Mindflayer abduction

Jul 27th, 2015
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  1. It's late, but still an hour before closing. The flow of customers has slowed to a trickle, and I look around to see there's only one left in the store with me, walking towards the register. I startle a little when I see her; I don't remember her coming into the store. And she is certainly a sight to behold, I couldn't say exactly at the time what it was that made me think her beautiful, but it was an undeniable feeling. I struggled to maintain a facade of polished politeness.
  2. "May I help you find anything, miss?"
  3. "No, I knew what I was looking for when I came in. Might I ask you a question, though?"
  4. "Sure. What can I tell you?"
  5. She asked me, smiling slightly: "When do you get off work?"
  6. "Not until after closing, unfortunately. About two hours from now, to be exact."
  7. She frowned a little, and reached into her bag for what I thought was some kind of timepiece.
  8. "No, that will not do at all." She seemed to think for a moment, then spoke:
  9. "I want to speak to your manager."
  10. Somewhat bemused by the request, I called him out of his office to speak to her.
  11. "What can I do for you, ma'am?" He eyed me interrogatively, and I shrugged.
  12. "Don't you think dear anon here has been working long enough? Surely you have enough staff here to close without him. He's tired as a dog, just look at him!"
  13. Considering I had signed in less than three hours ago, and wasn't feeling tired at all, I was very much surprised at my manager's reply:
  14. "Oh, of course! How did I not notice before, you've got huge bags under your eyes! Go ahead and sign out, go get some rest my man!" At this point I began to feel uneasy, even suspicious. But the feeling quickly vanished as the woman returned her attention to me.
  15. "You're far too sore and tired from standing all day, there's no way you can bicycle home! Come with me to my car, I'll drive you back.." I could only agree with her, then follow her out.
  16. "Look me in the eyes, handsome." I did so, and promptly passed out.
  17. ------
  18. A young man walks from the shoe store into the parking lot, woman on his arm. They get into an unremarkable car together, and drive away, into the forested mountainsides. A park ranger stops them once on the road, wants to see their pass; then changes his mind and lets them go on their way. The car pulls into a clearing, and the woman gets out first.
  19. ------
  20. I awake with a start, finding myself at the wheel of an unfamiliar car, in a forest clearing. Confusion seizes me, but only for a moment, before:
  21. "Welcome back, honey~ I've brought us somewhere a little more private, so we can have some fun~"
  22. I am filled with certainty at the sound of her voice, the closeness of her face, the golden glow of her eyes. She opens the door, and leads me to the back of the vehicle, where she had lowered the seat. Pushing me down, she straddles me, staring intensely before leaning down into a kiss.
  23. Her tongue invades my mouth, exploring, and I do my best to reciprocate. I begin to feel odd contact across my head, as if something were wrapping around it, but pay no mind to the sensation. I pull her body closer, against mine, and she squeaks in surprise for a moment.
  24. Lifting the both of us up into a sitting position, she guides my hands to the buttons on her shirt, and they seem to move under their own volition. Her head presses against mine, her stare ever intense, and I can only stare back as my hands work.
  25. Finally, she directs my gaze downward: She wears nothing beneath her shirt, save for a curious necklace, and her plump breasts demand attention. The grasping sensation on my head is replaced by her hands on either side as I lower myself to suck and nibble, drawing forth gasps and moans that only excite me further.
  26. Driven by a sudden thirst, I lift her skirt's hem to find that she wears no panties either. Instruction seems to enter my mind as I lower my head further to lick, suck, and finger, desperate for her nectar. She feels her climax approach, but stops me just before. She draws me back up to kiss her, and holds me there still despite her hands leaving to undo my own pants.
  27. I try to stand up a little to get them all the way off, but she doesn't want to wait: Waistband around my knees she pushes me back down onto the seat and lines my erection up to her entrance, gazing into my eyes the entire time.
  28. Biting her lip, she impales herself in a sudden motion, holding in a moan. My hands fall to her ass and pull her tighter against me; the sensation is incredible. She is hot and wet and tight like nothing I had ever imagined. She grinds and humps against me, pistoning me in and out of her. She places her hands on the sides of my head once more and guides me again to her breasts as she rides me, crying her pleasure out freely.
  29. The intensity of our thrusts and her cries increase seemingly in step with my own pleasure, and I slam her down against me one final time, reaching as deep as I can, before cuming explosively, almost passing out from the pleasure. She climaxes at the same time and screams her ecstasy into the wind, crushing her body against mine.
  30. We collapse in each others arms in the seat, and in that moment of post-coital clarity I notice her necklace is gone, thrown off in our passion. Her arms are wrapped around her back, and I see for the first time what holds her head against mine: No hair sits atop her head, but thick tentacles of muscle and nerve. Her skin is purple and blue, her sclera black, golden irises staring into mine as she lays there, panting mouth open and tongue slightly out. I see she is not human, but know no fear; I can feel her love for me, broadcast into my mind so clearly that there can be no doubt.
  31. -----------
  32. A sudden ringing noise breaks our repose; her strange watch's time has come up, it seems.
  33. "Ah! Hurry, get out of the car. We can't miss this!"
  34. She reaches to her neck, and realizes her necklace is gone. Panic fills her expression, and she relaxes once she finds it on the car's floor. The gemstone starts to glow once more at her touch, and suddenly her human glamour is back.
  35. Frantically, she says: "Take my hand; the amulet is a tracking beacon of sorts; the spell will take back anybody touching it or sharing skin contact with it's holder."
  36. "Wait, back? Back where?" "My home. OUR home."
  37. Apprehension is replaced by acquiescence as she takes hold of me, and the gemstone's light becomes blinding.
  38. ------------
  39. A man and woman, hastily dressed, stand holding each other in a forested clearing. A brilliant glow seems to consume them both, and they disappear with a clap of thunder.
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