Session 12

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  1. (4:05:05 PM) ApricotCordial: == Session #12 ==
  2. (4:05:05 PM) ApricotCordial: The quartet struggles through the drifting, blowing snow headed north along the highway towards the distant, ever bigger, geodesic dome in the distance.  Nessa's Pip-Buck map seems to be showing a lot of large lakes around them though they're currently hidden beneath the snow and presumably ice.  
  3. (4:05:15 PM) You are now known as AC[GM]
  4. (4:05:53 PM) AC[GM]: Arcadia is currently carrying a robot popsicle, and Shimmer is gaily prancing ahead of the group into the horrid, blowing snow.  Green is presumably following along with the pack.
  5. (4:06:17 PM) ***Nessa lightly fusses over Red Alert as Arcadia levitates the frozen automaton along...
  6. (4:06:58 PM) Arcadia: "Nessa, please... At least wait until I put the robot down. You could push it out of my grip, the way you're going on about it."
  7. (4:07:41 PM) Shimmer: " much longer do you think it'll be?" She shoots back to the others
  8. (4:08:10 PM) Green: "Should be there before naptime."
  9. (4:09:28 PM) ***Green considers the thickness of the ice given the season and temperate weather, and wonders how safe it should be to cross this last stretch of land.
  10. (4:09:33 PM) ***Nessa looks at Arcadia, then moves back to her place as the walking map of the group.
  11. (4:10:02 PM) Nessa: "Just focus on not getting frostbitten," Nessa says to the others.
  12. (4:10:59 PM) ***Arcadia sneezes, settling in at the center of the group so as to have time to react and to easily cover any of their party with her shield and body. "That's harder than you make it sound..."
  13. (4:12:05 PM) ***Nessa leads the group along the best possible route, as advised by Green.
  14. (4:14:15 PM) AC[GM]: The road follows between the lakes, though tall rusting metal structures seem to mark each one well enough without even consulting a map.
  15. (4:16:17 PM) Green: "Just keep moving. Whatever is out here in this shit weather is having just as lousy a time as us. Unless it's got lots of fur and menacing eyes."
  16. (4:16:54 PM) Nessa: "I'll keep my EFS up in case of that."
  17. (4:17:18 PM) Shimmer: "Just...let us know if anything comes close...I'd REALLY prefer getting someplace my teats won't freeze to my armor"
  18. (4:18:01 PM) ***Arcadia covers her mouth with a wing, snickering loudly at that comment
  19. (4:18:16 PM) Green: "oh don't worry. This is their natural environment. We wouldn't see it coming."
  20. (4:18:33 PM) Nessa: "Ugh. Of all the imagery you could've used..." Nessa mutters at Shimmer.
  21. (4:19:14 PM) Shimmer: "Imagery...I'm wearing a metal barrel!...even though now I stuffed it with blankets"
  22. (4:21:30 PM) Arcadia: "I found it refreshingly crude! Too much pomp and circumstance in this group. We're not politicians, nobles, or soldiers."
  23. (4:22:37 PM) ***Nessa looks around -- to Green, then Arcadia, then Shimmer, then her disabled robot, then herself...
  24. (4:22:58 PM) Nessa: "... what?" she says, incredulous at Arcadia's comment.
  25. (4:23:19 PM) ***Arcadia blinks. "Did I stutter? Or is the wind making it hard to hear me?"
  26. (4:23:23 PM) ***Green tries to sneak in the snow and make the least sound of her party as stalks ahead to keep a watchful eye out for the rest of this cold and motley crew.
  27. (4:25:57 PM) AC[GM]: The wind tries its hardest to make you all hard to hear!  It's really roaring out of the north, quartering across the road and slowing the party down immensely.  There's nothing to the sky but milky gray without trace of sun, beyond the ambient, winter weather light that seems to pervade throughout.
  28. (4:26:45 PM) Nessa: "Oh no. I heard you," Nessa says. "But what you said doesn't make any sense. We trudge around in the dirt, trying to eke out a living in this cold and blasted land... and you think we have too much 'pomp and circumstance'."
  29. (4:28:15 PM) Shimmer: "considering all the recent diplomacy we had to engage in to not die...maybe we did?" She suggests. She has slowly drifted closer to the group as the the wind adjusted volume
  30. (4:28:23 PM) ***Arcadia grins, practically beaming at Nessa! "Of course! So stuffy, such a small amount of passion! Even I'm unusually morose..." She giggles. "I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying!"
  31. (4:29:07 PM) Nessa: "Right..." Nessa mutters, eyes turning back to her PipBuck.
  32. (4:33:04 PM) AC[GM]: They seem to be inching ever closer to the dome; its perimeter is even starting to appear on the Pip-Buck map at maximum zoom out.
  33. (4:33:58 PM) AC[GM]: It's definitely immense, the top towering far higher then any building the group has seen, except, perhaps, for Arcadia, if she's visited any of the big eastern cities like Manehatten.  Even then none were nearly as wide or as solid looking as the great icy dome.
  34. (4:33:59 PM) Nessa: "We're really, really close now. If it was clear out, we could see the dome in front of us," Nessa tells the others.
  35. (4:34:52 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles. "I'm really tempted to make a shield just to keep this-ack!" She yelps as aglob of snow whacks her face. "... Stuff off of my face..."
  36. (4:37:46 PM) ***Green glares at the structures ahead and then turns her head to nod at Nessa.
  37. (4:41:15 PM) AC[GM]: You can, in fact, see the dome looming a short way ahead.  It seems you're currently walking through what would once have been mixed parking areas and terminals for the city's transit lines.  Very little seems to remain to mark that fact other then lumps of snow covering ruins.  The wind howls harder, there's a faint keening that seems to result from it blowing across the surface of the dome.
  38. (4:42:00 PM) ***Nessa finds that sound somewhat unsettling...
  39. (4:42:48 PM) ***Shimmer is now quite near teh center of the group again shivering a bit. " much further?"
  40. (4:43:17 PM) Nessa: "Just keep walking," Nessa says back.
  41. (4:43:21 PM) ***Green whispers to herself. "It's like the graveyard of a giant beast."
  42. (4:43:52 PM) Arcadia: "Or the feeding ground of machine creatures."
  43. (4:44:27 PM) Nessa: "Or a parking lot."
  44. (4:44:53 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa feels an aching pain in her joints, and a certain heavyness of mind...
  45. (4:45:04 PM) ***Arcadia rolls her eyes. "Come on Nessa, be more melodramatic!"
  46. (4:46:05 PM) Nessa: "The last thing we need is melodrama when slowly freezing to death..."
  47. (4:47:19 PM) ***Green bulldozes some snow ahead of Nessa and looks at Nessa. "You okay? This isn't so bad. We're nearly almost there right?"
  48. (4:47:41 PM) Nessa: "Almost," Nessa says.
  49. (4:48:49 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa's radio beeps the 'new channel' indicator a few times.
  50. (4:48:53 PM) ***Shimmer sighs in relief.
  51. (4:48:55 PM) ***Green grins and pats Nessa on the shoulder. "We gotta push on."
  52. (4:50:29 PM) ***Nessa touches the dial and it makes that sharp *CLICK!* as she tunes in.
  53. (4:52:26 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles a little. "I'm just trying to cheer ponies up. "
  54. (4:55:07 PM) AC[GM]: Most of the channel titles are identified by alphamumerics and seem to consist of various ululations, electric whining, beeps, and what sounds like a computerized mare reading numbers.
  55. (4:56:04 PM) Nessa: "... a numbers station?" Nessa mutters.
  56. (4:56:19 PM) AC[GM]: There are about half a dozen.
  57. (4:56:40 PM) Nessa: "What in the world..."
  58. (4:57:16 PM) Green: "Doesn't matter. Keep moving. We need to reach this thing and find a place to shelter."
  59. (4:57:41 PM) ***Nessa keeps trudging along.
  60. (4:59:27 PM) Shimmer: "Number station?...I'm immediately creeped out..."
  61. (5:00:04 PM) Green: "Maybe its a radioed math class?"
  62. (5:00:16 PM) AC[GM]: The map marker aprubtly vanishes; they've reached their destination, at the base of the dome in the swirling snow.
  63. (5:00:22 PM) Nessa: Nessa's mind wanders as she thinks about programming techniques to automatically record and analyze radio data like this.
  64. (5:00:44 PM) Nessa: ... but she's drawn back to reality as she sees the dome looming before them.
  65. (5:00:58 PM) ***Green looks at the dome for an entrance. "This is super big."
  66. (5:01:00 PM) AC[GM]: The glass seems to have heavily frosted over.
  67. (5:01:03 PM) Nessa: "Now the question is getting in," she says to the others.
  68. (5:01:05 PM) Green: "How do we get in?"
  69. (5:01:17 PM) Nessa: "Could find a door," Nessa says.
  70. (5:01:18 PM) Arcadia: "May I?"
  71. (5:03:42 PM) AC[GM]: Arcadia can see that the curvature of the dome stretches out both directions, with snow piling up at the base, in the distance she can see what looks like snow drifts stretching out perpendicular to the dome.  Nessa can see what looks like an entryway on her map, or at least a wide box attached to the dome a short distance away.
  72. (5:04:31 PM) Nessa: "Got a greeble or something in this direction," Nessa says, walking towards the protrusion.
  73. (5:05:31 PM) ***Arcadia brushes snow from her muzzle. "The dome is the center of a line."
  74. (5:06:12 PM) ***Green follows Nessa. "a greeble?"
  75. (5:06:12 PM) Nessa: "You mean it's bisected?" Nessa asks Arcadia.
  76. (5:06:42 PM) Nessa: "Yeah. A protrusion sticking out of the shape of the structure," Nessa says to Green. "Might be superfluous. Might be a way in..."
  77. (5:06:47 PM) Nessa: "Either way, better than nothing."
  78. (5:06:51 PM) Arcadia: "Yes. Two snow drifts are perpendicular to the curvature of the dome-base."
  79. (5:07:15 PM) Nessa: "Hmm. That makes sense..."
  80. (5:07:44 PM) Arcadia: "If not, I'll cut our way through the glass."
  81. (5:08:23 PM) Nessa: "Might not be glass," Nessa says.
  82. (5:08:45 PM) Arcadia: "Then I'll smash it."
  83. (5:08:47 PM) Shimmer: "Maybe...broadcast something?"
  84. (5:09:18 PM) Green: "Let's try Nessa's way in first."
  85. (5:09:25 PM) Nessa: "Let's try the door first. Might be nobody's home."
  86. (5:11:48 PM) AC[GM]: The group walks up on the bunker-like structure.  Steam gently wafts from some ventilators on top, leaving a stream of hot water running down in several tracks to leave the concreate of the wall visible.  There's nothing on this side but a faint painted line with a futuristic logo featuring a dome and pointy-featured miniatures ponies.
  87. (5:12:12 PM) AC[GM]: The air hums with a brain-invading depth
  88. (5:12:37 PM) Nessa: "Well. Must be something down there working pretty hard," Nessa says.
  89. (5:13:26 PM) AC[GM]: (
  90. (5:13:36 PM) Nessa: "Wonder if... there's a maintenance access here," Nessa mutters to herself.
  91. (5:13:47 PM) ***Arcadia flicks an ear, not actually noticing the hum very much. When your used to hundreds of voices in your head, a hum is nothing.
  92. (5:14:08 PM) ***Green glances at the hot water running down, and scoffs at the hum. "What the crap is this."
  93. (5:14:24 PM) ***Nessa is reminded of home. There's even that itchiness in her soft palate...
  94. (5:14:40 PM) Nessa: "It's an exhaust port," Nessa says.
  95. (5:15:10 PM) Arcadia: "Ultrasonic waves fed through ducts and pipes."
  96. (5:16:12 PM) ***Nessa takes a few minutes to walk around the outcropping, judging the shape of it and trying to discern if this could be a safe way in.
  97. (5:17:06 PM) ***Green glances over at Nessa and then back at the gushing water. "No wonder there ain't many animals about. This place gives me the creeps."
  98. (5:17:48 PM) AC[GM]: As soon as Nessa steps around the corner to the side parallel to the dome, or as parallel as it can get, she finds two large heavy doors that share a lot of similarity to Stable and Equestrian Army bunkers.  They're free of snow, though not ice, and has the same logo larger on one with the Futura Bold WXC on the other.
  99. (5:18:24 PM) Nessa: "Found doors," Nessa says.
  100. (5:19:06 PM) Green: "Found any skellies yet? old world places usually have a bunch of macabre decoration."
  101. (5:19:16 PM) AC[GM]: There's a shutter beside the door labelled 'ENTRYPORT SOUTH'
  102. (5:19:28 PM) Nessa: "If there are, they're beneath the snow. And there's a lot of snow."
  103. (5:19:50 PM) ***Shimmer paces  bit nervously as she waits to be either let inside or be told time to pack it up
  104. (5:20:00 PM) AC[GM]: The regular sized mares are barrel deep in snow.  Green and Arcadia are mercifully free of the cold stuff above about mid-calf.
  105. (5:20:18 PM) ***Nessa inspects the doors for a probable locking mechanism.
  106. (5:20:38 PM) Arcadia: "Then let's open then up, so I can get my legs free of snow"
  107. (5:21:00 PM) ***Green bulldozes a path towards the door towards Nessa - creating a path through the snow. "I call dibs."
  108. (5:21:07 PM) Green: "one small step for marekind."
  109. (5:21:17 PM) AC[GM]: They're locked tight with several dogging bars and insulated hydraulics.
  110. (5:21:43 PM) Green: "eew. Looks locked."
  111. (5:22:06 PM) Nessa: "These are military grade doors," Nessa says.
  112. (5:22:17 PM) Green: "Great. Where's our military grade doorknob?"
  113. (5:22:56 PM) Nessa: "Id est, they're meant to keep out the world, no matter how violent it gets."
  114. (5:23:09 PM) ***Nessa sighs, thoughtful...
  115. (5:23:13 PM) ***Green rears up on her hindlegs and knocks on the door with all her might."
  116. (5:23:50 PM) AC[GM]: Green's legs slam hard against metal and clang hollowly.
  117. (5:24:18 PM) Green: "Honey. I'm hoome!"
  118. (5:24:31 PM) ***Green shrugs and looks at Nessa.
  119. (5:24:33 PM) AC[GM]: Green thinks that if she smacks the door harder, it might open!
  120. (5:25:40 PM) Green: "Maybe if i had a running start."
  121. (5:26:12 PM) AC[GM]: Green's legs ring from impact, but it wears off pretty quick since they're numb with cold!
  122. (5:26:43 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa might notice that the ENTRYPORT shutter looks similar to the kind of shielded terminal found in hazardous environments in her home bunker.
  123. (5:27:04 PM) Nessa: "Stop that," Nessa says to Green.
  124. (5:27:25 PM) Nessa: ... as she walks towards the shutter and inspects it more closely, bringing her hooves up to manipulate it.
  125. (5:28:27 PM) ***Green frowns and her eyes follow Nessa as she walks towards the shutter.
  126. (5:28:33 PM) AC[GM]: It has a simple bar to shove it up out of the way.
  127. (5:29:00 PM) ***Nessa lifts.
  128. (5:30:47 PM) AC[GM]: It reveals a dimly backlit terminal screen and a keyboard mounted on a sliding tray.
  129. (5:31:27 PM) ***Shimmer shivers. "how...much longer?" She asks. "any longer and I'll cheat and use my magic to fake warm myself up." She mutters
  130. (5:31:38 PM) ***Nessa uses her hooves this time. She doesn't want to risk jacking her PipBuck into some maneframe of unknown power...
  131. (5:31:57 PM) Nessa: "Just found a terminal. Testing for vulnerabilities now," Nessa says.
  132. (5:34:16 PM) Whirlybird is now known as Sugar_Pie
  133. (5:37:41 PM) ***Green glances at Shimmer and grins. "Fake warm? You magic ponies and your magic. Sounds Fancy."
  134. (5:38:17 PM) Shimmer: "It's an illusiary sensation of can be kinda dangerous if I fail to remember it's actually freezing cold."
  135. (5:38:18 PM) ***Nessa tries to access the terminal!
  136. (6:26:20 PM) AC[GM]: Code scrolls by, asking for a password.  The system's simple enough that Nessa gets it almost immediately from the fairly simple list in the password recovery.
  137. (6:28:11 PM) ***Nessa gains access, which pleases her. Please, please, please let it be warmer inside...
  138. (6:30:55 PM) AC[GM]: Options open up; the terminal doesn't go very deep.  Her only options are 'Page Security', 'Open Door', and 'Daily Schedule'
  139. (6:31:18 PM) ***Nessa opens the others out of force of habit, starting with Daily Schedule.
  140. (6:32:41 PM) AC[GM]: SCHEDULE FOR THE 11TH DAY OF NOVEMBER 2284
  141. (6:34:53 PM) AC[GM]: Activities as assigned by Department Heads
  142. (6:34:55 PM) AC[GM]: END
  143. (6:35:23 PM) ***Nessa opens the other one.
  144. (6:37:17 PM) AC[GM]: A light flashes by the moniter....
  145. (6:37:21 PM) Shimmer: "Read later open the door to potential dangers now." She whines
  146. (6:37:49 PM) ***Nessa hms. She may have just done something bad.
  147. (6:38:02 PM) ***Nessa selects "Open Door" afterwards.
  148. (6:39:59 PM) Arcadia: "Finally! Everyone behind me, I can weather enough hits if this ends up being a trap of some kind."
  149. (6:40:59 PM) Nessa: "Try to look non-hostile," Nessa says.
  150. (6:41:43 PM) AC[GM]: The door doesn't open.
  151. (6:42:01 PM) Nessa: "Mmh."
  152. (6:42:08 PM) AC[GM]: The light keeps flashing until the screen goes blank with the ponies and dome logo on a shield in the middle.
  153. (6:42:23 PM) ***Nessa checks to see if that's due to a mechanical obstruction, or a security-- mm.
  154. (6:42:30 PM) ***Green glances over at Nessa and then back at the door. "So is it like a puzzle?"
  155. (6:42:31 PM) ***Shimmer quickly shuffles behind Arcadia at her request
  156. (6:42:31 PM) AC[GM]: "....WXC Security Police," a voice says cautiously.
  157. (6:42:40 PM) Nessa: "Well, I just rang the proverbial doorbell," Nessa tells the others.
  158. (6:42:45 PM) Green: "Yay."
  159. (6:42:51 PM) Nessa: "Huh. Well I'll be," Nessa mutters.
  160. (6:43:36 PM) Nessa: "We're travelers requesting entrance," Nessa says.
  161. (6:43:38 PM) ***Green bounces over to the sound of the voice. "This is private Green off of the Royal Arsenal Brigade."
  162. (6:44:07 PM) Arcadia: "Good, good... I really don't care what happens, I just want to be able to thaw my wings..."
  163. (6:44:36 PM) Nessa: "There's a blizzard on out here, so we'd appreciate it if you'd let us in," Nessa deadpans to the mic.
  164. (6:45:03 PM) ***Shimmer pipes in. "It's REALLY Fucking cold!"
  165. (6:46:18 PM) ***Arcadia applies face to hoof
  166. (6:50:35 PM) AC[GM]: "....we're sending a team down there.  Do not attempt to leave the decontamination chamber," the feminine voice informs the group, sounding somewhat baffled.  In front of them, steel groans against steel, locks thumping loudly as the hydraulics are pumped up and the blast doors begin to pull apart.
  167. (6:50:48 PM) AC[GM]: Behind them a scissor screen also drags back out of the way with a rattle.
  168. (6:51:06 PM) Green: "Those folks sounded nice."
  169. (6:51:11 PM) Nessa: "Hmm. Been a while since I've been in a proper decon," Nessa mutters.
  170. (6:51:31 PM) Arcadia: "We're not being shot at. That's a plus. "
  171. (6:51:55 PM) Green: "Well. It's not exactly a good treasure hunt if its filled with ponies."
  172. (6:52:19 PM) Nessa: "This /was/ a contingency we were told to plan for," Nessa says to Green.
  173. (6:52:33 PM) ***Green shrugs. "Cool."
  174. (6:52:47 PM) Nessa: ... as she peeks into the space beyond.
  175. (6:55:53 PM) AC[GM]: It's a big empty chamber.  There's an airlock door further in that has remained closed.
  176. (6:56:12 PM) Nessa: "Guess we gotta' step in," Nessa says.
  177. (6:56:17 PM) ***Green walks into the big empty chamber. "Dibs."
  178. (6:56:21 PM) Shimmer: "umm I guess I sgould take the lead..." She says stepping inside.
  179. (6:56:33 PM) Shimmer: "Since I'm going to talk to the ponies that come to talk to us..."
  180. (6:57:02 PM) ***Nessa steps in and shuffles off some of the snow clinging to her. She's... so very cold, now...
  181. (6:57:39 PM) AC[GM]: The room feels like it's on fire, to compensate!
  182. (6:57:54 PM) AC[GM]: The doors rattle shut behind them, sealing with the same fervor as they opened.
  183. (6:58:15 PM) ***Nessa feels chilled beneath the coat, but her muzzle is burning now. Great.
  184. (6:58:18 PM) ***Green looks at the doors closing. "It's getting hot in here."
  185. (6:58:30 PM) AC[GM]: There are wire baskets in rows to the left and right.
  186. (6:58:30 PM) Nessa: "It was hot. We knew that much already," Nessa says.
  187. (6:58:58 PM) AC[GM]: While it feels boiling to the quartet, it is, in face, probably only about sixty degrees farenheit.
  188. (7:00:12 PM) ***Shimmer practically melts in newfound comfort letting out a comfortable "Ahhh~" of pleasure
  189. (7:00:40 PM) Green: "Holy Moly."
  190. (7:00:45 PM) Green: "I feel like a marshmallow."
  191. (7:01:41 PM) ***Nessa starts unfastening her saddlebags and armored wastelander travel-garb.
  192. (7:03:19 PM) Nessa: It feels good to be warming up, even if it stings...
  193. (7:03:22 PM) ***Arcadia almost buckles at the knees. "Sweet holy mother of the Goddess..."
  194. (7:03:38 PM) Shimmer: "feels so good"
  195. (7:03:50 PM) AC[GM]: There's a soothing 'bing-bong' from above; "All visitors must disrobe and place all posessions in secure storage before beginning decontamination proceedures.  All belongings will be returned immediately afterward."
  196. (7:04:33 PM) ***Shimmer hesitates. "umm I'm wearing a won't fit in that secure storage thing..."
  197. (7:04:41 PM) Nessa: "Yep. Here we go," Nessa grunts as she foists her saddlebags into one of the baskets.
  198. (7:04:50 PM) Arcadia: "If they take my taint, I'm going to be pissed..."
  199. (7:04:54 PM) Green: "Uhu."
  200. (7:05:22 PM) ***Shimmer strips and places what she can in the basket. She shakes a bit of snow out as she is newly naked once again!
  201. (7:05:59 PM) AC[GM]: The snow is already liquid, though ice clings to exposed fur a little longer as it slowly melts.
  202. (7:06:07 PM) ***Nessa is apparently very efficient at stripping, as she's quickly down to nothing but her dull pink coat, hoof stroking her head to disentangle her mane.
  203. (7:06:17 PM) ***Green begins to undress and pouts as she removes her saddle and puts it away. "Damn procedures."
  204. (7:06:27 PM) AC[GM]: The speaker bings again "Reminder!  Please remove all metallic obejcts from the decontamination chamber!"
  205. (7:06:30 PM) ***Arcadia quickly thinks about stashing the four small bottles in... a place, doing so quickly and hopefully without any of her party catching sight, before slowly disrobing herself
  206. (7:06:48 PM) Nessa: This is probably the first time the others see her cutie mark.
  207. (7:07:48 PM) ***Shimmer may have caught Arcadia's..smuggling method but says nothing but he looks to Nessa thinking quite loudly...there is NO way our medic would approve of storing glass in there...
  208. (7:07:49 PM) ***Green glances at Nessa and giggles as she poses to reveal her flanks and the image of a dirtmound with a shovel stuck into it. "This is the first time you see my cutiemark."
  209. (7:08:50 PM) ***Nessa has a slightly odd one. On her flank, a scalpel, a long orange gemstone, a screwdriver and a combination wrench lie in a surgical tray, all neatly aligned in a row.
  210. (7:08:58 PM) Shimmer: "Behold my mark." She says shaking herself a last time. Her horn lightly glowing as she casts Soft Light upon herself in preparation for social workings.
  211. (7:09:17 PM) ***Nessa notes that no one stores IMP in glass. No one sane, anyway.
  212. (7:09:37 PM) ***Green whistles impressed at Nessa's strange cutiemark. "Wow. You have many tools."
  213. (7:09:39 PM) ***Shimmer 's cutie mark is a lovely Red cut gem. Similiar to a  Ruby with a slight shine.
  214. (7:09:42 PM) ***Arcadia is the odd one out here, her forest green flank completely blank. "I feel... Awkward."
  215. (7:10:20 PM) Nessa: "Mm," Nessa says.
  216. (7:11:22 PM) ***Nessa looks confident as she rubs her aching legs, trying to get her wet coat to accept more heat.
  217. (7:11:55 PM) AC[GM]: Ping!
  218. (7:12:12 PM) AC[GM]: "Prepare for decontamination!"
  219. (7:13:01 PM) ***Arcadia gives herself a full-body shake, a slight blush showing on her cheeks
  220. (7:13:04 PM) ***Shimmer looks at the barrel armor that was sitting beside apparently counted!
  221. (7:13:05 PM) ***Green rubs her right ear and glances in the direction of the sound as she closes her eyes.
  222. (7:13:21 PM) Shimmer: "No need to feel awkward Arc. you're gorgeous the way you are"
  223. (7:13:32 PM) ***Nessa will only be impressed if they have a conveyor belt.
  224. (7:14:02 PM) ***Arcadia blushes a bit more at that! "Uh, well, I..."
  225. (7:14:15 PM) Nessa: "Let's focus, ladies," Nessa says.
  226. (7:14:19 PM) Nessa: "This is first contact."
  227. (7:14:24 PM) AC[GM]: Part of the ceiling folds down around the group, in a series of six parallel panels a side that angle towards them.
  228. (7:14:41 PM) AC[GM]: "Please remove all non-implanted metal items from the decontamination zone!"
  229. (7:15:12 PM) ***Nessa scowls, then detatches her PipBuck and places it down atop the rest of her gear.
  230. (7:15:37 PM) Nessa: ... her foreleg feels very bare without it, and the coat there is several times brighter and less grimy than the rest of her.
  231. (7:15:56 PM) Green: "is it over?"
  232. (7:16:01 PM) Nessa: "No."
  233. (7:16:01 PM) ***Arcadia scuffs a hoof on the floor. "But..." She mumbles, her ears folding down. "I don't want to lose this stuff... It's all I have from home..."
  234. (7:18:04 PM) ***Arcadia sighs and relents, her horn flashing and a shudder running along the length of her form as she... Extracts the four heavy-duty containers from her person.
  235. (7:18:18 PM) Shimmer: "Nessa my dear. I am focused." She says calmly. "being gregarious is part of the mindset I need."
  236. (7:18:58 PM) AC[GM]: There's a harsh buzz
  237. (7:19:20 PM) AC[GM]: "Large metal object in scanning area.  Remove ALL METAL ITEMS FROM THE SCANNING FLOOR."
  238. (7:19:32 PM) Green: "Oh. It's Nessa's metal friend."
  239. (7:19:37 PM) AC[GM]: The tipped over Red Alert and Shimmer's barrel seem to be in the scanning area
  240. (7:19:38 PM) Green: "I think maybe."
  241. (7:19:59 PM) Nessa: "Er... a little help, Arcadia?" Nessa asks.
  242. (7:20:09 PM) ***Green looks at one of the security closets and the shape of Red alert with a thoughtful expression.
  243. (7:21:00 PM) Shimmer: "I tried to warn you before matter how hard I try. There is just no way to slip a barrel into one of those baskets...and my friend's...little robot toy won't fit either...if you like we can try and leave them here as we step out."
  244. (7:21:27 PM) Nessa: "Just try and slot her off to the side," Nessa says.
  245. (7:21:34 PM) Nessa: "In a corner or thereabouts."
  246. (7:21:38 PM) ***Shimmer speaks hoping that she can be heard. Her voice was quite pleasant and melodic...even without the augmentation.
  247. (7:22:13 PM) Arcadia: "I'm working on it! I can only do so much when I'm trying to not gush all over the bucking floor!" She shouts, heaving with her magic and lifting the barrel, containers, and Robitaille l robot into the air. "Now, while I'm calm enough to not just rip a hole through here, tell me where I can PUT THESE BIG AS FUCK METAL THINGS!"
  248. (7:24:04 PM) ***Nessa rocks slightly from side to side as she waits for the automated voice to tell them they've satisfied the requirements.
  249. (7:24:41 PM) Nessa: "... this is probably an automated process, by the way," Nessa thinks to mention. "So just do what seems sensible until it says something."
  250. (7:25:31 PM) Green: "Yea put it in the corner aside from all of .. this."
  251. (7:25:58 PM) AC[GM]: It bings pleasantly and there's a loud building hum
  252. (7:26:20 PM) Nessa: "Wonder if it's magnets..." Nessa mutters.
  253. (7:26:34 PM) ***Green rubs her right ear and then closes her eyes again
  254. (7:26:43 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles and mutters nasty things under her breath
  255. (7:26:52 PM) ***Shimmer cheers!
  256. (7:28:20 PM) AC[GM]: It thrums powerfully for a few seconds, enough to make everyone see a little white at the periphery of their vision.
  257. (7:32:16 PM) ***Green opens one eye and then closes it again.
  258. (7:32:27 PM) AC[GM]: Everything goes white with a flash
  259. (7:34:02 PM) ***Nessa grunts...
  260. (7:34:22 PM) Arcadia: "Gah!"
  261. (7:34:25 PM) AC[GM]: It's the last thing Arcadia and Shimmer feel for quite a while...
  262. (7:35:18 PM) Green: "is it over?"
  263. (7:35:58 PM) Nessa: "Um..."
  264. (7:45:42 PM) ***Green opens one eye testily.
  265. (7:46:16 PM) ***Nessa tries to look around as well...
  266. (7:48:09 PM) AC[GM]: Green feels an intense pressure in the back of her head and when her vision returns she's disoriented and wobbly
  267. (7:49:22 PM) ***Green tries to feel the back of her head as she stumbles to rise from her half seated posture.
  268. (7:49:35 PM) Green: "This is the worst."
  269. (7:54:22 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa feels okay!  her sinuses feel pressured but otherwise okay.
  270. (7:54:28 PM) AC[GM]: == Session #12 End ==
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