Sergal maintainence

Feb 7th, 2017
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  1. vree
  2. ^is expensive to maintain
  3. how much
  6. youll need to keep your pet sergal clean, so he can delight you for a whole lifetime.
  7. for that, mild soap and warm water (45°c) is recommended.
  9. you also have to keep your pet sergal fed at all times, or he might take a bit out of you. the typical sergal feeds .5 kg of cooked meat , and about .35kg wedgetables per day.
  11. keeping your sergal hydrated is very important as well, so he dosent start drinking someones blood. just supply as much water as your sergal demands.
  14. Call him a douch and wait for his smerky comment back at meh
  16. yep, sergals need alot, which can be pretty pricy, id assume that a srgl woudl cost you about 5€ per day.
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