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Sep 17th, 2015
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  1. >The Lilim Leandra sat in her ornate, high-backed throne and tried not to fidget.
  2. >Her military adviser, a Lizardman named Nora, was giving her daily report on the state of the realm's forces.
  3. >Leandra tried to make herself listen but she was becoming impatient and Nora's droning voice didn't help.
  4. >Today was important, though few people knew it.
  5. >Leandra glanced surreptitiously at her consort.
  6. >Hakkan stood stiffly at a respectful distance. Carefully bred and trained from infancy, he was physically perfect, skillful, intelligent, and utterly loyal.
  7. >His only flaw was his status - a consort is a servant and Hakkan always played the part of one.
  8. >That would change today.
  9. >Leandra noticed that Nora had finished and gestured for her to return to her place among the other advisers.
  10. >Nora was the last today; now was the time.
  11. >"Hakkan, come before me."
  12. >He showed surprise for only a moment before stepping forward and kneeling gracefully.
  13. >"Hakkan, you have served me well as consort. You have met and exceeded all of my expectations. I have decided to reward you."
  14. >"I hereby release you from my service and grant you the title of Duke of the Realm. You will be given estates from the royal holdings along with a pension."
  15. >Hakkan's head jerked up, his face stricken. "H-have I done something wrong?"
  16. >It was the response she expected. She gave him a gentle smile and shook her head. "I meant what I said. It may not seem like it to you but this is a reward. In addition to these things I will also allow you to make a single request of me. You may ask for anything that is within my power to give and I will grant it."
  17. >"Then I wish to continue-"
  18. >"No," Leandra interrupted. "I do not want you to ask for something out of duty. I want you to ask for something you want for yourself. This is my last command to you: your wish must be a purely selfish one."
  20. >The next day, Hakkan entered the throne room at the appointed time, his usual stiffness replaced with nervousness and uncertainty.
  21. >Leandra addressed him as soon as he finished his bow.
  22. >"I trust you've followed my command and come up with an appropriate request?"
  23. >"Well...I have, but-"
  24. >"Then lets hear it."
  25. >"Um, I suppose I can't ask to be returned to my duty as consort?"
  26. >"Your previous duty, you should say. And no."
  27. >He stood in silence for a long moment, shifting his weight from foot to foot. His head was down, which was unlike him, but he kept glancing up at her face. He was blushing.
  28. >Leandra fought to keep the smile from her face.
  29. >"I..." Hakkan finally broke the silence. "Um, I'm not sure if it would be allowed..."
  30. >"I've already promised you anything within my power, Hakkan. Do not take my word lightly."
  31. >"Ah, yes, forgive me. Well..."
  32. >Another brief silence followed by Hakkan taking a deep breath. He looked up directly into Leandra's eyes with his face more flushed than she had ever seen before.
  33. >"Actually...the truth is I've...always wanted to be a farmer."
  34. >
  35. >"..."
  36. >"Pardon? I'm sorry, everything just tasted kind of loud for a second, could you repeat that? Did you say something about marriage?"
  38. >"You want to be a farmer?"
  39. >"Y-yes. I realize it's ungrateful after everything you offered me, but instead of being a Duke I'd rather be given a small farm. Near the western border if possible."
  40. >"Well of course that's possible! No problem, no problem at all. I'm impressed that your desires are so modest, Hakkan. That speaks well to your character."
  41. >"Ah, well..." he smiled shyly and looked away.
  42. >"Nora, have a maid fetch the head clerk. We will see to Hakkan's wishes immediately."
  43. >Nora sent one of the maids running while everyone else in the room stood frozen, staring at either Hakkan or Leandra.
  44. >"Ah, if possible, could I speak with, Adviser Nora for a moment?"
  45. >"Of course, Hakkan," Leandra said cheerfully. "Go right ahead."
  46. >Nora's head jerked when she heard Hakkan say her name. When he approached her she grabbed him and pull him in closer before he could say anything. The two began whispering fiercely back and forth.
  47. >"Oh my, is something the matter?" Leandra asked.
  48. >"Nothing!" Nora shouted. "Nothing at all! No problems here!"
  49. >"It's fine, isn't it?" Hakkan asked Nora. "You were planning to retire next month anyways."
  50. >"Oh, that's right," Leandra mused. "Nora was planning to retire to the countryside as well. Were you inviting her to visit your farm, Hakkan?"
  51. >"I was asking her to marry me, actually."
  52. >Nora fisted Hakkan in the ribs in a panic and he collapsed to the ground coughing.
  53. >"That's not! Uh, I mean...this and that are..."
  54. >"Oh~ Is that so? How wonderful, to think we would see a romance bloom before our eyes."
  56. >"No romance! There's no romance! It was just idle talk, I didn't..."
  57. >Hakkan got up rubbing his side and interjected, "Isn't it fine, though? You said it sounded nice. Now that we've got the opportunity why not go for it?"
  58. >Leandra spoke up to comfort the panicking lizard. "It's fine, Nora. You ARE retiring, after all. Just do what you want."
  59. >Nora gave a worried frown at Leandra's peaceful, relaxed voice but eventually turned her attention to Hakkan.
  60. >She sighed and reluctantly started speaking.
  61. >"Look, Hakkan, I'm just a Lizard woman. You've been a Lilim's consort for over a decade. I can't...I mean, I wouldn't be able to-"
  62. >"Oh!" Hakkan interrupted. "Is that what you're worried about? Nora, at my level of incubization I can basically orgasm at will. My partner doesn't need to be particularly skilled to make me happy. Honestly, sex isn't really that important to me anyways."
  63. >Nora cast a worried glance at Leandra and gave a start. "My Lady! Are you alright!?"
  64. >"Hmm~? What's the matter?"
  65. >The advisers were all crowding around her now, looking worried. One sent a maid to find the doctor.
  66. >"You,'re kind of greenish."
  67. >Hakkan cocked his head to the side with a puzzled look and added, "And your hair is orange. How odd."
  68. >"Oh, it's fine~ I probably just need a little rest. I'll go lie down in my room. Nora, could you have the maids bring me alcohol?"
  69. >"A-alcohol? You mean, wine or-"
  70. >"Alcohol~ Lots and lots of Alcohol~!"
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