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Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. AwesomeMouse: hi madam, care to chat
  2. weirt: hey babe
  3. AwesomeMouse: ...u are madam, correct
  4. weirt: wanna lickilicky my diglet ?
  5. weirt: yes i am
  6. AwesomeMouse: swear?
  7. weirt: swear
  8. AwesomeMouse: k
  9. weirt: so
  10. AwesomeMouse: are u hot
  11. weirt: a lot
  12. weirt: like
  13. AwesomeMouse: send me a pic
  14. weirt: heatran gets his flash fire activated every time
  15. weirt:
  16. weirt: thats my profile
  17. weirt: ;)
  18. AwesomeMouse: ur a guy
  19. weirt: want to do some skype together ?
  20. weirt: skype me babe
  21. AwesomeMouse: no
  22. weirt: oh comeon
  23. weirt: what about me beedrill ing you all night long
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