CMC Poop Contest intro. (SCAT)

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  1. Just a note, the first 2 days (including the prelude day 0) are separated into 3 parts. Each part is basically a first person perspective for each of the CMC. This is stopped in day 2 and changed into a single 3'rd person perspective, as working on 3 different parts that have the same scene was too time consuming.
  3. >Can somepony write a story where the cmc have a biggest poop contest?
  5. >You are scootaloo.
  6. >You are squatting in the forest, your bowels trembling for relief.
  7. >Grunting, you push with more force, determined to push the mass out of you.
  8. >Slowly, you feel your anus open, and the large turd start to slide out.
  9. >The air inside you starts to run out, and you're forced to inhale.
  10. >Your poop shoots back into your body, and you sigh in defeat.
  11. >You are about to get back up, and walk back to ponyville, but you stop.
  12. >A big urge, bigger than ever is upon you.
  13. >You get back down into your squatting position.
  14. >Again you push, this time the brown head shows itself immediately.
  15. >Your anus opens up, and the turd finally exits your body.
  16. >It drops down onto the ground, and you finally exhale, this time without worry of failure.
  17. >You grab some leaves, and start to wipe.
  18. >You turn around and face your creation.
  19. “Wow.”
  20. >A massive bowel movement, is what awaits you.
  21. >It’s almost as wide as your hoof!
  22. >The idea that you could have birthed this… thing.
  23. >You have to tell somepony!
  24. >You run back to Ponyville, going over in your mind what you will tell your friends.
  25. >You find them in the clubhouse, trying to find out what to do for their cutie mark next.
  26. “Guys! I was out in this forest, and I saw this huuuge poop!”
  27. >Obviously you won’t tell them that it came from you.
  28. >”That's… nice, Scootaloo. But could you please start your conversations with something less disgusting? Sweetie belle says.
  29. “Yeah but… Ya gotta see it!”
  30. >”Look Scootaloo, I’m sure it’s very big, but-”
  31. >”I’ll see it.” Applebloom interrupts.
  32. >Sweetie shoots Applebloom a death stare, and she grudgingly gets up, following you and applebloom out of the clubhouse.
  34. >You run out into the forest, every so often stopping, and checking that your friends were still behind you.
  35. >Applebloom is following you with a smile on her face, Sweetie Belle just has an annoyed expression.
  36. >You arrive at the spot, smiling proudly.
  37. >Applebloom is the first to say something, Sweetie Belle just stares in shock.
  38. >”Thats… Pretty big scoot. But I have to ask, why is this so special? Couldn’t a larger creature, like a bear have made it?”
  39. “Would you believe I made this?”
  40. >”Nope. Not possible.”
  41. >”She’s telling the truth.”
  42. >You are shocked to see Sweetie Belle defending you.
  43. >”Look, it’s clearly too bright to be bear poop. And the only things big enough to create something like that are carnivores.”
  44. “How would you know THAT, Sweetie Belle?”
  45. >“When you live with rarity as long as I do, you learn to pay attention to detail.”
  46. >”Anyway, you’re right. That is a huge poop. What the heck did you eat?”
  47. “Well… I was just eating as I normally do… It’s just I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in a few days.”
  48. >”Well if not going to the bathroom for a few days does THAT, then what would not going to the bathroom for a week do?”
  49. >A thought stirred up in your mind. One you had always wanted to ask, but were never able.
  50. “Maybe we should put that to the test? I had always wanted to see who could hold their poops longer, or who could make the biggest ones. Pegasi, Unicorns, or earth ponies.”
  51. >”Hey yeah! Me too! I always wanted to know who could do that.”
  52. >“We could all go to the bathroom one final time tonight, and then we go a week without pooping.” Sweetie Suggests.
  53. >”Yeah! We go poop tonight at the same time, eat and drink at the same time, and pee at the same time! That way nothing will influence our science!” Applebloom adds.
  55. >”Cmon, lets go back to the clubhouse”
  56. “Right… So uhh, do you guys have to go right now?”
  57. >”A little, but you just went a half hour ago, so if we went now, you would have a half hour head start!”
  58. >”I know where rarity keeps the laxatives, I say we wait until after dinner, at sunset, then we all take the laxatives, and empty our systems!” Sweetie offers.
  59. “Cool! Right! alright cutie mark crusaders, we meet at carousel boutique half an hour to sunset to get ready!”
  60. >”Got it! Cutie mark crusaders science testers!”
  61. >The three of you high-hoof, and start the trek back to your respective homes.
  64. Next part:
  65. Applebloom:
  66. Scootaloo:
  67. Sweetie Belle:
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