When It Was Me Pt. 1

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  1.     Long ago, before the story of Steven, Zoe, Billy, and Koichi, this was a story of six young people who were tasked with keeping the world in order. This tale stretches back to the beginning of time and they are but one piece of it but nonetheless essential. Our story begins with an aging gentleman laying in bed, a black rapier by his side. He is a man of great importance. He is one of The Legendary Warriors and wields an ebony blade. He is old, barely hanging on. The white falcon man lets out a long sigh. The rocking of the ship wasn’t doing him any favors.
  3.     “Cabin boy!” He calls, his voice breaking from his weakness.
  5.     “Yes sir?” A youthful voice call from down the hall.
  7.     A teenage wolf of about 15 runs in, panting. His fur is a smoky red, not unlike paprika and he is tall for his age. He has an affliction. His chest grows tight and his breathing becomes difficult. Even now he can feel his body screaming at him for moving so quickly. The falcon struggles to sit up. The smoky red wolf tries to assist but the old man waves him away.
  9.     “What happened to the other one?” He asked. “The mouse boy.”
  11.     “Oh. Ivan is ill and needed to lay down. I’m Dorian, sir.” The boy introduced himself. “Is there anything I can get for you, Sir Reeve?”
  13.     “I don’t suppose you can sing like the mouse boy?” Sir Reeve asks.
  15.     “N-no sir. I mean, not well.” Dorian fiddles with a pouch on his shirt. “I know a song or two?”
  17.     “Sing me something, Cabin boy.” Sir Reeve told him.
  19. Oh all the money that e'er I spent
  20. I spent it in good company
  21. And all the harm that e'er I've done
  22. Alas, it was to none but me
  23. And all I've done for want of wit
  24. To memory now I can't recall
  25. So fill to me the parting glass
  27.     Dorian’s face was burning with embarrassment. Sir Reeve certainly didn’t look impressed. Dorian’s small lungs made singing difficult. He would frequently have to make pauses to breathe. The old man shrugged and laid down, turning his face away from the teenage boy. Dorian stood there, feeling awkward. He took a seat in a spare chair, waiting for Sir Reeve to give him any more orders.
  29.     “Strange to see a pirate’s cabin boy who can’t sing a shanty.” Sir Reeve noted. “That certainly musn’t get you any friends.”
  31.     “No...I guess not.” Dorian admitted. “I am often mocked for my affliction. I can’t work as hard as the others. I can’t sing like them. I’m not as strong as them. Not like you, Sir Reeve.”
  33.     “As strong as I am...I’m still dying.” Reeve gave a bitter laugh.
  35.     “Dying??” Dorian sprang up from his chair. “Should I fetch a doctor? I can-”
  37.     “Would you shut up?” Reeve cut him off. “That’s the whole reason this vessel is transporting me. I’m to find an heir for this.”
  39.     Reeve holds up his rapier, a gorgeous ebony blade. Dorian had heard stories of this sword. It gave the person who had the privilege of wielding it immense strength. Dorian always wondered...if he could hold it. He would never ask though. No doubt Sir Reeve would consider an illiterate commoner like him holding his sword to be a great insult.
  41.     “I have to speak the name of the heir to this sword...just like how someone did for me a long time ago.”
  43.     “Whoever you pick...they should consider themselves lucky. It would be a great honor, even to hold the sword.” Dorian said.
  45.     “What do you want to do with your life, Dorian?” Reeve asked, using his name for the first time. “Do you want to spend the rest of your life on ships?”
  47.     “Ships can take you anywhere.” Dorian shrugged. “I want to see places, yes, but if I never went on ships then I would be confined to one place. I don’t need much, I guess. I just want to mean something to someone.”
  49.     “Have you no family?” Reeve asked.
  51.     “No. Not anymore. Mother died giving birth to me from what I’m told. I never knew my father. I don’t have many friends.” Dorian said sadly.
  53.     “...I’m sorry.” Reeve said. “I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Well...if it’s any consolation, I appreciate you keeping this old man company. It means a great deal to me.”
  55.     “Sir Reeve...I-”
  57.     The boat suddenly came to a halt, almost knocked Sir Reeve out of bed. Dorian jumped up to hold him. Suddenly the sounds of screaming could be heard from above deck.
  59.     “Help me up, boy! Now!” Reeve demanded.
  61.     “Sir, do you think that’s-”
  63.     “Don’t second guess me!”
  65.     Dorian hooked Sir Reeve’s arm over his shoulder and the two ascended the stairs that lead above deck. The sounds of chaos grew louder and didn’t end. Dorian’s chest burned walking up the stairs. The pain was made worse by helping Sir Reeve up as well. The cross the threshold to the deck and were met with a sight that chilled Dorian’s blood. Merfolk, men that came from the sea to steal from ship. They were fighting the crew, drawing their blood. They were slaughtering them.
  67.     “Cease this this instant!” Sir Reeve yelled over the chaos, pushing away from Dorian.
  69.     Little by little the fighting came to a stop. The merfolk, five in total, were staring down the aging flacon who had his hand on his sword hilt. A merfolk with a ragged mouth and fierce eyes, resembling an angler fish, stepped forward. It seems that he was their leader.
  71.     “Take what you want and leave!” Reeve demanded. “These men have families!”
  73.     “What we want, old man, is for your surface dweller ships to stop crossing through these waters. This sea belongs to the merfolk!!” The angler fish said.
  75.     “Let us pass through and we shall send word not to bother your seas again! You have my word!” Reeve pleads.
  77.     Dorian stood back, watching Sir Reeve. The elderly falcon went so far as to get down on his knees. He was so misanthropic earlier, jaded, but here he was pleading on his knees for the lives of men he barely knew. The smoky red wolf ran to his side.
  79.     “Sir Reeve! Please! Don’t debase yourself like-” Dorian was cut off but a massive THUD behind him.
  81.     He turned as was greeted by an octopus man, wielding many swords and twirling them around threateningly. The merfolk jabbed at him, which Dorian responded to by yelping in fear and backing away. Dorian was swiftly surrounded by Merfolk.
  83.     “Leave him alone! He’s only a boy!!” Sir Reeve begged.
  85. “This your heir, Sir Reeve?” The angler fish asked before swiftly backhanding Dorian to the floor. “Yeah, I know exactly who you are, old man. I came here for one thing: that sword. Hand it over and maybe I’ll leave this ship with a few folks for you to talk to.”
  87. “...You want my sword? You’re willing to kill all these men for a single sword?!” Reeve yelled at the man.
  89.     “Come now, we both know that’s no ordinary sword. Look, just hand it over. You’re barely hanging on these days. Might as well hand it to someone who can use it.” The angler fish said, drawing his own blade and pointing it down at a cowering Dorian.
  91.     “ may have a point.” Reeve sighed.
  93.     He was old. The sword’s power still lived within him but his body was so frail. If he tried to use it then no doubt he would fall over dead, useless to everyone. He slowly pulled the blade from the hilt and placed it on the ground. He looked at Dorian.
  95.     “Boy!” Reeve called across the deck. “Know your worth! You have more than you think.”
  97.     Dorian laid on the ground, blinking. Sir Reeve, a legendary warrior said he had worth. He couldn’t help but start to cry. No one had ever told him such a thing. He was a commoner. A pirate. An orphan. Reeve pulled his sword back, preparing the send it over to the angler fish. He slid it over.
  99.     “Dorian!!” Reeve shouted.
  101.     The young wolf’s body shook. There was an otherworldly echo to Sir Reeve’s voice when he said his name. He saw the rapier sliding over. The octopus was getting ready to grab it. His eyes were locked over the blade as it slid over and suddenly...loud chanting started playing in his head, becoming unbearably loud as the sound drew closer. He reached up and snatched a knife from the belt of a merfolk. He slashed at the octopus’s back legs, causing him to shriek in pain and fall over. Dorian jumped over the octopus and landed on the other side.
  102.     The sword slid into his hand and Dorian’s entire world was enveloped in red. Merfolk, the various crew, and Sir Reeve watched as Dorian the cabin boy was covered in a towering beam of red light. The merfolk stood, gawking at the wondrous display. The could roughly see Dorian’s outline as he stood up and something large was being held in his hands. The light whipped away as Dorian swung what he held; a massive black sword.
  103.     The tightness in Dorian’s chest was gone, the constant discomfort that had plagued him his entire life suddenly vanished. He took a deep breath, air flowing freely in and out of his now mighty lungs. He felt strong, stronger than he had ever been. He was able to carry such a massive blade with no problems. He curiously twirled it around in his fingers, as if it were light as a feather.
  105.     “Well isn’t this just peachy?” The angler fish scowled. “You think I’m scared of a child with a sword?! You think this makes any difference to me? Hand it over or I will slaughter every man on this ship!!”
  107.     “...No.” Dorian said sternly. “I am not going to give you Sir Reeve’s sword!”
  109.     “Who do you think you are, boy!?” The angler fish yelled.
  111.     “Someone new, that’s for sure.” Dorian said, holding his sword handle with both hands. “My old name suddenly doesn’t feel like it fits me. I’m...I...I am Baol!”
  113.     Baol pulled his sword back and gave a mighty swing, holding the sword like a fan. A gust of wind was whipped up and was so strong that crew and merfolk started tumbling around on the ground. Even the stalwart angler fish fell to his knees at the display of raw power.
  115.     “Get. Off. My. Ship.” Baol commanded the merfolk, glaring at him
  117. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  120.     “Come on, just pick one!” A mouthy boy demanded.
  122.     “Get off my back, child!” an adult man yelled.
  124.     A little street gambler sat in front of a box topped with three cups. Simple game; guess which cup housed a little ball and you would win money. An adult man was standing over the thirteen year old boy, trying to decide which cup to pick. He pointed toward the left cup. The iguana kid picked up the cup to ball.
  126.     “Ooooh, tough luck sir! That’ll be seven copper!” The iguana kid smirked.
  128.     “What?! No! I was looking right at it! There is no way you beat me!” He yelled.
  130.     “Come on, don’t be a sore loser!” The kid yelled. “I won fair and-ACK!”
  132.     The iguana was picked up and furiously shook around. After a few shakes a bright red ball fell from the kid’s sleeve. There was a beat of awkward silence as both the man and child looked down, before looking at each other.
  134.     “Hm...I wonder how that got there??” The kid said unconvincingly.
  136.     “You sneaky little thief!!” The adult yelled, shaking him around more. “You were trying to scam me!!”
  138. “Sir, I assure you I was trying to do no such thing! All I was trying to do was-”
  140. The boy swiftly kicked the man in his genitals, causing a high pitch squeal of pain to come from his mouth. The boy was dropped as the man grabbed his sore crotch. The kid snatched a handful of coins from the man’s coin purse and then started running off. A single copper came flying and landed in front of the man.
  142. “Accidentally took too much! Sorry! Thank you for your patronage!!” The iguana said and bolted.
  144. The iguana boy rain through the dirt road streets of his town. He was poor, that much was obvious given how he was dressed. Ragged clothes that had been repeatedly patched by his mother fluttered in the wind as he ran for his life. The man got up eventually and made chase. The iguana had apparently found himself in situations like this more than once. He hopped up upon some crates and pulled himself onto the roof of a nearby house.
  146. “Get back here you little shit!!” The man yelled, trying to run around the house to catch him.
  148. “I’d watch out if I were you!” The kid warned, still running.
  150. “Are you threatening me you lit-”
  152. THWACK!
  154. The man ran face first into a wooden fence that he hadn’t noticed. The force of it was more than enough to knock him out. He fell to the floor with a heavy thud. The iguana was now walking along the top of the fence, his arms stretched out to keep his balance.
  156. “I just didn’t want you to get hit…” He shrugged.
  158. The boy hopped down and rolled the man into the shade so he wouldn’t get burned in the sun. It was supposed to be very hot today. He casually strolled through his humble town. People were rushing all around him. The bakers were baking, the smiths were hammering. Today was an important day. Today was the day that a legendary warriors was visiting their town.
  159. See, apparently a long time ago the Priestess known as Cassia had been born here in Orias. She was a woman of great holy power. Rumor has it she could evaporate a demon just by touching them. She was growing older and people wondered if she was going to pick a successor for her power. The boy couldn’t care less. He had no idea if her magic was even real. His sister cared. His sister had been bugging him to take her to go see her all months. Speaking of…
  161.     “Leoneirous!!” A little girl yelled happily from a window as her big brother approached.
  163.     The little girl, and iguana just like him ran at Leoneirous like a bullet. He picked her up and spun her around. She laughed and hugged him. Eden was only seven years old. Her clothes were just as worn and tattered as he brother’s. Their mother did the best she could with what little they had. Their mother was in the yard, taking clothes off a line that were drying after being washed in the river. She turned to face her children and gave a tired but warm smile toward them.
  164.     Their father had died of some illness shortly after Eden was born. If he were still alive today there was no doubt in Leoneirous’s mind that he would be breaking his back to support them. Leoneirous waved at his mouth and then nudged his sister. He pulled the copper out of his pocket he “earned” today.
  166.     “Go put this in mother’s coin purse.” He whispered.
  168.     “Did you steal this?” Eden gasped. “Momma said you’re-”
  170.     “Would you hold your tongue?” He whispered harshly. “I was picking weeds out of Gertrude’s garden. Now do as your brother says. I’ll get you some sweet bread.”
  172.     “Okay!” Eden agreed, swayed by the promise of fresh baked bread covered in honey.
  174.     He watched her take the money into their house. He approached his mother. Her name was Jade. She was dressed in rough clothes with a white cloth tied around her head. She was a reptile like her children. Leoneirous started to fold clothes with her in the sun and put them in the basket.
  176.     “Your sister is very excited to see Cassia.” Jade said, not taking her eyes off her task. “You’re still taking her aren’t you?”
  178.     “Yes mother.” Leoneirous nodded. “I don’t know why everyone is making such a fuss about it. She’s just some old lady.”
  180.     “Be that as it may, she's a very important old lady.” Jade stressed. “People look up to her.”
  182.     “Who do you think she’s going to pick?” He asked.
  184.     “Someone pure of heart.” She shrugged. “Isn’t that always how these stories go?”
  186.     “...I think she should pick you.” Leoneirous said.
  188.     “Ha!” His mother scoffed. “Wouldn’t that be hilarious. No, I’m afraid I have one too many demons. That’s sweet though, dear. Thank you.”
  190.     She reached over and rubbed his face. She told him to get some money from her purse so they could eat. Leoneirous lied and said he would. The siblings walked together down the road eventually. He made good on his promise and got his sister some sweet bread, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She would offer it to him but again Leoneirous would lie and say he had already eaten. He was hungry. He was hungry often but made the decision to tough it out until supper.
  191.     Town Square was where all this was going down. The whole town, well the people who didn’t have businesses to run, The crowd was densely packed. Leoneirous and his sister were able to worm their way through to get to the front. Guards were standing in place, keeping the crowd from getting too close to a carriage. The door opened slowly and a guard started assisting an elderly woman out of it. She was...astounding. Even Leoneirous, who was skeptical of all of this, suddenly felt this woman’s presence. It wasn’t intimidating or imposing. It was like a blanket on a chilly fall night. It was comforting. She was a blonde, maned wolf, very tall. She wore flowing white robes and in her hand was a silver staff. Atop it was a glass orb held in an egg shape decoration.
  192.     She waved at them and applause erupted. Eden was jumping up and down, clapping her hands above her head. Leoneirous clapped a little as well. She touched her face, as if to say “Is this all for me? Just stop.” She waved her hand down, silencing the crown. A guard brought her a chair and she took a see. She smiled as she looked over the crowd.
  194.     “Is something on my face?” She asked before giving a small, grandmotherly laugh. “It’s been so long since I’ve been here's still too hot.”
  196.     “Here! Here!” Someone in the crowd agreed.
  198.     “I suppose you all know why I’m here.” She lead. “I’m looking for an heir for my staff, so I’m going to be here for a few days. I expect the search to take a while so don’t be surprised if you see me wandering around. I assure you my mind hasn’t gone just yet.”
  200.     Leoneirous was too distracted by Cassia to notice a presence reveal itself. A hand grabbed his collar. He gagged a bit and looked up to see the man from earlier, staring down at him with anger.
  202.     “Well shit.” Leoneirous said plainly.
  204.     “I came for my money, boy.” The man seethed, speaking softly.
  206.     “Hey! What are you doing?!” Eden asked the man, trying to pry his hands of her brother.
  208.     “Settle down, girl! This is between me and this rat!” He growled,
  210.     “I don’t have your money! Leave me alone!” Leoneirous pleaded. “I’ll get it back to you later!”
  212.     “No later. Now.” The man demanded.
  214.     Leoneirous tried his best to pull back from the man’s grasp. Eden opened her mouth and bit down on his hand, making him yelp and let go. The thirteen year old iguana boy fell backwards, clearing the guard line. He pushed himself up and started running as the angry man reached for him. This caused a mild panic among the guards and the crowd as a common boy was apparently running at Cassia. The old maned wolf woman looked at Leoneirous running curious. As he was swiftly snatched by the guard she raised her hand.
  216.     “Hold on.” She said, bringing her arm up and silencing the crowd. “Bring him here.”
  218.     Leoneirous’s stomach sank as the guard urged him over to Cassia. He was going to die. This woman was going to sentence him to death, he would be hung and his skin flayed. He was doomed. He was up creek without a paddle. He was-
  220.     “What’s your name, little one?” Cassia asked.
  222.     “Leoneirous!” He squawked.
  224.     “Leoneirous! Such a regal name. I can only assume you are next in line for the throne!” She joked.
  226.     “Ha...haha.” Leoneirous gave a nervous laugh.
  228.     “You seem nervous, little boy.” She teased. “Do I scare you?”
  230.     “No! It’s just...they say you have powers.” Leoneirous said.
  232.     “Well, so far they aren’t lying.” She shrugged. “Would you like to try?”
  234.     “Huh?”
  236.     She held her staff out and shook it around, offering it.
  238.     “It’s often hard for me to explain. So why don’t you try it for yourself, Leoneirous?” She asked.
  240.     There was a powerful echo to her voice when she spoke his name. His heart started beating, fearful that she had placed some spell on him. He didn’t know what was going on but...he wanted to see what it could do. He reached out and took the staff in hand. The crowd gasped as the ratty common boy took hold of Cassia’s staff. He stood there, not quite sure what to do.
  242.     “Uh...what do I do?” He asked.
  244.     “Play around. See what you can do.” She urged him.
  246.     He knew nothing about her powers. Was he supposed to fling fire from his hands? Whack people in the head with this thing? What?? He scanned the crowd and his eyes fell upon someone. There was a man standing at the front of the crowd. His leg was in a splint. Leoneirous walked over to the man, feeling compelled to. The man tried his best to straighten himself up, as if Leoneirous suddenly acquired status.
  248.     “What happened?” leoneirous asked.
  250.     “Uh...ha. Well, I was fixing my roof and on my way down I slipped on my ladder and broke my leg.” The man explained.
  252.     “Can...can I see?”
  254.     The man nodded turned so his bad leg was facing Leoneirous. He got down on his knees and propped the staff against himself. He reached out and ran his hand along the length of the man’s leg. Leoneirous felt...warmth. His arms subtly glowed as he cradled the man’s leg. He reached the man’s heel and stopped touching him. The man slowly put weight on his leg and it was better! The man let out shocked laughter and even bounced up and down on his newly healed.
  256.     “I can’t believe it! Hahah!” The man laughed. “Kid you made me good as new!!”
  258.     Leoneirous got a round of applause from a few of the bystanders that were around. He bushed. She really did have powers! He ran back over to Cassia, smiing.
  260.     “Did you see!? Did you see what I did!!” Leoneirous jumped happily. “I made his leg better!!”
  262.     “Yes you did. Very impressive!” She clapped for him.
  264.     Leonierous held the staff back out so she could take it. She laughed and tilted her head a little.
  266.     “You don’t want to keep it?” She asked.
  268.     “Huh? Me? No. No you should give this to someone else.” Leonerious shook his head. “Isn’t the person supposed to be pure of heart or something?”
  270.     “Just between you and me, I was never much of a saint either.” She laughed. “If you don’t want it, I’ll gladly take it back.”
  272.     Leoneirous held the staff back out. Cassia reached forward, taking the metal rod in hand before...letting go.
  274.     “Nah.” She shrugged.
  276.     Dead silence. From her, him, Eden, the entire town stood in dead shocked silence. What did she mean by “nah”??
  278.     “What do you mean??” Leoneirous asked, suddenly filled with anxiety.
  280.     “Silver was never my color.” The old woman said. “I think it fits you much better.”
  282.     “What?? Huh?? What?!” Leonerious asked, raising his voice.
  284.     “I chose you, Leoneirous. I have a good feeling about you, boy.” She said with a knowing smile.
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