Delinquent Anon

Feb 22nd, 2017
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  1. “Hey girls, have you ever wondered why Anon is always alone?”
  2. >You are Twilight Sparkle
  3. >And now your friends just stay silent, looking at each other
  4. >Did you said something wrong?
  5. >You took a glance at Anon, the senior who always sat alone at lunch, and everybody always seems to avoid
  6. >”W-well, you see, Darling” Rarity says reluctantly “Anon is…”
  7. >”Anon is a freaking thug” Rainbow Dash completed bluntly
  8. >”Rainbow!” Fluttershy quietly scolds at her, only to mumble “w-well, he is kind of scary”
  9. >”What? He is!” Rainbow Dash said while she crossed her arms “I mean, what kind of loser does nothing but fight against random people?”
  10. “Anon gets into a lot of fights?” you asked tilting your head, and discretely turn your head at Anon “He seems like a normal guy to me”
  11. >But you’re not gonna lie, you feel a somewhat threatening aura around him
  12. >”There’s… a reason why people avoid him, sugarcube” Applejack scratches the back of her head “You see…”
  13. >Applejack and the rest of the girls tell you all about Anon shenanigans and so called “feats”
  14. >Like how as a sophomore he fought against a group of seniors back then over a donut , or how he went and pick a fight against a group of bikers and beat every one of them because he couldn’t sleep because of the noise, or how he refused a bunch of cupcakes by saying he doesn’t have a sweet tooth…
  15. >Really Pinkie?
  16. >However, each and every single one of those claims seemed really farfetched, crazy even
  17. >Who is able to destroy a car with only one hand?
  18. >Not only that, but apparently all those fights earned him the nickname of “Crazy Dragon”
  19. “And none of this was reported to Principal Celestia? Something like this surely must have reached the higher grounds of the school”
  20. >For some reason, due to Anon always being somewhat consistently average in his grades, does not get into any problems with Principal Celestia, despite his reputation
  21. >”That’s why Anon does get a free pass”
  22. >You knew the Principal was forgiving, but this seems a bit too much
  23. >”Is better if you don’t get involved with him in anyway, darling” Rarity says while finishing her meal
  24. >Everyone else but Sunset nods unanimously
  25. >The bell rings, announcing the end of the lunch period. As you take a last look at Anon who is taking his leave to his own classes
  26. >You can’t help but still feel a bit of curiosity about him
  28. >You walk through the hallway
  29. >So far this new term it’s been boring as hell
  30. >”Student Anonymous!” You hear a very imposing female voice calling you from afar
  31. >You turn your head, only to see Vice Principal Luna. Great, the day went from boring to tedious
  32. >VP Luna walks to you with a very feisty look in her eyes. You gotta admit, if she wasn’t such a pain in the ass, you could find her attractive, even if she’s an old hag.
  33. “What can I do for you, VP?”
  34. >Your defiant tone is obvious, as Luna squint her eyes at you
  35. >”We really hope that there will be no incidents this term”
  36. “If no one pisses me off, that is”
  37. >”We are being serious Anonymous” VP’s voice raised, ash she points her finger at you “If not for my sister’s generosity, you would’ve been expelled from this school long time ago”
  38. >You know that’s not the only reason, and you know that she knows it too
  39. “Sure, sure” you said as you pass her “Besides, you also know it is time for THAT right?”
  40. >You didn’t wait to see her reaction, as a heavy silence was in the ambience
  41. >Your footsteps are the only thing that resonates in the empty hallway as you walk to your next class.
  43. >The final bell rings, announcing the end of the classes for today
  44. >You reunite with your friends at the hallway, discussing what are you gonna do. It is Friday after all; it is almost a must to do
  45. >”So girls, what are the plans today?” Pinkie ask with enthusiasm “There’s the karaoke, Sugar Cube Corner”
  46. “Eh, Actually Pinkie, I rather wanna go home” you interject “I have some experiments I need to work with
  47. >”Awww really?” Pinkie’s puppy eyes are really to resist, but you have to, besides, you’re somewhat tired
  48. >Pinkie pouts; she obviously dislikes the idea, the more the merrier as she says
  49. >After you excuse yourself, you part ways from you friends
  50. >You walk through the commercial zone of Canterlot, you promised your mother to buy some groceries on your way back home
  51. >In the end of your sight you spot a group of guys sitting in a corner of a building
  52. >You recognize their uniforms, Griffonstone High, a school with a… questionable reputation to say the least
  53. >Not only that, but they seemed pretty hostile themselves, and that’s the only way from the zone to your house
  54. >Without any apparent options and against your better judgement you decide to keep going
  55. >You walk as quickly as possible, avoiding eye contact with them
  56. >”Well, look at this, boys” You hear at the time you pass
  57. >Just keep walking, just keep walking
  58. >Suddenly, a wall of a person blocks your way
  59. >”Hey there missy” the man in front of you smirks
  60. “H-h-hello?” you instantly shrink, as his tall frame is capable to intimidate you without any effort
  61. >Another Griffonstone student sneaks up behind, grabbing you by the shoulders
  62. >”A beautiful lady shouldn’t be around these parts this late”
  63. >”Wait, ain’t she from Canterlot high?”
  64. >”Yeah, it looks like it” said another, while some whistles are heard “there are some cute chicks there”
  65. >You escape his grip, only to find out you’re surrounded
  66. >”Yeah, it tends to get…” another one said while suddenly grabbing your right wrist “… dangerous”
  67. >”What do you say, pretty? Want some bodyguards? We can make our somewhat fun”
  68. >The emphasis on the word “fun” gave you the cue you needed
  69. >You have to get out of there
  70. “R-release me!”
  71. >You force against the powerful grip, only to receive a strong slap in your face, making your glasses to fall off
  72. >You stop moving, as your hand reaches your swollen cheek, trying to appease the stingy feel
  73. >Your breathing starts to get agitated, as you panicky look left and right, only to see no one in the streets
  74. >The sun is setting, and the natural light starts to dim
  75. >Your captor starts tugging you to an alley while the others only snicker with malice
  76. >”Come on little girl, I promise you to make our time a really worthwhile”
  77. >You are now really scared. Please, someone, anyone.
  78. “H-help” you are only able to whisper
  79. >No one is coming
  80. >Tears start forming in your eyes
  81. >The very few witnesses decides to ignore you, turning their heads to another place
  82. “Help” you say again
  83. >Your voice cracks with the thought of what could happen to you
  84. >Whatever it is, you could only shut your eyes
  85. >…
  86. >”UGH!”
  87. >A loud crack comes to your ears, as you are now pushed to the ground
  88. >”Goddammit!” you hear, as your poor vision adapts at the lack of glasses
  89. >You can’t see that much, but the foggy shapes are enough to see what’s happening
  90. >Someone, you don’t know who, stepped into your aid
  91. >You can see whoever it is, being surrounded, just like the way the delinquents surrounded you before
  92. >That however doesn’t stop your savior.
  93. >A well placed left elbow to the face to the one foe who was behind him, followed by a precise kick in the stomach to the one who had in front , temporarily knocking both at almost the same time
  94. >The other two at their sides try to hook him at the same time, only for the figure to just crouch to avoid the attacks
  95. >Following that, an uppercut to the one he had to his right… or it’s your right?
  96. >Anyways, he turns around to deliver a straight punch in the face to the only one left standing, instantly knocking him down.
  97. >”F-fuck, Anon is here! Everyone scram!!” you hear, as a group of steps disappear into the distance
  98. >Anon?
  99. >”Tch, what a bore” It does sounds like Anon’s voice
  100. >You don’t have time for that. You start crawling, extending your arms
  101. >Where are your glasses? You need them, you can’t see anything without them
  102. >”Here”
  103. >You see your glasses in front of you. You take them and put them on, Thank heavens, everything is clear again
  104. >You raise your head, only to see Anon, looking at you with a bored expression, raising an eyebrow at you
  105. >You blink a couple of times…
  106. “O-oh, thank you!” You stutter
  107. >Anon gets down to your level, as he extends his hand to your face
  108. >With a surprising gentle touch he examines you cheek
  109. >Even so, you still flinch at the first contact with your skin
  110. >”It’s all swollen now” Anon says below his breath, as he reaches to his pocket
  112. >You mentally curse to yourself
  113. >This is not what you needed right now
  114. >First, VP Luna, then the piece of shit project you NEED to do in a team, your favorite restaurant is closed, and the arcades removed your favorite vidya
  115. >Now you’re pissed, hungry and bored
  116. >The icing on the cake, the idiots of Griffonstone are now meddeling in YOUR turf
  117. >Out of your pocket, you take one of those icy/hot patches
  118. >God bless these little things
  119. >With the most care you place it on the girls cheek
  120. >You only know two things about her
  121. >Her name is Twilight and she transferred not too long ago
  122. “Hold still, or I’ll mess this up”
  123. >You don’t know if it was your tone, but she stops moving
  124. >After patching her up, you stand up and look at her one last time, ready to leave
  125. >You see Twilights eyes widen in terror
  126. >”LOOK OUT!”
  127. >Everything happens in less than a second
  128. >you now feel the cold touch of a blade touching your cheek
  129. >Thanks to Twilight’s warning, you were able to block the attack coming
  130. >One of the Griffonstone students who you thought runned away, tried to stab you from the back
  131. >You blocked the swing of the knife with your left fore arm
  132. >The with way that asshole was holding the weapon, the moment he retrieved it, managed to cut you
  133. >Sonnovabitch, that fucking stings
  134. >Not giving him another chance, you reach out to his face
  135. >Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, and with all the strength possible of your right arm you throw him at the nearest wall
  136. >The impact makes him to drop the knife and drops to the floor
  137. >You stomp his shoulder, and again and again
  138. >You were pissed before, now you’re furious
  139. “Didn’t know the Griffons are such pussies, they needed knives now”
  140. >”Y-you basta-AAAAGH”
  141. >You don’t have time for this, after one final stomp ,you shove him with your foot
  142. “Get the hell out of my face, and never return here”
  143. >He steps up as fast as he can and runs
  144. >”Damn you, the boss will know about this!!”
  145. >You turn your head to the one who still is on the floor
  146. >You’re now alone with Twilight
  147. >”Thank you again” says the girl as she tries to get up, only for her to yelp in pain and drop again
  148. >She grabs her ankle, great, she must have sprained it
  149. >Well, you couldn’t leave her alone, that’s not the man’s way
  150. “Here”
  151. >You offer her your hand
  152. >Twilight hesitantly takes her, as soon as you grab her, you effortlessly lift her
  153. “You shouldn’t be here” you say as you turn your back “Too many bad guys around here”
  154. >”Wait, Anon!”
  155. “What?”
  156. >”Your arm! You’re bleeding a lot”
  157. >You check your arm, the cut is actually a bit more deep than you thought
  158. >That’s gonna be a bitch to heal
  159. >”You need to go to the hospital, Anon!”
  160. >That would be nice, if you had any money, or some insurance, besides…
  161. “Hospitals are a no go for me, thanks”
  162. >Twilight looks at you with disbelief and then at the floor
  163. >”If you’re not gonna go to the hospital, at least let me help”
  164. >You raise your eyebrow
  165. “How?”
  166. >Twilight retrieves a handkerchief from her bag, and reached to your injury
  167. >She wraps it up tightly, making the bleeding somewhat stop, albeit soaking it in a deep crimson shade
  168. “That’s a nicely made handkerchief” you note
  169. >”It’s fine”, She says without hesitation “It’s my fault that you got injured”
  170. >You stay silent, there’s something odd on her, how meek she can be form one time and act without hesitation almost immediately
  171. >”Let me compensate it”
  172. >That means healing for free? Sounds…
  173. “…Fishy”
  174. >”Hey, I know what to do! My mother was a nurse and she taught me how to stitch”
  175. >You have your doubts, but at least a bad stitching is better than no stitching
  176. >Is not like the scar is gonna go away when it heals, and besides, bitches love scars
  177. “All right then”
  178. >“Good!” She beams ”Please, escort me to my house, so I could stitch your wound”
  179. >Huh?
  180. “Escort you?”
  181. >”I can’t walk right now and it’s really dark” she looks up, you do as well, noticing that the only light available is the one from the public light bulbs from the street
  182. >”And besides” she said, as you returned your oyes on her “…There are too many bad guys around here”
  183. >You let out a small huff
  184. >Cheeky woman, you’ll give her that
  185. “Fine, we’ll do it your way”
  186. >Both of you stay still for about a minute, not saying anything
  187. >”Uhh”, Twilight scratches her back of the head ”Are you…”
  188. “What? Piggyback ride you?” You kneel at the height of her stomach “I don’t piggyback packages”
  189. >She tilts her head, and realizes what did you meant
  190. >She squints at you “You wouldn’t-“
  191. >Not letting her finish, you embrace her waist and lift her with your shoulder, carrying her as a sack of potatoes
  192. >Huh, she’s lighter than you thought, even with her backpack apparently full with stuff
  193. >Too bad she’s squirming too much
  195. >She screams embarrassed, the mental image of her face completely red makes you kek internally
  196. >She hits your back while trying to break free for some time
  197. >After a few minutes she’s giving up, going limp
  198. “Where do you live?”
  199. >She sighs in defeat and gives you the directions
  200. >Huh, not too far from here
  201. >you start walking
  203. >”Thanks for saving me”
  204. >Now that came out of nowhere, she just blurted it out while on the way to her house
  205. “Don’t get the wrong idea” you say “No one fucks with MY turf, and that includes the students in it”
  206. >”You mean Canterlot High?” She asks, you only nod
  207. >Not only Canterlot High, but also the commercial district, and the area near the forest are your territory
  208. >”Thanks anyways”
  209. >There’s silence, not an awkward one, not a blissful one, just pure silence, no one dares to say a word afterward
  210. >Looks like you arrived
  211. “Is this the place?”
  212. >Twilight twists her spine to look over her
  213. >”Yes! Thank you very much!”
  214. >Canterlot suburbs… pretty neat place to live in
  215. >She hands you her keys and you open her place
  216. >It’s dark inside
  217. “Your parents?”
  218. >”Mom and dad are outside in a conference” She explains “ My brother is at Crystal Hills”
  219. >Well at least that takes out of the way to explain to her parents why their daughter is getting carried as a bag by a scary student with an injured bloody arm
  220. >You finally let Twilight down, she stumbles on her way to the bathroom to get the med kit
  221. > You follow her
  222. >She quickly gets everything ready
  223. >Latex gloves,, cotton, antisceptic, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, string and needles
  224. >”All right Anon, remove the handkerchief, I need to clean it”
  225. >You remove it
  226. >Alongside your shirt
  227. >Twilight looks uncomfortable (or maybe embarrassed), but she knows you have to
  228. >Damn, it looks worse than you thought, the adrenaline sure helped to numb the pain at the moment
  229. >Twilight gently grabs your arm, and with some cotton with peroxide she starts to slowly cleanin the edges of the wound
  230. >You know that for some reason, this is going to fucking suck
  231. >Shit
  232. >Dammit!
  233. >Son of a whore!!
  234. >”Anon stop moving” Twilight scolds at you
  235. >You can’t help it, it fucking stings every time the cotton touches you
  236. >It’s becoming an agony, if there’s a way to make it faste-
  237. >Idea!
  238. “Say, Twilight” the afore mentioned looks at you “To clean it you have to wash it with peroxide?”
  239. >She nods “Yes, it’s needed to prevent any type of infection and sterilize the wound”
  240. >Good enough for you
  241. >Without prompt you grab the bottle and not giving the girl a chance to react, you pour it all over your wound
  242. >”Anon wait!”
  243. >you recite every swear word you know in the English language, and some others in a languages you didn’t know they existed
  244. >Also maybe, kinda made the neighbors to knock the door to ask what the fuck happened
  245. >After that and you calmed down, Twilight returns to the bathroom
  246. >She’s fuming right now
  247. >”Anon what the hell was that?!”
  248. “Between a huge pain that last for one moment and a small pains that last for fucking ever I prefer the former”
  249. >Twilight stays silent for a moment and sighs
  250. >At least the cut was clean
  251. >After some anesthetic was applied, Twilight starts closing the wound with the string
  252. >Looks like she was not lying, she knows what to do
  253. >Slowly, but steady she’s introducing the needle at the edges of the skin, stitching it
  254. >Honestly, not a fan of it, but you’re not gonna complain about free heals
  256. >Minutes passes by in complete lack of words
  257. >Twilight is still stitching your wound diligently
  258. >”It’s quite a bit deep wound” Twilight breaks the silence “Maybe your arm is going to be out of commission for a couple of months”
  259. >You only grunt as acknowledgement, you were aware of the possibility
  260. >Sucks to be honest
  261. >More silence
  262. >”So I’ve heard quite a bit of stories about you”
  263. “Oh?”
  264. >That statement makes you raise your eyes from your arm to Twilight’s eyes
  265. >”They say you’re quite…infamous”
  266. >You let out a small chuckle
  267. >Of course that is the first thing they speak about you
  268. >It's for the best, really
  269. “That’s a bit of an overstatement”
  270. >You know that rumors spread out and degenerate in quite a fast pace
  271. >”Yeah, I had a feeling that some of those stories are a bit of a stretch”
  272. “Yeah, some are blown out of proportion”
  273. >”I mean, that one with the car was just plain silly”
  274. >The girl laughs, and then looks at you, expecting you to following her
  275. >…
  276. >You don’t
  277. >”HOW?!”
  278. >…
  279. >Some minutes later the stitch is ready
  280. >While Twilight cleans and packs the medicines back to the first aid kit, you check your arm
  281. >Not too shabby for a junior
  282. >The girl is a genius after all
  283. >Twilight bandages your arm
  284. >While very tight grip envelopes your limb, you feel a touch as soft as velvet alongside it
  285. >Twilight outlines with her fingers the other scars you have on your arm and hands
  286. >She gives special attention around your knuckles
  287. >Your hand twitches at her touch. Good, it still moves despite the wound
  288. >A bit personal, but you don’t say anything
  289. >You see how deep in thought she is
  290. >”Did any of these hurt?”
  291. “Huh?”
  292. >”Every time you got any of these, I mean. Did they hurt?”
  293. >You look at her hands, gently stroking yours, her voice had a faint gloom tone
  294. >”I mean, we always try to get away from the pain as much as possible, right? You even just said it.”
  295. >Yeah, you did
  296. “Just because I said how I would like to deal with it, doesn’t mean I can always do it”
  297. >You say, but you know you didn’t answered her question
  298. >Her hand hovers over your most recent mark
  299. “GAH!”
  300. >”Eep!”
  301. >You feel a sudden sting on it, like an electric spark over it, and apparently Twilight does as well as she suddenly jumps back at the same time you felt it as well
  302. “Shit! Now THAT fucking hurts!!”
  303. >You rub your arm, while Twilight does the same with her hand
  304. >What the hell was that?
  305. >After a few seconds of silence, you decide to answer for real
  306. “Yeah, it did, each and every one of them, but for a reason”
  307. >She’s in complete silence
  308. >”I see that you’re always alone, is that for a reason too?”
  309. >You see that’s one rumor they didn’t tell her, if they did she wouldn’t asked
  310. >Not like it would make a difference if you respond or not
  311. >Sudden realization
  312. >Your mind suddenly remembers something, something you have to check now that you can use both your limbs
  313. “Take of your shoes”
  314. >Twilight is taken back by your statement
  315. >”Hu-What?” Her face is red
  316. “I said take of your shoes, I need to see your feet”
  317. >Twilight shrinks on her seat
  318. >”What do you mean!? I’m not going to do anything like that! I’m not that kind of woman!”
  319. >The fuck is this girls problem?
  320. >You look at her and squint
  321. “I need to check on your ankle”
  322. >….
  323. >”O-oh…Oh!”
  324. >You roll your eyes
  325. >These girls, you swear to any holy being listening
  326. >After clearing up the misunderstanding she quickly takes off her shoes and socks
  327. >You didn’t say both but fuck it
  328. >You just noticed how well toned her legs are
  329. >UNF
  330. >You shake your head. Focus anon, focus
  331. >After kneeling down, you check her right ankle
  332. >HA! Get it?! Your left arm and her right ankle
  333. >Hilarious
  334. >It’s just a small check up
  335. >Nothing serious, swollen, but she can still move it
  336. >She just needs to cool it and rest off the weekend
  337. >From your other pocket you take out a small ointment
  338. >”Well, aren’t you prepared for these things?”
  339. >You detect a small hint of sarcasm, but you ignore it
  340. “I’m always prepared for these type of scenarios”
  341. >You start to work on it, applying the medicine uniformly, and start massaging
  342. >”Say…Anon?”
  343. “Hm?”
  344. >”What are you gonna do now? I mean, you can’t fight with a wound like that, and even after it closes you have to take it easy to avoid permanent damage”
  345. >She’s right, as much as you don’t want to admit it
  346. “I’ll figure something out”
  347. >”I mean I see you use a lot of flurries of straight punches with some kicks” Twilight continues
  348. >“They are very easy to dodge” She’s now deep in thought “Considering your situation you can use a two combo of hook and elbo—OW!”
  349. >You make sure to make PRESSURE when she needs it the most
  350. >”H-Hey! Watch it!” Twilight shoots daggers from her eyes at you
  351. >You return her stare, and smirk
  352. >Not like she could do anything right now, she’s the patient now
  353. “So you’re telling me how to fight, girl?”
  354. >”Just…saying” her tone voice lowers “If I can detect a pattern so easily, imagine someone who can actually fight and counter you”
  355. >You stay silent for a while, maybe she’s right about you changing the way you fight, this wound will certainly change things, especially if that Griffonstone idiot spreads the word that you’re injured
  356. “Fine, I’ll take it into consideration”
  357. >”I only say it as thanks for saving me”
  358. “Maybe you’re right”
  359. >”Of course I am” She says proudly
  360. >You look at her when she said it, her obvious confidence she gains when you agree with her, her mannerisms, hell, even her glasses
  361. “Heh” you let out a small chuckle “You do remind me of her”
  362. >Twilight tilts her head “Her?”
  363. “Pay me no mind”
  364. >You say as you finish applying bandages to her ankle
  365. “There” You stand up “You should be fine by Sunday if you don’t force it”
  366. >Twilight lifts her leg to check on herself, leaving exposed her thigh
  367. >More unf
  368. >You’re so glad that you’re a legman right now
  369. >You look out the window; it’s pretty dark right now, your internal clock tells you it’s nearly 8:30 PM
  370. “Well, gotta scram, take care kid”
  371. >”W-wait!”
  372. >She stops you on your way to the door
  373. >”Take this with you”
  374. >Twilight hands you a bottle of pills
  375. “And this is?”
  376. >”Just some antibiotics and a bit of painkillers, just in case” The girl says as she fidgets
  377. >Handing out medicine without a receipt?
  378. “Aren’t you a bad girl?”
  379. >She clearly takes it personal, fully flushed and she waves her hands
  380. >”T-that’s not what i…”
  381. “Relax, I’m just teasing” You said in the most monotone way possible
  382. >”You don’t make it sound like teasing” you hear as she pouts
  383. >Cute
  384. “Anyways, thanks as well” You place the pills in your pocket “Take care, kiddo”
  385. >With that being said, you open the door and walk out
  387. >It’s just a quick walk, you’re surprisingly close to Twilight’s house, just a few blocks north
  388. >You place your keys on the doorknob and unlock the door
  389. >The house is as empty as always, you figured that much
  390. >You discard your clothes and put something more comfortable
  391. >After preparing a quick bite you decide to do a bit of one handed push ups
  392. >If anything, you could take this as a challenge, head on. You know, the man’s way
  393. >As soon as you got to your room, there’s a sudden sting in your arm
  394. >Shit, not again
  395. >Just like what happened after Twilight stitched you
  396. >Your head is getting light, and your vision blurry
  397. >Your head is on fire, your body temperature rises in a matter of minutes
  398. >Your arm is no better, your recently treated arm is burning, and the pain is unbearable, even the slightest touch feels like someone is tearing it apart
  399. >You’re starting to panic, your breathing is getting irregular
  400. >your mind stops thinking rationally and enter in the primitive state of survival as a major priority
  401. >Pills, the pills
  402. >You stumble to your discarded clothes, and desperately look for the pills you were given earlier
  403. >THERE YOU ARE!
  404. >You take a bunch and immediately swallow a bunch of them
  405. >You know that it takes some time to make some kind of effect, but the placebo effect helps you to calm down a bit, enough to make your way to your bed
  406. >You hop up to your bed, you’re trembling despite the warm weather
  407. >Fuck, fuck
  408. >Calm down, a small fever and a cut will not take you down
  409. ”But it hurts”
  410. >Keep it together, Anon
  411. ”What if I don’t wake up?”
  412. >Stop being a pussy, YOU WILL WAKE UP!
  413. ”Do you think so?”
  414. >You know you’re right deep down
  415. “Yeah, I’m way tougher than that”
  416. >You manage to stabilize your breathing
  417. >Still fucking hurts, but your mental fortitude helps you to calm down
  418. >You need to rest
  419. >You’re tired, this was a very long day
  420. >You close your eyes, and you abandon yourself to unconciousness
  423. >It’s Monday
  425. >And you’re Twilight Sparkle on your way to school
  426. >You are able to walk no problem, just like Anon said; your ankle was perfectly fine this morning
  427. >Your parents were worried sick when they arrived at Sunday and found your bandage
  428. >Thankfully there was no sign of the slap the delinquent give you 3 days ago, so they didn’t noticed
  429. >You told them that you just made a false step in your room, but you’re fine
  430. >Is wasn’t a lie per se, it’s just half the truth, which in your opinion is better than no truth
  431. >You walk through the hallway to your locker
  432. >your see two girls talking, but the second you wave at them they just stopped talking and quickly went separate ways
  433. >”That’s… weird” you though as you open your assigned locker
  434. >Meanwhile you hear two male students nearby
  435. >”No way man, you’re pulling my leg” said the guy with dreadlocks and green hair
  436. >”I’m telling you it’s true!” Said the one with the beanie while pulling his phone “Check it”
  437. >”Get out!” Said the guy incredulous while snatching the other phone to take a closer look
  438. >You dismiss it as just normal gossip between students, or maybe those images that are the trend right now…what are they called? May-mays?
  439. >You close your locker
  440. >”Why would Twilight…”
  441. >You stop when your hear your name
  442. “Me?”
  443. >Your approach your classmates, why would you be the subject of a gossip?
  444. “Excuse me”
  445. >”GAHHH!” both of them yelp in surprise
  446. >”Oh, sorry to startle you” you apologize”…but I couldn’t help but to hear my name”
  447. >Both of them are glancing at each other nervously
  448. >”Ohh d-don’t worry it was nothing” said the beanie
  449. >You wonder why the sudden attitude change, just like those girls from earlier
  450. >”Good heavens, look at the time!” gasped the dreadlocks guy “It’s time for our class! Let’s go Norman”
  451. ”Hey wai-“
  452. >Not letting you finish both of them run to god knows where
  453. >First the girls from earlier and now those two.
  454. >Not only that, everyone around you is avoiding eye contact with you.
  455. >You feel a hole in your chest, this didn’t happened since the incident at the Friendship games
  456. >Did you do something wrong?
  457. >What’s going on here?
  458. >”Twilight!”
  459. “Wha..UGH!!
  460. >A pink streak tackles you in to the ground, pulling you out of your thoughts
  461. “P-pinkie?! What’s wrong with you?”
  463. >Not only her, but all your friends surround you and hugging you
  464. >”Thank goodness you’re okay” cooed Fluttershy
  465. >”Yer not hurt are ya Sugarcube?” Asked Applejack
  466. >Hurt? Do they know about the Griffonstone students?
  467. “G-girls”
  468. >Everyone is talking and asking questions at the same time
  469. >Your patience is wearing thin
  470. “GIRLS!!”
  471. >As soon as you shout, your friends finally gave you some space to breathe
  472. “What’s going on here?”
  473. >The girls look at each other, like silently asking who should be the first to talk
  474. >Sunset takes a step forward “You see, Twilight…”
  476. >”There she is!”
  477. >”Hey you, miss dorky bangs!”
  478. >”Yeah, dorky bangs!”
  479. >The sudden exclamation startles both you and your friends
  480. > Turning your heads to know who were the ones calling you that
  481. >Three thug looking guys, very pale, wearing vests and…dog collars? Walk to you
  482. “C-can I help you?”
  483. >”…”
  484. >No response
  485. >You couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated just by the mere size of two of them.
  486. >The short one pulls his cellphone out of his pocket
  487. >He takes a small glance at the screen and then looks back at you
  488. >He repeats the action at least 3 or 4 times
  489. >Needless to say, you can feel the tension. Just what do these guys want with you?
  490. >”Is she…? Ask the taller one
  491. >”No doubt” answers the little guy
  492. >”Then…” The middle one says, while he and the other two get closer and closer to you
  493. >You see them suddenly flexing their arm
  494. >By mere instinct you flinch and take cover with you books
  495. >…
  496. >Nothing happens
  497. >”Uhh… Twilight?” you hear Sunset calling for you for you
  498. “eh?”
  499. >you turn at your friends, speechless, shocked and looking at the floor
  500. >You follow their action
  501. >You see the three guys bowing down at your feet
  502. >”We’re the diamond dogs, a pleasure to serve you ‘Boss’!!”
  503. >…
  504. >Eh?
  505. >”Ehhh?!” your friends yell
  506. “…what?” you can only mutter
  507. >You brain suddenly process al what happened
  508. “W-wait, boss? What?! What is going on!?”
  510. >”Do you know them Twilight?” Fluttershy asks you
  511. “N-no, never see them in my entire life!”
  512. >”Hold it right there you ruffians!” Rarity steps in “What are you playing at here?”
  513. >The so called diamond dogs stand up to look at her
  514. >”Oh, miss Rarity! We’re sorry, but we only answer to the boss now” one of them says while looking back at you
  515. >All of this is making your head hurt
  516. >Boss? Since when? You never saw this trio in your entire life.
  517. >Who are they, how do they know of you?
  518. > Wait, they said they only answer to you, maybe you can use that to know what are they talking about
  519. “A-actually, I want to know as well, if I may…who are you in the first place?”
  520. >The three of them are taken back, surprised
  521. >”Oh how impolite of us… this big guy here is Fido, this little midget is Spot, and I am Rover”
  522. “Okay?” that’s a start “And why so suddenly I am your boss?”
  523. >The guys look at each other “You’re our boss’ girl, so that makes you our boss as well!”
  524. >You can hear glass shatter inside your mind
  525. “…Come again?”
  526. >“Yeah, look!” Spot says while handing his phone to you “Don’t know what the boss saw in you, but he must have saw something we don’t”
  527. >You see the photo
  528. >It’s the moment Anon was carrying you on his shoulder. By the angle of the shot, it didn’t show his injured arm
  529. >”Actually Twilight that’s why we were so worried about you” Applejack speaks up “There were some nasty rumors about you and we couldn’t contact you for the whole weekend”
  530. >You remember, after Friday you forgot to charge your phone and you slept through all Saturday
  531. >”Yeah, we were really worried” Rainbow says
  532. >You’re almost too afraid to ask, but have to…
  533. “Wh-what kind of rumors?”
  534. >Everyone stays silent
  535. “Girls?” this was worrying you
  536. >Pinkie was trying to not say a word
  537. >She suddenly gasps for air
  538. >”Pinkie don’t…!”
  539. >”There was this rumor that you were seduced by Anon, and he drove you to a hotel at the outskirts of the city to had his way with you not only that but this whole affair lasted all the weekend, some even say you two did some kinky stuff to each other and that’s why anon had bandages all over his arm and you are now Anon’s girlfriend…”
  540. >Everyone is staring at Pinkie
  541. >”…Or something like that”
  542. >…
  545. >You’re Anon
  546. >And you’re somewhat relived to actually go to school
  547. >That goddamn fever incapacitated you, and knocked you out the whole goddamn weekend
  548. >Before blacking out, you were afraid you were never going to wake up
  549. >You woke up perfectly fine this early morning, almost as if nothing happened, completely refreshed
  550. >But you were two whole days sleeping
  551. >Still that wasn’t the weirdest thing, and that was bothering you…
  552. >You look at your bandaged arm
  553. >You know that Twilight girl had something to do with it…
  554. >You need to find her and ask some questions as soon as possible
  556. >You hear a familiar voice echoing through the hallways all the way to the main entrance where you are
  557. >…
  558. >Or maybe you could wait a little
  559. >You’re a patient man, after all
  560. >You start walking to you class
  561. >Lunchtime will be fun for sure
  562. “Good grief…”
  565. >The day is like any other days
  566. >The class is like any other class
  567. >Except everyone had their eyes on you
  568. >It’s been like that for the last two periods, it’s starting to piss you off
  569. “The fuck are you looking at?!”
  570. >Your stare makes everyone looking at you suddenly turn on their seats and look at the chalkboard
  571. >You hear the PA turning on
  572. >”Anonymous, please head to the Vice Principal’s office. I repeat, Anonymous, please head to the Vice Principal’s Office”
  573. >Well isn’t that just peachy
  574. >As you make your way to Luna’s place you wonder now how can she nag you
  575. >You didn’t do shit this weekend, not like you were able to, and what you do outside of school is none of her goddamn business
  576. >You’re now in front of the door of her office; you let out a sigh before knocking
  577. >”Please enter Anonymous”
  578. >You open the door, to see your dear VP standing in front of her desk
  579. “Ohh ominous” you say
  580. >”Please spare the sarcasm Anonymous, and take a seat” the her tone was serious
  582. >For once you listened to her and take a seat
  583. >Even more silence
  584. “So what do I owe the honor, VP Lu-?”
  585. >”Do you have a girlfriend Anonymous?”
  586. >What?
  587. >You raise an eyebrow, certainly that caught you by surprise
  588. “I don’t…”
  589. >”Oh really? That’s a shame…” she says while reading a folder with some documents “You’re a handsome young man”
  590. >Is she hitting on you out of the sudden? No, it was something else
  591. “VP, I ain’t stupid. What are you trying to get at?
  592. >”Anonymous, we have received a report that witnesses saw you fighting a group of young men with the Griffonstone uniform” Of course it was that “Not only that… apparently there was a third party involved”
  593. >Out of the folder she pulls out a photo that depicts you carrying Twilight Sparkle on your shoulder
  594. >”There is a lot of rumors about you two, you know?”
  595. “What kind of rumors?”
  596. >Luna gives you a quick summary of those which you find amusing
  597. >Twilight sure has a nice body, but like hell you’re gonna get involved with her
  598. “And?”
  599. >Luna lets out a very exasperated sigh
  600. >”It’s our job to look out for the wellbeing of our students, Anonymous”
  601. >A convincing answer that would’ve fly with any other student, however you feel a little bit pushy
  602. “So what if we did actually hooked up?” you say as you stand up ”it’s not like we’re doing something wrong”
  603. >You take a step forward, startling your beloved VP
  604. “But you’re still seeing that as something concerning” you take another step “Could it be?”
  605. >Another step, Luna is now trapped between you and her desk, as you approach your face near hers
  606. >A small blush appears on her delicate cheeks, looks like your gut instinct was right
  607. “Are you jealous VP?”
  608. >”Wh-what?!” She stutters, bingo you think
  609. “You are always pestering me, almost monitoring every move ever since I got here, dare I say stalking me?”
  610. >VP Luna is still in shock, you grab her left hand, and slowly press it against your torso
  611. >You don’t like to brag, but fighting have its benefits
  612. “And now, you’re very concerned if I am having a relationship”
  613. >You move her hand ups and down, you can feel her warm shaking fingers passing through your chest and abdomen
  614. “Do you like bad boys, VP? Do you want to tame them? Or go wild with them?”
  615. >You taunt her as you close the distance between you two. She still can’t say a word and her blush intensifies
  616. “You know” Your lips are close…really close, one false move and… ”in a few months I’ll be 18 and maybe…”
  617. SLAP!
  618. >You couldn’t finish your sentence, as your head is turned away from her and there’s a stingy feeling on your cheek
  619. >”Perish the thought Anonymous!” you’ve done it now, she sounds pissed as fuck
  620. >”Like I said, there are rumors that Twilight Sparkle is involved with you, and my duty is protect my dear students” she says as she frees her hand from your grasp
  621. >”And while we grateful that she wasn’t harmed in your little fight, she AND you need to be safe”
  622. >You step away from her
  623. >”Did you forget that ‘THAT’ is coming?”
  624. >A sudden spark in your brain makes you realize what did she meant as your eyes widen
  625. >So that’s what she meant, you’re so fucking stupid, you completely forgot about it
  626. “Goddammit” you mutter
  627. >You don’t like the implications of what she’s saying; you need to find Twilight as soon as possible
  628. >The school bell rings announcing lunch time
  629. >You don’t even say anything else to the Vice Principal; you turn 180 and head to the cafeteria
  630. >Unknown to you, after you leave the office, Vice Principal Luna fall on her knees, still with a red face and a heavy breathing
  631. >”S-stupid bold kid…” she only says as she’s trying to regain her composure
  632. >”Luna? Are you okay?” Asks Principal Celestia as she enters to her sister office
  633. >”W-were fine!”
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