Fitness - 38

Jun 29th, 2020
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~ Fitness ~

피트니스 --- Publisher Link

By 고손작 --- 지호 & 은손

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun-Soo Personal Trainer Single
Song Sangmi Office Worker Single
Ha Dongjoon Personal Trainer Single
Kim Seonju Gym's Manager Single
Jeon Miso [N/A] Single
Yeo-Jeong FMC's Manager Single
Yu Ria Personal Trainer Single

Script Information:

Hyunsoo H
Sangmi S
Dongjoon D
Kim K
Jeon Miso JM
Yeo-Jeong YJ
Yu Ria Y
Customers C1 / C2 / C3 etc...
MC's Mom MM
FMC's Mom FM

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 38

H: ......

H: {Why can't I ask her if she wants to date me..?}

H: No... Forget it...

H: I should've said it first like a man...

H: Lee Hyun-Soo, you're such a coward..! What's wrong with you..?!

H: Oh..!

H: B.. Boss...

K: What were you talking about?

K: Hey, hold on.

H: Boss, what're you doing?!

K: It's weird it doesn't smell...

H: What's weird about smelling good..?

K: I didn't think you changed your tracksuit since you're always wearing the same clothes every days..

H: I'm taking great care of my appearance, I love this kind of clothes, they look good on me.

K: Hahaha... Are you serious?

K: Look at Ha Dongjoon over there.

K: That's how look a man who care about his appearance.

H: Come on ~ It's just a different style ~ By the way...

H: I want to highlight my skill not my look ~

K: Sigh.. Hyung-Soo, you still didn't get anything.

K: Look.

K: These girls.

K: Do you really think that's the kind of outfits you should wear while working out in a gym?

K: They wear this kind of clothes because they're aware of other people's eyes..

K: When you care so much about fashion do you think you aren't paying attention to the people around you?

K: Of course they'll also choose a PT who is as interested in fashion as them.

K: Now tell me, if you were like them, would you like to train with someone like you with no fashion sense?

H: Is it true..?

K: These days, your sales performance improved a lot ~ Don't you think it's time to invest a bit of money and buy some new clothes?

H: Alright Boss.. Once I'm getting off work I'll buy some clothes on my way home.

K: Wait... Do you plan on buying them alone?

H: So what..?

K: Hyun-Soo.. I don't think going there alone is a good...

Y: Good morning ~

H: !

H: Oh.. Hello Yu Ria..

K: Yu Ria. I have a favor to ask of you..

Y: A favor?


H: I'm sorry.. Because of me you were forced to come along to buy clothes with me...

Y: It was a request from the owner so of course I had to get along ~ It's not your fault.

By the way, I didn't have any lesson scheduled for today so I was free.

Y: And..

Y: I also love shopping.

H: Alright..

H: ......

H: .....!

H: Thank you very much for today Yu Ria. Thanks to you I bought a lot of good looking clothes.

H: {Thanks to her, my wallet is also empty..}

Y: Haha, it's been a while since I went shopping with a man, it was really fun ~

H: {Long time since she went shopping with a man..? So.. She sees me as a man?}

H: Well.. Yu Ria.. If you don't mind, would you like to have a meal with me?

H: It'll be my way to repay you for helping me today.. So..

Y:Hmm... I don't want to...

H: Ah.. Fine...

H: {Crap... You're such a fool Hyun-Soo, you've once again misinterpreted everything...}

Y: But if you propose me to have a drink instead of a meal, it's okay.

H: Uh, having a drink..?

Y: Yeah, alcohol.

To be continued...
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