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  1. dredge  TILTED  The longer they went on, the less coherent the male would become as he focused in on the feeling and pulse that grew between them. The male reveled in the lewd sound erupting from their connection, leaning into it and making it that much louder when he found a particularly good angle to thrust from. He would offer no resistance as his cheek was pressed against her breasts, simply priming his hips to heed her commands and bare down on her with a much more aggressive pattern. His hands slowly bunched up the sheet beneath them before he would raise himself back up. Took hold of both of her legs just as he had done before they got into the thick of things, and, just as before, he would press her legs back down into the bed at her sides. From this position, each movement of his hips would be felt tenfold, and he could push himself deeper than he could before.. likely a boon to that feeling of magnetism he could feel from within her.
  2. TILTED  dredge  She tried to shoot something smart mouthed back at him but she could only tremble at his warning before he began thrusting. The girl really did hold on, arms wrapping around his neck as with each good thrust her body was pushed up on the bed. Her cunt was dripping with that honey of hers, it coating his cock in its glossy sheen each time he pulled back. She was so tight, walls a velvet warmth with a near vice like grip that made it feel like her little hole was greedily trying to pull his cock deeper inside. The noises were obscene and made her blush again, hardly believing that that was her body making such lewd sounds. With every thrust her tits bounced and she reached up to bring his face down against her breasts as she cried out at him, "Fu-uckkkk--!" she whimpered, "Harder, harder-- Too good, Troy. You're stretching me so good - mixing me all up inside," her fingers curled in his hair again as she mewled against his ear.
  3. dredge  TILTED  Took a little bit more time to mix her up on the inside before he would draw his hips back up and bring them back down again. With a little bit of patience, he was able to work himself into a languid rhythm, body slightly undulating with each movement. "Did you expect it to be any other way? You better hold on tight." Spoke his own words to an earlobe in hushed tones. Most of his focus went into the movement of his body and the pure bliss that it produced. It didn't take him long to find the right movements to stroke her with. Her wetness made sure that it was anything but a quiet affair, as lewd sounds erupted from between them. As his motions revolved more around dropping his weight into her time after time, a lewd slapping noise would begin to be heard. Troy balled fists into the mattress as he centered himself. All of that pent up frustration was coming out, as if it could all be worked off in one nut down her throat. No, she had a lot more to answer for.
  4. TILTED  dredge  "Mmn-" she cried out he dropped his hips, pushing them in against her own until he'd sunk several inches inside of her. Her body jolt a little from the intensity, muscles tensing and back arching slightly sharper. Quiet, almost pleasing little whimpers left her and she squirmed a moment beneath him, her insides still clenching and unclenching around him as her walls tried to adjust to the sudden intrusion. "Uhn-" she moaned as he swayed inside of her, his cock pressing against one wall and forcing it to spread even further away from the other. Already her eyes rolled back, "So full," she cried up at him, clinging to him tight, her mouth feverishly worshiping the line of his neck or jaw when it wasn't gaped open to moan out. "You're gonna wreck my little cunt," she pant against his ear, an attempt to complain but it mostly sound like lovestruck awe.
  5. dredge  TILTED  From his point of view, the fact of his size was hardly something he had to be reassured of, as it felt like she would split into two under him if he were to make the wrong move. His hands both braced on the bedtop on either side of her, slightly tensing against the sheets. All of his plans to take things easy was so soon thrown out the window as she brought him into the kiss and swinging towards him. The sudden nature of her advances caused him to give into the desire, letting his weight down into her damn near fully. The feeling of his inches being engulfed within her greedy hole was electric, running over his body in waves. He gave a cold little hiss as he felt her twitch around him, digging his knees in and swishing his hips around from side to side. This languid movement of his hips slightly meshed his cock around within her, stretching her further without removing any of his length.
  6. TILTED  dredge  It was an insane kind of pleasure-pain, Kae all so suddenly aware that Troy was undeniably the biggest she'd ever been with. "Fuck," the word was whimpered out, toes curling and nails biting into his shoulders, "Big," it was said breathlessly, her walls lightly spasming around his girth. She didn't say anything else then, instead pulling him into a hard kiss, her hips driving up to try and sink herself further on him in a greedy kind of way.
  7. TILTED  dredge  The cool air that rushed her when he pushed her panties aside made her squirm. He didn't say anything else but, he really didn't need to - that look he gave her enough. And then the moment was forgotten, the heat of him against soft, slippery folds making her mewl out. He rubbed at her, his crown occasionally nudging over her little clit, making her cry out and arch her back to push herself against him, "Troy-" she whined his name, using it for the first time. She felt an incredible urge to feel him deep inside of her, stretching her tight walls and filling her up. Her arms hooked under his, held onto his shoulders, pulling him in towards her. Those lashes fluttered shut, head tossed back as that thick tip slowly stretched that tight little ring of flesh, lips parting and few heavy pants huffed out until she moaned out when her pussy suddenly swallowed the fat head of his cock.
  8. dredge  TILTED  inches into her. He made sure to take it slow, trying to make sure she could get well and acclimated to him before he started doing anything to hasty. "Oh.. Oh. Ff-.." They were quiet calls of adulation.. Remarking on the feeling of her insides.
  9. dredge  TILTED  While she proceeded to turn into a tomato at his revelation, one of his hands slipped between them to lightly push her panties aside, not looking to take any more time than he absolutely needed to get the job done. Though, he would be stopped dead in his tracks just after breaking their close contact, struck by her explanation for why she never brought up the names. For him, it was just normalcy. Still, it had been addressed, even if it did bring the faintest of reds to his cheeks when he paused to ask her. He shook his head some, returning the determined look on his face. Down between them, he gripped himself about the base, pressing his thick head against the lips of her sex and pressing it all about. He slid rubbed it up and down like this for some time before he finally found a good angle for his hips to begin pressing inward. Her wetness damn near sunk teeth into him as he began to press in. There was only this.. light wet resistance as he began to sink the first few
  10. TILTED  dredge  "My name is Kae. I guess..." she paused thinking for a moment, "It never really occurred to me that we didn't..." she stumbled over her words, "You just kind of already felt familiar." And it was true, right off the bat they knew how to press each others buttons and despite how that might be obnoxious to him, it was something she kind of appreciated finding in another person.
  11. TILTED  dredge  Her smile was triumphant as she'd seemed to shut him up. Another score for- There was that softened tone again... It made her feel a little weird every time he used it towards her. Where she'd been looking into his eyes so confidently before, her gaze quickly dropped away the moment there was any sign of something tender. "Huh?" she quickly murmured, before hearing what he had to say. Instantly she flushed - and it spread almost everywhere. Face, chest, shoulders, the tops of her breasts all blushing. For some reason she'd not realized that they'd never even told each other their names - that she'd had his dick in her throat without so much as knowing his first name. There was something so taboo about that and it embarrassed her. She didn't think she was the kind of girl to do these lewd kinds of things with strangers but... Here she was. She tried to will her gaze to meet with his as he introduced himself and, briefly her fingers raked through his hair again. "Kae," she answered -
  12. dredge  TILTED  He pressed his weight a little bit into her as she shot back at him. He.. had run out of dog puns, for the moment, but something heavier seemed to weigh on his mind for a moment as he looked down to her and the heat of their hips melded. "Hey.." It was an altogether different tone from before, softer and open. "I- Uh.. We don't know each other's names." When he made his point, the entire atmosphere of the room changed, nothing more to do than just roll with it. He lowered himself over her a bit, hanging his head until their foreheads were pressed together in their embrace. He gave a slow blink, locking gazes with her quite easily as.. well, her eyes were the biggest in his perspective here. "My name's Troy. Nice to make your acquaintance." That might have been a little bit of a misguided gesture, but it would have been bugging him the entire time if he dove in headfirst. It was also a rarity, someone learning even his first name ever since he started living off the grid.
  13. TILTED  dredge  Watching as he began to strip, her eyes reading over all the details. Of course she was attracted to him, she wouldn't ever just say that though, but she was a pretty thing and attractive men coming onto her were fairly common. What wasn't common and what she found maybe more alluring was that he was a rugged kind of attractive, he was worn - he had scars and more than that the enhancements. His personality was rugged too, like her he was kind of unbecoming. Rude, crass. She didn't like fake people, didn't like weak people. He was neither of those things. Kae already knew that he was big, she'd had him in her mouth after all. The thought of feeling him stretch her had been on her mind the past couple of nights. He didn't need to warm her up, she was already drooling for him, panties drenched. "Maybe," she answered, "But if he doesn't behave I might not let him bury his bone…" Like she really had the choice at this point - but she liked threatening him with rejection.
  14. dredge  TILTED  Almost.
  15. dredge  TILTED  "Well.. Every dog has his day, doesn't he?" It was a dumb flip, but delivered with such conviction that it almost sounded half-way smooth.
  16. dredge  TILTED  Well.. This definitely wasn't a first.. He had been likened to a dog alot in his life, but it had never felt quite this way. Clearly, he had no reason to hold back anymore if this were the case. He gave one last press into her from above before he would raise up off of her and begin disrobing himself to dress down, had to be right for the occasion, after all. First came his tanktop, which he reached up behind his shoulders to simply pull up and over his head in a single motion. Next came his pants, which took slightly more time to get loosened and slid down his legs. Finally, he looped thumbs into his close-hugging boxers and peeled them down freeing his throbbing manhood and finally giving that poor thing some breathing room. After he was able to kick himself free of his articles, he climbed close to her once more, gripping her legs just the same and holding them out in front of him in a light spread. He pressed his hips up and inward, hefty cock coming to rest on her stomach.
  17. TILTED  dredge  The light buck of his hips did make her bounce, her fingers curling against his shoulder, those in his hair running down to curl at the nape of his neck, holding onto him to steady herself. While she was like this her breath was suddenly stolen as he effortlessly flipped her so that she was suddenly under him - the strength he manhandled her with made her heart thrum quick and hard in her chest. She lay with her legs curled at his sides before they were pressed back, knees pressed down towards her own sides now which caused her hips to tilt forward, lower back lightly lifting off the bed and ass in the air, his hips pressed again so that she could feel his bulge there between them. It was true, she always had something to quip at him and she didn't miss a beat either, "Mm, it's just that I like dogs," she said, a backhanded kind of compliment - she liked how he was but she was definitely likening him to a dog.
  18. dredge  TILTED  behind their joints, slightly curling and folding her against the bedtop as he pressed into her from above with his hips. "But you've always got something to say.."
  19. dredge  TILTED  He immediately made short work of the bra once it was free'd from her shoulders, damn near yanking it away and tossing it in some haphazard direction. He couldn't miss a second more of the little performance she was putting on from him, wasting no time in making her body look as enticing as possible. He let out a brief hiss at the feeling of his hair getting tugged following the gentle caress running across his scalp. His hands tensed at her hips as his earlobe was caught in the path of her wet tongue. He let her have her fun for a few more seconds, still feigning weakness before his entire body gave a light buck to bounce her on his lap just a little bit. As she would bounce she would feel one of her legs being lifted by his hands, and a quick grip and twist of his entire upper body threw the girl's body over and onto the mattress back-first. The takedown was just rough enough to make her feel the strength in his throw. Now that he had the table, both of her legs were gripped
  20. TILTED  dredge  That little grin kept on her lips at his words, faltering though to let out a little mewl when his teeth gently sank against her skin. When he'd undone the lace bra, the straps slid down to her elbows, the cups falling away from and revealing her perky breasts. They were full and gave a little jiggle when her back straightened a little more. The rosy nipples were hard and studded with the metal jewelry - a little streak of rebellion towards her incredibly strict upbringing. Her fingers trailed up along her own sides before she cupped her breasts in her hands, giving a rough squeeze then pinching and tugging at the piercings, all the while her eyes watching his as he gazed at her. "I don't think I have to run my mouth anymore even," she quietly purred at him, "It's bad enough you can't hide how much you want it..." A hand raked through his hair before giving a rough grip, tugging his head back a little before she brushed her lips up along his throat then ran her tongue over his ear.
  21. dredge  TILTED  surrounding her collarbone, damn near growling out as he got a taste of her. Eventually he managed to succeed at kicking off his boots into the ground at the foot of the bed. This was followed by the fabric at her back losing its tension and parting as he accurately guessed at the motions needed. "Keep running that mouth." It was both an encouragement, and a threat,
  22. dredge  TILTED  Well, with all this gloating that she was doing he should have been taking this like a sore loser, it was his M.O. after all. Still, every time he thought he knew how to react, she floored him something else and coaxed the anger into something much more full of want. It was an intense and seductive dance with fire, but it was one she was extremely good at. The simulated nerves on his arms were something that came to great use as they were plunged into her tongue, able to feel just how wet and warm it really was.. as if he had any place forgetting that. He began slightly scrambling and writhing beneath her, working his way out of his boots, as foolish as it might have seemed for task that normally required hands. Once he was given free reign of them, they would hastily move for the clasp behind her back, seeming to fumble a great deal while he still dealt with the heat of his loss to her. He hung his head forward until he could open his mouth and lightly press his teeth to the skin
  23. TILTED  dredge  soft breathy moans in between until she'd pulled his hand back and placed it so it cupped one of her breasts.
  24. TILTED  dredge  When he looked her over he'd see through the lace the suggestion of those little pink barbells that decorated her nipples. When his eyes hung on her, she didn't seem to mind, rather enjoyed the attention. She gave a little wiggle of her ass when his fingers brushed against the bell, the little chime sounding out before those hands of his took hold of her hips. "Better," she answered him. The expression on his face more than pleased her - she was definitely winning some unspoken game that'd been going on between them. "For as much as you've made fun of me for it, you're awful quiet now," she smiled just a little wicked, "Could it be you like it more than you're letting on?" She'd let him try and defend himself, but she wouldn't play fair as she reached for one of his hands and began lapping at two of his fingers, pulling them into the depths of that familiar warmth and sucking on them, bobbing her head and making all those lewd little suckling noises,
  25. dredge  TILTED  Each hand took ahold of the collar and moved to fluidly clasp it around her neck in one motion. The securing mechanism itself is what he took his time with, making sure that it snapped into place quite snugly on her slightly bruised neck. Job done, his hands slowly slipped down to her hips, though his right made sure to catch the bell with the edge of his fingers to get it to rattle some. "There you go, all better?" His expression was that of a respectful awe, and he was happily to graciously accept the gift that was given to him to rip into.
  26. dredge  TILTED  Still.. an arranged marriage was just about as strange as it came for him. It sparked a certain confusion within him, about his place in her orbit. Then there was, of course, the raunchier bits of info. Which.. came to be a great deal more explicit than even he expected. In truth, looking over all of it was enough to spark the lust within him. So when she finally managed to find him, she would straddle over a lap that was well on its way to filling out. The sudden contact caused the dark film over his eyes to flicker away like a second set of eyelids just beneath the skin. When his vision refocused he was greeted with a frame of cosmic colors with her as the focal center. His eyes seemed to first come to focus on her chest, before trailing over her body in attempts to find her eyes, whilst also taking the rest of her in. He was frozen for a brief second, brought to action only when she asked for his help. He quickly leaned himself forward as to free up his arms.
  27. dredge  TILTED  Troy took his sweet time in going through her searches, getting a brief collage of who she was as a person. Shining through most of these binary searches and commands were little bits of what made her a person - the quirks that run as deep as a person's blood. It was an odd feeling when he experienced this, cycling through a seemingly infinite web of her media content. He got a bigger picture of what they were jumping through so many hoops to avoid. It was an odd thing, but it wasn't unheard of.. especially as he became more aware of how society operated when you climbed the ladder. Relatively, Troy had grown from a military and manufacturing family, only coming to resemble the man he was now when a splinter group of the military optioned the young boy for an experimental medical treatment. Of course, there was a handful of years he couldn't place after the treatment, but ever since he could remember, he was scraping the bottom, and clawing his way up.
  28. TILTED  dredge  She liked that kind of thing and she had the feeling he might too.
  29. TILTED  dredge  While still lingering in the dark, she straddled his lap before pushing a button on the remote, a projector bathing everything in the soft pretty glow like the aurora borealis. It illuminated her figure now, she'd dolled herself up for him - hair let down in soft tumbles that cascaded over her shoulders, lips soft and glossy, big dark eyes framed by thick lashes. Clipped into her hair were those little lamb ears and she was dressed in delicate, white lace like giftwrap just waiting to be torn into. She'd set the remote on the bed next to them, now holding up that pink choker with the little bell fastened to it, "Can you help me?" she asked him, sounding sweeter and softer than what she really was - but for a moment, it was convincing. Truth was though, she could easily fix the choker around her neck but she'd specifically wanted him to do it - as if the choker were equivalent to a collar, binding in the way that for as long as she wore it, he'd have some kind of claim over her.
  30. TILTED  dredge  of course, there wasn't really any question as to why she act the way she did all the time. The girl craved to be put in her place and kept. Finally the humming came to a pause and the sound of a door opening was heard. She peeked out of the room she'd been in, having left him for almost a good fifteen or twenty minutes before she started searching for him. When she lightly pushed the door of her bedroom further open, her silhouette was outlined by the light of the hallway behind her, only the light glow of the computer monitor illuminating her. She tilt her head a little, looking at him - not figuring he was really up to anything with how he lounged there. She hadn't considered that he could access her computer remotely, didn't even occur to her. Moving towards her desk, she clicked the monitor off, leaving them in darkness for a moment, grabbing a small remote off the surface of the desk then moved towards him.
  31. TILTED  dredge  The girl had never had to hide her internet history. It wasn't often anyone was over and less often that anyone was able to get into her computer - not that anyone was really trying. He'd find all sorts of things about her. A lot of searches for pictures of puppies, she had a particular fondness for shiba inus, apparently. A lot of social media crap and an extensive assortment of selfies. Some searches about how to make arranged marriages work, signs of a sociopath, how to look happy. A few frustrated searches that were really just her ranting into a search bar: I hate everything. And then there was a completely different kind of frustration - she was an extremely sexually frustrated thing and there was all kinds of degeneracy in her history. She had an affinity for hentai, loved gifs of cream pies and had a certain interest in some rougher things - like getting tied up and fucked into the ground, discipline and punishment and -
  32. dredge  TILTED  Oh no, it was all still here. He had a lot of stuff to search through. He settled down onto her messy bed as he focused almost entirely on filing through her history. While he was doing this, a dark glaze coated his eyes, perhaps only visible for singular instants before. Rested his weight on his arms as he leaned back, seeming to stare at the ceiling as he snooped at his own leisure.
  33. dredge  TILTED  Once they had made it to her room, he only needed to loop a single camera, which was exceedingly easy. Once he made it inside, he placed the door back in place and let the camera just outside resume its regular recording habits. He felt the slight stress leave his shoulder as they entered her room and she broke off to do her own thing. He took some good time to observe before slipping the helmet off of his head. The helmet was placed on a clear part of her computer desk, along with his leather jacket. This was a quiet time of observation for Troy, accented by the light sounds of her humming in the adjacent room. Eventually, his eyes would naturally be drawn to her computer, and his reflexes plugged him into its infrastructure faster than he could even think on the impulse. Once he was in, he hesitated a bit, parsing through his options before he settled on simply fishing through her internet history.. If she wasn't a dummy she wouldn't of..
  34. dredge  TILTED  The man's skill with motorbikes was easily apparent, carrying them from the seedier districts of the city straight to the address she gave him. After he properly parked the bike behind her house, engaging the kickstand and dismounting, he was met with a challenge. It was no tall order for the man, but it had been a while since he used something like this. He quickly scanned over the entire building, able to easily pick out the exterior cameras without any such scan based on professional experience. Thankfully, where they had approached from left any sort of trace unknown until they would step forward. It took a fine touch, as looping sloppily would end up looking just as fishy as them both appearing in frame. With each camera that they passed in front of, an independent loop was made and superimposed over the true capture of the camera, leading to a damn near indiscernible loop that only lasted for as long as they took to pass through the perspective of the recording.
  35. TILTED  dredge  The only other noticeable items were the CDs of shitty Korean pop music and a few pictures that lined a shelf, family and the like, all looking rather bemused at the camera - she did get her short temper from somewhere, after all. And of course, the trunk at the foot of her bed with one of those cheap little locks. Wherever he decided to take a peek, her voice could be heard from the door she'd closed behind her, singing along to whatever one of those songs from the CD on her shelf was playing in her head.
  36. TILTED  dredge  Down the hall where three doors - the one she'd disappeared behind, a closed one that led to a laundry room and little storage space and the last laid slightly ajar led to a bedroom. Her bedroom was messier than the living room, clothes strewn about and more of those peach candies in teacups - one at a desk, the other at a bedside table. Her bed wasn't made, just a tangle of sheets and something a little ratty looking - an old baby blanket. Like him she kept fish too - okay well, maybe a little beta fish in a bowl with a few fake plants stuck in it. It wasn't anything elaborate like his tank setup but she tried to keep care of it as best she could. It'd been her third fish in two months, though… There was the faint glow of her screensaver which was just a collage of puppies… Her keyboard was pink and her mouse was bejeweled.
  37. TILTED  dredge  Clean but a little disorganized and decorated mostly in blush pinks and copper accents, the occasional mint green thrown in here or there. She didn't really seem intent on giving him the grand tour but she dropped his hand, throwing her purse down on a coffee table spread with fashion magazines and one of those adult coloring books and a pack of colored pencils. "Give me a moment, okay?" she told him, leaving him and disappearing down a hall. A few minutes passed, then five more… She was kind of taking her time with whatever it was she was doing, leaving him the opportunity to snoop. There was the kitchen directly off from the living room, nothing strange other than what appeared to be recipes scrawled in Korean dialect, a few dishes in the sink and a box of little peach candies half opened and haphazardly strewn over a counter. Her living room wasn't particularly interesting, mostly decorations.
  38. TILTED  dredge  Kae clung to him as he wove through traffic with ease. Despite the chill in the night air, his body radiated a warmth that kept her warm. With her face pressed against his back, she watched as they passed the lights of the cityscape. For as uncertain as she had been about riding on the back of his bike, she quickly grew comfortable with it and there was something nice about being close to him like this, in comfortable silence. Once he'd parked the bike behind her building, it was her turn to take his hand and lead him - around the side to an entrance, up the stairs and to a door. A key was fished out of her purse but before she'd opened the door she turned to him, "There's a few cameras - you think you can put them offline or in a loop or something?" she asked. Motion activated that sent a notification to her man's phone whenever there was movement. "He's a little… intrusive," she explained to him. Once it was safe, she swung the door open - her apartment was decidedly girly.
  39. dredge  TILTED  a few strokes of the thumb were enough to kick the odd sounding engine into gear. Once she had settled herself down and latched herself to him, the male gave an ever-so-slight twist to the throttle to start propelling them forward, taking them out of their parking slot and down into the proper entrance and exit areas following a couple of circular ramps that took them up to ground level. Even with her added weight, Troy was capable of controlling the compact bike around the corners while moving at a brisk speed. As they emerged on ground level, he would guide the bike to the exit opposite of where she had signaled. A quick stop just before getting out on the street, and they were already merged into traffic, picking up speed quickly and moving down the street in the general direction of her coordinates. It wasn't to far from here as she said, but his penchant for 'free-form' driving would have to straighten out as he made it to the more opulent districts.
  40. TILTED  dredge  she trust him. He seemed exactly the type to own a bike. The fact that he was, in essence, super-human lent her some higher value of faith for some reason. While she didn't always feel safe in his presence, she at least felt that when with him, if anything were to hurt her it'd be him and only him. There was a strange kind of comfort in that. She'd rattled off the address of the building she lived at to him, certain that if he could capture pornographic images of her with his eyes alone from their last encounter that he could probably navigate the city streets without her aid.
  41. TILTED  dredge  There was a little smile on her face at having toyed with him like that then leaving him without the ability to respond in kind. Already she knew it was something that would frustrate him - her having the upper hand in anything. When he moved past, she realized he had the biker helmet on, a little detail about him fitting neatly into place. She was reminded that he had to keep himself off someone's radar but she hadn't really realized how that might affect him. Those thoughts didn't linger for long, though, Kae slightly jolting at his groping before she was left to blink after him as he easily moved past her. It took her a second but she snapped to, walking a little faster to catch back up with him. Standing there for a moment, she looked a little bit uneasy about the idea of riding a motorcycle but... She climbed onto the back, already using him to keep herself steady by leaning up against his back, her arms circling around his waist. She'd never been on a motorcycle before but -
  42. dredge  TILTED  same, unassuming manner as he had before. Only, this time, as he passed her up she would feel a firm squeeze at her ass. It was only for an instant, but he made damn sure it was noticeable after what she had just done to him. He pressed on at a brisk pace after copping his feel, approaching a compact street bike. The seat looked roomy enough to easily accommodate both of them, and that was infact the plan. He slipped a leg over the bike and sat down at the vehicle's natural center, pushing it up off of the kickstand and using a boot to disengage it.
  43. dredge  TILTED  Looking at it from a logical perspective, he should have been expecting she'd try something like that. Supposed all that side-stepping he was doing was giving him a big head about things. So the sudden approach, tug in her direction and the contact that followed had him on pins. It seemed like by the time he was able to react and press back, that she finally turned away.. leaving him quite in the dust. The frustration was felt greatest in the swelling appendage in his trousers, now left to simmer in the ghost of her skilled handwork. Troy was simply left to observe her from behind and bring the helmet up to slip over his head, and in the process, mask his face from any of the seemingly infinite cameras in the city. As the doors opened they were met with nothing but the concrete and sterile lighting of the parking garage. Paint lines, withered with age, were lined neatly across the concrete and several vehicles were parked in various spaces. The male stepped to move past her in the-
  44. TILTED  dredge  feet to press her lips against his, her other hand reaching between his legs, palming him, wanting to tease him just for that little bit they lingered in that quiet. By the time the elevator sounded the jingle that they'd arrived at their floor, she was already pulled away from him and facing the doors, as if she hadn't just been on him a moment ago. She wouldn't want to be caught, in the chance anyone stood opposite the elevator doors.
  45. TILTED  dredge  "Mm, a keeper," she explained. Someone to keep a watchful eye over her, make sure she wasn't getting into trouble, behaving, certainly not taking strange men home. She'd nod towards the front of the building in reply to his question. Her eyes followed as he reached to scoop up a helmet, "Don't tell me..." she complained already, but when he took her hand she didn't say anything more about it, letting him lead her from the room and through the building. She waited alongside him for the elevator, leaning a little against him for a moment. Once they'd stepped inside, there was a different kind of charge between them and she turned her eyes up at him. She couldn't deny that she kept finding herself magnetized by him though the first time she'd found herself alone with him had been unintentional. This time it was not. She crossed that small distance, closed the gap between them, one hand reaching up to tangle in his shirt and tug him down closer to her, leaning up on the balls of her -
  46. dredge  TILTED  also, punched the B2 key on the console as she stepped in. :^)
  47. dredge  TILTED  against the back wall of the cabin, resting the edges of his palms on the waist-high bar that stretched across the wall of the cabin.
  48. dredge  TILTED  "Guard dog..?" This only seemed to elicit a laugh for him, he placed both hands on her shoulders from behind, giving a slight squeeze before he spoke once more. "What side of the building did you enter from?" Straight to the point, as he would have been with any situation where he was on the job. He had a vehicle of course, located in the parking garage below ground level of this multi-floor building. Slipped away from her for just a second, allowing himself to reach around her and grab the matte black biker helmet from the ground just beside the arcade cabinet. Holding it in one hand as he moved to take the girl's hand and lead her out of the bar in the same direction as his discrete safehouse. Though, a few turns from the large maintenance hall that the front door sat in, they diverged to an elevator. A quick punch of the the button caused the door to slide itself open, presenting a bare cabin for them to ride in. Dredge let go of the girl's hand so he could step in and settle-
  49. TILTED  dredge  He really was learning to keep up with her. Maybe she'd just have to get a little brattier. For now, though, she let it slide. After all... She had something of an endgoal here - and it did involve him. She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms when he'd suggested she had a driver. "You might have to steal me away," she told him, "Will that be a problem for you?" A challenge to that ego of his. "It's more like a guard dog," kind of. She was always sneaking off though. He certainly wasn't the only one she gave trouble.
  50. dredge  TILTED  Actually, figured her to be from an opulent cloth from the moment he laid eyes on her. And even if he didn't case her on sight, the way she turned her nose up at him for every little thing made that abundantly clear. "Yes. I've pulled some light security work for upper class clients. Big surprise, right?" He took the chance to put him down right out from under her, he was getting good at this sort of thing. After all, he had a lot of time to take down her brat tactics. "I'm assuming you got here with a driver, then?" It only made sense, if she was looked after as she was putting on.
  51. TILTED  dredge  She gave a gentle nudge of an elbow back into his side. It wasn't enough to actually hurt for once, though. "Well!" she smirked, "Isn't it?" It sure looked like a broom closet to her, at least. Alright, maybe a bit of an exaggeration - it was still nicer than the place she'd lived when she still lived in Korea. He could keep laughing - calling her lambchop, making a joke out of it, but she'd get him with it. "It's in the nice part of town," she answered, a drive at least. He might have expected her to live in some shitty area but she was provided for. "Do you know where that is?" she shot him a grin, meant to irritate as always. A dig on the fact that he didn't really look the type to belong in those nicer areas.
  52. dredge  TILTED  There was a genuine scoff at her description of his safehouse.. It was comfy to him, and that's what mattered! Although.. Not as comfy when it came to hot and steamy encounters as he recently found out. He had to admit, it was a pretty nice set for that movie he shot, though. "I wanna see what your place looks like if you got the nerve to call the safehouse a broom closet. Put your money where you mouth is, lambchop." The nickname wasn't barked out with the same bite it usually was, even though he seriously tried to apply it! His growing inner frustration led him to lose his third and final life on the arcade cabinet, closing the book on his token and opening the floor for their next actions. "How far is it from here?"
  53. TILTED  dredge  Naturally her eyes rolled at his smart ass retort but... for the moment... it seemed their arguing was quieted. It felt strange being in someone else's space - being pulled into someone else's space. She wasn't really sure quite how to behave, the whole thing giving her a similar problem. He was different. Hard headed but, at times, compassionate and sometimes, unexpectedly he softened towards her. "Hm?" it was a little hesitant because part of her kind of wondered if it was just some kind of trick. But she had a strange suspicion that he was actually being genuine. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip for a moment, he was making her nervous. That weird kind of heart-racing nervous. Of course she picked up on the suggestion and she wasn't exactly against it. "Depends if you wanna be crammed in a broom closet again," she answered, words still a little bratty but... soft, playful, "Or you could come to mine..."
  54. dredge  TILTED  to have been considerate enough to actually ask her what it was that she wanted.. Rather than being completely against everything she was about, wholesale. Little ass brat, making him second guess himself and-.. asdfkglhl.
  55. dredge  TILTED  "Well that's good.. because it's only for one player.." He spoke, turning his hands back over to rest at the controls, depressing the button on the right to carry him on to the next stage. It was a simple game of Galaga that he was able to play quite flawlessly with her for an audience.. but the majority of his attention wasn't on it. He gave a brief exhale as he felt her ease back into him and place her hands atop his forearms, the metal feeling quite warm to her touch. It would have been impossible not to ease into her just the same, chin naturally nestling ontop of the girls head. "Hey.." His words left in a casual.. damn near familiar way as he spoke. This change in tone was surprising enough to stop him in his tracks for a bit, causing him to visibly fuck up on screen and lose his second life. The first was lost when she ripped him off of the cabinet by his collar. "This place is kinda' lame right now. You got any ideas?" The suggestion in his voice was clear, but he appeared-
  56. TILTED  dredge  stubbornly murmured. She'd kind of assumed that's what he wanted. She'd rather that than him being so invested in whatever dumb game it was. Divided attention had a way of annoying the girl. Either way, her hands would come to rest atop his forearms and she lightly leaned back against him.
  57. TILTED  dredge  At least there was some irritation coloring his words once she'd tugged him back like that. It didn't really quell her own anger, though. She'd expected some manner of retaliation - he hadn't shied away from choking her out in public (though, to be fair, she'd started it). The hand that reached for her throat wasn't by any means alarming but the ushering of her towards the arcade cabinet was surprising, even more so when he stepped behind her, arms closing her in on either side. Her mouth opened then shut, her brain kind of trying to catch up and allowing him to speak first. "Wha- how do you mean?" she pursed her lips, tilting her head back some to look up at him. He was taller than Kae, the Korean right at that height where his chin could rest on the top of her head without having to lean up or down any. She'd eventually look back at his hands, shifting from one foot to the other, causing her to squirm a little against him. "I'm not playing your stupid game with you," she -
  58. dredge  TILTED  - where she was. "I don't play.. but you do. You play alot." He held his hands out on either side of the controls, backs of his hands resting on the glossy finish of the control deck.
  59. dredge  TILTED  He was genuinely not expecting to be tugged back, so to say that it caught him by surprise would have been an understatement. He stumbled back, scrambling to keep his footing and not fall flat on his ass. He succeeded, barely, scuffing the floor with his boots in the process. "Why you little-..!" Considering their current situation, it wouldn't have been very civil to shove her up against the wall.. Or would it..? FUCK. Everything was so damn simple before, but now he was second guessing himself every time he went to say something to her. He grumbled, shoving a single hand in his pocket and another straight to the back of her neck, where he would slightly press into each side with his thumb and index. He used this grip to guide her in front of the arcade cabinet as he stepped up behind her, eyes able to peer over the top of her head at the wide screen in front of them. His grip on the back of her neck was relinquished as he stepped into place, allowing both hands to lock her into
  60. TILTED  dredge  She couldn't immediately come up with any defense at the accusation. She had watched it all. There was something mesmerizing about watching herself work his cock - especially from his perspective. If mesmerizing was a word that could be used when it made her tingle the way she did, that familiar hunger starting to make itself known between her legs. "Shut. Up." The words were hissed at him, brows furrowing when his brows bounced suggestively. She was livid, especially as he turned away from her back towards that stupid game. Reaching up, her fingers curled around the collar of his jacket, tugging him back with a hard yank so that he was forced to stumble back from it, "Do not play with me," the words were stern but in that broken English, thick ass Korean accent.
  61. dredge  TILTED  Shoulders raised as he felt that swat against the back of his head, feeling just how much power she put into it. Good thing he was expecting it, hearing her stomp over after she saw what he sent. He found it particularly amusing that she waited for the whole clip to run before she decided to throw her fit. He turned to peer at her angry little ass, hands still punching at the controls of the cabinet as he played out his token. "All that fury, and not one word about not liking the video.. You watched the whole thing before you came over here..." He glanced off to the side with a smirk, bouncing both his brows a second before turning back to his game. Damn, it felt good messing with her.
  62. TILTED  dredge  Her arms remained cross, the girl left with that slightly sour expression on her face as he gave her that... smile. It didn't make her blush lessen any. It was irritating how little response he returned, the guy was being weirdly agreeable. Of course, she'd realize just how much of a shit he was being when she opened up the newest attachment - a video clip this time. She stood there dumbly for a moment as she watched herself lapping at his cock like some hungry little fiend. This time she couldn't contain herself, marching over to him where he stood at the arcade game and smacking the backside of his head while shouting at him, berating him full force in Korean. She'd tell him, in Korean of course, just where she thought he could shove it and that he was all the no-good scum of the earth in some rather colorful language, throw in a few threats about what she'd do if he ever showed anyone and something about him being a dog, never talk to her again. Yet she hovered near him.
  63. dredge  TILTED  kept his eyes hooked onto hers for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and moving past her in a civil manner. Peered over his shoulder as he passed her, softening that smirk into something much more.. warm. "You got it.. No more pictures." He strolled across the room, approaching his favorite arcade cabinet.. Well, the only arcade cabinet. A hand shoved into his pocket soon produced a quarter, which he would then slip into the coin slot. In sync with the easily identifiable sound of the quarter sliding in and being processed, she would receive another message from the same recipient. This time there was a video attached, with no sound to be considerate to those that might have been in earshot. The perspective of this video was much the same, though visibly hazy and somewhat out of focus as the male knelt, the motion of the video in tandem with his slow heaving. As the picture came into focus she would be treated to what he saw as she was licking every inch of his cock clean.
  64. TILTED  dredge  There was something about the way he leaned forward that she immediately was annoyed by. Especially paired with that grin. He didn't even argue, which surprised her but... then again, how could she know if he'd actually done it? She frowned at him, glaring at him suspiciously for a moment before crossing her arms over her chest. "No more pictures-" she paused, looking around for a moment remembering they were around others, and of course the last thing she wanted was anyone suspecting that something was going on between them. Her voice dropped to a quiet murmur, "Don't do it again," she told him. Again. As though she were already anticipating that there'd be a repeat of their little encounter.
  65. dredge  TILTED  stanced up with arms crossed, peering down to her with an ever widening grin as she opened the attachment on her phone. He even leaned forward a bit in her direction when she approached him, leveling the playing field as far as their height. When she made her demand, it would draw a thoughtful look from him, before he closed his eyes and gave her a nod. "Done." He wasn't telling lies, the picture in question had been deleted.. but the video that picture was made from? Not quite.
  66. TILTED  dredge  stares at her phone, waiting to see whatever is abou- freezes then suddenly grows extremely flustered, face and ears flushing. Her eyes lift again to look at him. She opened her mouth with every intention of screaming at him then quickly thought better of it. Of course he had sent it - who else could have? He hadn't had any kind of device to take any photos with so... Fucking cybernetic enhancements. Making her way over to him, it was clear she was a little wary and attempting to be somewhat diplomatic about how she approached this. It seemed so painful for her. "Delete it," she quietly seethed at him.
  67. dredge  TILTED  She'd be met with a neatly cropped image in an extremely high quality. The cold blue glow of his safehouse was immediately apparent. The point-of-view of the picture was obviously his, taken at a moment when he straddled over her and amped up his indecency with her mouth. The picture was tastefully cropped to eliminate anything totally explicit, the perspective seemed like it focused most on her intense eyes.
  68. TILTED  dredge  hesitantly opens the attachment.....
  69. dredge  TILTED  the subject and the sender were unknown, and it only came with an image attachment.
  70. TILTED  dredge  looks up at him and squints before looking back down to her phone. the shit is this?
  71. dredge  TILTED  pinged a message directly to her phone. :^)
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