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  1. Rules & regulations
  2. - All Servers within AtlasCraft must behave in the age range 14+
  3.  (please be respectful, no banter, no topics leading to continous agruments [this can result in Geographical, relgious, historical, polotical or physcological topics]).
  4. - there is no Tp killing, trapping, warp killing allowed
  5. - NO sponge griefing, base camping (killing more then 2 times within a players claim)
  6. - NO Hacking ( ALL combat beneficial clients / hacks)
  7. - NO automated movements / clients
  8. - Bypassing chat filters is not allowed
  9. - NO character Spam or continous sentences
  10. - NO advertising (AtlasCraft does NOT apply)
  13. you ONLY mute, do NOT ban for chat offenses (unless someone is sending ddos threats, pornagraphic links  / content, advertising other servers,)
  14. - in game offenses ban for 3d, 7d, 14d, 1mo, perm
  15. - Hackers 7d, 30d, perm
  16. - ddos 30 days
  17. - advertisment links - 7 days
  18. IF you have any questions as if you are to ban someone or mute and you are not sure ASK
  19. a senior staff! We don't want players restricted for the wrong reason
  20. ALL staff must be respectful in chat with a mature manner when dealing with players. Even if they are heated or angry.
  21. (remember staff also need to follow the rules, if staff do not comply with the rules and regulations punishment will result in demotion and a harsher duration of punishment)
  22. - wasting staffs time or constantly arguing will result in a mute of 1d or based on past mute restrictions,
  23. - inapropriate builds are 3d ban or based on past restrictions.
  24. - if staff are caught abusing their power a full rank demotion and punishment will occur.
  25. - Remember to have FUN, being staff can be stressful and some players may get on your nerfs if you need a break lets a senior staff know!
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