Idol Accel Special Chapter

Aug 27th, 2019
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  1. 01
  3. Top right: The spinoff 4koma where the Level 5s go nuts as idols is back for a single chapter!
  4. Top left: Special Chapter
  5. A Certain Idol Accelerator-sama's Fans!
  6. Credit: Manga: Tachitsu Teto
  7. Original Series: Kamachi Kazuma
  8. Character Designs: Haimura Kiyotaka & Yamaji Arata
  10. Margin: Once again, Esther and Huotou are working hard as fans. Except...?
  12. TV: Academy City works hard to develop esper powers.
  13. TV: But now they have had the Level 5s debut as idols...
  14. TV: to shift them to Level 6 using the power of their fans.
  15. TV: They call this the Miracle Idolization Project!
  17. Esther: Yes, every time I see it...
  18. Esther: I'm fascinated by Academy City tech!
  19. Text: Ohhhhh
  20. Esther: It's great research material!!
  21. Huotou: Yes, Adonai.
  23. SFX: Lots and lots
  24. Huotou: But what is she going to research using all this merchandise?
  26. Bottom: Dengeki Comics Next's A Certain Idol Accelerator-sama Volumes 1-4 are on sale now!!
  28. 02
  30. TV: A life-size Accelerator tapestry will soon go on sale! To order one...
  31. Esther: Did you hear that, Huotou!? They're putting out a great new product!!
  32. SFX: Turn
  33. Huotou: If I may be so bold, aren't you buying too many things of late?
  34. Huotou: Given your living expenses, you should be more careful with your money.
  35. Esther: Money?
  37. Esther: But the stores give me anything I want when I show them this card I borrowed from a friend.
  38. SFX: Hold out
  39. Huotou: The bill goes to the owner with those...
  41. Huotou: Well, if a friend entrusted her with it, I shouldn't say anything.
  42. SFX: Nod
  43. Esther(outside): Yes, yes
  44. Esther: Academy City works in such surprising ways!
  46. Hishigata: Hirumi, have you seen my card?
  47. SFX: Scratch scratch
  49. 03
  51. Esther: Hm, then again...
  52. Esther(outside): Hmm
  53. Esther: Maybe you're right and I should be more careful.
  55. Esther: We have been wearing the same outfits for far too long.
  56. Huotou: I am fine like this, though.
  58. Esther: So let's go buy some new clothes!
  59. Sign: Cosplay House
  60. SFX: Bam
  61. Huotou: Adonai.
  62. Huotou: What made you think this was a good place to shop?
  64. Esther: But they have a bunch of clothes like the ones you're wearing.
  65. Esther(outside): See?
  66. Huotou: The things here should not be worn as normal-...no, never mind.
  68. 04
  70. Esther: Okay!
  71. Esther: I'll go with this.
  73. Esther: You're up next, Huotou.
  74. Esther: I'll find something perfect for you!
  75. SFX: Dash
  76. Huotou: No, I don't need-...fine...
  78. Esther: How about this?
  80. Huotou: I've never worn this before, yet it feels oddly fitting.
  81. Huotou(outside): This is what Anti-Skill wears, isn't it?
  82. Huotou: But should they really be selling something like this?
  84. 05
  86. Esther: I'll bring you something else to try on!
  87. SFX: Step
  88. Huotou: She took away the clothes I came in with too.
  89. Huotou: I'll just have to wait here.
  91. Esther: Um, I bet that color would look good on her.
  92. Esther: Whoa!?
  93. SFX: Bump
  94. Aogami: Ow! What the heck!?
  95. Esther: Sorry!! I wasn't looking where I was going.
  97. Aogami: Don't worry about it. Wait...
  98. Aogami: A super sexy blonde nurse!!?
  99. Aogami: I ran into a goddess in a place like this!?
  100. Aogami: Does my luck ever run out!?
  102. Tsuchi: Check out that dynamite rack that can't be contained by an ordinary nurse uniform!
  103. Tsuchi: Talk about explosive, nyah.
  104. Aogami: Yeah, yeah.
  105. Touma: C'mon, you two. You can't expect an amateur to keep up with your nonsense.
  106. SFX: Starrrrre
  107. Esther: Eh? Eh?
  109. 06
  111. Aogami: It must be fate we ran into each other here, so could I take some photos?
  112. Esther: Eh?
  113. Tsuchi: This shop doubles as a studio, nyah.
  114. Esther: A studio? But I'm here to buy clothes with Huotou.
  115. Touma: Hey, cut it out, you two.
  117. Aogami: C'mon...being nice...
  118. Touma: No...clearly bothering her...
  120. Huotou: Adonai is in danger!
  121. Huotou: But it might cause a scene if I went out dressed like this.
  123. SFX: Gasp
  124. Huotou: I can use that!
  126. 07
  128. Huotou: Not so fast.
  129. SFX: Step out
  131. All: A cute girl wearing a naked cape!?
  132. SFX: Bam
  133. Huotou: I apologize, but you are troubling Adonai.
  135. SFX: Crash bam kerpow
  137. Esther: Hey, I think you overdid it, Huotou.
  138. Esther(outside): Thanks, though.
  139. Huotou: But they look happy.
  140. Aogami: Heh heh heh. Naked cape.
  141. Tsuchi: That was a hell of a show.
  142. Touma: Such...misfortune.
  143. SFX: Pummeled
  145. 08
  147. Margin: The legend of a new hero is born in Academy City!?
  149. Huotou: Too bad we were kicked out before we could buy anything.
  150. SFX: Sad
  151. Esther: That was my fault. Sorry.
  153. Huotou: No, I am not sure why...
  154. Huotou: but I can detect more serotonin in my brain than usual today.
  155. Esther: Hm? What's that?
  157. Huotou: In normal human bodies, it is produced when feeling happiness.
  158. Esther: Really?
  159. Esther: Then let's go shopping together again, Huotou.
  160. Huotou: Yes, Adonai.
  162. LO: Hey, hey, a naked cape hero was apparently seen yesterday!
  163. LO: says Misaka as Misaka tells you the shocking news!
  164. Accel: Heroes can't just wear anything, you know?
  166. Bottom: The End
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