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  1. Sunday, October 06, 2013
  2. 8:35 PM - MISTER ANDO: SOP
  3. 8:35 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's brian.
  4. 8:37 PM - Cheesus Christ: Hey
  5. 8:37 PM - Cheesus Christ: c:
  6. 8:38 PM - Cheesus Christ: so i knew you were banned from the forums ._.
  7. 8:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: yea.
  8. 8:38 PM - Cheesus Christ: why were you a PBM? :/
  9. 8:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: the irony of it all is almost unfathomable, but yet I must.
  10. 8:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: I have been at that forum for 11 years.
  11. 8:39 PM - Cheesus Christ: As they say, shit happens
  12. 8:39 PM - Cheesus Christ: right?
  13. 8:39 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's been the same story every time. I will explain something to people who do not get it -> doubt me poop on me and hate on my words -> get thrown out.
  14. 8:39 PM - MISTER ANDO: I basically come around every time R* is putting out a new gta.
  15. 8:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: and the pc group, most of you guys, you probably don't understand at all when I say that.
  16. 8:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: You guys are all right on board for the most part and understand everything I say.
  17. 8:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: Even when I need to prove it to those who don't, you always are all there, to back me up.
  18. 8:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: Most people are morons anyway :/
  19. 8:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: Now I have been banned not for being a PBM, don't let otter lie to you.
  20. 8:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: You were correcting
  21. 8:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: some guy at that chilliad thread
  22. 8:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: right?
  23. 8:41 PM - MISTER ANDO: I am banned because I was coming and going when they were just new noobs and not moderators.
  24. 8:41 PM - MISTER ANDO: And they like to see me lose my mind over how dumb people are when I make some insanely deep discovery and share it and people utterly destroy me and call me crazy for it lol. It's been really funny.
  25. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: Yes, everyone thinks the search begins at the end of the game.
  26. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: It doesn't. The game itself is the search lol.
  27. 8:42 PM - Cheesus Christ: Try not to tell me much about it
  28. 8:42 PM - Cheesus Christ: i haven't played the game
  29. 8:42 PM - Cheesus Christ: :C
  30. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: And they don't get it. At all.
  31. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's something you'd probably want to know.
  32. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's more like game industry news than a spoiler.
  33. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: And no one knows about it but me.
  34. 8:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: No bullshit lol.
  35. 8:43 PM - Cheesus Christ: Since i haven't readed it
  36. 8:43 PM - MISTER ANDO: Some do, many know what I'm on about, but they did not back me up out of uncertainty, so I'm not mad at them.
  37. 8:43 PM - Cheesus Christ: could you give me a TL;DR?
  38. 8:43 PM - Cheesus Christ: I know it's complex
  39. 8:43 PM - MISTER ANDO: Rockstar has just done the biggest thing since GTA III and no one even knows it yet.
  40. 8:43 PM - Cheesus Christ: but what's your point
  41. 8:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: Everyone is on a wild goose chase and ignoring that the entire game is a path to enlightenment, with rewards who reach that.
  42. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: Knowing ourselves
  43. 8:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: It is unprecedented freedom.
  44. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yeah
  45. 8:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: Now, you know from my posts, I am no joke, I do my research before I speak, right?
  46. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: It's basically an entrance to our subconscious
  47. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: yup
  48. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: I've always believed of GTA that way
  49. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: you can do shit
  50. 8:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: and not be punished for it
  51. 8:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: yes, they have made it a neccessity!
  52. 8:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: :D
  53. 8:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: "for when the greatest scorer comes to write against your name, he marks not that you have won, but how you played the game"
  54. 8:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: this is the biggest shit ever dude.
  55. 8:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: it's gonna last us WEEKS
  56. 8:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: lol
  57. 8:45 PM - Cheesus Christ: Are some of the guys online?
  58. 8:45 PM - Cheesus Christ: and not playing?
  59. 8:45 PM - Cheesus Christ: (on the steam group)
  60. 8:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: I dunno.
  61. 8:46 PM - Cheesus Christ: Maybe we should play some multiplayer
  62. 8:46 PM - MISTER ANDO: where I could explain it on voice, or?
  63. 8:46 PM - MISTER ANDO: I am down to play some GTA online tonight, but this is big shit I am telling you right now lol.
  64. 8:47 PM - MISTER ANDO: A pc gamer has figured out what console gamers are literally, now proven imperically, that consoles gamers literally too dumb to understand it lol.
  65. 8:47 PM - MISTER ANDO: they are all flying around UFO's like moths at a light
  66. 8:47 PM - MISTER ANDO: they do not get it at all lol. and it's interwoven in every single thing they have already shown us before the game released.
  67. 8:48 PM - Cheesus Christ: May i ask again
  68. 8:48 PM - MISTER ANDO: I am sitting on the biggest GTA revolution and indeed in Gaming ITSELF since GTA III.
  69. 8:48 PM - Cheesus Christ: in your thread
  70. 8:48 PM - MISTER ANDO: are you familiar with epsilon program?
  71. 8:48 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yup
  72. 8:48 PM - Cheesus Christ: been following it since SA
  73. 8:48 PM - MISTER ANDO: THIS is the unwritten tract.
  74. 8:48 PM - Cheesus Christ: im a bit confused
  75. 8:48 PM - Cheesus Christ: what is your thread all about D;
  76. 8:48 PM - MISTER ANDO: literally, what I am telling you, is the unwritten tract lol.
  77. 8:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: you don't know about the chiliad mural or anything?
  78. 8:49 PM - Cheesus Christ: I know about it
  79. 8:49 PM - Cheesus Christ: but i have tried
  80. 8:49 PM - Cheesus Christ: not to see too many gameplays
  81. 8:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: If not, you are fucking perfect and you must share this and let people decide for themselves lol.
  82. 8:49 PM - Cheesus Christ: or know anything about the games
  83. 8:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: I can tell you as if you dont know, because you don't. It's perfect.
  84. 8:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: this may actually be my "redeeming" content.
  85. 8:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: Will you help me?
  86. 8:50 PM - Cheesus Christ: Why not?
  87. 8:50 PM - Cheesus Christ: sure
  88. 8:50 PM - Cheesus Christ: c:
  89. 8:50 PM - MISTER ANDO: Thank you for trusting me. And please ask people to trust you when you paste the log of this chat.
  90. 8:50 PM - Cheesus Christ: It's no big deal really
  91. 8:50 PM - Cheesus Christ: and again
  92. 8:51 PM - Cheesus Christ: about my question
  93. 8:50 PM - MISTER ANDO: Shoot
  94. 8:51 PM - Cheesus Christ: is your thread some ideological stuff?
  95. 8:51 PM - Cheesus Christ: easter egg?
  96. 8:51 PM - Cheesus Christ: conspiracy?
  97. 8:51 PM - MISTER ANDO: shout outs to my brother-brother illspirit.
  98. 8:51 PM - MISTER ANDO: it's not and it is.
  99. 8:51 PM - MISTER ANDO: Let me explain
  100. 8:51 PM - MISTER ANDO: Rockstar has an unnannounced new feature in this game - the very thing they called True Grime that for stealing, and getting wrong.
  101. 8:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: That game was made by an Ex-Rockstar, okay?
  102. 8:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: and
  103. 8:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: He stole the Karma idea
  104. 8:52 PM - Cheesus Christ: What is true grime exactly
  105. 8:52 PM - Cheesus Christ: you mean the True Crime game right?
  106. 8:52 PM - Cheesus Christ: i know it's an easter egg in SA
  107. 8:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: in GTA V, the yoga, the illuminati stuff, the aliens, the mural, all of it, is a karma system and you need to play the right ways to get to to different rewards.
  108. 8:53 PM - MISTER ANDO: The character switching is literally switching between cameras as you are surveiling the player characters, as you yourself, may be considered Kraff - the living person who is running the game.
  109. 8:53 PM - Cheesus Christ: I see
  110. 8:54 PM - Cheesus Christ: And why would that be?
  111. 8:54 PM - Cheesus Christ: what does kraff have to do with them?
  112. 8:54 PM - Cheesus Christ: or us*
  113. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: Unparrallelled and unprecedented freedom in gameplay and choice
  114. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: the stuff about the 9th paradigm
  115. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: it's the 9th generation -
  116. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: they use ALL kifflom stuff in GTA V
  117. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: red truck, all of it
  118. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: 8th generation gaming is ending
  119. 8:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: the next "paradigm" is the next generation
  120. 8:55 PM - MISTER ANDO: the next generation = freedom of choice
  121. 8:55 PM - MISTER ANDO: it's not an easter egg
  122. 8:55 PM - Cheesus Christ: You mean
  123. 8:55 PM - Cheesus Christ: PC gaming?
  124. 8:55 PM - Cheesus Christ: example*
  125. 8:55 PM - MISTER ANDO: it's an unnannouned game industry changing mechanic
  126. 8:55 PM - MISTER ANDO: xbox and ps3 = 8th gen consoles, right?
  127. 8:55 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yeah
  128. 8:55 PM - Cheesus Christ: stuck PC's
  129. 8:56 PM - Cheesus Christ: Closed source
  130. 8:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: no, you're not hearing me, let me say it with more info - you know my info is good from the pc thread
  131. 8:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: xbox and ps3 are the 8 gen console, ps1 was a 7th, and down the line. Understand?
  132. 8:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: they literally are that
  133. 8:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: xb1 and ps4 are the 9th gen
  134. 8:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: follow me?
  135. 8:57 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yeah
  136. 8:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: Ok.
  137. 8:57 PM - Cheesus Christ: wait
  138. 8:57 PM - Cheesus Christ: You skipped PS2
  139. 8:57 PM - Cheesus Christ: derp
  140. 8:57 PM - MISTER ANDO: Epsilon, even before GTA V, has been going on about this "9th paradigm", remember?
  141. 8:57 PM - MISTER ANDO: yea, you know what I mean though, thank you for pointing that out.
  142. 8:58 PM - MISTER ANDO: When the tract is written we will enter the 9th paradigm, remember? From the GTA SA conspiracy theories?
  143. 8:58 PM - Cheesus Christ: I don't really remember that
  144. 8:59 PM - Cheesus Christ: I knew SA had some hints
  145. 8:59 PM - Cheesus Christ: but when did they mention the 9th paradigm in it?
  146. 8:59 PM - MISTER ANDO: omg this is so hard lol, but dont worry, even though you are not with me yet, you will be soon, just trust me and give me the benefit of the doubt, okay?
  147. 8:59 PM - MISTER ANDO: I have never ever lied to any of you ever, please just let this get noticed once I say that it is complete, okay?
  148. 9:00 PM - Cheesus Christ: ok
  149. 8:59 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are part of history right now.
  150. 9:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: I'm not even joking.
  151. 9:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: On John Connor type shit when people see all that I have exposed prior to this game being released to solidify my claims.
  152. 9:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: You do not yet understand, I know, just bear with me.
  153. 9:01 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's okay, it's fun, and it's safe, and it's the biggest thing to happen to gaming - globally -since GTA III, if not per pixel shaders otherwise.
  154. 9:01 PM - MISTER ANDO: it's that big, and rockstar left it for someone to see it.
  155. 9:01 PM - MISTER ANDO: and I see it, I am writing "epsilon's final tract" with you right now, we are going to be the first to graduate into a new way of thinking about gameplay.
  156. 9:01 PM - MISTER ANDO: It sounds like cult shit, they have made it look like cult shit, but it's not lol it's just gta shit, and gaming shit.
  157. 9:02 PM - MISTER ANDO: are you with me so far that we, you and I together, are writing the final tract of epsilonism right now?
  158. 9:02 PM - Cheesus Christ: TBH
  159. 9:02 PM - MISTER ANDO: Remember my posts. I have not lied. Remember my posts, you know I do not lie topeople.
  160. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: i know you don't
  161. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: but i honestly still don't understand
  162. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: this whole thing
  163. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: could you go straight to the point?
  164. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: I will understand
  165. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: as you tell me the details
  166. 9:03 PM - Cheesus Christ: but i still don't know what it is
  167. 9:04 PM - MISTER ANDO: Okay, I am with you, I know that this sounds crazy right now, but it's something we will laugh about forever and ever, and you are helping me more than you can possibly imagine right now to spread the word that Rockstar has left clues about for 9 years now, okay?
  168. 9:04 PM - Cheesus Christ: Sure
  169. 9:04 PM - MISTER ANDO: lol
  170. 9:05 PM - MISTER ANDO: when I finish, and you see the reaction the internet has to you sharing this, you will nearly shit yourself in joy, I promise you that.
  171. 9:05 PM - MISTER ANDO: On every word I have ever written.
  172. 9:05 PM - Cheesus Christ: I feel like some kind of choosen one
  173. 9:05 PM - MISTER ANDO: Rockstar has made us both chosen ones, my friend. And it is hilarious and groundbreaking at the same time.
  174. 9:06 PM - MISTER ANDO: On all of my knowledge of game dev and industry goings on, I assure you, this is the truth brother-brother.
  175. 9:06 PM - MISTER ANDO: And yes, I am dressing it up sometimes, but sometimes it is impossible to explain it without it sounding like that!
  176. 9:06 PM - MISTER ANDO: It is the ultimate puzzle. It is manifest.
  177. 9:07 PM - MISTER ANDO: They have brought TRUE freedom of choice and TRUE emotion into gaming.
  178. 9:07 PM - MISTER ANDO: I'm getting on iwth it now, no worries
  179. 9:07 PM - MISTER ANDO: wit*
  180. 9:07 PM - MISTER ANDO: Remember the choices we made in GTA IV?
  181. 9:07 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yup
  182. 9:07 PM - MISTER ANDO: And if we killed someone, we didn't meet them later? And when we let them live, we met them again? And then they either hurt, helped, or thanked us and updated us on their lives?
  183. 9:08 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yup
  184. 9:09 PM - MISTER ANDO: In GTA V this still exists and it is the most major and important breakthrough in game development I have ever seen in my entire life because of how philosophocilally dressed up it is, because of how utterly earth shaking it is - the way they did this in gta v.... I will continue ->
  185. 9:10 PM - MISTER ANDO: You know that I have seen a lot, it is evidenced in my word that I share, and for me to be this excited about something, it is a major, major thing. It is emotion engine big. It is Doom3D big. It is GTA III big.
  186. 9:11 PM - Cheesus Christ: I get it.
  187. 9:11 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are no longer prompted to kill or spare.
  188. 9:11 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are no longer "not rewarded" for making the "morally right choices, in Rockstar's eyes"
  189. 9:12 PM - MISTER ANDO: Those who make the wrong choices, are doomed to search forever, for clues like they did in SA when nothing was there for them, but those who read this, the Final Tract of Epsilon, will know all that Rockstar has laid before me to show to you today.
  190. 9:13 PM - MISTER ANDO: Those who read this and accept this will not only know the secrets of how to play GTA V, they will know the future of game development in general. They will see that the yoga, the triathlons, the eye in the sky is the character switching and the UFOs, which Lester also uses to watch people - Do not worry, I am not spoiling you. This is jibberish to you. But it is huge news.
  191. 9:14 PM - MISTER ANDO: Rockstar has left behind the game play old way of thinking that you need to hold people's hands, and tell them your very own story they must adhere to or else they are not rewarded.
  192. 9:15 PM - Cheesus Christ: They make us be them
  193. 9:15 PM - MISTER ANDO: Rockstar has crossed a barrier you can see spoken about on conferences and keynotes, they have brought the nexgen to current gen *literally* in a completely different way than anyone usually defines "nexgen" - it's not the graphics, it's the gameplay - it is never before done, unprecedented - and console gamers are currently chasing shadows and being annoying flies to UFOs.
  194. 9:16 PM - Cheesus Christ: That's what makes GTA V worthy of being called like that in the first place
  195. 9:16 PM - Cheesus Christ: it is a new generation of gta
  196. 9:16 PM - Cheesus Christ: something like that?
  197. 9:16 PM - MISTER ANDO: They do not realize they are playing a karma game - yet EVERY bit of video and interview material has hinted at it the entire time.
  198. 9:17 PM - MISTER ANDO: While it is dressed up as a karma game to get rewarded in GTA V, this has MAJOR implications for GTA VI and other games of its contemporary (once people actually catch on and see what has happened in GTA V)
  199. 9:17 PM - MISTER ANDO: The 50 gb space for the discs in the nexgen?
  200. 9:18 PM - MISTER ANDO: they will be used for so many different gameplay paths and stories to experience in a single game it will blow our minds out of the back of our skulls.
  201. 9:19 PM - MISTER ANDO: This is something they have hinted at and wanted to do since before San Andreas was released *at the very least* because epsilom is finally understood by me, and now it can be understood by you.
  202. 9:20 PM - MISTER ANDO: it is dressed up like an alien language BY ROCKSTAR because what I am speaking right now seems like an alien language to the audience.
  203. 9:21 PM - MISTER ANDO: When we talk about game development paradigms, we are talking about ways of thinking, as the word implies, and we are talking about how we can immerse the player and bring them into the world. Not just "in new ways" but in "real ways"
  204. 9:22 PM - MISTER ANDO: Similarly, when Epsilon talks about the 8th and 9th paradigms, they are talking about console generations and using it to illustrate a mystery/a puzzle/a set of clues that this is their plan, back then, which is occurring now
  205. 9:22 PM - Cheesus Christ: You make some pretty good reads C:, i even brought up the epsilon program webpage to listen to the music, it fits too much with what you're telling me
  206. 9:22 PM - Cheesus Christ: a comment*
  207. 9:22 PM - MISTER ANDO: yes
  208. 9:22 PM - MISTER ANDO: very good. thank you, especially for listening.
  209. 9:24 PM - MISTER ANDO: your participation helps me to explain it clearer
  210. 9:24 PM - MISTER ANDO: Like on the forums
  211. 9:25 PM - MISTER ANDO: Back to it: When we talk about preconditioned gameplay behaviors in the industry, we are talking about the things the player already expects to have to do.
  212. 9:25 PM - MISTER ANDO: When a player says "same shit, different year", or "same game every time, eff gta or eff cod", they are displaying the negative effects of preconditioned behaviors in gameplay. it is a deep truth in all things, but WE are discussing gaming, and I need to keep this simple.
  213. 9:25 PM - MISTER ANDO: heh, simple... right.
  214. 9:26 PM - MISTER ANDO: Rockstar has solved that issue in GTA V entirely. It now has this invisible karma system (karma is a chameleon - a clue the console users have obsessed over, but will not accept this answer LOL)
  215. 9:27 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's not perfect, with the amount of content they can use in blu-ray, it will be.
  216. 9:27 PM - MISTER ANDO: So they have been very quiet about this, yet very very loud at the same time
  217. 9:27 PM - MISTER ANDO: because it is supposed to be massive ,and it absolutely most truthfully is.
  218. 9:28 PM - MISTER ANDO: Our instinct in GTA at this point is to drive to -> shoot -> outrun -> sleep.
  219. 9:28 PM - MISTER ANDO: there are many many moments in GTA where you can make a choice
  220. 9:28 PM - MISTER ANDO: you know that WHOOSH hit indicator when you kill some, but not all, people?
  221. 9:28 PM - MISTER ANDO: it is karma.
  222. 9:29 PM - MISTER ANDO: the screen effect. it's karma.
  223. 9:29 PM - MISTER ANDO: Are you realzing how big this is?
  224. 9:29 PM - MISTER ANDO: and that you are part of the word being seen?
  225. 9:29 PM - Cheesus Christ: And why is there only karma on killing enemies but not pedestrians
  226. 9:29 PM - Cheesus Christ: D;
  227. 9:29 PM - MISTER ANDO: a puzzle rockstar left, and it took very abused PC gamers who cant even play it to deliver the message lol.
  228. 9:30 PM - MISTER ANDO: Killing enemies give you good karma
  229. 9:30 PM - MISTER ANDO: killing peds silently robs you of it
  230. 9:30 PM - MISTER ANDO: by GTA VI, everyone will know
  231. 9:30 PM - MISTER ANDO: in GTA V, they fucked with the console gamers HARD
  232. 9:30 PM - MISTER ANDO: and the console gamers crucified me for showing them so.
  233. 9:30 PM - MISTER ANDO: Basically.
  234. 9:31 PM - MISTER ANDO: I could be wrong on the specifics, the way the screen thing words for example.
  235. 9:31 PM - MISTER ANDO: But this is not only a puzzle for this game, it is a puzzle that says "you can have the news, when you figure it out"
  236. 9:31 PM - MISTER ANDO: they aren't going to talk about it, people still own't get it. People have to find it, and that's why they dressed it up like a cult,.
  237. 9:32 PM - MISTER ANDO: And thats why I sound like a damn cult leader talking about it lol
  238. 9:32 PM - Cheesus Christ: Quite a bit
  239. 9:32 PM - MISTER ANDO: For me, this is the deepest game dev joke of all time, with the most serious and beneficial effects on gaming in the future that I have EVER seen in my entire life.
  240. 9:32 PM - Cheesus Christ: "You're happy, you just don't know it"
  241. 9:32 PM - MISTER ANDO: rofl, exactly.
  242. 9:33 PM - MISTER ANDO: "a new world is possible" - gamers are in it, but they CANNOT experience it until they UNDERSTAND IT.
  243. 9:33 PM - Cheesus Christ: I still don't know what to understand
  244. 9:34 PM - Cheesus Christ: you mean that in a near future we will have some kind of actual living AI on GTA games?
  245. 9:34 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are the living AI now.
  246. 9:34 PM - Cheesus Christ: And all this karma
  247. 9:34 PM - MISTER ANDO: YOU are the living AI.
  248. 9:34 PM - Cheesus Christ: i see it
  249. 9:34 PM - MISTER ANDO: You understand?'
  250. 9:34 PM - Cheesus Christ: Im in it
  251. 9:34 PM - Cheesus Christ: living the characters
  252. 9:34 PM - Cheesus Christ: Immersion
  253. 9:34 PM - MISTER ANDO: With all you know that I know about this game dev and game industry stuff, I would not say this is big news if it wasn't, correct?
  254. 9:35 PM - MISTER ANDO: YEs
  255. 9:35 PM - MISTER ANDO: You got it. Your real feelings
  256. 9:35 PM - MISTER ANDO: Niko, you were forced, you were "russia" you were "serb" you were "communism" you were forced to feel bad some times
  257. 9:35 PM - MISTER ANDO: Do things you did not agree with
  258. 9:36 PM - Cheesus Christ: I've been playing Crysis 2 since a few days ago
  259. 9:36 PM - MISTER ANDO: and he talks about and says many things that show he knows he doesnt want to do things, but he must.
  260. 9:36 PM - Cheesus Christ: I think i know what you mean
  261. 9:36 PM - Cheesus Christ: i've wanted to kill the civilians
  262. 9:36 PM - MISTER ANDO: the true peril of a gamer.
  263. 9:36 PM - Cheesus Christ: but the game won't let me do so
  264. 9:36 PM - MISTER ANDO: Don't go off track.
  265. 9:36 PM - Cheesus Christ: that breaks the immersion
  266. 9:36 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are going to be read for years to come.
  267. 9:36 PM - MISTER ANDO: exactly,
  268. 9:36 PM - MISTER ANDO: breaks the immersion
  269. 9:37 PM - MISTER ANDO: you have no realcontrol in GTA IV, your character is forced, which "explains" why the code forces you.
  270. 9:37 PM - MISTER ANDO: In GTA V, you are retired from that life.
  271. 9:37 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are seeking something better
  272. 9:37 PM - MISTER ANDO: you try yoga, you try running, you try drugs, you try going BACK to doing hesits - nothing works
  273. 9:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: It's so hard to explain lol.
  274. 9:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: But I think you are getting it.
  275. 9:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: Starting to.
  276. 9:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: I can explain it from a game dev perspective, and have, when I talked about preconditioned behavior and paradigms of gameplay convention.
  277. 9:38 PM - MISTER ANDO: remember?
  278. 9:39 PM - MISTER ANDO: and fro mthe game itself's perspective - it's a new thing
  279. 9:39 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yeah
  280. 9:39 PM - MISTER ANDO: literally "the nexgen doesnt start til GTA V says it does"
  281. 9:39 PM - MISTER ANDO: I am saying it does right now. It is a nexgen game on current gen hardware.
  282. 9:39 PM - Cheesus Christ: The irony is
  283. 9:40 PM - Cheesus Christ: It is said people won't get next gen due to GTA V "being too good"
  284. 9:39 PM - MISTER ANDO: A pc gamer was crucified for knowing it first without even playing, yep, so ironic it hurts.
  285. 9:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: No one, not even its current player base sees how good this game really is yet.
  286. 9:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: But they will, if you make sure they see this.
  287. 9:40 PM - Cheesus Christ: Your thread got deleted
  288. 9:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: ANd make sure they know that all my posts, especially those about the terminators, are true.
  289. 9:40 PM - Cheesus Christ: :(
  290. 9:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: I know.
  291. 9:40 PM - MISTER ANDO: The doubters are unsavables my friend, just as the game says.
  292. 9:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: And what were their counter arguments
  293. 9:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: i mean
  294. 9:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: Everything you're telling me makes sense
  295. 9:41 PM - MISTER ANDO: Nothing. There was never a single productive counter arguement at all.
  296. 9:41 PM - Cheesus Christ: Then why were you "crucified"
  297. 9:41 PM - MISTER ANDO: Because they had "wandered the desert" for weeks already.
  298. 9:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: calling me crazy for joining them.
  299. 9:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: until I figured it out, after they already hated me.
  300. 9:42 PM - MISTER ANDO: And their ignorance has left them stupid and foolish, lost in the desert - quite literallty. GTA V is a masterpiece. This is so much deeper than an egg, it is a statement of how stupid people can be, when someone is helping them.
  301. 9:43 PM - Cheesus Christ: Let me derail a little
  302. 9:43 PM - MISTER ANDO: ok
  303. 9:43 PM - Cheesus Christ: does MP3 have the same effect ?
  304. 9:43 PM - MISTER ANDO: MP3 does not have the adaptive bokeh depth of field. That is new to rage as of those screenshots.
  305. 9:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: wot
  306. 9:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: See how I saw all of that before it happened?
  307. 9:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: See how I showed all that info about PC version and dx11 screens, and then the game backed me up?
  308. 9:44 PM - MISTER ANDO: The game backs me up on all of this too.
  309. 9:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: Yeah
  310. 9:44 PM - Cheesus Christ: BTW, those screenshots are supersampled*
  311. 9:45 PM - Cheesus Christ: on PCs of course
  312. 9:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: correct. they use MSAA and they are downscaled from 2560x1440 as beauty shots for the publisher to market with.
  313. 9:45 PM - Cheesus Christ: And that AO
  314. 9:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: I am the source of all of the info you are telling me right now
  315. 9:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: no offense.
  316. 9:45 PM - Cheesus Christ: I know
  317. 9:45 PM - MISTER ANDO: cheers
  318. 9:46 PM - Cheesus Christ: i mean that they actually edited that screenshot
  319. 9:46 PM - Cheesus Christ: well
  320. 9:46 PM - MISTER ANDO: perhaps they did.
  321. 9:46 PM - Cheesus Christ: There's some exaggerated AO
  322. 9:46 PM - Cheesus Christ: well back to the main topic
  323. 9:46 PM - Cheesus Christ: we're derailing a bit too much
  324. 9:47 PM - MISTER ANDO: GTA V is a journey to enlightenment, everything I have said above is easily verifiable by using mere common sense for any person who has looked at all of the information available to them.
  325. 9:48 PM - MISTER ANDO: The Final Tract is written. Go forth, Cheesus Christ, Go forth, and share our conversation. And watch as the irony is embraced once someone actually reads this.
  326. 9:48 PM - MISTER ANDO: One someone actually puts 2+2 together and see what has been done.
  327. 9:49 PM - Cheesus Christ: Where shall i share with our brethren this revelation you gave me.
  328. 9:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: Label this "Benefit of the Doubt - The Final Tract of Epsilon"
  329. 9:49 PM - MISTER ANDO: That is the topic title.
  330. 9:50 PM - MISTER ANDO: Preface the paste with this:
  331. 9:51 PM - MISTER ANDO: To all other members of this forum, I have just finished a long conversation with brian. 1 on 1 and I truly believe that it is only right for you to at least read what he has just told me and think about it for yourselves. He does not want to go around his ban and go back to GTAForums, he just wants this to be shared with you. It is available as a link as well, in case this ever is deleted.
  332. 9:51 PM - MISTER ANDO: And do so only if you truly believe this.
  333. 9:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: This is truly only for the faithful, even in something so small as a video game.
  334. 9:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: those last two were to you cheesus ^
  335. 9:52 PM - MISTER ANDO: Paste the conversation to PC thread so everyone knows as well, I suppose.
  336. 9:53 PM - Cheesus Christ: I think i may actually paste this into the PC thread
  337. 9:53 PM - MISTER ANDO: In fact, perhaps it should go there, without a topic title/separate topic
  338. 9:53 PM - Cheesus Christ: Maybe the non believers
  339. 9:53 PM - MISTER ANDO: no, do both, if it's ok.
  340. 9:53 PM - Cheesus Christ: will flame me too
  341. 9:53 PM - MISTER ANDO: just ignore them
  342. 9:53 PM - Cheesus Christ: and crucify me D;
  343. 9:53 PM - MISTER ANDO: do not do as I did
  344. 9:53 PM - MISTER ANDO: just leave it there, and if anyone asks for it, give them the link I will paste you later.
  345. 9:54 PM - Cheesus Christ: ok
  346. 9:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: You do not need to be involved in defending me or anything like that.
  347. 9:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: Mods may try to extinguish this.
  348. 9:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: A historical link, we will keep, in case they do.
  349. 9:54 PM - MISTER ANDO: They deleted my topic, they, GTAForums young and overzealous staff, deleted the final tract of epsilon.
  350. 9:55 PM - MISTER ANDO: Whic his fitting for all of this. Considering my place in it all, and your name.
  351. 9:55 PM - Cheesus Christ: It's like how christianity erased other beliefs
  352. 9:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: oh, and make sure everyone knows I am supermortalhuman, chgdman, dertyjerzian, mortalhuman.
  353. 9:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: exactly Cheesus.
  354. 9:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: paste this, this whole thing to the PC thread, then leave it be.
  355. 9:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: Remember your preface.
  356. 9:56 PM - MISTER ANDO: and make a topic. then leave it be. and then forget about it - any further than that brings danger to yourself.
  357. 9:57 PM - MISTER ANDO: Simply post it, top to bottom here, before we continue, and leave it alone, and never touch it again, until the game comes out on pc or something, unless you want to, then it's up to you :P
  358. 9:58 PM - Cheesus Christ: Is there any way to hide text?
  359. 9:58 PM - Cheesus Christ: this is going to be one massive post
  360. 9:58 PM - MISTER ANDO: no need. just post it and tell people not to quote it, just link to it instead through the post number at the top right of your post.
  361. 9:59 PM - Cheesus Christ: Which section should i post this into? :/
  362. 9:59 PM - MISTER ANDO: People are going to think I was in on this, from behind the scenes, once they actually understand it. I wasn't. I just figured it out, and exposed the belligerence of our world at the same time.
  363. 9:59 PM - MISTER ANDO: PC thread. Then, in the cheats and tricks section. titled as before.
  364. 9:59 PM - MISTER ANDO: Tell mods : dear mods, I request TANK review this post before any action be taken.
  365. 10:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: Tell them it is being sent to tank.
  366. 10:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: Also, send it straight up to Tank as a PM.
  367. 10:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: and tell him its in case they delete it before he sees it.
  368. 10:00 PM - MISTER ANDO: You are doing a great thing right now. A very great thing.
  369. 10:01 PM - MISTER ANDO: we good? I wanna watch :x but hope there is no trolling, there may be, but let them do as they will "brother-brother", let them be the fools as you become my hero.
  370. 10:02 PM - Cheesus Christ: Im almost done C:
  371. 10:02 PM - Cheesus Christ: You specified a link
  372. 10:02 PM - Cheesus Christ: *in case this gets deleted
  373. 10:02 PM - MISTER ANDO: ok, sec
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