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Jun 24th, 2011
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  1. Replied in parts below:
  3. > Petition: Re: Eve Online Forum
  4. >
  5. > You can follow up on your petition on:
  6. >
  7. >
  8. >
  9. >
  10. > 2011.06.23 19:39:00 CCP Navigator
  11. > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. > Hello Helicity Boson,
  13. >
  14. > Thank you for contacting the EVE Community team.
  15. >
  16. > As you have two open petitions on the same subject, which are this one and #2505366, I will answer here and close the other as a duplicate.
  17. >
  18. > Firstly, I am genuinely sorry to hear that you are furious and that is certainly not the reaction we want from our players. We appreciate that many people have strong opinions on the NeX vanity store and this is to be expected. We in the Community team are in the position of dealing with player reaction and feedback and it is important for everyone, both players and Developers, that conversations are held in a constructive manner - even if they are highly spirited.
  20. Being constructive is utterly useless with you lot, your fantastic newsletter proved as much. It is quite blatantly clear the scorpion debacle was no "accident".
  22. > Your post contains language that we find inappropriate and quite offensive to a member of our staff. Telling CCP Zinfandel that death by fire would be too quick comes across as you wanting him to experience a longer and more painful death which, quite frankly, is completely unacceptable whether you are speaking to a Dev or another player.
  24. Zindfandel is the worst kind of scum. Have you not seen the abuse trolling he was conducting in the help channel when people were expressing their displeasure about the completely preposterous NEX prices?
  26. I'm sorry Pete, my patience is up, that is precisely why I went public with the document. Zinfandel does not see customers, he sees wallets, and frankly, to use the vernacular, he can go fuck himself.
  28. As you have no doubt noticed by now, I am not alone in this.
  30. You people work for _us_ not the other way around, the food in your mouths is the food we buy for you. And your funny little internal newsrag gleefully details how much you want to screw us out of as much money as possible. Your integrity is irrevocably tarnished.
  32. > CCP staff, whether you agree or disagree with their point of view on a subject, will always attempt to be fair, open and honest in their communication.
  36. Is a _lie_.
  38. You promised us NO MT FOR GAME ADVANTAGE EVER, and all the while you were planning it ANYWAYS.
  40. Now tell me again that you are always fair, open and honest. Go on? can you?
  42. > We really do value you as a customer and we hope that you are able to continue enjoying EVE Online.
  43. >
  44. > Kind regards
  45. > Pete 'Navigator' McKay
  46. > Lead Community Representative
  48. I really won't. Your game is dying, your next two games will be stillborn. And by banning me you have just martyred me in the eyes of your customers.
  50. I don't like to threaten Pete, and I appreciate it is likely not your fault... but:
  52. I will never stop. I will watch every move CCP makes, and every time your guys inevitably screw it up, I will make sure there is another 100 page threadnaught and a dozen mocking articles on every gaming news site.
  54. Eve was my passion, my treasured hobby, my favorite pastime.
  56. And when you guys decide to fuck with that, I will literally come down on you like a ton of bricks.
  58. I have the players' ears now, not you. You would do well to remember that.
  60. It also behooves your friends to come out with an extremely apologetic devblog detailing the magnitude of your internal failings and the extremely disgusting nature of Soundwave and Zinfandel's opinions and views of the customers.
  62. In case you missed it, I am taking the liberty to link your own internal document here:
  67. Read that again, and then ask yourself why I lost it, and if I deserve a /ninety day/ ban without notification for my actions.
  69. Read it. And I mean really read it. I dare you.
  71. Awaiting your reply,
  73. Helicity
  75. ------
  77. 2011.06.24 11:41:00 GM Grimmi
  78. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  79. Greetings,
  81. This mail is sent to inform you that your EVE Online accounts have been suspended in light of RL threats made by you to a CCP employee. This sort of thing is of course totally unacceptable and we have no option but to permanently ban all accounts registered to you as a result.
  83. The accounts in question are:
  85. Daemonfae9
  86. riflebetty
  87. petervdgeer
  90. Regards,
  91. EVE Online Customer Support
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