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  1. Tags: Smut, Futanari, Futa-on-Female, Lizardman, Manticore
  2. Length: ~7k words
  3. Commissioned by: Anonymous
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  8. There was a strange, soothing quality to the muffled sound of the engine. To drive down a desolate backroad, of lengthy straights and hardly a faint curve this late in the night, allowed for a constant and unchanging noise; not much else could interrupt it, with the radio turned off and no other engine anywhere close from car nor bike. To the lizard girl behind the wheel, it seemed close to meditation.
  10. At least, until she came to the conclusion that she had tempted fate. Flashing lights and a closing in vehicle from behind left her to grit her teeth in annoyance; police, at this hour, on these roads. No matter where one was, no matter how far away from civilization one found herself in, those red-and-blue lights would pop out of the ether.
  12. She slowed down and pulled aside, stopping over the grass beside the road. On the rear view mirror she could see the lights following suit, stopping behind her till the two inside stepped out; while she lowered the window, the lizard saw one of them approach while the other stood by their car. As if one had not been bad enough.
  14. Despite the night, she came to notice some details in their anatomy. Though humanoid, some things gave it away: They were monsters. Stalking the backroads this late? Stopping someone for no reason? The actual reason felt all too obvious. Anxiety slowly crept in, knowing they'd be disappointed that their prey had not been some boy driving all alone.
  16. "Well, what do we have here?" Greeted one of them in a taunting tone, arriving to the window with a devious grin from ear to ear. Couldn't have been more stereotypical, even with aviator sunglasses in the dead of the night, shining a flashlight right into the lizard's eyes while her elbow rested on the frame. A manticore. However, in the subsequent silent pause, her grin died down to nothing. "License and registration." She added, monotonously.
  18. Reaching over, the lizardman handed them to the manticore. The manticore gave it a look, only for her grin to return in full.
  20. A chill ran down the lizardman's spine, knowing very well what the manticore had seen in her license. A certain trait.
  22. "You've been running with expired tags for a pretty merry while, hun."
  24. 'Load of bullshit.' Thought the lizard.
  26. Taking off her sunglasses, the manticore eyed her with a gaze which only emphasized the deviousness in her smile.
  28. "What are you doing driving around this late?" She asked.
  30. "Coming back from work."
  32. "This late." She repeated, skeptical, taunting.
  34. "Forced overtime."
  36. The manticore said nothing, her grin never dying down.
  38. "You know what it sounds like?" She said, returning the license and registration. "It sounds like you've been getting wasted."
  40. Before the lizard could even respond, the manticore extended her palm and placed it in front of the lizard.
  42. "Breathe."
  44. "...What?" Asked the lizard.
  46. "Breathe." She repeated, stern and forceful.
  48. Anxiety growing in full, she could imagine hardly any good would come out of refusing. Not understanding it terribly well, she breathed onto the manticore's palm, for the manticore to then bring it to herself and sniff.
  50. "Smells pretty alcoholy."
  52. The lizard hid her anger. She was playing with her, and there was nothing she could do about it.
  54. "Whatever happened to breathalysers?"
  56. "They're being phased out for another method now." Answered the manticore, bringing her hand back behind her. After a second and a pull, she brought it towards the lizard again, this time holding a peculiar object. A manticore barb. "I'm gonna need you to put this in your mouth."
  58. Obvious. So obvious, in fact, that it felt insulting to her. "...That's not gonna help." She said, facing extreme difficulty in exercising the discipline not to cuss her enough to potentially receive a beating.
  60. "Sure it will. If you've been drinking, it'll... change colour, yes. Now, you can get tested, or you can get a DUI. Your call."
  62. Silence. Was there another way out? It didn't look like it, even though she was walking to her proverbial death. Each second that she took to think felt like minutes, and the manticore starting to sway the barb from side to side didn't help. Too much pressure.
  64. Letting out a frustrated sigh, the lizard took the barb and put it in her mouth as if it had been a cigarette.
  66. "Good." Said the manticore. "Now, we wait."
  68. Couldn't even bear to look at that smug grin of hers. All she could do was stare forward, waiting for the inevitable. The barb's tip eventually dripped a faint flavorless liquid, though at the same time stingy like mint. At first it left the point of contact cold and numb, for an opposite sensation to then creep in, turning what once was cold into warm, and then almost burning. What had felt numb returned to normal, to then go further and leave her tongue particularly sensitive. A little too much, in fact.
  70. It spread inwards at an eerily quick pace. Not even half a minute, at it had already reached her throat. Walking poison, she thought of the manticores. That only one of those barbs could have such a quick effect filled her with dread. Worse yet, it had been just a few drops ingested by mouth; had it been injected straight into the bloodstream it would've most likely been orders of magnitude quicker, or stronger. A manticore wouldn't have just one barb either, but several, all of which could be shot. To think someone would give a walking terror like those the authority of an officer. Who'd be dumb enough? Or perhaps it was smart for those who decided, to keep those things on their good side.
  72. It reached her chest, hastening her breathing as the cold took over and gave way to a warmth extending to her breasts. Sensitivity increased enough that her own clothing seemed to work against her, their mere touch against her granting her a tickling sensation in too lewdly a manner for comfort.
  74. And the stimulation only had the obvious effect, though on a part not too obvious to what one would think of upon seeing her at first.
  76. It spread to her belly and, inevitably, to her crotch. Turned hard to hide what she knew the manticore had seen in her ID, and why her grin had returned despite it having been killed so quickly moments prior:
  78. She had a cock, one which thanks to the venom had popped a gigantic tent in her pants.
  80. "Doesn't look like you were wasted..." Said the manticore, lowering her flashlight to said tent. "But we're gonna have a problem here."
  82. Left in such state, the lizard could not even respond. Almost starting to sweat, she could only stare ahead, focusing entirely on containing herself.
  84. "You're not carrying guns or contraband, are you?"
  86. "N...No." She barely answered, more of a rushed sigh than a proper reply.
  88. "Then you wouldn't object to a search, right?"
  90. Panic. To say no would condemn her, but so would saying yes. Even if she had been able to think straight, there'd probably not be any way to escape this.
  92. At her indecision, however, the manticore shook her head with a light laugh.
  94. "Calmly step out of the vehicle." She ordered, taking a step back.
  96. It's all over, figured the lizard.
  98. Taking a deep breath, she mustered all the strength she had, needing to fight the shame of standing up with an erection of such magnitude. Her pants constricted her far too much, more than usual in fact, and after peeking down, she could only conclude the venom had swollen it to a far greater size than she'd consider normal. It hurt, not only by the pressure, but by the absolute need for release of such carnal lust. Grasping the handle, she opened the door and stepped out, despite how much she did not want to. Now that she stood straight, the bulge she sported could be seen in all its size. The manticore's smile did not calm the lizard's nerves, but worsened them.
  100. "Oi Suzy," said the other manticore as she approached, "you don't lean that way do you-- Oh..."
  102. She had seen as well, if her stupefaction followed by an equal grin was anything to go by. Past that, however, the lizard came to see some striking similarities between the two. Related, she thought; sisters, perhaps.
  104. "Hands on the roof, now." Said the first one, forcibly turning the lizard with a hand over her shoulder and pushing her against the car.
  106. Immediately thereafter the manticore pressed herself against the lizard in force, hugging tightly with her arms around the lizard's belly and her breasts planted against her back. A shudder escaped the lizard, too much body contact all at once against her now sensitive skin. The venom seemed to have the effect of turning her entire body into a mild erogenous zone, making her erection twitch.
  108. "You name is Suzy?" Asked the lizard, perhaps her frustration and the opportunity to get back at her through a pisspoor taunt granting her the strength to talk.
  110. "That's Officer Susan to you, civvie." She said, hugging tighter for a second. "Say, what's yours?"
  112. "...Audrey."
  114. "Well, Audrey..." Said Suzy, to then drag one of her hands downward. It fell over Audrey's crotch, her bulge, stopping for a second before firmly grasping it with her hand. Audrey's leg muscles and buttocks involuntarily tightened, something she knew Suzy could feel with her hips so tightly pressed against them. At the same time, the other manticore approached, to then lean against the car next to Audrey cross-armed, looking on with devilish curiosity. "You're really hiding something."
  116. Both of Suzy's hands moved to the buckle, undoing the belt to then undo the button of the trousers and move the zipper down, leaving Audrey's underwear exposed. Then, she brought her hands to the top of Audrey's underwear and pulled down.
  118. The breeze touching on exposed skin left her with an icy sensation, not unlike that of drinking after chewing on minty flavors. Pleasant, in fact, feeling the relief over such breeze cooling down what had felt like burning. With Suzy's single swift movement, her cock had plopped out, no longer crushed against the fabric of her clothing. Looking at it, the effects of the venom became clear: swollen, throbbing, too big for comfort.
  120. The manticore's touch upon it almost felt enough to send her over the edge, grasping it with her hand. Thumb over the shaft, and palm and fingers wrapping around. At an excruciatingly slow pace, just enough for Audrey not to end up orgasming over the overstimulation, she pulled back to reveal the glans in its entirety.
  122. "Were you trying to keep this all to yourself?" Taunted Suzy, moving her hand back and forth. Audrey's breathing hastened further, ending up as an intermittent, shaky and wavering panting.
  124. Worrisome, that simple strokes could put her so close to orgasming. Was it a blessing that her pace was just slow enough? Or a curse, that it wouldn't allow her to finish?
  126. "You look like you're enjoying it." Said Suzy. "Say, wouldn't you like it better with Lily here?"
  128. Audrey slowly turned her head, seeing the other manticore looking downwards towards her crotch, only to then raise her eyes to meet hers in such seductive manner. Before she could do anything, however, Suzy forced Audrey's arms down, immobilizing her in a tight hug before turning her to Lily. The aggressive move left Audrey's cock to almost whip aside, standing erect in full force towards Lily, making Audrey's face turn redder than it ever was.
  130. With her devilish smile turning lustful, Lily took off her cap and left it over the car's roof, to then lower herself till she was kneeling on the grass. The way she kept on looking at Audrey's anxious face silently taunted as to how both knew very well what would follow. Those lips, red and divine, like candy almost. Audrey swallowed her fear, unknowing whether she'd be able to last or not, and braced herself for the inevitable.
  132. Bringing her hand to Audrey's erection, she pulled down the skin to all its extent, revealing the glans in full. Then, with a smile revealing her teeth, she leaned closer and dragged her tongue from the bottom upwards. What difficulty she had earlier in retaining her composure felt nothing in comparison to now, shivering by the touch of her tongue and the warm breeze of her breath. All the way from the base, reaching the middle, to then end at the very tip before letting go, covering it in a faint trail of saliva.
  134. And then, without warning, she opened her mouth and swallowed the head, pressing her tongue against it. A whimper escaped Audrey, spasming in reflex at the sudden stimulation, though hardly she could do with Suzy holding her in place. Suzy couldn't help but let out a quiet laugh, and Lily's cheeks rising betrayed what amusement she had gotten out of it.
  136. Lily leaned in further, slowly engulfing the shaft in her mouth, with Audrey seeing it disappear. The greater the sensation that threatened to overwhelm her, the most satisfaction Lily got out of it, till it stopped as Audrey felt the glans hit the back of her throat, her cock sandwiched between the top of her mouth and her tongue. In equal pace Lily began to move back, leaving all the exposed skin covered in saliva for the breeze to hit against. And yet, Audrey came to feel what vacuum had formed as she pulled back, sucking onto her cock and pulling the skin by its force alone, all till Lily let go and let out a gasp in relief and pleasure.
  138. "Can't handle it?" Asked Lily, bringing her hands to Audrey's thighs.
  140. With as much eagerness as before, Lily engulfed Audrey's erection in her mouth, leaning forward with her tongue massaging its bottom. At her maximum reach, she pulled back, sucking in equal manner till she reached the glans, to then move forward again, all while looking at Audrey in the eyes.
  142. Audrey fared differently; to Lily's smugness, Audrey clenched her teeth, panting on and on at what assault she had to endure. With each movement, with each back and forth, the squishing noises of saliva building up mixed in with the manticore's quiet moans and breaths.
  144. "Looks like you're at your limit." Said Suzy. "Come on, there's no shame in being a quick shooter."
  146. In. Out. In. Out. The pace hastened, Audrey narrowed her eyes, her eyes turned heavy at all the pleasure flooding into her mind. Despite all her attempts to fight it off, she finally felt herself crossing the point of no return.
  148. Suzy seemed to notice, somehow. She brought her hand to Lily's head and pulled, making her engulf it as much as she possibly could, and after a second, Audrey spasmed violently as she came, her legs locking up. First shot, Lily welcomed it, swallowing it no less. The second and third, she swallowed as well, but the to the fourth one, she furrowed her brow in confusion. At the fifth, she choked up, that white thick liquid sneaking out of her mouth despite it full of Audrey's cock, as did the sixth.
  150. Suzy let go, allowing Lily to move away and cough out all the semen which now dripped to the ground.
  152. "Girl had more than I imagined..." Said Lily, surprise and lust mixed in her tone as she stood up.
  154. Audrey breathed deeply, recovering from the assault with the break she had been given, though a chill ran down her spine upon a strange object creeping from between her legs: Suzy's tail, its end getting closer to her erection. With a gentle push from below, it made it point upwards as it dripped a faint stream of that white liquid.
  156. "My, you're not even going soft." Said Suzy.
  158. "You got what you wanted." Sighed Audrey. "Can I go yet?"
  160. "You seem to be mistaken. Lily here might've gotten what she wanted... but I haven't."
  162. Suzy then forced Audrey to move; she leaned against Audrey's car and, still hugging Audrey tightly, kept her in front. She then forced Audrey's legs apart slightly with her own, to then drag one hand until it lay over Audrey's thigh as the other rested on her belly. The tip of her tail, on the other hand, quietly dragged under her cock towards the top, to halt in place once there.
  164. Audrey could not hide the panic, staring wide eyed with a sweat drop running down her brow. She was already too overstimulated by the mere touch of the tip against the glans, having orgasmed so recently, and still it seemed like it was far from over without a minuscule break.
  166. "Who knows, it might be morning before we're done here."
  168. "...What?!"
  170. Audrey's cry was then interrupted, Suzy's tail mercilessly swallowing her entire cock down to the very hilt. Her indignant cry now had been replaced with an uncontrolled gasp of shock and pleasure, limbs shaken and kept in place by Suzy's bear hug, much to the manticore's amusement. Like a hundred tongues all salivating, pressed so tightly against her, dragging themselves over each and every inch, on top of the sensitivity of an earlier orgasm. Her mind faded to nothing for a split second, as if almost getting knocked out.
  172. Without a second of respite, it pulled outwards, suctioning mercilessly as each little tongue massaged each nook and cranny. There was nothing left untouched, no place to escape the assault, and once the tail had pulled back to the glans, it thrust forward again taking Audrey's cock to the hilt once more.
  174. Shaking. Spasming. Twitching. Gritting teeth and drooling, almost snapping the barb she had forgotten was still in her mouth, suppressing her own squirming. No matter how violent her movements, however, Suzy kept her in place exceptionally well; that she had predicted this all too well turned undeniable.
  176. No mercy, just like Lily's actions. Back and forth, on and on, those lewd sounds of thick liquids ringing out with each thrust, heard so clearly in the the otherwise silent night. Her erection had been soaked completely, fluids sneaking out and dripping onto the ground past her pants, until just like last time, she felt herself passing the point of no return again. Refractory periods be damned, the venom had removed it entirely.
  178. Coinciding with the very moment Audrey twitched in orgasm, the tail thrust one final time to remain embedded all the way. Shooting once, twice inside it, it responded with a pulsations of the tail's bulb followed by the tail itself in a certain rhythm; just by seeing it, Audrey could tell it was sucking out all it could get, swallowing it through her tail towards Suzy's body.
  180. "You weren't lying, Lily." Said Suzy, slowly removing her tail from Audrey's erection much to her whimpering of over-stimulation, letting a faint trail of semen flow out. "This girl really shoots a lot! So soon since she last came, and she still had so much in her!"
  182. Audrey, on the other hand, hardly kept conscious. Panting, chest puffing in and out violently, eyes looking about aimlessly and half-closed, exhaustion creeping in. She could barely keep herself standing, Suzy aiding in keeping her from falling on her own. Still, Lily stared smugly, only for her gaze to shift downwards. When Suzy followed her eyes, she found what had caught her attention.
  184. Audrey still remained hard, her cock twitching in irregular intervals, as damp as it could be.
  186. "Poor thing." Said Suzy. "Are you tired? Do you want to sit down?"
  188. Audrey could not even answer. Not like Suzy had use for one, anyway. The tiniest nudge was enough; Suzy moved her aside, all three of them walking towards the cop car to end up at the end opposite to the road. By the front wheel, Suzy sat down with Audrey in front of her, still hugging her tightly and not letting go. Audrey then heard a few noises of moving clothes, to find Lily throwing her trousers aside trousers and approaching; Lily then sat down over Audrey's hips, her cock neatly nestled inbetween her buttcheeks.
  190. "You said she was tired," said Lily, grinding her ass against Audrey, "but she doesn't look like she ran out of steam."
  192. "So you lied to me?" Asked Suzy in such proximity to Audrey that her warm breath tickled her neck. Afterwards, Suzy ran her hand down Audrey's belly, going lower and lower with Lily lifting herself partly to allow Audrey's cock be grabbed. From there, Suzy guided the tip till it nestled itself against Lily's labia. "You know, we never tried this barb thingy on a monster before. Who knows if you end up lasting more than a human. Well, we're gonna find out!"
  194. Lily let herself down partly, just enough that she pressed down against Audrey's erection. Its head slowly ended up halfway in, about to penetrate, all while Suzy held it firmly in place. A suppressed moan escaped Lily,
  196. "My, it's so big~" She said, lowering herself further and further.
  198. At the same time, Audrey found difficulty in keeping control, feeling like her legs were about to spasm, her consciousness drifting till all she could focus was that in front of her. Warm, wet, tight, if not even moreso than Suzy's tail. Little by little, she saw her cock be swallowed, and soon enough she lost sight of the glans itself. Lily did not stop, however; with muffled moans as she bit her lip, Lily kept on pace till she had driven it all inside her.
  200. "There we go." She added, sighing in relief. Then, her smile turned into a devious grin, just as she raised her hips.
  202. At least she had been slower than Suzy, though not by much. Almost lifting her hips high enough to let the head slip out, Lily lowered them again. Down to the hilt, she halted, then rose them again.
  204. "Come on, it's no fun if you're not doing anything!" She taunted, grabbing Audrey's hands and placing them over her own thighs. Right afterwards Lily began anew, her tempo rising as she found her rhythm.
  206. "How tragic, to not be able to do anything yourself." Added Suzy, sneaking her hands under Audrey's shirt and lifting it, revealing her breasts. "But that's why we're here, no?" Passing her palms over the soft skin of Audrey's breasts, Suzy then brought her fingers to her nipples, massaging and lightly pinching and twisting; Audrey's erratic breathing hastening seemed a good enough sign for Suzy of its effect.
  208. With each drop of Lily's hips, Audrey shook in return. Her mind had already gone numb, drooling, as if all the blood flow had gone to her cock still harder than it had ever been. Lily grew violent in her movements, bouncing over and over with her moaning and panting betraying what enjoyment she didn't bother to hide.
  210. "To think I was doubting your choices, Suzy~!" Panted Lily.
  212. "I know them when I see them. She's a natural." Answered Suzy, dragging her lips across Audrey's neck.
  214. Throughout the ferocious assault, Lily's rhythm got quicker still. Too much for Audrey to cope, knowing herself to be nearing that dreaded pleasure point again. The venom had yet to wear off, it seemed.
  216. Pound, pound, pound, over and over, quicker and quicker, breathing quickening and growing erratic from both, till the point had passed. With a final drop, Lily moaned out loud as her hips connected with Audrey's, refusing to get up again. With an exhausted gasp in pleasure, Audrey spasmed as she came, shooting out all she had inside Lily who twitched intermittently in orgasm.
  218. "You're filling me up~!" Said Lily, convulsing every other second with Audrey, twitches calming down in due time.
  220. It was never ending. She should've been shooting blanks already, and still she produced enough to meet demand. Lily slowly lifted her hips and let herself fall back, sitting on the grass with her fingers reaching down to her vagina. After a few second, Audrey's white fluids began to drip out.
  222. "My turn." Said Suzy, standing up from behind Audrey and leaving her to rest against the cop car's wheel. She undid her belt and pulled down her trousers and underwear, taking them off along with her shoes to then drop them aside just like Lily had done earlier. She then lowered herself on Audrey, sitting down with her back towards her and Audrey's cock standing tall with its head nestled against her labia. "Hope you're not too tired, even though you're working for two."
  224. There simply was no rest. With Audrey's cock still so damp from Lily, Suzy lowered herself and swallowed it in one go, hitting her buttocks against Audrey's hips with a moan escaping from both. Manticores really knew no restraint. Down and low, Suzy began to grind against her, shooting a devious grin back towards her.
  226. "How are you liking it so far?" She said. "Some dream on and on and on of having a night like this, you know~"
  228. The bouncing began anew; so little time had passed, that it felt as if Lily's session simply had not ended at all. Her cock had begun to ache, although rather than pain, numbness had instead seeped in. No wonder, if each of the manticores rested after having their way for the other to take up the task, while she herself had no such opportunities.
  230. Squish, plap, squish, plap, lewd noises continuing to echo in the dead of the night for each movement and slap of butt on hips, with hardly a car passing by to drown them out.
  232. But past Suzy, Audrey spotted movement. Though Lily had been resting, she had decided to move forward up to Suzy, soon to embrace her while gazing at Audrey.
  234. "Hey, Suzy, can we keep her?" She asked, smug and devious.
  236. "Ah, I don't know~" Answered Suzy, voice wavering with her movements. "Maybe if it follows us home~"
  238. By the show before her, Lily's eyes narrowed is lust, biting her lip as she shifted glances from Audrey's eyes to Suzy's ass. Lily then took Audrey's hands and, just like before, dragged them this time to Suzy's hips, making it look like Audrey was holding onto it for dear life. She didn't stop there, getting fired up enough to turn her eyes to Suzy so close to her and, with lewd thoughts dictating what to do, slowly leaned in for a kiss. Now, intermittent gasping moans and tongues dancing with each other had joined the noises around them.
  240. But the numbness seemed to subside, even if just a little. Not enough to be of much help, but to Audrey, it seemed sign enough of something important. She realized at that moment: She was getting used to it at last, no longer her senses overstimulated to the point of rendering her a mere ragdoll. Still, with those issues subsiding partly, another surfaced, much like a noise dissipating to give way to another it had been drowning out. The venom's effect still lingered, the production of that thick white liquid she had kept on shooting inside them, and that primal urge to release it all.
  242. Single-minded as she ever was, Audrey now firmly grasped Suzy's hips of her own accord. Suzy let out a sigh in surprise past the kisses, but before she could even give a snarky remark, Audrey began to lift herself up. With a surprised gasp from both, Suzy fell forward over Lily who fell onto her back; with her cock still deep in Suzy, Audrey ended up on her knees behind her who now remained on all fours.
  244. "A little rough, don't you think?" She said, only to be interrupted by her own yelp, Audrey smashing her hips against her with a loud slap.
  246. Slap. Slap. Slap. Suzy no longer said a word, visibly enjoying herself despite the shift in control, and soon enough Lily began to kiss her again.
  248. Control. Somehow, it felt so nice for Audrey to finally be able to no longer be on the receiving end of whatever position the manticores forced on her. No 'suffering' through it, but almost enjoying it, even if the manticores seemed to enjoy it far more than her. The soft skin of Suzy's skin, grasping her hips and being the one to thrust as she kept still, with her tail slowly wrapping around her leg as if her moaning had not been sign enough of her thoughts on the matter.
  250. Urges surfaced further. She still had the barb in her mouth after so long; had the venom ran out of it, or was it still dripping? Didn't matter, it didn't even cross her mind to spit it out. All she wanted was release. That Suzy had given up control only meant she had the freedom to do as she pleased. Her cock ached in anticipation, in desperate need to release; pausing for a second and taking a quick yet deep breath, Audrey began pounding with ever greater strength.
  252. The effect had been immediate. Suzy broke from Lily's kiss, softly crying out in pleasure at the newfound tempo with her voice wavering by the blows. The tail around Audrey's leg tightened, as did Suzy's legs against Audrey's.
  254. But it was still not enough. It all seemed so slow, so blue-balling; she demanded more, rougher, more violent, restraint be damned. Audrey paused again, yet only to lift one knee up and placing her hand against Suzy's head. Pushing forward, Suzy ended up squished against Lily to then resume the pounding. Suzy cried out louder still, tone betraying how she was losing herself in ecstasy, the slaps of hips against butt resonating in the night.
  256. In. Out. In. Out. Suzy's cries felt like music to Audrey's eyes, if only by the absolute contrast in her initial demeanor; revenge, as if. Still, it all was secondary to the release she sought with her. But then, Suzy let out a sharp moan as she began convulsing, prompting Audrey to stop. Twitch, spasm, erratic gasps with movements to match.
  258. "Oooh baby, haven't had a romp like this in years..." She sighed, catching her breath.
  260. No, it wasn't going to end there, thought Audrey. Damned if the manticore orgasmed, she still had not gotten satisfied. Still grabbing her by the hips, Audrey lifted her up with a whimper in surprise escaping Suzy and wide-eyed shock visible in Lily.
  262. "W-Wait!" She begged, dragged towards the car with Audrey's cock still inside her. "I just came, give me a sec--!"
  264. But Audrey slammed her onto the car, hands on the edge of the roof just like Suzy had done with her the first time, to resume the merciless pounding. Though pleas had come out of Suzy's mouth just a second ago, now all that escaped were gasps and whimpers in overwhelming lust and stimulation. Standing against the cop car, Audrey drove herself against Suzy over and over like a battering ram, all as Lily looked on speechless.
  266. It really looked like a complete reversal, with Suzy facing over-stimulation enough to almost lose her strength and fall. Audrey saw this, pushing herself against her and keeping her on her feet by pure force applied, sandwiching her between herself and the car. For each thrust, the car shook, creaking as it tilted every so slightly in rhythm. Suzy's moans had grown uncontrolled, now that she had no free space to recoil against the blows; her buttocks took all impact, forming ripples at each strike.
  268. Audrey, however, still wanted more, no matter how little. Maybe if Suzy stuck her butt a bit more. The idea suddenly came into her head, and wasting no time to even think it through, Audrey dragged Suzy aside towards the hood of the car. Suzy fell forward just as Audrey wanted, and to keep her in place she brought her hand to her head and pinned her down. Audrey then lifted one of her feet to the top of the car's wheel, and began pounding again. Suzy, on the receiving end of such barbarism, held on for dear life to the car's hood.
  270. Slap. Slap. Slap. Ripples on Suzy's butt, creaking of the car, uncontrolled whimpering and panting from both.
  272. Only there and then Audrey came to feel herself coming close. Her thrusts intensified, Suzy's voice now turning near-constant in her whimpers rather than rhythmical, the car rocking side to side ever so slightly, and right before climaxing, Audrey lowered herself and embraced Suzy with a bear hug, breasts pushing so tightly against Suzy's back. With the last movement, Suzy abruptly grew silent, her own throat choking her gasps.
  274. Climax. Spasms. Her hips withdrew to then push forward again to coincide with every load blown deep inside the manticore. Then, silence and stillness, until ever so slowly Audrey pulled her cock out. Semen began to drip, and as soon as Audrey let go, Suzy fell to the ground with no strength remaining. Panting, exhausted, immobile, almost passed out.
  276. But she still was rock hard. Turning around to face Lily, she saw her going pale, eyes widening in disbelief as her gaze fell down to Audrey's still raging erection. Suzy was spent, Lily will do, thought Audrey.
  278. When Audrey took a step towards her, Lily gulped in fear.
  280. "H-Hey, don't you think we oughta take a break or something?" She asked, but Audrey did not halt. "Come on, I have a few beers in the car! W-what do you say?"
  282. No response. Lily attempted to crawl back, but by then Audrey had reached her, lowering herself on top of Lily with her erection already pointing at her vagina. Before she could gave even a hint of protest, with a swift thrust Audrey rammed herself inside Lily, forcing out a gasp in surprise and pleasure from the manticore.
  284. Though at first she sported terror and shock, Audrey came to see her expression quickly shatter past each thrust. Firmly holding her hips, Audrey moved them in rhythm with her own; Lily quickly brought her arms towards Audrey in an attempt to push her off - or at least soften the blows - but in return the lizard paused, grabbing them and pinning them against the ground by the wrists to continue pounding her once more.
  286. "You're too rough!!" Moaned Lily, losing her senses and composure, only to be thoroughly ignored.
  288. Her legs, on the other hand, had remained free. Not long after, they moved as if on their own, betraying Lily's thoughts contrary to her earlier words as they rose and wrapped themselves around Audrey. Not only her lower body showed Lily's lust in full, but so did her expression as she came to lock eyes with Audrey; drooling, gritting teeth, teary-eyed and red-faced, just barely containing herself. With a particularly rough rocking of her hips, Audrey came to see her expression contort with a moan, opening her mouth for a loud cry in ecstasy.
  290. She wasn't trying to fight back anymore. There was no strength to her arms, making it redundant to keep her pinned down. Audrey let go, to then bring one arm under her leg and move it forward, lifting it high. In short notice she did the same with the other, moving forward herself till both their crotches lined up almost vertically, one on top of the other with Audrey's hands firmly against the ground. The grass served as cushioning well enough; had it been on solid ground, even past the clothing bruises would be all but inevitable.
  292. "You're gonna turn me inside out...!" Said Lily, choked by her own throat.
  294. Fire, within. Again, that proximity to orgasming, and if Lily's demeanor was anything to go by, she was coming close as well. Her movements intensified, reflected in turn by Lily's gasps getting faster in turn. Faster, faster, faster on and on, till at the very point of climax, both let out a deep cry in release, Audrey letting herself go and pressing herself against Lily below her in an embrace. Twitch, another, and another as a stream of fluids intermittently shot out into Lily, until the very last of it had been released. With an almost audible pop, Audrey left her cock to slide out, before letting herself fall to the side face-up in absolute exhaustion as her muscles screamed for respite. Whatever mess Lily had been left as, she hardly took mind of, though her abrupt silence save for her heavy breathing already seemed enough hint.
  296. Placing her arm over her forehead, she found herself already with a thick layer of sweat she had only now noticed. Too strenuous a session, the harshest she had ever had. As soon as she closed her eyes, she could already feel herself about to fall asleep; how long had she been here for? What hour was it? For all she knew she could have very well been asleep by now had the manticores not stopped her. She already had enough issues: Sweaty, clothes starting to grow damp, muscular ache, cock already feeling numb, but another problem made itself apparent.
  298. Her cock refused to go soft.
  300. Questioning herself as to why, only then did the cause reveal itself to her. She still had that manticore barb in her mouth. Though she spit it out, she knew it'd not solve it; the erection was there to stay. Maybe if she released one last time it'd go away, with no more venom to keep her aroused? Might as well try, she thought to herself with her hand slowly moving its way downwards. Looking aside, Suzy as still on the ground by the car, most likely unconscious; if she were to fuck her, it'd sooner be considered aided masturbation with a living onahole. Lily next to her, on the other hand, still was awake, or as awake as she'd be. With hardly any strength left, she had begun to crawl away towards the car, though inevitably, the direction in which she went left her butt pointing straight at Audrey.
  302. Not thinking it twice, Audrey reached over and quickly grabbed her by the ankle.
  304. "...Don't you get ever tired?!" Lily attempted to scream, coming out as a mixture of a gasp and whisper instead as she turned her head partly back.
  306. Audrey ignored her words, pulling her by the leg towards her; Lily's hands dragged through the ground in a futile attempt to prevent it. At the same time, Audrey crawled towards her, until she reached her and pinned her down with the weight of her own body upon her. Too tired to try anything rough nor quick.
  308. Lily couldn't fight back. Resigned, she waited as Audrey guided her raging cock towards her vagina and, just like before, inserted it up to the hilt with a tired yelp escaping Lily. Audrey's erection still felt as sensitive as the first time the manticore had licked it, despite what numbness had settled in. To pin her down, Audrey caught Lily's hands with her own, to them move them forward past her head, keeping them down on the ground. 'Keep them down', as if there was even a need, for Lily no longer even tried to fight back. Finally, Audrey moved her hips back, to them slam them forward again.
  310. Audrey not longer had the energy for the violent pounding of before. This time, she took it slow, bringing her hips back at her leisure though only to ram forward with all her might. Once, twice, thrice, making an audible slap which shook Lily on the ground with a low whimper escaping.
  312. "You're an animal..." Sighed Lily, though tone betraying a lust which ended up making it seem a compliment. Perhaps it really was.
  314. Past the lewd noises of fluids and impacts, Audrey's fingers came to intertwine with Lily's, grasping each other tightly. Audrey lowered her head further, nuzzling it against Lily's neck with her warm breaths tickling her skin, an audible sigh escaping the manticore.
  316. "Are you even listening?" She added. "You're-- Aaah, I can't feel my legs... Fuck, I might not be able to walk for a while after this~ ♡"
  318. Audrey's movements, though still slower than the other times, found their rhythm as she thrust faster in a piston-like motion. Constant, rather than intermittent. Ghosting Lily's neck with her lips, she moved upwards till she reached her ear, to then nibble on it lightly. Why, she knew not; it felt erotic, and driven by primal lust, she did so.
  320. "Mmph, right there! Harder, harder~!♡"
  322. Looked like Lily had given up, and sought to enjoy the ride for what it was. At least, from Audrey's perspective. Still, a devious idea popped into Audrey's mind, one she wasted no effort in putting into action. Withdrawing her hips, rather than to ram forward again, she slid her cock out of Lily instead.
  324. "...Eh? Why would you stop...?" She sighed, turning her head around partly to look at Audrey from the corner of her eye. Still, her eyes widened at the realization of Audrey's intentions; moving her hand back and guiding it elsewhere, Audrey placed the head against the other hole. "Hey, wait, don't do that!" She pleaded only to fall on deaf ears, as Audrey began prodding. Lily tightened her grasp, one forming a fist against the grass as well as the other with Audrey's fingers, lowering her gaze to the ground as she steeled herself for the inevitable.
  326. Whimpers and grunts escaped her like whispers as Audrey pushed forward with ever greater strength, digging the head further inside until it disappeared. Then, a pause, until with all her might, Audrey drove the entire length in with such force that her hips slapped against her butt, forming ripples over the flesh; though it'd have made an audible slap, it had been drowned out, for Lily had partly choked back a loud scream in shock and pleasure. With her cock lodged in place, Audrey moved back her hand over Lily's once more, fingers intertwining immediately.
  328. The tightness was unbearable. Her squirming insides clenched, trying to push her out, but all it did was entice her to go as far in as she could.
  330. At least that was another thing monsters had going for them. There was no way to break them with sex; no dangers to sticking it up their bum without thorough preparation. Their physiology had enabled surprise anal, something hardly anyone would consider trivial.
  332. But it didn't end there. What little stamina Audrey had recovered in her brief rest, she put it to use now, immediately moving back to slam in again.
  334. "Ah!" Lily yelped, following by another escaping her lips with every motion, unable to get used to the sensation hitting her in full force so quickly over and over. "Aaaaaaahh~~!! ♡♡♡"
  336. Though she attempted to talk, all words came out as unintelligible gibberish, a mixture of moans and gasps, drooling as her mind melted. Audrey kept on the assault, hastening, quickening, turning rougher and violent, all as she approached release; there, Lily's tail had begun wrapping around Audrey's leg, constricting it harder with each hammering.
  338. Thud, thud, back and forth, Lily's butt turning red by the continuous spanking, until Audrey crossed the point of no return, her hips moving like pistons of an engine as fast as they possible could. Lily's screams grew louder and continuous just like Suzy's time ago, and at the final thrust, Audrey dug herself into Lily, pushing herself against her, both tightening their fingers around one another as the two let out a moan at the same time. With the first shot, Audrey drenched Lily's hole with her seed, followed by the second and the third, on and on as the two convulsed while holding their breath.
  340. With the last shot, they gasped in relief, breathing heavily as they rested, Audrey still over her, both relaxing all muscles.
  342. There was nothing left to say, if they were in any condition to form coherent words at all. Still, for each time Audrey blinked, her eyes grew heavier. The activity had taken its toll, and certainly it did on Lily as well, almost knocking her out completely to the point of not even acknowledging the weight over her. Audrey couldn't even try to get off, or even take her cock out of the manticore. Past each blink, her eyes opened less and less, until they no longer opened again.
  344. ---
  346. Light. Birds chirping. A comfortable seat. Things she certainly remembered not being there in her last memory. A thin layer of dry sweat remained, however, giving away that it had not been a dream. When she opened her eyes, Audrey found herself in her car behind the wheel; looking down, all her clothes were in place, even the buckle of the belt properly done, even though she did not remember ever getting up. Looking on the mirror, however, the cop car was gone.
  348. Had the two manticores helped her here?
  350. Looking aside, however, she found something in front of the seat by the floor. A bag, along with a note on top. She took the note and gave it a look; two numbers were written in pen, along with a little message below them.
  352. 'Call us~ ♡'
  354. Right. No wet dream at all. Curious she opened the bag, to see two cans of beer inside. They were as warm as the surroundings; somewhat cold, as the sun had not even risen yet, but she couldn't blame the manticores, as any ice in the bag would've most likely melted to make a mess of the floor anyway. Still, with the exhaustion from last night, her thirst made it look so delicious, too close to the metaphor of an oasis in the middle of a desert. Grabbing one, she cracked it open and chugged down, to then lower it with a sigh in relief.
  356. If the two caught her like this, they'd probably give her a DUI. Or threaten her with one. Hell, for all she knew, they could be a fair distance ahead waiting for her.
  358. Well, who cared anyway? Might as well focus on going home.
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