Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 9

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  1. [13:45:36] <~sophos> The Model 36 Posh purrs to life and, at the speed of thought, some instinct drives PrettyWreck's hoof against the gas pedal. The tires screech in place over the marble floor, and take the Posh into a series of rough rotations. VioletReverie latches onto PrettyWreck as he shifts gear and stomps on the gas. The Posh peels from its rotations and carreens through the East wall of the gallery; the sound of concrete and metal running each other through floods the manor.
  2. [13:47:45] Stellar_Ascent ducks in cover as he suddenly sees the two lunatics drifting often into a realm of metal and rebars.
  3. [13:47:45] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace's head jerks toward the sound. "Now what?" he asks Mistress_D.
  4. [13:49:53] Mistress_D Upon entering the dining room the mistress found her corner where she would nap to clear her head and heart, to make peace with the others so everyone else would get out of this alive, laying her head down to close her eyes as the sound of heavy rammming metal echo'd through the halls her eyes shot up along with her body "BY the Ancestors. I told him to scream if he needed help." stumbling to her hooves she picks up Ace and dashes to meet where the sound is coming from
  5. [13:55:05] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace glares at Mistress_D. "I'm perfectly capable of walking, you know..."
  6. [13:56:16] Mistress_D flies to the sound holding Ace "I'm faster and it's just a precaution."
  7. [14:00:35] Stellar_Ascent eventually stands straight again and stares at the likely mess of mechanical components and... organic components...
  8. [14:05:46] Mistress_D Calls out to Stellar when he comes into view "Stellar! are you ok?" she puts down Ace and lands
  9. [14:06:33] Stellar_Ascent looks at Mistress D and nods, though he points at the crash site. "I... I am... but... I don't know... bout..."
  10. [14:07:02] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace stares at the scene, unable to form words.
  11. [14:09:59] Mistress_D turns her head and looks on at the scene of carnage through the doorway, completely shocked to the point where she takes off her mask and wipes her eyes to make sure she was in fact seeing correctly before putting it back on
  12. [14:12:00] Mistress_D stepping in front of the two she lifts her wings infroont of them blocking the view of the crash "Come on you two, lets head back to the dinning room."
  13. [14:13:11] Mistress_D her voice gentle but is audibly annoyed
  14. [14:13:24] <~sophos> Rubber ash rises from the freshly tarred, marble floor. And concrete dust falls in clouds to meet it. PrettyWreck and VioletReverie are caked in red dust and glass; the wooden plank pins them both to the seat.
  15. [14:17:40] <Stellar_Ascent> "Y-yes.." He responds posivively, folloinwg the MIstress and avoiding eye-contact with the accident at all costs.
  16. [14:17:41] <~sophos> An orange light flickers somewhere beyond the Posh's remains-- in the cavern it made through the wall.
  17. [14:31:09] <~sophos> The floor behind the wall gleams with thousands of tiny disks capturing the light. As well as a plenty of colored crystals and steel edges. Flames crawl beneath the Posh then engulf its interior-- Pretty and Violet included. A thick smoke pours through the wall, obscuring the other room.
  18. [14:32:25] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace continues to stare, his expression blank.
  19. [14:32:55] Stellar_Ascent is somewhat fascinatd by the lights... like an insect drawn to the moon
  20. [14:35:58] Mistress_D looking over her her shoulder her eyes widen at the smoking, flickering remains sucking her teeth she turns and walks over "One second it's fire, keep back I'm gonna put it out. taking off her cloud mantle she tosses it over the crash and makes it shower.
  21. [14:37:54] <~sophos> A high-pitched bell starts ringing and doesn't stop. Soon after, the robot butler flies into the room brandishing a fire exstinguisher. It begins adding frozen carbon dioxide to all the other impurities suffocating the room.
  22. [14:40:32] Mistress_D Will attempt to get out of the way robots way as to not get sprayed on
  23. [14:45:56] <~sophos> Steel gates drop over every window and door. A series of mechanical noises rise momentarily louder than the bell, and then another gate lowers methodically in place of the missing wall. It presses Pretty's smoldering skull over Violet's until it reaches the Posh's doors. It hesitates for half a second then proceeds to the the floor.
  24. [14:47:29] <~sophos> The sound of bone crunching, wood snapping, and metal crumpling cannot be seperated from one another.
  25. [14:47:47] Stellar_Ascent groans and sits down to rest, breathing heavily. "Oooh goodnes..."
  26. [14:50:54] <~sophos> The fire dies, but the remaining atmosphere is toxic. At the very least, the bell stops ringing.
  27. [14:51:26] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace's mouth drops open as he continues to stare at the scene. His mouth moves, but no sound comes out.
  28. [14:53:42] <~sophos> "Listen here," commands a gritty voice from Ace_Moonlight's two-way radio. "You should all stay low to the ground until all that smoke rises."
  29. [14:55:25] Mistress_D hovers going back to the others looking at the wall and listens to the built in compactor the house has every time she thinks she figured out the facility the time and resources that went into the house continues to surprise her, landing between the two colts she places a wing over each of there shoulders and attempts to lead them to safety
  30. [14:55:52] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace pulls out his radio and just stares at it. Slowly, he sets the radio down and lays down on the floor, his face inches from the speaker.
  31. [14:55:57] <Stellar_Ascent> *lays down as close to the ground as possible*
  32. [14:56:10] Mistress_D will hear and comply
  33. [14:56:20] <Stellar_Ascent> "Don't breath... too much."
  34. [14:57:47] Mistress_D nods and if worst comes to worst she can buffet the bad air
  35. [14:59:11] <~sophos> "I understand you must be confused. Please refrain from any drastic action." Static blares through the radio then a short whine. "The game will begin again shortly."
  36. [15:01:38] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace curls into the fetal position and begins bawling.
  37. [15:02:32] Mistress_D silent anger builds as it seems that this game isn't completely automamous but doesn't say anything simpling tightning her wings grip on the colt and stallion
  38. [15:02:35] Stellar_Ascent is slightly infuriated about Ace and does not know what do you.
  39. [15:08:17] Mistress_D will collect the radio, It may be usful and Ace doesn't seem to be in the right state to hold it, with the game master on the other end
  40. [15:11:33] <~sophos> "Please keep to the spirit of the game in the future. Remember that short-cuts are for losers and hurt you in the long run." Another blast of static, and then something akin to wheezing. "Rewards and bragging rights cannot be rewarded to the dead. Don't let the game play you."
  41. [15:15:23] <Stellar_Ascent> "Totally not aware of what happened. Automatic message I suppose." He whispered, just audible enough for the others
  42. [15:16:48] <~sophos> The gate barring the door to the hallway rises into the wall.
  43. [15:16:56] Mistress_D looks at the radio and ....holds her breath as she click it on to talk back to test that theory "Braggin rights to who?"
  44. [15:17:24] <~sophos> "Good luck."
  45. [15:17:59] <~sophos> The radio whines for a second then goes silent.
  46. [15:21:34] <Ace_Moonlight> Without warning, Ace stops crying, stands and walks out of the room, his face expressionless.
  47. [15:22:17] <Stellar_Ascent> "A-Ace...?" He calls out from behind him, getting up himself as well
  48. [15:23:07] Mistress_D click the radio on to her armor and stands following the colt "come on stellar."
  49. [15:30:36] Stellar_Ascent nods and follows MIstress D, his mind blocking out everything else.
  50. [15:35:11] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace walks down the hallway and through the dining room. He goes up the stairs in the back of the library and sits in front of the curved bookshelf. He stares at the comics, not making a sound.
  51. [15:39:22] Mistress_D would collect the papers gather so far from the dinning room and continue to follow Ace up to the desk and sits to the sit of it pulling our her bottle of booze waving over Stellar to drink with her and offers Ace if he respones before getting comfortable she needs a nap and will offer the two colt to cuddle before fading off.
  52. [15:44:25] Stellar_Ascent shakes his hand and just looks at the ground, ocasionally glancing at Ace.
  53. [15:44:22] <~sophos> The time is 21:06
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