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  1. I went on a scuba diving/fishing trip a couple months ago in Florida with a few buddies of mine. We all finally got the chance to take some time off work to go together, so we were all excited.
  3. Upon arrival, we rent our gear and all that good shit and go out to the ocean. We got dressed in our scuba diving outfits and jumped in the water. We decided to split up and explore the surrounding area near our boat.
  5. Now my biggest fear at this point was being dragged away and getting raped by a group of sharks, but I didn’t see anything around so I knew I was safe to continue with my exploration.
  7. I continued to swim around for a little bit longer, enjoying the ocean scenery when I spot a bloody cloud about 50 feet in front of me. I started to freak out a little bit, but I decided to investigate further. I got closer. There, in all it’s glory, was a dead, mangled dolphin.
  9. Now the last time I was in Florida I managed to tear up a live dolphin’s pussy which was amazing, but after finding a dead one with an intact pussy... I wasn’t going to turn down on getting some sweet action again.
  11. I looked around, making sure I was alone. I quickly slid my finger in her tight slit. Still wet and warm. Perfect. I pulled out my rock-hard cock and wrapped my arms around her, slowly sliding my rod into her clap flaps. I started thrusting back and forth into her genital fuck-hole. Fuck, even dead dolphin pussy is just as amazing as live dolphin pussy, if not better.
  13. “Mmmm... Winter....” I moaned, softly. I decided to name her Winter after that sexy dolphin from that movie Dolphin Tale, my most favorite movie ever.
  15. I quickly reached my climax, my cock pulsating, shooting my seed deep into her deceased slit. I felt as if I was in another dimension. I pulled my dick out, watching in satisfaction as my cum leaked out of her pussy, drifting away into the ocean.
  17. After we got back from our trip, I quickly quit my job and moved to Florida to go to college and get my bachelor’s in zoology. After I finished college, I went and applied to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World.
  19. I speak for the dolphins.
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