A Mistake x A Good Idea B

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  1. [23:21:57] <Nagare_Miyuki> After that hot spring madness (and that crazy twintail girl trying to get everyone arranged in a heart shape, yeesh what even was that), Miyuki is... a little less than dry! Don't worry, only a little. She managed to get dry enough to get back into her usual clothes... and a cloak over that. Now to find her new idol...
  2. [23:28:28] <Vena> Vena, more dry, pops out from beneath the deep snow, a few feet from Miyuki! (Though perhaps less dry, because she's now covered in snow...) "It's harder to suddenly appear out of nowhere than it really should be in this barren frozen wasteland. Snow's unbearably cold! ...Speaking of which, you should dry up more. You'll catch hypothermia out here."
  3. [23:34:35] <Nagare_Miyuki> "You'd think I'd have gotten that by the time I got to that weird lady's place," It's COLD UP THERE. Miyuki does pull out a towel or some sort of cloth from ninjaspace to dry up the exposed parts, though. "Anyway, hey there, Vena. Anything fun happen to you?"
  4. [23:38:23] <Vena> "Hm...aside from being dragged into the Seraphic Gate where I faced off with the same person that had suddenly appeared in a flash of light at the springs, only she was a lot older? Not particularly. ...That visit was pretty fun, though!"
  5. [23:48:13] <Nagare_Miyuki> That does sound pretty fun, but it seems to quench the child's interest for now. "Sounds like a tale for later. Say, um..." She presses her fingers together and looks down, but looks back up! "You were with those two guys for a while, right? How does big bro compare to that other guy?"
  6. [23:58:26] <Vena> ...Ah. ...On the matters of love...they were both kind of blind, yeah. Then, in combat...well, there's something to work with. "Krauss is certainly better with swords...but honestly, for the duration I knew them, it...took Krauss a while to get it all down. Shinobu, though reckless at times, was handy enough to fight side-by-side with for most of the trip! Shuriken have
  7. [23:58:26] <Vena> a way of throwing the enemy off...though he sometimes just killed them outright. Which was a shame, cause I wanted some for myself, you know?"
  8. [00:10:20] <Nagare_Miyuki> A sigh, then a giggle. "Sounds like big bro, alright. Strike first, and strike hard. So why'd big bro pick up swords, anyway? He should know better than to try using swords instead of shuriken. It's just what we do, as shinobi of the Nagare clan!" Second Star is looking pretty cool, though.
  9. [00:23:15] <Vena> "Well, I did say that it took a while for Krauss to get into the groove, but when he did...well, he was pretty friggen good. And he'd always go looking for people to I guess that's how they both met? Both people looking to self-improve, and Shinobu always says he's the best, so it's only natural for both to end up practicing with the sword! ...They're also good
  10. [00:23:15] <Vena> at laying down some serious beatdown."
  13. [00:24:58] <Vena> "...Though, how did they--ah, right, I gave him that Killing Edge. Just kind of assumed he could use swords. Perhaps that was how they met...and it never hurts to know how to use multiple tools! If you stick with just one, you might find yourself overspecializing, and other people could work around that. I've seen people practice slashing knives from the air--"
  14. [00:25:06] <Vena> Blink.
  15. [00:27:01] <Nagare_Miyuki> "And he... ugh, who does big bro think he is, Ryouma? He can't become a master of the--" Shrug. "... sword like that! I bet he'll even quit being a ninja so he can practice using a sword." She mad. "... anyway, how about you? You look like you can hold your own in a fight... maybe a hundred, even."
  16. [00:33:58] <Vena> "Well, if he does, it IS his life to lead. Irritating as it might be, he's probably earned that by now, what with the dying and all! Anyway, yeah, you could say that. Though my profession tends to avoid direct conflict...but, I was generally one to take the missions that could easily result in a bloodbath anyway! Crossbow's good for stealth and can take out flying patrol
  17. [00:33:58] <Vena> very, very easily, swords have enough punch to kill swiftly in close quarters..."
  18. [00:38:07] <Nagare_Miyuki> It's a bit for her to take in! "Yeah, I guess swords are a lot stronger, compared to our shuriken, but... if you were looking for raw might, why not use like, an axe or lance? Oh, but swords are a lot easier to use..." She's getting stuck in her own thoughts, nice. "... So how'd you start?"
  19. [00:38:32] <Nagare_Miyuki> inb4 "it is a mystery"
  20. [00:40:33] <Vena> "Well, those are just unwieldly. Lances are best if you maintain distance--not what you want if you want to get up close and personal--and axes are pretty slow. Gotta find the compromise. As for how I started...well, I knew what I liked early on, and that's all I'm gonna say about that~!"
  21. [00:50:53] <Nagare_Miyuki> ... eh, to each their own. "... eh, I'm not gonna judge you for that. I mean, big bro does some weird stuff, like reciting his alibis to me. Say, did he use the one where he was looking for a childhood friend yet? That one was pretty moving, in my opinion." He never did, and she doesn't know why. All the ones she thought were bad were the ones used. Like
  22. [00:50:53] <Nagare_Miyuki> "Aileen"!
  23. [00:59:51] <Vena> "Don't think so, actually. Did go by the name 'Eckhart' for a while though. Certainly not one of his finest moments, and a few people just sort of saw through the name instantly."
  24. [01:06:58] <Nagare_Miyuki> Eyeroll. "Typical. So where do you hide, anyway? I'd assume you hide somewhere, and not live, since, yanno, you have a mask and all." Only theatrics and crazy people would wear a mask! And she doesn't look like a Basara.
  25. [01:12:15] <Vena> "That used to be a government secret. Now, that's a dragon secret. If I told you, it would lead to a chain of events that end with me being cooked by Sylvera, and then eaten. Not just eaten raw, she's not a savage." She does not argue against the implication of being crazy!
  26. [01:16:14] <Nagare_Miyuki> That's because she is. "Yeesh, is she that crazy? I mean, you'd think someone like that would get off their high horse eventually, or something. Though... how did you end up meeting her? Met her on the job, or...?"
  27. [01:23:50] <Vena> "Honestly, she's one of the more interesting people I've met. Not afraid to tear anyone down, could convince people that she doesn't know how to have fun, but she CAN have fun, it's just that no one usually reaches the level of being able to have her kind of fun. ...And yeah, on the job. Was part of the whole Rolant thing, though I wasn't QUITE aware at the time."
  28. [01:24:29] <Vena> "I was basically her bodyguard. And I'm pretty sure no one believed me when I said it, but damned if I didn't do that job well in the end. I was totally her bodyguard."
  29. [01:30:00] <Nagare_Miyuki> I feel like saying that Sylvera is like someone, but I'd link it to tree, and I'd probably be wrong. Maybe Territorial Oak? Anyway, she excited about that. "Hey, whoa, tell me about that! Like, I only know so much about the whole Rolant thing, and big bro refused to tell me anything about it, even if he knows that I'm grown up now." As if to immediately
  30. [01:30:00] <Nagare_Miyuki> contradict herself, she folds her arms and frowns.
  31. [01:31:41] <Gianree> it's not like she's NOT like whatever mecha character you're referring to, but it wasn't intentional
  32. [01:33:00] <Nagare_Miyuki> oh nah i just felt like using miyuki as a name because she was the younger sister of a character and also a ninja
  33. [01:33:17] <Nagare_Miyuki> so yeah i guess it works in the end
  34. [01:37:45] <Vena> "That is a LONG and somewhat complicated story, and I'll be entirely honest, I never really REALLY cared about the details. Like OK, Sylvera's a giant robot dragon, so what? Just means she's older than most and she's seen some shit. All that really mattered to me is that it the whole narrative gave me a lot of people to stab, and the idea of secrecy was basically a huge
  35. [01:37:46] <Vena> teasefest for everyone involved, and that was fun too."
  36. [01:39:24] <Vena> "...I mean I could, but you'd have to give me a while. Been sorting treasure for so long that I've forgotten a few things. ...Like checking in at my old workplace. Nix apparently left, dunno how they're handling, later. They're big kids, they'll be fine."
  37. [01:44:04] <Nagare_Miyuki> She could always tell the short version, which is "powergamed so hard, final boss got soloed". "... I should get back to Rolantia, come to think of it. Steyr'll need me to help, since big bro's doing whatever it is he's doing, and I need to practice somewhere that won't threaten my well-being every cold wind. But... what's this about Nix? He someone you had
  38. [01:44:04] <Nagare_Miyuki> a crush on, or something?"
  39. [01:44:45] <Gianree> [muffled cuck.mp3 in the distance]
  40. [01:50:03] <Vena> "Yeah, definitely hate the cold wind. First chance I get, I am out of here. Much like this line of conversation. Just know that I have never been more disappointed by a person as I have Nix." >muffled
  41. [01:50:35] <Nagare_Miyuki> [cuck.mp3 blaring in the distance]
  42. [01:50:39] <Vena> "Would like to meet someone else that meets my standards, though. Sylvera does, but, uh, that wouldn't work out." there we go
  43. [01:51:51] <Gianree> gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  44. [01:52:38] <Vena> BI, THANK YOU--also, you could interpret that as Vena not being gay instead
  45. [01:52:57] <Gianree> yeah tru
  46. [01:53:05] <Gianree> but >shukugirl >not gay
  47. [01:53:33] <Vena> Ellamae's shacking with Varos thank you
  48. [01:54:23] <Nagare_Miyuki> Well, damn. This must be true shukumad. Actually, no, true shukumad is Shuku's reaction to DRACOBUSTER. "Dragons are weird, yeah." Internal sipping. "I mean, you can come by to Rolantia with me, if you want. Plenty of crazy stuff happens there, so you'd fit right in! Anyway, I uh, should be off now. Never know if I have to stand in for clan heir, right?"
  49. [01:54:23] <Nagare_Miyuki> Death flag? Death flag.
  50. [01:55:51] <Vena> oh that's a flag alright :^ ) "Heh, might take you up on that. Could be interesting, and once I've got monetary affairs out of the way, all that should be left is thrillseeking~"
  51. [01:56:28] <Vena> "Or, I might die in the final battle. Who knows, we'll see how it goes~"
  52. [02:01:04] <Nagare_Miyuki> "Hey, you'd let me down like that, after I know how cool you are? That's just rude, you know. So if you die, I'll make big bro drag you to Rolantia!" What kind of a threat is that. Either way, with that, she turns around, and walks off, into the snowy beyond that is the frozen hellscape of Acaiah.
  53. [02:02:08] <Vena> "Tell him to do that, actually! I've seen hell in this frozen hellscape, and I'd be fine with finding another, hotter hell!"
  54. [02:02:42] <Vena> "...Also, if you're not prepared for death, it'll find you! Words to live by!" And with that, she's got nothing left to say! Time to...get back to sorting her affairs.
  55. [02:05:18] <Nagare_Miyuki> > Vena and Miyuki have attained a Support Rank of B!
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