Janco Week 2

Jan 21st, 2017
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  1. The next morning found Janna worrying about her plans for the day. She had just read that the bistro that she had picked out for lunch was closed for renovations today, and apparently had been for nearly a week. She should have checked on it earlier but it had slipped her mind. Now what was she going to do, the plan was ruined. Without a palette cleanser Marco would be exposed to just weirdness after weirdness with her.
  3. She couldn't allow it, Marco was allowed to see that she was a little weird but not that weird. There was a balance to be maintained. Maybe she'd just cut today short, tell him that something came up and that she didn't need him today. But she didn't want to, she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, but she needed an excuse. She couldn't just lounge around reading all day with him just there for no reason, that would be too weird.
  5. Janna fretted the morning away and was surprised when Marco was at her door, knocking. She jumped up from her bed and raced through the house to get the door, remembered she was still in her pajamas and screamed, "Just a second!" Before racing back into her room and pulling on her skirt under her long tshirt that she used as a night gown. Not bothering to change her shirt or even to put on some panties she moved.
  7. Marco had arrived precisly on time, and so was confused when he hear Janna ask him to wait for her outside. Surly she hadn't forgotten that she had commanded him to be here at this time. Perhaps she was preparing some unsavory surprise for him on the other side of the door.
  9. He knew something was really up when she opened the door. Her hair was mussed like she had been in bed all day, she was wearing a t-shirt that went nearly to her knees, and she wasn't wearing her usual beanie. She was pretty cute like this, with the open expression instead of her usual smug smirk. Though obviously she'd look better in one of his shirts, but Marco didn't say that.
  11. Marco lifted his arms out, "Here I am." He said lamely.
  13. Janna was starting to panic, "Yeah, here you are." She said nevously, her mind racing. Should she go through with the plan and just cut out that part, or should she ditch the plan entirly for something new? Maybe just send Marco home and worry about everything later? No, she couldn't do that, she only had until Saturday to make him fall in love with her. What could she do?
  15. Well, she needed to get dressed, but she couldn't just leave him out here, maybe? "Slave." Janna said in the most calm voice she could manage, which wasn't very calm at all, "Today you will dress me."
  17. "No."
  19. Janna froze, "What?"
  21. "No, or let me be a bit more clear, hell no." Marco said, deadpan.
  23. "But..." Janna was flustered and blushing now that she thought about what she had just said.
  25. "You said I could refuse two commands every day. I'm not going to dress you Janna, that's creepy. I mean, would your boyfriend even do something like that, if you had one? Maybe undress you but not the other way around."
  27. Janna deflated, "... Yeah, I guess you're right. Just, uh, sit on the couch, let me get dressed, then I'll tell you what we're going to be doing today."
  29. "Ok." Marco went and sat on the couch. Outside he was cool as a cucumber, but inside he was freaking out a little, wondering why Janna had made such a strange request. Not that he wouldn't be happy to see a girl naked, even Janna, but the thought had embarrassed him so much that he had refused without even thinking.
  31. Janna, for her part, was freaking out quietly in her room while she dressed in what was her normal clothing but with different colours. She went with black, grey, and white today, for contrast. She hoped that Marco wasn't already against the idea of getting closer to her. She severely hoped that he wasn't already regretting their deal.
  33. Of course it's not like he could refuse every advance she made on him. He hadn't minded that much when she was hanging all over him at the cafe, she was sure. Maybe she could convince him to touch her instead. Janna smiled, gaining back a little confidence as she thought of a plan, maybe Marco could be tempted into just such a thing. But for now she was going to put him off balance and make him more malleable.
  35. When Janna stepped out of her room and asked how she looked Marco gave her a thumbs up in approval. Though to be honest Marco thought Janna would probably look pretty good in pretty much anything, even prison orange. "So, where are we going?"
  37. "You ever been to the museum of death?" Janna asked, knowing that he hadn't.
  39. "Nope, I don't go in for that touristy stuff."
  41. "Well, you're going with me today, I'll give you a guided tour that will fill your pants with blood."
  43. "Is that some new freaky slang that I don't know about or do you, like, have a bucket of goat blood that you're waiting to pour down my pants?" Marco wasn't sure whether or not she was being sarcastic.
  45. "That's for me to know and you to find out." Janna smirked, finally getting back into a not freaked out mood. "Let's get down there before the real tourists show up." They went outside and hopped on Marco's bike. Marco was glad that he was in pretty good shape or else he was certain that this week would have been a lot harder.
  47. Once inside the macabre building Janna because far more animated. She took pleasure in describing all the inventive ways people have been murdering one another since the dawn of time. She was surprisingly knowledgeable about the chemistry of the body and how to preserve it, and she took exceptional glee in his disgusted faces at the more gruesome deaths she was describing.
  49. They spent over three hours in the building. Janna excited at having a cute and captive audience and Marco eventually warming to the subject in an academic sense. Janna made sure to make a lot of contact with Marco. Tugging his sleeve, grabbing his arm or hand, and giving him sultry looks in between excited explanations of strange and gruesome deaths.
  51. When their time ended and they left the building Janna was feeling a bit tired and contented. She needed to relax a bit while she thought of what to do next. She had Marco take her back home, and half way there she had a devious thought.
  53. Entering her house she looked at the clock. Her father wouldn't be home for at least five hours, her mother an hour after. She had plenty of time. "I feel a bit tired from all that work that I had to watch you do." Janna said in her usual tone. Marco gave her an incredulous look, "I think that you should get us some drinks and meet me in my room where I can relax."
  55. "You aren't going to do anything weird, right, like throw a dead rat at me or something?" Marco asked.
  57. "Marco," Janna feighned a hurt tone, "I would never hurt a rat like that, the indignity of being thrown at you." Janna laughed and sauntered toward her room, swaying her hips in a way that she hoped was inviting, "Grab some cans of soda from the fridge."
  59. Marco rolled his eyes and stepped into the kitchen. Grabbing some sodas he walked carefully toward Janna's room when it hit him. He was alone in a house with a girl. A girl that he knew liked him, at least a little. A girl that was handsy, flirty, and all around very comfortable with skin to skin contact. He wouldn't be surprised if he opened the door to find her naked, inviting him to have sex with her.
  61. Now Marco was a warm blooded male. Saying no to such an invitation would kill him, and his balls would probably never forgive him, but he liked Jackie. Sure Janna was pretty cute and her forthright manner made her far easier to read than most of the people he knew, but he'd never had eyes for anyone but Jackie.
  63. Well, that wasn't true. He'd certainly fantasized about certain girls in his school, but that wasn't the same as wanting a relationship with them, and he was a firm believer that you should at least date someone before you had sex with them, as much as he was sure that many guys would disagree with him.
  65. Marco had been standing at the door of Janna's room for a bit too long, "Marco~" Janna singsonged from inside, jolting him into opening the door.
  67. Janna lay on her stomach on her bed. She was topless, even her bra unhooked with the ends lying on the bed. Her skirt was riding very low on her hips, exposing her lower back down nearly to the top of her bum. The pale, unblemished skin of her back was fully exposed to him. Her skirt had also ridded up at the bottom, exposing plentiful thigh, calf, and now that he looked she wasn't wearing socks.
  69. Janna was lying on her bed nearly naked except for her skirt which was barely hiding her nether regions. Her face was pressed into her pillow so that Marco couldn't see that her face was beet red. Of course this stopped her from seeing that his was the same.
  71. Marco schooled his reaction first and wishing to pay Janna back for making him do all the work and then say that she was tired, he stepped quietly up to the bed and pressed the ice cold can into her back. Janna yelped and jumped nearly a foot off the bed, contorting her body and spinning to slap at Marco's hand. Of course this exposed certain things to Marco.
  73. Her small breasts, obviously, were on display, but her skirt had also had the audacity to flip up, exposing that the had taken off her panties for some reason. Marco quickly spun around and so did Janna, using her bedspread to cover her up.
  75. "Maybe I should just." Marco took a step toward the door.
  77. "No!" Janna shouted at him, causing him to freeze. The pair stood in silence for a moment while Janna thought of something to say, "You, uh, you have to stay, because I said so, and you need to just stand there for a minute while I get back into position. Then you're going to give me a massage, got it?" Janna wasn't sure if she sounded commanding or pleading. She hopped it was the former, but it was probably the latter.
  79. Marco stood and listened tot he rustling of sheets. He tried and failed not to replay the sight of Janna's naked form. Of course dwelling on the body of a cute, naked girl had the obvious effect of tightening his pants.
  81. "Ok, now give me a good massage, Marco, and maybe I'll reward you." Janna said, she was getting better at her sultry tone, or perhaps Marco's standards had gone down what with all the blood that was rushing away from his head.
  83. Turning back around he placed the sodas on the bedside table and thought about how to best approach giving Janna a massage. He'd never really done anything like it. Sure, he'd helped Star work the kinks out of her shoulders when they were done fighting, and she had helped him, but that was a completely different ball game to a mostly naked girl lying on a bed awaiting the attention of his hands.
  85. Marco knelt on the edge of the bed and reached out to run his hand over Janna's soft back. She shivered a bit at the contact and Marco ran his hand across the skin. Now that he was closer he could notice the small irregularities. A small scar on her left shoulder blade. A tiny mole in the small of her back, patches of skin that were a tiny bit redder than those around them. Goosebumps, all over now.
  87. Marco started with what he knew. He gently kneaded at the muscles of her shoulders, neck, and upper back, starting soft but firm and putting more pressure over time. Janna sighed in pleasure and rubber her ankles together since she couldn't squirm under the pressure of Marco's hands.
  89. Marco slowly worked his way down into the muscles of her back, where he wasn't quite sure how to go about massaging them, but did his best. Janna didn't mind, she was enjoying the clumsy massage almost as much as she was enjoying inching her hand under her body and toward her slowly dampening sex.
  91. Janna couldn't keep her voice in entirely as her fingers reached her clit. She mewled in pleasure. Marco thought that he had reached a particularly good spot on her back and spent extra time massaging the muscles there. Janna, for her part, was doing her best to bite the pillow as Marco's hands strayed lower and lower oh her back until they nearly reached the waistline of her skirt.
  93. Once Marco had reached the bottom of Janna's back he began working his way back up, using a different pattern of rubbing and pressing. Janna seemed to be enjoying it a lot, so he prided himself on doing a good job in spite of his physical condition. When he reached back up to her neck and shoulders he couldn't help but run his fingers through the hair at the back of her head, marveling at just how raven black it was.
  95. Janna moaned louder than she wanted to as the feeling of Marco's strong hands in her hair pushed her to rub harder and faster at her aching clit. If only she could open her legs and dip her fingers deeper into her sex, stretching herself out as she imagined Marco pressing into her.
  97. Marco like the sounds that Janna made when he did that, so he continued to run his fingers through her hair, gently scratching at her scalp and tugging at the strands. He knew that it felt good, as he liked to run his own fingers through his hair from time to time. He wondered if it felt better coming from someone else. Evidently, considering how Janna was moaning and gently squirming her body in a decidedly sexual way.
  99. Marco lamented that he would be going home with balls so blue they would be nearly black when Janna panted out, "My legs... Do my legs next." Janna spread her legs and turned her face away from Marco so that he couldn't see how red it was. She also grabbed her skirt in a vain attempt to not let him see what she was doing to herself, though she was sure that it was obvious.
  101. Marco shrugged and moved down to where her feet were and took one in his hands. Janna giggled when he ran his hands over the sole of her foot, "I'm ticklish there." She said. Marco grinned and ran his nails along the sole of her foot.
  103. "Yeah? So it tickles if I do this?" Janna laughed and squirmed as Marco tickled her.
  105. "Stop, stop!" Janna shouted, "Unless you want a repeat of earlier?"
  107. "Maybe I do." Marco said without thinking, grinning at Janna. Janna's already red face steamed as she pressed it back into the pillow.
  109. "Just massage me, you." She said, "And don't get any ideas. I'll be the one getting all the ideas here."
  111. "Yes Ma'am." Marco said, and began massaging Janna's feet and legs. He slowly moved up from her foot to her ankle, ankle to calf, then up to thigh. As he moved closer to her wet sex Janna began dipping her fingers into herself.
  113. Then he began on her other leg and she started finger fucking herself harder and harder. There was no way he hadn't noticed as she masturbated right in front of him but he said nothing and it turned her on more for her to imagine him staring at her gently moving ass as she plunged her fingers into herself over and over right in front of him.
  115. Marco, for his part, was actually unaware of what Janna was doing, as he was putting his attention into giving her a good massage and not doing anything sexual to her. He didn't want to be a creep, even though he was pretty sure that Janna wouldn't refuse if his hands wandered. But he was a bastion of self control and would not give into the urge to grab a hand full of her toned butt.
  117. That is, until Janna grabbed him by his hair and pressed his face into the bed next to her as her body started shuddering and spasming. He heard her give out a strangled moan and the first thought he had was that he had no idea what to do if she was having a seizure. A shock of fear went through him as he grabbed Janna's hand and lifted his head.
  119. Janna was still lying on her stomach but had turned her beet red face to look at him. She was drooling with a satisfied slackness to her face. "Are you ok?" Marco asked stupidly.
  121. Janna just looked at him for a moment, "Oh yeah, I'm good." She said slowly, "Real good. You got magic hands Diaz." Janna giggled. "You ready for round two?" She asked in a contented voice.
  123. Marco looked at her confused. "Did I just, did you just?" He looks at Janna, noting that she's turned on her side, exposing her breasts, and has raised a leg up so that it was bent, the foot on the bed. Her skirt had ridden up to the point where he could see some of her pubic hair poking out from under it. She looked very inviting.
  125. "I, I'm not sure if that's a good idea." Marco said quickly, "I mean, I don't have a condom, and you seem kinda out of it, and I like someone else, and this whole thing has really gotten away from me." Marco had forgotten that Janna had a hand in his hair until she pulled him down and placed a kiss on his nose.
  127. "I'm on the pill, I am thinking more clearly than I have in hours, and you can like more than one person, you know, and I'm just as good as Jackie. Better, if you think about it. Has Jackie ever taken you back to her house and taken her panties off for you?" Janna asked.
  129. "Well, no, but that's not the point." Marco said.
  131. Janna used her hand hold in his hair to lift herself up into a kneeling position on her bed, facing him, "Listen Marco" She said "Unless you get up the courage to ask Jackie out the moment we get back to school next Monday she's eventually going to get snatched up by someone else. Tell me, has she ever even shown interest in you?" Janna licked her lips, "You've known each other since kindergarten and yet neither of you have done anything. Well, you know what, I'm doing something. I'm done waiting around for you to notice me. I'm done watching you turn those eyes on Jackie when they should be on me."
  133. Janna reached down and grabbed Marco's rock solid member through his pants, "Has Jackie ever done anything for you Marco? Anything at all? Was she the one who was there when you hurt yourself two years ago? Does she come to your tournaments? Does she talk to you, joke with you, text you?" Janna balled up Marco's hoodie in her hands. "No, she doesn't. I do. Because I love you, not her, and I am here, right now, saying that I want you to take off your clothes a fuck me. Make me a woman Marco, make me yours. Take me like I've always dreamed you would." Janna's grin was predatory, "I know you have it in you. I see the way you smile when you fight, when you win. You have a beast inside you Marco, one that only I've seen, and I want to see it up close and personal. Show me, please." This last was slightly pleading.
  135. Marco was confused. Janna had just dropped a bomb on him. He needed time to think. To puzzle it all out. But most of all he needed to be out of the presence of the naked girl that was doing this number on his ability to think clearly. "I... I need to go. I'm not ready for this kind of thing. I need to think." Marco pulled away and Janna let him go. She watched him a little sadly as he stumbled out of her bedroom.
  137. She leaned back against the wall as she heard the front door open and then close. Then she smiled and slid her hands toward her skirt. He hadn't said no. He'd said he needed to think. That he needed time. She would give him time, and more than enough to think about.
  139. Janna's voice rang out in her house for the next half hour, singing Marco's name as she remembered every small touch of his hands on her body. She had time. A whole week in fact. She would use it to the best of her abilities.
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