Shitcheat 7.4 to 7.5 Changelog

Caliber_ Jun 18th, 2018 721 Never
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  1. SHITCHEAT V 7.4 -> V 7.5 (possibly final?)
  2. - Added a couple more spam messages / flavour texts
  3. - Re-labeled anti-aim and silent aim
  4. - Fixed an exploit that allowed server owners to spam users with endless screengrab notices
  5. - Made it so selecting 'return nothing' in the misc menu no longer spams you with screengrab notifications
  6. - Fixed the toggle for player names in the player ESP menu
  7. - Fixed a colour tag for somebody (you know who you are, sorry it took so long.)
  8. - Fixed the freecam since I fucking broke it again
  9. - Made the FOV slider work while in freecam and independent of silent aim again
  10. - Moved the console commands list to the preface
  11. - Changed the about menu's colours to make it easier to read
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