pokemon x/y/oras valuables

williamslash Jan 17th, 2015 (edited) 262 Never
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  1. HA: vulpix, bunnelby, dratini, sableye, eevee, abra, bulbasaur, slowpoke, zubat, mienfoo, magikarp, shellder, gible, carvanha, goomy, wooper, starly, poliwag, corphish, litwick, swirlix, treecko, lileep, zangoose, swinub, qwilfish, piplup, nidoran (male and female), murkrow, heracross, chimchar, goldeen, kabuto
  2. (i got others, msg me the desired HA poke and i'll see what i can do)
  4. shinies (vanillite, aipom, durant)
  6. one 0 speed iv ditto
  8. leftovers and bp items (msg me for which ones)
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