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  1. Swift Winds-WUXING (Twin Pilots from Kolwoon; pacific rim dual rig set up)  Stock Drone shell with possible pimped out hardware
  2. NeoNet- (UNKNOWN)
  3. BMW/AET- SK (Dick Dasterdly aka us)- IDK for our drone pool
  4. World Serpent-Draco Foundation: Elf-Drake shut in with Thulian inspired tech
  5. Triple Crown- Neo Kalmar Union: War hero Hans Hanson XT condition and maybe PTSD; Stock Ares military drones
  6. Ultimate Lifeforms- Evo: A Aron, man child biojob. Might be a Kamikaze addict: Unknown drones (custom?)
  7. Ragged Suns- Indie; Creepy cult that tried to kill me: Unknown drones possibly custom
  8. Karhuen Peijaiset- Meme Finnish National Team: Chill bros. Mil spec drones? Pact to keep on eye out for crazy stuff
  10. Race events (4 day peroid)
  11. Land drone- 12 hour endurance race
  12. Aqua drone-Depth challenge and return
  13. Air Drone- 200 lap race over volcano
  14. Walker- MTC Ninja Warrior- 2 runs
  15. Drone contest notes
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