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Mr. Yabuki's ARMs Gameplay Analysis

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Jun 16th, 2017
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  1. Match Analysis for Yabuki's gameplay.
  3. 1st Match: MinMin vs. Master Mummy
  5. During this match, Mr. Yabuki used the boomerang to pressure Zerg, and if he got to close to a wall, he'd use his other ARM to counter M.M.'s. He also focused on using charged attacks to deal more damage.
  7. Zerg was trying to counter the boomerang with his big ARM, but Mr. Yabuki was able to control the ARM to curve around his giant ARM. He also dashed to the opposite direction the boomerang was thrown so any attempts to counter the boomerang with his ARM would just end up as a whiff. When Zerg tried to put both of his ARMs out there, he tried to read where Mr. Yabuki was going and get a hit that way. The only problem is that instead of starting off his heavy, slower arm, he used his multihit one instead of the bigger one. However, that's not to say Mr. Yabuki couldn't have dodged it.
  9. Zerg's main problem was that he was on the defensive too much in the first game. Perhaps he was trying to download Mr. Yabuki, but either way, he should've downloaded him quicker considering that's only that match and Mr. Yabuki could change his strategy.
  11. 2nd Match: MinMin vs. Master Mummy
  13. Zerg adapted to Mr. Yabuki's play a little bit and became much more active during the match. When Mr. Yabuki threw out his boomerang, instead of trying to counter it with his ARM, he threw his ARM straight at Mr. Yabuki creating a profitable trade for him. And he was doing very well. EXCEPT after he used his his rush attack, Zerg just went complete dumbass and started spamming grab, which Mr. Yabuki easily dodged and counter-attacked.
  15. If Zerg wasn't a dumbass and started spamming grab after his rush attack, he would've won. Mr. Yabuki got close enough at the end that it would be really hard to react to a grab and combo'd off his rush attack ending the match (which was pretty cool).
  17. 3rd Match: Twintelle vs. SpringMan
  19. Zerg was doing pretty good with Springman, he was using Mr. Yabuki's strategy of bobbing and weaving, countering Mr. Yabuki's punches, with his, and also using Springman's charge to counter Mr. Yabuki's punches. But, Zerg was also using grabs at the wrong time. He needs to be more close up if we wants to use his grabs/double punches without it being dodged easily. However, he didn't account that the charge would only block on ARM and not both of them, thus how Mr. Yabuki got him stunned. Luckily, Mr. Yabuki's aim was off so he didn't get combo'd off the stun.
  21. Zerg learned quickly that he should dash out of the way as soon as his charge has been used to avoid getting him by a second ARM. However, Zerg got stunned a second time in a really interesting way. Mr. Yabuki's ARM actually went UNDER Zerg's ARM when he tried to counter it and got him stunned. Later on in the Match, Zerg tried to use his super to get Twintelle in the air but didn't account for Twintelle being able to slow down his punches and get away. The second time Zerg used his rush attack, it was at a terrible time. He didn't confirm it off an attack or anything, he just let it ripped. Mr Yabuki had an extremely easy time dodging it, even going off of Zerg's screen and taking him down 5 seconds before the match was about to end. He was in a desperate situation, so I guess it's understandable.
  23. Overall, Zerg was doing much better than previous matches, he just used his grabs and double punches at the wrong time (afar), and he needed better times to use his rush attack.
  25. 4th Match: Twintelle vs. SpringMan
  27. Zerg was still spamming double punches/grabs and he used his shockwave inefficiently to repel the attacks. He kept countering with his own ARM instead of dashing. The one thing he did right was confirm his rush attack off a grab. I think Zerg learned how to get a grab after he saw Mr. Yabuki whiff a punch while still in mid air, so he did stop his obssessive grabbing. What he forgot to learn is that throwing punches in the air was not safe, which Mr. Yabuki learned.That's when he capitalized off of his rush attack and won the set against Zerg. Although, Zerg was doing something different as he was trying to jump off the trampoline, it didn't matter as his air movement was still too slow to dodge the rush attack. I think he was trying to mimick what Twintelle did in a previous match to avoid his punches, but he didn't realize that Twintelle used his special ability as Twintelle was off his screen.
  29. If only Zerg wasn't spamming double punches and grabs, and focused on bobbing and weaving and mainly only using one ARM at a time, things could've played out differently. The last Burst attack, Zerg was trying to mimick what Mr. Yabuki did on his last match, but didn't know that he used Twintelle's special ability.
  31. So that's the whole match analysis for the Mr. Yabuki's sets. If I missed something, or if you want to add, it woul dbe greatly appreciated.
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