic than there are from their world. I don't know if Starlight can transform, but that would make three against six. Or four against six if you count both, Good!Sunset and Evil!Sunset.”
  6379. >She then nods to herself.
  6380. >“I kinda want to know how an evil form of myself looks like. Not that I actually want to reign terror over anything, just for visuals, you know?”
  6381. “Uhh...”
  6382. >“Yeah... Do you think there is a version of you in the other world too?”
  6383. “I... guess so? Why wouldn't there?”
  6384. >“Because Equestria is less populated than Earth. I mean, there is a version of Sunset and Twilight of course, that Starlight too, but I know that the rest of our little group has a counterpart as well... Hmm... Spitfire too. Maybe only people who have a deciding vote in fate or something like that.”
  6385. “That's... encouraging.”
  6386. >“Oh, I didn't mean to imply you may not being important, or like... uhh...”
  6387. >Fate...
  6388. >For fucks sake is that a thing?
  6389. >Both Sunsets have the exact same hairstyle, there has to be some force doing it.
  6390. >There is too much noise of random variables to make it just a coincidence.
  6391. >And if there is no counterpart to you to be with the Sunset of the other world, are you even supposed to be with Sunset?
  6392. >No, you're with the other world's Sunset at the moment.
  6393. >...
  6394. >Shit, you're confusing yourself.
  6395. >You don't believe in fate.
  6396. >You believe in science.
  6397. >But if you'd be able to know the position of every particle and every wave, and their charge, direction, spin, polarity, etc. wouldn't you be able to calculate the next thing to happen.
  6398. >And then the next, and the next?
  6399. >Right down to predicting with accuracy what will happen?
  6400. >How photons hit someone and bounce to your retinas.
  6401. >How someone's smell, the molecules making it up bind to your olfactory sensitive system.
  6402. >And how those signals are transmitted to your brain and then evaluated considering your memory.
  6403. >Isn't that calculable?
  6404. >Right down to you thinking about this stuff and starting to sweat and produce olfactory stimulants yourself.
  6405. >Isn't that fate?
  6406. >...
  6407. >Best not to think about that now.
  6408. >Like hell you could stop thinking about that now.
  6410. >“I said something upsetting again, didn't I?”
  6411. >She folds her hands over her head and acts as if she was bowing.
  6412. >Which was weird because you see her wrong side around floating on the water.
  6413. >The motion did make her lose that floating state and she goes under.
  6414. >“Waah.”
  6415. >You chuckle as she has to catch herself again.
  6416. >As she was about to get in an idle position again you flick a bit of water at her with your foot.
  6417. “Surprised yourself.”
  6418. >Pinkie smiles widely.
  6419. >“Yeah.”
  6420. >She nods vehemently.
  6421. >“You're good.”
  6422. >As she looks around for a ladder you offer her your hand and help her out.
  6423. >“And attentive~”
  6424. >You're not sure if you like that tone, so you just frown as she lies down on the wooden planks.
  6425. >Her feet still hanging into the water, just like yours.
  6426. >The image of her laying there invites very much to look her up and down
  6427. >Thick thighs right next to you.
  6428. >Next the skintight bathing suit.
  6429. >A bathing suit that was generously filled.
  6430. >Hmm... Slightly on the chubby side, but takes considerable care of herself.
  6431. >And intense blue eyes staring back at you.
  6432. >“You shouldn't be staring.”
  6433. “I wasn't.”
  6434. >You were.
  6435. >“You totally were~”
  6436. >She giggles.
  6437. >“It's okay, I won't tell Sunset.”
  6438. >She then turns around to lay on her belly.
  6439. >... ass.
  6440. >Nope.
  6441. >You look the other way which only makes her giggle again.
  6442. >It wasn't that great of an ass anyway.
  6443. >“Neither one of them.”
  6444. >What?
  6445. “Uhh... why would that matter?”
  6446. >“I don't know. Would it?”
  6447. >Conflicting feelings.
  6448. “It's not something you'd just tell around. Young man looks at girl the same age in a bathing suit as she lies down next to him. Perfectly natural-”
  6449. >You look to her.
  6450. “Healthy even.”
  6451. >You say these last two words like 'checkmate', she has no reason to tell anyone.
  6452. >“Hmm?”
  6453. >She tilts her head and you let your own words sink in.
  6454. “Not that... I mean... I'm not implying being gay would be a disease, or...”
  6455. >“Ahahaha~”
  6456. >She starts laughing.
  6457. >“Oh, you're too much, Ahahahanon.”
  6458. >You bite your lip.
  6459. >You have absolutely no idea what to make of this girl.
  6460. >“Oh yeah... 'Being politically correct is important, Anonymous.' Ahh~”
  6461. >She says these words mimicking someones voice.
  6462. >It seems she hears them herself a lot.
  6463. “Wait, did you just call me Anonymous?”
  6464. >“Mhm.”
  6465. >She tiltes her head again.
  6466. >“Isn't that what Anon is short for?”
  6467. “Ah... no, it was actually a typo on my birth certificate for 'Anton', or so I've been told.”
  6468. >“Well, Anonymous would have been cooler.”
  6469. “I guess so, but imagine going out to... like apply for a credit cart.”
  6470. >“Oh, hehe, yeah, that would be a awkward.”
  6471. >You nod in agreement.
  6472. >“So, Anon. It was nice getting to know you a little.”
  6473. “Likewise. Are you going aga-”
  6474. >You stop when she suddenly makes a jumping movement from laying on her back to make a handstand.
  6475. >“I hope you can make up your mind about Sunset and Sunset. You're a good guy and either one would be lucky to have you.”
  6476. “Uhh... thanks?”
  6477. >“And there is probably a dimension too where you can stare at me to your hearts content,”
  6478. >She blushes slightly.
  6479. >“and you make me do whatever you want.”
  6480. “Wha-?”
  6481. >She jumps up from her handstand position and goes headfirst into the water where you can't see.
  6482. >There was no splash and you quickly stand up to go look over.
  6483. >Nothing.
  6484. >Just still clear water.
  6485. >“See ya, Anon!”
  6486. >You hear Pinkies voice, and look around to see her about 50 feet away in the lake.
  6487. >She dives under again before you can say anything.
  6488. “Yeah... see ya.”
  6489. >There were no ripples in the lake where she disappeared.
  6490. >You'd wonder about her powers, but should occupy your mind with more important tasks.
  6492. “You don't know by any chance where Sunset is?”
  6493. >Nobody hears the question, but an empty lake.
  6494. >But figuring from at least two people being awake already who might have woken up be sharing the same cabin you can assume more people are awake.
  6495. >Plus you had been allowed to sleep in, and you haven't slept at all yesterday, so you surely have slept a long time.
  6496. >You've met two girls by chance outside
  6497. >To meet whoever else is around you think you should at least enter the public buildings.
  6498. >You search through the camp, but find barely anything you expect to find until you reach a gym.
  6499. >An indoor gym at a camp?
  6500. >That seems out of place.
  6501. >Fortunately for you it was unlocked, and when you enter you immediately see that lights were on, and you could hear voices.
  6502. “Hello?”
  6503. >“Anon?”
  6504. >You hear a clatter of training equipment being tossed aside.
  6505. >Heading further in you see a Sunset Shimmer, now with short hair approach you.
  6506. “Hey, Sunset. I see you-”
  6507. >You were silenced by a hug and kiss.
  6508. >A kiss which, by muscle memory, you immediately return.
  6509. >Afterwards she smiles at you. “Good Morning.”
  6510. “Good Morning..?”
  6511. >She looks a little confused to your confusion.
  6512. >But it didn't take long for you to put two and two together.
  6513. >You look beside her and see Twilight and another one of her friends.
  6514. >There was a mess of hair on the floor and Rarity (you think) just puts away a pair of scissors .
  6515. >“Hey Anon.”
  6516. >Twilight greets you with a bit of a pained smile and stands up to approach you as well.
  6517. >Rarity also stood up after having pocketed the scissors in her bag and comes to you as well.
  6518. >“Nice to meet you, Anon. We haven't really had the chance yesterday.”
  6519. “Yeah, I- Uhm... Hi.”
  6520. >“Does it not look good?”
  6521. >Sunset's worried about the look you give her.
  6522. “No, that's not it. Uhh... It looks very cute, I was just... surprised. It takes a little getting used to now. And ahh... you did it for people to better tell you and /her/ apart, right?”
  6523. >“Well... yeah.”
  6524. >You sigh.
  6525. “I met her just earlier and she has had the same idea.”
  6526. >“Oh no... that bitch.”
  6527. “Only you can make that sound adorable.”
  6528. >She smiles.
  6529. >“But seriously, where is she? I need to stop her.”
  6530. “I don't know, she said she is going to search for something to cut her hair with, but that was about half an hour ago.”
  6531. >“Tsk...”
  6532. >She lets go of you and hastily walks out the door.
  6533. >Should you follow her?
  6534. >You turn to Rarity and Twilight.
  6535. “Twilight?”
  6536. >She... doesn't look like yesterday, but how you remember her.
  6537. >“Hi Anon.”
  6538. >Twilight awkwardly raises her hand to wave.
  6539. “You're... looking awfully alive.”
  6540. >She had no bags under her eyes and was actually smiling.
  6541. >Her hair looks better kept as well.
  6542. “I mean you actually look good.”
  6543. >“Yeah... thanks.”
  6544. >She scratches her head and-
  6545. >Strike three.
  6546. >That's the third girl you made blush today that is not your girlfriend and you're not even awake for more than an hour.
  6547. “I didn't mean to-”
  6548. >“Offend?”
  6549. >Rarity cuts in.
  6550. >“You know you cant make someone a compliment by implying they don't usually look good, Mister.”
  6551. >“No, it's... okay. He knows me from Crystal Prep. I... didn't look well back then.”
  6552. >“So you do know him?”
  6553. >“Childhood friend, actually.”
  6554. >You smile at her for describing you that way, you wouldn't have known how to tell anyone your relationship.
  6555. “Yeah, we go way back.”
  6556. >“Oh my god, I totally ditched you back then.”
  6557. “Uhh... water under the bridge. I'm more interested in why you're alive, and why there are two versions of you running around. And of Sunset and that other woman, Starlight, for that matter.”
  6558. >“I- ahh... alternate dimensions?”
  6559. “And the long version?”
  6560. >“Alternate dimensions and stuff.”
  6561. “She was wearing a crown.”
  6562. >“Guess she's a princess.”
  6563. “Uhu...”
  6564. >Rarity meanwhile looks with a forced smile between you two.
  6565. “So, you're alive.”
  6566. >“I am... Wait, how do you know my death was faked. That wasn't announced anywhere.”
  6567. “Newspaper?”
  6568. >“What? It didn't have my iden- How do you know?”
  6569. >Damn.
  6570. “You should find a better password than mid-three-night in caps-paragraph-four-one-nine-eight-seven-six-two-five.”
  6571. >She widens her eyes, but then looks off for a moment.
  6572. >You can see her fingers move as if entering in a numblock.
  6573. >“How do you know my password?”
  6574. “You're predictable, and how don't you? I saw that, you have those numbers only in muscle memory.”
  6575. >She gives a small laugh, which was painful on one hand and actually amused at your wits.
  6576. >“I guess.”
  6577. >She still has the smile on her lips.
  6578. “So, the Iron Mage, fancy. How is that working out for you?”
  6579. >“I died.”
  6580. “Oh yeah.”
  6581. >Awkward silen-
  6582. >“I think I should clean Sunset's hair up.”
  6583. >Right, Rarity is still here too.
  6584. >Glad to have the silence broken you too move in to help her.
  6585. >A strand of Sunset's hair...
  6586. >No, don't be creepy.
  6587. >“Would you like to keep it?”
  6588. “Uhh... creepy much?”
  6589. >“I think it would be endearing if my boyfriend would keep a personal memorabilia of me with him at all times, but I never cut that much of my hair.”
  6590. >Rarity closes your hand.
  6591. >“Take it.”
  6592. >You stare it your hand a little more before you take another couple of hair and tie them around the strand to keep it together.
  6593. “I should go after her.”
  6594. >“Yeah, you should.”
  6596. >You run out the gym and look around.
  6597. >Thankfully you didn't need to search long because you could already hear shouting.
  6598. >No, not 'thankfully'
  6599. >Shit, they are fighting.
  6600. >Ohnononono..
  6601. >“This is my dimension! You had no right to take my place.”
  6602. >“You forfeited that right when you ran away!”
  6603. >“Like you ran away from your dimension?”
  6604. >“I thought long about that decision!”
  6605. >“Well, so did I!”
  6606. >“Then live with the consequences! I took the place I knew you wouldn't return to. I was considerate.”
  6607. >“You demon up and go around fighting in the middle of New Yoke. You call that-
  6608. >You turn the corner and barely dodge one of the decorative boulders in the camp. (Well, not barely, it's flight path was only roughly your direction)
  6609. >“-considerate?!”
  6610. >At the spot where the boulder had been stood a Sunset with one foot still in the air.
  6611. >Did she fucking kick it?
  6612. >“I had no control over it! And you run around as s super hero as well.”
  6613. >The other Sunset, (your Sunset you believe) lifts a boulder of her own.
  6614. >“And your aim's lousy, that's how you do it.”
  6615. >She throws it directly at – oh hey, they both have short hair now – native-to-this-dimension-Sunset.
  6616. >That one, however, gave off a small orange glow on her fist and simply punches the boulder back.
  6617. >“Stop copying me! Of course I can deal with my own attack.”
  6618. >Spider-Sunset jumps up and tries to bring the rock back to the other like some grotesque version of volleyball, but only manages to split the rock apart.
  6619. >“Copying you? I cut my hair first!”
  6620. >“I beg to differ!”
  6621. “Girls, girls! Don't fight.”
  6622. >As both turn to you they both give you different types of smiles.
  6623. >“Anon.”
  6624. >“Hey, Anon~”
  6625. >Your Sunset immediately snaps back to the other one.
  6626. >“What's with that done? He's my boyfriend!”
  6627. >“He seems to have forgotten that just earlier when he was flirting with me. Maybe he wants someone from his own dimension.”
  6628. >That bitch.
  6629. >“You bitch!”
  6630. >Yeah, go get her, Sunset!
  6631. >Both bare their teeth, but only one had a wicked smile while doing so.
  6632. >Both simultaneously look too you for another second, before charging at one another.
  6633. >Your Sunset's powers were apparently permanent, but this dimensions Sunset needs to use some sort of energy to keep herself powered.
  6634. >Arguably yours would win, if she the other would have to run back to her lantern or however the fuck her powers work.
  6635. >“Girls, don't fight over-”
  6636. >They weren't fighting over you.
  6637. >You're only a single kindling in that burning fire.
  6638. >Oh, they were going atone another bad.
  6639. >Against your previous judgment call, the other Sunset was fighting way better.
  6640. >Both have considerable raw strength, but it seems only one knows how to use martial arts.
  6641. ”Stop!”
  6642. >You should go in to stop them
  6643. >You can heal shit, but... they kicked around boulders.
  6644. >And while hot Sunset on Sunset action sounds nice in your head, you're not rock hard right now.
  6645. >Bad train of thought.
  6646. >You shake your head.
  6647. >Martial-Arts-Sunset riled Spider-Power-Sunset intentionally up earlier, and now she's utterly dominating the fight.
  6648. >She gets every punch in she deals out and was able to defend well against your spider-empowered girlfriend, who, in relation, was only flailing around.
  6649. >She's humiliating her.
  6650. >You run at them.
  6651. >Kay, healing-factor, I know I don't usually test you, but help me out in case this goes bad...
  6652. >You grab hold of your Sunset, and, probably only because you surprised her, manage to pull her away.
  6653. >”Ahh! Anon!?”
  6654. >You land in the grass with her, and, as she's still trying to figure out why you did what you did you roll the two of you around so you're on top of her.
  6655. >She'd easily be capable of lifting you up with one arm, but you need her attention right now.
  6656. “I- did not flirt with her.”
  6657. >You lie.
  6658. >And you accent that lie by giving her a small kiss.
  6659. “She only wanted to make you lose your composure. I can tell you two apart, even if you have the same hairstyle, okay? I-”
  6660. >You look up to the other for a moment then back down again.
  6661. “Because only you are my girlfriend. Don't let her ruin... us.”
  6662. >”Y-Yeah.”
  6663. >She puts your arms around you and pulls you to here.
  6664. >You remain with her like that for a moment.
  6665. >The hug had drained her fighting spirit.
  6666. >Well, most of it, because you notice her looking at the other Sunset with a smug grin.
  6667. >She claimed you, marks her territory, and was now showing off others can't have you.
  6668. >And you're lying to her...
  6669. >You hear footsteps then slowly walking away, as you were left alone in a loving embrace with your girlfriend in the grass.
  6671. >Be Sunset Shimmer of Earth  Dimension 812.
  6672. >As soon as you were out of sight from the two you break down.
  6673. >You spent way too much energy.
  6674. >And - holy shit – she's strong.
  6675. >If Anon hadn't stopped her you would have been at your limit soon and she would have won.
  6676. >Heh...
  6677. >You smile even through the strain you put your body through.
  6678. >He lied to her.
  6679. >Their relationship won't hold.
  6680. >She doesn't deserve it.
  6681. >She doesn't deserve anything in this world.
  6682. >Everything she owns you'll take from her.
  6683. >Even Anon.
  6684. >Especially Anon.
  6685. >You laugh a bit.
  6686. >You don't care much for him, you don't know him well enough for that, but he's rightfully cute.
  6687. >So far your relationships had been more a means to an end.
  6688. >Free vacancy, free food, free camouflage.
  6689. >Everyone is always so eager to pay for closeness, intimacy, and sex.
  6690. >You were always able to wiggle yourself out of it... it's disgusting, really.
  6691. >You may be a con man, but it's an unwritten law of the world.
  6692. >Everyone pays for everything, one way or another.
  6693. >Be it with their time, money, body, or labor.
  6694. >One just has to figure out another... currency exchange, and then use it to your advantage.
  6695. >And you'd lie if you'd say you have never enjoyed it.
  6696. >“Everythang alright?”
  6697. “Hmm?”
  6698. >You look up to see the blonde with the southerner accent.
  6699. “Applejack, right?”
  6700. >“Yeah.”
  6701. >Applejack gestures to the trail in the grass leading to one of the boulders.
  6702. >“Are ya alright?”
  6703. >You examine your handiwork and smile a little.
  6704. “I am. I just had a little... altercation with my alter ego.”
  6705. >She nods.
  6706. >“M'granny told me not ta not throw rocks. Reckon it counts fo boulders too.”
  6707. “It's complicated.”
  6708. >“Ya know that with these here powers ya both got ya have ta carry a whole lotta responsibility as well.”
  6709. >You smile.
  6710. “I've heard that sentence before.”
  6711. >“Then there must be some truth to it don'tcha think?”
  6712. >The smile fades and you lean against the buildings wall.
  6713. “You and I we're not friends, Applejack.”
  6714. >“Because I reckon you got so many of em?”
  6715. >You narrow your eyes.
  6716. >“Hit a spot, didn't ah?”
  6717. >She then extents a hand to you.
  6718. >“Applejack, ma friends call me AJ.”
  6719. >Is this girl stupid in the head?
  6720. “Sunset Shimmer...”
  6721. >You shake her hand and try to match her grip.
  6722. >“An' ya friends call ya by ya full name?”
  6723. >You frown slightly again.
  6724. >She doesn't go further in on it and continues.
  6725. >“Now our Sunny wasn't exactly tha nicest gal, way back when but we gave her a second chance, and ya'all should get one too.”
  6726. >You take your hand back.
  6727. “I'm only here because the tesseract need to be kept safe.”
  6728. >“And with it all those you care about?”
  6729. “I don't really-”
  6730. >“Ya must have some folks you care about?”
  6731. >She's mocking you.
  6732. “I do well on my own.”
  6733. >“Geez. Then y'are in even bigger need of a friend than ah though.”
  6734. >Applejack, your new friend leans herself against the wall next to you and stares out into the lake.
  6735. >“Our Sunny we blasted with some sorta friendship beam after she turned demon, kinda like yesterday. Reckon we can't do the same thing with you, so ah guess we have ta change you the old fashioned way.”
  6736. >... What?
  6737. “Who says I want to change?”
  6738. >“Yer lonely.”
  6739. “I'm not.”
  6740. >“Y'are.”
  6741. >You sigh.
  6742. >“See?”
  6743. “Just because I don't continue arguing with you, doesn't mean you are right, this is not an internet fight.”
  6744. >“Ah guess ah can be stubborn. Doesn't mean ah'm wrong, tho.”
  6745. >You should just go away.
  6746. “What makes you think I'm so lonely?”
  6747. >“Ya were laughing to yourself. Not exactly the most sane thing ta do.”
  6748. “Are you calling me crazy now?”
  6749. >“Reckon I do.”
  6750. >She chuckles.
  6751. “For wanting to make friends, I don't think you're doing a good job.”
  6752. >“Already toldya, ah'm stubborn. And ita was only the truth. Tell me, are people who laugh to themselves the most sane of folks?”
  6753. >You hesitate before you admit.
  6754. “No...”
  6755. >“For what it's worth. Ah think ah'm doing a pretty okay job making friends with ya.”
  6756. “How do you figure?”
  6757. >“Ya haven't walked away yet.”
  6758. >You narrow your eyes again.
  6759. “The urge is still here.”
  6760. >She chuckles again, and it makes you smile as well.
  6761. >“Yer more honest then ah thought.”
  6762. >She smiles at you, even though you were looking out at the lake, you know it.
  6763. “See ya...”
  6764. >You push yourself from the wall and start walking away.
  6765. >“I suppose that's fair.”
  6766. >Applejack doesn't move and says the last line calmly as you leave.
  6768. >Be Rainbow Dash
  6769. >You're pacing around.
  6770. “Twilight goes outright supersayian and zips through the sky, our Twilight has fancy techwear, I've seen Rarity can easily float things around, her transformation is more subtle... Pinkie even transform just for fun.”
  6771. >You began listing off your friends.
  6772. >Fluttershy weakly nods.
  6773. >“Yeah...”
  6774. “Apparently Sunny is Spider-Woman, the other Sunset can hop around like it's noones business.”
  6775. >You put your hands on her shoulders and make her look at you.
  6776. “I only don't know about Applejack, but even you can transform without anyone's help. I can't be the only one useless in our group of friends, Fluttershy.”
  6777. >“You're not useless, Rainbow.”
  6778. “I'm the only one who'd be utterly useless if the rest of you would be incapacitated. Anyone else could power up and save the others, except me, Fluttershy!”
  6779. >You sigh.
  6780. >Fluttershy is too kindhearted. Heck, in an alternate dimension she is /the/ element of kindness.
  6781. >She doesn't really understand your will to fight.
  6782. >She can't see herself in combat scenarios well.
  6783. >You on the other hand, are her complete opposite.
  6784. >You'd actively look into flight formation of birds if you'd think it would give you an edge in any combat ever.
  6785. >Yet your own bodies capabilities betray your heart.
  6786. >As you sigh again Fluttershy embraces you.
  6787. >“You're not useless, Rainbow! You're going to learn this, and until then I'll always stay by your side.”
  6788. >Her body pressed against yours makes you painfully aware of how much less... aerodynamic hers is.
  6789. >The almost intimate gesture almost manages to wipe your mind clean.
  6790. >But just almost.
  6791. “I can't really learn how to transform on my own if you're there to help, Flutters.”
  6792. >The thing is, you really like to have her around.
  6793. >Her encouraging smile, her resolute  but calm attitude...
  6794. >It's what kept you going.
  6795. >It's what enabled you to extend your limits every time you do transform with her.
  6796. >“But I don't want you to be alone...”
  6797. >You awkwardly pat her back.
  6798. >No... it wasn't awkward.
  6799. >You are enjoying the comfort she gives you too much for it to be awkward, and you want to show her you appreciate it too.
  6800. “I know.”
  6801. >You hold her a little closer and caress her back.
  6802. >The back where wings had just sprouted mid-hug.
  6803. “But I still need to do this by myself.”
  6805. >Be Lyra.
  6806. >“Caution.”
  6807. >You extend your arm just as the machine ejected another tennis ball at you at a rapid pace.
  6808. >A minty green jolt of lightning jumped over and diverted it's course.
  6809. “Hah!”
  6810. >You managed to-
  6811. >“Caution.”
  6812. >Another ball came flying at you.
  6813. >This time you hadn't even had the time to properly react and you were shot right in the abdomen.
  6814. >“Caution!”
  6815. >After having bend slightly over from the previous pain the next ball hits you right in the face.
  6816. >“Don't celebrate your small accomplishments if you haven't won the battle yet, Lyra. Caution!”
  6817. >You reach out with, but nothing happened this time.
  6818. >The tennis ball hits your fingers painfully.
  6819. “Ahh.... Can we stop-”
  6820. >“Caution!”
  6821. >You don't even attempt to catch the ball but only dodge as much as your restraints allow.
  6822. “Dad!”
  6823. >“Caution!”
  6824. >A ball was sent hurdling to you again, but again you just dodge.
  6825. >It only scrapes you.
  6826. >“I told you to not call me that in here.”
  6827. “Because you're too ashamed your daughter hasn't made a name for herself yet?”
  6828. >“I already treat you with way more respect than any other fresh recruit. I even train you personally.”
  6829. “But I'm not just a recruit!”
  6830. >“Caution.”
  6831. >This ball hits your side, but you didn't even look at it, you just glare at your father.
  6832. >He glares right back.
  6833. >It seems you two are in a battle of wills with him which might take forever, but then you hear a vibration sound.
  6834. >You narrow your eyes.
  6835. “Your butt buzzes.”
  6836. >He leans back.
  6837. >“My butt does not buzz.”
  6838. “As you have yours, can I have my mobile phone back for this short break. I swear I won't post on facebook that I'm training at Hydra.”
  6839. >“No.”
  6840. >He picks out his phone and starts walking.
  6841. >For a moment he stared at his phone, but you have no idea why.
  6842. >Maybe the caller?
  6843. >He walks further for you not to simply listen in before he picks up.
  6844. >“Who is this?”
  6845. >You barely hear that the caller responds at all, and with only seeing your fathers back you have no idea what's going through his mind.
  6846. >Either way, he takes a while to respond.
  6847. >“You better have a really great explanation for the shit you have pulled, Treehugger.”
  6849. >Be Spitfire.
  6850. >Treehugger should have called you by now.
  6851. >You have an even worse feeling about this than you do about most things which have transpired over the last couple of days.
  6853. >Be Sunset Shimmer of Equestria dimension 7225.
  6854. >You and Anon moved a little further down to the lake (the opposite direction of what the other Sunset went)
  6855. >You are just lying there, having one hand by his, occasionally feeling him move, caressing your hands or wrists.
  6856. >He had said he needs to tell you something, but so far nothing really happened.
  6857. >Does he want to confess love?
  6858. >You smile.
  6859. >ahhhhhh....
  6860. >You shouldn't rile yourself too much up about it.
  6861. >Whatever'll happen, will happen.
  6862. >So, for now the only thing to do was wait and watch pinkie jump up out of the lake and making dolphin noises every once in a while.
  6863. >Watching Pinkie brings a whole different smile to your face.
  6864. >And as Twilight's not actually dead, you are even quite happy right now.
  6865. >Spitfire lied to you.
  6866. >She lies to everyone and has her own agenda.
  6867. >You trust her to be one of the good guys, but...
  6868. >It all just feels too wrong to you.
  6869. >She plucked you and each of your friend from college or their jobs to assemble a different task-force because apparently she can't trust too many people in the Wonderbolts anymore.
  6870. >It's all espionage and lies with her.
  6871. >She even got Anon involved in it too.
  6872. >He said from the very beginning when he could hear again that he wants to go home, but she's keeping him here.
  6873. >You lean over to Anon and rest your hand on his chest to lay your head on it.
  6874. >You've seen enough of the lake.
  6875. >Anon's who's important right now.
  6876. >He takes one hand and pats your head, running his fingers through your now much shorter hairstyle.
  6877. >The thought of your hair stings.
  6878. >She has had the exact same idea and cut her hair in exactly that way which you asked Rarity to do for you.
  6879. And to make your mood worse you see Spitfire approaching you.
  6880. >“What's the matter?”
  6881. “Spitfire.”
  6882. >You look over him and he tries to look back as well, but with you almost pinning him down it wasn't easy for him.
  6883. >“Spitfire...”
  6884. >He repeats.
  6885. >His voice sounds almost bitter.
  6886. >You have no idea what goes through his head right now.
  6887. >“Miss Shimmer, Mr. West?”
  6888. >Neither of you responds, but you're both watching her, so she has your attention.
  6889. >You smile slightly as neither you nor Anon thinks you should move out of this position.
  6890. >“Mr. West, I understand you are an adult already, but I still attempted to contact your aunt Treehugger. which you thought would be worried about you yesterday. Sadly she did not answer the phone with the number I have for her.”
  6891. >“She... didn't answer?”
  6892. >“I'm afraid she didn't. But our tracking showed she was in New Yoke this morning. Apparently you were right in thinking she was worried about you and came to check. Do you have any means to contact her?”
  6893. >“I don't have my cellphone with me.”
  6894. >“You are not surprised she was in New Yoke?”
  6895. >“No, as I told you yesterday, she expected me, we were supposed to meet, yet you didn't let me go.”
  6896. >He sounds increasingly hostile, and you understand his emotions.
  6897. >Anon hasn't talked much about his aunt, but you know she raised him and was currently not doing so well.
  6898. >What exactly it is or why he hadn't lived with his parents you never tried to direct a conversation to.
  6899. >“She's an old woman, she worries a lot and she's... not well. There are days where she barely moves. I-”
  6900. >He bites his lip.
  6901. >Spitfire raises her eyebrows.
  6902. >“She's sick?”
  6903. >It takes him a while to answer, and when he does so, he squeezes you a bit.
  6904. >Anon pushes you slightly off of him and you make haste to move along.
  6905. >The topic of conversation has developed...
  6906. >“Very.”
  6907. >A single word sends your heart aching.
  6908. >The tone in which he said it makes you feel utterly helpless.
  6909. >It's completely out of your power to help.
  6910. >You remain seated as he stood up.
  6911. >“I'm... sorry to hear that. Mr. West. I hope nothing happened to her, and I'll inform you as soon as we know something.”
  6912. >He nods.
  6913. >“I still need to question you, Mr. West. But maybe at a different time... I set up office in the facade that is marked canteen. Please come to me when you are ready to talk about what happened yesterday.”
  6914. >“Chrysalis already told you everything there is to know. I was working. I had a break, I met her in the break room. The news was running. Flimdustries... kinda sorta has it's own pool of information about exotic creatures. We came to help.”
  6915. >“That is an odd string of coincidences.”
  6916. >Spitfire was somewhat right.
  6917. >“Well, what do you want to hear? I was worried about my aunt's health getting worse. So bad in fact she wanted to see me. To /see me/. Do you know what that means? And then I see my girlfriend fighting an alien on the news. I-”
  6918. >He sighs.
  6919. >“Yesterday wasn't the best of days for me, okay?”
  6920. >You hug Anon from behind as Spitfire takes a step closer.
  6921. >“Then why did you hack into Twilight Sparkles account yesterday?”
  6923. >Be Anon.
  6924. >“Then why did you hack into Twilight Sparkles account yesterday?”
  6925. >Fuck, you didn't expect her to bring that up.
  6926. “What?”
  6927. >If all else fails you can just play dumb
  6928. >“Playing dumb now? That won't work.”
  6929. >You're boned.
  6930. “I- no, what? What do you mean?”
  6931. >She... has no real evidence, right?
  6932. >Only the things she knows because... she already knew.
  6933. >But nothing official.
  6934. >“Twilight Sparkles account was used yesterday after she was in no position to have accessed it. I know it was accessed from an internet cafe in New Yoke, surrounding traffic cam footage was deleted too.”
  6935. “So it has to be me, of course. Yeah, no. Because if anything happens I have to be at fault. Do I have something to do with that cube thing too?”
  6936. >Help me out here sarcasm.
  6937. >“You have entered a dangerous world, Mr. West, I-”
  6938. “Is that a threat?”
  6939. >She pauses.
  6940. >“I meant you need to be careful, and you need to have allies who can protect you if the time comes.”
  6941. >You look to Sunset, then back to Spitfire.
  6942. “The American Constitution maybe. Innocent until proven guilty.”
  6943. >“Cooperating with the Wonderbolts will give you certain advantages in life.”
  6944. “Like?”
  6945. >“I can drop you off at the nearest train station after interrogation, I can arrange you be taken home as well.”
  6946. >You smile, and she narrows her eyes.
  6947. “And risk me knowing what city is near this here camp? Isn't it supposed to be secret? I don't think you'd drop me off at the nearest train station.”
  6948. >Spitfire then too gives a weak smile.
  6949. >“Employment opportunities. You have, from what I understand, a brilliant mind. You could work with an on some of the most exciting projects.”
  6950. “Like that's ever going to happen.”
  6951. >“Many companies work with us, we outsource many projects too.”
  6952. “Yeah, and they all have such a long lifespan.
  6953. >“Mr. West, I understand you have a very strong bias against us. But I hope in time we can win your trust.”
  6954. “And we both know why that isn't happening.”
  6955. >She looks to Sunset, who, reasonably because of the current topic squeezes your arm.
  6956. >“Anon, what's going on?”
  6957. >You look back to her.
  6958. >You need to tell her the truth.
  6959. >Or at least enough of the truth so Spitfire would stop.
  6960. “I- I've lied to you. No, not like that... I... I've kept a truth from you, and didn't correct you assumed the opposite.”
  6961. >Sunset lets go of your arm and almost takes a step back.
  6962. >She takes a moment to brace herself before she nods.
  6963. >“Yes? I'm listening.”
  6964. “My aunt Treehugger can control plants and I have a minor healing factor.”
  6965. >Silence.
  6966. >You see her face go through a bunch of different emotions, so you continue.
  6967. “I meant to tell you in time, of course, but... You wanted me to be normal, and... I just wanted you to be happy.”
  6968. >“I... understand.”
  6969. >You reach out for her but she twitches back, which makes you stop.
  6970. “Even if it was based on a lie, the feeling it gave you was real, and I didn't want to hurt you. I know I was just delaying the inevitable, but...”
  6971. >“Yeah, no, I understands.”
  6972. >She begins to nod and then takes your hand.
  6973. >“I do, I... I understand.”
  6974. >She even gives you a smile, even if it was fake as fuck.
  6975. >An immense weight drops from your shoulders.
  6976. >Sunset clearly hurt, but she forgives you.
  6977. >You squeeze her hand a little before you turn to Spitfire.
  6978. “And Treehugger told me to not trust any organization which deals with super powered individuals  or technology. It's what got to my parents. Even the quote good guys unquote.”
  6979. >“I see...”
  6980. >Sunset's words were quiet, and Spitfire doesn't say anything for a while.
  6981. >You expect her to call you out on the minor untruth you just said again, or a 'so that's what she told you', or anything of that kind, but...
  6982. >“You're an adult, you should learn to make your own decisions.”
  6983. “Like trusting the Wonderbolts? You don't even trust the Wonderbolts, or why did you make this small team nobody is supposed to know about? Because you trust them so much?”
  6984. >She hesitates.
  6985. “Or is it 'Do as I say, not do as I do.'? Something along those lines?”
  6986. >“Cooperation and trust are two different things.”
  6987. “You kidnapped me, I have no idea where I am. You certainly don't do this under the Wonderbolts. The media is going to love this. Top cop Spitfire kidnaps... uhh.. nine young people. Finally gone mad? Was the stress too much for her.”
  6988. >Yeah, you've struck a bone.
  6989. >But you also feel like a total asshole.
  6990. >You sigh.
  6991. “I just want to go home... It's the weekend, I didn't miss college today. Nothing happened. I'm not going to say anything to anyone.”
  6992. >You are at a stalemate with her.
  6993. >And she looks... actually incredibly tired.
  6994. >Eventually Spitfire nods.
  6995. >“I'll take you back to your dorm this afternoon if you want. Tomorrow morning if you're very patient with me. I have many things on my schedule as you may have heard, and I'd be very happy would you be able to wait a little longer.”
  6996. >You nod as well.
  6997. >You know she's not giving up, but it seems you agreed to be friendly with one another.
  6998. “Fine. Tomorrow's fine. This place... I mean I guess it's a nice vacation for a change...”
  6999. >The camp was a nice place.
  7000. >The water was still freezing even though it's going to be summer soon.
  7001. >Spitfire gives you a smile.
  7002. >“I hope we can get this bad first impression.”
  7003. >You shrug but give her a small smile as well.
  7004. “Yeah, maybe.”
  7005. >She nods goodbye to you and Sunset before turning to walk away.
  7006. >“See you around.”
  7007. >You don't hope so.
  7008. “Bye...”
  7009. >Sunset gives a week wave even tough Spitfire wasn't able to see it anymore.
  7010. >“Soo... healing factor?”
  7011. >You turn to her and give her a smile before mimicking her tone.
  7012. “Sooo... other dimension?”
  7013. >“Touché .”
  7014. >The two of you smile, for real this time.
  7015. >There was humor in the situation, even if neither of you were completely happy.
  7016. >She now knows you kept something from her and is still hurt, plus confused about the altercation just now.
  7017. >And you still keep so much from her.
  7018. >“I- am probably going to stay.”
  7019. “Stay?”
  7020. >“Mhm. That team Spitfire wants to create. That cube which connects my home dimension with this one. Even if we wouldn't be talking about planetary annihilation. I have the power to help, Anon. I have the responsibility to help.”
  7021. >You look down.
  7022. >Interplanetary war.
  7023. >What the fuck are you supposed to do?
  7024. >You're just some above average smart guy.
  7025. “Well... I don't have the power to help avoid a war, do I?”
  7026. >She bites her lower lip.
  7027. >You don't know what her powers to help are...
  7028. “Neither do you. The other Sunset claims to be able to hide that cube gizmo, and unless I have misheard-”
  7029. >“The other Sunset...”
  7030. >She repeats.
  7031. >“She- Well I- No I don't know how to help, but I have to at least try, Anon!”
  7032. >You nod.
  7033. “Remember our talk about what it means to be a good person? Like having to help out at a homeless shelter? This is one of these times where I have no idea what the fuck it means to be a good person. I- I can't stop this war from coming, if it comes at all.”
  7034. “What I can do is go back, do my research, and make something to help my aunt and other paralyzed people to walk again. Because that's what I can do, for the good of all. You need to balance out your selfishness with your selflessness.”
  7035. >You sigh.
  7036. “You should come with me. Let's- Let's go back to college. Have like... try to have a normal life. Or as normal as it gets with crime fighting. But- But we're not warriors! We're not soldiers, we're not spies.”
  7037. >You take her hand.
  7038. “Please? Think about it?”
  7039. >She looks slightly away.
  7040. >“Yeah, I'll think about it.”
  7042. >Be Rarity.
  7043. >Twilight and you examine Sunset's cut hair.
  7044. “I just thought it was a nice gesture.”
  7045. >“It was a nice gesture, but Sunset is still not what you call a regular human. Neither regular, nor a human... officially.”
  7046. >Twilight was looking at one of the hairs under a microscope.
  7047. “So, can you even tell it apart from a regular human?”
  7048. >“I'm not into forensics or biology, Rarity. I study physics. And no, I don't see anything that would be outstandingly unusual about her hair, or how it compares to mine or yours. If anything, mine deviates from the sample size of Sunset, you and me the most.”
  7049. “Well, no offense, darling, but Sunset and I seem to take care of our hair a little bit more than you.”
  7050. >Twilight reaches up to feel her hair.
  7051. >“There are days I simply don't feel like taking a shower.”
  7052. >You smile, but her eyes were still glued to the microscope.
  7053. >“And I don't do much physical labor, I don't sweat a lot.”
  7054. “Mental exercise can cause stress too which- Twilight...”
  7055. >You look around the room as if to search for a different topic of conversation.
  7056. >Twilight's hygiene was acceptable, albeit you knowing she could do her body so much more.
  7057. >Your hand goes to your pocket again, before you remember that you had to give away your phone.
  7058. >A sigh escapes your lips.
  7059. >“What's the matter?”
  7060. >Twilight finally looks up.
  7061. “Oh, I- It's just... I knew Spitfire wanted to assemble a small team she can trust, and I did sign up for responding to her call if it's needed. But I didn't expect that with our first meeting there is already something as dreadful as a war looming over our heads.”
  7062. >“You're vital to her because nobody else knows you even have affiliation with the Wonderbolts.”
  7063. “Yes, and you died for it Twilight.”
  7064. >Now it was her turn to sigh.
  7065. >“Yeah, but only for until Spitfire can take care of that trust problem.”
  7066. “Changelings, was it?”
  7067. >“Right.”
  7068. “And what if she can never be sure?
  7069. >“I gave her half a year, until I can return to college again, and, you know, return back from the dead.”
  7070. “It is awfully noble of you.”
  7071. >She looks amused.
  7072. >“I get to spend all my time doing the research that I want. I get to see my brother much more, and you guys can visit me more than college allows... well, for me at least. You still need to schedule your studies.”
  7073. >“I may have to do with less people, but more intensely with them. Plus I get to work out more to actually use my suit a little bit better. I assume some muscles will help.”
  7074. >Twilight raises one of her fragile arms, and laughs.
  7075. >You join in for a moment, before you two lean back against your chairs.
  7076. “Ahh...”
  7077. >“I missed you guys.”
  7078. “Yeah, me too. I have new friends in my college, of course, but you still have one of the most important places in my heart.”
  7079. >She nods.
  7080. >“I feel the same way. Except for the making too many friends bit.”
  7081. “Are you a shut in again?”
  7082. >“Ohno, not that badly, but it's not our diverse group anymore.”
  7083. >You nod, and you begin to talk to her about the friends each of you made.
  7084. >And everything that never found a place when you had been talking over the phone, or via the internet.
  7086. >Be Sunset Shimmer of Equestria dimension 7225.
  7087. >You're not going to run.
  7088. >You are going to help defend this planet as best as you can.
  7089. >While you're not going to blindly follow orders, you'll do what Spitfire expects of you, because you believe her to be one of the good guys.
  7090. >Even if Anon doesn't...
  7091. >Now everything that can really be said has been said, and you and Anon have fallen in an awkward silence.
  7092. >You were walking along the lake with him, but stay in the area of the camp.
  7093. >Nobody told you you weren't allowed to leave, but it's one of the things that just seemed apparent.
  7094. >As you come across a place for a campfire Anon wordlessly nods to it, and you sit down on one of the logs.
  7095. “So...”
  7096. >You're not even sure what you want to say
  7097. >“So?”
  7098. >You're not sure what you want him to say either.
  7099. >Anon's looking out onto the sea again.
  7100. >This time there is no trace of Pinkie Pie, but by observation alone it's impossible to pinpoint her position.
  7101. >Last real time you saw each of the girls use their powers the powers haven't really formed around their personalities as much..
  7102. >Then again, you have no idea how that process works, and all you can do is guess.
  7103. >You look to Anon.
  7104. >You can't really be mad at him for having powers.
  7105. >Something as minor as a healing factor too.
  7106. >It's not like he'd have powers to make him able to go out and fight crime like you do.
  7107. >Well, however his powers work he could bring himself into dangerous situations.
  7108. >But he lacks something usable for combat.
  7109. >You catch yourself thinking about having him as a sidekick to help you.
  7110. >You'd want that.
  7111. >But you also want to know he's safe.
  7112. >that when you return home that he'll be there for you, nurse you a little, and...
  7113. >You blush.
  7114. >It's not like you were living together.
  7115. >But you still imagine yourself as...
  7116. >You lean over and kiss him on the cheek.
  7117. “Hey, what's- What's on your mind?”
  7118. >He touches his cheek lightly where you kissed him and looks to you as well.
  7119. >“I- uhh... just something cheesy.”
  7120. >You giggle.
  7121. “Something cheesy? Well, lay it on me.”
  7122. >“Everything tastes better with cheese, so maybe I'll do that.”
  7123. >He leans forward to you and you quickly return his affection.
  7124. >Sitting next to one another on a semi-comfortable log doesn't make this kiss very good though, so you break early.
  7125. “Well?”
  7126. >“We can treat this as a little bit of a vacation day. No matter what happens tomorrow, we have this day to ourselves. And who knows when we'll have so again. Especially if you sign up to fight in a war.”
  7127. >You think about it for a moment, before you take one arm up to his shoulder and pull him into a small kiss again.
  7128. “I think we'll manage.”
  7129. >Without waiting for much of approval you push him back slightly and climb over him.
  7130. >Before he knew it you had him pinned down on the log underneath you.
  7131. “So what you suggest is~”
  7132. >You breath hotly int his ear.
  7133. “~we make good use of this day?”
  7134. >His mouth stood slightly open.
  7135. >Your forwardness must have surprised him.
  7136. >“This is not like... the last time we'd see one another.”
  7137. “Oh, I know.”
  7138. >You smile.
  7139. “But we have this nice opportunity.”
  7140. >He smiles too and picks his head up to meet you again for another kiss.
  7141. >Only then you dare to grow more needy and start an actual make out session.
  7142. “Ah!”
  7143. >You squeak out as his hand finds your butt and gives you a squeeze.
  7144. >Your first instinct is to escape that grasp, but then you smile down at him.
  7145. >It's okay if he does it...
  7146. >You blush again.
  7147. >The things you allow him to do with your body...
  7148. >The things you are going to allow him to do with your body...
  7149. >What you want him to do to you...
  7150. >But he breaks your kisses.
  7151. >“It's ah- not exactly the best log to do this on.”
  7152. >He grabs your ass with his second hand as well, making you tense up again for a moment.
  7153. “Yeah I-”
  7154. >You look over it.
  7155. >He can't be lying in a comfortable position.
  7156. “Sorry, yeah. I-”
  7157. >You mumble as you get off of him.
  7158. >“So... you want to make... the most of the day?”
  7159. >There was something in his tone, not the amusement or excitement you expected, but something else...
  7160. “It- ahh... sounds naughty when you say it like this.”
  7161. >“Because you suggested we make the most of the day.”
  7162. >He nudges you, and you stand up to flee.
  7163. >Your cheeks were burning, but you're not facing him.
  7164. “I didn't mean like...”
  7165. >“All day long?”
  7166. “Nouuu...”
  7167. >The thought alone makes you squirm.
  7168. >Like... a-all day?
  7169. >You turn back to him.
  7170. >His smile was just fading.
  7171. >He's looking away and... seems sad?
  7172. >You try to calm your cheeks and serious up again.
  7173. >You're still able to feel them, but Anons mood was something else entirely.
  7174. >He enjoyed teasing you, but...
  7175. “What's on your mind?”
  7176. >“I ahh- nothi- It's not nothing. It's...”
  7177. >He sighs and stands up to you.
  7178. >“We keep secrets from one another. And while we forgive and understand one another it's still... I hurt you, and I- I'm hurt with myself for hurting you. And I-”
  7179. “Shhh...”
  7180. >You place a finger on his lips.
  7181. “We forgave one another, right?”
  7182. >He thinks a moment before he sighs again.
  7183. >“The mood didn't change well for me. From hurt to... dealing with your libido.”
  7184. >He chuckles and as you pout he just laughs more.
  7185. >“What can I say, as lewd as my girlfriend is, I can't keep up with her.”
  7186. >You punch him.
  7187. >Well, you tap him.
  7188. >Healing factor or not, a real punch would still hurt, and probably send him flying.
  7189. “No, I understand.”
  7190. >“I'm also considerable hungry, I haven't eaten yet.”
  7191. “Oh!”
  7192. >This kinda came as a surprise.
  7193. >Spitfire has woken all off you for breakfast to tell you that the cube's radiation has priority over your assembly.
  7194. >After that you had all gotten breakfast, but, of course, Anon hadn't been there.
  7195. >He's not part of the team.
  7196. >And neither was... Sunset.
  7197. >You still need to find a way to refer to her.
  7198. “Why didn't you say anything? Let's get you fed.”
  7199. >You reach out – hesitate for a moment – then take his hand and lead him to the kitchen..
  7200. >“I also kinda want to get to know your friends. I don't think I have this opportunity more often.”
  7201. “I- yeah.”
  7202. >“They all have like... superpowers?”
  7203. “Seems like it...”
  7204. >Your answer came out only slow, as you're not sure.
  7205. >That's something you wondered about yourself.
  7206. >Seems like you all had been training in secret.
  7207. >“After I've met them, and I had some food we can do all the lewd things you want, okay?”
  7208. “L-lewd...”
  7210. >Be Lyra.
  7211. >Your dad left a while ago, and now you're standing alone, restrained, in the middle of that training court.
  7212. >This is probably another test.
  7213. >You take a deep breath before you focus to channel some energy into the restraints.
  7214. >It conducts easily and gives you an equivalent shock.
  7215. >Your heart skipped a beat.
  7216. “Fucking hell.”
  7217. >You feel your rapid hear beat.
  7218. >You could have killed yourself just now.
  7219. >It's supposed to be equestrian magic, not lightning you shoot.
  7220. >You didn't shoot lightning when you were diverting the tennis balls.
  7221. >You need to focus what you want to do better.
  7222. >Simply firing energy won't work it seems.
  7223. >You need a key to unlock it.
  7224. >Or you could try to move the tumblers with your mind without seeing them.
  7225. >Yeah, you'll not be able to do that.
  7226. >Not on day one.
  7227. >If you're lucky you get enough brute force to rip the lock apart.
  7228. >You aim your hands at it and focus on the energy flowing around you to channel it again.
  7229. >That sounds so weird in your head.
  7230. >Collect the ambient magic, and focus it.
  7231. >You want kinetic energy.
  7232. >Two vectors, both on the lock going away from one another.
  7233. >You lose your concentration as you remember you had to breathe.
  7234. “Oh fuck...”
  7235. >You huff.
  7236. >Why is magic physically exhausting.
  7237. >Probably because you just got electrocuted as well.
  7238. >Your poor heart.
  7239. >You pant for a while before you take a breath and try again.
  7240. >It had moved earlier, but you still need more force.
  7241. >This is not a Harry Potter movie where you simply have to point a wand as hard as you can.
  7242. >Well, maybe it is.
  7243. >But without the CGI you imagine it would look really stupid.
  7244. >Thankfully you provide your own CGI, and you feel and see the effect of what you try to achieve.
  7245. >The lock exploded.
  7246. >Both ends hit an opposing wall, leaving very visible dents.
  7247. “Well, that worked.”
  7248. >“What's going on?”
  7249. >Some guy had burst in. just as you drop your bindings.
  7250. “I got tired of waiting.”
  7251. >“You destroyed equipment?”
  7252. “Just a lock.”
  7253. >You aim at the tennis ball throwing machine thingy and send a blast of energy to it, launching it across the rest of the hall.
  7254. “Now I destroyed equipment.”
  7255. >You crack your joints.
  7256. “Something tells me you're not happy with that, but I can't put my finger on what exactly- oh wait it's your face.”
  7257. >You smile and walk towards him and the only exit.
  7258. >“Now you wait here, Missy. I-”
  7259. “You? You what?”
  7260. >You continue to smile.
  7261. “You were the guy at the door. The one to wait if everything's alright. Everything's not alright. Equipment was destroyed. You're not the guard anymore, now you're the maid.”
  7262. >He's sightly enraged.
  7263. >“If your father weren't-”
  7264. “If you would...”
  7265. >You interrupt him immediately.
  7266. “If you would-”
  7267. >You repeat and point to the tennis ball thrower.
  7268. “-you would join the equipment.”
  7269. >He grinds his teeth while you continue to smile.
  7270. >Survival of the fittest.
  7271. >You walk past that guy.
  7272. >A small ball of minty green energy was in your palm.
  7273. >Lifting your arm just enough for that energy ball to strike out lightning to the hand railing as you walk.
  7274. >You'll be the fittest.
  7276. >Be Anon.
  7277. >You have to tell her, you have to tell her you have to tell her...
  7278. >Sunset gives you a smile.
  7279. >You're getting laid tonight, or this afternoon, depends on how fast you can run through her friends.
  7280. >You already met Pinkie.
  7281. >No, you can't.
  7282. >You have to tell Sunset.
  7283. >She'd... not let you tab that ass if you tell her you were the 'Superior Spider-Man'
  7284. >Shit, that name stuck around.
  7285. >Superior, why superior?
  7286. >Have you been that cocky while under the klyntars influence?
  7287. >Well, you took on the Irish Mafia, and wrecked the Farmers Market when wanting to binge eat.
  7288. >Speaking of-
  7289. >You are cooking for them right now because you kinda told them you make a bomb ass salad.
  7290. >You're all cooking together, apparently preparing a meal together builds a team.
  7291. >As it turns out the people from the other dimension were vegetarian.
  7292. >And Twilight, the princess version, was even mildly shocked that Sunset, the spider version, was not anymore.
  7293. >Sunset defended herself by saying she adapted to this places customs.
  7294. >At the same time the energy-wielding Sunset said she was vegetarian, and, as odds would have it, she changed her dietary habits around the same time as Spider-Sunset.
  7295. “Spider-Shim.”
  7296. >You point at her.
  7297. >“Huh?”
  7298. “Or just Sunset.”
  7299. >Then your knife goes to this worlds Sunset.
  7300. “Energy-set, Suner- Synergy! You're now Synergy.”
  7301. >'Synergy' just tilts her head.
  7302. “Princess Sparkle.”
  7303. >You go on, handing out nicknames.
  7304. “SciTwi, and you two...”
  7305. >The two Starlights.
  7306. “Ahh... Star... huh... Light... Kira and Ryusaki?”
  7307. >This earned you a giggle from Sunset and SciTwi, as well as a snorting sound from Pinkie.
  7308. >“You're distributing Nicknames?”
  7309. “We need some, don't we?”
  7310. >“Why does she get to keep her name whereas I become, uhh... 'Synergy'?”
  7311. “Because I'm fu- Because she's more established in the group and Synergy sounds awesome, so shut up.”
  7312. >“It does sound-”
  7313. >“What the heck is Kira or Ryusaki supposed to mean?”
  7314. “You can stay Evil Starlight.”
  7315. >The Starlight in question crosses her arms and leans back into the chair.
  7316. >Besides Spitfire who wasn't present, Evil Starlight is the only one none of you gave a sharp object to cut vegetables with.
  7317. >“I'm not exactly happy with those type of nickname either, Anon.”
  7318. >The second Starlight informs you.
  7319. “It was a joke, I- I'll think of something.”
  7320. >“Why does my nick got to be my title and name? It's barely a nickname.”
  7321. “Because I tried to be respectful.”
  7322. >“I understand the need to have a proper way to refer to us, given the circumstances.”
  7323. >“I think I like Synergy.”
  7324. “You're welcome.”
  7325. >“Don't let it go to your head.”
  7326. >“Spider-Shim...”
  7327. >“Uh, uh! I want a nickname too.”
  7328. >“There's only one of you, Pinkie.”
  7329. >“Yes, for now.”
  7330. “Okay fine.”
  7331. >You just give her a different color.
  7332. “You're now not Pinkie but Purplie.”
  7333. >“Do you know the things I know, Anoooon~”
  7334. “Don't say my name like that.”
  7335. >“As you command.”
  7336. >“Princess Twilight, I don't know. I actually called my public persona 'Matter-Horn'.”
  7337. >“But that's barely a nickname either, it's your super-hero persona.”
  7338. >“Well, as would be Synergy.”
  7339. >“I get why a nickname is okay, but do I need a superhero name?.”
  7340. >“It's both for now.”
  7341. >“You need another one for when we are in public but talk to you normally.”
  7342. >“Why would I need to talk to you privately in a public place?
  7343. >“Because we're friends!”
  7344. >“Synergy rolls off the tongue much easier. Princess Twilight has a syllable more than Matter-Horn has.”
  7345. >“You don't have a horn anymore, it's not a fitting name, Twilight.”
  7346. >They are all to new to you, so the voices just blend together, without you knowing who was speaking.
  7347. >You just focus on chopping your part of the salad quietly.
  7348. >They are bonding.
  7349. >You should partake...
  7350. >Your eyes go to Sunset, who was quiet as well.
  7351. >“Spider-Shim sounds stupid.”
  7352. >She says quietly and you just shrug, taking all the greenery and put it together.
  7353. “Sunset, will you help me clean?”
  7354. >She nods before you hear more voices of wanting to help with the seasoning and cleaning as well, but Princess Twilight speaks up.
  7355. >“I think they want the kitchen alone for a moment, come on everypo- ody.”
  7356. >“Oh.”
  7357. >More murmurs, and they leave.
  7358. >You smile after them.
  7359. >“They're awkward, aren't they?”
  7360. “Are they?”
  7361. >You wonder.
  7362. “I think they are endearing.”
  7363. >They are all a bunch of stereotypes.
  7364. >At least if you don't dig deeper.
  7365. >You go through a list of herbs and spices again to see if you have enough of everything.
  7366. >You are cooking for fourteen people after all.
  7367. >“They... can leave quite the impression, I believe.”
  7368. “That they can.”
  7369. >You share a laugh.
  7370. >“And I think they like you.”
  7371. >After recalling the seasoning recipe that was etched into your mind you get a nice dressing on almost your first attempt.
  7372. “Why? Do you need their blessing?”
  7373. >“I- well, no. But- you know... I value their opinion.”
  7374. >You nod and taste again.
  7375. “Well, that was too much garlic.”
  7376. >“Anon.”
  7377. “I understand. Yes... I-”
  7378. >You sigh.
  7379. “I wish I had friends like that to introduce you to.”
  7380. >“You must have some people?”
  7381. “Well, most who I hung out with were from school, and during summer it was pretty much just Rose-”
  7382. >Abort mission.
  7383. “-luck.”
  7384. >Wrong way.
  7385. >“Roseluck?”
  7386. >Minefield ahead.
  7387. “Uhhh... my... ex?”
  7388. >Shit.
  7389. >“Oh...”
  7390. >You finish the seasoning and mix the giant bowl well.
  7391. >Only after you join Sunset at the sink she talks again.
  7392. >“So, how did you break up?”
  7393. “It- ahh... we... ended it with a mutual understanding.”
  7394. >Sunset hands you another knife to dry off.
  7395. “Neither of us had real feelings for the other like... like you and I have.”
  7396. >Her cheeks go a bit red.
  7397. >“Yeah... But how do you get together without real feelings?”
  7398. >You honestly don't have a good answer.
  7399. “Rebound, physical urges, a bit of alcohol...”
  7400. >“Alcohol?”
  7401. “Not a mind numbing amount, just to loosen up. It's not like I took advantage of her, more... the other way around.”
  7402. >“Mhm...”
  7403. “And after like a fist thing... we were just able to provide what the other wanted. It was comfortable.”
  7404. >“So you didn't love her?”
  7405. “What? No. That word means a lot to me. It's like... almost like a proposal. To be ready to spend the rest of your life with them. Or at least feel like you can.”
  7406. >You hand her the dishtowel so she could try her hands.
  7407. “So if your next question would have been that then the answer would have been 'I don't know.', but what I do know is that I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”
  7408. >She smiles.
  7409. >“That's... sweet, but I wouldn't have asked. I- That's like one of the things that can't be forced, right?”
  7410. “Yeah, exactly.”
  7412. >Be Sunset.
  7413. >It's all said and done.
  7414. >Lunch time went by without any incidents.
  7415. >Spitfire showed up for a moment, only got herself something to eat and hurried away again.
  7416. >God knows what she is doing all day long.
  7417. >You want to help, of course.
  7418. >You had offered your help to her.
  7419. >The entire table almost told her she had their proverbial swords, axes and bows.
  7420. >Only Princess Twilight has really been allowed to visit.
  7421. >Maybe it's because she seems so much more mature than any of you, even if you are almost two years older than her.
  7422. >Being a Princess will do that to her, you guess.
  7423. >Or maybe just being Princess Celestias pupil for that long does that to someone.
  7424. >Being Celestias pupil...
  7425. >You wonder if Synergy regrets it.
  7426. >Or if she has found something that made her stay.
  7427. >She didn't return to Canterlot, she just happened to come to New Yoke...
  7428. >Odd coincidences when you think about it.
  7429. >She certainly doesn't seem like she knew she was about to meet you.
  7430. >Your mind keeps inventing new ways to distract you.
  7431. >But you feel your heart beat rapidly once again.
  7432. >The girls didn't help much, but they know.
  7433. >You took a shower a little while after lunch to freshen up, then you said you were going to the cabin Anon slept in.
  7434. >It was almost a walk of shame as you told them and got a collective “Uhhhhh.” as you walked out of the shower and to the door.
  7435. >For all they know it was just a regular booty call.
  7436. >They don't know it was about to be your first time...
  7437. >And it was not a walk of shame either.
  7438. >You held your head high.
  7439. >Your cheeks had been red anyway from the hot water.
  7440. >And you didn't say an additional word to them.
  7441. >Y-You're an adult, you're allowed to do these kinds of things.
  7442. >Like going to your boyfriends cabin at a lake.
  7443. >Not super romantic, because it was a summer camp, and the cabin was meant for a dozen of people, but...
  7444. >The shade of your face hasn't changed much on your walk over, and before you realized it you already stood in front of it.
  7445. >Now you only need to muster the courage to knock.
  7446. >Or should you just go in?
  7447. >Why can't it just be a rhino mecha suit, you'd knock at one of those.
  7448. >Fuck courage.
  7449. >“Sorry to throw you out but Sunset is – you know – about to come over.”
  7450. >You jump aside as the door opens and Shining Armor comes out.
  7451. >“Yeah, that's why I had-”
  7452. >Shining turns around, having noticed your motion, and quickly spots you looking around the corner.
  7453. >He pauses.
  7454. >“Anyway, see ya, Anon.”
  7455. >“Bye.”
  7456. >He waves to the door which you can't see anymore and walks away from it.
  7457. >“Good luck.”
  7458. >Shining whispers as he walks by you, and you want to sink right in the ground.
  7459. >But then the door was about to close and you hurry around the corner again.
  7460. “Wait, Anon!”
  7461. >“Sunset!”
  7462. >You throw yourself around his neck, barely supporting your own weight anymore.
  7463. >“What's the matter?”
  7464. >There is no real answer you know to give him.
  7465. >“Have you been hiding?”
  7466. “Noo... Yes.”
  7467. >You let go of him a bit again, enough to lean back to see his face.
  7468. “I mean- not like... No I wasn't hiding.”
  7469. >He grows a big smile.
  7470. >“Okay.”
  7471. “He- He just startled me, that's all.”
  7472. >“Okay.”
  7473. >And commence silence.
  7474. >You bite your lip.
  7475. >“Hey Sunset.”
  7476. “Hey Anon.”
  7477. >He gives you a small peck on the lips before taking a better hold of you and spin you around, closing the door with his leg.
  7478. >Only once the door was closed you feel a wave of confidence wash over you again.
  7479. >You push him against the wall just behind the door and start to kiss him passionately.
  7480. >Your tongue dances with his.
  7481. >He still has a taste of the spices on him.
  7482. >It makes the kiss with him only a little more exciting.
  7483. >You use your hands to pull him closer to you as his hands too start to explore your body once more.
  7484. >As you separate you have the feeling that you get quite good at kissing.
  7485. >He gives you another small peck before looking over your shoulder and nodding into the room.
  7486. >“I pulled bunk beds together. Well, Shiny helped, but I thought we could use more space.”
  7487. >You look back as well, still in the loving embrace with Anon.
  7488. “Yeah... smart thinking.”
  7489. >He lets go of you slightly and nudges you to turn and walk further in.
  7490. >It still feels somewhat weird.
  7491. >The physical contact.
  7492. >The way your skin tingles after he touches you.
  7493. >And you couldn't help but lean a little into his hand as it was right on your ass as he guides you.
  7494. >Eventually you leave his touch though, as you look around.
  7495. >This is the room you're gonna lose your virginity in, huh?
  7496. >It's weird like that.
  7497. >You don't know what you really imagined.
  7498. >A four poster bed?
  7499. >A messy dorm room?
  7500. >Your feet carry you forward, so you could take in everything there is to see, or at least try to.
  7501. >A map and survival tips, how to make a campfire, and what mushrooms of the area are poisonous.
  7502. >Prevent forest fires, stuff like that.
  7503. >It looked like the place you woke up in, only that two bunk beds were pulled together.
  7504. >And then, after a while your brain stops.
  7505. >You have no idea how to move on from here.
  7506. >It's clear Anon gave you a little time to brace yourself for anything that might come.
  7507. >But what's going to happen?
  7508. >Are you just going to have sex?
  7509. >And with that you're panicking again.
  7510. >Can you turn around to just face him?
  7511. >Ask 'So we gonna fuck'?
  7512. >What do you do?
  7513. “Ah!”
  7514. >You gasp out a breath of air you didn't know you were holding as Anon hugs you from behind.
  7515. >“You seem uncomfortable.”
  7516. “I- No. I-”
  7517. >You stammer, before you can admit it.
  7518. “Yeah...”
  7519. >You look down.
  7520. >“It's okay to be nervous, and just because we agreed on it earlier, doesn't mean you have to follow through.”
  7521. “No I- I want to.”
  7522. >You turn your head to look at him.
  7523. “I- I really want to, but-”
  7524. >“-the mood?.”
  7525. >Anon finishes your sentence.
  7526. “Yeah...”
  7527. >He moves his head forward for another kiss.
  7528. >It's slightly different than other kisses had been.
  7529. >The angle for once.
  7530. >Then where his hands are on you.
  7531. >Just underneath where he could still feel your heart.
  7532. >Just below your breasts.
  7533. >Do you want him to...
  7534. >Yes you do.
  7535. >You pick up his right hand and move it up.
  7536. >He break the kiss to look at you, as if asking for permission, even if you were the one guiding his hand.
  7537. >His caution makes you smile, so you give him a nod before he dares to lay hand on your chest.
  7538. >The moment he touches you, you let out another breath of air.
  7539. >Nobody ever touched you there, but yourself of course.
  7540. >You could never go to a doctor, because …
  7541. >The reasons are there, but your mind has no time to focus on something as doctor visits.
  7542. >Anons touch makes you shiver, even through the two layers of cloth.
  7543. >Only feeling his hand on you makes you wish for more.
  7544. >That he'd more...
  7545. >Use both hands.
  7546. >Be rougher with you.
  7547. >To feel him more intensely....
  7548. >“Gasping out already? Are you that sensitive?”
  7549. >He's so gentle and cautious.
  7550. >Or does he just want to tease you?
  7551. >No.
  7552. “No more teasing.”
  7553. >You press his hand onto your chest and lean to his face to kiss him again.
  7554. >Any objection he might have wanted to voice was silenced.
  7555. >But you don't think he objects.
  7556. >His hand cups your left boob and lifts it up a little, before letting gravity take it's hold again.
  7557. >Through making out his left hand wanders down to your hips.
  7558. >The seam of your jeans and panties was already conquered by his pinkie and ring finger.
  7559. >While he only moves over your skin with them, the implication of them being so close to your lady parts excites you.
  7560. >Everything excites you just now.
  7561. >His lips on yours, your tongues dancing together, the warmth of his body on your back, his hand taking a hold of your chest, and one already demanding access to your panties...
  7562. >It has quite the reaction on your body.
  7563. >But you're not sure which impulse to follow.
  7564. >You could press yourself more into his chest, or either of his hands.
  7565. >You want to do all three of those things, and it results in an awkward pose.
  7566. “Anon...”
  7567. >You moan out his name.
  7568. >You want to catch his attention, make him know how you feel, how much you desire him, want to urge him to continue.
  7569. >But all that came out was his name.
  7570. >“Sunset.”
  7571. >He too says your name, but in an entirely different tone.
  7572. >His movements slow down and stop.
  7573. >No, don't be a tease!
  7574. >But immediately after he moved his hands around to your hips to grab a hold of your shirt and raise it up.
  7575. >“Put your arms up.”
  7576. >There was no hesitation on your part.
  7577. >You obeyed his order without thinking.
  7578. >He was about to make you feel good, and for that you simply needed to lose your shirt.
  7579. >You know that.
  7580. >As your skin was revealed you get slight goosebumps.
  7581. >Not from the coolness of the air, it was quite warm to be honest.
  7582. >But from your anticipation.
  7583. >A mere reflex you couldn't control.
  7584. >You turn around to Anon.
  7585. >What next?
  7586. >You need to know what to do next.
  7587. >He nods up to the bed, before lifting you up on it.
  7588. >You notice him struggle for a moment, so you quickly take most of your weight as you were able to grab onto the bed.
  7589. >You get a moment to breathe as you sit ontop of the bunk bed, looking down at Anon.
  7590. >Your mind, however, doesn't want to think much.
  7591. >This is going to happen...
  7592. >You smile down at Anon as he takes the ladder and nods you to scoot back and lay down.
  7593. >On all fours he approaches you slowly, climbing over you, claiming territory which you willingly give up for him.
  7594. >Then he leans down to kiss you again.
  7595. >Passionately, yes, but not long.
  7596. >“Sunset?”
  7597. >He says your name as if there's still anything to talk about.
  7598. “Hmm?”
  7599. >His lips go to your cheek where he plants another kiss.
  7600. >“There's still...”
  7601. >Something to talk about?
  7602. >No, you don't want to talk right now.
  7603. >He finds his way down to your neck where he caresses your skin again.
  7604. >“No never mind... Just know that nothing I do or did happened because I want to hurt you, okay?”
  7605. >He ventures further down on a trail of kisses, making you shiver.
  7606. “Of course...”
  7607. >He doesn't have to be so cautious, you want some of his boldness back.
  7608. >“Rise.”
  7609. >Another command.
  7610. >Easy to understand.
  7611. >And bold.
  7612. >You smile again, because you know what he was going to do now.
  7613. >You support your upper body on your elbows as his hands go behind your back to unclasp your bra.
  7614. >Unlike a few days ago he had no trouble unlocking it now.
  7615. >“And down again.”
  7616. >He moves the straps out under your body just before you lay down.
  7617. >Your arms go around his neck to pull him up and into another kiss.
  7618. >For a moment you think again about how you have never let anyone see you naked like that, but you just want to kiss him again.
  7619. >Your slide your arms out of the bra.
  7620. >The burning in your cheeks had nothing to do with embarrassment.
  7621. >No, you've moved past that feeling.
  7622. >There was nothing to be embarrassed about anymore.
  7623. >He licks his lips while his eyes were still locked with yours.
  7624. >You know he wants to take in the view, but remains a gentleman.
  7625. >You can't help but chuckle at his behavior, and he takes that as his go ahead.
  7626. >But before he goes to focus his attention to your breasts he gives you another small kiss on the lips.
  7627. >Only then he moves down, both his hands taking a hold of your breasts and giving them a squeeze.
  7628. “Aaah.”
  7629. >While he wasn't rough, the suddenness of it surprised you and makes you twitch.
  7630. >Anon doesn't mind your vocal response and places his lips on your right boob, just above the nipple to give it a kiss.
  7631. >With his right hand meanwhile goes to place his index finger on the left nipple.
  7632. >His mouth moves down where he... bites down slightly on the right.
  7633. >You arch your back into his face, unable to escape the senses he tickles on and inside of you as he began to play with your breasts.
  7634. “Gnn...”
  7635. >You bite your knuckles on one hand to keep yourself from making such noises.
  7636. >You've never been one to play with your boobs a lot while masturbating.
  7637. >His touch...
  7638. >His hands, his fingers, his tongue, his lips...
  7639. >They feel so much more intense than anything you could do to yourself.
  7640. >If he moves down...
  7641. >You don't know what would hap-
  7642. >His free hand is moving down.
  7643. >Taking a slow trail down the right side of your body to your jeans.
  7644. >And then... the rest of your brain shuts down.
  7645. >As he struggles a bit to unbutton your pants the additional sensory intake overwhelms you.
  7646. >Nononon, that's too soon.
  7647. >You bit down on your hand harder and grasp with the other at Anons head, trying to find stability.
  7648. >The button comes undone.
  7649. >Both your nipples are squeezed between either two fingers or his lips.
  7650. >Then the soft and gentle vibration originating from your zipper sends you over the edge.
  7651. >You draw blood.
  7652. >Both on your hand, and at the back of Anon's head as you dig your fingernails in.
  7653. >You came.
  7654. >Almost silently.
  7655. >Just whimpering.
  7656. >Your body's twitching irregularly as waves of pleasure swap  over you.
  7657. >Anon's saying something.
  7658. >But you couldn't hear.
  7659. >All you feel of him is his face mashed against your chest as you squeeze him.
  7660. >Then it starts to die down, and your senses come back to you.
  7661. >Air, you need air.
  7662. >You quench your need, gasping out and then just breathing frantically.
  7663. >Pain.
  7664. >Pain is the next thing you notice.
  7665. >Your hand... wow.
  7666. >Your eyes work again, you don't know if you had closed them, or if you just blacked out.
  7667. >Blood trips down on your chest and to Anon, who...
  7668. >He looks at you in shock.
  7669. >But then his expression changes to amusement.
  7670. >“Did you just..?”
  7671. >You try to collect your breath to answer.
  7672. >“You totally just came, didn't you?”
  7673. “Sh-shut up.”
  7674. >He chuckles as he moves up to eye level.
  7675. >“It's adorable.”
  7676. “N-”
  7677. >Whatever you tried to say – you're not even sure yourself – he silenced you with a kiss.
  7678. >You're still in a state of afterglow, so you couldn't properly form words, something he seeks to abuse.
  7679. >“You know one in four women also suffer from premature orgasms,”
  7680. “Shut up.
  7681. >“Not being able to hold out as long as they want to, but... that was less than a minute, Sunny.”
  7682. “I said shut uh-uh-up.”
  7683. >You half cry, half laugh into his shoulder as he embraces you.
  7684. >He then moves you to lay on your right side and places himself opposite of you, smiling at you.
  7685. >His hand caresses over your arm and to your hand to pick it up and observe your bite, which is still bleeding.
  7686. >“We should get a bandage for that, it looks...not bad, but we should stop the bleeding.”
  7687. >He reaches around to a tissue box and starts covering it up.
  7688. >You don't really know what to say.
  7689. >“Can you move your fingers?”
  7690. >You nod in embarrassment, and move them to show him it's not so bad.
  7691. >First you came within less than a minute, then you hurt yourself bad enough that you ruin the mood.
  7692. >And while Anon nurses you, you still feel the effect of the first orgasm you hadn't brought upon you yourself.
  7693. “I- I'll... heal...”
  7694. >He even had to leave the bed to get a bandanna to wrap you up.
  7695. >“Yeah, we're healing factor buddies, I remember. But it needs to be covered up.”
  7696. >After he was done you lay down on your belly and hug a pillow while he pets you
  7697. >You messed it all up.
  7698. >God dammit, how did that happen?
  7699. >“Hey, ahh... It's okay, you know?”
  7700. “No, it's embarrassing!”
  7701. >“It's intimate, Sunset.”
  7702. >He leans down and kisses your neck after having moved a bit of your hair out of the way.
  7703. >“You don't have to be ashamed about that. Sex... is messy and not always how you want it. Especially not the first time around.”
  7704. “Yeah?”
  7705. >You pout.
  7706. “How was yours?”
  7707. >“Ehhh...”
  7709. “Oh, come on, tell me.”
  7710. >“Okay,  okay, fine. I... was too nervous and couldn't get it up for a while, okay?”
  7711. >You giggle.
  7712. “Couldn't get it up, huh?”
  7713. >“S-shut up.”
  7714. >He mimics how you say it, which makes you giggle more.
  7715. >“Not as bad as cumming within  minute.”
  7716. >He pokes your side and turns you around, so you were pinned down underneath him again.
  7717. >You pout at his teasing, but couldn't keep it up as you just had to smile.
  7718. >He leans down to kiss you again.
  7719. >Your hands go around him.
  7720. >You lift his shirt, and he quickly moves for you to remove it completely.
  7721. >“Game two?”
  7722. “Oh yeah.”
  7723. >After you throw the shirt away you turn the two of you around to be over him.
  7724. >Your strength easily overwhelming him.
  7725. “My turn.”
  7726. >“Ohoh, really?”
  7727. “Oh yeah, really.”
  7728. >You look back to see if you have enough room, then nod him to move back.
  7729. >He willingly obeys and relocates... leaving you just above his pants.
  7730. >You look down.
  7731. >You just stare at the zipper for a moment.
  7732. >Anon notices your hesitation.
  7733. >“You don't have to, you know?”
  7734. “Nono, I want to, I-”
  7735. >You look down again and bite your lip.
  7736. “No, I- Yes, I want to. Like... see it and... you know.”
  7737. >He chuckles.
  7738. “S-shut up.”
  7739. >You take a breath.
  7740. >“Any moment now.”
  7741. “Shut up...”
  7742. >You pout again as you look up to him.
  7743. >Your hands however move to the button of his jeans.
  7744. >Come on, don't hesitate now.
  7745. >You unbutton his jeans and move to his zipper.
  7746. >Why does this need so much concentration?
  7747. “L-Lift your hips up.”
  7748. >He does as you say.
  7749. >“As you wish.”
  7750. “Shut up.”
  7751. >“You asked me to do something.”
  7752. “And I said you to shut up.”
  7753. >“Mhm...”
  7754. >You pull down his pants, all the way until you could let it drop off the bed.
  7755. >Boxers now...
  7756. >You stare at his knees for a moment.
  7757. >He has toned legs...
  7758. >Deep breath again.
  7759. >Anon chuckles.
  7760. “I said shut up.”
  7761. >“Okay, okay.”
  7762. >Your gaze goes up to his crotch.
  7763. >An erection was quite visible through his boxers.
  7764. >You close your eyes for a moment and pull down his underwear too.
  7765. >As you dispose of his last piece of clothing you expertly avoid looking at what you just revealed.
  7766. >Why is this so difficult?
  7767. >Little moments of hesitation before you look back.
  7768. >At his dick.
  7769. >And...
  7770. >Nothing really.
  7771. >You've seen dicks before.
  7772. >Internet, porn, and one or two unwanted dick pics.
  7773. >For some reason you thought seeing Anons would...
  7774. >You don't even know.
  7775. >“You're staring.”
  7776. “Am not.”
  7777. >You're totally staring.
  7778. >Time for action.
  7779. >You reach out and pick it up.
  7780. >It had reached almost to his bellybutton.
  7781. >Even through porn, you never really grasped how massive a penis really seems.
  7782. >That thing will be going inside of you...
  7783. >Okay, don't panic.
  7784. >This is normal, right?
  7785. >Your eyes dart up to Anons face who has his eyebrows raised.
  7786. >“Yes?”
  7787. “Nothing...”
  7788. >You focus your attention back to the matter at hand.
  7789. >Moving around, you look at it from more directions and move it only slightly, careful with your touch.
  7790. >“You look so fascinated, it's cute.”
  7791. “Shut up.”
  7792. >And awkward silence again where you just stare at his dick.
  7793. >There was the impulse to just take it in your mouth and suck him off, but you're not sure where it comes from.
  7794. “It smells a bit.”
  7795. >Hopefully he doesn't take that as an insult.
  7796. >“Mhm... that comes back soon, even after you shower. Hormones? I'm not sure... Does it smell bad?”
  7797. “No... No that's not it, just...”
  7798. >“Progress report?”
  7799. “Sh-”
  7800. >“Shut up? Yeah, I got it.”
  7801. >You don't respond to that and continue your assessment.
  7802. “That vein looks massive.”
  7803. >“A dorsal vein, not varicose vein. That's supposed to be like that.”
  7804. “Huh.”
  7805. >Well, you have to start somewhere.
  7806. >It's no use in just staring.
  7807. >You place your lips at the side of his shaft just at the vein and kiss the area.
  7808. >Just like you'd kiss his neck.
  7809. >Which... you never did.
  7810. >Just like he kissed your neck.
  7811. >“Mhm~”
  7812. >He makes a pleased hum, encouraging you to continue.
  7813. >Mimicking how he had planted a trail of kisses down your body, you move up a bit.
  7814. >Not far with each kiss, or you would reach the end to soon.
  7815. >As with so many thing, the way's the goal, right?
  7816. >Or maybe you just draw it out to tease him?
  7817. >It doesn't taste weird or anything either, but you had not really thought about how it would taste.
  7818. >Like any body part, you guess.
  7819. >A bit salty from sweat.
  7820. >It's good actually.
  7821. >Your mind is filled with questions about your own behavior, but you dismiss them.
  7822. >It's not really the time to think.
  7823. >While one hand holds his dick against your mouth you move the other down to his balls.
  7824. >Another thing to explore, and – from what you figure – very sensitive as well.
  7825. >Not in the way the penis itself is, but it is hurt easily.
  7826. >So you ably your hand carefully, just lifting them.
  7827. >You get a feel of the goods inside the sack.
  7828. >They were way harder than you had imagined.
  7829. >Not that you would squeeze them with any considerable force.
  7830. >Then you feel around them.
  7831. >It seems odd they would just float around in the sack.
  7832. >No, there's a-
  7833. >“Ahh! Sunset!”
  7834. “What? Sorry, I-”
  7835. >You drop everything immediately and move back.
  7836. >Shit, did you hurt him?
  7837. “I didn't mean to-”
  7838. >“It's okay. I know. You didn't mean to hurt me. I- I'm not hurt, it's just... that was kinda uncomfortable.”
  7839. >You continue to stare at him wide eyed.
  7840. >“It's okay. You don't have to panic. But... the spermatic duct is super sensitive.”
  7841. “Okay...”
  7842. >You nod, but judging from the way your heart is beating you're not touching it again within the next 5 seconds.
  7843. >For a moment you really thought you hurt him.
  7844. >And you could easily.
  7845. “It's hard for me sometimes to judge my strength, I-”
  7846. >“Sunset.”
  7847. >His voice was so calm.
  7848. >“I trust you.”
  7849. >You take a breath before you let your eyes go down again.
  7850. >His dick now laying down on his belly again.
  7851. “Okay.”
  7852. >“And anything you could do to me – I have a healing factor. I regrew bones, and...”
  7853. >He touches your cheek.
  7854. >“Hey... anything you do to me is so totally worth the risk, okay?”
  7855. >You really want to kiss him now.
  7856. >But you have a better target.
  7857. >A smile comes to your lips as you lean down and small kiss the tip of his penis.
  7858. >“Good girl.”
  7859. “Shut up.”
  7860. >You both share a small laugh before you kiss the tip again.
  7861. >This time you open your mouth wider and give it a cautious lick too.
  7862. >Judging from Anons breathing and the twitch it makes you open your mouth wider, sliding your lips further, for your tongue to have more place.
  7863. >You make a circular motion, and enjoy both the taste and Anon squirming to hold still.
  7864. >He's enjoying this... and so do you-
  7865. >You almost forgot to breathe again.
  7866. >Forced to take the dick our of your mouth you take a breath, sending a stream of air over it.
  7867. >You use your hand to take a better hold of the member and slide it up and down.
  7868. >Or rather, you slide the skin up and down the shaft while applying a little pressure to it.
  7869. >As he reacts quite positively to it, you take it fully in your hand, for all fingers to work it.
  7870. “Like that?”
  7871. >“Hmhm, oh yeah.”
  7872. >You add your other hand to play with his balls again.
  7873. >“You're a natural, you could do this professionally.”
  7874. “Thank- Wait, no!”
  7875. >Almost having taken his 'compliment'  Anon laughs out.
  7876. >You squeeze at his spermatic duct again, making him yelp out.
  7877. >Before he could voice his complaints you had already let go, opened your mouth wide and taken his dick into your mouth as wide as you safely dare.
  7879. >You squeeze his dick to the top of your mouth with your tongue and start to properly suck him off.
  7880. >This is... fun.
  7881. >Not at all what you would have expected.
  7882. >You actually figured it would be demeaning, but you're having fun.
  7883. >The way he grips onto the sheet and controls his breath.
  7884. >Yeah, he likes it.
  7885. >He's enjoying himself a lot.
  7886. >And so are you.
  7887. >For a multitude of factors.
  7888. >Again your mind tries to reason.
  7889. >You're being this close to him, giving him this good feeling.
  7890. >So intimate...
  7891. >And you like the taste, even if you seemingly collected most of it.
  7892. >You like the feeling of him inside of you.
  7893. >His throbbing member...
  7894. >Even if it's just your mouth.
  7895. >You can't wait until you'd take it for real.
  7896. >...
  7897. >You don't have to wait.
  7898. >Any time you want you could...
  7899. >A hand goes down to your own crotch, under your pants.
  7900. >Yes... you're certainly ready to go again.
  7901. >Going up your mouth now suddenly feels very empty.
  7902. >You have to kiss him again.
  7903. >Feel at least his tongue inside of you while you take off the rest of your clothing.
  7904. >You initiate the kiss.
  7905. >Hungrily.
  7906. >And deep.
  7907. >It was merely for pleasure, instead of passion.
  7908. >You need this.
  7909. >“Sunset?”
  7910. >He says your name a little surprised after you break the kiss to struggle out of the rest of your pants.
  7911. >You barely even comprehend that he wanted to initiate conversation.
  7912. >You want him inside of you.
  7913. >“Do you- like... want to take the lead?”
  7914. >Take the lead..?
  7915. >You wonder as you rub a leg to his, otherwise going over him on all fours.
  7916. >Yes, you'll take the lead.
  7917. >He'd be too gentle...
  7918. >He'd not want to hurt you and be careful.
  7919. “Yeah, I'll take the lead.”
  7920. >But you don't break easily.
  7921. >You position your entrance with him with a hand.
  7922. >And without any hesitation you push yourself down a bit, making his tip enter you.
  7923. >Be it your saliva, your cum from earlier or your new arousal, you had provided enough natural lubricant.
  7924. >Pain...
  7925. >Yes, you could describe being spread like that as pain.
  7926. >But there was more to it than that.
  7927. >You have had your fair share of pain, and this wasn't it.
  7928. >This... you can easily bear for all the other sensations you get from it.
  7929. >Yet still... you take it slowly.
  7930. >You look down to see how his dick disappears within you.
  7931. >Not that you need to see it, you can clearly feel how it fills you more and more.
  7932. >You are not sure if it had been five seconds or a minute, but you reach his base, and connect all the way with him until he has no more dick to give...
  7933. “No more dick to give.”
  7934. >You say the words which had crossed your mind out loud and smile, for the first time looking up to Anon again.
  7935. >“You have tears in your eyes.”
  7936. >He reaches up and wipes some wetness away you didn't even know you had.
  7937. >You let out a small gasp like a laugh, but nothing coherent.
  7938. >Every little twitch, all of his small movements... you can feel them all inside of you.
  7939. >“Sunset...”
  7940. >His hand on your face guides you down a little as he leans up to meet you.
  7941. >You simply throw your arms around him, pull him closer and kiss him again.
  7942. >Greedily, just as before.
  7943. >Your mouth, still misses the feeling of being filled, even if you have his dick now deep inside of you.
  7944. >This eagerness makes him lose balance and you tip over onto him.
  7945. >Your heads knock together with an audible *dock*, and you retreat back again, before sharing a laugh with him.
  7946. “Sorry.”
  7947. >“Yeah, no problem.”
  7948. >You smile down to him and look over his body, your hands trailing a line over his chest.
  7949. >He's quite fit, you had known, but seeing it like this, in that kind of position.
  7950. >He's yours, and yours alone for the moment.
  7951. >You start to move your hips up again, immediately feeling the emptiness, and needing to connect back down, but you pace yourself.
  7952. >Only as you feel the head of his cock almost leaving you, you go down again.
  7953. >This time there was no pain of any kind.
  7954. >Only pleasure.
  7955. >You lean down again to meet him with a kiss.
  7956. >More passionate and humble this time.
  7957. >Loving.
  7958. >...
  7959. >Loving...
  7960. >Yes, loving.
  7961. >By all means, you have fallen in love with Anon.
  7962. >“Does it hurt that much...?”
  7963. “Hmh? What?”
  7964. >“You're crying...”
  7965. >You are?
  7966. “I'm happy.”
  7967. >You give him another small kiss.
  7968. “And you know what?”
  7969. >“Hmm?”
  7970. “Let me show you what~
  7971. >The next kiss you give him was just a small one, as an intermission
  7972. “~what spider-like agility is all capable off, okay?”
  7974. >Be Spitfire
  7975. >It's not the first time someone whom you have under surveillance starts to have sex, and you listen through it.
  7976. >People have strange pillow talk at times, and some spilled very valuable information at that time.
  7977. >However, it is the first time it seems so sweet and innocent you actually get carried away.
  7978. >What would people think about you if they knew what you just did?
  7979. >The great Spitfire, a voyeur.
  7980. >But as much shame as you feel, when you look at the moisture on your hand, you couldn't help but smile.
  7981. >It's been way too long since you got off...
  7982. >You walk to a small basin and wash yourself.
  7983. >You're watch gave you a beep, informing you you had been awake 60 hours now, and you should get rest.
  7984. >Once again, you dismiss it for another 6 hours and you continue to listen to the two lovebirds.
  7985. >It seems they are just cuddling now and talking idly, but as the conversation turns to Treehugger you start to listen more carefully again.
  7986. >He thinks she's the sweetest old lady, an original hippie from the 70s, and now just tends to Canterlots flowers.
  7987. >You know she's a former Hydra agent, with an at least three digit kill count, and now has the landscaping monopoly in Canterlot.
  7988. >It's easy if you can simply tell a plant what to do.
  7989. >You also very certain she's growing drugs, but the DEA has no clue how she gets any.
  7990. >But sure, sweet old lady it is.
  7991. >You owe her a few favors, and would like to think she's one of the good guys.
  7992. >Or at least that she's sick of the fighting and doesn't want to drag the boy into it.
  7993. >The only thing she ever asked of you is to make up fake identities for her and a child.
  7994. >Anon...
  7995. >You don't know his origin, but you know that the story she made up, with yourself having faked the documents to back it up.
  7996. >He claims he has a minor healing factor.
  7997. >While you believe that, he also only said that Treehugger only has the ability to control plants.
  7998. >You head back and notice a sensor blinking on the screen.
  7999. >Air pressure in the surroundings.
  8000. >The wind has probably changed, but you don't ever make assumptions when it comes to that, so you check every sensor you had at your disposal, but only air interference goes off.
  8001. >The newer prototype Quin-Jets have stealth tech...
  8002. >And whatever it is it is coming straight for you.
  8003. >But who would visit you?
  8004. >Or who would visit you unannounced?
  8005. >Not a lot of people know how to find you right now.
  8006. >This is a safe house after all.
  8007. >You wash your hands and try to open a line of communication.
  8008. “You are entering restricted Wonderbolt airspace, please state your clearance of turn around immediately.”
  8009. >There was no way of knowing if it got the message, and with every second that passes by you get a worse feeling.
  8010. >You don't know many factions who would have access to such a stealth technology, and this is still a safe house.
  8011. >Nobody knows about it who's not supposed to know about it...
  8012. “We notice your presence, if you advance further I count it as a sign of hostility and will have no choice but to open fire.”
  8013. >For a moment your thoughts go to Miss Shimmer and Mr. West.
  8014. >You count down from five, and without contacting it again, you sound an alarm and raise three turrets from the lake.
  8015. >Anyone on your side knows protocol, that you have to fire if they don't respond.
  8016. >Another warning flashes on your terminal.
  8017. >Shit.
  8018. “Missile incoming, everyone back inside and to the basements.”
  8019. >You inform your guests through speakers and open a hidden duct to the basement of every building.
  8020. >Only then do you start to scan the sky for the origin of the missile and start shooting into empty air.
  8021. >Then the missile hits on the field where you had your own quin-jet in stealth mode.
  8022. >They don't want you to get away.
  8023. >The question as to how they knew where it was eludes you, but 'how and why' isn't important right now.
  8024. >You take another look at the terminal and summon the security cameras to see your guests running to the nearest building.
  8025. >Only your two lovebirds were already inside.
  8026. >You need to keep a clear head.
  8028. >Be Anon.
  8029. “Last time I had an explosion near it wasn't going well for me.”
  8030. >You justify your panic to Sunset.
  8031. >Quickly getting dressed you climb down a ladder to some secret basement you didn't even see the trap door earlier.
  8032. >“I should stay up here and fight.”
  8033. “Fight?”
  8034. >You look up to her, Sunset has not yet entered the duct.
  8035. “Fight what? Missiles?”
  8036. >“I told you I'd help the Wonderbolts, Anon.”
  8037. “Hah... What, no... well...”
  8038. >It takes you a bit to find the right words.
  8039. “Then follow your orders and get down as she said. You don't know what's out there. We'll all probably meet in some underground bunker to talk tactics.”
  8040. >She looks to the door again.
  8041. “Sunset...”
  8042. >“I ah...
  8043. “Sunset!”
  8044. >“Yes... you're right.”
  8045. >She finally gives in and starts to descend down the ladder after you, into safety.
  8047. >Be Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  8048. >“Thank you for teleporting everyone inside, Princess.”
  8049. “No need to thank me. They are my friends, of course I help them get safe.”
  8050. >Your eyes scan the screens as Spitfire does, but you don't see anything.
  8051. >And you were unable to tell what the data means she's always checking.
  8052. “I don't know if I'm able to locate something invisible. Simply telling if an object is there or not is easy if I know in what places I'm supposed to look.”
  8053. >“No, I- It's still in the air, I'm quite sure.”
  8054. >The next few seconds were quite intense even if they were spent in silence.
  8055. >“The lake, at the docks. Is something in the air over it?”
  8056. “Hmm..”
  8057. >You close your eyes and reach out fo-
  8058. “Ahh.”
  8059. >“What? What happened.”
  8060. “It... rejected the touch of my magic like...”
  8061. >You reach out again, but much more slowly.
  8062. “I think a good metaphor is if you jump into water, but notice it's actually rock. I reached out too fast, there is a barrier.”
  8063. >“A barrier against magic?”
  8064. “I'm afraid so, but...”
  8065. >You brush over the barriers surface.
  8066. “It's not moving anymore.”
  8067. >“Okay, that's good, but you... that didn't hurt you did it?”
  8068. “No, I was just surprised. I didn't expect it.”
  8069. >“Magical barriers... Now that you know what to look for, can you try and see if there is more than one object?”
  8070. “Hmm...”
  8071. >You throw out a net of magical tendrils, just going until they would hit something, but don't find anything close.
  8072. “Nothing near.”
  8073. >“And further away? Missiles can be fired from far away.”
  8074. >You hope you were able to intercept the next one. The turrets are only able to keep the buildings of the camp safe.
  8075. “I can still idly search.”
  8076. >You both look at the screen where Spitfire had summoned a image of the lake.
  8077. >It's presumably what is happening right now.
  8078. >But nothing's happening so far.
  8079. >After a small discussion of what it might be, a door opens and a ramp extents down onto the dock.
  8080. >Something, no, someone descends down it onto the dock.
  8081. >“This is... worse and better than I expected.”
  8082. “How can it be both?”
  8083. >The person was sitting in a chair with big wheels, and after the cameras zoom in onto the figure you can recognize her as female.
  8084. >“Treehugger is... She... I don't know how to phrase it.”
  8086. >Be Sunset.
  8087. >You're pacing around.
  8088. >It's been almost ten minutes since the explosion.
  8089. >And so far you were told nothing, and only got stuck down here.
  8090. >Princess Twilight is with Spitfire, so at least she is told what's going on... you believe.
  8091. >SciTwi, how Anon dubbed her, is meanwhile soldering some connections on her ARC again.
  8092. >Apparently it sets her mind at ease.
  8093. >The others have a discussion of what could have been the cause for the explosion
  8094. >Anon is only sitting at the table near SciTwi too and examines your new web shooters.
  8095. >Courtesy to Twilight.
  8096. >Apparently she hasn't slept well.
  8097. >You catch her rubbing her chest every once in a while and hope her bandages aren't too itchy.
  8098. >But the mere fact that she can walk around and do something as precise as the soldering on the small connections for her suit it can't be that bad...
  8099. >She has had surgery...
  8100. >The more you think about everything the less adds up.
  8101. >A door opens and finally reveals Spitfire, who was immediately bombarded with questions.
  8102. >“Calm down everyone. Yes, we are in a bit of a hassle, but you don't need to panic.”
  8103. >This doesn't stop them from continuing to ask.
  8104. >“At the moment we have someone with no clearance or willingness to help the Wonderbolts whatsoever, so I can't really speak openly... Mr. West?”
  8105. >Anon: “Oh what, you pin this on me?”
  8106. > “No, I merely want to ask you to understand that you and the rest of us have different priorities. And you can't be told vital information. If you'd please.”
  8107. >She gestures to the door she just stepped out of.
  8108. >Everyone looks between the two.
  8109. “That's ridiculous, why would he not be allowed to know why we are being bombarded?”
  8110. >“Protocol, miss Shimmer, civilians only learn the information we give them that do not compromise ongoing missions.”
  8111. >“It's okay, Sunny, I understand.”
  8112. >He gives you a smile, stands up and walks towards Spitfire.
  8113. >“Miss Shimmer, Anon will be save, I'm sure off it.”
  8114. “Yeah well... why wouldn't he?”
  8115. >Spitfire nods and puts a hand on Anon's back to lead him out.
  8116. >“You're lying.”
  8117. >Everyone turns to the reluctant Starlight Glimmer sitting in a corner with Pinkie.
  8118. >She still has the cat's cradle in between her fingers Pinkie forced on her.
  8119. >“Shouldn't I then leave as well?”
  8120. >Yeah, she should...
  8121. >You look to Spitfire, whose expression remains neutral.
  8122. >“This could have been much easier...”
  8123. >She pushes Anon through the rest of the door as you begin to bolt to her.
  8124. >“Mr. West here can help us, it is you who can't be told certain things.”
  8125. >The door falls shut with whatever force but you manage to catch it before it slams all the way together.
  8126. “Anon!”
  8127. >The door easily has the force of a few tons behind it.
  8128. >But you're the amazing Spider-Woman.
  8129. >You begin to pry it open, but soon after a force field appears, pushing your fingers away.
  8130. >“Sunset!”
  8131. >Anon exclaims your name as you were pushed out.
  8132. >Even your spider-grip didn't help against that.
  8133. >“Miss Shimmer, it's a complicated situation, but Anon here will be able to dissolve it.”
  8134. “What are you going to do?”
  8135. >You press your eye against the small tent you had made in door, which lets through a bit of light and sound.
  8136. >Anon was right at the other side of it.
  8137. >Princess Twilight: “He'll not come to harm.”
  8138. >That was Princess Twilight's voice.
  8139. >She's in on it?
  8140. “Open up!”
  8141. >The force field went white, and won't let any more sound or light come through.
  8142. “God damnit!”
  8143. >You punch the door, leaving another tent in it.
  8144. >Then take a breath.
  8145. >“Sunset?”
  8146. >You punch it again and another time for good measure, only then you turn around.
  8147. >The other Sunset Shimmer, Synergy.
  8148. >She's smiling.
  8149. >“You're just tenting it. If it's broken it can't properly move anymore.”
  8150. >Walking past you she charges some hot-red energy in one hand and some icy-blue in the other.
  8151. “What are-?”
  8152. >She lays the red hand on the door, which, soon after began to glow.
  8153. >You can feel the heat escaping from it, but then she already removed the hand and the energy before laying on the next hand.
  8154. >“What happens to hot metal that's cooled rapidly?”
  8155. “Quenched.”
  8156. >“Hmm?”
  8157. “Never mind, It becomes hard but brittle.”
  8158. >You touch the door.
  8159. “It's freezing.”
  8160. > steps back again.
  8161. >“Be my guest.”
  8162. >Pinkie: “Don't do it, Sunset!”
  8163. >You turn into the room again, with everyone at different levels of alertness.
  8164. >They all look kinda pissed for being tricked like that by Spitfire, but nobody really voiced much concern, or talked loud enough for you to pay attention to them.
  8165. >Pinkie, however, stops you.
  8166. “Why not, Pinkie?”
  8167. >“I wanted to say that you shouldn't lick the door, your tongue would get stuck. Buuut we all knew you wouldn't do that, but punch through. I wanted to make a joke to lighten the mood, but when you turned around you looked so serious... sorry.”
  8168. “Yeah...”
  8169. >You curl your hand to a fist.
  8170. “No, thanks...”
  8171. >You actually smile.
  8172. “Good old, Pinkie.”
  8173. >You spin around and deliver another punch to the door, shattering it like a mirror.
  8174. “Thanks... Sunset.
  8175. >“Don't mention it, Sunset.”
  8176. >Okay, one step forward.
  8177. >Only the white force field behind it remains.
  8178. “Twilight? Do you kno-”
  8179. >You had turned around to look at Twilight.
  8180. >She's still sitting there, fine-tuning her gear.
  8181. “Twilight?”
  8182. >“Hmm, yes?”
  8183. >She pots away the soldering iron and moves her tools out of the way to have place on the table for her elbow, on which she then supports her head.
  8184. >She looks bored.
  8185. “Twilight?”
  8186. >“Yeah, I'm listening.”
  8187. >There's something wrong with her.
  8188. “Any idea how to deactivate that?”
  8189. >“Yeah.”
  8190. >...
  8191. “Care to share?”
  8192. >She reaches into her pocked and shows you a PDA.
  8193. >“I don't think Spitfire would like that very much, she locked us in here for a reason.”
  8194. “Yet you do show us that you can deactivate it.”
  8195. >She sighs and leans backwards.
  8196. >“I suppose I am.”
  8197. “What's gotten into you Twilight?
  8198. >“A 9mm bullet.”
  8199. >Yeah something was definitely wrong with her.
  8200. “Twilight...”
  8201. >She is going through the PDA though and, you guess, is disabling the shield.
  8202. >“Spitfire says your boyfriend will not be harmed, I'm inclined to believe her. You want to know why?”
  8203. >You bite your lip.
  8204. “Why?”
  8205. >She pulls up the sleeve of her left arm and points to...nothing on it.
  8206. >“Three days ago I scraped myself up, I wasn't careful, you know.”
  8207. >There was a pause before she continued and opened the first button of the coat.
  8208. >“Two days ago I was shot, again, because I wasn't careful.”
  8209. >Again, blank skin. Nothing to even hint there had been something.
  8210. >“So if she promises you that someone will be fine, they'll be fine, okay?”
  8211. >She lays the PDA down and slides it a little in your direction.
  8212. >“She said it's you, or – depending if that was a plural “you” – us who are not supposed to know whatever they are discussing in there.”
  8213. >You walk up to her and take the PDA.
  8214. “Thanks...”
  8215. >You hit 'disable' an hear the shield dissolve behind you, but behind the door Anon was gone.
  8216. >As were Princess Twilight, and Spitfire for that matter.
  8217. >You walk in at a quick pace, Synergy, Applejack and Rainbow following you.
  8218. >Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity stay to tend to Twilight, who seems to have some sort of breakdown.
  8220. >Be Anon.
  8221. >It's your aunt...
  8222. >Treehugger caused that explosion.
  8223. >Or so Spitfire tells you.
  8224. >How the hell should she have done that? And how would she even know where...
  8225. >It doesn't matter right now, does it?
  8226. >Spitfire wouldn't come up with a lie would you be able to solve it within a minute.
  8227. >The elevator comes to a halt and the four of you step outside.
  8228. >You were silent as the Princess magically cast some bubble around all of you and begin to walk to the lake.
  8229. >Princess Sparkle doesn't look happy, but you guess she is doing what she thinks is right.
  8230. >You have not had that much interaction with her until now, you only know that, while still being similar to SciTwi, she had quite a different personality.
  8231. “Why would Treehugger attack you? Especially if she's just here to pick me up.”
  8232. >Spitfire doesn't respond immediately.
  8233. >“It can have a range of reasons, Mr. West. All of them are somewhat implausible, but it is Treehugger we're talking about.”
  8234. “My aunt would never do something like that unless there's a reason.”
  8235. >Again, Spitfire was silent for a moment.
  8236. >“I know things about her that you don't.”
  8237. “Like?”
  8238. >“If you're not her friend she's ruthless.”
  8239. “She's friendly with everyone, unless you're Hydra.”
  8240. >This time Spitfire doesn't respond at all, the Princess however speaks up.
  8241. >“Hydra?”
  8242. “A boogeyman organization to rule the world. Speak: the bad guys... isn't that right, Spitfire?”
  8243. >“Hydra was destroyed in '96. And Treehugger told me to use the image to scare you away; Mr. West.”
  8244. “And I'm supposed to believe anything you say?”
  8245. >“Bad circumstances. I wish we had met in different ones.”
  8246. >She sounds sad.
  8247. >You want to believe her, but you just can't bring yourself to.
  8248. >Even the things you know for a fact about Spitfire are enough to worry you and distrust her.
  8249. >Maybe you're just a sucker for Happy Endings.
  8250. >But this is the real world, not some sort of story with a merciful writer.
  8251. >“Your aunt, Mr. West, is one of the most powerful enhanced individuals I know of, and she has the wits to make her very dangerous.”
  8252. “What? Growing tomatoes?”
  8253. >You fail to see how growing plants is a dangerous power.
  8254. >“She can do more than that. I assume she has never told you?”
  8255. “Do I get a speech about how she's the bad guy now?”
  8256. >“She's- I hope she's just under the wrong impression. I don't want us to be enemies.”
  8257. >“Anon!”
  8258. >Your aunt's voice.
  8259. >As soon as you passed around the corner to have a clear view of the dock she exclaims your name.
  8260. “Treehugger!”
  8261. >You want to rush forward but already hesitate after a step.
  8262. >You have no idea what that pink bubbles properties are.
  8263. >“Careful, Mr. West. We don't know for sure if this is truly your aunt.”
  8264. “And who else would it be?”
  8265. >She hesitates.
  8266. >“We know about powers that can make someone look like anyone else.”
  8267. “Then why would someone choose to look like my aunt?”
  8268. >Spitfire doesn't respond to your question, but starts talking to Treehugger.
  8269. >“Treehugger, nice to see you again.”
  8270. >“Give me my nephew.”
  8271. >“You could have picked him up by car. Instead you choose to... fire at us.”
  8272. >“Time is of the essence. Anon, come here.”
  8273. >“Mr. West, please stay.”
  8274. “No, screw you.”
  8275. >You walk forward but crash against the bubble's insides.
  8276. >“Release him!”
  8277. >“Treehugger...”
  8278. >You look forward and see your aunt struggling to stand up.
  8279. >“Remain seated.”
  8280. >Spitfire raises her arms and aims... her watch at your aunt.
  8281. >No, it was some fancy gadget.
  8282. >“Are you threatening me, Spitfire?”
  8283. >Princess Sparkle speaks up then.
  8284. >“Spitfire, aren't we trying to avoid conflict?”
  8285. >“She created conflict when she shot my favorite bird.”
  8286. >Treehugger walks forward.
  8287. >“Don't touch the grass, Treehugger!”
  8288. >“Or what? You're gonna shoot me? Release my boy!”
  8289. >Treehugger's foot moves of the dock and onto the ground, and immediately after you feel the earth shake.
  8290. >“Treehugger!”
  8291. >The shaking comes nearer and a something whips out of the ground.
  8292. >Roots as thick as your arms.
  8293. >They menacingly aim at the three people next to you
  8294. >But they are still well outside the bubble.
  8295. >Speaking of- the women around you stand still now, and don't move forward.
  8296. >“Be careful, she surely has more under the earth.”
  8297. >“Roots? I doubt they can break my shield. You'll keep your promise to Sunset of not letting harm come to Anon.”
  8298. >“It's not him I'm worried about... Shining Armor?”
  8299. >Shining Armor?
  8300. >“Confirm.”
  8301. >Spitfire's talking to...?
  8302. “They have a sniper in place!”
  8303. >You shout to Treehugger, warning her about what you fear.
  8304. >She just looks around, back to the turrets in the lake which are also already aimed at her.
  8305. >“Spitfire! Don't make me start to threaten you.”
  8306. >The roots start to grow thin thorns.
  8307. >Blood red and looking like claws they grow longer until they meet the bubble.
  8308. >”Give me my nephew. Princess Shimmer's shield won't hold against the hive.”
  8309. >Princess... Shimmer?
  8310. >“Princess Shimmer?”
  8311. >Only Spitfire is not looking back to Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  8312. >Is Sunset a princess too?
  8313. >The shield seems to start stressing as the thorns touch it, but it seems like Treehugger is not yet applying any pressure.
  8314. >“I am not Sunset Shimmer.”
  8315. >Twilight defends her name, but Treehugger wouldn't have any of it.
  8316. >“You're not Celestia, nor are you Luna. But that-”
  8317. >Treehugger gestures to the bubble.
  8318. >“That is alicorn magic, I recognize it. It's 2016, there are only three of you. So who else might you be?”
  8319. >You're pretty sure you have no idea what's going on.
  8320. >“I am Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria, which... you seem to know about. How?”
  8321. >Twilight looks shortly to Spitfire.
  8322. >“Equestria is a closely guarded secret, or so I thought.”
  8323. >The other dimension?
  8324. >What's alicorn?
  8325. >“Twilight Sparkle? Anon, is that-?”
  8326. “Her counterpart from the parallel dimension, or whatever. I don't know what's going on.”
  8327. >“Treehugger, this is not what you are used to, things are different.”
  8328. >Spitfire lets her arm down a bit, using the confusion to talk.
  8329. >She's trying to diffuse the situation, yeah.
  8330. “Just let me go to her, I never saw her do this.”
  8331. >You whisper to Spitfire gesturing at the needle point roots.
  8332. >“I can't give a civilian to a hostile party.”
  8333. >Spitfire whispers back before raising her voice to talk to your aunt again who was mumbling to herself.
  8334. >“The vitals I'm reading from you are bad, Treehugger. Power down and we'll talk, okay?”
  8335. >Treehugger meanwhile holds her head in pain.
  8336. >“The timeline's all wrong now... How could it have come that far off course?”
  8337. >“Mr. Armor, now.”
  8338. “Treehugger!”
  8339. >Seeing her target distracted, Spitfire took the opportunity.
  8340. >You see your aunt twitch together as something hits her neck.
  8341. >And then everything seems to be happening very slowly in your head.
  8342. >Treehugger screams out in pain.
  8343. >The bubble shatters as the red needle-like tendrils shoot inwards, impaling both Spitfire and the princess.
  8344. >You fall forward as the bubble dissolves, barely catching yourself.
  8345. >A web shoots out from the side and Sunset bungees in.
  8347. >Be Sunset.
  8348. >You had stayed back for a moment to watch while they talked to find a better angle.
  8349. >But now she attacked.
  8350. >“Sunset, don't!”
  8351. >Synergy tries to stop you, but you already shot a web out, grabbed hold of it and jump forward, letting the webs elasticity pull you forward.
  8352. >You can only hear Twilight's scream of pain after her barrier dissolves.
  8353. >Pulling tighter on the rope you turn around mid-air to shoot out with your legs first.
  8354. >She may be an elderly woman, but she did attack your friends...
  8355. >So you deliver a kick in direction of the lake, to at least put her out of combat.
  8356. >However, as your feet connect with her, a red substance has formed just above her skin.
  8357. >She didn't budge an inch, but to your surprise, you didn't feel like dropping on concrete.
  8358. >All the vibrations have been eaten up.
  8359. >Before you even land on the ground, the red substance has wrapped itself around your foot and lifts you up.
  8360. >Soon, a vine from the ground takes it's place as it begins to wrap around your body and appendages.
  8361. >You struggle, of course.
  8362. >You can lift cars easily, breaking some wood should be easy.
  8363. >But you fail to do anything against these vines.
  8364. >They are adorned with needle-thin lines of the same red, metallic substance which stopped your fall.
  8365. >The same substance that impaled Twilight and Spitfire, which Starlight is trying to free them from.
  8366. >Rainbow meanwhile speeds in to get close to her, but the vines, and the red substance wouldn't have it, so she just zips around, looking for an angle, before she was tripped and restrained onto the ground by a single vine.
  8367. >“Treehugger!”
  8368. >Anon runs towards you-
  8369. >No, he runs towards her.
  8370. >Treehugger..?
  8371. >“Don't hurt them.”
  8372. >Treehugger... plant controlling powers.
  8373. “Anon- Is that-?”
  8374. >You look down to the old woman who was on her knees.
  8375. >She's covered in blood, and writhing in pain
  8376. >That was certainly not your kick that did that.
  8377. >Then you see the blood moving, forming these thin strands, like on the vines that hold you.
  8378. >It was blood?
  8379. >Anon looks up to you but dives down to embrace his Aunt.
  8380. >“Come on, come on, calm down. You only restrained them, and...”
  8381. >He tries to talk to her, but you can't tell if she even hears him.
  8382. “Anon! I'm... What's going on?”
  8383. >“I have no idea!”
  8384. >You see Applejack fighting vines herself, trying not to get caught and Synergy slowly walking here.
  8385. >She was not attacking, but didn't attack either.
  8386. >Treehugger is only defending herself...
  8387. >You stop to struggle and let go, and quite soon after, the grip of the vines doesn't seem as tight anymore.
  8388. “Y-You're Treehugger?”
  8389. >She accepts Anons support and leans onto him.
  8390. >“Another Equestrian?”
  8391. >Her voice was much weaker now, but she seems to relax in Anon's arms and stands up again.
  8392. >You can see the blood on her retreating back inside her body, but the strands of it remain.
  8393. “What's going on, Anon?”
  8394. >Anon immediately redirects the question at Treehugger
  8395. >“Yeah, what's going on, Auntie?”
  8396. >“Spitfire, she... she's taking the wrong approach. I- I'm here to pick you up.”
  8397. >“This... doesn't even begin to answer half of what I want to know.”
  8398. >“At another time, Anon.”
  8399. >“Can- Can you release Sunset?”
  8400. >“Sunset...?”
  8401. >Treehugger looks up to you.
  8402. >“That's... yes, of course.”
  8403. >She lets you down softly
  8404. “No, really, what's going on?”
  8405. >“Uhh... Treehugger shot Spitfire's jet over there, and she's here to... pick me up? Because... Spitfire's... bad news?”
  8406. >He may be laying down some things he assumes, but doesn't know anything either.
  8407. “How do you know about Equestria?
  8408. >“She has an approximate knowledge it seems... Treehugger? This is Sunset Shimmer, my... girlfriend.”
  8409. >Treehugger looks up to you.
  8410. >“An unawakened true equestrian with other vibes mixed into... your powers say Spider-Woman.”
  8411. “Unawakened true... what?”
  8412. >What, how and why.
  8413. >Proper questions can't even form in your head.
  8414. >“Those two over there. Awakened true Equestrians, and those two, just awakened.”
  8415. >She first gestures to Twilight and Starlight, then to Rainbow and Applejack.
  8416. >Both groups were now released from their constraints.
  8417. >Only the 'Synergy' remains, who now has reached you.
  8418. >“Are you Treehugger?”
  8419. >“That I am."
  8420. “So what's she?”
  8421. >Of all the questions, you pick probably the least important one.
  8422. >“That is... Celestias runaway in this world. Did you do the same and ran from your fate?”
  8423. “I'm not running anymore.”
  8424. >Treehugger laughs pained and you see Twilight and Spitfire fall down.
  8425. >“Their wounds are small and clean, they'll heal... Anon, let's go.”
  8426. >He looks to them and then to you as Spitfire nods him in.
  8427. “Don-”
  8428. >You hesitate.
  8429. >You don't want him to go.
  8430. >Whatever is going on. The only thing you know is that you don't know anything.
  8431. >Treehugger only collected her family...
  8432. >But she did shoot the first missile.
  8433. >Yet it was Shining Armor (you guess) who shot her first.
  8434. >After that, things just escalated.
  8435. >“Take me with you.”
  8436. >What?!
  8437. >Everyone in hearing range looks to Synergy.
  8438. >Then Treehugger smiles.
  8439. >“Can you surpass Celestia in time?”
  8440. >“Yes.”
  8441. >“It's not at all how the timeline is supposed to go, but be my guest.”
  8442. >Timeline...?
  8443. >Treehugger nods your counterpart inside the still disguised vehicle.
  8444. >From what you can see it looks quite similar to a quin-jet, but it looks worn.
  8445. “No, don't go it's-”
  8446. >“It's a free country, isn't it? And I'm off the grid anyway, become happy with my name, you hear?”
  8447. >There is no arguing with her.
  8448. “Anon!”
  8449. >You turn to him.
  8450. >At least he will listen to reason... and not go with his family, while he dislikes Spitfire.
  8451. >“I- ahh...”
  8452. >He'll go, won't he?
  8453. >“Anon, help me.”
  8454. >He quickly catches his aunt and puts her back in her wheelchair.
  8455. >Some red strands still connect her with the ground, so you guess her powers are still active.
  8456. >Even though she seems like she was about to fall asleep now.
  8457. >Sppitfire: “Treehugger!”
  8458. >Spitfire has limped closer, holding her side and forearm where she's still bleeding from.
  8459. >She moved so slowly you barely notice her.
  8460. >“I'm not gonna let you take any of these kids.”
  8461. >“Yes, you are. You kidnapped my nephew, I vandalized some property, you had me attacked, I accidentally attacked back. We can take this to court, unless you don't want anyone to know about your safe house and what you're doing here. Your Wonderbolts, your world security council, all those who think it's not fun to make a private army, or a group of supers.”
  8462. >Treehugger does have the upper hand.
  8463. >This doesn't keep Spitfire from raising her arm and the gadget on her wrist to her again, yet a strand of red shoots out of Treehuggers fingertips and do it.
  8464. >“And I can control machines. I told you the timeline when operating system get too advanced for this trick, but that year hasn't come yet. You'd do well to remember the important things I told you, Spitfire.”
  8465. >The gadget ejects three bullet (or small missiles), and the strand retreats.
  8466. >They stare at each other for a moment, but Spitfire yields.
  8467. >“Fine.”
  8468. >Treehugger doesn't smile.
  8469. >This was no victory to her.
  8470. >“Anon, be a dear and push me inside.”
  8471. >He bites his lip and walks around her to move the wheelchair.
  8472. >You hear Rainbow Dash and Applejack whispering to one another, but whatever they had to say, it was not important right now.
  8473. “Anon...”
  8474. >He only gives you a short glance as he moves his aunt back, before addressing Spitfire.
  8475. >“So... nothing happens, right?”
  8476. >You look between them.
  8477. >“No, nothing happens.”
  8478. >He gulps and looks to you.
  8479. >“See you... at college?”
  8481. “Yeah... See you...”
  8482. >You lift your arm in a weak wave.
  8483. >He forces a smile and pushes Treehugger inside the – whatever it is.
  8484. >“You're welcome to join us if you want to.”
  8485. “I- I think I'll stay.”
  8486. >“Do that, my child.”
  8487. >She clears her throat.
  8488. >“Anon, you never told me about her.”
  8489. >She then begins to complain about how Anon hadn't introduced you to one another
  8490. >“It was just this week...”
  8491. >“And her your scent is already all over the other., hmm~ my nephew~”
  8492. >Okay... add 'awkward weird' to the list of things to describe this situation.
  8493. >“Yeah...”
  8494. >He bites his lip and rolls her inside.
  8495. >The ramp almost immediately ascends upward.
  8496. >The entire time Anon looks back to you, almost apologetic.
  8497. >Up until the point where it closes, and he goes invisible inside that thing.
  8498. >You let yourself fall on your knees.
  8499. >You felt like you just lost him.
  8500. >That this was merely a hint that you can't be with him.
  8501. >How to tell your relationship Is over? Well, if your boyfriend chooses someone who attacks the super-hero organization you work for, he might be a villain himself.
  8502. >You refuse to believe he's a bad guy.
  8503. >You don't even know if Treehugger is supposed to be a bad guy.
  8504. >She let you, and everyone go, and she certainly took no pleasure over dominating Spitfire.
  8505. >She actually looked sad.
  8506. >You're pulling your hair.
  8507. >If only you had more information...
  8508. “Spitfire!”
  8509. >The woman in question was on the ground as you turn to her.
  8510. >Oh right, she was wounded.
  8511. >“New index file.”
  8512. “Huh?”
  8513. >“Treehugger West, Threat level: Extremely dangerous; Description: Former Hydra agent who helped bring it down in '94 and went into witness protection.”
  8514. >Oh, she's talking into her wrist.
  8515. >“No loyalty but to herself and her nephew. Can be reasoned with, do not engage, avoid a fight at all cost;Wanted: Alive for questioning if possible, dead if necessary;”
  8516. >Dead...
  8517. >“Powers: She has natural control of any living tissue as plants, animals, and humans, including healing, growth, enhances speed. She also was enhanced by Hydra and has a type of living machine inside of her blood. This can hack and control machinery or form structures like chitinous armor or claws.”
  8518. >A shiver runs down your spine.
  8519. >You saw her in action, but hearing it listed down was just scary.
  8520. >“If caught off guard she is still immune to M99 tranquilizer, and can heal from even severe wounds within seconds.”
  8521. >Spitfire looks over to you, before continuing.
  8522. >“New Index file. Anon West, Threat level: unknown; Description...  description...”
  8523. >She pauses.
  8524. >“Delete last two files without saving. Create new index file. Treehugger West, Threat level: none; Description: Former Wonderbolt agent in Witness protection. As her nephew was involved in an incident she went paranoid and – quote unquote – saved him.”
  8525. >She changed her approach.
  8526. >You wonder what made her do so.
  8527. >“Wanted: no, she has done her service to her country and the world and should be left alone if found. Powers: Control of plants, Healing factor; Attach civilian file. Save on the index.”
  8528. “Spitfire...”
  8529. >She looks very much defeated.
  8530. >“I think I'm gonna sleep now...”
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