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  1.     >ok this is my story
  2.     >pounds of cocaine coursing through me I decide to go to my daughters room
  3.     >I open the door to discover her naked on the bed masturbating
  4.     >something in me that day made me want to fuck her (maybe the cocaine)
  5.     >alphamodeengage.png
  6.     >plan instantly pops into my head
  7.     >enter room where she is quickly trying to cover herself
  8.     >doped up on coke i run up to her and savagely begin to rape her
  9.     >once it was over cum was splattered all over her face
  10.     >practically felt like heaven
  11.     >her face was that of pure shock as i finished in under 30 secs
  12.     >i ran out understanding now what i did
  13.     >likely getting arrested until i realize i should read
  14.     >every first letter of each line
  16.     >mfw
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