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  1.     What is there to do? Thinking to myself. The movies sounds boring and we already went out to eat so many times. "Lynn" I shouted. "Yeah honey?" Honey? What? When did she get so comfortable to call me that? I felt pretty joyful after that. That gives me an idea. After lying down on the couch figuring my plan out for awhile, Lealynn heads pop up from the side of the door. "What is it?" "Go get ready we're going to go hiking." "Right now? I can't… I have to meet up with a friend soon. You can meet up with us later when we go out to dinner." "You can't cancel it for another day?" "No, I cant, today is the only day they're free and I haven't seen them for 2 years now." "What? Isn't that around the same time when we met?" "Yeah, I've  always been saving my time for you."She said with a smile and kisses me. "That's why you never got to meet them yet. You should come so it can be a couple night." "You know how I am with people, I'm terrible at conversations." "Awww dont worry about that it'll be fun. Anyways, I have to leave now. I love you." "I love you too. Take care."
  2.     "Hi, for how many?" "Oh no need. Im meeting up with some people." "Go right on ahead." I slowly walked up the steps and forward through the entrance. Amazed. The floor were marble with some sort of art that piccaso would of created . The whole scenery would take anyone's breath away. Everyone was dressed as if they made millions of dollars and lived the luxury life style. None of them had worries on their faces as if they've been doing this their whole life. The place even had pillars that form a pathway which lead to the center floor. The second floor had a view to the first floor as if it was a balcony. It seems like those tables up above are only for couples or those with three in a group. So, I dont think Lealynn and her friends are on that floor. After awhile of searching, I felt something tingling in my pocket. I reached in my pocket still looking for Lealynn's table. "Hello?"  I asked without checking the caller ID. "Hey P ." Why is my brother calling me right now? "Mom and dad are in the hospital right now." "What?! What happen? Are they okay?" "A car accidently hit them and they fell off of the freeway. I dont think they'll make it out alive." I finally saw Lealynn and everyone else on the table. This isn't good at all. What do I do? My plan was to propose to her today, instead of the hiking trip. I reached into my pocket and grasp onto the ring box. I sigh. I really love you Lealynn and I hope you forgive me for not showing up today. "Ill be there on my way."
  3.     "Kevin. Abby." I called out. "Peril!" Abby's face was covered in tears. She ran and held onto me as tight as possible. Kevin looks all worn out facing the ground and confused not able to do anything. "Where are they? Right now?" I asked Kevin. "They're in the ER. It was a head collusion and the doctor said there was a lot of broken bones and they most likely wont make it but theyll do their best."
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