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Jan 20th, 2014
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  1. Statement from Kelly Thomas' Father- Ron Thomas- regarding tomorrow's city council meeting:
  3. I talked with Chief Dan Hughes, Fullerton PD today as I have many times. Yes, the City Council meeting WILL take place tomorrow night and it starts at 6:30pm. Something that I would like everyone to understand, is that Chief Hughes has made it very clear publicly that he WILL NOT reverse his decision as to the termination of Ramos, Cicinelli, and Wolfe. In other words, he will NOT rehire them. Also, it is his and only his decision to rehire them. Yes, through arbitration the City Council would need to have a majority vote (3-2) to support the Chief. If not, it would go before a judge who could force the Chief to reinstate them. But again, Chief Hughes will not do it unless ordered to by a judge.
  4. I do not see a reason to go into this meeting mad as hell at the City Council as they were not part of the jury. I am asking that concerned citizens attend and voice their opinions, but none of us need violence to get our points across to the council. As for me, I will attend and make some comments, and I will also be thanking Chief Hughes for his continued position as far as reinstating the discharged officers.
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