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NuruMassage - Yuki and Bill in "The Horny Masseuse"

underwork Dec 6th, 2011 195 Never
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  1. [img]http://picsee.net/upload/2011-12-06/be5a2b2dcb68.jpg[/img]
  2. [b]NuruMassage - Yuki and Bill in "The Horny Masseuse"[/b]
  3. When Bill arrives for his massage he is greeted by Yuki, a new masseuse who just arrived from Japan. She offers Bill the choice between an American or Japanese style massage. He decides to try the Japanese one so she takes him to the room, strips off all her clothes and exposes her amazing body to him. As she leads him into the shower and starts stroking his cock Bill is very happy with how this massage is starting out. Bill sits down on the shower stair and lets Yuki suck his cock. She is very talented and deep throats him. He is so turned on he can’t hold back so he slides his dick inside her and starts fucking her tight pussy. After a little sex she takes him to the mattress and coats him in Nuru gel. She slides her body all over his which turns them both on. He is so hard he needs more of her pussy so he puts her on her side and drives it in from behind, thrusting deep as she works her sweet pussy over. As he cums she pulls him out and lets him cum all over her flat belly. She even samples his cum and loves the taste. Bill is very happy with his choice of massage.
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