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  1. History: We had a roster for Benelux that trained hard and got the top 3 spot. After that 1 player was pickup by a CL team and other left to play prem. Me Xoogle and AndthaMan hold the license to the next cup as we automatically qualify for the playoffs. We recently picked up 2 players and are now practicing with them to get to the same level as we were with the old roster. This current roster is much more in sync and in alignment than the previous one.
  3. Player history: Wishmaster: I have played CS1.5/1.6 on semi pro level and have tons of LAN experience. Have been playing R6 since Beta and competitive R6 since 3 years now almost. Have won multiple EU Go4 cups and ESL tournaments. I have also qualified and played 3 Benelux LAN finals and several local tournaments. I play support and co-IGL role in the team. I live in Amsterdam but am originally from Pakistan/Canada
  5. Xoogle: Brandon is the captain and co-igl of the team and plays support role as well. He has been to couple of LANs and has been playing competitive since 1.5 years. He is Dutch and lives in Eindoven in NL
  7. Andthaman: Jeffery is a famous dutch streamer with more than 200 viewers on average daily. He has also played 2 Benelux R6 LANs and is very experienced. He plays flex role in the team and lives near Germany in NL (Enschede). He is a full time streamer by profession.
  9. JTc.: George is from Sweden and has tons of R6 competitive experience at a high level. He is one of the two new players we picked up. He plays an entry fragger role which is really important in the team and is a good consistent player
  11. IV: Jaimie is from UK and has hight tier siege experience as well. He plays second entry in the team and has played multiple UK based LANs and is coming from Horus and Evo esports.
  13. Most players in the team have played contractually under various orgs. What we are looking for is an EU based org that can support us a bit better than Flash point can. Flash point guys are really nice but having them in NA is a bit of a hassle in terms of comms. What we are getting from them is guaranteed finances for Benelux Lan if we qualify. Finances for other smaller NL based or UK based LANs based on approval. Guranteed team merchandise (Jerseys and hoodies etc.), merch from partners such as Gamer Supps Energy Drinks, social media management and stream audience and bannering support. In return they take 15% of our winnings.
  15. Every month we can potentially earn 500 euros from Benelux Go4s and Prize money for Lans are starting from 1500 and going to 5000 for Esl benelux lan. 3500 for Reality and 5000 for Dreamhack rotterdam. We need an org that can match it or some of it with possibilities of a bootcamp. We are a real T2.5 team and our ambitions are to reach CL and also to make the name big in the region. Our finals was watched by 10000+ people and if the Pro league channel casts it (Which it usually does) we get around 100k live viewers. We also promise to reach top 10 of EU open ladder on ESL. We arent looking for salaries, we need a serious org that is interested in growing together with us. Let me know when you wanna talk. We can of course have a civil discussion on it.
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