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  1. %abc-2.1
  2. %%song-title       FF7 Aerith's Theme
  3. %%song-duration    3:56
  4. %%abc-creator Maestro v2.4.1
  5. %%abc-version 2.1
  7. X: 9
  8. T: FF7 Aerith's Theme (3:56) - Lonely Mountain Fiddle
  9. %%part-name Lonely Mountain Fiddle
  10. M: 4/4
  11. Q: 72
  12. K: C maj
  14. +pppp+ [D-A-d-e-^f] [D-A-de-a] [D2-A2-d2-e2-] [D4A4d4e4] |
  15. +ppp+ [E-A-c-e-c'] [E-A-c-ea] [E2-A2-c2-e2-] [E4A4c4e4] |
  16. [D-A-d-^f] [D-A-da] [D-A-d-] [D-A-^cd-] [D-A-de] +pppp+ [D-A-d-] +ppp+ [D-A-d-b] [DAcd] |
  17. [E4-A4-c4-e4a4] [E4A4c4e4] |
  18. +pp+ [D,-A-^f] [D,Aa-] [^F//-A//-d//-a//] [F7/4A7/4d7/4-] +ppp+ [E2F2A2d2-] [D2F2A2d2] |
  19. +pp+ [A,-e-c'] [A,ea-] [C//-E//-A//-e//-a//] [C7/4E7/4A7/4-e7/4-] +ppp+ [B,2C2E2A2-e2-] [A,-C-A-e-] +pp+ [A,//-C//-A//-d//-e//] [A,//-C//-A//-d//] [A,/C/A/e/] |
  20. [^A,2d2-] +ppp+ [C2D2F2d2-] +pp+ [A,-D-F-df-] [A,//-D//-F//-e//-f//] [A,3/4D3/4F3/4e3/4-] [A,//-d//-e//] [A,3/4-d3/4-] [A,//-d//e//-] [A,3/4e3/4-] |
  21. [G,//-d//-e//] [G,7/4d7/4-] +mp+ [A,2^A,2D2d2-] +pp+ [G,2A,2D2d2-] +pppp+ [G,2d2] |
  22. +pp+ [D,-^F-d-] +ppp+ [D,//A,//-F//-d//-] [A,3/4-F3/4-d3/4-] [A,//D//-F//-d//-] [D3/4-F3/4-d3/4-] [D//E//-F//-d//-] [E3/4-F3/4d3/4-] [E//F//-d//-] [F3/4-d3/4-]
  23.     [D-F-d-] [^C//-D//F//-d//-] [C3/4-F3/4-d3/4-] [C//E//-F//-d//-] [E3/4-F3/4d3/4] |
  24. % Bar 10 (0:29)
  25. [D//-E//] D3/4- [A,//-D//] A,3/4- +mp+ [G,//-A,//] G,3/4- +pp+ [G,//A,//-] A,3/4- +ppp+ [^F,//-A,//] F,3/4- +pppp+ [F,//A,//-] A,3/4- +ppp+ [D,//-A,//d//-]
  26.     [D,3/4-d3/4-] [^C,//-D,//d//e//-] [C,3/4e3/4-] |
  27. [B,//-e//^f//-] [B,3/4f3/4-] +pppp+ [^F,f-] [Df-] [B,f-] [^Ff-] [F,f] +ppp+ [B,-D-f-] [B,//-D//-f//g//-] [B,3/4D3/4g3/4-] |
  28. [A,//-g//a//-] [A,3/4a3/4-] +pppp+ [^F,a-] [^Ca-] [A,a-] [^Fa-] [F,a] +ppp+ [A,-C-g-b-] [A,//-C//-^c//-g//a//-b//] [A,3/4C3/4c3/4a3/4] |
  29. [G,d-b-] +pppp+ [D,d-b] +ppp+ [B,/-d/g/-b/-] [B,/g/-b/-] +pppp+ [G,g-b-] [Dg-b-] [D,gb-] +ppp+ [B,e-g-b] +pppp+ [G,e-g-] |
  30. +ppp+ [D,/-e/^f/g/a/] [D,/g/b/] [A,f-a-] +pppp+ [Ef-a-] [A,f-a-] [^Ff-a-] [A,fa] +ppp+ [D-A-] [D//-F//-A//] [D3/4F3/4-] |
  31. [^F,//-^C//-^F//] [F,3/4C3/4-] +pppp+ [^G,C-] [A,C] C- +ppp+ [C-F^c-a-] +pppp+ [G,C-c-a-] [A,Cc-a-] [C-ca] |
  32. +ppp+ [^F,^C-^c-^g-b-] +pppp+ [^G,C-c-g-b-] [A,Cc-g-b-] [C-cg-b] +ppp+ [C-^Fc-^f-ga-] +pppp+ [G,C-c-f-a-] +ppp+ [A,CB-c-f-a-] [C//-A//-B//c//-f//-a//-]
  33.     [C3/4A3/4c3/4f3/4a3/4] |
  34. [G,B,-D-] +pppp+ [D,B,-D-] [A,B,D-] [B,-D-] +ppp+ [B,-D-GB-d-b-] +pppp+ [A,B,D-B-d-b-] [B,-DB-d-b-] [B,-D-Bdb] |
  35. +ppp+ [G,B,-D-B-d-a-] +pppp+ [A,B,D-B-d-a-] [B,-DB-d-a-] [B,-D-Bda] +ppp+ [B,-D-GB-d-g-] +pppp+ [A,B,D-B-d-g-] +ppp+ [B,-DAB-d-g-] [B,/D/-^F/-B/-d/-g/-]
  36.     [D/F/B/d/g/] |
  37. [^F,A,-^C-] +pppp+ [^G,A,C-] [A,-C] [A,-C-] +ppp+ [A,//-C//-^F//-^c//-] [A,3/4-C3/4-F3/4c3/4-e3/4-a3/4-] +pppp+ [G,A,C-c-e-a-] [A,-Cc-e-a-] [A,-C-c-e-a] |
  38. % Bar 20 (1:03)
  39. +ppp+ [^F,//-A,//-^C//-B//-^c//-e//-] [F,//-A,//-C//-B//-c//e//] [F,/A,/-C/-B/-] +pppp+ [^G,A,C-B-] [A,-CB-] [A,-C-B-] +ppp+ [A,/-C/-^F/-B/c/-e/-]
  40.     [A,/-C/-F/c/-e/-] +pppp+ [F,A,-Cc-e-] +ppp+ [A,-C-^G-B-ce] [A,//-C//-G//A//-B//c//-] [A,//C//-A//-c//-] [C/A/c/] |
  41. [G,B-d-] +pppp+ [D,B-d-] [G,B-d-] [A,B-d-] [B,B-d-] [DB-d-] [G//-B//-d//] [G7/4-A7/4-B7/4d7/4-] |
  42. [G2A2d2] +pp+ [G,2-E2-d2b2] [G,/A,/-E/^F/-^c/-d/-] [A,3/2-F3/2-c3/2-d3/2] [A,/B,/-F/G/-c/-d/-] [B,/-G/-c/-d/-] [B,//-G//-c//d//-] [B,3/4-G3/4-d3/4] |
  43. [B,/D/-G/A/-d/-^f/-] [D3/2A3/2d3/2-f3/2-] +ppp+ [D,d-f-] [A,df] +pp+ [EA-df-] +ppp+ [A,A-f-] [^F2A2f2] |
  44. G, D +pp+ [Gd-b-] +ppp+ [Ddb-] +pp+ [A^c-d-a-b-] +ppp+ [D//-c//-d//-a//-b//] [D3/4c3/4-d3/4a3/4-] +pp+ [G-c-d-g-a-b-] [G//-c//d//-g//-a//b//-]
  45.     [G3/4d3/4-g3/4-b3/4] |
  46. [A,/-^F/-^c/-d/^f/-g/] [A,3/2F3/2c3/2-f3/2-] +ppp+ [^F,c-f] +pp+ [^C,3/4-c3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [C,//f//a//] [A,f-a-] +ppp+ [F,f-a-] [^Cf-a-] [Ffa] |
  47. B, G, +pp+ [Dd-^f-] +ppp+ [G,df-] +pp+ [^F^c-d-f-a-] +ppp+ [G,//-c//-d//-f//a//-] [G,3/4c3/4-d3/4a3/4-] +pp+ [G-c-d-g-a-b-] [G//-c//d//-g//-a//b//-]
  48.     [G3/4d3/4g3/4-b3/4] |
  49. [B,/-E/-G/-d/g/a/-] [B,/-E/-G/-a/-] +ppp+ [E,B,-E-G-a-] [^F,B,-E-G-a-] [G,B,E-G-a-] +pp+ [B,E-G-e-a] +ppp+ [DE-Ge-] [E-Ge-] [Ede-] |
  50. +pp+ [A,2G2-B2-d2-e2-] +mp+ [E,2G2-B2-d2-e2] +pp+ [A,-E-GB^c-d] [A,-E-c-] +ppp+ [A,-E-c-e] [A,Ec^f] |
  51. [G,-B-g-] [G,//-A//-B//^f//-g//] [G,3/4-A3/4-f3/4-] [G,//-G//-A//e//-f//] [G,3/4-G3/4-e3/4-] [G,//-G//B//-d//-e//] [G,3/4-B3/4-d3/4-] [G,B-d-] +pppp+ [D,B-d-]
  52.     [G,B-d-] [B,B-d-] |
  53. % Bar 30 (1:36)
  54. +ppp+ [D-B-d-] [D//G//-B//-d//-] [G3/4B3/4d3/4-] [Bd] d [E,DBeg] [^F,DA-d^f] [G,//-E//-G//-A//B//-d//] [G,3/4-E3/4-G3/4-B3/4-] [G,EG-B-e-] |
  55. [D,//-^F//-G//-B//-d//-e//] [D,//-F//-G//B//d//-] [D,/F/-d/-] +pppp+ [A,F-d-] [D,F-d-] [A,F-d-] [^F,4-D4-F4d4] |
  56. [^F,2-D2-] +ppp+ [F,2-D2-d2-] [F,/-D/-^c/-d/] [F,3/2-D3/2-c3/2-] [F,/-D/-c/b/-] [F,3/2D3/2b3/2] |
  57. [E4G4B4-d4-a4] [^F-A-B^c-de-] [F2-A2-c2-e2] [F/-A/-c/-e/] [F/A/c/-^f/] |
  58. [G-B-^cd-g-] [G//-B//-d//-^f//-g//] [G3/4-B3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] [G//-B//-d//-e//-f//] [G3/4-B3/4-d3/4e3/4-] [G//-B//-d//-e//] [G3/4-B3/4-d3/4-] [G4B4d4] |
  59. +pppp+ [E-G-] +ppp+ [E-G-d-] [E//-G//-d//b//-] [E3/4-G3/4-b3/4-] [E//-G//-a//-b//] [E3/4-G3/4-a3/4-] [E//-G//-B//-g//-a//] [E3/4-G3/4B3/4-g3/4-]
  60.     [E//-B//-d//-g//] [E3/4-B3/4-d3/4-] [E//-B//-d//b//-] [E3/4-B3/4-b3/4-] [E//-B//-g//-b//] [E3/4B3/4g3/4] |
  61. [D-A-d-e-^f] [D-A-de-a-] [D//-A//-d//-e//-a//] [D7/4-A7/4-d7/4-e7/4-] [D4A4d4e4] |
  62. [E-A-c-e-c'] [E-A-c-ea-] [E//-A//-c//-e//-a//] [E7/4-A7/4-c7/4-e7/4-] [E4A4c4e4] |
  63. [D-A-d-e-^f-] [D//-A//-d//-e//-f//a//-] [D3/4-A3/4-d3/4e3/4-a3/4-] [D//-A//-d//-e//-a//] [D3/4-A3/4-d3/4-e3/4-] [D-A-^c-d-e] [D//-A//-c//d//-e//-]
  64.     [D3/4-A3/4-d3/4e3/4-] [D-A-d-e-] [D-A-d-e-b-] [D//-A//-c//-d//-e//-b//] [D3/4A3/4c3/4-d3/4e3/4] |
  65. [E//-A//-c//-^c//e//-a//-] [E7/4-A7/4-=c7/4-e7/4-a7/4-] [E/-A/-c/-e/-a/] [E3/2-A3/2-c3/2-e3/2] [E2A2c2e2-] +pppp+ [A,2-e2] |
  66. % Bar 40 (2:09)
  67. +pp+ [D,/-A,/A/-^f/-] [D,/A/-f/] [A,Aa-] [D//-^F//-d//-a//] [D3/4F3/4d3/4-] +ppp+ [A,d-] [DEd-] [A,d-] [DFd-] [A,d] |
  68. +pp+ [A,e-c'] [E,ea-] [A,//-C//-A//-e//-a//] [A,3/4C3/4A3/4-e3/4-] +ppp+ [E,A-e-] [A,B,A-e-] [E,A-e-] [A,CA-e-] +pp+ [E,//-A//-d//-e//] [E,//-A//-d//] [E,/A/e/] |
  69. +mp+ [^A,d-] +ppp+ [F,d-] [A,F-d-] [CF-d-] +pp+ [DF-^A-df-] [C//-F//-A//-e//-f//] [C3/4F3/4-A3/4-e3/4-] [A,//-F//-A//-d//-e//] [A,3/4-F3/4-A3/4-d3/4-]
  70.     [A,//-F//-A//-d//e//-] [A,3/4F3/4A3/4-e3/4-] |
  71. [G,//-^A//-d//-e//] [G,3/4A3/4d3/4-] +ppp+ [D,d-] [A,d-] [^A,d-] [D=A-d-] [A,Ad-] [E2G2d2] |
  72. [D,^F-d-] [A,Fd] +pp+ [F3/4-a3/4] [F//e//-] +ppp+ [A,//-e//-] +pp+ [A,//-e//^f//-] [A,/f/] [D3/4-d3/4] [D//^c//-] +ppp+ [^F,//-c//] +pp+ [F,3/4A3/4]
  73.     [A,3/4-B3/4] [A,//F//-] +ppp+ [D,//-F//] +pp+ [D,3/4-B3/4] |
  74. [D,3/4-A3/4] [D,/-E/] [D,3/4-^F3/4] [D,3/4-D3/4] [D,/-^C/] [D,3/4A,3/4] +ppp+ B,3/4 ^F,/ A,3/4- [D,//-A,//F//-d//-] [D,/F/-d/-] +pppp+ [A,//-F//-d//] +ppp+
  75.     [A,//-F//-e//-] +pppp+ [^C,//-A,//F//-e//-] [C,/F/e/-] |
  76. +ppp+ [B,//-d//-e//^f//-] [B,/d/-f/-] +pppp+ [^F,/d/-f/-] [D3/4d3/4-f3/4-] [^C3/4d3/4-f3/4-] [^F/d/-f/-] [B,3/4d3/4-f3/4-] [D3/4d3/4-f3/4-] [C/d/-f/-]
  77.     [F3/4d3/4f3/4] +ppp+ [B,3/4d3/4-f3/4-] +pppp+ [D//-d//-f//-] +ppp+ [D//d//e//-f//g//-] +pppp+ [F,3/4e3/4g3/4] |
  78. +ppp+ [A,3/4^f3/4-a3/4-] +pppp+ [^F,/f/-a/-] [D3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [^C3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [^F/f/-a/-] [A,3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [D3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [C/f/-a/-] [F3/4f3/4a3/4] +ppp+
  79.     [B,3/4g3/4-b3/4-] +pppp+ [D//-g//b//] +ppp+ [D//^c//-a//-] +pppp+ [F,3/4c3/4-a3/4-] |
  80. +ppp+ [G,//-^c//d//-a//b//-] [G,/d/-b/-] +pppp+ [D,/d/-b/-] [B,3/4d3/4b3/4] +ppp+ [A,3/4d3/4-g3/4-b3/4-] +pppp+ [D/d/-g/-b/-] [G,3/4d3/4-g3/4-b3/4-]
  81.     [B,3/4d3/4-g3/4-b3/4-] [A,/d/-g/-b/-] [D3/4d3/4-g3/4b3/4-] +ppp+ [G,3/4B3/4-d3/4-e3/4-g3/4-b3/4-] +pppp+ [B,//-B//-d//e//-g//-b//] [B,//B//-e//-g//-]
  82.     [D,3/4B3/4-e3/4-g3/4-] |
  83. +ppp+ [D,/-B/e/^f/g/a/] [D,/g/b/] [D,f-a-] +pppp+ [A,3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [D/f/-a/-] [E3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [^F3/4f3/4-a3/4-] [A,/f/-a/-] [E3/4f3/4a3/4] +ppp+ [D3/4A3/4-]
  84.     +pppp+ [A,//-A//-] +ppp+ [A,//F//-A//] +pppp+ [D,3/4F3/4] |
  85. % Bar 50 (2:43)
  86. +ppp+ [^F,3/4A,3/4-^C3/4-] +pppp+ [^C,/A,/-C/-] [F,3/4A,3/4C3/4-] [A,3/4-C3/4-] [^G,//-A,//-C//-] [G,//A,//C//-] [A,3/4-C3/4] +ppp+ [A,3/4-C3/4-^c3/4-a3/4-]
  87.     +pppp+ [G,/A,/C/-c/-a/-] [A,3/4-C3/4-c3/4-a3/4-] [F,3/4A,3/4C3/4-c3/4-a3/4-] [A,/-C/-c/-a/-] [C,3/4A,3/4-C3/4-c3/4a3/4] |
  88. +ppp+ [^F,3/4A,3/4-^C3/4-^c3/4-^g3/4-b3/4-] +pppp+ [^C,/A,/-C/-c/-g/-b/-] [F,3/4A,3/4C3/4-c3/4-g3/4-b3/4-] [A,3/4-C3/4-c3/4-g3/4-b3/4-]
  89.     [^G,//-A,//-C//-c//-g//-b//-] [G,//A,//C//-c//-g//-b//-] [A,3/4-C3/4c3/4g3/4-b3/4] +ppp+ [A,3/4-C3/4-c3/4-^f3/4-g3/4-a3/4] +pppp+ [G,//-A,//-C//-c//-f//-g//]
  90.     [G,//A,//C//-c//-f//-] [A,3/4-C3/4-c3/4-f3/4-] +pp+ [F,3/4A,3/4C3/4-B3/4-c3/4-f3/4-] +pppp+ [A,//-C//-B//-c//-f//-] +pp+ [A,//-C//-A//-B//c//-f//-] +ppp+
  91.     [C,//-A,//C//A//-c//-f//-] [C,/A/-c/f/] |
  92. +pp+ [G,//-B,//-D//-A//] [G,/B,/-D/-] +ppp+ [D,/B,/-D/-] [G,3/4B,3/4D3/4-] +pp+ [B,/-D/-A/] [B,//-D//-d//-] +ppp+ [A,//-B,//-D//-d//] +pp+ [A,//B,//D//-^f//-]
  93.     +ppp+ [B,//-D//-f//] +pp+ [B,/-D/g/] [B,/-D/-a/] [B,//-D//-d//-] +ppp+ [A,//-B,//-D//-d//] +pp+ [A,//B,//D//-f//-] +ppp+ [B,//-D//-f//] +pp+ [B,/-D/-a/]
  94.     [G,/-B,/-D/-g/] [G,//B,//D//-f//-] +ppp+ [B,//-D//-f//] +pp+ [B,//-D//-d//-] +ppp+ [D,//-B,//-D//-d//] +pp+ [D,/B,/D/a/] |
  95. [G,/-g/] [G,//^f//-] +ppp+ [D,//-f//] +pp+ [D,//d//-] +ppp+ [G,//-d//] +pp+ [G,/f/] [B,//-e//f//] [B,/e/] [A,/A/-] +p+ [B,//-A//e//-] [B,/e/-] [D//-d//-e//]
  96.     [D/d/-] +pp+ [A,/d/-] [B,3/4d3/4] +p+ [G,3/4B3/4-d3/4-a3/4-] +pp+ [B,//-B//-d//-a//] +p+ [B,//B//-d//-f//-] +pp+ [D,3/4B3/4d3/4f3/4-] |
  97. +p+ [^F,//-A//-^c//-^f//] [F,/A/-c/-] +pp+ [^C,/A/-c/-] [F,3/4A3/4-c3/4-] [A,3/4A3/4-c3/4-] [^G,/A/-c/-] [A,3/4A3/4-c3/4] +p+ [^C//-A//-c//-] [C/A/-c/-e/-a/-]
  98.     +pp+ [G,/A/-c/-e/-a/-] [A,3/4A3/4-c3/4-e3/4-a3/4-] [F,3/4A3/4-c3/4-e3/4-a3/4-] [A,/A/-c/-e/-a/-] +p+ [C,3/4A3/4c3/4-e3/4-a3/4-] |
  99. [^F,//-A//-^c//e//-a//-] +mp+ [F,//-A//-c//e//^f//-a//] [F,//A//-d//-f//-] +p+ [^C,/A/-d/-f/-] [F,3/4A3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] [A,3/4A3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] [^G,/A/-d/-f/-]
  100.     [A,3/4A3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] +mp+ [^C/-A/-c/-d/e/-f/] [C//A//-c//-e//-] +p+ [G,/A/-c/-e/-] [A,3/4A3/4-c3/4-e3/4] +mp+ [F,3/4A3/4-B3/4-c3/4-e3/4-b3/4-] +p+
  101.     [A,//-A//-B//-c//e//-b//] +mp+ [A,//A//-B//c//-e//a//-] +p+ [C,//-A//c//-a//-] [C,/c/a/] |
  102. +mp+ [G,3/4d3/4-b3/4-] +p+ [D,/d/-b/-] [G,3/4d3/4-b3/4-] [A,3/4d3/4-b3/4-] [B,/d/-b/-] [D3/4d3/4-b3/4-] +mp+ [A3/4d3/4-b3/4-] [D/d/-b/-] [G3/4-d3/4b3/4] +mf+
  103.     [G3/4A3/4] [D/B/] [G3/4d3/4] |
  104. [B2-g2] [B2d2-g2-b2-] +p+ [^c-d-e-g-a-b-] [c//-d//e//-g//a//-b//] [c3/4-e3/4-a3/4] [A,-B-c-d-e-g-] [A,//-B//-c//d//-e//g//-] [A,3/4-B3/4-d3/4g3/4] |
  105. [D,/-A,/A/-B/d/-^f/-] [D,//A//-d//-f//-] +pp+ [A,/A/-d/-f/-] [D,3/4A3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] [E,3/4A3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] [^F,/A/-d/-f/-] [A,3/4A3/4d3/4f3/4] +p+
  106.     [D3/4^F3/4-A3/4-d3/4-f3/4-] +pp+ [A,//-F//-A//-d//f//-] [A,//F//-A//-f//-] [F,3/4F3/4-A3/4-f3/4-] [A,3/4F3/4-A3/4-f3/4-] [F,/F/-A/-f/-] [D,3/4F3/4A3/4f3/4] |
  107. G,3/4 D,/ A,3/4 +p+ [B,3/4d3/4-b3/4-] +pp+ [G,/d/-b/-] [D,3/4d3/4b3/4-] +p+ [^C/-^c/-d/-a/-b/] [C//c//-d//-a//-] +pp+ [A,/c/-d/-a/-] [D,3/4c3/4-d3/4a3/4-] +p+
  108.     [D/-c/d/-g/-a/b/-] [D//d//-g//-b//-] +pp+ [B,/d/-g/-b/-] [D,3/4d3/4-g3/4-b3/4] |
  109. % Bar 60 (3:16)
  110. +p+ [^F,/-^c/-d/^f/-g/a/-] [F,//c//-f//-a//-] +pp+ [^C,/c/-f/-a/-] [F,3/4c3/4-f3/4-a3/4-] [A,3/4c3/4-f3/4-a3/4-] [^C//-c//f//a//] +p+ [C//c//-f//-a//-] +pp+
  111.     [^F3/4c3/4f3/4a3/4] +p+ [A3/4c3/4-f3/4-a3/4-] +pp+ [F/c/-f/-a/-] [C3/4c3/4-f3/4-a3/4-] [A,3/4c3/4-f3/4-a3/4-] [F,/c/-f/-a/-] [C,3/4c3/4f3/4a3/4] |
  112. B,3/4 D,/ G,3/4 +p+ [D3/4d3/4-b3/4-] +pp+ [B,/d/-b/-] [G,3/4d3/4b3/4-] +p+ [^F/-^c/-d/-a/-b/] [F//c//-d//-a//-] +pp+ [B,/c/-d/-a/-] [G,3/4c3/4-d3/4a3/4-] +p+
  113.     [G/-c/d/-g/-a/b/-] [G//d//-g//-b//-] +pp+ [D/d/-g/-b/-] [G,3/4d3/4g3/4b3/4] |
  114. +p+ [E,3/4B3/4-d3/4-a3/4-] +pp+ [B,/B/-d/-a/-] [E,3/4B3/4-d3/4-a3/4-] [^F,3/4B3/4-d3/4-a3/4-] [G,/B/-d/-a/-] [B,3/4B3/4d3/4-a3/4-] +p+
  115.     [E3/4G3/4-B3/4-d3/4-e3/4-a3/4-] +pp+ [B,//-G//-B//-d//e//-a//] [B,//G//-B//-e//-] [E3/4G3/4-B3/4-e3/4-] [^F3/4G3/4B3/4-e3/4-] [G//-B//-e//-] [G//-B//e//-]
  116.     [G3/4B3/4e3/4-] |
  117. +p+ [A,3/4G3/4-B3/4-d3/4-e3/4-] +mp+ [E,//-G//B//d//-e//-] [E,//d//-e//-] +p+ [G,3/4d3/4-e3/4-] +pp+ [B,3/4d3/4-e3/4-] +ppp+ [D/d/-e/-] +pppp+ [G3/4d3/4-e3/4-]
  118.     +p+ [A,-E-A-^c-de-] [A,-E-A-c-e] +ppp+ [A,-E-A-c-e] [A,EAc^f-] |
  119. [G,//-B//-^f//g//-] [G,/B/-g/-] +pppp+ [D,//-B//-g//-] +ppp+ [D,//B//-f//-g//] +pppp+ [G,3/4B3/4-f3/4-] +ppp+ [A,//-B//-e//-f//] [A,/B/-e/-] +pppp+
  120.     [B,//-B//-e//-] +ppp+ [B,//B//-d//-e//] +pppp+ [D3/4-B3/4-d3/4-] [D2-B2d2] +ppp+ [D//-B//-] [D//-B//-g//-a//-] [D3/2-B3/2-d3/2-g3/2-a3/2-] |
  121. [D4B4d4g4a4] [E,DBeg] [^F,DA-d^f] [G,//-E//-G//-A//B//-d//] [G,3/4-E3/4-G3/4-B3/4-] [G,EG-B-e-] |
  122. [D,//-^F//-G//-B//-d//-e//] [D,//-F//-G//B//d//-] [D,/F/-d/-] +pppp+ [A,F-d-] [D,3/4F3/4-d3/4-] [E,/F/-d/-] [^F,3/4F3/4-d3/4-] [A,3/4F3/4-d3/4-] [D/F/-d/-]
  123.     [E3/4F3/4d3/4-] [F2-A2-d2] |
  124. [^F2-A2-] +ppp+ [F3/4-A3/4-d3/4] [F/-A/-d/] [F3/4-A3/4-^f3/4] [F3/4-A3/4-^c3/4] [F/-A/-d/] [F3/4-A3/4-f3/4] [F3/4-A3/4-b3/4] [F/-A/-d/] [F3/4A3/4f3/4] |
  125. +pppp+ E//- [E//-G//-] +ppp+ [E//-G//-B//-d//-] [E13/4G13/4B13/4d13/4a13/4] [^F3-A3-^c3-e3] [F/-A/-c/-e/] [F/A/c/^f/] |
  126. [G-B-dg] [G-B-d^f] [G-B-^ce] [G-B-d-b-] [G4B4d4b4] |
  127. % Bar 70 (3:49)
  128. [E,4B,4D4G4] [G,2A,2D2-E2-B2-] +pppp+ [A,2D2-E2-B2-] |
  129. +ppp+ [D,DE^F-Bd-] +pppp+ [A,F-d-] +ppp+ [^F,//-E//-F//-d//-] [F,/-D/-E/-F/-d/-] [F,5/4-A,5/4-D5/4-E5/4-F5/4-d5/4-] [F,4A,4D4E4F4d4] |
  130. z8 |]
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