Space Hugs

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  1. [22:43:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Say, Leen, Jazz...what district do you originate from?"
  2. [22:45:02] <Leen> AND SUDDENLY WE WERE DOING THINGS AGAIN! "...District? I'm...huh, maybe I'm from a district...I don't really know! It'd be nice if I did, it'd make getting home a lot easier." Ho hum.
  3. [22:45:27] <Leen> Or at least Leen and Gamma are. Who knows about the rest of ya~?
  4. [22:47:14] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Nowt I)
  5. [22:48:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, you don't remember anything?"
  6. [22:52:37] <Leen> "I remember a little. I remember waking up for my first time, but...well, just getting woken up. There was a nice girl that did that, first and best friend, even though I only saw her for a few minutes. She was really really nice...but then we left, and I suddenly ended up here. It's not bad here, but..."
  7. [22:53:27] <Leen> "...well, I was supposed to be her bodyguard, and that wasn't bad at all, but...well, I have no idea what happened. Did I mess up? Am I missing something? I dunno!" It's quite a worrying thing.
  8. [22:53:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "And that's all you remember?"
  9. [22:54:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Worrying, for that to be the sum of your memories." :<
  10. [22:55:43] <Leen> "Yeah. She had parents too, but they were pretty eh and looked at me funny. Dunno why. I also know little things about myself, like my functions, but...aside from that, nothing at all. It's OK though, you guys won't mind helping me figure things out and find Gabriella, right? ...Even though I don't know how much time has might have been a really really long time...b-but I'll
  11. [22:55:43] <Leen> find a way anyway!"
  12. [22:57:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We're certain you'll prevail, and...yes, I will help."
  13. [22:58:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma hugs Leen again.  Well, they were already hugging, so it's more of a squeeze.
  14. [22:58:37] <Leen> "Thank you~ I'm gonna need a lot of help, because I don't have an idea of where to start at all. And my dictionary files say that space is really big!" Hug/squeeze!
  15. [23:02:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, if it's to provide you with aid, I'm sure we can follow up on what leads we have.  We have a piece of your pod, so we should eventually be able to find your home." He frowns suddenly, " were substantially injured in that last fight, weren't you?"
  16. [23:04:52] <Leen> "But that piece only displays a time. A lot of time could have passed since then, and we don't even know what time is being used on it...oh, I was injured, but as long as I get my energy back, it's OK. I self-repair! It's really neat, but energy consuming. But I absorb energy all the time just by being around, so it's not too big of a problem! ...Just that I don't remember being hurt THAT
  17. [23:04:52] <Leen> much, so it's kinda taking a while." Are you feeling more tired? ...Well, she's definitely anti-glowing black, you're pretty sure some of those lights are dimming, so it might not just be your imagination.
  18. [23:06:32] <Blaxploitation> (WAIT YOU'RE STILL GOING???)
  19. [23:06:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> It has been a very long day with no sleep, so it's not surprising that Gamma yawns a little, "From what source do you absorb energy?  Also, what is this thing called, this sort of squeeze and mutual leaning-on thing?  I have seen people doing it before, but it was never my affair.""
  20. [23:07:07] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Just character dialogue, GMs aren't doing anything)
  21. [23:07:24] <Kraken> (Lazy bums)
  22. [23:07:29] <Leen> We suddenly started again. Whoop!
  23. [23:07:30] <Jazz> "...Anyway, I came from the X7 Quadrant. WR7 Station."
  24. [23:07:42] <Jazz> "That's where my father lives-...Lived."
  25. [23:10:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "And you were fashioned to be a hero?  This is a fine thing."
  26. [23:11:31] <Leen> It's a thing that happens when pickups exist. You should be familiar with this! "Is that--oh...hmm...I see..." All the depressing. ...Jazz might also feel a sharper decrease in his battery, but nothing too major! "Oh, and I absorb anything! It's also pretty neat, as I don't have to find anything in particular to stay charged unless there's absolutely nothing there. Like, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  27. [23:11:31] <Leen> If it has energy, I can draw it in and take it~ I might be able to absorb vaguer things and go crazy with it, but...well, I don't wanna try it, might explode."
  28. [23:11:46] <Jazz> "No, I...He just built me to be a son, none of this hero stuff was programmed. Anyway, I was...away from him for a long while, and when I came back to see him and my new brother, the station had been attacked by pirates."
  29. [23:12:00] * Jazz looks a bit more serious than usual.
  30. [23:13:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, that's why you became a hero?  Jazz, do you think I could become one too?"
  31. [23:13:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh, I see.  That would be very handy, since it keeps you going even in adverse circumstances." Gamma nods in response to Leen.
  32. [23:14:35] <Leen> "And what is this's not quite a hug...what is this called? Is it cuddling? I dunno." Shrug. "Anyone can become a hero if they know what's truly right and seek to make the world more truly right~"
  33. [23:14:51] * Jazz nods. "...S-Sure, I don't see why you couldn't be a hero, Gamma."
  34. [23:15:25] <Leen> "And...ah, that's what caused you to...well, I'll be sure to beat up all those pirates if I can, OK~?"
  35. [23:16:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Cuddling sounds nice."
  36. [23:17:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I am certain that with the two of you as examples, I can become a hero like the two of you."
  37. [23:18:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *I can become a hero too."
  38. [23:19:18] * Jazz looks slightly embarassed as he says. "Y-Yeah...anyway, though, If you two want to keep u-uh...cuddling, I can leave you guys to it and go find a room for myself...?"
  39. [23:20:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...We get rooms to ourselves?"
  40. [23:21:06] * Jazz stares. "U-Uh, yeah...?"
  41. [23:21:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Intriguing)
  42. [23:21:43] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Tree's right, Gamma really is the cutest)
  43. [23:21:54] <~Giantree> (I think everyone is the cutest though!)
  44. [23:22:24] <Leen> "It is~"
  45. [23:26:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He goes quiet for a moment, "Everything sounds nice." He looks down at Leen, snuggling the bodyguardbot.
  46. [23:27:27] <Leen> "...It does, huh? Everything's new, and it's not bad, so it's nice, and that's OK~" All snuggles are returned!
  47. [23:28:11] * Jazz watches them snuggle. "S-So, uh..."
  48. [23:28:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He gently sweeps her off her feet, one arm under her knees, the other beneath her shoulders, "It's been such a good day.  You are very pleasant to...cuddle?  To cuddle, Leen."
  49. [23:30:58] <Leen> WELP. "H-hey, we're making Jazz uncomfortable! ...I don't get why, but he seems uncomfortable!"
  50. [23:31:38] <Jazz> "A-Ah, it's no b-big deal, i'll just go, okay? I have a few things to do, so...!" Jazz says, his face red! He turns and starts to walk away.
  51. [23:31:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Jazz, requesting status, are you injured?"
  52. [23:32:19] * Jazz stops. "Injured? No, i'm f-fine!"
  53. [23:33:16] <Leen> "You don't seem injured, but you don't seem fine either!" Leen remains blissfully ignorant.
  54. [23:34:52] <Jazz> "I'm okay, I promise!"
  55. [23:35:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "His face is flushed.  Perhaps dehydration or heatstroke?"
  56. [23:35:38] <Kraken> (They're going for the intergalactic record of cuddling)
  57. [23:35:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Nobody ever told Gamma how long hugs last?)
  58. [23:36:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He sets the robot down, "Jazz!  Go resupply with...with whatever androids power themselves with.  We should all get to finding rooms."
  59. [23:36:54] <Leen> "But if he's a robot, then those shouldn't be problems...overheating, maybe?" Well she doesn't want to stop unless put down and then it stops. Hugs are nice. Who knows when the next person she hugs might suddenly vanish from her life? Scary scary.
  60. [23:38:10] <Jazz> "I don't really need to resupply! And I'm not overheating!"
  61. [23:39:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It's fine, then.  We'll go find rooms, and I'm sure we'll reconvene in the morning."
  62. [23:39:50] <Leen> "Well it's SOMETHING! What is it?"
  63. [23:43:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Hm, perhaps we should ask that red-headed receptionist android?"
  64. [23:43:22] <Jazz> "N-Nothing! I'm f-fine!!"
  65. [23:46:51] <Leen> "...You're not fine at all, but I won't prod you about it anymore, I guess..." Whatever could be wrong? She just doesn't understand~
  66. [23:47:37] * Jazz sighs in relief.
  67. [23:48:36] <Leen> "Yeah, I guess we should ask her. Maybe she knows more about Jazz than we do or something~"
  68. [23:48:59] <Jazz> "W-Wait, what?!"
  69. [23:49:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So we should." Gamma puts his helmet back on, and leads the way, clanking, "Although predominantly I seek information about our rooms."
  70. [23:49:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Where we can claim one, etc."
  71. [23:49:56] <~Giantree> Did you really just say 'etc.' out loud?
  72. [23:49:58] <~Giantree> What a world.
  73. [23:50:04] <Leen> "Noooothing, you just relax since there's totally something wrong with you but you won't say it~ ...Though we'll ask about rooms too!" ONWARD, SHE MARCHES.
  74. [23:51:35] <~Giantree> Considering there's no emergencies or anything the lobby is within reach as usual- it's occupied, though, by some teenage-looking girl with an orange ponytail.  This time she's wearing some red goggles and a white scarf, too, waving to the receptionist.
  75. [23:51:46] <~Giantree> ???: "Alright, thanks a bunch!  See you soon, Frannie!"
  76. [23:51:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We'll see Gamma repaired safely, Leen." Gamma status, cheerful!
  77. [23:52:09] <~Giantree> Françoise: "4You too, P-"
  78. [23:52:17] * Mikaela is now known as castfromhp
  79. [23:52:24] <~Giantree> The other girl looks over to the door and puts a finger to her lips, with a loud "shhhh."
  80. [23:52:39] <~Giantree> And then promptly runs out through the exit opposite the side you all came in on.
  81. [23:52:56] <~Giantree> "4... Huh."
  82. [23:53:44] * Isabella is now known as Kain
  83. [23:53:50] <Leen> There's a typo there! ...And...huh indeed. "Who was that, Fran?"
  84. [23:54:03] <Jazz> "It's okay if you two ask her about the rooms, but don't ask weird questions about me!!" Jazz begs!
  85. [23:54:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Miss Fran!  Look at his symptoms, please, I cannot diagnose an android.  His face is getting red and his words are choppy, and he doesn't want help!"
  86. [23:55:05] <~Giantree> Françoise: "4Oh, she's a new Seeker!  I bet you'll be working with her soon... probably?"  Her data-rings zoom out, then in.  "4Anyway, hi!  Let's see..."
  87. [23:56:11] <Jazz> "Fran, tell 'em! I'm F-fine!"
  88. [23:56:25] <~Giantree> "4Normal... Normal... Normal... He still looks like the Mr. Jazz who saved me, yep!"  Frannie squeals a little bit.  "4Oh no!  Oh my!  Can it be..."
  89. [23:57:00] <Leen> "He doesn't SEEEM fine, maybe you know something we don't or something~" Ah, the wrong implications that can be made.
  90. [23:57:04] <~Giantree> "4Gamma Vert Septem-Septem!"  She says in a scolding, motherly tone.  "4Are you getting jealous of Mr. Jazz?  That look on your face...!"
  91. [23:57:22] <~Giantree> Another gasp.  "4Lean's jealous too?  B-But I can't treat that!"
  92. [23:57:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I'm wearing a helmet."
  93. [23:57:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He removes it.
  94. [23:57:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What do you mean by 'jealous' of Jazz?"
  95. [23:57:54] <~Giantree> Françoise plops back in her chair.  "4O-Oh, you caught me."  She wasn't even looking TOWARD his face.
  96. [23:58:23] <~Giantree> "4I just made it up!  Buuut..."  She waggles her finger, narrowing her eyes, "4That response is pretty suspicious too, huh?"
  97. [23:58:46] <~Giantree> "4The mechanics says my new programming's supposed to let me 'read people,' whatever that means."
  98. [23:58:56] <~Giantree> "4Let me gaze deep into your true desires..."
  99. [23:58:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It's alright." Fran gets a hug, "I fail to comprehend what you are saying, please clarify."
  100. [23:59:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma is gazed at.
  101. [00:00:27] <~Giantree> Not anymore!  She's pretty shocked at being hugged out of nowhere, especially across a desk.  "4Um... your lucky color is.... blue?"
  102. [00:00:37] <~Giantree> "4No no no that doesn't make any sense."
  103. [00:01:01] * Jazz gasps in surprise and looks embarassed again as Gamma hugs Fran!
  104. [00:01:21] <~Giantree> "4I know what it is!  Everyone talks about it!  It must be... love!"
  105. [00:01:28] <~Giantree> "4All three of you are in love!"
  106. [00:01:53] <~Giantree> "4... Searching databanks.... oh, the definition for that disappeared.  How convenient."
  107. [00:02:04] <~Giantree> "4Well that's probably what it is then!"
  108. [00:02:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What do you mean, in love?"
  109. [00:02:34] <Jazz> "W-Wha?! No, i'm not in love with Gamma and Leen!"
  110. [00:02:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Love is a feeling of warmth for one's superiors or nation, right?"
  111. [00:03:19] <~Giantree> "4Is it?  Okay... registering definition... boop.  Done!  I guess that's not what you are then."
  112. [00:04:06] <Leen> Leen was absentmindedly being...absentminded until now. "...Love? Huh, there's a note saying that 'this definition is not to be used with' and it kind of garbles for some reason, I think it broke. But...I don't think it just refers to those. You can probably love anything! There's a 'true love' definition but it just says 'look, just don't' and then it garbles up again so it's probably
  113. [00:04:06] <Leen> wrong.
  114. [00:04:09] <Leen> "
  115. [00:05:19] <~Giantree> "4Weird.  That sounds like most of my corrupt data, Lean.  Are you broken too?"
  116. [00:05:24] <Jazz> "T-The point is that we aren't in love, okay? We're just friends!!"
  117. [00:06:13] <~Giantree> Expand... contract.  Expand contract.
  118. [00:06:18] <~Giantree> "4Okay!"
  119. [00:06:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Does one have to be in love to hug someone?"
  120. [00:06:45] <Leen> "I might be! I have no idea! ...We're all friends though, right? So we're friends, and we all feel a warmth for eachother called love, but is just a strong friendship! That makes sense!"
  121. [00:06:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Seeking clarification."
  122. [00:07:38] <~Giantree> "4Ooh!  Some of my old memory files still function, apparently I used to be hugged a lot at my old job!  Usually by children... but now there's a desk in the way and it's a lot harder to do."  Pout.
  123. [00:09:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "That's alright." Gamma hugs anyway.  This is a day of hugs.
  124. [00:10:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Robot hugs, apparently.
  125. [00:10:09] <~Giantree> "4But since I never had an up-to-date definition of 'love' I guess I had no idea if they did or not!"
  126. [00:10:27] <Jazz> It's only a day of hugs for Gamma!! "M-Maybe we should stop d-d-discussing it...?"
  127. [00:10:46] <~Giantree> She mostly takes the hug in a very robotic way, arms dangling instead of returning it.  She's still smiling big though.
  128. [00:11:04] <~Giantree> "4Um, there's one thing that's seemed weird all day though..."
  129. [00:11:20] <Leen> "B...bbuuttt....hmmm...something about--ah!" She suddenly turns to hug Jazz! "There we go, maybe that's it~"
  130. [00:11:44] <~Giantree> Françoise motions to the tables and chairs in the room.  "4Isn't it supposed to be uncomfortable to stand up?  That's what those are for..."
  131. [00:13:21] <Leen> "They also make it hard to hug~"
  132. [00:16:16] * Jazz blushes even more, suddenly freezing in place as Leen hugs him. "A-Ahh! Y-You d-don't h-h-h-have t-to...!"
  133. [00:18:05] <~Giantree> "4Maaaaaybe I should give the mechanics a call..."
  134. [00:18:15] <Leen> "It's OK~!" Spacehugs.
  135. [00:19:20] <Jazz> "B-But I m-m-mean, t-t-this is...!!!"
  136. [00:20:07] <Leen> "It's a hug, right~?" Squeeze.
  137. [00:21:19] <Jazz> "Y-Yeah, b-but..."
  138. [00:22:27] <Leen> "And there's nothing wrong with that~" SQUEEZE. "U-unless I'm hugging too I hugging too tight?"
  139. [00:23:02] <~Giantree> "4It doesn't look like you're breaking anything, Lean!"
  140. [00:23:55] <Jazz> "N-No, I..."
  141. [00:24:09] * Jazz sighs for a moment, and then hugs Leen in return. "T-There..."
  142. [00:27:08] <Leen> "Yay~" Be cute is, in fact, on her mission agenda. And she does it with a passion! The same passion she's been hugging everyone else with. Except maybe one person, maybe. WHO? KNOWS? She doesn't stop, though. At least she feels better!
  143. [00:27:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, is the ensuing procedure for me to hug Jazz?"
  144. [00:30:06] <Leen> "Ooh, ohh, there's something about a group-hug in this dictionary file! If we want a grouphug, you can hug both of us...and then Fran, if she wants hugs~"
  145. [00:31:08] <~Giantree> "4But I'd have to leave the desk to do it right!  I'm not suposed to do that."
  146. [00:31:11] <~Giantree> 4:<
  147. [00:33:36] <Leen> "...I've got this. Hold on, Gamma, it's hard to move too much people at once, join in once we're there! Just together with me Jazz, let's go over to Fran~" She moves, still hugging. It's kind of hard, but if Jazz wants to cooperate, it shouldn't be TOO hard~
  148. [00:33:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It should not be a violation to leave a desks for hugs!"
  149. [00:34:13] <Jazz> "W-Wait, w-we're actually going to group hug?!"
  150. [00:34:48] <Leen> "Why not~?"
  151. [00:35:28] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It sounds entertaining :D "
  152. [00:38:23] <Jazz> "B-But...!" Jazz mutters, still hugging Leen, face getting redder still!
  153. [00:39:52] <Leen> If Jazz fails to move, she has no choice but to MOVE HIM HERSELF. Or at least attempting. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THEY ARE GETTING TO FRAN.
  154. [00:41:15] * Jazz isn't moving, but he's not actively trying to stop you, so Leen can probably move him! Expecially if Gamma helps!
  155. [00:41:33] <~Giantree> "4W-Well that wasn't EXACTLY what I meant!  I mean if nobody's looking I could probably..."
  156. [00:41:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gammma does help, "Come on, Fran.  You have rights!"
  157. [00:42:08] <Kraken> (All of them are magnetized, stuck together for 24 hours)
  158. [00:42:19] <Leen> (I would still regret nothing.)
  159. [00:43:02] <Leen> "I don't see anyone looking~" SHE TOTALLY MAKES HER WAY OVER THERE. "Group hug~"
  160. [00:43:05] * Jazz is too shockingly embarassed to move!
  161. [00:44:31] <~Giantree> "4Well, okaaay!"  The droid reaches out for a BIG, loving hug!
  162. [00:46:10] <Leen> Leen accepts her in the group hug~
  163. [00:48:13] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem performs the Group Hug maneuver!
  164. [00:49:29] <Leen> Critical damage to Jazz's shame functions! Probably!
  165. [00:50:22] * Jazz babbles something nervously for a moment as the hug starts, and then...faints!
  166. [00:51:15] <~Giantree> "4... Oh dear.  Okay, I'll place a call to the mechanics right away... um... um...!"
  167. [00:52:45] <Leen> "A-ah, h-he fainted!? There really is something wrong with him! I-I hope he's not allergic to love, even though that shouldn't be possible by any means!"
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