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  1. Big Nep: "Hey hey, is it here yet?"
  2. Crostie: "Probably a bit more"
  3. Big Nep: "A bit more you say, how much?"
  4. Crostie: "A bit more is a bit more, be quiet and wait a bit more"
  5. Big Nep: ", is it here yet?"
  6. Crostie: "How insistent... Not even two minutes have passed since the last time you asked!"
  7. Big Nep: "Because! I'm bored of waiting!"
  8. Crostie: "Don't be such a- Uh? Hey! That!"
  9. Big Nep: "Eh... A shooting star in the middle of the day... It's a rare sight"
  10. Crostie: "You're wrong! That's what we're looking for"
  11. Big Nep: "Ah! It fell!"
  12. Crostie: "Yep, it fell."
  13. Big Nep: "Let's hurry and go after it! Don't laze around, let's go!"
  14. Crostie: "Hey- Wait- Dont pull my wings!"
  16. Big Nep: "Hmm... I think it fell around here, but..."
  17. Crostie: "It was a big impact, right? With this she could've died"
  18. Big Nep: "Hey, don't say such things! It's her we're talking about, so she's probably-"
  19. Crostie: "Oh? Isn't it that... Eh? Her head is buried on the ground!"
  20. Big Nep: "*untranslatable pun*"
  21. Crostie: "This is not the place to joke around! Anyway, pull her out! She may be alive!"
  23. Crostie: "Looks like she lives. This girl never changes huh?"
  24. Big Nep: "I was so worried! You fell real bad!"
  25. Player: "...?"
  26. Crostie: "Hey, she looks kinda wrong!"
  27. Big Nep: "Uh? It can't be..."
  28. Big Nep:  "I am Neptune! Could it be... you don't remember me?"
  29. Player: I remember (assuming you chose yes)
  30. Crostie: "Hey, if you're gonna lie, do it better! You lost your memory, right?"
  31. Big Nep: "I see... You forgot it all..."
  32. Big Nep: "Well then, let me introduce myself again!"
  33. Big Nep: "My name is Neptune! I am a bug hunter!"
  34. Crostie: "And I am Croire. I travel through time recording history"
  35. Big Nep: "By the way, her name starts with 'kuro' because she's black" (theJP name is kurowaru)
  36. Crostie: "Wrong! It's Cro from Chronicle! How many times i need to tell you?"
  37. Big Nep: "Well first, let's return to Planeptune. There's no bugs or food here"
  38. Crostie: "Listen when people talk to you!!"
  39. Crostie: "This one is- Relic!? There's no time to laze around, let's run away!"
  40. Big Nep: "Ehehe, It's okay!  I can take care of it alone!"
  41. Big Nep: "But! Before that..."
  42. Big Nep: "Give me your hand!"
  43. Big Nep: "Do you feel me with your left hand? Then pray. With your warmth, my victory is..."
  44. Big Nep: "Well then, tutorial battle, here we go!"
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