One Lucky Pet

Jan 31st, 2017
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  1. >"Awww, look at her! She's the cutest, wutest little thing I ever seen!"
  2. >"Isn't she just? Don't be shy, Lucky, go and say hI! Go makes friends with Fiona!"
  3. "Hi Lucky! Hiya girl!"
  4. >Be Anon
  5. >But right now everyone calls you Lucky
  6. >Because right now you're a pretty little horse, with pink fur and a baby blue mane
  7. >You have a collar with your new name on it, with a leash attached
  8. >And right now a very pretty, very tall and very happy woman was petting your head into oblivion
  9. >Stroking your hair, scratching your ears, and so on
  10. >She was talking to you like you were a baby
  11. >"Lucky Loo! Lucky Wucky Woo! Who's a good girl? You are!"
  12. >You were doing a Masters in Literature three weeks ago for gods sake
  13. >This should really piss you the fuck off
  14. >Paraded around in public-on a leash, no less!-, talked down to, degraded
  15. >But, well, ear scratching feels all kinds of good
  16. >So currently you're finding it hard to stay mad
  17. >Not like you can talk anyway
  18. >So you droop your head and stand there and take it, like a good pet
  19. >"Oh she's so well behaved! How old is she?"
  20. >"Oh the animal shelter guys weren't entirely sure" says your...urgh, "owner"
  21. >"They think she must have had some training though, cause she's so well behaved."
  22. >That rankles you
  23. >You're not some docile animal, you're a human being!
  24. >You were just waiting for your opportunity to escape. For their moment of weakness. Then...
  25. >"Oh, can I give her, like, a cookie or something? I have one in my bag"
  26. >When the, er, moment comes...maybe tomorrow...
  28. >After her friend leaves, your owner takes you into the park proper
  29. >There is another pony there
  30. >Another mare. Young, but not young enough to be called a filly. Chestnut coat and black hair
  31. >Her cutie mark is toybox with a rainbow coming out of it
  32. >Heh, what a dweeby cutie mark
  33. >Yours is, naturally, a 4 leaf clover
  34. >Hence, "Lucky"
  35. >The mare in the park is happily playing with a big red ball, which goes up to her chin in height
  36. >Knocking it around, chasing it, bouncing off of it
  37. >She looks very happy
  38. >You think she's an actual pony, as opposed to yourself
  39. >Her owner is a big guy with a bushy beard
  40. >No, no jokes
  41. >He looks tough, but then again, he's got a cute pet poner, and he's watching her with a big goofy grin, so maybe not
  42. >Your owner lets you off your leash
  43. >"Go play with your friend, Lucky!"
  44. >I don't even know her name. Get it together, Mast-
  45. >Erm...
  46. >What was her name again? You weren't paying attention when she bought you the other day
  47. >Oh yeah, Steph
  48. >Definitely not Master
  49. >You stare at her with your big blue eyes
  50. >She merely points at the other pony, repeatedly, saying "Go!"
  51. >You're a pony, not a dog
  52. >Go find somepony else to order around-
  53. >Something firm and rubbery hits your rear
  54. >You turn around, startled
  55. >A big red ball bounces away
  56. >The brown pony looks at it, then you, then back to the ball, then back to you
  57. >A "sorry" would be nice
  58. >Her owner looks mortified, and approaches with his hands up in apology
  59. >Steph doesn't seem fussed, and she engages in small talk with the big guy as you regard your fellow pet
  60. >She gestures towards the ball with her head
  61. >You shrug
  62. >This doesn't put her off
  63. >"Hey look, they're getting on!" says your owner
  64. >"Hah, that's right Joie De Vie go play with the nice pony!"
  65. >The man has a somewhat French accent. Maybe he's French-Canadian
  66. >Or just, you know,.French
  67. >Regardless, Joie starts leaping around you
  68. >Everyone seems to be expecting you to join in
  69. >You don't want to cause a scene in public...
  70. >So you knock the ball towards the bouncing pony with your snout
  71. >She lights up with happiness and runs with it as it rolls away
  72. >Then she knocks it back to you
  73. >You both spend some time repeating this
  74. >You don't....hate this
  75. >You're still appalled at being treated like this of course, but at the end of the day, it's fun to run around like this
  76. >It's like being a hairy, four legged kid who can't talk and wearing a collar
  77. >Before you know it, your owner is calling you over
  78. >It's actually surprisingly dark. How long where you playing for?
  79. >Joie's sad to see you go
  80. >You feel a little bad leaving her now, the little bungle of energy that she is
  81. > But what can you do? You don't call the shots here.
  82. >Your owner waves goodbye to the big bearded Frenchie dude
  83. >He seems happy about something. So does she, actually
  84. >You'd ask her why, but, you know
  85. >Wait, why do you care?
  86. >Don't forget, she's enslaved you against your will. And you are 100% escaping the first chance you get
  87. >Maybe after she feeds you, though. That was quite the workout
  90. >It's later
  91. >You're roaming your owner's home
  92. >To find possible escape routes, obviously
  93. >It's a fairly decent place, actually
  94. >Suburban, plenty of space.
  95. >Lots of animal stuff. Drawings, little statues, and so on. You feel like you're not Steph's first pet
  96. >Most of her house has a fluffy, comfy feel to it. Lot's of calm blue.
  97. >You don't know how she affords it, or what her job is, but you're not complaining
  98. >Getting up the stairs is a hassle, so you're exploration is limited to the downstairs
  99. >A small bathroom, a shiny kitchen, a dining room...
  100. >A patio leads to the garden. You look through the glass
  101. >The garden's cluttered with all sorts of plans and bushes. There's a small shed in the corner.
  102. >Nice high fences. You weren't good at climbing even when you were human. No chance now.
  103. >Finally you trot into the living room
  104. >There's Steph, curled up on the sofa in blue pajamas and bunny slippers
  105. >She's eating popcorn and watching some singing contest, laughing at some poor soul's public humiliation
  106. >Well, at least you're not on tv, you think.
  107. >Unless you are and this is just one big hilarious prank
  108. >It sounds ridiculous, but hey, you're a little pink pony now. Anything's possible
  109. >"Hey, girl, hop up!"
  110. >Steph pats her thigh and beckons you over
  111. >Well, you're schedules free right now
  112. >You hop up sit on the other side of the sofa
  113. >For about a second, before she drags you over with her free arm
  114. >She rubs your furry little body against hers and makes cooing noises
  115. >Her attention is now split 50/50 between horrible singing and yourself, her hand constantly stroking your back in long, slow motions
  116. >Whenever there's a commercial break, she starts to play with your mane and your floppy ears
  117. >You try not to look at her or respond too much. It would only encourage her
  118. >But sometimes your new body betrays you, and you smile, or rub your head on her side
  119. >Which only makes her coddling intensify
  120. >It's a vicious cycle, even if it does...feel...nice...
  121. >You jump as your feel your owner rock you with her arms
  122. >She's standing over you now, looking down with clear affection
  123. >"Aww, you're sooooo cute when you're sleeping, Lucky. Come on, I'll put you to bed so you can get a proper sleep, ok?."
  124. >Huh? Did you...fall asleep?
  125. >Petting is a hell of a drug
  126. >You're still a bit groggy as she scoops you up and carries you out and up the stairs
  127. >You're small and light enough that she can use one hand to open the door to what must be her bedroom
  128. >It's big and pink. Very pink.
  129. >There's a ginormous pink teddy sitting in one corner. It stares into your soul. with eyes like coal
  130. >The bed is also pink. There is a laptop on it, the sole dark colour in the room
  131. >She carries you over to behind the bed
  132. >There's a small, round bed there. Yellow, with a smiling face on it.
  133. >It's your bed
  134. >This is what you sleep in now
  135. >She gently drops you into it
  136. >It's comfy, yeah, but...
  137. >It's like a bed for a dog. You seen it coming, you guess, but it's still demeaning as all hell
  138. >Steph climbs into bed and pulls out a book
  139. >Looks like an autobiography, to you. But you don't recognize the woman on the cover
  140. >Shame. You liked to read.
  141. >You'd ask for a book, but you literally can't
  142. >Maybe you should try to communicate with her
  143. >She has a laptop. You could type still, right?
  144. >You're smart,you'll figure something out
  145. >Tomorrow...
  146. >....
  147. zzzzzzz
  148. >It's the next day
  149. >And you're bored as hell
  150. >Steph's away to work, leaving you home alone
  151. >You've spent the day looking for ways to leave some sort of message
  152. >It hasnt gone well
  153. >You don't know the password to her laptop, so that's a no go for now
  154. >You did manage to find a pen and some paper
  155. >But writing with your mouth is proving difficult
  156. >You wanted to write "Hello Stephanie, my name is..."
  157. >...uh...what was your name again?
  158. >Ok, you'll cross that bridge when you get to it
  159. >The big problem right now was that you suck at writing with your mouth
  160. >You try four or five different times, all of which were completely ineligible
  161. >You break about 3 pencils by pushing too hard into the paper before you give up
  162. >Man, there wasn't even anything to do in this house
  163. >You wander into the living room
  164. >Hey, guess you could watch TV
  165. >You jump onto the sofa and try to work the remote
  166. >You feel very clumsy using your little hooves to press buttons, but you succeed in switching it on
  167. >You're even able to flip channels
  168. >PZZT
  169. >"-Just think that we, as a nation, are in serious danger of forgetting what-"
  170. >PZZT
  171. >"-this family, you don't care about anyone other than yourself, you-"
  172. >PZZT
  173. >"-missing for weeks, but his family are not giving up the search-"
  174. >PZZT
  175. >"-must be the favourites, they've got pace, power, great togetherness-"
  176. >Wait, what was that last story?
  177. >You try to flick back, but you accidentally hit the off button
  178. >Fucking hooves
  179. >It was probably nothing
  180. >You don't feel like watching TV anymore, anyway. Maybe you could go find a book to read or something
  181. >The rest of the day is just as boring
  182. >All of Steph's books are, to put it kindly, scrub-tier trash
  183. >D-list autobiographies, murder mysteries, romance stories
  184. >A few saucy looking ones, actually...
  185. >You know that eventually, you will succumb to boredom and ready them
  186. >And if things are really bad, you might actually enjoy them
  187. >But not today, motherflippers
  188. >When Steph does finally come home, you're actually excited
  189. >You start to bound down the stairs when you pause halfway
  190. >You're ashamed at how happy you are to see your owner
  191. >And a little scared at how seamlessly you slipped into "happy little pony" mode
  192. >So your happy bouncing turns into a neutral trot down into the hallway as you attempt to affect indifference
  193. >You're not a dog. You're a human.
  194. >Acting like a cat, in the body of a pony
  195. >You space out as you think of the implications of this
  196. >And visibly jolt when Steph picks you up for a hug
  197. >If you were happy to see her, she was defenitely happy to see you
  198. >"Hello, Lucky, missed you! Oh yes I did! Yes I did, Lucky wucky!"
  199. >She's stroking your back like it's going out of fashion, and nuzzling your snoot with her nose
  200. >Your facade of neutrality faces a stern test in the face of such an onslaught
  201. >You can't help but smile stupidly
  202. >Eh, affection is nice.
  203. >She eventually puts you down and goes to get changed out of her smart work clothes
  204. >When she emerges out of her room she is dressed in a fluffy white dressing gown
  205. >And she has some presents for you
  206. >First, a lime green ball
  207. >It's small, smaller than that other ponies ball at the park
  208. >Maybe cause it's for indoor use
  209. >Steph does the whole "pretend to throw the ball" trick
  210. >You just sit there and stare
  211. >Honestly you feel bad to see the wind go out her sails
  212. >But she recovers well
  213. >"Smart girl!" she says, and give you the ball
  214. >Ball Acquired
  215. >You can hear the Metroid item music in your head
  216. >You roll it around with your hoof as Steph produces more gifts
  217. >A pretty white bow for your mane
  218. >Uh, that is, a normal, unremarkable bow for your mane
  219. >She puts it on, humming a little tune to herself wordlessly
  220. >"There, look at you! You like it, don't you, I can tell!"
  221. >She giggles
  222. >You're not sure how expressive your pony face is, so you wonder how you actually look
  223. >You're not sure "happy and certainly loving her rad new bow" is how you feel on the inside
  224. >She has one last present, but she's keeping it for now
  225. >"If you're a good pony you can get it after dinner!"
  226. >Must be a treat
  227. >What did you treat horses with again.Carrots? Bleh
  228. >Then again, your tastebuds are all weird recently
  229. >She's basically been giving you salads for food so far and it's been...well, pretty good
  230. >Or wait, naybe she bought you sugarcubes. You could live with that
  231. >She seems like the type of lady who would spoil a child rotten with sweet stuff
  232. >Yeah, you've definitely no problem with being spoiled
  233. >Steph plops herself down on her bed and powers up her laptop
  234. >You see opportunity rise, and sneakily watch for her password
  235. >Oh, it's expired. She's setting a new one
  236. >...
  237. >It's "Lucky123"
  238. >Awww
  239. >Easy to remember, too. Perfect
  240. >If you're lucky, you might get the chance to type something on it tonight. This could be your chance!
  241. >All you need is a distraction...
  242. >Dinner time
  243. >You're lying on the floor next to an almost empty bowl of delicious fresh salad
  244. >Steph ordered Chinese in
  245. >It smells kinda bad, even from down on the floor next to the sofa
  246. >Oh yeah, she's watching TV again
  247. >Honestly you don't know how she isn't fat
  248. >All she does is eat, watch TV an go on her laptop
  249. >So basically what you did when you were human
  250. >Dohoho...oh, you made yourself sad
  251. >You reflectively chew on a salad leaf
  252. >You had a life, before this, and you're not sure you'll ever get to go back to it
  253. >The worse part is what everyone doesn't know
  254. >You don't know, or can't remember, how you ended up like this
  255. >Your family may never find out
  256. >Steph doesn't know, but you guess that's a good thing for her
  257. >She'd probably feel lousy about it. I mean who wouldn't? All this time, treating you like-
  258. >Something knocks against your foreleg
  259. >It's a green ball
  260. >You look up to see Steph looking expectantly at you
  261. >Hey, come on, I've just had dinner...
  262. >You half-heartedly knock the ball back towards her with your muzzle
  263. >She seems to pick up on your mood
  264. >Getting down on her knees, she starts to stroke your back
  265. >You lie down on your side, letting her caress you
  266. >She's rubbing your belly now
  267. >Not in a sensual way, more like a "making baby noises and laughing" way
  268. >It feels good, but you do feel a little exposed. A little vulnerable
  269. >You try to cross your legs, but she uncrosses them, giggling and calling you silly
  270. >Then she gasps an sits up suddenly
  271. >"I almost forgot! Two secs, princess!"
  272. >Princess?
  273. She gets up an goes upstairs
  274. >She returns with the final gift
  275. >Oh...oh gawd
  276. >You thought it would be sugarcubes or something
  277. >It's a long, blue an white dress
  278. >Well, kind of. More like a costume
  279. >Like one of those medievil princess get ups
  280. >Complete with a pointy cone hat with a chin strap
  281. >You don't bother getting up to run away
  282. >You simply lie down and accept your fate
  283. >You were really looking forward to sugarcubes...
  284. >Steph picks you up and shows you off in the mirror so you can see
  285. >You look fudging ridiculous
  286. >In your opinion you look more like a wizard than a princess
  287. >Steph waves your hoof with her hand and does a funny voice like she's doing a puppet show
  288. >"Hello everyone! I'm Princess Lucky from PonyLand!" she says, rocking you as she speaks
  289. >That's not what you sound like! You had a...well, you didn't sound like that, anyway
  290. >Mercifully, her phone goes
  291. >She puts you down and answers it
  292. >You don't know for sure who it is, but the way she says "Bonjour" into the phone makes you think it was the huge Frenchie from the park the other day
  293. >Steph starts acting all bashful, ducking into the kitchen and whispering
  294. >As if you were going to start gossiping about this
  295. >You try to shake your princess cap off your head
  296. >It falls over your muzzle
  297. >You struggle for a bit and eventually get the darn thing off
  298. >It's heavier than it looks
  299. >The dress can stay for now, though. Cause it's hard to get off with hooves, is all
  300. >It occurs to you that Steph is busy with the phone, and that her laptop is unguarded upstairs
  301. >Opportunity knocks!
  302. >You race up the steps and into her room
  303. >Her laptop is on the floor, thank the lord. Easily accesible
  304. >You wake the thing up and enter the password:
  305. ".jvkuw3d"
  306. >Whoops. Ok, try again
  307. ".ivluy234435"
  308. >Ffffffff
  309. >You stares at your useless hooves.
  310. >Looking around, you spot one of the discarded pencils from your attempts at writing
  311. >The lead is broken but that doesn't matter
  312. >You pick it up with your mouth and, taking great care,tap the password out:
  313. >Lucky123
  314. >,,,
  315. >Success!
  316. >You're in.
  317. >Now all you have to do is bring up a word doc
  318. >"Lucky? Are you upstairs?"
  319. >Shoot,she's coming up the stairs!
  320. >You panic, and the pencil in your mouth breaks
  321. >You gag on the shards of wood and lead in your mouth
  322. >The door opens and Steph sees you at her laptop
  323. >You flail desperately at the keys with your hooves
  324. >"No, bad pony! You'll break it!"
  325. >You manage to type her a message:
  326. "km a jjmasmn kmmsxd wjnh"
  327. >She picks you up and puts you on the floor, before examing her laptop
  328. >"Hmm, did I leave this on?" she wonders aloud
  329. >You're immensely frustrated
  330. >You try to clamber back onto the bed
  331. >She sees this as a sign that you want attention and starts to stroke you
  332. >No, for the love of all that is holy please understand what's going on
  333. >"Hahaha, it's like you were typing! Did you see me typing this morning? Clever girl!"
  334. >You want to scream
  335. >You look at Steph with as much desperate intensity as you can muster
  336. >She giggles and boops your snoot
  337. >But you're not in the mood for it
  338. >You were so close to blowing everything wide open, to making her understand
  339. >And now she's back to coddling you like a baby
  340. >Her cheerful obliviousness just makes it worse
  341. >You can't even growl at her
  342. >Steph goes for another boop
  343. >You bite her finger
  344. >You regret it immediately
  345. >It's not hard enough to draw blood-you pulled back the instant you felt your teeth meet flesh
  346. >But she audibly yelps in surprise and pain and jumps away from you, clutching her finger
  347. >Then she looks down at you, with a hint of tears in her eyes
  348. >She doesn't seem angry. Just kind of sad and disappointed.
  349. >It resonates with you, somehow.
  350. >You feel rotten, your anger and frustration giving way to shame
  351. >You feel your ears droop and you lower your head, looking away
  352. >You're surprised when she gingerly approaches you
  353. >She coos your name gently, slowly
  354. >"Luucky....Luucky....hey girl..."
  355. >It has a soothing effect
  356. >She reaches her hand out again. The same one you bit
  357. >You don't move, don't react. You just keep looking down at the floor from the edge of the bed
  358. >She touches your mane, and slowly strokes it
  359. >"I'm not mad" she says, quietly
  360. >"Mommy's not mad at you"
  361. >Your throat hurts. You swallow and blink.
  362. >You let her pick you up and situate you on her lap
  363. >She's very quiet now, still stroking your hair, ruminating
  364. >You both spend some minutes thinking things over. Eventually she speaks
  365. >"You know...the shelter guy did might be like this..." she says, slowly.
  366. >Like she's giving voice to her thoughts
  367. >She continues to stroke as she goes on
  368. >"People can be so mean to their pets...I don't get it. I really don't."
  369. >No, you really don't. This isn't what you think it is...
  370. >You don't remember much about the kennel. You were out of your mind at the time, either chemically or emotionally, or a combination
  371. >You wonder how much they know
  372. >"It's ok now, Lucky. I'm going to love you every day. You deserve it."
  373. >You let her pet you for a good long time
  374. >In a way, you really are lucky
  375. >You'd hate to have anyone else own you.
  376. >Steph was no Sherlock Holmes, but she had the heart of an angel
  377. >You'd figure out something...she'd want to help you if she knew.
  378. >You'd just have to be patient for now
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