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  1. tapes@Anakin:~$ /usr/local/bin/ltfs -o devname=/dev/sg9 /home/tapes/LTO6
  2. 1b5b LTFS14000I LTFS starting, LTFS version, log level 2.
  3. 1b5b LTFS14058I LTFS Format Specification version 2.4.0.
  4. 1b5b LTFS14104I Launched by "/usr/local/bin/ltfs -o devname=/dev/sg9 /home/tapes/LTO6".
  5. 1b5b LTFS14105I This binary is built for Linux (x86_64).
  6. 1b5b LTFS14106I GCC version is 7.4.0.
  7. 1b5b LTFS17087I Kernel version: Linux version 4.15.0-55-generic (buildd@lcy01-amd64-029) (gcc version 7.4.0 (Ubuntu 7.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1)) #60-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 2 18:22:20 UTC 2019 i386.
  8. 1b5b LTFS17089I Distribution: DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu.
  9. 1b5b LTFS17089I Distribution: NAME="Ubuntu".
  10. 1b5b LTFS14063I Sync type is "time", Sync time is 300 sec.
  11. 1b5b LTFS17085I Plugin: Loading "sg" tape backend.
  12. 1b5b LTFS17085I Plugin: Loading "unified" iosched backend.
  13. 1b5b LTFS14095I Set the tape device write-anywhere mode to avoid cartridge ejection.
  14. 1b5b LTFS30209I Opening a device through sg-ibmtape driver (/dev/sg9).
  15. 1b5b LTFS30207I Vendor ID is IBM     .
  16. 1b5b LTFS30208I Product ID is ULTRIUM-HH6     .
  17. 1b5b LTFS30214I Firmware revision is J451.
  18. 1b5b LTFS30215I Drive serial is 10WT136928.
  19. 1b5b LTFS17160I Maximum device block size is 1048576.
  20. 1b5b LTFS11330I Loading cartridge.
  21. 1b5b LTFS30252I Logical block protection is disabled.
  22. 1b5b LTFS11332I Load successful.
  23. 1b5b LTFS17157I Changing the drive setting to write-anywhere mode.
  24. 1b5b LTFS11005I Mounting the volume.
  25. 1b5b LTFS30252I Logical block protection is disabled.
  26. 1b5b LTFS30205I READ_ATTR (0x8c) returns -20501.
  27. 1b5b LTFS30263I READ_ATTR returns Invalid Field in CDB (-20501) /dev/sg9.
  28. 1b5b LTFS30233I Cannot read attribute (-20501).
  29. 1b5b LTFS11336I The attribute does not exist. Ignore the expected error.
  30. 1b5b LTFS17095W The index read from the tape uses an old version of the LTFS format. If this tape is modified, the index upgrades format version to 2.4.0 from 2.2.0.
  31. 1b5b LTFS11022I Restoring volume consistency by writing an index to the index partition.
  32. 1b5b LTFS17235I Writing index of TWM003 to b (Reason: Recovery, 118 files) 10WT136928.
  33. 1b5b LTFS30205I WRITEFM (0x10) returns -20701.
  34. 1b5b LTFS30263I WRITEFM returns Write Protected (-20701) /dev/sg9.
  35. 1b5b LTFS12047E Cannot write file marks: backend call failed (-20701). Dropping to read-only mode.
  36. 1b5b LTFS11082E Cannot write index: failed to write file mark (-20701).
  37. 1b5b LTFS11326E Cannot write index: failed to flush buffered data (-1126).
  38. 1b5b LTFS14013E Cannot mount the volume.
  39. 1b5b LTFS30252I Logical block protection is disabled.
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