MonCapitan - A Slice of Cherry Pie (Cheerilee, Pinkie)

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  1. *Ksssssh*
  2. >The train grinds to a halt.
  3. >It's just stopped in the small town of Canterlot.
  4. >Built shortly after World War I, the town has hardly changed in its thirty year existence.
  5. >It's grown even less since you left.
  6. >It looks completely the same, actually.
  7. >You step off the train, your feet crunching into the snow below.
  8. >The bite of the cold air nips at your face.
  9. >You hear the pleasant sound of an orchestral band wafting on the breeze.
  10. >
  11. >Children are running through the square just ahead of you.
  12. >Your nose picks up the scent of fresh baked goods.
  13. >You breathe a sigh of contentment, it feels good to be home.
  15. A Slice of Cherry Pie
  17. >Slinging your backpack over one shoulder and hoisting your dufflebag over the other, you walk through the quaint little train station.
  18. >A conductor is standing several feet away, a pleasant smile plastered on his face.
  20. >"Welcome to Canterlot, sir."
  21. "Thank you."
  23. >You nod and continue forward.
  24. >Things seemed...nicer here.
  25. >Much nicer than the city.
  26. >Much friendlier.
  27. >You'd been living in the city for so long that you'd forgotten what a small town like this was like.
  28. >You'd missed it.
  29. >Feeling the onset of a headache, you stopped thinking about the city.
  30. >You were here now and that was all that mattered.
  31. >You could see the snow fall lightly across the town square.
  32. >Several snowmen stood guard over the fountain in the center and children bobbed and weaved through the paths, firing snowballs at each other.
  33. >A few of the townsfolks were watching, laughing, and genuinely having a good time.
  34. >The atmosphere here was jovial and it was only the middle of winter.
  35. >Summer must be a real riot.
  37. >You continue at a slow pace, no need to go fast, you didn't have anywhere you needed to be in a hurry.
  38. >Passing by several shops, you spot a larger, very welcoming store with cakes and other pastries in the window.
  39. >That must be where those delicious smells were coming from.
  40. >Your stomach rumbled.
  42. >You walk into the shop.
  43. >A wall of warmth that smells of cinnamon and apples hits you.
  44. >Warm cider.
  45. >Your start salivating.
  46. >You spy an open table in the corner.
  47. >As you walk to the table you take in the room.
  48. >It was a large room, at one end there was a set of glass cases filled with baked goods.
  49. >A blue-skinned, large-bodied, middle-aged woman stood behind said cases.
  50. >On the other end of the room, a large fire blazed in its fireplace.
  51. >Several chairs surrounded it, all filled.
  52. >Chairs with tables were scattered throughout the warm room.
  53. >People furnished the chairs, some were reading news papers, some were eating food, others were merely enjoying the warmth and company of friends.
  54. >You sit down at the table, resting your duffle bag and backpack on the floor nearby.
  55. >Settling in the chair, you turn towards the counter.
  56. >The woman makes eye contact with you and proceeds to head over.
  58. >"Hello, sir. How are you?"
  59. "Hello, ma'am. I'm doing well. I actually just rode in with the train."
  60. >"Oh. New to town then?"
  61. "Well, no, actually, I was born here, lived half my life here, in fact. I moved out a few years age when my father was reassigned because of the war."
  62. >"What's your name?"
  63. "Anonymous."
  64. >"...OH MY! Anonymous! Ooooh. Your mother and I were best friends."
  66. >The woman is now hugging you.
  67. >The smell of cider and frosting is strong on her.
  68. >Her large breasts press into you, you can't help but enjoy it.
  70. "Heh. Yeah. I-"
  71. >"Oooh, I knew you when you were just a little baby. How is your mother?"
  72. "She's getting along, both of my parents are."
  74. >Releasing you the woman becomes aware of herself and blushes.
  76. >"I'm sorry, I bet you don't even remember my name. Where are my manners? I'm Mrs. Cake."
  77. "Well, nice to meet you, Mrs. Cake."
  79. >She laughs.
  81. >"So, are you just here for a visit or are you going to stay for a while."
  82. "I think I'm here to stay."
  83. >"Oh, good. Well, if you ever need anything just ask me or my husband, Mr. Cake. Now, can I get you anything, dear?"
  85. "Yeah, is that hot apple cider, I smell?"
  86. >"Yes, it is, deary."
  87. "I'll have some of that then. That you have any cherry pie?"
  88. >"We do!"
  89. "Then I'll have a slice of that as well."
  90. >"Alright, it'll be right out."
  91. "How much will that be?"
  92. >"Oh, don't worry about that, it's on us. Welcome, home, Anonymous."
  94. >A feeling of warmth spreads through your body.
  95. >It really was good to be home.
  97. >You're looking through the window of the shop when you see a group of six girls walking down the length of the main square.
  98. >Each of them had some unique characteristic, but the one your eyes center on is jumping up and down, occasionally joining in the children's snowball fight.
  99. >Her pink hair is just barely restrained by a snow hat.
  100. >She seems to bounce around wherever she goes.
  101. >Nearly constantly laughing, she is a sight to behold.
  102. >As quick as they had appeared they exit your field of view.
  104. >"Here you are, deary."
  106. >Mrs. Cake sets down a plate with a slice of pie on it and a mug of steaming cider on the table next to you.
  107. >The aroma being emitted from the pair is intoxicating.
  109. "Thank you, Mrs. Cake."
  110. >"Of course, and remember if there is anything else you need, just ask."
  112. >Taking a bite of the pie you nod in appreciation.
  113. >As she walks away, you savor the flavor of the cherries.
  114. >Absolutely delicious.
  116. >Downing the pie, you proceed to drink the cider.
  117. >Clutching it in your palms, you allow its warmth to radiate to your chest.
  118. >It feels good.
  119. >The scent of cider fills your nose.
  120. >Today is a good day.
  122. >Finishing off the cider you stand and stretch.
  123. >Grabbing your bags, you wave goodbye to Mrs. Cake and head out of the shop back into the cold.
  124. >The children are still playing, but it looks like the name of the game has changed.
  125. >You see two children chasing after each other, run by you.
  126. >One of them is shouting about being "it".
  127. >Tag. Haha.
  128. >You continue down the square, making your way through it and into the street beyond.
  130. >The town outside the square is much the same.
  131. >Everything is covered in snow and things seem lively.
  132. >People are out clearing their driveways, supervising children, and making merry conversation.
  133. >This was the opposite of the city and you loved every bit of it.
  134. >You walk down the street, following the sidewalk.
  135. >You remember the route perfectly.
  136. >You occasionally recognize the face of a parent or some passerby across the street.
  137. >A smile spreads across your face.
  138. >You take a deep breath and inhale the frosty morning air.
  140. >Maintaining your pace, you look at the large building across the street.
  141. >A statue of a horse stands tall in the center of a large entrance area.
  142. >Canterlot High School.
  143. >You never got to go there, but you always thought about what it would be like.
  144. >If you had have returned a year and a half ago you could have graduated there, but your parents wouldn't let you.
  145. >They didn't have control over you now, though.
  146. >That was part of the reason why you'd returned.
  147. >You wanted to build a life for yourself.
  148. >This was the perfect place to do it.
  150. >Passing the large structure of the school, your feet crunch through the snow.
  151. >You make your way past more familiar buildings.
  152. >Eventually you come upon the building you were looking for.
  153. >A large two story building with a sign in the window that reads, "Room for Rent. Veteran Discount."
  154. >You walk up the driveway to the door of the building and buzz the doorbell.
  155. >Shifting your bags you eye your reflection in the window.
  156. >Looking good, Anonymous.
  157. >The door squeaks open.
  158. >A tall pinkish/purple woman is standing there with a blanket wrapped around her.
  159. >She eyes you curiously.
  161. >"Can I help you?"
  162. "Yes, I called about renting the room last week."
  163. >"Oh, you're Anonymous then."
  164. "I am. And you must be Cheerilee."
  165. >"Mhm. Come inside."
  167. >You step inside the building.
  168. >It's cold inside.
  170. >"I'm sorry about the cold, the heater's broken, I've been trying to fix it for a week, but it just won't work."
  172. "I can take a look at it for you."
  174. >She turns to face you, her whole expression seems brighter.
  176. >"Would you?"
  178. >Her eyes seem full of hope.
  180. "Sure!"
  181. >"Oh, thank you, I suppose fixing it will help us both, so thank you. I suppose I'm already a bad landlord for making you fix my problems."
  183. >You wave your hand, shaking your head.
  185. "It's no problem, ma'am, think nothing of it. And you aren't a bad landlord, don't worry about it."
  187. >She turns to face you again, a grin on her face.
  189. >"How would you know if I was a good or bad landlord, you hardly know me."
  190. "I suppose you're right, ma'am."
  192. >She starts walking again, talking as she goes.
  194. >"Please, don't call me ma'am, I get enough of that at school. Call me Cheerilee."
  195. "Alright, Cheerilee, you can call me Anon."
  196. >"Ok, Anon."
  198. >The pair of you walk through the house, it's very homey.
  199. >Carpet flooring, low ceilings, intricate wood detailing and lots of brick work.
  200. >A fire place is roaring in the living room.
  201. >You spy a radio set several feet away from the fire.
  202. >You turn to the right and see a door for a closet.
  203. >Cheerilee stops in front of the staircase.
  205. >"Well, this is the first floor."
  207. >She points to the doorway to your right.
  209. >"Through there is the living room and kitchen, behind you is the closet. Past the staircase is the dining room, another entrance to the kitchen, and the bathroom. Follow me upstairs."
  211. >As you follow her up, you stare at her lower half.
  212. >You gaze at her tight rear, hugged by her dress and jacket.
  213. >With each step the dress lifts slightly, catching on the jacket.
  214. >For a moment you are greeted by a flash of pink panties.
  215. >She reaches back and pulls the dress down, obscuring your view.
  216. >It must be cold for her to have to wear a dress during winter, but such is the style of this day and age.
  217. >As you reach the top of the stairs she turns, guiding you down a hall.
  219. >"Your room is this way, opposite mine. Down there at the other end of the hall is a closet and another bathroom."
  221. >She opens the door for you.
  222. >You walk into the room.
  223. >It isn't very large, but it's enough for you.
  224. >White walls, carpeted flooring to match the rest of the house, same low ceiling.
  225. >The door had a small lock on it to, so you could have privacy if you wanted it.
  226. >A bed is pressed against the wall, a mirror finds itself nestled in the far corner, on the wall opposite the bed is another, more private, closet.
  227. >A window chilled over with frost, curtains drawn, is across from the door.
  228. >Setting your bags down on the bed you turn to see a small desk and a chair pushed against the door's wall.
  229. >Looking back at Cheerilee, you smile.
  231. "It's perfect."
  233. >She smiles back.
  235. >"Oh good! Now, of course, we need to talk about rates and the rules. How does thirty nine dollars a month sound for the rate?"
  236. "How about thirty five?"
  237. >"Thirty seven?"
  238. "Deal."
  239. >"Good. Now, onto the rules, first you can pay me at the end of every month, but if you miss a payment or something happens we can just talk about it, I'm sure that won't come up as a problem."
  240. >"Next, no partying in the house, try to have only one or two people over at a time and be sure to stay quiet when you do. Once school starts up I need time to grade papers and write lesson plans."
  241. >"If you decide to bring a girl over, just be sure to keep it quiet."
  243. >She blushes at the thought.
  244. >You feel heat rush to your own cheeks.
  246. >"Other than that just be respectful and courteous to me and any friends that I bring over an-"
  248. >She covers her mouth with her hands and blushes harder.
  250. >"I'm so sorry. I'm giving you a lecture on how to act. You're an adult, you don't need a lecture. I'm sorry, I'm just so used to talking to the kids and having to lecture them, I sometimes forget that-"
  252. >You cut her off with a wave of your hand.
  254. "Don't worry, Cheerilee, I understand, it's fine. Besides, now if I do any of the things that you mentioned you can remind me that I agreed not to do them!"
  256. >She looks relieved.
  258. >"Thank you, Anon."
  260. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get my things unpacked and set up. If you give me a few minutes to do that, then I'll take a look at your heating problem."
  261. >"Oh, of course. Thanks again, Anon."
  263. >You nod and smile as she leaves.
  264. >You snag one final look at her beautiful ass.
  265. >Whistling inside your head, you turn your attention to your bags.
  266. >Unzipping the duffle bag, you remove a pile of clothing and a container of toiletries.
  267. >You reach into a small pouch pinned to the inside of the bag and remove a large wad of cash.
  268. >Stuffing the clothes and money into the dresser at the head of the bed, you toss the empty bag in front of the closet.
  269. >You reach for your backpack.
  270. >You take care in sliding it towards you, knowing that this bag is the more important of the two by far.
  271. >Unzipping the bag you check the door.
  272. >It's still open.
  273. >You walk over and shut it.
  274. >Heading back to the backpack, you reach inside and pull out a hard, heavy, metallic object wrapped in cloth.
  275. >Setting it aside you reach back in and take out a wooden picture frame which you set next to the cloth object.
  276. >You reach in and pull out two more objects: a large wooden case and a hand's length, heavy cardboard box.
  277. >Settling the objects down next to each other you push the empty backpack back against the wall and turn your attention to the assorted nondescript items in front of you.
  278. >You slide the lowest drawer on the dresser open.
  279. >You place the wooden case, a case filled with cigars which you "borrowed" from your father into the far back of the drawer.
  280. >Setting up the picture of your dog on the dresser, you sigh.
  281. >If there was one thing about the city you were going to miss, it was Ace.
  282. >You loved that pooch.
  283. >Shaking away the reverie, you reach for the heavy cloth object and slide open the top drawer.
  284. >This was why you closed the door.
  285. >You unwrap the cloth around the metal implement.
  286. >A Colt .45 M1911. Army issue, it was your father's.
  287. >Unlike to the cigars, your father gave you this.
  289. >He told you it was a symbol of power and responsibility, and should you need it, defense.
  290. >Blinking, you cover the weapon and slide it beneath all of your clothing in the top drawer.
  291. >You pick up the cardboard box, filled with ammunition, and place it next to the gun.
  292. >Replacing the clothing on top of the weapon and ammo, you slide the drawer shut.
  293. >It's not that you think Cheerilee would get up in arms over your ownership of a gun in her home, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.
  294. >Opening your door, you exit the room.
  295. >You walk down the stairs, taking off your bomber jacket as you go.
  296. >If you didn't know any better, you might mistake yourself for a veteran.
  297. >You sling the jacket over the coat rack at the bottom of the stairs and swerve into the living room.
  299. "Cheerilee."
  301. >She's staring at the fire, rubbing her hands together.
  303. >"Oh, Anonymous, done already?"
  304. "I'm usually not so quick to finish."
  306. >She giggles and blushes.
  307. >You return the blush and grin.
  308. >Standing she walks into the kitchen.
  309. >Following her, you notice that you can't see the outline of her panties pressed against the dress.
  310. >Did she take them off?
  311. >Looking up, you see that she's standing at a door in the corner of the kitchen.
  312. >She opens the door.
  313. >The two of you walk through the frame, as she flicks on the light.
  314. >You're greeted by the troublesome furnace.
  315. >Opening the door of the furnace you turn to Cheerilee.
  317. "What have you tried so far?"
  318. >"I've tried igniting the pilot light a few times, but it won't stay lit. I would call Big Macintosh to fix it, but after our break up a year ago, things have been strange."
  319. "Wait, did you say Big Mac?"
  320. >"Yes, why?"
  321. "Wow. Haha. He used to be my best friend when I lived here as a kid."
  322. >"You used to live here?"
  323. "Yes, I forgot to mention that, didn't I."
  325. >You turn back to the furnace and start giving it a once over.
  327. >"It's no big deal. So, you're friends with Big Mac then? Small world."
  328. "You can say that again."
  330. >The two of you share a laugh.
  332. >You examine the furnace for a while before figuring out what the problem is.
  334. "Thermocouple!"
  335. >"What?"
  336. "The thermocouple wire is bad. We're going to have to get a new one."
  337. >"Oh."
  338. "Is the hardware store in the same place? On the corner next to the main square?"
  339. >"Yes it is, Big Mac works there."
  340. "Perfect. I'm going to go over and pick one up. I'll be back in an hour or so. I can repair the furnace then as well."
  341. >"Oh, wow. Just like that?"
  342. "Yeah, it's a fairly simple repair job."
  343. >"Yeah. Heh. Right."
  345. >She looks away awkwardly.
  346. >She mentioned that she had been struggling with repairing it and you just called it simple.
  347. >Smooth.
  349. "I didn't mean to say that it was simple, I just mean that it isn't that difficult."
  350. "Not that it isn't difficult it's just that I-"
  351. >"Anonymous. It's alright. I understand, I'm not very handy with technical stuff."
  353. >She laughs and you join her.
  355. >"Thank you for caring enough to try to cover yourself though."
  356. "Of course. Now, if you aren't handy with technical 'stuff' then what are you handy with?"
  357. >"You know...things."
  359. >Her lips part in a smile and she laughs again.
  360. >You chuckle outwardly, but inwardly you can't help but imagine Cheerilee rubbing you off.
  361. >Shaking the thought from your head you begin to stand.
  362. >Rising, you shut the door to the furnace and signal that to her that the two of you can leave the room.
  363. >She goes first, holding the door for you.
  364. >You both walk through the kitchen and to the front door.
  365. >Putting on your jacket, you turn to the stairs.
  367. "I need to grab my backpack really fast, I don't want to carry the wire out in the cold like this, my fingers will freeze."
  368. >"I'll get it for you, it's the least I can do."
  370. >As she walks up the stairs, you stare at her behind.
  371. >The higher she goes the better view up her dress you get.
  372. >Finally, when she nears the top, you see it.
  373. >Her totally exposed, curvaceous ass.
  374. >Her bright pink slit lies between two firm cheeks.
  375. >It's a beautiful sight.
  378. >As she turns the corner you lose sight of her magnificent clit.
  379. >What are you doing, Anon?
  380. >You've been in her house for less than an hour and you're already thinking about her like that?
  381. >You've got a real problem, Anonymous.
  382. >A real problem.
  383. >It's not your fault she wasn't wearing panties.
  384. >Well- true, that's actually very true.
  385. >Oh well, here she comes.
  387. >Cheerilee walks back around the corner and down the stairs carrying your backpack.
  388. >She tosses it to you.
  389. >You nod thankfully and head out into the cold again.
  390. >Exhaling, you walk down the path back to the town square.
  391. >The snow crunches beneath your feet.
  392. >The icy air bites at your nose.
  393. >
  394. >You see snowflakes falling and resting themselves upon the ground around you.
  395. >The children are done playing, but you can see their traces everywhere.
  396. >Snowmen, slowly-filling snow-angels, and small balls of snow lie everywhere.
  397. >As you walk, you pass by some of the townsfolk.
  399. >"Hello, sir!"
  400. "Hello!"
  401. >"Good afternoon, friend."
  402. "And a good afternoon to you as well."
  404. >It was splendid here.
  405. >Continuing down the path, you finally reach the hardware store.
  406. >The whole store smelled of warm wood.
  407. >It was quite pleasant inside, warm and in a strange way, inviting.
  408. >It was full of tools, woods, pipes, and other appliances that you would expect from a store of that nature.
  409. >You shuffle through the aisles before finally finding your mark. A thermocouple wire!
  410. >Grabbing your target you work your way back to the front.
  411. >You begin checking out when you feel a tap on the shoulder.
  413. "Hmm?"
  415. >You turn, it's an employee of the store.
  416. >He points over his shoulder.
  417. >Big Macintosh.
  419. "BIG MAC!"
  421. >You finish paying for the wire, stuff it into your backpack and run for the burly man with the boyish face.
  422. >You stop right before you reach him and stick out your hand.
  423. >He takes it.
  424. >His grip is strong and coarse.
  425. >He's turned into a mountain of a man, but you know he's still got a heart of gold.
  427. >"Howdy, Anonymous."
  428. "Big Mac."
  430. >You embrace him in a hug.
  431. >He was your best friend from childhood until you moved away.
  432. >You made other friends in the city, but none of them were suitable replacements.
  434. "So, how are things, Big Mac?"
  435. >"Things are good, Anonymous. How are they for you?"
  436. "Good. Good. I'm actually coming home. I'm here to stay. I'm renting a room from Cheerilee, I'm going to try to get a job. I want to live here again."
  437. >"That sounds like a good plan. Cheerilee? She's a good girl."
  438. "I heard you two went out, but broke up. What happened with that?"
  439. >"I don't feel comfortable talkin' about that hear, Anonymous. Why don't you come over for dinner tonight. You can meet the family again."
  440. "Sure, Big Mac, that sounds fantastic. I don't have a car though and as I remember it was a little ways out."
  442. >You see his boyish face look at the ceiling for a moment where he thoughtfully considered every option.
  443. >Big Macintosh was always good at that.
  445. >"My sister. Her name's Applejack. She's in town with all of her friends today. I'll get a hold of her and she can give you a ride back to the farm tonight. How does that sound?"
  446. "Perfect, thank you."
  447. >"No, thank you, Anon. You were always a good friend to me, it's about time I start repaying that."
  449. >You nod and he turns away to go work on something in the store.
  450. >Satisfied, you head back outside.
  451. >You take a deep breath and exhale, watching your breath dissipate.
  452. >You turn and take one step before something you bump into someone.
  454. >"Hey! Watch where you're going, I- Oh oh. Anonymous, I didn't see you there. I'm sorry."
  456. >You knew that voice.
  457. >It was the voice of your old protégé.
  458. >Flash Sentry.
  459. >You taught the kid everything you knew.
  461. "Flash?"
  463. >You look up at him.
  464. >He's wearing a black leather jacket and denim jeans.
  465. >His hair was clearly slicked back with gel and he had a toothpick in his mouth.
  466. >Weird style, but to each his own.
  468. >"Yeah. Yeah! It's me, Flash Sentry."
  469. "Yes, yes. I can see that now."
  472. >He's flanked by two other kids.
  473. >One of them is short and fat, the other tall and skinny.
  474. >They're quite the pair.
  476. "So, Flash, did you miss me?"
  478. >He looks nervously back at his pals before speaking quietly.
  480. >"Y-yeah, I missed you, Anonymous."
  482. >Weird, he seems different. Almost uncomfortable.
  483. >Whatever, probably just nerves. You were his mentor after all.
  485. "So, have you made yourself into the king that I was training you to be?"
  487. >He looks up at you, his look is filled with confidence.
  488. >No, that wasn't confidence, it was arrogance.
  489. >He has a very cocky expression on his face.
  491. >"Ha! Of course. I'm the king of the high school. Undoubtedly. No boy can even hope to match up to me. No girl says no to me! They can't help themselves."
  493. >The short fat one pops out from the left of Flash.
  495. >"Why, everyone would love to be Flash!"
  497. >The tall skinny one pops out on the other side.
  499. >"Even when we're taking his lumps!"
  500. >"Hey, what are you trying to say, Snails?"
  502. >Flash is staring at Snails with his fist raised.
  503. >The other one speaks up again.
  504. >
  506. >"There's no man in town as admired as you, you're everyone's favorite guy!"
  507. >"Yeah! Everyone's awed and inspired by you and it's not very hard to see why!"
  509. >Was that music?
  511. >"No one's slick as Sentry, no one's quick as Sentry! No one's as incredibly talented as Sentry!"
  513. >Yes, it was music.
  515. >"For there's no man in town half as manly! Personality so fiery. You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley and they'll tell you that he'll fight advantageously!"
  516. >"No one's been like Sentry! A king pin like Sentry! No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Sentry!"
  518. >Flash opens his mouth to sing.
  520. >"As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating."
  521. >"My, what a guy, that Sentry!!!"
  523. >Fuck this.
  525. "Stop singing. Now."
  527. >You stomp your foot on the ground.
  528. >Flash throws you an angry look, before it dissolves into a smile.
  530. >"So, in answer to your question, yes. I have."
  531. "That was all you had to say."
  533. >You shake your head in annoyance.
  535. "So, you've been good then?"
  536. >"Oh, but of course! Ever since you left things have been absolutely amazing for me! I hit a rough patch a few months ago, but now I'm back and no one can stop me! I've got my eyes set on a particular group of girls. I'm going for a seven-way."
  538. >You blink.
  540. "Well that's a lofty sounding goal."
  541. >"N- No, it isn't. It's easy. I'll bag them before the new year."
  542. "Well, I don't know how good you're doing already, so I believe you, Flash, don't worry."
  544. >He laughs and slicks back his hair.
  546. >"I'm not worried. I'm everything the girls want, remember?"
  547. "Sure, Flash. Sure."
  549. >Well, he didn't exactly follow your lessons, but you guess he is his own person.
  550. >Good for him?
  552. >"Oh! A girl! Come on, fellas. See you around, Anon."
  553. "Yeah, see ya around, Flash."
  555. >You shake your head and walk away.
  556. >Flash Sentry.
  557. >He used to be such an innocent kid.
  558. >What happened to him a few months ago?
  559. >Maybe you could ask someone.
  561. >You aren't walking back to Cheerilee's house.
  562. >Not yet, at least.
  563. >You want to check out the town a little bit more and you told her you'd be an hour.
  564. >You've yet to spend a half hour out yet, so you figure you've got some time.
  565. >A few women are outside, you overhear them talking about the spring and flowers.
  566. >Ah yes, you remember this town was always lovely during spring.
  567. >The snowfall has stopped now.
  568. >The band has stopped playing as well.
  569. >The town is resting.
  570. >It's peaceful.
  571. >Everyone seems to be content with their lives.
  572. >It's exactly what you wanted.
  573. >A warm feeling spread through your heart.
  574. >You laughed aloud.
  576. >Continuing your walk through the town, you heard voiced ahead of you.
  577. >Loud giggling and general merriment.
  578. >Turning the corner you found yourself in front of a group of six young girls.
  579. >The same six girls that you watched through the window of the Mrs. Cakes' shop earlier.
  580. >Your eyes centered once more on the pink one.
  581. >She was a bouncy bundle of joy and laughter.
  583. >You walk by them, nodding as you go.
  584. >You don't see the pink one anymore.
  585. >Where did she go?
  587. >"HI!"
  588. "Ah!"
  590. >Surprised, you step back into the street.
  591. >Your foot connects with the iced-over gutter and you spill backwards.
  592. >As you fall, you throw your other foot out, knocking the pink haired girl over with you.
  593. >The two of you tumble backwards.
  594. >You land directly on your back, she falls right on your front.
  595. >Her boobs squish into your chest.
  596. >They're firm.
  597. >You slowly open your eyes.
  598. >You're nose to nose with her.
  599. >Eyes wide open, she's smiling at you.
  601. >"Hi!"
  602. "Agh. Hello."
  604. >She's not making any attempt to get up, so you slowly lift her off of you and sit up.
  605. >The five rush over to you.
  606. >They pick you up.
  607. >One with purple hair and white skin brushes your coat off and begins to comb your hair for you.
  608. >She's making comments about her pink friend's disregard for your general well being.
  609. >You laugh and wave her away.
  611. "Haha, it's fine, really I'm fine."
  612. >"You say that now, but when you're out and about and someone comments on a ruffle in your jacket, then you'll be regretting not letting me finish."
  614. >You laugh again and introduce yourself.
  615. >They in turn introduce themselves to you.
  616. >Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, and the pink ball of energy is Pinkie Pie.
  618. >"I'mmmmm reeeaaaallly sooorrry about knocking you down, but I saw that you were new and I didn't recognize you, so I just had to say hello, but I knocked you down instead."
  619. "Like I said, it's fine."
  620. >"No! It's not fine! I need to throw you a party, it's what I always do with people who are new to town."
  621. "Well, I'm not exactly new. I used to live here, I went to live in the city for a while, but I'm home now."
  622. >"OOOOH! Now, I have to throw you a welcome home party. Tonight. Sugarcube Corner."
  623. "No, I can't. Not tonight, at least. I'm going to Applejack's house actually."
  625. >Applejack gives you an inquisitive look before her eyes widen.
  627. >"YOU! I thought you looked familiar!"
  629. "Remember me, do you?"
  630. >"Yeah! You were Big Mac's best friend, you used to come over all the time. I can't believe I didn't immediately recognize you. You're coming over for dinner?"
  631. "Yes, Big Mac invited me. You're supposed to give me a ride to your house."
  632. >"Yeah, I reckon I can do that."
  633. >"Woopee! We're all friends!"
  635. >Pinkie leaps into the air.
  636. >You watch as her breasts rise, fall, and jiggle when she lands on the ground.
  638. "So, how about the party, Pinkie? How about tomorrow?"
  639. >"OH! TOMORROW! Yes, that will work."
  641. >She nods curtly.
  642. >What a silly girl.
  643. >You make idle chat with the six of them for a while before heading out again.
  644. >Pinkie seemed really interested in getting to know you.
  645. >She was a pretty girl and seemed nice.
  646. >They all seemed nice.
  647. >You were making new friends.
  648. >This was a better kind of place.
  649. >You walk back to Cheerilee's house.
  650. >Knocking on the door, you reflect on Pinkie's breasts.
  651. >They were nice breasts.
  652. >Firm things, perfect for squeezing.
  653. >It's been too long since the last time you've been with a girl.
  654. >There was Twilight back in the city, but that was just a summer fling because her brother wanted her to get out of the house.
  655. >She was cold and didn't seem to pay much attention to the actual sex itself.
  656. >Needless to say, it wasn't very good.
  657. >The door opens and Cheerilee is standing there, wearing a silky night gown with a blanket wrapped around her.
  658. >The night gown barely covers her lower half, the edge of it rests about an inch below, any sudden move would easily reveal her to you.
  659. >Her breasts are accentuated as well.
  660. >The night gown shows a good portion of her cleavage.
  661. >Bringing your eyes up to her face she gives you an innocent smile and invites you inside.
  662. >She helps you with your jacket and you thank her.
  663. >Instantly the two of you are walking towards the furnace room.
  664. >Within minutes it's fixed and the radiators begin to heat up.
  665. >She takes the blanket off and wraps you in a hug.
  666. >You feel her warmth against your body.
  668. >You pull your head back and stare into her eyes.
  669. >You both stare into each other's eyes a moment before you both pull away awkwardly.
  670. >Cheerliee shuffles to the side mumbling something about the radio.
  671. >Blushing you follow her into the living room.
  672. >She flicks on the radio and sits across from it on a plush couch.
  673. >
  674. >You seat yourself near the window in a rocking chair.
  675. >Looking over to her, you see that her face is still somewhat red, she's staring deeply into the fireplace next to the radio.
  676. >Your eyes trace the length of her body.
  677. >Her nightgown hiked up slightly when she sat down.
  678. >It's enough to give you a pleasant view of her thighs all the way up to just under her waist.
  679. >You can see the side of her ass.
  680. >You would be able to see her pussy again, but she's crossing her legs.
  681. >You examine her every feature.
  682. >Her plush, smooth-looking hair.
  683. >You get the strange desire to run your hand through it.
  684. >Your eyes move down to her green eyes.
  685. >They remind you of the grass that you would run through when you were a kid.
  686. >Her lips were the perfect size, not too large, but not too small, perfect for planting a kiss on.
  687. >Your eyes slowly drift to her breasts.
  688. >You could clearly see the points of her nipples poking against the thin fabric of her nightgown.
  689. >The fullness of the breasts accentuated by the light the fire was casting across the room.
  690. >You suddenly became aware that you were staring at her.
  691. >You look to her eyes, they're staring back at you.
  692. >Her eyes meet yours and you stare for a moment before...
  694. >She quickly stands up.
  696. >"I'll get it!"
  698. >Her nightgown, still hiked up, covers nothing.
  699. >You're offered a full view of her shaven pussy and firm thighs.
  700. >You see a glint of light dance off of the area just under her honeypot.
  701. >It would appear that she's wet.
  702. >Quickly, she pulls the nightgown down, smiling and blushing, and walks to the door.
  703. >Needless to say, you've got an erection.
  705. >"Howdy! Is Anon here?"
  706. "OH! Applejack! I- uh. Anon?"
  708. >Oh fuck. You forgot to tell Cheerilee.
  709. >She's probably really embarrassed.
  710. >You stand up.
  711. >Hello, Anon.
  712. >Oh no. Not now, Boner.
  713. >No, no, I insist, Anon.
  714. >Fuck you, Boner. I-
  715. >You turn to face the door and see that they're both staring at you already.
  716. >Your pants are struggling to tent.
  717. >It's very apparent that you've got a boner.
  718. >You stare straight forward and feel your cheeks redden.
  719. >Applejack whistles.
  720. >You hear footsteps coming towards you.
  721. >You turn and see her standing next to you.
  722. >She grabs you by the arm and starts dragging you out.
  724. >"Come on, you, I don't wanna be late."
  726. >As you're pulled down the path you stare back at Cheerilee who waves goodbye.
  727. >You wave back.
  729. >Well. That was painful.
  730. >You're in the car with Applejack.
  731. >You thanked her when you first got in the car, but haven't said anything since then.
  733. >"You can talk ya know."
  735. >You sigh.
  737. "Sorry, Applejack, things got weird."
  738. >"Yeah, well, that's just how it goes. Now, how've ya been all these years, Anon?"
  740. >You feel relief rush through your body at the prospect of talking about something else.
  742. "Not as good as they could have been."
  744. >She glances at you with concern.
  746. >"What happened, sugar cube?"
  747. "Not sure if I want to talk about it."
  748. >"You didn't have to bring it up, but you did. Don't beat around the bush, get straight to it."
  749. "Fine. The city was fine at first, but things slowly got worse. I had a break down and decided I needed to get away from the city."
  750. >"See, that wasn't so hard. Feel better now?"
  751. "Hardly."
  752. >"Well, one of Granny Smith's pies will fix you up. I guarantee it."
  754. >Granny Smith's apple pies.
  755. >You remember those pies with the same fondness that a child has for his presents when he wakes up on Christmas.
  756. >You love those pies.
  757. >You are salivating.
  758. >Applejack laughs.
  760. >"See, they're already helping and you haven't even taken the first bite."
  762. >She's right.
  763. >You join in her laughter.
  765. >The car pulls across the snow-covered dirt road that leads to the very familiar farmhouse.
  766. >You used to ride your bike across this road.
  767. >You see familiar trees and familiar ditches.
  768. >Nothing's changed.
  770. >The car pulls up in front of the house.
  771. >The engine rumbles for a moment and then shuts off.
  773. >"Last stop!"
  775. >You both get out of the car.
  776. >You shiver.
  777. >Applejack pulled you out of the house so fast that you forgot your jacket.
  778. >Oh well, it'll be warm inside.
  779. >You remember it always being warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  780. >Exactly as it should be.
  781. >Not like the city, hot everywhere during the summer and cold everywhere during the winter.
  782. >You walk throw the thin layer of snow in the driveway, turning you see her lock the truck and nod for you to go ahead.
  783. >Clutching your chest you march towards the door.
  784. >Wearing a short sleeve shirt under your jacket probably wasn't the smartest idea you'd ever had.
  785. >You make it to the door, only to have it open quickly in front of you.
  786. >You take a step back and your foot lands on a slick area of snow.
  787. >As you fall back you see a small girl with a bow in her hair standing at the door with her hands over her mouth.
  788. >You land back in the snow and immediately jump up.
  789. >Some of it got under your shirt.
  790. >You leap up and down trying to liberate the offending piece of ice.
  791. >A pair of warm hands grab you.
  792. >One of them works its way up your shirt.
  793. >You feel it grab the snow and slide out.
  794. >You turn to see Applejack holding a piece of melting snow.
  795. >She laughs, pats you on the back, and heads to the door.
  796. >You're immediately assaulted by a small girl begging for your forgiveness.
  798. >"Mister, I'm sorry, I didn't mean ta knock ya down like that. Really, I swear!"
  799. "Haha, it's alright...Applebloom?"
  800. >"Yeah! How did you know my name?"
  802. >You walk for the door and hold it for her.
  803. >She walks inside.
  805. "I used to come over here when you were just a little little girl. Probably six or seven."
  806. >"Ya do look kinda familiar."
  808. >The inside of the house is quaint.
  809. >A few chairs and a couch in a circle, a radio pushed against the wall, a circular carpet centered the room.
  810. >Against one wall is the staircase to the second floor, against the wall opposite you is a door frame that, judging by the smell, leads to the kitchen.
  811. >Big Macintosh is sitting in one of the chairs near you.
  812. >He's sitting with his eyes closed listening to the radio.
  813. >
  814. >He appears quite content.
  815. >Applejack steps forward.
  817. >"Mac, Anon's here. I'll be in the kitchen helping Granny Smith."
  818. >"Huh? Oh, alright. Hello, Anonymous."
  819. "Hey, Big Mac."
  821. >Applebloom breaks away from trailing you and runs after her sister.
  822. >You take a seat across from your old friend.
  823. >You relax in the soft cushions of the chair.
  824. >Allowing the events of the past hour to flood back into your mind you begin to contemplate the >implications of Cheerilee's scandalous behavior.
  825. >Maybe she's lonely...
  826. >You are incredibly good-looking.
  827. >It's a very real possibility that your devilish good-looks wooed her.
  828. >Yeaaaah, it's probably that.
  829. >You and Big Mac sit calmly and quietly in the room listening to the sounds of the radio and enjoying the scent of the food being prepared.
  830. >It reminded you of coming over when you were not but a little boy.
  831. >You reminisce for a few minutes.
  832. >Ahh... the days of your youth... like the scent of fresh lemon, you see.
  833. >You hear a familiar, shrill, old voice call out.
  837. >Big Mac slowly rises, stretches for a brief moment, steps over to the radio, and clicks it off.
  838. >He motions for you to head through the door.
  839. >You walk and he follows.
  840. >Moving through a very messy kitchen, Applebloom has a plate of rolls in her hands and one in her mouth.
  842. >"Now, now, AB. If Granny Smith saw you eating that, you'd be in a whole mess of trouble."
  843. >"Mmmph, mmph."
  844. >"Just eat it quick, alright?"
  845. >"Mmph!"
  847. >You turn and continue into what you remember to be the dining room.
  849. >As you enter the room you almost instantly spot it.
  850. >Resting at the far end of the table a television set.
  851. >Your jaw drops and you rush forward.
  853. "Wow! You guys have one of these?"
  855. >Applejack looks up to find you ogling the T.V.
  857. >"We sure do. The apple harvest this year was really good and Mac's hardware store's been a success."
  858. >"Ah hate it."
  860. >You look over your shoulder and see Granny Smith wagging a serving spoon in the direction of the apparently offending electronic.
  861. >You turn to face her.
  863. "Why, Granny Smith?"
  864. >"Oh please, Anon, call me Granny."
  866. >Sweet old woman.
  868. >"I hate it because it interrupts the family dinner!"
  869. >"Oh, it ain't that bad."
  870. >"Yes, it is, Applejack. Your just young and don't understand. I'm sure Anon understands, don't?"
  872. >She looks at you questioningly and you smile.
  874. "Of course, Granny."
  876. >You and Applejack chuckle.
  877. >Your eyes drift across to her where they are immediately drawn to her very low cut flannel shirt.
  878. >Her cleavage is very much exposed to you.
  879. >Thinking quickly you take the seat that you suspect to be yours.
  880. >Possible boner crisis averted.
  881. >I'll get you next time, I promise.
  882. >Yeah, well, fuck you, boner.
  884. >"So, Anon, like what you see?"
  886. >The farm girl's voice rings in your ears.
  887. >Oh no.
  888. >You slowly look up and she's standing on the other side of the table motioning to all of the food.
  889. >Oh. Oh god, you were worried.
  891. >A roast ham, mince pies, all types of roasted and cooked vegetables, fresh-baked rolls; it was a veritable feast.
  893. "Oh, I like it very much."
  894. >"Good, cause Granny Smith worked real hard on preparing special just for you."
  896. >You smile and stand up.
  898. "Thank you very much, Granny. You've always been kind to me and I can see that time has not changed you a bit."
  899. >"No, thank you, Anonymous. You were always a member of our family. Now, let's all sit down and eat. I'm hungry."
  901. >Everyone laughs and sits down together at the table.
  903. >After the food is passed out and your plate is filled to the edges, Big Mac switches on the television.
  904. >Everyone eats their food, engrossed in the programs that were playing on the television.
  905. >Occasionally a comment is made, but for the most part you all sit silently and watch.
  907. >After dinner, pleasantries, and the dishes are done, you decide that it's time for you to head home for the night.
  909. "Well, it's been fun, Big Mac. It was good seeing you again."
  910. >"Of course, Anon."
  912. >Granny Smith is nodding.
  914. >"I expect to see you around her a lot, mister."
  915. "I'll try to be over as much as possible, Granny."
  916. >"Good."
  918. >She slowly hobbles into the next room.
  919. >You and Big Mac share a laugh.
  921. >"Applejack will take you home. Let me find her for you."
  923. >He leaves the room and you wait for a few minutes before Applejack enters.
  925. >"Ready to leave, Anon?"
  926. "Sure am, thanks for having me over, Applejack."
  927. >"Please, call me AJ."
  928. "Alright, AJ."
  930. >The two of you walk to her truck.
  931. >It's dark out now.
  932. >She revs up the engine and flicks on the lights.
  933. >She turns on the radio and the two of you ride down the driveway.
  934. >
  935. >What is this?
  936. >Some new age stuff?
  937. >Whatever.
  938. >You drive for a while before she pulls off the road.
  940. "Why are we stopping?"
  942. >You look over to Applejack and see that she's unzipping her jacket.
  943. >What?
  944. >She's taken the jacket off and thrown it in the backseat.
  946. >"Anonymous."
  948. >She exhales sharply, but slowly.
  950. >"Anonymous, all those years ago, when you hung out with Mac, I had the biggest crush on you."
  951. "What?"
  952. >"Shoot. Here I am lyin' to you. I didn't have a crush on you."
  954. >You can barely see it in the dark, but she's blushing.
  956. >"I used to love ya, Anon."
  958. >What?
  960. "What?"
  961. >"Things have changed now, and I don't love ya anymore, but I've still got pent up feelin's I ain't never acted on."
  963. "Um."
  964. >"Um? Is that all ya got to say?"
  965. "Well, to be honest I really have no idea what to say, this is all kind of unexpected."
  966. >"Fine then, you don't need to talk. Just watch and enjoy."
  968. >Applejack slowly unbuttons her shirt.
  969. >Her breasts are released.
  970. >They're large.
  971. >
  972. >You can see them rise and fall with the rhythm of her breathing.
  973. >Her nipples are erect from the sudden cold that's hitting them.
  974. >You reach over and rest your hand on one.
  975. >It's warm and soft.
  976. >You squeeze slightly, rubbing your finger against the nipple.
  977. >She softly moans.
  978. >You watch as she closes her eyes, letting you play with her nipple.
  979. >I told you I would be back, Anon.
  980. >Welcome home, friend.
  981. >It's good to be back.
  982. >Your boner rises once more.
  983. >You feel it pressing against your pants.
  984. >You use your free hand to undo the buttons on your jeans.
  985. >Freeing your penis, you give it a few tugs to assure that it is at its fullest extent.
  986. >Aware of your movement, Applejack opens her eyes and looks down at your cock.
  987. >She licks her lips and shifts in her seat, lowering her head to your crotch.
  988. >You feel her warm breath drift across your appendage.
  989. >She tentatively kisses the tip.
  990. >It sends a shiver up your spine.
  991. >Her tongue pushes between her lips and licks.
  992. >The wet muscle pulls across your lower head.
  993. >Your cock twitches in response.
  994. >She laughs, sending a burst of warm breath across your penis.
  995. >In the cold of the cab of this truck, that warmth felt heavenly.
  996. >You suddenly remember that you don't have a jacket and shiver.
  997. >As you shiver, you thrust your penis up slightly.
  998. >She takes the opportunity to grab your phallus with her mouth.
  999. >The warmth and softness of her lips caressing your penis and the wet, warm swirling sensation perpetrated by her tongue cause you to act instinctively, thrusting up once more.
  1000. >Your cock pushes further into her mouth.
  1001. >She grazes her teeth over the shaft slightly.
  1003. >Suddenly, she plunges her head down taking the entire piece into her mouth.
  1004. >Her warm mouth is sucking at your cock.
  1005. >Warm spit covers your penis from tip to base.
  1006. >Applejack is bobbing her head up and down.
  1007. >You match each movement of her head with a movement of your hips.
  1008. >You can feel her lips press against the base of your rod and pull away with ever thrust.
  1009. >The warmth and wetness of her mouth along with the rhythm and swirling of her tongue is driving you mad.
  1010. >She slows down and pushes her head hard down on your cock, determined to deep throat it.
  1011. >You hear small choking and spluttering noises and feel her tongue twitch along your shaft.
  1012. >She pulls her head away and levels it with yours.
  1013. >Saliva is running down the corners of her mouth.
  1014. >You feel a hand grab ahold of your cock and start rubbing it quickly.
  1015. >She throws her head forward and locks lips with you.
  1016. >The two of you begin battling with your tongues as her hand swiftly moves up and down your length.
  1017. >You manage to take a glance and see that her free hand is stuffed down her own pants.
  1018. >You reach for her arm and pull it out of her pants.
  1019. >Her hand drags across yours as you work your way into her pants.
  1020. >The hand is wet and warm with her nectar.
  1021. >Your hand reaches down the front of her pants and you feel her warmth.
  1022. >The inside of her pants are slick with her juices.
  1023. >Your fingers rub against her lower lips and she moans into your mouth.
  1024. >The vaginal secretions act as lubrication and you pop a finger inside her pussy.
  1025. >It's hot and tight.
  1026. >Your finger moves up and down quickly.
  1027. >Eventually, you add a second finger.
  1028. >Your fingers work her insides.
  1029. >You can feel her muscles constrict around your fingers.
  1030. >A gush of liquid warmth hits splashes down between and around your fingers, soaking her pants more than before.
  1032. >"Ahhhhhh~"
  1034. >She pulls her head back and you look at her pants, a wet spot has formed around her crotch region.
  1036. >Pulling your hand from her pants you laugh and bring it to your face.
  1037. >You smell it before bringing it to your mouth.
  1038. >It smells of apples with a slight twist of hay.
  1039. >It tasted even better.
  1040. >Similar to the apple cider you drank earlier in the day.
  1041. >The thought of drinking a cup of her nectar brought a smile to your lips.
  1042. >All the while her hand has been pumping away at you.
  1043. >She picks up the pace, reaching into her pants, swiping some of the juice and rubbing it along your shaft.
  1044. >You thrust into her hand motions.
  1045. >Your dick begins twitching and you feel a familiar sensation building.
  1046. >Then...
  1047. >She lets go, grabs your head, and locks lips with you once more.
  1048. >Her hands fall away from your face, but your lips remain locked.
  1049. >Unable to break from this facial bond, you close your eyes and invade her mouth with your tongue.
  1050. >After making out with her for a minute or so you feel an unclothed leg wrap over you in the seat.
  1051. >Opening your eyes, you see that she's pushed the middle divider up and made more room for the two of you.
  1052. >Pulling you closer, she straddles you.
  1053. >She's completely naked now.
  1054. >But, you aren't.
  1055. >Her liquid gently drips out of her and onto your pants.
  1056. >You don't care.
  1057. >The warm, wet, tight hole in front of you was your mark.
  1058. >It was all you cared about.
  1059. >She's hovering above you.
  1060. >You can feel the warmth directly above your tip.
  1061. >She slowly lowers herself onto you.
  1062. >Your head pierces her lips and goes deep into her clit.
  1063. >You hilt in her.
  1064. >Her vaginal muscles tighten around your penis.
  1065. >She moves up and then pounds down again.
  1066. >A loud moan escapes from her mouth.
  1067. >Your thrusts become faster as do her bounces.
  1068. >You place your hands on her hips and feel her muscles flex beneath your fingers.
  1069. >Each thrust sends more and more of her lubricant into your lap.
  1070. >The smell of sex permeates the truck.
  1071. >She's moaning with every thrust now.
  1072. >You're moving faster and faster.
  1073. >Her walls stroke your cock as it moves up and down within her.
  1076. >Your cock begins twitching inside her.
  1077. >She begins grinding on your cock.
  1078. >Her fluids wet the groin of your own pants.
  1079. >Her movements start to send you over the edge.
  1080. >You make eye contact with her.
  1081. >Her breasts are jiggling as she grinds.
  1082. >You reach your hands up and grab her head, bringing it towards you.
  1083. >You feel another rush of warm fluid power its ways down the sides of your dick and she moans as you lock her in a kiss.
  1084. >You thrust hard one final time as she slides her tongue in your mouth.
  1085. >The feeling that had been building at the base of your penis is finally released.
  1086. >Your hot seed shoots into her, mixing with her own fluids.
  1087. >You lower your waist and rest on the seat.
  1088. >She rests her body against you.
  1089. >You both sit there for a while, breathing in the scent of each other's sex.
  1090. >Eventually, she pulls herself off of you.
  1091. >You look over to her.
  1092. >A glazed look of satisfaction plasters her face.
  1094. >"Thanks for that, Anon."
  1096. >You take a deep breath.
  1098. "No, thank you, AJ."
  1099. >"Heh. You want to do this again, just come on over and tell me."
  1100. "Sounds good."
  1102. >You're staring forward, out of the car.
  1103. >You watch the snow drift to the ground.
  1104. >Zipping up your pants, you smile in contentment.
  1105. >The car starts and you turn to see Applejack wearing her clothes again.
  1106. >Her stetson is tilted back and she's got a toothpick in her mouth.
  1107. >She's smiling.
  1108. >You close your eyes and lean back against the seat, relaxing.
  1109. >You were just gonna enjoy the ride.
  1111. "Thanks, Applejack."
  1112. >"Anytime, Sugarcube."
  1114. >Applejack winks at you and drives away.
  1115. >Wow.
  1116. >You take a deep breath and slowly exhale.
  1117. >Looking down at your body, you plainly see that you are covered in sexual fluids.
  1118. >Well, this is going to be hard to explain.
  1119. >You take few steps up the driveway, pondering whether or not you should just take off your clothes and walk in naked.
  1120. >Although, that would be just as bad, if not worse.
  1121. >You reach the front door and test the knob.
  1122. >It's locked.
  1123. >Of course.
  1124. >You ring the doorbell.
  1125. >And wait.
  1126. >And wait.
  1127. >And wait.
  1128. >Fuck.
  1129. >You try again.
  1130. >Same result.
  1131. >Realizing that Cheerilee must have fallen asleep you look around for a key she might have hidden.
  1132. >You lift a pot with a Poinsettia in it.
  1133. >Lo and behold, a key.
  1134. >You quietly unlock the door and replace the key.
  1136. >Sneaking in, you're sure to close the door slowly and quietly.
  1137. >Success!
  1138. >As you creep forward you can see that the fire in the living room is slowly dying out.
  1139. >You also see a sleeping form laying on the couch of that room.
  1140. >The radio is playing quietly.
  1141. >Cheerilee's a heavy sleeper.
  1142. >You make your way up the stairs, being sure not to make any loud...
  1143. >*CREAK*
  1144. >You turn quickly.
  1145. >Nothing.
  1146. >Continuing your ascent, you work hard to avoid any unseen threats hidden within the wood of the stairs.
  1147. >You make your way all the way up the dangerous climb and turn down the hall.
  1148. >Opening the door to the bathroom, you check to make sure there is a towel available.
  1149. >You shut and lock the door, taking off your clothes.
  1150. >You take a quick shower, dry yourself, and dive into your room.
  1151. >Tossing your clothes into the corner you lie down on your bed and slowly drift off to sleep.
  1152. >Your dreams are filled with apples and sex.
  1154. >You awake the next morning.
  1155. >Turning to the side you feel a familiar sensation.
  1156. >Hello, boner, my old friend.
  1157. >Hello, Anonymous.
  1158. >You pull the sheets off of you and stand up, scratching your chest and yawning.
  1160. >The smell of bacon and eggs hits your nose.
  1161. >Cheerilee must be fixing breakfast.
  1162. >You throw on a shirt and grab the pile of clothes from last night.
  1163. >Gotta throw these in the laundry without her noticing the stains.
  1164. >You open the door to your room, turn down the hall, and walk downstairs.
  1165. >You remember seeing the washing machine in the furnace room, so you head there.
  1166. >As you enter the kitchen you spy Cheerilee, wearing an apron, cooking breakfast.
  1167. >She hears you come in and turns her head.
  1169. >"Good morning, Anon. You woke up at a good time, I wasn't sure if I should wake you for breakfast. You were out late last night, but you're up. I hope you like eggs, bacon, and toast."
  1170. "Morning, Cheerilee. That sounds delicious. And always wake me up for breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day, they say."
  1172. >She laughs.
  1173. >You walk to the laundry room and rest your clothes in the washing machine.
  1174. >You hear her call to you from the other room.
  1176. >"Just set the clothes in the machine, I'll clean them for you."
  1178. >You nod, you'd assumed she would.
  1179. >You exit the room and thank her.
  1181. >"Breakfast is almost ready, just take a seat at the table and I'll bring it over."
  1182. "Sounds good."
  1184. >You walk into the dining room and take a seat.
  1185. >Cheerilee brings breakfast in.
  1186. >As she leans down to hand you your plate you are given a good view of her cleavage.
  1187. >She's very clearly not wearing a bra.
  1188. >As she turns to move to her seat you get a quick glance at her ass.
  1189. >You've been ogling over this women a lot and you only just met her the day before.
  1190. >Such is life.
  1191. >Cheerilee sits across from you at the small table and takes a bite of her food.
  1192. >You do the same.
  1193. >It was good.
  1194. >Expertly-fried eggs, crispy bacon, perfectly-browned toast.
  1195. >She spoke.
  1197. >"So, Anon, did you have fun with the Apples last night?"
  1198. "Uh, yes, I did. It was good seeing them all again, they've hardly changed."
  1199. >"How was Applejack?"
  1201. >You cough.
  1203. "What? Uh.. She's fine."
  1205. >"Good. Good. She used to be one of my students, that's why I asked."
  1206. "Ah, I see."
  1208. >There is a moment of awkward silence before you speak.
  1210. "So, I might be out for a bit today, someone named Pinkie wanted to throw me a party."
  1212. >Cheerilee laughs.
  1214. >"Yeah, that sounds like Pinkie Pie. Go to Sugarcube Corner, that little shop that sells pies and cakes down in the square, you'll probably find her setting up there."
  1215. "Oh, alright, thanks."
  1216. >"Mhm."
  1218. >You both continue eating.
  1219. >The food was delicious, especially since you were so hungry.
  1220. >Last night had worked up a pretty strong appetite in you.
  1221. >You think about your relationship with Applejack.
  1222. >She didn't seem to want anything more than a sexual relationship.
  1223. >You didn't mind, really.
  1224. >Hell, it was kind of nice knowing that you could have someone to spill your seed on any time you wanted to.
  1225. >This town just kept giving you more and more.
  1226. >Finishing breakfast, you grab your jacket to head out.
  1227. >Seeing this Cheerilee walks over to you.
  1228. >She looks nervous.
  1229. >
  1231. >"Don't be out too long."
  1233. >She's staring into your eyes.
  1234. >You can see the flames of passion burning in her eyes.
  1235. >She lovingly smiles.
  1236. >You smile back.
  1238. "I'll try to hurry home, Cheery."
  1240. >She laughs and blushes.
  1241. >It felt good to call this your home.
  1242. >A strange thought pops into your head.
  1243. >It felt even better to have someone to come home to.
  1244. >That filled you with warmth.
  1245. >You wonder if that's what she was thinking too.
  1246. >Did it feel good for her to have someone come home to her?
  1247. >Was that why she was acting the way she was around you?
  1248. >She must have been so painfully alone before you arrived.
  1249. >Ah, well, she seems happy now.
  1251. >You smile again, nod, open the door, and walk out into the cold.
  1252. >More snow fell overnight; a lot of driveways are covered.
  1253. >People are everywhere, clearing their driveways.
  1254. >The children are out again too.
  1255. >Winter is in full swing and this town is at the heart of it.
  1257. >You walk through the town.
  1258. >It's only your second day here and yet it feels like you never left.
  1259. >You stop in front of the high school.
  1260. >It's a beautiful building.
  1261. >You stare at the statue of the horse out front.
  1262. >You love horses.
  1263. >Maybe you'll buy one, one day.
  1264. >As you walk deeper into town you think of cowboys, horses, outlaws, and madams.
  1265. >Clearing your head, you see the townsfolk going about their business and running errands.
  1266. >You see a few people carrying a large Christmas tree into the square.
  1267. >It looks like they're setting up for the holidays.
  1268. >Christmas was only a few weeks away.
  1269. >You wonder if Cheerilee would want a present.
  1270. >You decide to get her one even if she doesn't.
  1271. >Walking to Sugarcube Corner, you see a pink-haired girl running around throwing streamers and banners up all over the facade of the building.
  1272. >You stop to stare for a minute.
  1273. >You watch her tight ass as she reaches to pin a streamer.
  1274. >The dress she is wearing is long enough to cover anything, but you do see the impression of her panties pressed against the outfit.
  1275. >They look frilly.
  1276. >She jumps and slides to grab a streamer and throws it over a pole.
  1277. >She's got a lot of energy.
  1278. >She'd probably be one wild ride in bed.
  1279. >She hangs one last banner over the door.
  1280. >It reads: Welcome home, Anonymous.
  1281. >She backs up to view her handiwork and you step forward next to her.
  1283. "It looks lovely."
  1285. >She screams and leaps in the air.
  1289. >What?
  1290. >You're being dragged inside by your wrist.
  1291. >Your feet drag through the snow, you can feel your shoes fill with the icy substance.
  1292. >Now your socks are going to be all wet.
  1293. >She throws you forward into the building.
  1294. >You stumble forward and catch yourself.
  1295. >Looking up, you the shop, just as you remember it, she’s clearly not decorated the inside yet.
  1296. >You feel a chair push into the back of your legs and you fall back into it.
  1297. >You're pushed in front of the warm fire and feel a hand rest on your shoulder.
  1299. >You look up to find Pinkie standing above you.
  1300. >She's looking down at you, smiling.
  1302. >"Everything is almost ready for you, Anon. You just sit here and relax and in an hour or so we can get this party started!"
  1303. "Alright, thank you, Pinkie. I really appreciate you going through the trouble of setting all of this up for me."
  1304. >"NooooOOOoooOooo problem, Anon!"
  1306. >She smiles and then ducks away leaving you alone by the fire.
  1307. >You take your shoes and socks off and set your socks near the fire.
  1308. >Gotta let them dry off.
  1309. >You lean back in the chair.
  1310. >The sound of music hits your ears.
  1311. >
  1312. >You close your eyes and listen to the sweet sound of the radio.
  1313. >You feel your whole body relax.
  1314. >You slowly sway your head from side to side with the music.
  1315. >The heat of the fire warms your body and the life flowing through the town warms your heart.
  1316. >You slowly drift off to sleep.
  1318. >You wake up to feel something warm moving against your side.
  1319. >You slowly open your eyes to find Pinkie nestled under your arm.
  1321. "Pinkie Pie, what are you doing?"
  1322. >"I'm waiting for you to wake up, silly. You looked so peaceful, so I didn't want to wake you up."
  1323. "And why am I holding you?"
  1324. >"Because, I wanted to make sure I saw right when you waked up!"
  1326. >Sure, why not?
  1327. >You shift and she stands up.
  1328. >You reach for your socks.
  1329. >They're dry and warm.
  1330. >Feels good.
  1331. >You slip on your shoes and stand up.
  1332. >The shop looks nothing like it did when you fell asleep.
  1333. >Party favors, streamers, banners, confetti, cakes, pies, and other miscellaneous colorful objects are littered throughout the shop.
  1334. >Tables have been cleared in the center to form room for a dance floor.
  1335. >The whole thing looked expertly put together.
  1337. "Did you do all of this by yourself?"
  1338. >"Of course, silly!"
  1340. >The only thing the room is missing is other people.
  1342. "Pinkie, where are all the other party guests?"
  1343. >"Oh! Everyone I invited was too busy, so it's just you and me!"
  1345. >This can only end well.
  1347. >You take a few steps forward before speaking.
  1349. "So, what's on the agenda then? Dancing? Food? Merriment?"
  1350. >"Oh, we'll do all of those things, but first..."
  1352. >She leaps behind the counter and pops out with a party horn in her mouth.
  1353. *HONK*
  1354. >She snickers and hops back over the counter.
  1356. >"Nowph iph tiphe fer-"
  1358. >She spits the party horn out.
  1360. >"Now, it's time to dance!"
  1362. >She flicks on the radio.
  1363. >
  1364. >You knew this song.
  1365. >You hop onto the dance floor and start dancing.
  1366. >She jumps on right after you, smiling and laughing.
  1367. >The two of you dance together.
  1368. >Your bodies swing to the beat of the music.
  1369. >It sure was a catchy tune.
  1371. >You danced for an hour or so before you got tired and sat down.
  1372. >She kept going.
  1373. >You were watching her hips sway to the song.
  1374. >Her breasts jiggled each time she moved one way or the other.
  1375. >Eventually, she started spinning around and around.
  1376. >It's impressive.
  1377. >She suddenly stopped on her heel, looked at you and stumbled over.
  1378. >Falling across your lap, she was bursting up in laughter.
  1380. >"Hahahahaha. That was too great. Oh, that was so much fun! Wanna do it again?"
  1381. "Pinkie, I think I've had enough dancing for today."
  1382. >"Oooooh, pllleeeeeaaaassseeeee?"
  1384. >You sigh.
  1386. "Fine."
  1388. >She leaps up and shouts for joy.
  1389. >You slowly stand and join her on the dance floor.
  1390. >You're able to move with her for another hour or so before your body fails on you and you collapse in one of the plush arm chairs.
  1391. >You sit for a moment catching your breath.
  1392. >Looking up you see that a table has been pushed in front of you and Pinkie Pie is sitting opposite you.
  1393. >There is a cake in the middle of the table.
  1395. >"Who wants caaaaake?"
  1397. >She cuts a slice and hands it to you.
  1398. >You eat a slice of cake and Pinkie eats the rest.
  1399. >THAT is impressive.
  1400. >Pinkie stares at you with an expectant look.
  1402. "What's next?"
  1403. >"I'm glad you asked."
  1405. >She points up.
  1406. >You see mistletoe hanging from the roof directly above the table
  1409. >You smile at her.
  1410. >Clever girl.
  1411. >You lean in.
  1412. >She grabs your head and pulls it close.
  1413. >Your lips lock.
  1414. >Her tongue slips into your mouth.
  1415. >Well, this isn't usually how mistletoe kisses go, but if she wants it this way you aren't objecting.
  1416. >She smells of cake and icing.
  1417. >You open her eyes and see that she's staring straight at you.
  1418. >You feel her foot touch your leg under the table.
  1419. >What's with the girls in this town?
  1420. >Are they all sex crazed?
  1421. >You hope so.
  1422. >You break the contact and sit back.
  1423. >Her foot brushes against your crotch.
  1424. >You feel a twitch run through your groin.
  1425. >You quickly become erect.
  1426. >She's staring into your eyes.
  1428. "So, why all of this?"
  1429. >"Because, you're new in town and I want you to feel welcome."
  1430. "That hardly makes sense."
  1431. >"Does it have to? Hehe."
  1432. "I suppose not."
  1433. >"If you really want to know, I can tell you."
  1434. "Go for it."
  1435. >"When I fell on top of you, I felt your body against mine and I knew that I had to have you inside of me."
  1436. "Wow. Just like that, huh?"
  1437. >"Weeeellll, Applejack may have told me how good you were to her last night and I wanted a piece of the action."
  1439. >There it was. Now it made sense.
  1441. >"So, are we gonna do it or are you just gonna sit there asking questions all day?"
  1443. >You pull your chair back and stand.
  1444. >She does too.
  1446. "Is anyone here?"
  1447. >"No, everyone is out for the day. They knew I was going to have the party, so we've got the building for the day."
  1448. "Shut and lock the doors."
  1450. >She smiles and runs to the door, shutting and locking it.
  1451. >She walks over to you, peeling off her dress.
  1452. >She wasn't wearing a bra.
  1453. >Her perky tits bounce with her every step.
  1454. >She presses against you, her tits push against your chest.
  1455. >You pull your own shirt off.
  1456. >Your naked flesh rubs against each other.
  1457. >You feel her nipples rub across you.
  1458. >She squirms every time she shifts direction.
  1459. >You can feel her legs rubbing against your crotch.
  1460. >Looking down you see that she's grinding her own crotch against you.
  1461. >Her frilly panties rub up and down against your leg.
  1462. >You unbuckle your pants and drop them.
  1463. >You flip her around and sit her on the table.
  1464. >She immediately pulls her panties off and spreads her legs giving you a full view of everything she has to offer.
  1465. >Her tight clit is positively dripping with the nectar of her desire.
  1466. >You quickly whip your underwear off and toss them into the pile of clothes a few feet away.
  1467. >You place a hand on your cock and give it a few tugs to prep it.
  1468. >You walk up to her and crouch down on your knees.
  1469. >Placing your head in-between her legs you give a few experimental licks.
  1470. >She even tastes like icing.
  1471. >Her warmth feels good against your face.
  1472. >You bury your face in her muff and run your tongue deep in her slit.
  1473. >She cries out in ecstasy as you bring your tongue to the top and slide it in deep.
  1474. >You lick her inner walls, savoring every drop of her fluids.
  1475. >She squirms and moans with every lick.
  1476. >You bring your hand up and slip a finger inside, working her for every last lick of nectar.
  1477. >Her hands run through your hair.
  1478. >She's grinding her hips against your face.
  1479. >Her moans become louder and louder as your licks become faster and faster.
  1480. >Your finger is diving in and out of her vagina as your tongue does its job.
  1481. >More and more honey is being released from her pot and your mouth is there to lap it up.
  1482. >Your tongue dives in one more time and you give her a deep lick.
  1483. >You feel her walls tighten around your tongue and you are with a blast of warm fluid.
  1484. >She lets out a high-pitched moan before releasing your head and falling back onto her elbows.
  1485. >As you finish lapping up her juices, she pants.
  1486. >Standing, you place yourself between her legs and lean in to kiss her.
  1487. >Your lips lock and she invades your mouth searching for a taste of herself.
  1488. >You grapple tongues for a minute before pulling back and kissing her lightly on the nose.
  1489. >She giggles as you thrust.
  1490. >You hilt inside her and she gasps.
  1491. >Her walls collapse around you and another blast of warm liquid slams against your penis, covering your pelvic region.
  1492. >She just orgasmed a second time.
  1493. >Damn, this girl was primed.
  1494. >You start pumping.
  1495. >She starts moaning again and sits up, wrapping her arms around you.
  1496. >Your erection pounds into her, with every thrust an audible slap rings through the word.
  1497. >Each slap is enunciated by a moan from Pinkie.
  1498. >With every thrust, more lubrication coats your prick.
  1499. >The table beneath you begins to creak.
  1500. >Afraid of it breaking you wrap your arms around Pinkie and pick her up, continuing to pump.
  1501. >You move her to the chair behind you and continue thrusting.
  1502. >She begins gyrating her hips against your cock each time you hilt.
  1503. >You look into her eyes and she stares back into yours.
  1504. >You lean in and kiss her again.
  1505. >As you lean in, the chair topples, sending you thrusting deep into her.
  1506. >She screams in pleasure and you feel another release.
  1507. >You're both on the ground now, your hunched over the chair pumping into her.
  1508. >Her head is lolled to the side and she's trying to catch her breath.
  1509. >You reach a a hand forward and grab one of her tits.
  1510. >Squeezing it, you feel the nipple beneath your palm.
  1511. >You lean your head down, remove your hand and lick it.
  1512. >You begin sucking on her breast, swirling your tongue around the nipple as your dick slips in and out of her wet pussy.
  1513. >As you concentrate on the nipple you feel one of her hands grab your hand.
  1514. >You look up to see her dragging your hand to her throat.
  1515. >You raise your head from her teat.
  1517. "What are you doing?"
  1519. >She squeezes your hand on her throat.
  1520. >You give her a confused look and she nods.
  1521. >You squeeze.
  1522. >Almost immediately you feel more nectar and warmth surround your penis.
  1523. >The girl's crotch is on fire within seconds of your squeeze.
  1524. >She's really into this.
  1525. >You squeeze harder and she lets out a moan.
  1526. >You bring your other hand to her throat and squeeze with both.
  1528. >Choking her as you pump, you see her eyes roll back in her head and her tongue loll out in pleasure.
  1529. >This is far stranger than anything you're used to, but you don't really mind.
  1530. >You continue pumping and squeezing until you feel her orgasm one final time.
  1531. >Her hot honey passes over your cock, which triggers a reaction deep within your balls.
  1532. >Your dick twitches and sends stream after stream of seed deep inside of her.
  1533. >You release and she gasps for air.
  1534. >There is a smile on her face.
  1535. >You roll off of her, fluids leaking onto the floor as you move.
  1536. >You lay your head back and take a deep breath.
  1537. >This was enjoyable.
  1538. >Pinkie is already up.
  1539. >Her face hovering just inches from your cock.
  1541. "We're still going?"
  1542. >"OOooooh yeah."
  1544. >You smile and lay back, letting her mouth do all the work.
  1545. >Her tongue swirls around the head of your quickly rising penis.
  1546. >She takes your dick deep and your hands meet the back of her head, holding her there.
  1547. >You hold for a long time.
  1548. >She begins to choke and cough.
  1549. >You hold her still.
  1550. >Her tongue is swirling and caressing your cock in the perfect way.
  1551. >She works the insides of her cheeks in harmony with her tongue.
  1552. >Her coughing and choking only adds to your excitement.
  1553. >With each lurch, she breathes hot air onto your erection.
  1554. >Eventually, the sensation becomes too much for you to handle and your release once more in her mouth.
  1555. >You wait until you are totally finished to let her go.
  1556. >She brings her head up, slowly swallowing your release, after which she begins coughing and gasping for breath.
  1558. "So, how'd you like that?"
  1559. >"Perfect."
  1561. >You look down to see a puddle of her own fluids on the floor between her legs.
  1562. >She reaches down and rubs her clit, bringing some of the fluid to her face.
  1563. >Licking her fingers clean, she moves on top of you again.
  1564. >You're unsure if you'll be able to get it up again, but sure enough, your penis rises once more.
  1565. >I'll never leave you hanging, Anon.
  1566. >For better or for worse, Boner.
  1567. >Exactly.
  1569. >You continue screwing her for one or two more goes before you can no longer get it up.
  1570. >You slide into the plush arm chair and sit by the fire, your clothes still in a pile to the side of the room, and Pinkie laying across you.
  1571. >Your flaccid penis is rubbing on her back.
  1572. >Your hand lays across her stomach, gently stroking.
  1573. >Chicks dig belly rubs.
  1574. >After an hour or so you move to stand up and she leaps off of you.
  1575. >You begin putting on your clothes.
  1577. >"Hey. Where are you going?"
  1578. "Home, it's been a long day and I'm kind of tired. Thank you for the party though."
  1580. >She smiles at you.
  1582. >"You're welcome! My doors are open aaaaannnnnyyyy time and you're always invited."
  1584. >She bends over and turns her head to stare at you.
  1585. >She's sticking out her tongue.
  1586. >You feel yourself begin to get hard again, but you know that you won't be able to take much if you get going again.
  1587. >Declining your boner, you put on your pants, shirt, and jacket.
  1589. "So, what does this mean then?"
  1590. >"Weeeellll, I'd say that it means we're together."
  1592. >She grabs your hand.
  1593. >She still hasn't put on clothes.
  1594. >You pull her in for a kiss.
  1595. >Your lips lock and you embrace for a moment before you pull away and stare into her eyes.
  1596. >You could get used to that.
  1598. >You bid a final farewell to her and head out into the snowy square.
  1599. >Stretching you decide to head home.
  1600. >You pass Flash on the way, he's making out with some girl with reddish-pink hair.
  1601. >You remember her.
  1602. >She was talking about flowers as you passed by the previous day.
  1603. >Nice score, Flash.
  1604. >You walk for a while, enjoying the view.
  1605. >It wasn't very late, but you'd been out for a while.
  1606. >Hopefully Cheerilee won't mind.
  1607. >Although, you should have showered at Sugarcube Corner, you knew they had an apartment above the shop, Pinkie had told you.
  1608. >Well, she might not notice the smell of sex on you.
  1609. >At least it wasn't on your clothes.
  1610. >She might mistake it for icing.
  1611. >You laugh quietly to yourself and continue your walk through town.
  1613. >A few weeks pass.
  1614. >They sweep past you in a big pink blur.
  1615. >You are banging Pinkie almost daily.
  1616. >Your relationship with her is one of intense sexual encounters with affection therein.
  1617. >Outside of sex, however, there is very little substance to your relationship with her.
  1618. >At first, you suspect it might be caused by the secrecy of your relationship.
  1619. >You keep it secret because you are afraid of how Applejack might react.
  1620. >Eventually, you come clean, Applejack is happy for you, but nothing in your relationship changes.
  1621. >It becomes clear to you that because of how energetic and silly Pinkie is she is incapable of displaying and heartfelt affection outside of sex.
  1622. >In the meantime, your relationship with Cheerilee quickly develops into a strong, happy friendship.
  1624. >Earlier in the week you bought her a necklace as a present.
  1625. >You also helped her decorate the house, set up the tree, and hang the lights.
  1626. >You wake up to the smell of cinnamon buns.
  1627. >Your stomach grumbles as you wipe the sleep from your eyes.
  1628. >Standing, you scratch your head and think.
  1629. >Today is...
  1630. >Christmas!
  1631. >Ah, yes.
  1632. >You quickly throw on a shirt and grab Cheerilee's present from your dresser.
  1633. >Sticking with just your underwear, a habit Cheerilee is well-aware of, you dash down the stairs.
  1634. >You spot her in that short nightgown with a robe over her.
  1635. >Walking up quietly behind her you place your hands on her shoulders and shout.
  1639. >She jumps and turns on you, grabbing your sides.
  1641. >"Anon, I've told you not to do that!"
  1643. >You kiss her lightly on the cheek, pointing up at the mistletoe.
  1644. >She laughs and blushes, turning back to the bacon on the stove.
  1645. >You back away and set the package on the table.
  1647. >"What's that?"
  1648. "For you."
  1649. >"Oh!"
  1651. >She smiles.
  1653. >"Thank you, Anon."
  1654. "Of course."
  1655. >"I actually have one for you as well, but I'm going to give it to you later."
  1656. "Sounds good and thank you, Cheery."
  1658. >"Don't thank me until you see it, you don't even know if you're going to like it."
  1659. "I'm sure that I will absolutely love it."
  1661. >She blushes again.
  1662. >You love it when she blushes.
  1663. >Your eyes scan over her body.
  1664. >Her tight ass barely covered by the night gown and robe, her breasts similarly covered.
  1665. >Her succulent figure, every curve was better than the last.
  1666. >Her beautiful face.
  1667. >And those beautiful green eyes filled with...
  1668. >Was that love?
  1669. >A tingle in your heart hopes that it is.
  1670. >You smile at her and she turns back to cooking.
  1671. >Sitting at the table you stretch your legs out.
  1672. >A familiar friend rubs against the front of your nondescript underwear.
  1673. >Your flag's currently at half-mast.
  1674. >Pulling your legs back you sit up and grab Cheerilee's present.
  1675. >Twirling it in your hand you hear her speak.
  1677. >"So, did you get a good night's sleep last night?"
  1678. "I did. You?"
  1679. >"Kind of, although, I was afraid I had woken you up at one point."
  1680. "Woken me up?"
  1681. >"So I didn't then? You're a heavy sleeper."
  1682. "How would you have woken me up?"
  1684. >She blushes, apparently she hadn't thought through her initial question.
  1686. >"Um. Nevermind."
  1688. >You stare forward, also blushing.
  1689. >Things get awkward for a moment before she walks over to the table with breakfast.
  1690. >The two of you share a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, and cinnamon buns.
  1692. "Open it now."
  1694. >You slide the package across the table to her.
  1696. >"Are you sure?"
  1697. "Of course!"
  1699. >She takes the package and slowly unwraps it.
  1700. >
  1701. >Her eyes widen and her mouth opens.
  1702. >She slowly lifts the diamond necklace out of the box.
  1703. >Took your entire box of cigars and a good chunk of your money, but you managed to get it.
  1704. >It was worth it.
  1705. >She was worth it.
  1707. "Would you allow me the pleasure of putting it on you?"
  1709. >She nods; mouth still agape.
  1710. >You stand, gently taking the necklace from her hands.
  1712. >You get behind her and carefully connect the chain, allowing your hand to brush against the sides of her face.
  1713. >She moans softly.
  1714. >You blush and remove your hands.
  1715. >She slowly stands, red very apparent in her cheeks.
  1717. >"Anon, I... I have something to tell you."
  1719. >You feel a stronger heat rush to your cheeks.
  1720. >She turns towards you, pulling your arms to her sides.
  1721. >She looks down.
  1723. >"I've been looking for someone, Anonymous. Anyone. I've been so lonely. I put out the advertisement for the room because I wanted someone else to be in this house with. I couldn't stand being alone in this house anymore."
  1724. >"When I heard your voice on the phone though, how intense you sounded, how ready to come over you were, I knew that you were perfect. When I first saw you, I think I, as clique as this sounds, fell in love with you. I love you, Anon."
  1726. >She's blushing.
  1727. >Hard.
  1728. >You pull her closer to you, into a kiss.
  1729. >Your lips touch and your hearts ignite.
  1730. >You feel her soft lips rub against your own.
  1731. >Your hand rises and strokes the side of her face.
  1732. >She places her hand atop yours and you break for air.
  1733. >Staring into each other's eyes you behold love.
  1734. >This is something you've not seen in Pinkie Pie's eyes.
  1735. >Your insides are ablaze.
  1736. >You feel her body press against yours as the two of you embrace, the heat of her body radiating into yours.
  1737. >Her supple breasts rub against your chest.
  1738. >You feel an erection building.
  1739. >There will be no hiding me. You know this, right?
  1740. >Do it, boner. DO IT!
  1741. >She blushes again.
  1742. >Her hand slips down and grabs a hold of your penis.
  1743. >You both blush as she grips.
  1744. >She looks down and then back at your face.
  1745. >She smiles.
  1747. >"I think it's time that I give you your present."
  1749. >Still holding your cock she begins walking to the stairs.
  1750. >She is guiding you by your penis.
  1751. >You follow her up the stairs, all the while staring at her exposed ass from underneath the short nightgown.
  1753. >You get to her room.
  1754. >She lets go of you and walks inside.
  1755. >She motions for you to sit on the bed.
  1756. >You do.
  1757. >Standing in front of you, she swiftly pulls off the robe and nightgown.
  1758. >She stands before you utterly and completely naked.
  1759. >Acting quickly, you sling off your shirt and underwear.
  1760. >She walks towards you slowly, her eyes are half-lidded.
  1761. >She slowly gets on top of you, pushing you back onto the bed.
  1762. >Her vagina is hovering only a few inches above your cock.
  1763. >You feel her warmth, her secretion, radiating, flowing down onto you.
  1764. >Her breasts rise and fall with every breath.
  1765. >She lowers front down, so that she is laying on top of you.
  1766. >You kiss her lightly.
  1767. >She kisses you back, hard.
  1768. >Your tongues intertwine.
  1769. >It isn't comparable to a struggle of power, not this time.
  1770. >It's more like a lover's embrace.
  1771. >Fitting.
  1772. >Her tongue twirls around yours.
  1773. >You push forward, following the top of her tongue back into her mouth.
  1774. >She grabs your tongue with her lips and pulls back.
  1775. >Drawing your muscle back into your mouth you open your eyes and stare at her.
  1776. >She looks at you, smiling.
  1777. >You feel her begin to lower herself onto you.
  1778. >This is it.
  1779. >You're going to fuck Cheerilee.
  1781. >She slowly lowers her bright pink clit dripping in excess with warmth and nectar.
  1782. >The moment your member makes contact, she moans in delight.
  1783. >She presses down, lightly.
  1784. >Your cock enters her folds.
  1785. >It is immediately consumed by the heat and fluid of her passion.
  1786. >You wrap your arms around her tightly, ensuring that she is not able to break the contact.
  1787. >She applies more downward force.
  1788. >You slip in further, her inner walls pushed aside.
  1789. >She moans in ecstasy as she takes your length inch by inch.
  1790. >Eventually, you hilt inside her, eliciting a long moan.
  1791. >She slowly lifts her lower body off of you until you are just barely in her.
  1792. >Her vagina slowly engulfs your penis once more.
  1793. >The slow pace is agonizing, but you can't deny that it feels amazing.
  1794. >Her body is pressed against you, her breasts rub against your chest.
  1795. >Your hands lower and rest themselves on her ass.
  1796. >Her eyes are locked with yours.
  1797. >Occasionally she moans, but your eyes don't break contact.
  1798. >The pace slowly begins to quicken.
  1799. >You hear a quiet slapping sound.
  1800. >Your hands push down on her ass as she begins to pick up speed, helping her along.
  1801. >Your hips begin to thrust.
  1802. >A trickle of her fluid slides down your inner thigh.
  1803. >She can hardly keep eye contact now, her eyes are closed and she's moaning constantly.
  1804. >Your penis slides in and out of her vagina quickly.
  1805. >Her arms squeeze you tightly, pushing her tits hard against your chest.
  1806. >She lowers her head into the crook of your neck and cries out in pleasure.
  1807. >You smell the scent of flowers in her hair.
  1808. >You close your eyes and bury your face in her flowing mane. Horse pun.
  1809. >Kissing the back of her head, you continue pounding away at her.
  1810. >You feel a wave of warm ejaculation hit your penis and she begins slowing down.
  1811. >She pulls her head out of the crook of your neck and you look at her questioningly.
  1812. >Slowly, she gets off of you and stands up.
  1813. >
  1814. >She lies down next to you and spreads her legs.
  1815. >You roll on top of her and kiss her gently on the lips.
  1816. >She's panting.
  1817. >You line your penis up with her honeypot and shove forward.
  1819. >"Nyaaaah~"
  1821. >As you begin thrusting, you lower your upper half closer to hers.
  1822. >Your hand raises up and rests on her cheek, lining her face up with your own.
  1823. >You stare into her beautiful face, into those deep green eyes so filled with love and passion, you lock lips with her.
  1824. >As your cock slams deep inside of her, your tongue swirls around her open, moaning mouth.
  1825. >Caressing the dies of her face with your hand, you feel her legs swing up around your hips.
  1826. >She locks her feet together, holding you in.
  1827. >You start pounding faster.
  1828. >Unable to maintain the kiss, she pulls her head to the side, moaning loudly.
  1829. >You raise your head and watch her face contort in pleasure as you thrust.
  1830. >Bringing a hand to one of her tits, you gently roll your fingers back and forth across one of the nipples.
  1831. >She's lovely, crying out in ecstasy, wet and hot with passion.
  1832. >Her hands grip down on the bed, scrunching the blankets beneath them.
  1833. >She yells out again and you feel another wave of orgasm wave across your penis.
  1834. >Her inner walls tighten around you, causing your dick to twitch.
  1836. "I'm about to cum, Cheery."
  1838. >She speaks with bated breath.
  1840. >"Cum inside me."
  1842. >You thrust one final time, your hips are slam against hers.
  1843. >Grabbing Cheerilee's head and pointing it towards yours once more you lock eyes with her.
  1844. >Your dick twitches before you release your load inside of her.
  1845. >You feel her legs relax and drop down to the sides of you.
  1846. >Lowering your head, you kiss her gently on the lips and roll over next to her.
  1847. >You feel her hand on your chest.
  1848. >It slowly lowers itself down to your wet, slowly-dying erection.
  1849. >The hand rests on your waste as her finger gently stroke the side of your penis.
  1850. >You turn your head to face her.
  1852. >You see her beautiful green eyes and flushed, pink face staring back at you.
  1853. >She smiles.
  1854. >You lean over and kiss her again.
  1856. >"I love you, Anon."
  1858. >You think for a moment, staring into her eyes.
  1859. >Pinkie flashes in your mind for a moment, but you shove her out of your mind.
  1860. >Sex with her was fun and exciting, but it wasn't this.
  1862. "I love you too, Cheery."
  1864. >Her hand wraps around your cock and begins tugging up and down.
  1865. >You lean your head back into the pillow and groan.
  1866. >You guide your own hand to her still wet vagina and slip two fingers inside.
  1867. >She moans as you fingerbang her.
  1868. >Your fingers slip and slide in and out of her as quickly as her hand pumps up and down the length of your rod.
  1869. >The two of you continue like this for some time, before she rises up from the bed.
  1870. >You watch as she lifts one leg over you, straddling your face.
  1871. >She then leans forward, grabbing your cock and placing it in her mouth.
  1872. >Looking forward you see her tight pussy and puckered rear.
  1873. >Licking your middle, index, and pinkie finger you kiss her right on the lower lips and slide the wet fingers inside their respective holes.
  1874. >She gasps.
  1875. >It must have been quite the shocker to her.
  1876. >You slowly move your hand back and forth.
  1877. >She moans onto your cock.
  1878. >She's got her head positioned on it and her tongue is swirling about the appendage.
  1879. >You give her a quick lick, just to get a taste.
  1880. >It tastes lick cherries.
  1881. >You laugh and continue pleasuring the woman on top of you.
  1882. >She's moaning as she attempts to suck your cock.
  1883. >Eventually, she brings a hand over to assist.
  1884. >She pumps away at the shaft while her mouth works on your tip.
  1885. >The saliva and precum slides down you testicles.
  1886. >Your fingers work her until another wave of warm cum drips out of her and onto your face below.
  1887. >You lap up the exquisite liquid.
  1888. >The taste and smell of it drives you mad with pleasure.
  1889. >Your cock twitches again.
  1890. >Sensing it, she closes her lips around the tip and takes your load in her mouth.
  1891. >Pulling your fingers out and releasing a long sigh of pleasure, you feel Cheerilee turning around again.
  1892. >She lays her head against your chest, resting her naked body against your own.
  1893. >You feel the rise and fall of her chest, smell the scent of flowers and cherries.
  1894. >After a few minutes you feel blood rush back into your flaccid penis.
  1895. >It grows to its full height once more.
  1896. >Standing up, you look down at the woman on the bed.
  1897. >You smile and motion for her to get up and turn around.
  1898. >She obeys, climbing on her hands and knees, and presents herself to you.
  1899. >You hop back on the bed and line your cock up with her ass.
  1900. >You bring your hand to her face.
  1901. >She promptly takes them in her mouth, lubricating them with her saliva.
  1902. >Pulling your fingers back to her rear, you gingerly work your wet fingers into her tight rear.
  1903. >Simultaneously, your erection prods her now-wet vagina.
  1904. >You slip your cock inside and start pumping.
  1905. >The tight walls of her vagina work around your thrusting appendage.
  1906. >You manage to fit your index and middle finger inside her very tight ass and start moving them lightly back and forth.
  1907. >She lets out a loud moan and her arms give out, dropping her upper half into the bed.
  1908. >Face in the pillow, she lets out a series of short loud moans with each trust you make.
  1909. >With each pound you fill her vagina with your penis and her ass with your fingers.
  1910. >You continue your assault on her lower half, the bed sheets beneath you covered in the fluids of your love-making.
  1911. >She screams in ecstasy and you feel her holes tighten around your appendages.
  1912. >Her nectar pours forth onto your erection, coating it in wet heat.
  1913. >You continue fucking her at an even pace.
  1914. >Raising your free hand you bring it down quickly.
  1915. >It whistles through the air before connecting with her ass, a resounding slap fills the room.
  1916. >She moans.
  1917. >You interpret this to mean she likes it.
  1918. >You raise your hand and bring it down again and again.
  1919. >With each spank she lets out a moan, her pink ass becomes pinker, and the fluid between her legs flows more and more, coating your swiftly-moving hand.
  1920. >You feel that familiar feeling of pressure in your balls and you pull out at the last moment.
  1921. >Strings of your seed fall upon her ass and lower back.
  1922. >Your penis twitches a few times, dumping the last of its load across the bare naked flesh of the women below you.
  1923. >Pulling yourself across the bed you lie down again.
  1924. >You feel hot breath fall upon your dying penis.
  1925. >Opening your eyes you see that Cheerilee has decided to take up the task of cleaning your manhood.
  1926. >Her hand raises your cock to her tongue where she goes about licking her own excess juices off.
  1927. >Her tongue runs the length of your penis before finding its way to your testicles.
  1928. >She licks your balls clean of her fluid, gently replaces your soft cock upon them and kisses it on the head.
  1929. >She crawls up the bed and returns to her position laying against you, head on your chest.
  1930. >You lie together embraced in each other's warmth.
  1931. >This is easily the best Christmas present you've ever been given.
  1932. >You slowly drift to sleep.
  1934. >New Year's Eve
  1935. >Banners were hung all around Sugarcube Corner.
  1936. >Everyone was excited about 1949, the new year.
  1937. >The shop was hopping.
  1938. >It's filled with a bunch of the students from the high school and a few select adults.
  1939. >Cheerilee is not one of them.
  1940. >She had a lot of preparation to do for the new school year.
  1941. >Or so she told you.
  1942. >The real reason, you know, is that she doesn't like parties.
  1943. >You scan the guests.
  1944. >The six girls, Big Macintosh, Applebloom and two of her friends, Flash Sentry, Snips, Snails, the two of the three flower girls sans the red-pink-haired one, and a bunch of people you didn't recognize.
  1945. >You walk over to Big Mac and strike up a conversation.
  1946. >After a while, Pinkie jumps over and leans on you.
  1948. >"Whatcha up to, Anon?"
  1949. "Talking to Big Macintosh. You?"
  1950. >"Talking to you, silly!"
  1952. >"BOOP!"
  1954. >Pinkie pokes your nose, pecks you on the cheek and walks off.
  1955. >You continue talking with Big Mac for most of the night.
  1956. >Eventually you walk over to one of the side tables and grab a drink.
  1957. >You hear Flash's voice coming from the back room.
  1958. >You also hear the voices of several girls.
  1959. >You recognize them immediately.
  1960. >Is that Pinkie's voice?
  1961. >You scan the room.
  1962. >She's nowhere to be found.
  1963. >It must be her.
  1964. >You poke your head in the door and see Flash standing in front of Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy.
  1966. >"Come on, I'm not asking for a date, I'm asking for you all to suck me off."
  1967. >"How garish of you. Do you think we're floozies, darling?"
  1968. >"I-I don't want to, uh, do that. If that's ok with you."
  1969. >"Yeah! I'm already with Anon anyway!"
  1971. >He slicks his hair back and laughs.
  1973. >"I don't you girls understand who I am. I AM FLASH SENTRY. Now, you will suck my cock or I-"
  1975. >You decide to casually intervene.
  1977. “Hey, Flash! Girls! What’s going on in here?”
  1978. >"Anon, I-"
  1980. >Rarity cuts him off.
  1982. >”Flash is being terribly inappropriate, Anonymous.”
  1983. >”Yeah! He is being super-duper creepy!”
  1984. >“I- I’d like to go. Please…”
  1985. >"Ah, ah ah. Not so fast, ladies. Now, Anon, why don't you go get some punch or something."
  1987. >You raise your hand with the cup of punch you just poured in it.
  1989. "Already have one, thanks."
  1990. >"Anon, just...go talk to Big Mac or something. Heh. You're really cramping my style here."
  1991. >"Hey! Anon doesn't have to go! He's staying right here!"
  1993. >Pinkie stomps her foot.
  1994. >Flash is starting to become red with anger.
  1996. >"Like I said girls, if my pecker stays dry, you three are gonna be boiled alive when school starts."
  1998. >Threats?
  1999. >This was not the style of womanizing you taught the young lad all those years ago!
  2000. >How dare he corrupt the lessons you taught him!
  2001. >Your legacy is ruined!
  2002. >In your reflective state you fail to notice that Flash and the girls are in a shouting match.
  2005. >"FLASH. How dare you threaten us with such a barbarous demand!"
  2006. >"You're a big old meanie!"
  2007. >"P- please...just go..."
  2009. >Flash's face is red, his fists are clenched, and his teeth are grit.
  2010. >Fuck.
  2011. >Why the hell is he this mad?
  2012. >What a cunt.
  2014. >"No one tells FLASH SENTRY NO!"
  2016. >A smirk flashes across your face.
  2018. "No."
  2020. >You repress a shit-eating grin as a vein becomes painfully visible in his forehead and a blood vessel in his eye bursts.
  2021. >Jeez, this kid's a lot angrier than you remember him.
  2022. >He speaks through gritted teeth before it devolves into yelling.
  2024. >"Anonymous... Why don't you...make like a tree...AND GET OUTTA HERE!"
  2026. >You burst into laughter.
  2027. >Pinkie joins you.
  2028. >Then Rarity starts giggling.
  2029. >Following the lead of her friends, Fluttershy snickers, then apologizes, then snickers again, apologizes again, so on and so forth.
  2030. >You see Flash's fist raise.
  2031. >You prepare to dodge.
  2032. >The fist swings.
  2033. >Your legs bend gracefully, dropping you low to the ground under his punch.
  2034. >In an instant, your legs spring and propel you upwards.
  2035. >At the same time your hand fires outward and stops quickly, launching the red contents of the cup right at your target.
  2036. >Your aim was spot-on.
  2037. >The contents hit.
  2038. >Not a drop misses.
  2039. >Retracting the hand back to your chest and completing the upwards launch you step back out of Flash's range and admire your handiwork.
  2040. >Flawless execution.
  2041. >Punch drips off of Flash's stained shirt, rolling off his leather jacket.
  2042. >His shirt is actually as red as his face.
  2043. >He turns quickly and walks to the exit before turning around.
  2045. >"This isn't over."
  2046. >"Yes it is, darling."
  2048. >The girls thank you and head back into the party.
  2049. >Except for Pinkie Pie, that is.
  2051. >“Heeeey, Anon..."
  2053. >She grabs your hand and puts it on her firm chest.
  2054. >You blush.
  2056. >"I want to give you a super special thank you."
  2057. "Right here?"
  2058. >"Mmmhmmm."
  2060. >
  2061. >The sound of poppers, horns, singing, and cheers can be heard from outside.
  2062. >It's 1949.
  2063. >Her hand grabs the waistline of your pants and she pulls herself closer, while pushing you against the wall.
  2064. >You feel an erection form under the jeans that Pinkie has in her grasp.
  2066. "Hey now! I'm all for this, Pinkie, but is this really the place?"
  2068. >Thoughts of Cheerilee walking in on you push their way to the front of your mind.
  2069. >You feel bad for doing this with Pinkie.
  2071. >"Of course it is!"
  2073. >She's on her knees now, unbuckling your belt and undoing you pants.
  2074. >Even through your guilt, you do nothing to stop Pinkie Pie.
  2075. >You want this.
  2076. >She's undone your pants now, you're tenting.
  2077. >You love Cheerilee, but Pinkie is amazing at sex and sex accessories.
  2078. >You're going to do it one more time with her after this and then break it off.
  2079. >It's not worth losing Cheerilee over, but you've got to have her one final time.
  2080. >Pinkie's warm hand wraps around your erection and strokes back and forth.
  2081. >You imagine that she's Cheerilee, maybe that'll make it easier.
  2082. >Her lips wrap around the head and her tongue flits over the tip.
  2083. >She tightens her mouth's hold and swirls her tongue.
  2084. >You push forward slightly, forcing a bit more of your length into her mouth.
  2085. >Her teeth lightly grate against your shaft before she shoves her head down all the way and pulls back quickly.
  2086. >She releases your penis and licks the underside.
  2087. >Taking it back into her mouth once more, her tongue slides along the edges.
  2088. >Her tongue flicks across the head.
  2089. >She works on the upper portion of your length for a while.
  2090. >Rolling her tongue around your cock, she slowly takes it deeper into her mouth and throat.
  2091. >Her hand grabs a hold of your testicles and starts caressing them.
  2092. >She picks up the pace.
  2093. >Her head is bobbing up and down on your penis and her hand is gently fondling your balls.
  2094. >Each time you hilt in her mouth she chokes and splutters.
  2096. >Spittle and precum roll down her chin.
  2097. >Your cock twitches, signaling your imminent release.
  2098. >Sensing this, Pinkie lets go of your family jewels and wraps both of her arms around your waist.
  2099. >She shoves her head onto your cock and locks you in with her arms.
  2100. >You release your sperm down her throat.
  2101. >She takes all of it, holding herself against you.
  2102. >She starts coughing and gagging, but does not let go.
  2104. >"P-Pinkie, are yo- EEP!"
  2106. >Pinkie slowly pulls her head off your cock, being sure not to let a drop of cum escape.
  2107. >She licks her lips and swallows, turning to face her friend.
  2109. >"Did you need something, Fluttershy?"
  2111. >Fluttershy mumbles something incomprehensible.
  2112. >She's blushing hard.
  2113. >You realize that she's staring right at your saliva-coated penis.
  2114. >You're now very self-aware.
  2115. >Reaching for a rag on the shelf next to you, Pinkie's face brushes against your manhood.
  2116. >She giggles.
  2117. >You dry yourself off, fix your pants, and help Pinkie up.
  2118. >She kisses you and walks off to talk to Fluttershy.
  2119. >Oh god, that was amazing.
  2120. >Fluttershy looked like she wanted some.
  2121. >Haha.
  2122. >You could probably woo her.
  2123. >She does have a nice body.
  2124. >No, no, stop, Anonymous.
  2125. >Juggling two women is enough and you are already planning on ending it with Pinkie.
  2126. >You don't need another girl to deal with.
  2127. >You head back to the party.
  2128. >You note that Flash is nowhere to be found.
  2129. >He must have left after the incident.
  2130. >Oh well.
  2132. >Three weeks pass.
  2133. >You get a job at the Big Mac's hardware store.
  2134. >You also break it off with Pinkie after one last amazing session of intercourse.
  2135. >She seemed okay with your decision and understood you wanting to be with Cheerilee.
  2136. >Pinkie was only in it for the sex too.
  2138. >Today is the first day back to school after winter break.
  2139. >Cheerilee left a few hours ago.
  2140. >She said she would be back that afternoon, so until then you had the house to yourself.
  2141. >You'd already masturbated and eaten breakfast.
  2142. >You go about polishing your father's gun.
  2144. >Between breaths he speaks.
  2146. >"This isn't about the girls, Anon."
  2147. "Then what is it about, Flash?"
  2149. >You slowly walk towards him.
  2151. >"It's about all of those years of torment that you gave me."
  2152. "What?"
  2153. >"I'm talking about all of your 'training'. You don't know how bad that fucked me over all those years. It was torture and all it did in the end was have me end up with a bitch, get dumped, end up with a nice girl and be left alone."
  2154. >"So, fuck you, Anon."
  2155. "Why, you ungrateful cunt! I don't think you realize how bad you're actually fucking me over."
  2156. >"Oh I do. I know about Cheerliee, Anon. That was the whole point of this. If I can't find a girl who will love me, neither can you."
  2158. >You lunge at him.
  2159. >You're gonna teach this fucker a lesson.
  2161. >The lunge carries your fist forward.
  2162. >Flash attempts to dodge but is too slow.
  2163. >Your fist connects with his chin and he reels back.
  2164. >Quickly recovering Flash ducks down launches up at you throwing his fist with him.
  2165. >The punch embeds itself in your gut causing you to double over.
  2166. >Flash then buries his elbow in your back.
  2167. >The snow under your foot causes you to slip to your knees.
  2168. >Flash draws his leg back to slam your face, but preempting the strike, you fire a strike of your own.
  2169. >Flash screams and stumbles back, leaning against the horse statue.
  2170. >His hands cradle his genitals.
  2171. >It was a dirty hit, but Flash had targeted your relationship with Cheerilee.
  2172. >That made him less than a man and undeserving of your respect.
  2173. >Drawing yourself up again you walk towards the incapacitated Flash.
  2174. >Grabbing a hold of his head, you pull back and slam forward.
  2175. >His head cracks against the statue.
  2176. >You repeat the process several times until his leg kicks out, causing you to lose your footing and topple to the ground once more.
  2177. >You feel the weight of his body fall atop yours.
  2178. >Raising your left arm to protect your face, you strike at his body with your right.
  2179. >Left, right, left, right.
  2180. >Your blockade of his hits is not perfect.
  2181. >Several of his swings manage to break through, landing on your face.
  2182. >You swing your right hand at his face.
  2183. >The punch ceases his strikes just long enough for you to roll.
  2184. >The roll re-positions you above Flash, where you immediately begin an assault of your own.
  2185. >After a few hits he manages to raise his arms in a block.
  2186. >His arms rebound each punch you throw.
  2187. >Changing strategies, you grab his wrists and pull his arms to the sides.
  2189. >"Bad idea, Anon."
  2191. >Flash quickly flips you both so that he is on top once more.
  2192. >Wrenching his wrists from your grasp, he places them upon your throat and squeezes.
  2193. >Your now free hands fly to your throat and attempt to pry the life-draining implements away.
  2194. >Flash's grip is iron and you fail at your desperate attempt to save yourself.
  2195. >Lights flash in front of your eyes, sparks dance in your vision.
  2196. >Life is beginning to fade.
  2197. >You shift.
  2198. >An unfamiliar lump of hard metal presses against your lower back.
  2199. >Your father told you it was a symbol of responsibility, power, and, if need be, defense.
  2200. >Power and responsibility were two concepts that you'd tried to assert to the best of your abilities, but right now you needed neither of them.
  2201. >The time has come to defend yourself and your girls.
  2202. >Your hand goes to the ground and digs under the snow.
  2203. >It grabs the cold metal of the cocked gun.
  2204. >You'd cocked it earlier and never bothered uncocking it.
  2205. >It looks like poor gun safety is to save you.
  2206. >You drag the pistol through the snow and place the barrel on Flash's leg.
  2207. >You don't think twice.
  2208. >You fire.
  2209. >He immediately releases you and leaps back, screaming in pain.
  2210. >Standing, ears ringing, you rub your free hand on your throat and point the gun at Flash's head.
  2212. >"Anon, please don't. I'm just a stupid kid, I- I don't know any better. I-"
  2213. "Fuck you, Flash."
  2215. >*CRACK*
  2216. >The second shot embeds in his shoulder.
  2217. >His crumpled form lies in the snow, bleeding.
  2218. >The sheriff arrives with an ambulance a few minutes later.
  2219. >Someone inside must have called them.
  2220. >Flash is taken to the hospital as you explain the situation.
  2221. >The sheriff agress that no charges will be filed against you and that you acted in the right.
  2222. >You love small town justice.
  2223. >You return to the six girls and explain the situation to them.
  2224. >Pinkie is elated by the news of Flash's defeat and rewards you with a kiss.
  2225. >Your mind is in turmoil.
  2226. >Cheerilee.
  2227. >Everything is still fucked.
  2228. You spend a few hours with Pinkie before heading back to Cheerilee's house.
  2229. >As you walk the familiar street the cold air gnaws at your face and fingers.
  2230. >Your body hurts.
  2231. >Your fists, your arms, your sides, your throat.
  2233. >The pain of your body is nothing compared to the hollow feeling in your heart, however.
  2234. >Your heart screams that this cannot be it, it can't end after one mistake, but your mind wants you to accept it and move on.
  2235. >You prefer the irrational thoughts of your heart.
  2236. >As the pain courses through your body and soul you complete the walk and stand at the front door of the familiar house once more.
  2237. >Pushing open the door, you walk through the threshold and place your jacket on the stand.
  2238. >You scan the bottom floor, but Cheerilee is nowhere to be found.
  2239. >The fire in the fireplace has burned out as well.
  2240. >You trudge upstairs.
  2241. >Making it to the top of the staircase you hear her.
  2242. >She's in her room.
  2243. >You hear sobbing through the door.
  2244. >You knock.
  2245. >The sobbing momentarily stops, but there is no response.
  2246. >
  2247. >Hanging your head you drag yourself to your room, close your door, set your pistol on the dresser, and lie on your bed.
  2248. >You stare at the ceiling as pain and weariness overtakes you and you drift off to sleep.
  2250. >One week passes.
  2251. >In that week your situation with Cheerilee does improve.
  2252. >She hardly talks to you and when she does it feels cold and impersonal.
  2253. >You've only caught glimpses of her eyes, but you know they are filled with pain.
  2254. >You visit with and talk to Pinkie Pie about your situation.
  2255. >She blames herself for what happened between you and Cheerilee.
  2257. >One day later.
  2258. >You arrive home from the hardware store to find Pinkie and Cheerilee in the kitchen together, talking.
  2259. >Slinking forward, you enter the kitchen.
  2260. >Pinkie smiles at you.
  2262. >"Hiya, Anon!"
  2263. "Hello, Pinkie."
  2265. >Why is she here?
  2266. >Cheerilee looks at you.
  2267. >You can see the love in her eyes again.
  2268. >Her lips part.
  2270. >"Anon, I-"
  2271. "Cheery, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
  2272. >"Anon, it's alright. I was just afraid I was going to lose you. I'm afraid of being alone again. I don't even care that you were with...Pinkie, I was just afraid you were going to leave me for her."
  2274. "You're not mad?"
  2275. >"No, Anon."
  2277. >She stands.
  2279. >"I love you."
  2281. >She runs to you and embraces you, hugging your chest and hiding her head in your neck.
  2282. >The warmth of her body against yours re-ignites the flame in your soul.
  2283. >You wrap your arms around her body and bury your face in her hair, kissing the top of her head.
  2284. >She raises her head and her lips meet yours.
  2285. >You kiss passionately, exchanging all of the feelings of love that you've kept pent up for the past week.
  2286. >You pull back from her.
  2288. "Cheery, I'll never leave you. I love you, I realized that, but it was too late before."
  2289. >"Anon, I'm too afraid of being alone to not accept that apology."
  2291. >She kisses you again.
  2292. >In the corners of your vision you see Pinkie wink at you and sneak out.
  2293. >The door closing signals her exit.
  2294. >You grab Cheerilee and pick her up.
  2295. >She laughs as you carry her to the bedroom.
  2297. >One month later.
  2298. >Flash made a full recovery in the hospital.
  2299. >He does pretty much anything you ask him to.
  2300. >Shooting him in the thigh and shoulder left an impression.
  2301. >Pinkie Pie is your best friend, you go to meet her for lunch behind the bleachers at the school almost every day.
  2302. >You and Cheerilee are together and you've officially dropped your womanizing spirit for her.
  2303. >She's not making you pay rent either.
  2304. >Your job at the hardware store is solid too.
  2305. >Back in the city you were told that life was hard and that you needed to suck it up.
  2306. >If you saw that person now you would tell them to shove it.
  2307. >You take one final bite.
  2308. >Mmm.
  2309. >Cherry pie.
  2310. >Good stuff that was.
  2311. >You pick up your back pack, wave goodbye to Mrs. Cake and leave the shop.
  2313. >The End
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