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  1. Giant T. (GM): OKAY
  2. So - and by the way I'll log this like usual so don't worry about the format, textdump away - it's been years since you set out on your journey to prove yourself. Swords were involved.
  3. In fact, they're still involved. Somewhere along the way, as in now, you found yourself in the middle of a poor town, ruled by a very strange form of monarch- the town's entire source of income and politics comes from an arena, where two people at a time engage in gladitorial combat against one another. Every year, a special tournament is held, wherein the victor is able to decide on one more law with which to govern the town, which can be anything they like. Sort of like granting a wish but with government power instead of genies.
  4. Krauss: Nice
  5. Giant T. (GM): shit i was going to have the arena manager's ugly bald eyepatch-wearing face in here but there are no uploads of it, i'd have to rip it myself
  6. not worth it
  7. "Okay, you worthless maggots." You're lined up in a row, sort of shoehorned into the tournament as soon as you arrived, and a bald man wearing an eyepatch is looking you over. The other combatants are wearing varying degrees of armor and scars and weapons wow that is a horrible run-on sentence giantree you need to stop that. "So who's ready to die today?"
  8. Krauss: "I think this fellow is." He'd point his thumb leftwards at the sorry sap in the corner. "But anyways sir, i think might be just mistaken a see, I came here to find worthy opponents, but uhh.." He'd look over the competition. They seemed fierce for sure, but he wasn't really looking to show off to a bunch of people or anything.
  9. Giant T. (GM): "Oh yeah?" The man covered in scars with bulging muscles walks up close, like some sort of drill instructor. "And you think you're better than all these guys?"
  10. The others just sort of glare. ... And the poor sap in the corner might be a villager or recruit holding a spear bigger than themselves FUCK you made me write a new character on impulse without even planning for them to exist
  11. Krauss: "Not particularly sir, but I try not to make a habit of cutting people down in front of others. It's not the most graceful thing you see. And I'd certainly not wish anything on my opponents that I wouldn't like for myself."
  12. Giant T. (GM): "Well then, looks like you walked into the wrong place, kid." He points his thumb toward the gate... which you now see is locked tight with iron bars and no keyhole in sight. "You wanna go home to mommy? Maybe you should win the tournament and earn your freedom! BWAHAHA!"
  13. The place didn't seem so uninviting at first. It just looked like a regular town with a lot of strong warriors. It seems the others were tricked into coming here too, as they all share expressions of worry.
  14. Krauss: "Oh dear.." He'd look on curiously at the now closed door. "Well, if you insist, i suppose I don't really have a choice at this point." He'd put on a more cheerful face, though it was quite obviously a front to hide his worry. "So then, when will we start, I've got a schedule to keep to. Wouldn't want to miss my afternoon stroll throughout the town."
  15. Giant T. (GM): "Got spunk, kid." The man walks back and starts explaining the rules to the other participants: All battles are not, contrary to what you'd expect, to the death or anything, but there's potential for severe injury. And actually, everybody's free to leave as soon as the tournament's over.
  16. But the winner, the winner's the one who REALLY gets the prize... especially if they're residents of the town, which was sort of the idea, but most people here seem to be out-of-towners. One woman in particular, wielding some sort of weird knife/axe-looking thing you've never seen before, is especially impressed and wishes you luck as soon as rounds begin.
  17. Raquel: "May the best fighter win, eh?"
  18. Giant T. (GM): I'd love to bore you with hours of fighting mooks but
  19. no, suffice it to say they're all chumps
  20. So I'll just timeskip you a few hours later, to where you've - probably mercifully - been able to force them all into surrender or otherwise non-combat-capability fairly easily.
  21. "Listen up, maggots!" The man announces, although throughout the tournament you've seen that there was a flamboyant-looking man watching from the spectator seats, in regal robes. He must be the Lord of this town. However, it's the bald man who speaks, "Yer all worthless! Except for these two. So this is the final round!"
  22. Across from you is, unsurprisingly, the woman from earlier.
  23. don't be afraid of interrupting me just because you can see the typing messages, you know i love filling in unnecessary info while waiting
  24. Krauss: True
  25. "Oooh, you're quite the beauty now that I see you up close. I suppose your words weren't for nothing, you seem rather strong! Perfect, I was wondering if I might find a decent challenge around here."
  26. Giant T. (GM): "'Krauss' versus 'Raquel!' Both out-of-towners, looks like." He reads off from a sheet of paper, though it's sort of questionable how he knew your names. The woman, on the other hand, seems to be just as impressed as you are.
  27. Raquel: "You're not too bad yourself, handsome. I was hopin' for a good challenge before having to shove off for the war, and you'll do quite nicely."
  28. "No hard feelings if you lose, and don't you DARE go easy on me because I'm a woman, hear me?"
  29. Krauss: "I'm not usually the type to hit women, but I'm also not one to take a worthy opponent lightly. Very well, I'll try my best not to disappoint you."
  30. Raquel: "So I could tell, you looked the type. Well then-"
  31. Giant T. (GM): As if on cue, the earth starts to rumble lightly. Even the announcer looks surprised.
  32. And if you look, you can see the man in regal robes has disappeared from the stands as well. The announcer is about to call for the match to begin, but hesitates.
  33. Good thing he did too, because some of the more... unfortunate combatants, as in, the ones who were killed by ruthless opponents during their battles, stand up and start hobbling toward you!
  34. Raquel: "... Are you kidding me."
  35. Krauss: "Well, this is rather unexpected. Weren't you the sorry sap from before?" He'd extend a hand momentarily to the fiendish monster before him. Though realizing it was probably pointless, he reeled back, readying his sword.
  36. Giant T. (GM): "This uh... has never happened before." The man gulps.
  37. Raquel: "Screw it, you old fart! We don't need your announcement, we'll do this ourselves!"
  38. Krauss: "Seems like the match will have to wait...unless you feel up to a new sort of challenge."
  39. Raquel: Your backs are at one another's, and Raquel looks over her shoulder to you. "I'll get this one, you get that one over there, got it?"
  40. "And then we'll talk about a friendly match."
  41. in other words, the words you've been waiting for
  42. ~ PLAYER PHASE ~
  43. Krauss: "As you wish. I'll try not to keep you waiting."
  44. Krauss will attack Entombed 2 times for 12 damage, with a 117% chance to hit, and will crit on 62 or below. The enemy has 52 HP, 35% chance to hit 1 times for 12 damage, and will crit on 0 or below.
  45. Krauss: That's a lot of HP
  46. Raquel will attack Entombed 2 times for 15 damage, with a 119% chance to hit, and will crit on 51 or below. The enemy has 52 HP, 40% chance to hit 1 times for 17 damage, and will crit on 0 or below.
  47. Giant T. (GM): but is it if you crit : ^ )
  48. Krauss: Good point. Fire away.
  49. Krauss attacks Entombed with their Wo Dao! They attack 2 time(s) for 12 damage, reducing the enemy to 40 HP, and dealing critical damage if they roll 62 or below, and then some sweet Astra sparkles happen 0 of those times.!
  50. Krauss: rolling 2d100 + 00<117
  51. (
  52. 64
  53. +
  54. 26
  55. )
  56. +0
  57. = 90
  58. Giant T. (GM): ooh, the first one doesn't
  59. Entombed: "GROAR!"
  60. Entombed attacks Krauss with their Fetid Claw! They attack 1 time(s) for 12 damage, reducing the enemy to 36 HP, and dealing critical damage if they roll 0 or below!
  61. Entombed: rolling 1d100 + 00<35
  62. (
  63. 7
  64. )
  65. +0
  66. = 7
  67. wow
  68. Krauss: Oh, his hit is 30?
  69. 35^
  70. Entombed: oh yeah you have
  72. NICE
  73. Krauss: That's a miss actually. God bless Dualist's blow
  74. Raquel: "My turn!" The woman smirks.
  75. Raquel attacks Entombed with the Bhuj! The attack hits 2 time(s) for 15 damage, reducing the enemy to 37 HP, and dealing critical damage if they roll 51 or below! Also, 0 of said attacks heal Raquel, potentially restoring her to 49/42! Remember: If this is player phase, Raquel gets +30 AVO against the enemy's counterattack, and takes -3 total damage regardless if she's on a terrain square with bonuses.
  76. Raquel: rolling 2d100 + 00<119
  77. (
  78. 19
  79. +
  80. 95
  81. )
  82. +0
  83. = 114
  84. Entombed attacks Raquel with their Fetid Claw! They attack 1 time(s) for 17 damage, reducing the enemy to 25 HP, and dealing critical damage if they roll 0 or below!
  85. Entombed: rolling 1d100 + 00<40
  86. (
  87. 77
  88. )
  89. +0
  90. = 77
  91. Raquel: "Not even tryin'."
  92. Giant T. (GM): ... whoa that crit was huge, she actually killed hers
  93. Krauss: "An aging tree would make for a tougher opponent. At least that has a chance to strike back if it falls over."
  94. Giant T. (GM): speaking of which, it does try
  95. ~ ENEMY PHASE ~
  96. Entombed attacks Krauss with their Fetid Claw! They attack 1 time(s) for 12 damage, reducing the enemy to 36 HP, and dealing critical damage if they roll 0 or below!
  97. Entombed: rolling 1d100 + 00<35
  98. (
  99. 16
  100. )
  101. +0
  102. = 16
  103. Krauss: I'm good at dodging, don't worry.
  104. Giant T. (GM): nice
  105. Does that apply even when you don't attack first?
  106. Krauss: It's only when I initiate, so that's a hit.
  107. Giant T. (GM): Alright, not that it really matters because there's not a swarm of them... yet.
  108. Krauss: "Okay..not cool man. I just had this suit tailored."
  109. "Hope you can foot the bill my friend, I paid a pretty penny for this one."
  110. Raquel: "Gross."
  111. Krauss: Counter time?
  112. Giant T. (GM): of course
  113. Krauss attacks Entombed with their Wo Dao! They attack 2 time(s) for 12 damage, reducing the enemy to -8 HP, and dealing critical damage if they roll 62 or below, and then some sweet Astra sparkles happen 0 of those times.!
  114. Krauss: rolling 2d100 + 00<117
  115. (
  116. 89
  117. +
  118. 30
  119. )
  120. +0
  121. = 119
  122. Giant T. (GM): man, i was hoping you'd get to show off astra
  123. No though, the zombie goes down to a fierce blow that bisects it; it can't even "groat" in response.
  124. All of the other combatants have climbed over the arena walls to flee, or otherwise gotten killed by the other zambies.
  125. This isn't nearly all of them- you and Raquel turn out to be the only competent people here and fight a few dozen of undead that came out of seemingly nowhere, but since all the fights against them go like THAT, there's no need to roll them all out.
  126. By the time you're finished, you see the manager has opened the gate and fled himself; as have most of the spectators because they'd rather not have their brains eaten I guess.
  127. In other words, it's just you and the woman from earlier in the arena floor now, maybe a little bit exhausted.
  128. Raquel: "So... I guess... the rules are moot now, huh?"
  129. Krauss: "I suppose so. Darn, I'd hope to leave my name around these parts, but I suppose it is what it is."
  130. Raquel: "The same." Raquel sheathes her axe. "Looks like someone musta planned this to cheat us out of winnin'. Who would do such a thing?"
  131. Krauss: "Beats me, I'm not terribly good at thinking these sorts of things out. Have a brother to do that sort of thing for me. If I had to take a guess though..." He'd look around the area. "A practitioner of the dark arts maybe? One who is upset at the way things are set up around here?"
  132. Raquel: "Yeah. Looks like one of those necromancers. But whoever did it fled in the commotion, I guess."
  133. "Oh well! I got the first kill so I'd say it's my win, but... how about we still have that friendly match some other time? Pretty impressed by your sword skill, if I do say so myself."
  134. Giant T. (GM): Outside the arena, most people are panicked and hiding inside their houses, but as there aren't any more zombies attacking it looks pretty peaceful.
  135. Krauss: "Your strength is quite impressive as well..and yes, I suppose the win should go to you. I can't believe I let myself mess up in front of a lady...well, I'm sure there will be other times in the future to try again.. The name is Krauss by the way, I believe we haven't properly been introduced yet."
  136. Raquel: "Ah! That's right!" The woman extends a hand to shake. "I'm Raquel- formally, I'm part of the 'Storm Vanguard,' the group that's gonna be headin' up to meet the enemy head-on at the start of the war. Just thought I'd have some fun 'cause we don't move out 'till tomorrow but, well, you saw how that went."
  137. Giant T. (GM): By the way the official time placement of this is like, a couple days after war was declared, if that wasn't clarified before.
  138. Krauss: He'd take the hand in a firm grip, giving the girl a warm smile. "You mentioned this war before but...who are you all fighting? If you don't mind a simple wanderer being nosy about these sorts of things."
  139. Raquel: "Ah, you didn't hear? Guess word has yet to travel 'round the more rural parts." The woman, who looks about your age, nods understandingly. "Sirrolant just declared war on us, outta the blue. We don't know what it's all about, but we figure it's got somethin' to do with politics and only the higher-up brass really understands."
  140. "Me, I'm just a fighter. Not my business to think about the 'why,' y'know?"
  141. Krauss: "I can understand that. You've got a cause, you fight for it. Still, that sounds mighty interesting...a war against Sirrolant huh...wonder what it's all about. There's a good reason for it I imagine, but war is can start off of the simplest of things."
  142. Raquel: "Yep. Sounds about right. Well then, Krauss, maybe we can meet up and have that spar when it's all over? Or maybe if you come see me when there's a lull in the action- I don't mind, my little Bhuj is always hungry for a good fight."
  143. Krauss: "Likewise, I'd not pass up on such a strong opponent. And a beautiful one at that! Hm..." It seemed he'd gotten lost in thoughts momentarily as he held his hand over his mouth for a good while. "On that note, I suppose it would be a bad idea to stick my neck into the affairs of countries..." His voice was a bit low, but still fairly audible.
  144. Raquel: "Heh." She smirks one of her trademark smirks again. "Well, I'm sure we wouldn't refuse ya if you wanted to sign up, the military could always use strong fighters. 'Specially on the front lines."
  145. "But that's all the time I got to myself for now. See ya sometime!"
  146. Krauss: "Later..." He'd half heartedly see her off with a wave. then, what should he do next. The wandering swordsman ponders this question as he begins his scheduled stroll around the town.
  147. Giant T. (GM): The town, now almost completely silent, is the perfect place for a stroll. You have all the day, and indeed, perhaps the next few days, to plan your next move, and buy a SHITTON of weapons because no duh, can you believe it? That the town centered around an arena sells a lot of weapons?
  148. Krauss: No way
  149. Giant T. (GM): ... But that's all I had for you, unless you wanted to fight like 300 zombies in a row
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